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All joking aside. My heart is breaking for this person. I cannot imagine being in such a dark emotional place that lashing out and attempting to hurt others gives some sense of relief.

Sure, I love responding to the hate with witty comments, but this is just becoming a situation where I can’t anymore. This is a voice yelling into the void just hoping for any kind of response.

I don’t know you, but I hope the best for you.

In a way these have helped me. Seeing the things have helped me realize that I’m ok. I say things like this and so much worse to myself all the time. You are your own worst critic. Seeing similar thoughts to mine in black and white have helped me realize their absurdity.

I’m a good father. I hope to be a good husband again. I work hard. I push forward.

I’m proud of myself. I’m doing alright. I’m happy. I hope that one day you can say the same

impress me; continued

SUMMARIZED: OOH LA LA.. SO.. A confrontation between Astrid and Adam in which the true Astrid emerges at last [ thank ya lordt, am I right?] and Pete over hears something that makes him realize something. Prepare to murder me babes, this one is a slight cliffhanger. :)

[ fanfiction ] [ i - ii - iii - iiii - iiiii - iiiiii - iiiiiii ]

MY TAG ANGELS: [ this.. this is what i am calling all of you lovely babes. okay?? okay. ]

My inspirations, my loves, the ones who always seem to bring me out of a funk with their own writing and our conversations. I honestly cannot articulate how important you babes are to me and how much making friends with you all has helped me. You’re all talented, strong and badass and kind people and I can’t thank you enough..

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hi dear ^^ can you help me out i need more wonho accs to follow can you recommend me some? ^^

yes ofc i follow so many and love them a lot!! here you go:

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Hey sweeties! Can I ask for your help?

This is totally OOC, so please read and help me out! That’d be really appreciated!

A good friend of mine @jichimin is really going through a rough time she really doesn’t deserve. She’s an amazing friend who deserves all the love of the world and she’s not feeling well, at all even. I want to make her happy with sending sweet (anonymous) messages!

Please help me out and spread the love towards her! That’d be very much appreciated!

Thanks guys! I love you!! <3 

I fuckin love it when people who act like they hate me like and reblog random shit like my mountain climbing posts because they can’t help the fact that they still know that I’m a fuckin amazing and nice person who just wants to inspire you. Don’t worry, I ain’t calling them out, but I see them. I see you like me, it’s all good, keep acting like you hate me tho. I already know I won you over. I always win everyone over lol.

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Hi there! Love your blog! My character, the one in my avi, is a young lady who is not interested in finding love whatsoever, however much to her annoyance her friends are involved in love triangles. Is there any way you can give me a couple of scene suggestions? Once again thanks for all your hard work ❤️

Thank you hun and I’m sorry I tried, I really did but I couldn’t come up with anything.

If anyone else wants to, feel free to help out.

So ive been living in Kentucky with @skol-wulf and things have been fantastic. Ive been happier and felt like i finally found somone that i want to spend the rest of my life with.

My boyfriend @skol-wulf has done an amazing job helping me adjust to life up here and he even helped me get a job.

I wanted to do a should out to him now @skol-wulf . You have been my light in the darkness; my everything. Even though im moved in and get to see you everyday , it doesnt stop me from thinking about you every minute. You are thr love of my life and i beleive my soul mate. I will stand by youre side through think and thin, i will also be your husband one day.

I know I’m clumsy and forgetful, im glad you have stuck with me for all this time. I love you so much more than words can describe. Every day i wake up and ser that gorgeous face it makes me happy, it makes me feel like we have a future together. I fell in love with youre sweetness and kindness but thats not all y9ure also very cute and adorable. I smile every time i think of you. I love you so much @skol-wulf , i cant wait to see what the furute holds, whether its all sunshide and daiys or its a zombie apocalypse, ill be happy im with you. I know you like writing and poetry so ill leave ya with a quote i found that describes how i feel about you personally.

“They say you only fall in love once, but that can’t be true. Every time I look at you, I fall in love.”

This is true on so many different levels. I love you so much thank you for being a part of my life. I post this as you lay asleep next to me. I will always love you my sweet honey wolf

What are your thoughts on conjuring spirits to “adopt”? I’ve seen some blogs offering this and I couldn’t help but think - scam - or at the very least unethical.

The idea seems delusional to me and somewhat dangerous (if you believe in demons / evil spirits)

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this. 

