i love you all dont ever change

I was not supposed to post anything from the book before it is out but since today is a special day i wanna celebrate!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to my favorite show ever!! 

Voltron has kinda been life changing for me, im now searching for courses and stuff to get myself into the animation business _(:3 」∠ )_

Thank you to the amazing crew behind this incredible show @thebestlaurenmontgomery @chrispalmerart @2-cents (and Tim, i dont think he has a tumblr!) You guys are awesome, please pass it on to all the team!!

senri out ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘


❛ How could you ever love a monster like me? ❜
❛ How can you love a monster? ❜
❛ I love you, even if you’re a monster. ❜
❛ You’re aren’t a monster on the inside. ❜
❛ I’m a monster who doesn’t deserve your love. ❜
❛ You are a monster very deserving of love. ❜
❛ Monster or not, I love you. That’s never going to change. ❜
❛ I dont care if youre a monster, I love you. ❜
❛ You aren’t a monster! Don’t say that! ❜
❛ Shhh, I will always love you, monster or not. ❜
❛ You being a monster doesn’t change my feelings for you. ❜
❛ For who could ever love a monster? ❜
❛ You are a monster who I love dearly. ❜
❛ I love you, monster and all. ❜
❛ I don’t see a monster when we’re together. ❜
❛ I am blinded with love for I don’t see a monster at all. ❜
❛ I will love you even if you are a monster. ❜
❛ I told you I am a monster, to stay away.. ❜
❛ I’m a monster who cant guarantee you’re safety. ❜
❛ I will die before I let you being a monster separate us. ❜
❛ Are you saying you’re a monster because you dont love me? ❜
❛ I don’t feel any less for you, if anything I feel even more for you. ❜
❛ I’m just a woman/man standing here confessing my love for this monster. ❜
❛ So what if you are a monster? I still love you. ❜
❛ Its a good thing I love for who you are, even if that’s a monster. ❜
❛ I’m glad I was never afraid of monsters then since I’m in love with one.. ❜
❛ I love you even if you are a monster. ❜
❛ I’m not opposed to being in love with a monster..  ❜
❛ So what if you are a monster? Everyone has a little monster in them..  ❜
❛ I’m going to love you at the end of the day, even if you’re a monster.  ❜
❛ Nothing could ever stop me from loving you, even you being a monster. ❜
❛ I’ll love you anyway, monster or not, I love you and that is real.  ❜
❛ You think being a monster is going to make me not love you? ❜ 

❛ You are a monster who has someone deeply in love. ❜
❛ Monster or not, I will always have these feelings for you. ❜
❛ I love you for who you are and if that’s a monster, then I’m glad to say so. ❜
❛ If it’s a monster I love, I’m not ashamed. ❜
❛ I’m not ashamed to be in love with a monster, especially a monster like you. ❜
❛ Even monsters need love. ❜
❛ I love you even more now, because you are a monster. ❜
❛ Love is blind, which I’m thankful for, even if you are a monster. ❜ 

❛ And I still love you at the end of the day. ❜
❛ It’s okay to love a monster. ❜
❛ If it’s a monster I’m in love with then I’m glad to say so.  ❜
❛ You are a monster whom I love very much, nothing could change that. ❜
❛ You are not such a monster when I look at you. ❜
❛ I love you for the monster that you are. ❜
❛ Nothing could keep me from you, especially you being a monster. ❜
❛ I’m happy be in love with a beautiful monster like you. ❜

i wanna sleep next to you

summary: richie is the little spoon dont fight me on this. or do, i’ll happily defend the truth

notes: i wrote this all in twenty minutes so it’s not edited

it was a rarity, in their year of dating, that eddie ever saw richie without a goofy grin on his face.

scratch that, the two nearly sixteen year olds rarely showed anything but smiles and love to each other, and eddie couldn’t remember a time that richie didn’t have his signature smile. unless, of course, you count the summer they spent running from and defeating…It.

that all changed at three am on october 14th, when eddie was startled from his slumber by a persistent ticking at the window. his body tensed up with a fear he hadn’t felt in so long it had become foreign to him.

he couldn’t will himself to move and he especially couldn’t find the strength in him to move over to the window. he remained upright in bed, covers bunched at his hips and right hand clutching his bedside inhaler.

two minutes passed, the ticking having subsided a minute or so ago, and a little tuff of curly dark hair was visible at the bottom of the window. soon enough familiar coke bottle glasses came into view and eddie let out a bated breath.

“richie, you fucking idot.” he cursed, clambering out of bed and stumbling clumsily across the room to open the window the rest of the way. “ever heard of a front door?”

he expected to get a quick response, maybe something about eddie being repunzle and richie being prince charming, but when the taller boy straightened up eddie took in his tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes.

babe,” he whispered, concern etching lines into his face as he grabbed his boy’s cheeks gently. “what’s going on, what’s wrong?”

richie placed a hand over top one of eddie’s, the other coming up to rub at his eyes underneath his glasses. “parents, you know. same bullshit. don’t wanna talk about it.”

eddie nodded and gripped richie’s wrist to lead him over to his little twin sized bed. “lay down, we don’t have to talk.” he said and left the boy momentarily to lock his bedroom door, returning back to richie who’d already taken off his glasses and curled up facing the wall.

eddie slipped into the small bed beside him, hooking a short arm around the lanky boy, their legs tangling as if it were second nature.

he pressed a soft kiss to the back of richie’s neck, nuzzling his nose there, and the two sat in a comfortable silence.

