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I wanted to make a special photo that somehow expressed my thanks, and what better way than to provide as many snake as possible all at once?

  • Jungkook: I'm not jealous.
  • Jimin: Then what are you? You keep doing the jeonlous tongue thingy.
  • Jungkook: I'm possessive. I can't be jealous of something that's mine. You're mine.
  • Jimin:
  • Jimin: Jungkookie
  • Jungkook: What?
  • Jimin: I love you too

zelo for @choijnuhong

So, i had @trixie85592 in the TS fanfic exchange!
sorry for the wait, real life got in the way, but hopefully this fanfic will make it up for it! I went with Analogical, and with the third prompt [Writer’s choice of ship: The nervous confession to the side they like through some kind of romantic outing]


It was the little things, like the way Virgil sometimes had a shy smile on his face, the way Virgil would sit down and listen to him even if he sometimes disagreed with his point of view, the way Virgil massaged his temples when a headache started forming, it was the seemingly uninterested “good morning” that were only for him and the soft “good night” before retiring to their rooms for the night.

Logan couldn’t name it; he just knew it made his chest feel light, like at any second he would go flying off into the sky. He frowned and shook his head, it was physically impossible for him to go up flying.

He woke up in the middle of the night with a name falling out of his lips, his chest felt light but at the same time it was like his heart was being squished. His heartbeat was out of control and he realized a few minutes later that he still had his hand extended in the air, chasing after a gentle smile and sweet brown eyes.

With a heavy sigh he got out of bed and a quick glance at the clock told him that the person he was looking for was probably awake still. He slipped out of his room in the direction of Virgil’s, he had to talk to someone about the things in his chest and the images on his brain, and he needed to do so with someone that understood him.

Logan knocked as softly as he could on the door, and it opened a few seconds later to show Virgil with his hair going in all directions. Logan give a small snort of laughter and tried to muffled a chuckled

“I apologize, may I come in?”

In lei of an answer Virgil opened his door more and moved to the side, he looked tired but Logan knew he couldn’t sleep yet

“What’s good my dude?”

“Never say that again Verge”

“Noted, so what’s up?”

“I… think I have a problem”

That made the shorter boy raise his head up at him, an eyebrow already reaching up to his hair and disbelieve clear as the day on his face

“You, having a problem?”

“Maybe? In any case it doesn’t affect anyone else”

“Okay, I believe you” Logan sighed with relief “But I still don’t know what’s wrong”

Logan gave a heavy sigh and threw himself on Virgil’s bed. As he stared at the ceiling –which Virgil had once again changed, now the sky was the milky way- Logan found that his brain felt less foggy. An idea occurred to him, if watching the ever changing sky on Virgil’s room could bring him peace then maybe what he needed to say could be done in a similar setting?

“Would you like to come star gazing with me, right now?”

“Logan, is almost 3 am”

“I’ll bring blankets?”

“What’s with the change on topics… but I mean, sure, why not”

Logan gave him a soft and rare smile and Virgil felt himself blush. They stayed together for a while, until Logan deemed it late enough to actually move and go fetch the blankets he had mentioned to Virgil. The second he was out of Virgil’s room the man dropped face down on his bed, his face feeling aflame. It was getting harder and harder to hide what he felt for Logan

A knock on his doorframe snapped him out of his head and he looked up to see Logan giving him a small smirk, a bundle of blankets in his arms

“Come on”

“Ugh, going”

Virgil grabbed his pillows and went behind Logan. He was worried about what Logan wanted to talk about, but he trusted the man

They layed everything down and sat down, the sky was cloudless and the stars were shining. Virgil lost himself staring at the sky, it seemed more beautiful than normal. Logan stared at Virgil

He couldn’t get over the way the stars were reflection in his eyes, in how his expression was of intense awe, in how he was smiling softly. He was shining. He looked…


“Yeah” It was said as nothing more than a whisper, but Virgil’s voice held awe “The sky is more beautiful than normal”

Logan debated with himself. He had the chance to tell him now, and if his reading of the mood was correct then this was the perfect moment to tell him, but… he was scared. There had been almost no signs of Virgil liking him back, and every sign of corresponded feelings could easily be passed off as friendship or shyness.

