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✧・゚: *✧ happy birthday BTS ✧*:・゚✧

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Its 13/06, and its BTS’ anniversary again. I remember exactly 365 days ago, i was lying on my bed when i trampled upon a fanfic. The fanfic was a beautiful amalgam of love, warmth and tears and i couldnt help but feel so incredibly proud of BTS for being able to come so far. Yet another 365 days have passed. BTS is now 1 year older, 1 year wiser and 1 year better.

In all honesty, i wasnt the first few armys who stanned them since No More Dream. In fact, i stanned them really late, only around the beginning of last year. It was their weekly idol episode that surprised me.

“How can someone be so incredibly funny?” i remember thinking to myself. And that was it, that was how i became an army. 

BTS came a long way, from nothing to where there are today. But despite these, they are still the young, energetic group of boys that sings about the beautiful moments in life, who wants to spread their wings to achieve greater heights. Their hard work and drive and things i genuinely look up to, and how they still stay humble and down to earth despite clinching awards they never thought they could.

 Thanks to armys all from around the world who voted, thanks to their diligence and perseverance, thanks to BTS, who made dreams realities.

 I admire how forthcoming and genuine they are with fans, and are honestly always pampering armys with new and quality content like gayo, run,and vlives. They update their social media regularly and create spotify playlists to share their interests with us. They always try to engage armys internationally by trying their best in english, or speaking in different languages at various locations during world tours. Its amazing, you know, to be able to find someone like them.

Armys also had countless fan projects, and in the recent BTS week, i found myself captivated with what each fan account had to say to the various members. Honestly, it warms my heart to know that im in the same fandom as these wonderful people.

 In just a span of 2 years, they have had countless comebacks, countless world tours and countless new memories with us.

They came together for their love and passion for music, and together, their teamwork made their dream work.

I have never regretted stanning BTS, not one day, ever.

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 Thank you Seokjin, for always trying your best in everything you do, being such an amazing “mom” to the other 6 members, taking such great care of them. 

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Thank you Yoongi, for being the really cool member, but yet always secretly making sure that all the members are okay. Thank you for opening up to armys through your mixtape, Agust D.

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Thank you Namjoon, for being the best leader ever for BTS. Thank you for being their pillar of support and for always trying your best to engage international armys by translating or speaking in english.

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Thank you Hoseok, for being such a sunshine, always spreading happiness and joy wherever you go, be it to the other members or the armys.

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 Thank you Jimin, for being the angel of the group. Always taking care of them, ensuring they are happy, and always hoping the best for them. Thank you for being so selfless.

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Thank you Taehyung, for being the dorky member, bringing the hyungs and armys lots of joy and happy moments. Thank you for showing us the other side of you as well, which is incredibly tender as you recently released a soundtrack of 4 o’clock with Rapmon. 

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Thank you Jungkook, for being the golden maknae, and always trying your best in everything you do. Thank you for releasing countless covers for Armys, and for being a maknae the hyungs and army adore.

Thank you, BTS for bringing out the best in each other, and for being there for each other. Im proud to say im an army, and i wont be going anywhere.

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Happy birthday BTS! 


Together, forever 

simple and sweet

summary: little sequel to this rockstar au mixed with best friends get pregnant fic (alternatively, “so much beautiful sweet fluff” - @swans-and-pirates)

word count: ~1800

a/n: I wrote more because it’s Friday and I needed to flex my writing muscles weeee (thanks to Meagan for reading and flailing! <3)

They’re all giggles when they fall into their bed on the evening of their wedding.

They’d decided unanimously that of course they’d get married without making a big deal out of it. 

They didn’t tell anyone, and while they might come to regret the decision later, as Emma feels the cool metal of her husband’s wedding band against her skin, her heart leaps and she can’t help from grinning wide.

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Blurred Lines

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Pairing: Daehyun x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count:  3.7k

Warnings: Daddy kink, voyeurism?, sexting… 

A/N: This took forever I’m sorry. I hope you guys like it! Thanks again for voting!!