“i love you eds.”

“i love you too, rich.”

“you really think i’m an idiot?”

“usually,” eddie says, eliciting a soft bit of laughter from his boyfriend, and that made him smile.

“goodnight, eddie spaghetti.”

“i fucking hate when you call me that.” eddie says, but he only pulls richie into his chest, closing his eyes with the essence of a smile on his lips.

one direction's song titles
as sung by one direction
one direction's song titles

(an updated version of this post

what makes you beautiful / gotta be you / one thing / more than this / up all night / i wish / tell me a lie / taken / i want / everything about you / same mistakes / save you tonight / stole my heart / stand up / moments / another world / na na na / i should’ve kissed you / forever young / live while we’re young / kiss you / little things / cmon cmon / last first kiss / heart attack / rock me / change my mind / i would / over again / back for you / they dont know about us / summer love / shes not afraid / loved you first / nobody compares / still the one / truly madly deeply / magic / irresistible /one way or another / best song ever / story of my life / diana / midnight memories / you & i / dont forget where you belong / strong / happily / right now / little black dress / through the dark / something great / little white lies / better than words / why dont we go there / does he know / alive / half a heart / steal my girl / ready to run / where do broken hearts go / 18 / girl almighty / fools gold / night changes / no control / fireproof / spaces / stockholm syndrome / clouds / change your ticket / illusion / once in a lifetime / act my age / home / hey angel / drag me down / perfect / infinity / end of the day / if i could fly / long way down / never enough / olivia / what a feeling / love you goodbye / i want to write you a song / history / temporary fix / walking in the wind / wolves / am / just cant let her go

Ya’ll really dont get how flimsy that whole ‘anti-contact’ is.

My abuser was anti contact. All it took for him to change that was me, my trust, and a character to roleplay with. 

The moment MAPS get a chance to seek out their desires, they go for it. I have experienced it first hand. I was 12, I was dumb, naive, and i loved to roleplay characters.

And he used that to his advantage. 

So dont you EVER fucking try to use the excuse ‘oh im anti contact, ill never do anything!’ because you know what? All it takes is one childs trust, their eagerness to please an adult like YOU, and youll go off the rack. You know why I hate MAPS?

Because an ‘Anti-Contact’ MAP quickly became a ‘Contact’ MAP with me. Cut the bullshit out of your lives and stop hiding behind false coverups in an attempt to seem as if you are good. 

You are not good. You need therapy. You need to stay as far fucking away from tumblr and all the minors on it (43 percent of this entire website are minors- get the fuck out of here if you really are ‘Anti-Contact’)

im really worried about dan. like i constantly worry about him bc he used to be so sad and i just sit and worry sometimes that hes angry at us shipping phan or if hes eating enough or if hes taking care of himself or if he hides razors from phil and covers cuts and is silently sad like 2009 dan.  and i know this sounds so stupid but i just care so much and i dont want him to ever be sad or upset or anything but happy. and i know he says hes happy but ive seen so much hate recently towards him and phil and it just makes me think how much of it he lets get to him and i just hate not knowing if hes ok or just puts on a smile for the camera. and if he sees this (doubt it)  please know, we love you no matter what.you’ll always be special to us and you dont need to change at all becasue you’re perfect. and i know that im over thinking this but when its someone close to your heart and someone that has changed and saved your life, you worry a little bit

a list of healthy habits for a better you

  • getting out of bed as soon as you wake up - no more chilling on your phone for an hour while you should have been doing your homework (me rn)
  • did a mistake? did something you shouldnt have done ? accept you did this mistake but try and stop blaming yourself and critisizing so much: accept that its okay to do mistakes and it happens, by changing into a pozitive attitude there are much more chances to not do that again
  • have a few days/ weeks for a project? work !! on !! it !! seriously dont let it all in the last day the stress is much higher and it probably wont turn out that good because you’re hurrying up
  • eat breakfast !! seriously ok
  • pick an outfit the night before: so much time saved up
  • reading a book? get a highlighter and highlight unknown words ( especially if you’re not reading in your native language ) . at the end of the chapter/ your reading time search them all or maybe even write them down ? ( i struggle with this so much tbh but i believe it pays back knowing much more than before )
  • do a little bit at least of something you enjoy daily: even if you’re busy af find just half an hour in which you draw, read, play with your cat etc etc
  • achieve a morning and night routine: honestly it can be the most simple things but if you do them like straight as soon as you wake up then you’re more likely to be productive while if you just stay on your phone for half an hour then brush your teeth, you’re basically wasting time.
  • talk to people ! ok listen up i know its scary to just go and talk to people but if you know for example you have a common interest its very likely they will be excited about it and you might even become friends !
  • you’re afraid of doing something? lets say public speaking. i am completely terrified of it . this is exactly why i signed up for debate, to get over this fear. the only way you can solve your problem with a fear for something like this is to face it straight on . yes it will give you anxiety probably it might stress you but you’re being so brave and slowly you’ll most likely overcome it
  • have a crush? you know they’re single and a very chill person ? talk to them. like seriously the best thing to do when you have a crush is chill down for a bit and realize its not the end of the world if they dont like you back and the only way even to make that happen is to talk to them ! like become their friend and maybe hint at them that you like them and you never know??¿

okay listen here i know you’re probably thinking im the most peaceful perfect person ever because i do all these things but the thing is : i dont , i barely do any of them . however , i would really like to change that and i really believe these little habits will help me ( and you ! ) in life in general.

hope you have an awesome day!

