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I hope you all start the new year with a smile.
I hope you all kick 2017’s arse.
I hope you all achieve something incredible.
I hope that you all leave behind the bad and only welcome the good.
Most of all, I hope you have a bloody great new year!
Love you all XOX

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allo, i'm gonna hop into your ask and post about that question in your tags, since you're precious. FIRSTABLE, your beast is so beautiful, okay ??? from one beast to another. quite a wonderful interpretation, and one that I LOVE VERY MUCH as much as the next person. there's your own unique feel to him - yes i've read some of your things - and i think they're all very lovely. ppleaasseee continue. you're a wonder. xox

The Face in the Mask: Chapter Thirteen

Author’s Note: I hate the number 13. I think that’s why this Chapter took me so long to write. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Enjoy xox I love you all.  

Master Post

Chapter Thirteen

You sat, naked as a jaybird on the edge of the bathtub. The steam from the heated tub sticking to your skin. Shaking your damp hair from your eyes, you again set your sights on the small vial. Taking a breath you focus on the feeling, not the memories. You feel the rumble in your chest, allow it to fill your mind, and more steadily the vial comes to you. You can barely contain your grin. It was easier now, to call upon the Force. It felt like an extension of yourself, like your arms had finally been unbound after years of fumbling. You twirled your fingers, the vial floating inches above your fingertips follows suit. It was intoxicating. The grin breaks free. You close your fingers around the vial and rise to dress.  

Your assistants wait for you out in the main room of Medical. You smile at them cordially and give them their instructions for the evening. Several people were in need of their rounds of pain medication, a few needed dressings changed. Under normal circumstances you would have dropped everything to see to your duties but you were eager to get to Kylo’s bunker for the evening.  It was basic enough care that you felt comfortable letting them go unaccompanied. You loaded them with supplies and saw them off. You walk the steps you had taken the first night you had connect with Kylo. Down the windowed corridor, up the glass elevator….you touch your fingers softly on the glass window overlooking the stretch of frozen landscape. It was still lovely. The stars still flashed, the galaxy of snow still shone. But you look at it with different eyes. How radically life had changed since you last gazed out of this window. You close you eyes and think back to the night and laugh softly. You know then it was not just chance you had chosen this area that night. The draw you had felt was the same feeling as when you summoned the Force in your mind. It truly surrounds everything, guiding all.

  You walk the short distance to Kylo’s bunker, pausing only a moment to gaze at the slash on the door, knowing know the weapon that made it. You open his door and enter.

You do not see him immediately. But you hear his low voice coming from deep within. You follow it to a small room in the back. He is seated, his head stopped low. He is speaking with someone. You hang back, not wanting to interrupt, but see he is alone. You cock your head, confused.

“I will finish what you started.” He says,before rising. As he turns your eyes fall upon what it was he was speaking to. It is a dilapidated mask, badly burnt and disfigured. You feel your forehead furrow. Skull-like and twisted, the back empty eyes stare at you and you feel a shiver run down your back. Kylo watches you taking in the sight for a moment before touching your shoulder and turning you away. He closes the door to the small room behind him. You walk a few steps ahead of him, crossing to the center of the room. He is silent still, leaving his mask in place. The eagerness you had come with had faded somewhat. He was uneasy, you felt it. His usual strong gait seemed sloped, as if a heavy weight was upon him. The burden of which you could not begin to imagine. He fought a battle you did not have to face. A call to a different side of the Force. You knew only one. You cross to him.

“Kylo…” you reach your hand up to touch his chest. It had barely brushed him when he reached up and grabbed your wrist. The sudden movement made you inhale sharply. He grips you…hard and pulls back your hand. You freeze, unsure what to do.  You look up to his face, gazing at the dark eye vents, looking for any sign of life behind it. As suddenly as he had grabbed you, he released you. He reached up and unlatched his helmet. You stood on guard, not knowing what man waited beneath it. He looked at you queerly. As if he was unsure who you were, his dark eyes shining with question.

Then…he came at you. He gripped the back of your neck, pulling it forward to meet his lips. There was a different sort of desperation to this kiss. A deep want, a need. A deep hunger was welling inside you. He pulled your body against his, crushing it with his free arm. There was a small crash as he dropped his helmet to the ground, and locked his other arm around you. There was no breaking from his grip, although you had no desire to. You fell into the power of his kiss. Your want as great as his. He pushed and pulled your body towards his bed. This time there was no caution from him, nothing was slow. He pulled at your clothing, the desperation for skin against skin fueling his hands.

You were at his mercy again. As he had come at you in the training room, he was pushing you to the very edge of your limits, barely, letting you catch your breath before plunging forward again. You pulled him closer, deeper and he gladly responded until you both gave in and fell over the edge.

You lay, curled on his chest, his hand tangled in your hair as you tried to catch your breath. Softly, he laughed and you raise your head to look at him, questioning.

“Was there something you wanted to show me, Doctor?”

You press your lips together, to keep a smile from spreading across your face. Looking around you spy the glint of the glass vial amongst your discarded clothing. You reach your hand out, and it comes to you.

You hand it to him and he smiles at you, the pride in his eyes filling your chest with bliss.

