i love you alfie


“I’m sorry love, I just can’t take you seriously,” Alfie chuckled as you stood on the other side on the room, flushed as you glared at him.

“Fuck off Alfie!”

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i read "buttface, happy valentines, thank you for always being ...... every single day! You make me so happy, I love you. Alfie ..."

Aww, I’ve seen some similar guesses so that’s probably it, or close to it. At least he can be cute off camera haha xx

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Did you manage to read inside his Valentine's card "to bumface happy Valentine's, thank you for being so caring and loving, you make me happy I love you, Alfie xx "

yeah I couldn’t really see it but I’ve seen others comment and they are all saying pretty much what you just wrote. Too cute. Alfie HATES showing how he feels on camera, he gets so uncomfortable, example Zoe’s new video hahaha but he’s got it in him off camera.

things you definitely shouldn’t think about:

  • tiny toddler alfie solomons following his mum round the kitchen while she bakes
  • he manages to break up a blazing row his parents are having by saying his first words, which unfortunately were fuck off in russian. they end up laughing so hard they forget what they were even arguing. it was about his dad being a bad influence. turns out, his mums the problem here.
  • his mum absolutely gets the tiniest fluffiest dog that only ever barks at alfie. she thinks it’s hilarious watching her big gangster son sit there uncomfortably while a tiny puppy growls at him for the whole visit
  • she’s the first stop on the bakery’s delivery route
  • alfie refusing to move from his mum’s bedside for days
  • the only ring he can’t wear is hers
2015 so far...
  • Me: I wanna buy a new book.
  • Shane: Here's my book "I hate myselfie".
  • Me: Yayy. I'll buy Shane's book.
  • Connor: Woops. Don't forget about me. "A Work In Progress" is where I poured my heart and soul.
  • Joey: Hey I feel so attacked right now. Don't forget "In Real Life" I come out in chapter 14.
  • Me: Joeyyyy you brave human being I love you.
  • Marcus: HELLOOOOOO. I wrote a book called "Hello Life". You should check it out.
  • Alfie: Don't you forget my sequel. "The Pointless Book Part 2". Out in stores right now.
  • Zoe: Oh and I'm writing "Girl Online part 2" but it's not called "Girl Online". Revealing title soon. And my broseph wrote something.
  • Me: OMG so many books. I can't.
  • Tyler: Hey what's up you guys. It me. Tyler Oakley. Simon and Schuster offered me a book deal 2 years ago and I refused it at that point of my life but now I'm revealing everything "BINGE BY TYLER OAKLEY" links to preorder will be in my description.
  • Mamrie: Don't forget "You Deserve a Drink".
  • Me: I am broke now.
  • JK ROWLING: Oh I forgot to tell you. "Very Good Lives" is now available for purchase.
  • Me: *dies because can't afford all these books but really need them to survive*
You're Cute When You're Sleepy

Summary: Arthur gets a little dippy when he’s sleep deprived and Alfred has to deal with it.

Rating: G; Fluff!!
“Have I ever told you that you’re simply radiant when you smile?” Arthur asked slowly.
He was on the verge of sleep, slightly delirious, and a total sap. Alfred looked down adoringly at him, chuckling as the Brit laid his head on Alfred’s lap while he stretched his legs over the rest of the couch.

“You’re cute when you’re sleepy.” Alfred giggled.
“Noo… You are…” Arthur argued weakly, “You’re gorgeous.”
“That’s what you think, huh?” Alfred asked with a grin.
“Artie, you’re adorable.” Alfred gushed.
“Mm… I love you, Alfie…”
“I love you too, Artie.”
“Hehe you’re a big teddy bear,” Arthur giggled, poking Alfred’s face, “Soft and warm.”

Alfred looked down with a warm smile.
“Go to sleep, silly.”
“You’re silly.”
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“Hehehe yeah you are, Alfie.”
Alfred sighed.
“Ok, off to bed with you. C'mon, Artie.”
Rolling his eyes, Alfred scooped his boyfriend up in his arms. Arthur only giggled.
“Let me goooo.”
“Nope. Bedtime.”
“I’m not three.”
“You’re acting like it.”
“Hehehehe I love you!”
“Love you too.”