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Any prompts for a boy trying to tell his best friend he's in love with him?

I can certainly make some! 

“I uh.. I love you.” 

“I love you too, man.” 

“No, I love you, love you, man.” 


2. “Hey, can I talk to you?” 

“Yeah, of course. What’s up?” 

“So uh.. This is… This is really hard for me to say but I need to tell you because I can’t hide it from you anymore. Im..im just so scared you’ll look at me differently or won’t talk to me anymore or something because you’re my best friend and if there is anyone I can’t loose its you and i.. I just dont want this to change us..”

“Hey.. it’s okay. Come here, calm down. Nothing you could ever say to me would make me leave you. You’re my best friend too, man, I would never leave you. Never.” 

“…Are you sure?”


“Okay…Well.. Well, I… I uh.. I love you.”

3. “Hey, Dude. What’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird around me all week, you can barely look me in the eye, and anytime I get near you, you act like I am about to stab you. Did I do something wrong?” 

“No, no uh.. The opposite, actually…”

“I think.. I think I might be in love with you…”

“Oh.. Oh thank god.”


“Dude, I thought you were staring to hate me! You were treating me like I had the plague, I thought I was gonna loose you.” 

“No way, I could never hate you. You’re my best friend, it’s pretty much physically impossible for you to loose me.”


4. “Come on dude, cheer up, anyone would be pretty lucky to have you…”

“Really, you think so?” 

“I know so, Man, You’re my best friend. I am pretty lucky to have you in my life, and well, I think you would make a great boyfriend.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I would be the best boyfriend, I’d probably spoil you rotten and give you anything you wanted and tons of affection.” 

“I meant uh… I meant you’d make a good boyfriend to anyone, like you’d be a good person to date in general…” 

“I mean, you’re not wrong, but I think I would be the best boyfriend to you, specifically. I already dote on you since you’re my best friend, imagine what I could do as your boyfriend.” 

“Oh…I uh..Uh…guess you would make a pretty good one..” 

“Well? Do you want to actually find out?” 


“Do you want to find out how good of a boyfriend I could be?” 

“I.. I’d like that, yeah, I would really, really like that…” 

5. “I mean, everyone already says that the person you love should also be your best-friend, right? That’s how you get the  best, long lasting romances, apparently, when your partner is also your best-friend.” 

“Well, I guess that means were already one step ahead to having the best marriage.” 

“Were not even dating you…” 

“Dating or not, you’re still my best friend, and I still love you. You love me too, right?” 

“Well.. yeah, I do..” 

“Then it doesnt matter if we already dating, or if we start officially right now, or we wait a while. I don’t need a title to love you, in my mind, we’ve always been together, and I think we always will be” 

I hope you like them! If you need anything else, please don’t be afraid to ask! 

Tips for People Planning to use Mythology in Their Stories

- Don’t make Hades the villain. He’s not evil and never has been. Yes, in later versions of the myth he kidnapped his wife and forced her to be with him, but he was also not a serial rapist.

- You know what? Say this with me. JUST BECAUSE THE GOD IS ASSOCIATED WITH SOMETHING THAT SEEMS BAD TO OUR MODERN MINDS DOESNT MEAN THE GOD IS EVIL. That includes gods of war, death, stealing ect.

- Consider not making Loki the villain. He makes considerably more sense as a villain then Hades as he was a dick, but consider making him a wildcard instead. Making him straight up the villain just strikes me as kind of lazy.

- Not all polytheistic systems use the Greek pantheon system.

- Unless you are willing to do all the homework, don’t go near Irish Mythology. Listen that shit is so fucking complicated.

- I haven’t ever seen this, but just for future reference don’t make goddesses with multiple forms the Maiden/Mother/Crone.


- Ancient Egyptians were not white, and “G*psies” are not from Egypt.

- Bare in mind that all gods have modern worshippers. You don’t have to change your story or whatever but just keep that in mind and respect that.

- The Morrigan was not in love with Cú Chulainn.

- Keep in mind that we look back on mythology with a modern eye. What seems like one thing to us nowadays likely meant something very different back then.

- Just because she’s the wife of an important god doesn’t mean that she has to be a one note character. If you look into the myth, Persephone is fascinating, Hera is misguided but still hurting, Sif is a goddess of her own right, and Sigyn isn’t Loki’s bitch. Don’t discount the goddesses.

- This is a side note but seriously make Sigyn the villain that would be so cool.

- None of these ancient societies have anything to do with Christianity.

- Thor is not the Marvel Character.

That’s all i can think of for now, feel free to add on

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I believe that all Harry goes for is Skinny Girls and it makes me wanna loose so much weight :(




ASTRO reaction to their s/o being insecure over their chubby arms/body

A/N: I don’t know if this is triggering? But the boys would love you no matter what. I have grouped them together because some I think would have the same reaction.


I feel the boys would have similar reactions because their personalities are similar.

I can imagine them being over it? By that I mean they wouldn’t care it’s 2017! They’d be very understanding you are self conscious about the whole situation and would want to make sure you felt happy and confident around them.

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Since the two are close it is only fair to think that they have similar minds. I feel they would want to discuss why you were conscious about them and what they could do to make you comfortable about the situation. They’d love you and think of you the same and your arms/body never changed their opinion on you.

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They would be sad about you being self conscious, you are perfect! They love every inch of you and the size of your arms wouldn’t change that, ever. They thought of you as perfect and would always try to make you feel better when they noticed you were down.