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Playing Hard To Get

Type: One Shot | Imagine about: Brad
Warning: Sexual Content
Word Count: 1369
Requested By: Anon
Plot: A Brad smut, maybe you are living with all the boys and you start off but interrupted, throughout the day you tease him…..

Love is a crazy thing no one knows what it is, but once we feel it things are amazing. I knew what love was and that was when I was with Brad. It seemed like we were together forever, it started back when we were 3 and it was a friendship from the first moment. It turned into a relationship when we went to high school, we were voted cutest couple our senior year. Once Brad got into the band and start to tour, things started to weigh on our relationship, but I knew that no matter what I would be with him because he stole my heart. When he wasn’t on tour, we was in the apartment that we shared with the rest of his band mates. Tristan, James and Connor all had their own rooms but sometimes they would all be in our room, sometimes they would walk in on Brad and myself trying to have sex. “Love wake up” Brad said into my ear. “I don’t wanna” I said with a pout. “Wake up” he said before placing his lips onto mine. I didn’t hesitate to kiss back as I wrapped my arms around his neck, I loved the way he woke me up in the morning. “Get up babe” he said as he rubbed my sides. “Make me” I said as I looked at him. “Oh trust me you dont want me” he said. “I always want you” I said. He moved his hands to my hips before spreading my legs apart, rubbing his hand up my leg making his way under my panties. He didnt waste any time as he slipped my panties off and found my clit with his thumb within seconds. “Oh” I said as I tried to hold back my moans. “Yea you asked for it” he said as he continued to rub my clit before kissing down my stomach. Taking my clit into his mouth as he started to suck on it, pushing two fingers into me making me squirm. “Brad” I said. He licked up my slit before taking my clit back into his mouth, sucking on it gently as he curled his finger inside me to hit my spot each time he moved his fingers. I started to moan as he continued to finger me while sucking on my clit, he was under the blankets but I couldn’t help but moan. “Morning” Tristan said as he walked in. “M-Morning” I said. “Where is Brad?” he asked. “In the b-b-bathroom” I said, trying not to moan. “Ok, ” he said as he walked out of the room. I pulled Brad up and kissed him hard and passionate, wanting him more than anything. “You want it?” he asked as he rubbed his hard cock against my swollen clit. “Yes please” I said. He was about to push himself into me when Conor walked in. “Morning, ” he said. “Morning” Brad said with a sigh. “Come on down, we have breakfast” Conor said. “Be down in a minute” Brad said. As soon as Conor walked out we both go out of bed and got ready for the day, it took Brad a little bit longer since he had to calm himself down. “Ready?” I asked. “Yea, ” he said. We went downstairs to eat breakfast with the boys, I knew Brad was beyond horny, so it would be a good time to tease him. “What were you guys doing?” James asked. “Just cuddling” I said as I rubbed Brad’s leg. “Yup” Brad said as he took a deep breath in. “Whats wrong Brad?” Conor asked. “Nothing everything is fine” Brad said as he grabbed my hand. Once finished eating I went to clean the dishes as Brad came up behind me. “I was so close to giving you