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Hey Love! Can you help me out with something? I have this incredible strong friend that I want to make a CD for with motivating music while she is going through therapy but I can't find any good ones, do you have maybe some? I really like your vibe so I would love your input of you have the time 💕

hey babe!! thank you so much like??? can’t believe someone genuinely likes my vibe, that’s super sweet n nice of you. tbh a lot of the music i like is sort of uhhhhhh depressing lmao but i’ll name all of the uplifting/encouraging songs that i listen to :)

secrets by mary lambert, it’s okay by dandelion hands, lost star by the jesus and mary chain, invincible by muse, happy by marina and the diamonds, fearless by pink floyd, happy pills by weathers, better days by hedley, lost boy by ruth b, lounge act by nirvana, today by the smashing pumpkins, put your records on by corinne bailey rae, i lived by onerepublic, i’ll be good by jaymes young, how to never stop being sad by dandelion hands, across the universe by fiona apple, castles made of sand by jimi hendrix, you don’t own me by grace ft g.eazy, dog days are over by florence + the machine, sing by mcr, nara dreamland by nicole dollanganger, starlight by muse, float on by modest mouse.

that’s all i can think of rn!! i hope your friend finds at least a few that she likes out of them, and that she gets through whatever it is she’s dealing with. she’s lucky to have such a good friend n i hope you’re having a rly beautiful day, you deserve it :)

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Do you ever feel... empty? Like your life hasn't even started yet and you just can't WAIT till it does? I've never really done something. My life is pretty... dull. And I'm tired of it. I'm studying and trying to get into college. I really want to be a sucessful woman, independent and have my own place, my money and stuff. But sometimes I don't even care about all that. I just wanna be with someone that loves me, have someone to love... But I guess that's my libra moon talking *sighs*

Wow dude I feel like I ghost wrote this lol. Even if your life feels dull or boring it still matters a lot!! The world wouldn’t be the same without it. Also sometimes you just gotta do the best you can with what you have and feel hopeful about the future 💕💕🌸 everything will get better with time babe

"Do you have a gun?"
"Do you have a gun?"

“I’m a female security guard at a truck gate. I’m basically the only female there and I have to deal with a lot of truckers. They all tend to call me things like “sweetheart”, “hon”, “babe”, but I’ve recently started responding with “no problem, sport”, “no problem, champ”. My question is, what else can I use?”

theres just something real special about the advice the brothers give in response to women asking about gross men, and personally i love it more than most things


“when bokuto is in top form, he’s a human highlight reel.“

bts scenario: car sex

i hope you enjoy this babe, you know who you are! ;) i hope everyone has an amazing weekend, i love you! xx

i also wanted to ask if you guys still like my account, recently i’ve been getting a lot of asks saying my writing is going down hill and my account is boring. let me know what you guys think.


raising money for my pet’s tumor removal

jin: jin’s hands pushed down on your head as you took him into your mouth. “shit,” he groaned as you took him all the way in till the hilt, the tip of your nose touching his abdomen. cars flew by the window outside as you were parked on the side of a highway. “i can’t believe i’m doing this,” he groaned as you went up and down along his length. you chuckled around him as you sucked harder, making his thighs shake. 

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yoongi: your thighs squeezed tight around yoongi’s head as his tongue could be felt in your most sensitive area. yoongi’s mouth mercilessly attacked you, making slurping sounds as he continued to suck. “y-yoongi,” your hand found it’s way to his hair, tugging as the pleasure coursed through your body, a hand finding it’s place on the cold car window. yoongi looked up at you through his eyelashes, making you groan as you watched him bring you to orgasm. 

Originally posted by cyyphr

hoseok: the cold window of the car could be felt against your back as hoseok pushed you against it, attacking your neck. “moan for me,” he demanded as his lips latched onto your neck, sucking to create a hickey. groaning, you threw your head back against the window and moaned out his name. you could feel hoseok’s smirk against your neck as his hand trailed down to your waistband, teasing the edge before plunging his hand inside, his fingers making you shake.

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

namjoon: fingers pushed against your most sensitive area and you groaned loudly in the passenger seat of the car. namjoon kept his eyes on the road as his fingers pushed further and down your pants. “namjoon, this i-is dangerous,” you slightly stuttered as he pushed down against you. namjoon just smiled and continued his ministrations, determined to make you cum undone as he drove down the highway. 