Here’s my opinion:

I think this is a clever way of scamming newbie or spirit driven witches out of their money. I personally find the idea of a “spirit companion” to be disrespectful to the dead and offensive.

Maybe I missed something, and this is all just one of those cheesey RPG things going around, but this whole thing sounds delusional to me. The belief that you can buy / sell spirits is ridiculous.

So again, what do you think?

disclaimer: i’ve been a practicing witch for over a decade. i do not work with spirits or do spirit work for the simple reason that i don’t believe in spirits (not in the traditional way anyways).

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Hi, Lately my edges have been thinning. Not major loss, but I’ve noticed. My edges are very dear to me and it’s driving me crazy! Do you have any recommendations on how to grow edges? I would love, love, loveee it if you could help me out, please.

I have very aggressive eczema that took some of my edges out and they all grew out with castor oil. It’s great for creating thicker and healthier hair. Hope this helps! 🌝

Craving You - Chapter 5

Synopsis: What happens on a plane when you have a full blown panic attack and Jensen Ackles is next to you? 

A/N: Surprise ya’ll, its a couple of day’s early i know, but I wanted to post it. I also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Portia at @writersaredreamers for beta’ing this chapter. She has been a HUGE help. (all other mistakes are my own) Also to all of you readers out there, thank you so much for the comments you truly don’t know how much they mean to me. I do have to mention though that this is a completely Alternate Universe for Jensen Ackles and the cast of Supernatural. His job description will be mentioned in a few chapters, but i’m having fun keeping it secret right now, (i now i’m mean, but I cant help myself.) No harm to Danneel or JJ, i love them just the same. I don’t own the GIF’s so thank you creators who do them. My writing is to not be posted on any other site without my consent which I am about to post on Archives hopefully this week. 

Warnings: Panic Attack, comforting, Jensen being sweet, (not that needs a warning) Mention of autism, bullying, foreign film, Shahrukh Khan, fluff, 

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let me tell you this, i just read the distance fic and i fucking love the ending. i hate that everyone writes it out and he gets away with it like fucking no dude. anyways thank you for that love your work

You should never stay with a cheater. Once a cheater, always a cheater; harry styles or anyone else even if it’s all imagination. I feel like writing a cheating imagine and have the girl go back to him after he begs her to is basically helping to convince you guys that it’s okay if a the man or woman cheats and that an apology or whatever is what it takes to stay in a relationship with a cheater and that’s not the fucking deal. You should be remembered when the other one is drunk or sober or anything in-fucking-between. Thank you! x

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Have you ever been stuck so bad you want to quit? I'm taking Russian and it's my first ever proper language course and it's sucking the life out of me. I do all my work and beyond but it's never enough for the professor and I'm just not enjoying the class or learning. How should I go about getting passionate again? This prof is literally making me question my love for languages and my potential. Help please and I'm really sorry for the horrendous rant but I'm really stressed.

I see, yeah, i’ve been stuck so badly that i gave up on French several times, more than 5 times to be honest. (the others weren’t such a pain)

There are many kinds of teachers but you got the type who expects you to do what they say and know a bit more. The only way to impress such a teacher is to learn/study at home more than what they require so it’s easier for you in class. If you could be 1-2 levels beyond your classmates that will be great. 

About the passion part, try to remember why you like Russian. You chose it for a reason, find motivation again and try to forget about the prof. A piece of advice, have you tried to learn your lessons before the teacher teaches them? I assume you have a book in class that the teacher follows so you could learn some lessons before, master them and impress them. 

Don’t let another person be in the way of what you like. Your teacher just expects you to know more so their job would be easier. Be honest, who would you like to talk to more, a A1 learner or a C1? This is why many teachers like their “top” students a bit more. It’s unfair though. However, they shouldn’t be in the way of what you like. If you dislike them, dislike them, but don’t give up on something you like because someone elses makes it look bad. 

Remember why you chose Russian if you want to resist in that class. And if you don’t like that reason anymore, find new motivation. 


Venus in Aries: I heard your laughter before I saw you. And then I couldn’t take my eyes off you. And after everyone had gone home we were still running around, or you were running I was just trying to keep up. You work hard, play hard and love even harder, but you like to try on a couple of sizes before you find the right fit. It’s the way you make me laugh at the most ludicrous things, the way you know exactly what you want and are not afraid to go and get it. You make me feel like anything is possible. Our love was like a tickle war turned makeout session, and I still remember the heat when our skin touched. There will never be anyone like you. 