“Very, very good.” he says, turning the vial around in his long fingers.

“Very good teaching.” you reply.

He rises and you reluctantly follow. Reaching down he grips your face softly and kisses you again.

“Come, Doctor. There is something we must witness.” You nod.

Once dressed you follow Kylo outside his bunker to the windows you had both gazed out of so many nights ago.

Your lips part in surprise at what you see.

The base was powering up. The usual light of the planet replaced by a red glow. You swallow hard. There is a deep rumble from within the very core of the planet building slowly. And then. The sky is filled with red light. Power surges forward.

Your hands fly to your ears. The power of death is overwhelming.  You fall to your knees, blinded by the darkness of death. Kylo’s hands are upon yours. He speaks but you cannot hear him. A million voices scream in your head. And then they cease. There is still one voice crying out. A terrified shrill scream. You realize, it is your own.

“DOCTOR!” Kylo yells, “Do not let it over take you!” his voice cuts through the darkness. “Use it, Doctor. Control it. Let it flow over you but do not let it over take you! Come back to me, Doctor. Come back. ”  

You gasp, as if coming up from underwater and collapse against his chest. 

“I can’t do this without you, Kylo” you sob. “Take me where you go. Anywhere you go. I will follow where you lead me.” 

[re: that… just…don’t ask. i can already feel maría crying in despair over the fact that after an entire year, THIS is the absolute extent of my photoshop ability. i have failed you.]

Sooo I’ve been in the Downton Abbey fandom (properly) for a year today, and quite aptly the date ties in with an unofficial national flower crown day - September 24th. In that time, I’ve made so many new friends, had an abundance of laughs and shared many, many feels with all of you - especially those of the Thomas fandom. We’re small, we’re sometimes divided over things, but we all share a strong love for our favourite misunderstood underbutler with lovely hair.

And in between that, you’ve all put up with my Musketeers blogging, my Santi swooning and my Rochie ranting, my incessant rambling in the tags, my random fashion posts and seemingly endless squeeing over fictional (hot) characters. Some of you are also Muskies fans who started following me during the DA hiatus, and many of my followers knew me back when I was hold-the-vision - so thanks for putting up with the URL change, too. 

                                        oh, and let’s not forget the porn blogs. 

There are some people in particular who I’d like to give a shout out to. I don’t always follow back, which bugs me because I’d love to, but I couldn’t keep track of my dash if I was following almost a thousand blogs. Please know that I’m really appreciative of every one of you though - so a big thank you and hugs for following me. ♥ 

The special mentions below are people who gave me such a warm welcome in the fandom in the first place, or who I’ve met along the way. Without you guys, I don’t know if I’d have stuck around for as long as I have, and I’m so happy to know you all. Some of you I talk to often, others not so much - heck, some of you might not even be following me back - but I love seeing you on my dash regardless. I’m probably going to forget people, which I feel awful about. 

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Some of you I’ve known longer than others, but either way you’ve all impacted my life in a positive way, and I’m so, so grateful to call you friends. You’re perf, and some of my favourite people in the world.

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The Muskies crew. I follow you guys for an extra dose of Marc and/or Santi, and I know I’ll never find any unwanted character rochefort or aramis hate on my dash with you.

unclefungusthegoat, theairisacid, comtessederochefort, tales-of-the-fox, thedragonbreath.

We might not talk a lot, if at all, but you’re all mutuals who I enjoy seeing on my dash for an assortment of reasons.

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also I want to mention doctahwoo because although we’ve never spoken before, you were my first follower on this site, and have put up with ALL my posts since day one. ♥ 

I think that’s everyone? This entire post is probably pretty random, but I just wanted to say a proper thanks to you all. You’ve each made Tumblr a good place and a welcome escape for me throughout this past year for many reasons, and for that I’ll always be grateful. Much love to every one of you xoxo

(And if I’ve forgotten anyone then know that I am eternally sorry.)


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So I’m doing feminism in sociology  and were talking about ‘woman roles’ and I was wondering if any one could help me give a more accurate feminist view on the subject. I'm dyslexic  and I’m finding it hard gathering thoughts, I was wondering if anyone could give me there theory's or views, or send me links. anything would help, just go to my asks (its at the very bottom of my page) or fanmail x


Some of you guys wanted me to do a face reveal , so I did . But I must say, there is nothing good about my face .[^._.^]ノ彡
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Well it’s been another year of worship towards the queen and another year of laughs, inside jokes and love in this fandom. I am so freaking lucky to have all of you in my life and I can’t even imagine what my life would be without you all! I have been so blessed with the internet friends that I have and just wow. Here are a few pics from meeting some of you this year. It blows my mind that I had the chance to hang with you all! And if we have never met irl, let’s make that happen yeah?Heres to another year! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! 



Vicki (aka Niallsidol)’s End of the Year Follow Forever

So I did one of these last Christmas and I thought I would continue the tradition and mention all the blogs I absolutely love to follow! Most of them are mutuals, some of them I’ve become close to and a few are just blogs I admire from afar! I follow some 400+ blogs so this is as narrowed down to my top faves as I can get, love you all xox

Nea | Bumblebea | Nicole | Claire | Sam 


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Thanks for making my year awesome guys!!