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~ still not gay ~

Word Count: 2 800

Genre: chat fic, coming out, coming to terms with sexuality, humour

Pairing(s): phan, tiny mention of kickthestickz

Warnings: swearing, so many spelling/grammar mistakes (all on purpose as it’s a chat fic), mentioned homophobia, sexual humour (not a lot)


crabstickzzz has added PJ to the chat.
PJ: what?
dannyboy: chris and co. think im gay

A/N Shout out to the (formerly) ~ still not gay ~ chat, thanks for not believing I was straight. (Loosely based off my own unconventional coming out.)

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we all……love to think………….”yeah this song is so amazing! this is the best song nct has ever released!” we said this with limitless. with my first and last. with all the other tracks… but ..really. we all know what is on top. i dont even have to say the name of the song. you fucking know what im talking about. it all started with it. it changed the game. it changed the music industry. it changed EVERYTHING. the 7th fucking sense. were all moving on with our lifes all happy and chill…..and then suddenly t7s starts playing and you just have to fucking lay back and LISTEN. thats all you can do. just take it in. each melody. each line. each synth. take it all in. you take a deep breath and you just think…fuck. how could i be this stupid. this BLIND. this will always be on top. this is THE song. its impossible for nct to ever top this. you rewatch each nct u teaser and it all still feels so fucking unreal. it makes you feel all tingly and amazing inside. its a song that makes you forget everything for a second. listening to that song is like watching a ghibli movie. you dont do it often, but everytime you do it, it cleanses your fucking soul. your entire BODY, from head to toe. its been a fucking year. a YEAR since this legendary hit got released. a year since the legends came around. a year since several kpop groups started to pack their bags. t7s is timeless. ill be 67 and still shaking my ass to it. my kids will listen to it. my future friends. my soulmate. my future co workers. ill not let anyone move on w their life without listening to something so incredible. no. dude NO. no one i know is gonna walk around so clueless and ignorant in their life. the 7th sense gave birth to the new era of kpop

enough. - lewis redman

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finally found some spare time to do a bit of writing ! not my best piece of work ): keep requesting x bel

warnings; nah not really

requested; yes

pairing; lewis x reader

word count; 542 words

finally. a night to get out of our stuffy little apartment.

lewis and i had been invited out to hang out with a few friends, we were just heading out to a small local club that was opened til’ late. 

i stood quietly in our shared bathroom, wearing only my bra and undies, wrapping my (thick/thin) hair around the my curling wand. my hips swayed to the sound of my 50′s music playing softly in the background, waiting while the heat from my curler curled my locks. i had already finished my makeup, i only had to stick on some false eyelashes and spray a bit of setting spray before i was finished. i had been so caught up in making myself look presentable that i hadnt even noticed my boyfriend, lewis, come and stand in the door way to watch.

“i dont get why you put all that effort into it. you’re beautiful without it.” i said, leaning his head against the doorframe.

i blushed, finishing off the last curl before picking my dress up off the toilet seat where it had been laid out before hand. i slipped on the dark maroon coloured dress, zipping it majority of the way before lewis stepped in and zipped it to the top. i giggled softly, feeling light kisses being pepper over my soft skin.

“let’s get going.” i hummed. “they’ll be waiting.”

i turned to face my boyfriend, a small smile spreading across my face before i pecked his lips softly and heading out of the bathroom. i slid on my black heels, grabbing my black clutch purse and made my way down the hall to the front door as lewis followed closely behind.

his arm wrapped around my waist loosely as we exited the apartment. we hopped into the elevator, lewis called an uber and i fixed my hair a little bit before exiting the elevator and building.

as we got into the uber, lewis couldn’t stop complimenting me. nor could he keep his hands off of me. all i could do was blush and scold him, taking his hands into my smaller ones so he would stop touching me.

as we got to the club, we very quickly found our friends, josh, freya, jj, simon, ethan and emily.  we all sat around a booth before Freya and emily got up to order us all drinks. as they got up i noticed how gorgeous they both looked in their dresses and how skinny and beautiful they looked. 

dont get me wrong, i was happy with the way i looked. but who doesnt have those times where they wish they were a little skinnier.

my mood instantly changed. i became quiet when everyone was talking. i wasnt laughing or having a good time.

my eyes kept flickering towards the other girls in the club, noticing how they all looked amazing too. why would lewis want someone like me?

lewis seemed to notice as his hand gripped my thigh.

“whats wrong beautiful?” he asked.

“nothing, just admiring all the other girls here.”

“baby, youre gorgeous. dont be so hard on yourself. i love you, remember?” he started, his hand gripping my thigh a little bit. “youre fucking stunning, dont ever put yourself down.”

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Song Lyric Prompts

Someone request something!

1. “I’ll start a riot.”

2. “What’s my age again?

3. "Her yellow SUV is now the enemy.”

4. “We’ll have Halloween on Christmas, if you want.”

5. “I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.”

6. “I’ll keep you my dirty little secret.”

7. “I wish I could wake up with amnesia.”

8. “Forget about all the stupid little things.”

9. “If I woke up with you right beside me, I’d hold you closer than I ever did before and you’d never slip away.”

10. “It’s about a girl.”

11. “They don’t need to understand.”

12. “We were always running away.”

13. “We do it our own way.”

14. “I won’t walk down the same old road that they all follow.”

15. “We don’t have to dance.”

16. “I’ll break it to you easy, this is hell. Literal hell.”