Venus in Taurus: Being with you is like coming home. Like a perfect dream. Like lavender candles and cuddling up to a marathon of our favourite show. You kissing me between every episode. You don’t like playing games and you don’t like being rushed when falling in love. You take your sweet time, worshipping my body and my mind so my heart can’t help but follow. I remember those lazy Sundays, strolling through the furniture store, your hand in mine and we would pretend to decorate our future house. But all we came out with were more lavender candles and a burning lust for each other. You turn the mundane into something truly magical. 

Venus in Gemini: You drive me crazy, I never know where we stand. We spend the most incredible nights together and then I don’t hear from you in forever. Maybe that’s your style, you wanna look me in the eyes and not read my words on your phone. We sit for hours and people watch, making up backstories for them. When I’m with you I have no sense of time, all I can think about is your mischievous smile and the way you play with my hair. Your love is all-consuming, like nothing in the world matters to you more. With you my sense of reason is completely clouded, I’m yours for the night and every other night. If you’ll have me. 

Venus in Cancer: My hero, my sensitive babe. Your heart on your sleeve, that look in your eyes and I was yours forever. When you kissed me I could see our lives flashing before my eyes. Sitting on opposite sides of the sofa. Your nose in a book but your hand on me, like you needed to be connected to me or else you’d die. Every time you catch me staring at you I can’t help the grin on my face. You are fragile and strong, creating this protective space around us where we can just be together. I love how you’re not afraid of your feelings, and how you already named our kids even though we need to discuss it lol. You make it feel so real, like you are the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Venus in Leo: I remember the first time I met you, it all happened so fast. At a party, my friend introducing you and before I knew it your arms were around me. I remember melting into your hug, and the electricity in the air when we finally let go. Everyone else thought it was weird but we both knew, there was no turning back. Being with you feels like running through a field of flowers, faster and faster. Your laughter and your moans echo in my head. My legs feel like giving out but your hand refuses to let go of mine. It’s that smile after you say something clever, and they way you make me feel like it’s just me and you versus the world. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this loved. 

Venus in Virgo: You make me feel whole. Driving down the freeway blasting our songs, I can’t sing but you don’t care. Your hand on the stick shift and for some reason I got all hot inside. It’s the way you wrap your arms around me at the checkout line, like I’m yours and you don’t care who knows. You’re thoughtful and observant, you make me feel like I matter to you. And it’s not an act, you are actually that kind. I’m trying so hard to describe you, but all I can think about is that night when my family fell apart. You drew a bath with bubbles and you held me until the water went cold. Then we ate raspberries (my favourite) and watched Modern Family. And then you loved me until I didn’t feel like I was falling apart anymore. I think that describes you more than words ever could. You’re the one I see sitting next to me on our porch doing a crossword puzzle, in our old bodies. But it doesn’t scare me because your spirit is forever young. 

Venus in Libra: Being in love with you is so easy. Our first date was to the movies. You gave me a red poppy and held my hand the entire time, gently playing with my fingers. My heart was about to beat out of my chest but somehow I was calm, because you were. I love the way you talk so easy, with that breezy confidence. Like you’d never tell me a lie. The way you were charming and kind to everyone from the bus driver to the server at the pizza shop. After talking to each other all night in the park, it was the only place that was still open. My mum still asks about you. I think she loved you more than I did, and that’s saying something. 

Venus in Scorpio: God, the way you tear me apart and then put me back together. Over and over again. You of all people know that life isn’t always chocolates and roses. You’re not afraid of the ugliness of human nature, instead you try to find the silver lining, the beauty in the madness. You demand that I’m honest with you, and in turn you trust me with your own secrets. It created a bond beyond love, or maybe it was love. It just felt different, like it was based in reality and not a love story. You’ve seen me at my worst and still think I’m beautiful, because you see people’s souls. Nobody can hide their true nature from you for you are an expert of reading between the lines. Your animalistic passion penetrates deep, and everything becomes a haze of lust and obsession. Because if you’re not obsessed it’s just not worth it. I would trust you with my life, because you would sacrifice your own for the one you love. 