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jimin: your hands unbuttoned jimin’s jeans as you pushed your hand against the waistband of his underwear. “baby?” jimin asked wide eyed as you pushed your fingers under the band. you merely smirked and took his length in your hand, immediately beginning to stroke. jimin’s hands tightened on the wheel of the car and his jaw tensed. “will you cum for me like this, jimin?” you teased as your teased the tip with your finger. jimin moaned and threw his head back, cumming within minutes. 

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taehyung: your fingers teased the insides of your thighs as you spread your legs in the passenger seat of the car. “what are you doing?” taehyung asked with wide eyes as he watched from the driver’s seat. “nothing,” you teased as you felt the cold air tease you. “eyes on the road,” you said as you saw taehyung glance over at you every few seconds. “how can i watch the road when you’re teasing me like this?” you ignored him and continued, forcing him to pull over and fuck you in the back seat. 

Originally posted by cyyphr

jungkook: slurping sounds filled the backseat of the car as you took jungkook into your mouth. your fingers dug into his thighs as you sucked on the head of his cock. “baby,” jungkook groaned as he threw his head back, his fingers tangling into your hair. “cum for me jungkook,” you said as you pulled back to catch your breath. jungkook keened high in his throat as his cum filled your mouth, you swallowing all of it. “good boy.”

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  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah
bts scenario: domestic

hope you enjoy this scenario! i hope you don’t mind i just changed it to have a general theme of domesticity! being domestic and cooking with someone and stuff like that is so cute! xx


raising money for my pet’s tumor removal 

jin: strong hands found themselves in the divots of your hips as jin helped you cook dinner. “pass me the salt?” his deep voice asked you and you couldn’t help but smile as you passed him the salt. “what’s the smile for, baby?” jin asked as he took the salt from your hand, gently shaking some into the pot on the stove. you shook your head, “nothing,” you couldn’t help but smile again, “i just love you.” jin’s face broke out into a smile, “i love you too.” a soft peck was placed on your lips. 

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yoongi: you watched yoongi from your place on the couch as he dried the dishes and stacked them in the cupboard above. “yoongi?” you asked softly, yoongi turning his head to look at you. “yeah?” the sound of his voice made you feel warm and safe as you reveled in the moment. “how do you look so pretty while putting away the dishes?” yoongi’s cheeks flared as he turned away from your gaze. “i’m not cute.” he defended, pushing out his lips, only making him cuter. you laughed, “sure sure, you’re ‘manly’, whatever you say.”

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hoseok: “hoseok?” you asked him as he hummed in acknowledgment. “can you sing for me?” a low chuckle rumbled in his throat as he looked at you, “i’m a ra-” “i know you’re a rapper hobi, but you’re also a really good singer,” you smiled at him, “please?” hoseok huffed and you knew he had given in, “fine.” as hoseok began to quietly sing you laid your head on his chest, drifting off to sleep at the sound of his soft voice and the warm arms wrapped around your waist.

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namjoon: namjoon and you sat quietly on the couch, the low sound of the tv playing as background sound to fill the silence. namjoon was staring intently at a book, and you watched as his eyes scanned the page. “why are you staring at me?” namjoon asked. your cheeks flushed from being caught staring, and hid your face in your hands, “you’re just really handsome.” namjoon laughed, “i know i am,” he sent a wink your way, “come here.” you clambered into namjoon’s lap, him holding you close to his chest, it felt like home. 

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jimin: jimin sat criss-cross on the living room floor as you both sorted through the laundry. you held up a shirt, “want this one still?” jimin looked up and shook his head, “nah, i’m sure it’d look a lot better on you.” he winked and you rolled your eyes, unable to stop your cheeks from turning a slight red, “shut up.” jimin laughed, his eyes crinkling. “you know you love me, babe.” you laughed along with him, “not sure why.” jimin looked offended and crossed his arms, “mean.” you leaned forward, placing a kiss on his cheek, “i’m kidding, of course i love you.”

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taehyung: “taehyung!” you yelled as you ran away from him, sprinting down the hall. “here comes the tickle monster!” taehyung yelled as he chased you down the hall, hands ready to grab you. you ran into your bedroom only to realize it was a dead end, you were trapped. “ah ha!” taehyung yelled as he grabbed your hips, tickling you. “stop stop!” you yelled as you laughed, squirming in his arms. taehyung’s hands slowed as he placed his head on your shoulder, “you’re so beautiful, baby,” he kissed your shoulder, “i love you so much.” 