17. “These long, long legs have been damn near everywhere.”

18. “I go back to December all the time.”

19. “I’m so glad you made time to see me. Tell me, how’s life? How’s your family? I haven’t seen them in a while.”

20. “Your guard is up and I know why.”

21. “The last time you saw me still burns in the back of your memory.”

22. “This is me, standing in front of you, saying I’m sorry for that night.”

23. “Turns out freedom ain’t nothing but missing you.”

24. “These days, I haven’t been sleeping. Staying up, replaying myself leaving.”

25. “Realized I loved you in the fall.”

26. “You gave me all your love and all I have you was goodbye.”

27. “I wrote this letter just to numb your pain.”

28. “If you can’t take me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

29. “Life is all about making mistakes. Life’s also about being great.”

30. “I fall, I break, I mess up, I make mistakes.”

31. “Monday left me broken.”

32. “Am I outta my head? Am I outta my mind?”

33. “What can I say? It’s complicated.”

34. “You keep me in with those hips.”

35. “Okay, yeah. I’m insane.”

36. “I’m one of those melodramatic fools.”

37. “It’s all keeps adding up.”

38. “Am I just paranoid?”

39. “I want you and your beautiful soul.”

40. “I know that you are someone special.”

41. “I hope you see the heart in me.”

42. “Tell me pretty lies.”

43. “Tell me that you love me, even if it’s fake.”

44. “You’re slurring a your words, not making any sense.”

45. “I act like I don’t fucking care.”

46. “I’m only a fool for you.”

47. “I act like I don’t fucking care because I’m sorry fucking scared.”

48. “Look me in the face.”

49. “You’ve been out all night. I don’t know where you’ve been.”

50. “I can’t believe you sold me out for a kid like that.”

51. “I hope you burn.”

52. “You’re making me sick.”

53. “I’ve got more secrets than you’ll ever know.”

54. “Too many times I’ve told myself to hold on.”

55. “Another year and you won’t let it go.”

56. “You’ll never really know what this means to me.”

57. “Told myself I wanna face this fear.”

58. “Everybody says she looks just like her mother but I think she wants that left alone.”

59. “There’s too many ways to say goodbye.”

60. “It’s quite the opposite this time.”

61. “Sometimes I can’t help but say ‘I’m falling in love’ and it’s scaring me.”

62. “It came to me in a dream!”

63. “I’m not a hero or a saint.”

64. “Don’t push me away.”

65. “When you believed in me, you brought us together.”

66. “Everybody says it won’t last forever.”

67. “Yeah, you sure broke my heart last week.”

68. “Don’t say I don’t know you.”

69. “I know you’re feeling sad.”

70. “I don’t feel bad.”

71. “You got a lot of nerve to say this is all my fault.”

72. “You better know what you got before you go and throw it away.”

73. “I won’t go until you come outside.”

74. “You’re the one I want.”

75. “If only you could see all the beautiful things I see in you.”

76. “You’re the only one that’s got my heart and that’s the I ly thing that matters.”

77. “Just keep that smile you’re flashing.”

78. “You’re the only enemy you ever seen to lose to.”

79. “My belief is in pieces.”

80. “My sheets have grown cold.”

81. “I wish you could feel this but you’ll never know.”

82. “You’re perfectly perfect.”

83. “We’re two different people.”

84. “I should’ve warned you.”

85. “I wrote a letter on Monday.”

86. “It’s full of these bitter words.”

87. “We aren’t the same.”

88. “I could tell you weren’t in love with me.”

89. “I don’t even know you but I know for sure you are beautiful.”

90. “I’m overly attracted.”

91. “She could be my princess and I could be her prince.”

92. “Loving can hurt sometimes.”

93. “You know it can get hard sometimes.”

94. “You won’t ever be alone.”

95. “All I can say is, the stress hurts.”

96. “Too much going on at the same time.”

97. “Yeah, I’m fucked up.”

98. “I’m empty inside.”

99. “I just don’t feel alive.”

100. “I wish it wasn’t so tempting.”

101. “I wonder if I’m good enough.”

102. “Keep the change and have a nice day.”

103. “I can still hear the sound of you saying 'dont go’.”

104. “I hope you know, this has nothing to do with you.”

105. “I’m gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket.”

106. “It’s time to be a big girl now.”

107. “I’m not what you wanted.”

108. “I don’t know why I cared so much.”

109. “I hope you find what you’re looking for.”

110. “Who’d you think you’d fool, baby?”

112. “All the tables are turning.”

113. “I still think about you.”

114. “Baby, you look good.”

115. “She’s a heart stopper.”

116. “I just wanna kiss your lips.”

117. “Me? I trusted him.”

118. “This kid is insane man!”

119. “What’s your name?”

120. “Just you wait.”

121. “This one’s mine.”

122. “You walked in and my heart went boom”

123. “Why are you crying?”

124. “Sometimes I wish she was you.”

125. “Opportunity Knicks and you take it.”

126. “It’s been about a year now.”

127. “Damn, those sweet memories.”

128. “I found a letter you wrote me.”

129. “I don’t wanna see you with her.”

130. “Word gets around.”

131. “I’m happy for you, love.”

132. “Why do I love you?”

133. “I miss you when I can’t sleep.”

134. “Do you miss me?”

135. “I’m always tired but never of you.”

136. “You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did.”

137. “I’d do anything.”

138. “In the end, does it even matter?”

139. “Look at where we are. Look at where we started.”

