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Mami & Toby!!

Hello!! I drew this to say, thanks a million! I haven’t used this main blog in forever, and I finally got inspired to reboot it to be an ACNL blog, thanks to you. You just gave me the little push I needed to finally stop being totally lazy. Hope you enjoy!!

I’M SCREAMING! (〃ノ◇ノ)・゚。 ooooh this is super amazing, you’re such a sweet person! aaah I’m really at a loss of words! I’m so honored to have influenced you in any way to blog acnl! aaah I’m tearing up~ you are really lovely~~ I’m so glad and I hope you have a lot of fun blogging! aahhh thank you so much! ☆

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YohaRiko phone backgrounds 。.:*☆

requested by anon (⌒▽⌒)☆

AAAH YOU GUYS. I LOVE YOU ALL even you, porn bots, because I love this count too much.

I wanted to make a special photo that somehow expressed my thanks, and what better way than to provide as many snake as possible all at once?

Cuando la navidad se adelanta~ ☆ @downtothebonezone 💙

En serio, estoy sin palabras, en estado de shock ;;;;;;;;;; 💙 y ahora no puedo parar  de lagrimear ;;;;; 💙 todo es tan hermosoooooo!! la cajita tan llena de detalles, el ramito de floresssss!!! es tan lindooo!!  💙 el comic oh por dios!!! si en internet ya se ve hermoso, en vivo y en directo mil veces más 💙 y sus dibujitos ;——; aaaaah mi kokoro!!! y Bb…. es que no lo puedo creer que me lo mandara… es simplemente tan absolutamente bello!! aaaaaah 💙 no soy digna OTL!! 💙 usted es el mejor!! lo quiero muchoooo!! con todo el kokoro!!! aaaaaahhhh!!! 💙

I feel like all of you are much closer to me, than my friends in RL. You care for me in ways like no friend ever has. You all truly give me so much strength and I don’t know how to thank you for it. It is somewhat bittersweet.

RFA + V on a Rainy Day

a/n: hi!! i got this ask but i FORGOT to put in V so here ya go! this is a bit short ( and been stuck on my drafts i cry ) but i hope you like it!! we srsly need more fluff LOLOLOLOL


  • zen is not exactly that fond of the rain
  • there are times where he enjoys it and the other not
  • he sometimes wishes the moment it starts for it to stop asap
  • he doesn’t like the sticky feeling the rain gives him whenever he gets wet since most of the times whenever it rains is either him going to practice or him going home from practice
  • he gets a bit annoyed at the fact that he couldn’t rehearse or practice properly whenever it rains because it distracts him a bit – kind of like getting the feeling of focusing more on the sound of its downpour rather than his own rehearsal lines
  • the coldness of the air and the humidity of the environment just makes his energy dissipate to thin air aka he gets a bit lazy when it rains
  • but he does enjoy the relaxing feeling he gets whenever he hears the raindrops against the ceiling or as it falls down to the sidewalk or the sound of the tiny puddles of water on the road getting stepped on by passers-by
  • he just generally dislikes getting wet in his clothes whenever it rains ( he oftentimes forgets to bring an umbrella since he starts his day with the hot sun and ends it with the cold rain )
  • he likes the peace and quiet relaxation it gives him, like it’s a soft lullaby of a music that soothes his tired nerves
  • he likes staying at home, sipping a hot drink ( be it a coffee or a hot chocolate but he enjoys tea more – Chamomile to be exact ) while reading & practicing his musical play scripts
  • he strangely finds it comforting and he can focus a bit more if he’s home alone practicing while it rains because 11/10 no other distractions
  • the pitter patter of the rain is his gentle companion


  • jaehee finds the rain comforting – too comforting for her own good
  • because the moment she starts getting comfortable with the rain, it continues on and she forgets her focus regarding work ( a very dangerous sensation, indeed )
  • it’s like experiencing a heavy dose of norepinephrine ( a chemical together with other types of it which are produced in the brain when you get relaxed or feel pleasure )
  • she immediately notices it whenever rain starts pouring outside of C&R International’s building – the sound of its tip tapping against the building’s rooftop, the humid air circulating everywhere, and for the most obvious clues, the large, transparent window pane of her office getting moist and wet by raindrops
  • her nose can smell the rain too
  • she strangely gets a bit happy whenever it rains that her office mates often notices her humming while tapping away on her computer
  • this and other rare times are the only times where she can forget about work stress and can truly have fun while arranging her workload
  • she often looks forward to getting home early when it rains ( Jumin tends to cancel work earlier than usual whenever it rains since he’s worried about Elizabeth the 3rd whenever it rains )
  • she always curls with her duvet on the sofa, wearing nothing else but an overly large sized shirt, a hot chocolate on her hand while watching one of zen’s performances – a good way to end a tiring day
  • the sound of the rain lulls her to a comfortable sleep