everything” he said into my ear. “I Know but we have roommates” I said as I pushed my hips back towards his so I was pressed against him. “Don’t do that” he said. “Well your not moving away” I said as I started to rub my ass against him. “Whoa” he said as he pulled back. “Sorry” I said as I went back to washing the dishes. “No your not, your going to tease me all day” he said. “I wouldn’t do that” I said. “Oh I know you” he said. “And I wouldn’t do that” I said as I turned to face him. “Oh you love it” he said. “I wouldn’t do that Brad” I said as I placed my hand on his hip before kissing him softly letting my lips linger on his lips as I pulled away. “baby” he said with a pout. “Sorry” I said as I walked away. “Oh you know how to tease me” he said. I went upstairs and decided to take a shower, I however left the door unlocked and I knew Brad would walk in. As soon as he walked in I got out of the shower and started to dry myself off slowly. I let him see everything as I continued to dry off, I bend over to dry my legs making sure he could see. “Sexy” he said with a smile. “Only for you” I said as I walked by him. “Can I have it?” he asked as he followed me. “Sure” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Thank god because I want it” he said as he pushed me back against the bed. “Brad we are going to the studio” Conor said. “ill be there in a second” he said. “Oh well” I said as I got up and got dressed. “No dont do that” he said with a pout. “Im sorry babe you have stuff to do” I said. “I know” he said. “Im sorry baby” I said as I looked at him. “Trust me its on tonight” he said as he grabbed my hips. “I know” I said with a smile. He left the house and I was left alone, I decided to clean up the boys mess because boys will be boys and they were messy. I cleaned the whole house and made dinner before they even came home. “Sorry boys but after dinner I need to talk to Brad alone!” I said. “Sure” James said. “Yea that’s cool” Conor said. After we finished eating I took Brad by his hand and took him up to our room, I closed and locked the door so that we could be alone. “Finally alone” he said as he grabbed my hips pulling me closer to him. “Finally” I said as I looked at him. “I want it so bad” he said. “Take it baby” I said as I kissed him softly. He laid me back onto the bed and soon he found out that I didnt have an panties on under my skirt. “Bad girl” he said with a smile. “Oh you love it” I said. “I do” he said as he slipped his pants off letting his throbbing cock free. “That’s what I want” I said. “You will get it” he said as he rubbed his tip against my clit before sliding it down to my entrance. He pushed his hips towards mine as his dick slipped inside of me going deep. “Brad” I moaned. “There we go” he said as he started to thrust into me. He continued to move his hips towards mine hitting my spot with each thrust. I continued to moan as he started to moan into my ear, his thrust started to get harder and deeper as we both were moaning. I arched my back as I climaxed against him and within a few thrust he climaxed as well. Laying beside me out of breath as I was, teasing him was fun but I loved to get him in bed as well. I always knew how to play hard to get and I loved what I got after I teased him. “That was amazing” he finally said. “yea like always” I said as I snuggled to him. I ended up falling asleep in his arms like I did every night, I always loved to tease him and he knew that.