140. “We danced the night away.”

141. “You smiled over your shoulder and for a second, I was stone cold sober.”

142. “I knew I loved you then.”

143. “I knew I needed you.”

144. “I want to stay with you til we’re grey and old.”

145. “I’ll bring you coffee in bed.”

146. “I’ll thank my lucky stars for that night.”

147. “You look as beautiful as ever.”

148. “Your mind is rather reckless.”

149. “What a beautiful mess this is.”

150. “Well it kind of hurts.”

151. “You don’t know my name.”

152. “I’m telling you to your face.”

153. “I’m sick of wasting all my time.”

154. “You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go.”

155. “I’m about to break.”

156. “Show me the way.”

157. “I just need one good reason to stay.”

158. “You’re the baddest little thing I’ve ever seen.”

159. “Since you left, I’ve been holding onto a memory.”

160. “You’re not mine anymore.”

161. “Let me go!”

162. “I’d die for you.”

163. “I still remember what you wore the first night.”

164. “You don’t look the same.”

165. “What’s it like to leave me behind.”

166. “I’m fighting back.”

167. “Nice to see you too.”

168. “Always ends too soon.”

169. “I won’t be like you.”

170. “I’m just so scared.”

171. “Come as you are.”

172. “Meet me inside.”

173. “These times are hard. They’re making us crazy.”

174. “Don’t give up on me, baby.”

175. “Darling, don’t be so shy.”

176. “I’ll see you at midnight.”

177. “In the morning, I’ll wait to see you again.”

178. “When you go, don’t ever think I’ll make you try to stay.”

179. “Take your gloves and get out.”

180. “So tired of all the needless beating.”

181. “Well, if you wanted honesty, that’s all you have to say.”

182. “Remember the time you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?”

183. “You wear my out.”

184. “They don’t care, as long as some bleeds.”

185. “I heard you down the hall.”

186. “But you never said anything!”

187. “Never thought I would feel like this.”

188. “Such a mess when I’m in your presence.”

189. “I probably shouldn’t brag.”

190. “I’m in trouble.”

191. “I’m addicted to this girl.”

192. “She’s all I want and more.”

193. “Is she out of my league?”

194. “I’m left with no choice.”

195. “I swear, she’s going mad.”

196. “It didn’t slow me down.”

197. “Always second guessing.”

198. “You stole my heart.”

199. “You been talking in your sleep.”

200. “Just a little bits enough.”

201. “It’s in the stars.”

202. “We’re not broken.”

203. “I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

204. “Your head is running wild, again.”

205. “I never stopped.”

206. “Our lives enough.”

207. “Nothing’s as bad as it seems.”

208. “I can’t think of the right things to say.”

209. “I never would’ve thought I’d be here with you.”

210. “I can look into your eyes all day.”

211. “Stay away from my friends.”

212. “You’re my favorite.”

213. “You create symphonies with your hips.”

214. “I don’t care if you’re contagious.”

215. “I’ve got a love and I know that’s it’s all mine.”

216. “I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve to say you love me.”

217. “I hope you’re happy.”

218. “Now you’re nothing but a memory.”

219. “You used to make me feel like I could walk on water.”

220. “You’re the reason.”

221. “I bet I don’t run through your mind.”

222. “It still hurts.”

223. “It’s been a lonely year.”

224. “Can we please start over?”

225. “I was praying that you and me might end up together.”

226. “You are my heaven.”

227. “If you don’t love me, pretend.”

228. “It’s too late to cry.”

229. “It’s like wishing for rain when I’m standing in the desert.”

230. “My only friend was the man in the moon.”

231. “He came to me with the sweetest smile.”

232. “Darling, I’m a mess without your love”

233. “All I need is one more goodbye kiss.”

234. “You cant blame a girl for trying.”

235. “I should’ve shut my mouth.”

236. “I remember tears steaming down your face.”

237. “I remember you said 'dont leave me here alone’.”

238. “Don’t you dare look out your window.”

239. “Even when the music’s gone.”

240. “No one can hurt you now.”

241. “Is this what it’s like to match wits with someone that’s you level with?”

242. “May you always be satisfied.”

243. “The conversation lasted two minutes, maybe three.”

244. “I remember that night.”

245. “When you said 'hi’ I forgot my dang name.”

246. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”

247. “There’s a million things I haven’t done.”

248. “Her eyes are just helpless.”

249. “Where are you taking me.”

250. “That doesn’t mean I want him any less.”

251. “I got her number!”

252. “You’ve got no choice.”

253. “I know that you think I’m so insane.”

254. “I just love the way you say my name.”

256. “Over and over, your words keep me going.”

257. “I just get so insecure.”

258. “Honestly, I’ve never been so sure.”

259. “I can love you all at once.”

260. “Cross my heart and swear that it’s true.”

261. “Boy, you know you’re always on my mind.”

262. “All my friends, they hear about you all the time.”

263. “I know I talk a bit too loud.”

264. “Make up your fucking mind.”

265. “Never forget it.”

266. “Now you’re gonna say 'pretty please forgive me’?”

267. “Turns out no one can replace me.”

268. “I’ll leave you with a memory.”

269. “You’ll regret it.”

270. “Y'know, it gets worse.”

271. “One more kiss.”

272. “I love it when you just don’t care.”

273. “I love it when you dance like there’s nobody there.”

274. “I love it when you don’t take no.”

275. “I love it when you do what you want just because you said so.”