  • jumin, for one, worries whenever it rains
  • elizabeth the 3rd is home alone and even when she’s inside the house, he worries she might catch sickness because of the cold, humid air caused by the rain ( smh @ catmom )
  • he do know cats can catch cat hypothermia ( if you let cats stay outside during a cold weather/heavy rain ) srsly he’s just worried af
  • so he cancels work early ( dragging jaehee with him much to jaehee’s chagrin of more workload but also the secret pleasure of being lifted off from work earlier than usual )
  • so with a rush, just the moment the slight raindrop touches the building or even when the clouds above had just formed into a dark, heavy looking one, he’d immediately call of his meetings off for the day
  • and he’d be inside his car with Driver Kim on his way back home
  • whenever he gets home, he immediately checks up on elizabeth which is safely curled against his living room couch, lightly sleeping comfortably against the weather
  • he would often spend a rainy day while sitting in front of his window pane, looking at the rain as it pours down over the buildings outside
  • he’d often have a glass of red wine or a cup of Catnip Tea ( don’t tell me you haven’t even considered him drinking such lolololol )
  • he often times logs in to the chatroom and just talk with the other members who are online ( most of the RFA members are online during rainy days ) or even read a book about anything related to business, magazines with business-related articles or he would sometimes play Suite No. 3 in D Major BWV 1068 on his speakers to accompany him in his reverie of watching the downpour outside
  • sometimes he’d fall lightly asleep on the couch with his arms crossed since he’s very used to falling asleep on odd positions
  • these are the times he’d only be able to sleep peacefully without his nightmares or constant worries


  • yoosung kind of dislikes the rain
  • LOLOL’s servers sometimes goes down whenever there’s a heavy pour outside which frustrates him since he can’t go out in the rain and he can’t have fun playing inside his apartment
  • he would call seven and ask if he can play on his house but the redhead would sometimes just turn him down telling him he’s busy
  • the rain would sometimes make him reminisce memories which will only make his mood salty and sour
  • sometimes even tempting him to scan old albums or look at past photos that would end him up either getting mad at the current situation that changed or miss the event that happened where a certain photo was taken
  • he often daydreams and just gets lost in his thoughts
  • he sometimes attempts to log into the chatroom and chat with the online members but sometimes he just lazes out of it since he talks to the same people almost everyday
  • though whenever Jumin and Zen are online, he’d stick in longer since whenever these two are on, the topics always seem to get interesting
  • he’d curl on his bed with his blanket on while binge watching a series or a movie since he couldn’t play lolol most of the time when it rains
  • he’d often eat instant ramen or drink hot chocolate since it helps his body remain hot against the cold temperature ( temperature crazily goes down whenever it rains and he hates that his room does not have a warmer / he’d stick with egg trays attached to his windows )
  • he can focus on doing his assignments tho ( since he can’t do anything else lololol )
  • he just gets pathetic fallacy over the weather


  • seven, for one, can’t even distinguish the weather outside whenever he’s inside his house, busy doing his job
  • it’s just as normal as any other day with him, in front of his computer, eating honey buddha chips and drinking PhD pepper
  • he just turns off his care for whatever is happening outside
  • he even invented a device that tells him the current weather outside just so he can keep up with the current details
  • it’s like a desktop alarm or something that probably says whenever the weather changes, “Saeyoung. Saeyoung. Beep. Beep. Weather Report. Beep. Weather Report. Current Weather: Sunny / Current Weather: Rainy. Please be advice to bring proper materials for the current weather with you. Beep.”
  • it rarely affects him except for the fact that yoosung would often call him ( OFTENTIMES during he’s busy; srsly the boi always had to call whenever he’s in the middle of something ), asking him if he can come over and play LOLOL on one of his computers
  • he just turns him down and tells him to come over the next time he’s busy srlsy boi yoosung wyd ya boi choi doesn’t want any distractions
  • BUUUUT whenever he has no work, he’d often find himself stalking GATHERING INFORMATION regarding the new member of the RFA or would sometimes make e-mail marketing spams for Zen’s latest projects which honestly annoys Zen a bit ( people would sometimes point at Zen and tell him, “Hey, isn’t he the one on the e-mail spams?” )
  • he’d device plans to steal Elly under jumin’s watch lolol only if he gets that bored
  • he’d log onto the chatroom just to talk to whoever is online or play with yoosung on lolol ( if the servers are not down ) and would beat him in each game lolololol
  • these are honestly just his ways to distract his mind from wandering off to his deepest, darkest thoughts


