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Ohh my god guys, 200 followers already! When I first posted that text about my 50th follower, I never thought I’d get to 100, or even 200. I won’t tag every follower I have, simply because I am too lazy for that xD

However, I will tag some blogs that are special to me. Because they always like my posts, send me messages, or because their blogs are amazing, OR BOTH!

@ramblings-from-yours-truly (special thanks for helping me with my very first fanfic, and for being a fantastic beta :D) @hudders-and-hiddles @shysherlockian @nainelock @johnlodk @sherlock-addict @watsonsmokes @anotherwellkeptsecret @highfunctioninggaybaby @justaheartbrokenfangirl @chocolate-and-thunderstorms @57circlesofhell@theincrediblyexcitingwinetasting @thesweetfandomlife @aguidetodeduction @shitpostingholmes @shitpostingwatson @stability

And here’s to my icon brothers/sisters @honeybee-holmes and @mrsconnorkenway!

And ofcourse, thank y’all for the 1000+ notes on this post :D

Also check out this post (celebration for the 1000+ notes on the post I mentioned before) with a video of a penguin! It’s worth leaving a note ;)

That would be all for today, I hope y’all have a lovely day/week/life and go on being who you are :)

The gay is afoot!

Sometimes (well, all the time really, but some times it’s more prominent) I’m very thankful for my bitchachos. My morning was iffy and they were being themselves and it just brought my mood up, made me feel a lil less alone.

@yoursupernaturalsammygirl @talesoftheimpala @roadhouse-respite @winchester-with-wings @castihelloboys @samtomydeanwinchester @writingsofwinchesters @cestladoulerexquise

Or course, there’s more than just them I’m friend with, and I’m thankful for those others too.


1200 Followers contest! 

“Sorry, I’m more experienced with headshots than full body, that’s why getting headshots” 

1: 2 Winners for a headshot colored and shaded with blurry background (Because don’t know how to background yet xD)

2: 2 Winners for headshot colored, no shaded, simple color background

3:(Because 3) 3 Winners for headshot lineart

Hey, wanna participate on this contest?

Sure it’s easy, just reblog if you reblog with a ref of the OC you want here it would be easier, a like will count too ^^ 

Please on the moment of the contest ends if any ref is missing winners can submit ref if I don’t have it.

Contest will end 28 of February

It’s here!! My first follow forever which most definitely should’ve been done earlier, but alas i am now at 1.3k followers and could put it off no longer. I’ve been on tumblr for a long long time but have only been a bts/writing blog for a few months and i was pleasantly overwhelmed with the amount of feed back and love i got in response. I’ve made so many new friends and i really do wish each and every one of you the best in 2016. This really is my place to escape and be happy and share with people all over the world my interests and skills, and that is all thanks to my lovely followers and the amazing blogs listed bellow <3 <3 (around 300 blogs get ready for a long list) (also i didnt include any langblr blogs sorry >.< )


Bolded are mutuals :)  ★☆ are favorites :)

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I think my favourite thing about the Malec clip in the promo is that with everything else, Alec has been fighting against it. It’s all about the laws. But with Magnus that all goes straight out the window. Look how willing he is to help Magnus. And its not in a casual kind of way either. You can just see it in his expression. He’s like here “take my hands. And take my strength too. Whatever of it you can use to keep yourself going.” There is just something so personal about Alec’s actions here and it is reflected in Magnus as well. Just the way they’re clutching on to each others hands and won’t break eye contact… And they haven’t even been on a first date yet!

We are so screwed.

Okayyyyy so I just reached 10k followers!!! And I’m soooooo happy. I decided to make a new follow forever even though I don’t like to call it ‘follow forever’ because things happen and people change and sometimes I have to unfollow someone :/ BUT at the moment I love every blog that I see on my dash. I love my mutuals, I love my followers, I love everyone. I know I talk a lot of shit on my blog but I always try to be nice and most of the time I live in my happy niall/nouis bubble. So thank you for following me!! and thank you for talking to me :) I talk to so many of my mutuals and it makes me really happy because I love you all. I love tumblr and I’m not going anywhere because I love niall and this band way too much. So here are my favorite blogs and you should definitely follow all of them because they are amazing. bold: you’re one of my best friends and/or one of my favorite blogs. Sooo yeah :) THANK YOU! ♥ (and please don’t hate me if you can’t find your url in this list. I still love you and you’re wonderful)

@1dedus - @adoresnialler - @allofnjh - @alritepetal - @appreciatetommo - @banginghoranbang - @bbears - @boobiesforniall - @broders - @caddyniall - @celebratenouis - @cherryniall - @comelyniall - @craicprince - @craicthatniall - @cupcakenouis - @dahrbae - @datirish - @dibsonthat1d - @drunkiehoran (i miss you on tumblr) - @el-called-her - @eleanorj-calder - @fawnbabe - @fondlynarry - @frickingirish - @fuckinialls - @fukinhoran - @fullynialls - @fvkstyles - @gratitudecafe - @hiatus2k16 - @holdmetightniall - @horanchesthair - @horancum - @horanpayne - @horanssyndrome - @imjustanotherniallgirl - @itshoran - @itsneverenough - @jamesniall - @jerkniall - @kingoftheniall - @kissingziall - @laddylads - @lewisandneil - @liloasfuck - @littlepetlouis - @louehcharm - @louehorran - @louisallmytee - @louistpan - @lounson - @madforhoran - @moansforhoran - @mobniall - @neverenoughnialler - @niallagher - @nialledfrombehind - @niallerlilcraic - @niallerlouis - @niallezr - @niallhiran - @niallhoranhasthat1thing - @nialliejames - @niallincolor - @nialljameson - @nialljustgotwet - @niallonawire - @niallschestrug - @niallslaugh - @niallsmoan - @niallsofficialhoney - @nialltakeme - @niallthegun - @niallurby - @niams - @niamscozy - @normalouisart - @nouisoreos - @ofziall - @ohnoniall - @omgosh1d - @paynefultommo - @paywnes - @riveting-stuff - @sleepynialler - @slutzouis - @straylouis - @styles-ruinedme - @temporaryyfix - @tomoson - @undertheniall - @wrappedniall

  • Will and Golden Freddy

Decided to practice some other voices, this time @nobody-art‘s night guard Will and Golden Freddy! (or Fredbear, or whatever you wanna call him.)

Is it me, or does will look a little like the Penguin from the Gotham TV series?….not that that’s a bad thing, it actually makes him seem cooler.

(Also, does making someone a hillbilly make someone seem instantly lovable?….probably just me.)

Art by @nobody-art

Editing by @flightbotjetwing

Golden Freddy/Fredbear © Scott Cawthon

“Alphys” theme by Toby “Radiation” Fox

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