276. “Hearts are gonna break.”

277. “We don’t have to be ordinary.”

278. “Please have mercy on me.”

279. “I fall when I’m around you.”

280. “I can’t take it anymore.”

281. “Take it easy on my heart.”

282. “Tell me that I’m not crazy.”

283. “Your words cut deeper than a knife.”

284. “You lured me in.”

285. “I won’t lie to you.”

286. “I know I can treat you better.”

287. “You should be with me.”

288. “I’d stop time for you.”

289. “They say we’re too young.”

290. “If you don’t swim, you’ll drown.”

291. “I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart!”

292. “If I showed up with a plane ticket and a shiny diamond ring with your name on it, would you wanna run away too?”

293. “I hope you feel the same way.”

294. “I’m a realist and an optimist.”

295. “Hello, sunshine.”

296. “You look so graceful.”

297. “Well, I’ve got a lot to talk about if you still want to listen or if you even care.”

298. “Can we locate where we went wrong?”

299. “If loves a fight, then I shall die with my heart on the trigger.”

300. “Baby, you are all that I adore.”

301. “Don’t you know you’re everything I have?”

302. “They still say I’m a dreamer.”

303. “You better know what you’re fighting for.”

304. “I was doing just fine before I met you.”

305. “Tell your friends it was nice to meet them.”

306. “Baby, pull me closer.”

307. “Pull the sheets right off the corner.”

308. “You look as good as the day I met you.”

309. “I forget just why I left you.”

310. “Four years, no call.”

312. “Play that Blink-182 song!”

313. “It’s gonna look like mud!”

314. “I’m gonna help you swim.”

315. “It’s no big surprise you turned out this way.”

316. “Hey man, I love you but no fucking way.”

317. “Just try your best.”

318. “It just takes some time.”

319. “Everything will be just fine.”

320. “Just be yourself.”

321. “We haven’t talked since we left, it’s so overdue.”

322. “My heart’s beating fast right now.”

323. “Thought that we were stronger.”

324. “I hate this part right here.”

325. “Gotta talk to you before we go to sleep.”

326. “I wanna be in the room where it happens.”

327. “Like I said, you’re free to go.”

328. “Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”

329. “I’m a trust fund, baby, you can trust me.”

330. “Some say I’m intense or I’m insane.”

331. “Let’s have another round tonight!”

332. “I don’t know just where I fit in.”

333. “Let’s get back to the basics.”

334. “I was falling in love.”

335. “You don’t come around here anymore.”

336. “When I put on my jeans jacket, I still think about you.”

337. “We were on top of the world.”

338. “I’m not missing you anymore.”

339. “You can keep that sweater.”

340. “Finally feels like I’m livin’ more than ever.”

341. “You know I’m only getting better, right?”

342. “No bad blood between us?”

343. “I want you back.”

344. “One glance is all it took.”

345. “Baby, give me one more chance.”

346. “Won’t you please let me back in your heart.”

347. “Oh darling, I was blind.”

348. “Trying to live without you, love, is one more sleepless night.”

349. “Please allow me to be your anti-depressant.”

350. “Tonight, we’ll both go M.I.A.”

351. “Waking up to kiss you.”

352. “If the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you.”

353. “The only truth, everything comes back to you.”

354. “It’s so hard.”

355. “I’m just gonna say, you’ll never see me in the kitchen.”

356. “I just have trust issues.”

357. “No, you can not change me.”

358. “Baby, I’m working.”

359. “Brace yourself. It’s not good.”

360. “I don’t know what to do.”

361. “I cried when I got that phone call.”

362. “This has got to be the hardest thing I think I’ll ever have to do.”

363. “I’m not ready for a kid!”

364. “She’s mine.”

364. “We keep loving anyway.”

365. “I’m willing to wait for it.”

366. “You found me!”

367. “My love is a breath taker.”

368. “Hope you remember me.”

369. “Look at the stars!”

370. “Take those skin and bones and turn it into something beautiful.”

one direction's song titles
as sung by one direction
one direction's song titles

what makes you beautiful / gotta be you / one thing / more than this / up all night / i wish / tell me a lie / taken / i want / everything about you / same mistakes / save you tonight / stole my heart / stand up / moments / another world / na na na / i should’ve kissed you / forever young / live while we’re young / kiss you / little things / cmon cmon / last first kiss / heart attack / rock me / change my mind / i would / over again / back for you / they dont know about us / summer love / shes not afraid / loved you first / nobody compares / still the one / truly madly deeply / magic / irresistible /one way or another / best song ever / story of my life / diana / midnight memories / you & i / dont forget where you belong / strong / happily / right now / little black dress / through the dark / something great / little white lies / better than words / why dont we go there / does he know / alive / half a heart / steal my girl / ready to run / where do broken hearts go / 18 / girl almighty / fools gold / night changes / no control / fireproof / spaces / stockholm syndrome / clouds / change your ticket / illusion / once in a lifetime / act my age / just cant let her go

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you are a talented, dedicated, hardworking artist, and i pray that everything goes the way you want and you get that dream job ure working for. bc if anyone deserves it, that's you. and i'll be quietly supporting you and cheering for you all the way. you can do it. I have faith in you, and so do all the hundreds, thousands of ppl who love your art. you're amazing and nothing will ever change that antonella. <3

…. i dont know why but this message really got me emotional and im crying right now… thank you you are the sweetest anon who ever wrote to me… thank you 

Top 10 destiel moments (this was hard)

Number 10: “The Third Man”– Profound Bond

This was one of the classic, adorable Dean/Cas moments. Cas being so blunt about his bond with Dean was so amazing. This whole scene was pure gold.