  • just the same as jumin, V would often be out on the terrace of his house or just by the window, sipping a cup of tea ( probably a Lemon Balm or an American Passionflower Tea )
  • he would be attempting to relax his mind and emotions but considerably fails
  • the rain would often bring out emotions on him that sometimes he just wished he didn’t have
  • he could recall memories and he feels extremely reminiscent about the past events of his life, whether it be good or bad
  • even the rain reminds him of Rika
  • his mood had always cooperated with whatever the weather is
  • he is very sensitive to these things ( one of the reasons why he can capture moments perfectly )
  • he’d often find his train of thoughts drifting back to his problems that he feels extremely responsible for it
  • just the rain itself reminds him that for him to find ultimate comfort, he needs to help the RFA without handing them to danger
  • just the pour of the rain itself reminds him that he’s alone in this journey and he can’t burden others with it
  • just the rain itself cages V with his emotions
  • the rain would be reminding him of his past mistakes and why it still haunts him to this day
  • but at the same time, the rain had this effect on him that calms him down
  • strange but very magnificent
  • after he realizes each wrong turn his life took and that even after the most storms, he can still manage to figure out a way to fix it
  • the rain, just as it reminds him of pain, reminds him of a brighter, happier future after
  • since V inclines to believe after the storm is always a rainbow and a bright, clear sky after
  • he just hopes that everyone is looking at the same sky with him and by thinking that, even the hardest downpour doesn’t seem so bad
  • the rain depicts the yin and yang of his life

So my pal @cousinjared tagged me to post the music i’m into right now!! (I’m waiting for your playlist btw)

The soundtrack for Sing Street is so amazing and if you didn’t watch it, I definitely recommend it!!
Then well I should have posted all the Foals songs cause yes i’m obsessed again by them.
Kinda re-discovered Oasis and The Cure and I can’t stop listening to them (also i basically listen to supersonic everyday but there’s just the live version on spotify mmh)
Some new stuff which I really enjoy like Temples new one (nice guitar sound and pretty catchy!) Cw one is really rock and roll and makes me want to start a moshpit, way it goes is perfect for driving time and Justice ,well, if this doesn’t make you dance with that funky bass line, you aren’t even a human being
And eventually my enemy mac demarco who I hate but still listen to his songs

I’m gonna tag @arcticmunkeez, @alextwatner, @circababes, @george-hairrison and @englishgrxffiti


8/100 Days of Productivity
18/02/17; 11:00PM

hi!!! after logging off from tumblr awhile im finally back😁 and i will tell you story too ha ha anon you will never change me i love myself and you should love yourself too muah much love💖

aaah finally doing my bujo again i miss them!! i did it after i went to a little stationery haul omg im so happy i bought like 13 washi tapes (and wow it only costs 31.5k rupiahs im amazed) and 2 deco stickers but theyre not in the pic also a usa flag pouch!! (ye ive usa flag everywhere in my room even ive like 3 usa flag pouches already but really tho ever since trump won i feel guilty but sigh i cannot help that i love it)
((also i just kinda remember ive already ordered +15 washi tapes from a local online shop but i guess Lazada is in PH too lol but its okkk i feel happy about it and really cant wait for them to arrive!!))

and if you remember my 5dop post, there was a rose plant and it died already lol idk my dad bought it and guess yeaah ummm lack of water maybe?!? sorry rose i love you tho🌹💗🌹

and yes i used different vsco filter for this two pics but i guess A6 and HB2 dont really have that much differences soo yeaah😀 hope yall have a great day!!💖💖

waitt also big thanks to @pacifistpadme because now i finally have links on my bio after i read her answer!! much more organized😍

song of the day:
🎶 Heavy - Linkin Park ft. Kiiara 🎶

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your naruto college au/ school au you've done so far with the founders trio and I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much trouble but how do you think they'd meet their s/o in that au? In class, at a party, etc?? Aaah thank you!!

YESSSSS I love this. I’m gonna combine if that’s okay? I hope these are alright


•He can definitely be attracted to someone he’s met once or twice at a party, or through a mutual friend, but he’s more likely to gain feelings for someone he knows and is familiar with. Probably a long time friend or acquaintance

•He’s very much the type who needs that transition from friend to s/o in order to feel comfortable and certain about the relationship. That way he knows a lot about them already

•I can just imagine Hashirama having them in at least one class, and that’s how they start talking (if they aren’t friends already). Hashirama just likes talking to people, even if it’s his crush. He’s not hesitant at all, very outgoing. So there’s no meandering around them or hiding his feelings. He’s pretty open about it

•Honestly, it’ll probably look like they’re dating before they even are. Literally the “when are you two going to make it official just do it already” couple. Mostly a result of Hashirama’s over-enthusiasm