Logan gave a glance at the sky and nodded, he had to do it now. When he turned to talk to Virgil he noticed the boy had his eyes closed and was humming, soft enough that Logan hadn’t noticed it but loud enough to produce sound.

“I love you”

The second the words left his mouth Logan froze, he had just- he wasn’t thinking and- and now Virgil was staring up at him in shock, the moon highlighting his face and adding a sense of dream to the situation. His brown eyes (shiny, so bright, hiding an intelligence that could rival Logan’s own, always worried, always shifting, never resting in just one place, calculating every chance and every possible danger) were open fully and staring at Logan in obvious shock.

He wanted to run away, to forget this night had happened. If he ever had a chance with Virgil he had already ruined it by confessing this way. How could he, when Virgil deserved more than a stargazing session? When Virgil deserved to be taken out to dinner, deserved to be woo in the most dedicated way? And Logan had just blurted out his feelings, with no finesse and no tact, just the burning need to say something, anything, the burning need to express the way his chest felt light.


“I know… this is not the most common or acceptable way of expressing my feelings. But if you would please listen to me before rejecting me”


“Please Virgil”

When the shorter side nodded Logan took a shuddering breath, steeled his nerves, and looked at the sky for a last time before focusing his sight on his best friend.

“I’m in love with you, with the way you smile, with the way you worry. I’m in love with the analysis your brain makes, even if it tends to go to extremes” He paused for a second, staring at the blushing boy in front of him “I love your eyes, how they are constantly looking around, analyzing everything, taking account of every possible danger. I love it when you are rested enough to feel calmer, and when your insomnia makes your paranoia even worse”

A small chuckle left Virgil’s mouth and Logan smiled

“I love it when you smile Virgil, it’s like you light up”

Softly, and moving slowly, he reached up to cup Virgil’s face. He caressed Virgil’s cheek and gave him a small smile, trying to convey in his expression and gesture all the things his words were failing to explain

“I love you”

It was silent for a minute until Virgil’s chocked sob interrupted the silence of the night. Logan stared at the boy with fear. Had he really messed up that much?

“Logan I love you, you giant nerd” Virgil held on to Logan’s hand which still was on his cheek “You haven’t mess up anything”

Logan gave a small laughter at that. He had thought out loud

“I love you Verge” He couldn’t help the smile on his face, or the way his eyes were filling with tears

Both of them were crying, giant smiles in both of their faces, and the moon and stars were staring down at them, glad to be part of a moment that would last a lifetime.


It seems like Morrissey can do whatever he wants and I will always love him

“i might have thought that i was the only one who was suffering. everyone’s going through a lot, and they’re all suffering… and yet, everyone is still trying so hard. i even ended up taking it out on you and saying something awful. i’m sorry. it was pathetic. truly.”

“did you decide on something?" "huh?” “i hear it in your voice.”

“…i don’t think intuitive boys are very popular.”tsumugu and chisaki, nagi no asukara


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To all the fat or chubby girls that are self-conscious:

Go to the closest mirror and look at yourself. Look at those cute chubby cheeks. Poke them. Aren’t they amazing? They are so cute and beautiful.
Look at your eyes - maybe they look boring from far away, but if you get a close look you see the galaxies in them. Go! Look at it! They’re gorgeous!
And your hair! Oooh your hair! It is sooo pretty! Look at it! It doesn’t matter if it’s straight or curly or something in between. If it’s smooth or very messy! It’s so beautiful!
Now go further - look at your body. At your sweet chubby arms. Do you know how many people they have comforted? How many soft and warm hugs you’ve given people? Oooh I’d love to be hugged by you!
And your belly - is it big? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter. Poke it. Isn’t it soft? It’s so nice to sit on your lap when you’re like some soft and amazing pillow! You are just all soft and sweet and aaah I love you so much!!
And your legs. Do you think they’re too short? Too long? Too fat? Nah. Your legs are amazing! Think of those cute little fluffly animals with fluffy legs or paws. Do you think their legs are ugly? No. So why should yours be?
You’re gorgeous.
No, maybe you are not skinny, maybe you are not the standard model. But you are so beautiful and pretty.
Stop looking at what’s wrong, and start looking at what’s beautiful.
Because there is so much more.