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Letter to Santa [Sterek Fic]

Merry Christmas to the other parts of my OT3: Torah and Aidi. My drawer and my dragon. I love you both so much my sweetums <3

Stiles sighed, leaning against the wall of the hospital lounge and letting his head rock backwards, hand tightening around the piece of paper in his hand. Scott had talked Stiles into volunteering at the hospital to give the kids a little something for Christmas, it didn’t take much convincing. It wasn’t as though Stiles had anything better to do the morning of Christmas Eve while his dad was finishing up work so he could spend Christmas Day with his son. 

They had gotten up hilariously early and decorated the children’s wing and they were both decked out in holiday clothes - Stiles had antlers and a little nose that glowed and the kids loved it. The smaller ones would laugh and poke at his nose. Scott was an elf with ears that had Stiles calling him Spock all day.

Now it was noon, the kids were eating their lunch and Scott had gone to buy him, Stiles and Melissa something to eat. Just before they all split up for lunch, the kids had convinced Scott and Stiles to write letters to Santa with them. Letters telling Santa what they wanted most in the world for Christmas…

Stiles glanced down at his own letter, fingers curling around the paper and threatening to crumple it. It had been several months since Derek left Beacon Hills.

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