•He constantly walks/drives them home. Pays for their food if they ever eat together (it literally becomes habit, like they’d learn not to even pull out money because they already know Hashirama won’t let them pay). Puts any other plans aside if he wants to make room for them. Calls and texts them on the daily (cute goodnight and goodmorning texts ofc). Really just spends as much time with them as possible. Like, it’s sooo obvious

•He’ll even post pics of them together all over social media with cute comments, comments that are practically meant for couples. Like wow Hashirama, not subtle at all

•And Hashirama’s not ashamed. Everyone knows about his crush, he doesn’t deny it if he’s ever asked. He figures it’s much easier and much less stressful that way

•It’ll just be a gradual thing, really where they both know they like each other. It doesn’t really matter who does it, but it’ll be one of those “so…. we’re a thing, right?” moments that one of them bring up at random. If his s/o is the one who asks, Hashirama gives a very eager “Uhhh yes! If you want us to be!” with a big, enthusiastic grin on his face


•It’s gradual for Tobirama when he’s gaining feelings for someone, so it’s not likely to occur if he saw them fleetingly at a party or other event. He’d have to see them frequently until they grew on him

•He probably met his s/o in a class they had together, or in the library, since he spends a lot of time there. Or they could just be part of his circle of friends. Regardless, it’ll be in a setting where he has the opportunity to speak with them, but he chooses not to. He doesn’t know how to approach them. He’ll try to avoid them, because he knows he’s gonna get all anxious

•He was probably paired with his crush for a partner assignment once and it was awful. Tobirama maintained his cold facade, might have even been a little too cold, but internally he was like shit can class just end now

•At some point, they’d probably notice him staring for too long, and too often. Tobirama thinks he’s slick but sometimes he messes up and doesn’t glance away fast enough

•He’d likely never directly confess his feelings. But at some point, the more they talk and hang out, it becomes obvious. Otherwise, he wouldn’t waste the time of day on them. He’s so unapproachable and stiff that you’d notice when he strayed from that normal behavior. So the s/o will just kinda know that Tobirama likes them. And it turns into a little relationship without him ever really asking them out. A little kiss or holding hands for the first time might serve as enough confirmation for Tobirama

•ALSO LISTEN imagine Tobirama volunteering as a pool life guard during the summer bc why not he likes water right. Maybe he frequently sees his future s/o, and he obviously gets all flustered when he’s on duty and they show up (looking nice in their swimsuit and what not). Like awww can you imagine flirting with life guard Tobirama. So cute. Go to the deep end and pretend you can’t swim so he has to come save you and give you mouth to mouth. Just do it 

•Another possibility, and highly probable, is that Tobirama met his s/o through Hashirama. The second Tobirama shows even the smallest bit of interest in his crush, Hashirama is likely to notice. Unfortunately for Tobirama, his big bro is very perceptive about those sort of things. In which case, Hashirama will frequently encourage Tobirama to just make a move. Or go the “I’ll talk to them for you if you want, Tobirama” route. And Tobirama fiercely denies it every time

•It’s literally only when Tobirama finally invites his s/o over for dinner at the Senju house that it becomes official and he can’t deny it anymore, and Hashirama’s like “HAAAAAA I KNEW IT”


•I can definitely see Madara meeting his s/o at a party. Now while he is the type who gains interest at first sight, he won’t always act out on those feelings. Maybe if he was a little pumped up with alcohol he’d approach them, or if he was simply in a particularly saucy and audacious mood. Otherwise, he might back off and wait till he saw them again to do anything about it

•He’d be on the look out too, purposely scanning the hallways at school or subtly exploring more of campus to see if he found them

•Maybe he saw them at that same party again (and he definitely goes again, on the same day of the week, at the same time, just to run into them) and he’ll try to make it obvious that he’s interested. Whether that’s offering them a drink or just staring at them in a not so inconspicuous way. And it’s difficult not to notice those piercing dark eyes across the room. So spicy 

•He could also start gaining feelings for a long time friend. It’s easier, since he’s known them for a while and he can forgo on the whole “getting to know you” process. Not that the getting to know you phase isn’t exciting at times, but he’s rather impatient

•Be warned: his feelings grow rather quickly if he starts liking someone, but with consequences. He’ll continue to harbor feelings for them even if he hears that they’re already in a relationship, or that they like someone else. Madara doesn’t give a shit he will homewreck given the opportunity. No mercy. Savage

•Which just becomes a load of unnecessary drama. Always expect some drama to accompany Madara’s feelings for someone. That’s just how Madara is. He’s very reluctant to back off when he’s latched onto his feelings

•Hashirama could also prove to be a matchmaker for Madara. Madara’s better at hiding his feelings, but Hashirama might find out eventually. And if Madara’s not making a move (he sometimes just sits back and plots ways to approach his crush) Hashirama tries to help him out because even Hashirama gets impatient


zelo for @choijnuhong

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