One Direction Preference


Liam: “I hate to bother you, but can I just get a quick picture?” “Sure babe, no worries.” The fan stuck out her phone, snapping the selfie with the wolver-hunk. You stood off to the side, giving her the chance to take it without feeling awkward with his girlfriend standing so close. As you watching them talking, you noticed his hand low on her waist, taking another picture. You couldn’t hear the conversation, but as you watched, you saw the fans hand around his bicep, making you furrow your brows in a mix of emotions. When Liam walked back over to you, you stayed with your arms crossed as he held out his hand for you to take. “What’s wrong?” You raised an eyebrow at his question, “What was that all about?” He smirked, “What?” He turned quick to see the fan walk away then back to you, “You mean the fan?” “Yeah. She was all touchy.” You wiggled your shoulders like it disgusted you, earning a chuckle to leave Liam’s mouth. “Hah, are you jealous?” “What?! No. I just don’t like how she was acting.” Your quick defending could have fooled anyone and Liam saw right through it. “You are! Look at you!” Your cheeks flushed red, “Shut up.” Liam continued laughing and poking fun at your jealousy. When you went back to the car, Liam poked your cheek, “Babe, you know I’m kidding with you. I think your jealousy is cute.”

Zayn: The door slammed behind you and you hurried upstairs hanging from your work clothes. Tonight you were meeting your sister for the third time in a week, leaving Zayn to fend for himself. “Where are you off to?” You heard Zayn from the doorway of your bedroom. “I told you this morning, I have dinner with my sister tonight.” You didn’t look at him, too busy putting the finishing touches on yourself. “Oh, yeah that’s right.” You grabbed your purse, “I’m already late, but there’s left overs in the fridge, I’ll be back later.” With a kiss to his lips you were fast out the door. Hours later, and a few drinks in your system, you walked back through the front door. When you checked the time on your phone, you saw it was already past midnight and you didn’t realize you had spent so much time out. Walking into the living room, you saw Zayn sitting on the couch watching some late night talk show. “I missed you,“ He pouted, pulling you close after you plopped down next to him.  “Why have you been spending so much time with her?” You giggled at his question, “Why, Zayn Malik, are you jealous?” You laughed, “Of my sister?” He shook his head no, “I just don’t get why you’ve been out with her lately,” He finished with a shrug and a smirk spread on your face, “Well, I’m home now, aren’t I?” You placed a kiss behind his ear. Within seconds, grumbled something and you were laying underneath him.

Louis: Four weeks since you last saw him, yet low and behold here you were in the same club as him. You kept thinking about the chances of seeing him like this. You were sat at the other end of the bar and although you hated to admit it, you kept glancing over at him. After these glances, you’d take a shot. Since there were so many, you couldn’t even remember why you were here in the first place. You turned to your friend, smiling as you pulled her to the dance floor, unknowing that Louis stare was all over you. Swaying your hips to the music, you even lost track of time. The glass in your hand was long empty, and your friend had even gotten tired, taking a seat at the bar. You shut your eyes, enjoying the music when you suddenly felt hands on your waist. Your eyes shot open and you quickly turned around in the person’s grasp, only to be greeted with the face of your ex-boyfriend’s. “What are you doing?” You had sobered up a bit, but your words still slurred together at the ends. A low chuckle left Louis’ mouth, “I know what you’re doing.” You smirked, laying your arms on his shoulders, “And what’s that?” You mirrored his smirk. “You’re trying to make me jealous.” He leant forward, hands tightening on your waist, “And guess what.” You bit your lip, feeling a chill go through your bod from his breath in your ear, “It’s working.”

Niall: Your arms cradled the baby as light snores left his small opened mouth. Niall sat next to you, carefully watching you with his nephew. “Y/N…” His voice was loud and you immediately shushed him, not wanting to wake the sleeping baby. “Niall,” You began whispering, “I just got him to sleep so be quiet.” You laughed softly, hearing him sigh next to you. “You’ve been holding Theo for like ever.” “And your point?” Your eyes were locked on the baby. Greg was in desperate need of a babysitter for the day so Niall volunteered, and you were thankful he did. Secretly, you were kind of obsessed with this baby, not in a bad way, but one where you just wanted to hold him forever and ever. It was really the first baby you’d been around that didn’t throw-up on you, so that was a plus. You kept the baby in your arms, walking to the small play-pen and laying him down. “Finally, now come here.” Niall hugged you from behind, placing his chin on your shoulder. You giggled at him, although he wouldn’t admit it, you could tell that he was jealous of the baby, that you were keeping your attention on Theo and not your boyfriend. “Niall,” You giggled as he began tickling your sides, “Stop! Stop!” You begged, “I don’t wanna wake the baby! Please Niall!” Through your laughs you heard him sigh once more. His grip released on you and he walked back to the couch, “What’s your problem? Are you jealous of Theo?” “Psht, what? No he’s just a baby-“ “But your jealous because I love him just a little more than you today?” “Hey now! You love me every day!” “And even more when you’re cute and jealous.” He blushed, and you pecked his cheek,