Venus in Sagittarius: We had just gotten comfortable on the top of the mountain we climbed when you hit me with “Do you think out of seven billion that some people have the same personality?” And you packed my favourite sandwich, tomato, mozzarella and basil. A moment of breathless kisses and triumph. Your strength made me feel strong too, and your devotion made my heart swell. You never stand still but it doesn’t matter, because you take me with you and always make sure I’m alright. You make me feel included, showing me off and introducing me to all your friends. I’ve never felt more proud than when I’m standing next to you. When you told me how much you loved me I knew it was true. 

Venus in Capricorn: The true romantic. What drew me in was that calm stare, you looked like trouble I swear I was gonna faint on the spot. You could keep up with me, and when you took my hand and said “Trust me?” I somehow believed you. But what made me fall for you was how you kept all your promises. Your presence is honest and true, the way you make me feel like I would never be alone, like I would always have a friend. I love falling asleep in your arms to your heartbeat. You’re gentle with me, I can feel your love in every touch. Your love made me believe I could do anything, because I knew you would stick by my side. If I asked you to. 

Venus in Aquarius: Keep it cool, that’s how you roll. Almost untouchable, but you let me touch you. It was like the seasons changed in seconds. You finished that last drop of champagne and said “Let’s get wet”, then we jumped in the pool. And then you kissed me. It felt like breathing underwater, I don’t even think you live in the same world as the rest of us. I texted you at 2 a.m. and you didn’t hesitate. Trapped between your body and the wall, your lips on my neck and I was already in heaven. I never thought you loved me back, until you showed up on my doorstep, whiskey on your breath and tears in your eyes. After that I never doubted you, because I knew then that your love was more than words. 

Venus in Pisces: With you it’s all about the moment, and moments with you are plush and whimsical. Like sitting on a cloud. You are still the only person to ever write me a poem. And when you asked me if I liked it, how you let me see your vulnerable side even though the look in your eyes was sheer terror, you were brave. I was at loss for words so I just kissed you deeply. You see the beauty in the little things, like asking me about what I dreamt last night or giving me cupid earrings so they could whisper sweet nothings in my ear when you’re not around. Your love is poetic, you actually think of me and what makes me happy. Whenever you see something that reminds you of me you always let me know. I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be so cherished.

Ok, actually… you’re kinda right. I mean, they just keep punching each other and we’re calling it “being in love”.

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And they can’t absolutely stand each other…

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Also when they were in the hospital in 6x09 and Theo said:

You’re going first.
That’s the only reason I’m with you.
Because while they’re busy wrapping a whip around your neck, or shooting a hole in your head, I’ll be running the other direction.
I’m on your side as long it helps me.

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And then Liam said:

I also think whatever happened to you, you deserved it.
When the Ghost Riders find us, I’m not gonna do anything for you.
I’m not gonna help you.
I’m not gonna save you.
I’m gonna do exactly what you would do to me.
I’m gonna use you as bait.

Oh, hang on a second.

Didn’t they save each other from a ghost rider right after that?

And isn’t this Liam saving Theo?

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And isn’t this Theo saving Liam in the exact same way?

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And again…

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Also, is that Theo worrying about Liam?

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Theo: I went trough all of this to keep you from being taken.

Plus, in 6x15…

Theo: Those two losers killed hunters.
Liam: Who killed their pack.
Theo: So what? I mean, Monroe’s gonna tear through anything standing between her and them. That means you, Lydia, Malia and Scott.

Oh, and here’s Theo looking at Liam with heart eyes!!

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Theo not only saved Nolan, but he stopped Liam from doing something he would’ve regretted.

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Liam can’t stand Theo but

Theo: You made the plan.
You wanted me to help.
Liam: If I needed your help for anything, it’ll be so I get angry enough to kill you myself.
Theo: You brought me here because that thing that came out of the Wild Hunt is affecting you, too.

Not Scott, his alpha. Not Mason, his best friend. He choose Theo.

What’s more, they’re such an amazing duo.

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We’ll see them kicking Gabe’s ass as well

In season 5 Theo actually said:

I love this kid.

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And let’s not forget who made all this possible by bringing Theo back…

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In conclusion, yeah, you’re right, they make no sense.

But I’m not sure we’re watching the same tv show.

is Tom Holland a boobs or butt type of guy...