Number 9: "Lazarus Rising" –when Cas and Dean first meet

This is basically the first thing Cas ever says to Dean. Right of the bat, Cas is telling Dean how important he is and that he is worth something. I believe it was so crucial for Dean to hear that because he just got back from hell where he suffered and then tortured souls. Just ugghhhh.

Number 8: “Stairway to Heaven” –end scene

The ending scene between Cas and Dean in “Stairway to Heaven” was so romantic in my opinion. Cas had just given up his entire angel army for Dean which speaks volumes for how much Cas values Dean. I can’t even put my feelings for that into words. Also, right before he has this touching talk with Cas, he just had a pretty heated fight with Sam, and when he goes to talk to Cas, his whole mood changes instantly. Dean: “Well, hey, you still got us.” Cas: “Dean. Those bombers– you don’t really think that I–” Dean: “Cas, you just gave up an entire army for one guy. No, there’s no way that you blew those people away.” Cas: “You really believe we three will be enough?” Dean: “We always have been.”

Number 7: “Swan Song”

This scene is my number 7 Dean/Cas moment because Dean has just lost Sam, Bobby, and Cas– and all of a sudden Cas just appears out of nowhere and heals him. The look on Dean’s face just kills me every time. He’s looking at him with that look we see time and time again, but it’s different here. I’m not exactly sure what Dean must be thinking. He’s just is so surprised that Cas is there when he just saw him die. And now Sam is gone, and there’s just a little spark of hope left in his expression when Cas pops up. Like, maybe I can be happy again. Dean: “Cas, are you God?” Cas: “That’s a nice compliment, but no.”

Number 6: Basically the entirety of “Free To Be You and Me.”

This episode was literally about the bond growing between these two. It is so adorable watching them in this ep because it shows how much they rely on each other! Dean and Sam aren’t talking and so he hangs out and has a good time with Cas, and Cas needs his help finding Raphael. Dean: “So, what, I’m Thelma and you’re Louise and we’re just going to hold hands and sail off this cliff together?” EEEEK. And later when they’re talking in the impala and Dean says ‘he’s good’. Cas:“Even without your brother?” Dean: “Especially without my brother. I mean, I spent so much time worrying about the son of a bitch. I mean, I’ve had more fun with you in the past twenty-four hours than I’ve had with Sam in years, and you’re not that much fun. It’s funny, you know, I’ve been so chained to my family, but now that I’m alone (with you), hell, I’m happy.” URGH.

Number 5: “Hunteri Heroici”

OMFG this fricking episode. Seriously, I’ll watch over you. THAT IS SO CUTE! LIKE WHAT ?!?!? (And also while we’re talking about that line, in Season 9 we hear Cain talking to Collette over her grave and he says 'I know you watch over me still.“ Just throwing that out there.”) And the bottom gif! Dean and Cas alone in the motel room talking about their feelings! Dean walks over to him and sits down on the bed so they can talk close to each other. Omg. I love this whole episode.

Number 4: “A Little Slice of Kevin”

GOD this was probably THE most romantic episode in Supernatural history IMO. The three that beat this one are SO SO close. It was hard to pick which ones I liked more. But, this is the episode where Cas is mysteriously back from purgatory. Dean has been SEEING him everywhere and he thinks he just misses him like crazy. But after he comes back Dean is thrilled but kind of worried how he got out. Dean believes he let go of Cas’s hand on accident, when in reality Cas pushed away. But, Dean’s mind couldn’t process or accept that so he reconstructed the whole scene in his mind. URGH. This episode.

Number 3: “What’s up Tiger Mommy”

External image

more like purGAYtory. amiright? No, but season 8 was the best destiel season, hands down. This episode in particular is number three because of the scenes where it shows Dean going on a rampage trying to find his angel. And then when he does, well, you cry for days after. Everything Dean says sounds like it came out of a fanfic. “Cas, buddy, I need you."  "I’m not leaving here without you."  "I prayed to you, Cas, every night!"   It’s just amazing. He loves him so much.  I can’t deal.

Number 2: "The End”

This sceeeene. “We had an appointment.” -Cas. And then the FACE DEAN GIVES HIM. “DONT EVER CHANGE.” dies. I love this so scene so much in particular. I’m not sure why, but it really deserves the number two spot. Just the look of absolute adoration on both of their faces. Seriously. That’s love, plain and simple.

Number 1: Goodbye, Stranger.

YES THIS SCENE IN “GOODBYE STRANGER” WINS. The best destiel scene to end all destiel scenes (so far). Cas has been reprgramed to kill Dean. He killed “Dean” a thousand times, but couldn’t do it. And let’s not forget the top gif, Dean was suppose to say “I love you”. (I support the change to I need you though. It would’ve been way out of character, but the fact it was written is amazing.) If you ask me, “I need you”, is just as, if not more meaningful than “I love you.” It’s one thing to love someone, but to NEED someone. That is heavy. And in that last gif, Dean fully believes that Cas is about to kill him there. The crack in Dean’s voice as he’s saying Cas’s name breaks my heart. But again, we see Cas choosing Dean over everything else. Dean above all else in Cas’s world. And I love that about him. Cas absolutely loves and adores Dean, and no one can deny that. And we’ve seen how Dean would do anything for him as well. Destiel till death. <3