Harry: “Hey, can you hand me that?” You yelled across the beach to this group of guys. One of them, whose tanned skin glistened the most in the sun, had his sunglasses perched gently on his nose, grabbed the volleyball and jogged over with it in his hands, “Here you go beautiful.” With a smirk plastered on his face, he lifted his glasses to make sure you saw him wink. Even though Harry was right behind you, you had to admit this guy was kind of really gorgeous. And you liked messing with Harry, it added some fun to your relationship. You took the ball from the guy, “Thank you.” You told him, putting on your best innocent face. “Would you care if we joined your game?” The guy asked, motioning back to his two other friends behind him. “Sure,” You grinned, “C’mon.” You walked back to Harry, whose jaw was clenching, “Those guys asked if they could play and I told them it was fine.” You knew he was mad, but it was all used to fuel the competition. Harry mumbled some incoherent words and minutes later the volleyball game was underway. It was clear that Harry was either jealous or pissed, so when the other guy served the ball, he jumped in behind the net, spiking it right down the in the guy’s face. “You alright man?” Harry hid the smirk on his face and the guy got back up, nodding, “Yeah yeah, I’m cool. I think we have to go though. Uh thanks for the game.” The guys walked away and Harry began laughing. “So that’s your way of getting guys away from me? Hitting them in the face with a volleyball?” He nodded, “It worked didn’t it?” 

5sosfam here to stay

So.. It has come to my attention that some of the fans have ‘left’ after the Rolling Stones article in the USA was released… Now this bothers me for a few reasons…..

1). We are always saying ‘don’t listen to what we read online. It’s a bunch of BS’ right? Well what makes this one any different? We all know the writer hates 5sos but had to put them in because they’re too rock for pop mags but too pop for his liking. So WHY.. WHY would you believe some old man behind a screen? Over 4,genuine guys who were raised better and not to mention the HOURS of media training in sure modest has put on them. So what’s the reason why some find it real?? I would really like to know.

2). We have loved these boys for ID say a good 4 years.. 5 for some. Now you mean to tell me that after all the voting, money spent on merch/tickets, hours of fan accounts and Friends made you’re just going to throw it away in a matter of seconds?? That doesn’t seem fair to me. What if the boys ‘gave up on us’ the time fan spread the nudes of Calum around? Or the times we’ve mobbed them to the point they can’t come out of hotel rooms Like normal people? Or after the people who just take take take from them all they can? Did they abandon us after that? Of course not! So how is it right that some of us do the same?? It’s hypocritical. And I don’t want to be one.. Do you?

3)and my third point. Do you really beleive the boys are THAT gross and degrading? After ALL they do for fans and the women in their life?

How could you say cute little cuddly kitten Michael is a terrible person? You can’t unless you’re blind.

How can you hate the sunshine that is Ashton?? The one who is always encouraging us to be better people? He sounds like a perfect angel to me.

And Calum, the one who is supposed the 'tough’ one but in real life a big softy who just wants cuddles and someone there for him?

Lastly, the one who took the biggest hit in this stupid so called 'article’.. Luke. Now you mean to tell me.. The 6foot 4 awkward penguin, who can barely walk without falling and who can’t talk to a girl without giggling is a womanizer? Um no. If you think that you’re obvi mistaken for JB or something because Luke hemmings is a lot of things… Cute.. Beautiful voice.. Great height… Guitar skilz to boot… But manwhore(as in only looks at women for sex and nothing else), objectifying women is NOT one of those.

They’re the same guys.. Just grown men now who are going to have sex.. Who are more confident(Luke especially which I’m so happy for). They’re not some people who have changed 100% in a blink of an eye. They’re not going to be virgins forever and they’re not doing anything different than what others are doing so why hate on them for it? It’s pretty dramatic of you ask me.

4) now after reading this… You REALY want to believe someone we 'know’ for 5 seconds over guys we’ve known for 5 years?? If the answers yes.. This fandom isn’t for you and you don’t deserve the light the boys give. If the answers no.. I hope you’re mature enough to see this is just another plot for someone who wants all they can get from a group of lads set to make a difference in this ugly dark world.

Idk about you but as for me.. I stand with the boys that make me smile. The lads who’s music helps me cope. I stand with 5sos 💚🤘🏻 -thank you

Ps. Yes I know they have sex and I don’t really care about that. All I’m saying is they don’t only see fans as walking vaginas as that article/people made it out to be.