  • i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again
  • he don’t discriminate, he love the tiddy and the booty imo
  • i mean i think he’s the type of guy who goes “why not have both” 
  • ya know what i mean
  • hear me out okay
  • so
  • as much as Tom loves having you in him arms, snuggled to his chest he’s always a sucker for lying his head on your chest because boobs make some great pillows 
  • but what if you’re lying on your stomach 
  • he’s perfectly happy to just lie his head down on your bum and take a nap right there
    • “tom that’s my butt not a pillow,”
    • “what’s your point,” before drooling all over it 
  • best nap he’s taken let me tell you 
  • of course there’s also the mornings where you’ll wake up with bruises littering the tops of your bust
  • tom smirking as he admires them 
    • “i just can’t help myself, they’re perfect,” and 
    • “they’re out little secret,” as he places small kisses over the bruises
  • but don’t get me wrong, he’ll playfully bite your bum if he’s lying on it making you squeal 
    • “sorry babe,” sheepishly as he blushes a little realising what he just did
    • but you kinda love it 
  • he’d make grabby hands at you when you leave the bed to get ready in the morning
  • and your give in, walking over to him expecting him to pull you back in bed
  • but that cheeky fucker just gropes your breasts
  • with zero shame 
    • “squishysquishysquishy,” as you burst out laughing 
  • he’s the type of guy to give your bum a tap when you’re in line and the line moves
  • or he’ll just use your bum as a makeshift drum, tapping random rhythms while he watches TV and you read
  • whenever his arm is wrapped around your waist his hands always migrate towards the booty
    • “you’ve wandered a little low there, Holland,”
    • “I know,” with the cheekiest smirk ever
  •  he’s definitely stuck his head in between your boobs on multiple occasions
    • like if he’s tired 
    • or needy 
    • or horny 
    • or just bored  
  •  honestly he just wants to love each and every part of you 
  • because he believes everything about you is perfect 
  • and he tries to prove it everyday 
  • and he does a great job at it
  • (’:


Aries; you are an old friend, maybe a boy who I will love forever. My first love. Every time i’m around you I can’t help but smile and laugh.

Taurus; the most down to earth person I will ever know, your are like nature itself. Unpredictable but beautiful

Gemini; we hung out, I thought it went amazing. We laughed so much, I couldn’t stop smiling all day. But you never texted me again, and I felt lost.

Cancer; you are someone I will always look up to, a person who has heart. You know when something is wrong and will do anything to stop it. I respect you.

Leo; I try to convince myself you are someone genuine, but you never prove it. It’s always about you, I know you’re kind, however you will always put yourself before others.

Virgo; you are so relatable, I always find myself happiest when i’m with you. I feel like I can be anyone, you’re not afraid of judgement and I love that.

Libra; most social friend, you’re so cute. You’re not scared to stand out or to speak up and that’s pretty cool. I think you’re a box of fun.

Scorpio; I can tell you anything, you get along with everyone really well but you don’t see it. You don’t realise how beautiful you actually are, that mysterious side will always intrigue me.

Sagittarius; where do I even start? You’re so god dammn annoying I can’t help but love you, you look for truth behind everything. Never afraid to say what you want, the question “Why?” will be forever with you.

Capricorn; the most organised person I know, you will always be one of my close friends. You try to please everyone and I know it gets to you, you’re amazing whenever. So stop worrying.

Aquarius; you’re that person who has everything, the looks, the personality. But sometimes you lack heart, amazing and funny but no passion.

Pisces; you’re so timid, you have anxiety over everything. But you’re beautiful and pure, I just want to protect you and make you tough. This world is too harsh for you.

reblog on what the signs mean to you, if you want. i love seeing different interpretations

I crave a relationship. I crave nothing more then feeling loved. I crave the long nights of rough sex followed by a morning blow job and having breakfast in bed. I crave that falling in love feeling. I don’t want to lose that feeling. I crave a girl that has a crazy high sex drive and a love for role play. I crave a girl that has sex with me and makes me feel so manly. I crave a girl that will lay on my chest at night and touch my happy trail. I crave those cute dates of holding hands and going to a football game or a movie. I crave those moments where you just grab me and make out in public or just grab my dick. I crave you just wanting to let all the girls know that your mine. I crave you asking about my transition but knowing that no matter how many shots or surgeries I am and always will be your man. I crave those mornings where my dysphoria is at it worse and you take your time helping me not just pushing it off. I crave that care of telling me my mom shouldn’t treat me the way she does. I crave a love like that I crave a love so deep it makes the ocean jealous.

so uh what if instead of the jumpsuit you’d have to wear a fancy dress or a tuxedo lmao

heavily inspired by this song which reminds me of sierra madre a lot