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jungkook: the lights in the living room were dimmed as you entered the house, “kookie?” you called out. “in here!” you followed the sound of his voice, leading to the bathroom. “here, i set this up for you,” jungkook smiled at his handiwork as he showed you the bathtub filled with bubbles and the bathroom lit with candles. you awed, “kookie…” you were speechless. jungkook shook his head, “get undressed babe, you need to relax.” following his orders, you were soon in the bath. “kookie?” you asked as you smiled up at him as he sat outside the tub. “mhm?” “you’re the sweetest boyfriend on the planet.” 

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requested by: @heartattackholland 

summaryTom Holland was your best friend growing up, but as his acting career took off–the two of you fell out of touch. However, past feelings for him rise up again as a wedding invitation from him arrives for you in the mail. 

pairings: tom holland x reader

word count: 3.1k

warnings: a lot of angst, a lot of explicit swearing

a/n: this shit y’all–whew–i was FEELIN the angst with this one guys, it was bananas. i loved it. i also tried to incorporate more of his family into it, and also a very made-up side character. enjoy, babes! 

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” you asked, your voice carrying in the sweet summer breeze.

Tom looked up from the flower crown he was weaving together, his brow furrowing in thought. “I don’t know….maybe an actor.”

“An actor?” you smiled, plucking a daisy from the grassy field. “Why?”

“I want to make people smile and make people laugh,” he replied, his hands stilling in his lap. “I want to make people feel things, you know?”

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Fall With Loki Would Include:

Originally posted by loptrlaufey

A/N: i know i haven’t been posting lately but it’s all because i have zero time for myself. Can’t help it darling, i’m a 16 y/o med student barely keeping it all together. I randomly thought of this one a couple of days ago, hope you like it!

• waking next to him on chilly mornings and noticing he’s already using you as his very own teddy bear.

• “babe, i have a lot of work to do. Can you let me go?” you ask gently. “never.” he mumbles sleepily and tightens his grip.

• having breakfast once you finally make it to the kitchen. The lord of mischief loves coffee

• “midgardian coffee is the second thing i like after you.” “awww”

•lots of gentle kisses.

• “loki, you gotta shower” “alone?” “yes… ” you playfully roll your eyes and drag him to the bathroom.

•"but it’s cold and alone there!“ he complains. You push him into the bathroom. "take a shower!” you grin. He huffs and turns around.

•"y/n?“ he peeks. "yes?” you ask before he pulls in with him.

• warm showers because he wants the temprature “just right”. Sometimes things escalate and showering is not the only thin done in the bathroom.

• making him wear fall outfits.

• him looking absolutely dashing.

• “i look like a fool” he frowns. “are you kidding me? I would do things to you, you’re looking that hot. Like i would get on my knees and do as you say.” he’s left speechless. “come on, let’s go.” you say before leaving. “i like these clothes…. ”

• going on long walks, for apple picking or to coffe shops.

• him taking you on romantic dates.

• him being very gentlemanly and of course, protective or as he would say “i was being territorial.”

• getting him big trench coats for winters so that you can hide in his chest and have him as your very own, portable, sexy cocoon.

• “you’re…. Weird.” “that’s why you love me!” “yes, that’s exactly the reason.” he hugs you closer.

• reading together, while sharing a blanket.

• having scary movie marathons and cuddling.

• “oh, sorry, love. I didn’t know you were ticklish.” “yeah i-” him tickling you mercilessly making you squeal and laugh. He grins and giggkes the whole time while also covering you in kisses until your face is moist.

• “i hate you.” “you love me” he smirks before kissing you.

• takings long baths together.

• sleeping together as he tells you stories and myths. He loves being the big spoon but loves it when you do it.

• he hogs the blankets sometimes…. And speaks in his sleep… But you wouldn’t have him any other way.

things he says

↳ tom holland head canon 

summary: no context, just some convos and one-liners

warnings: language 

**tom is bolded, reader is not 

at the airport

  • “i’m going to miss you more than i thought, darling”
    • “i thought you’re only going to be gone two days this time???”
    • “my point exactly”
  • “psst…can we join the mile high club, again?”
    • “probably millions to be honest” 
    • “you’re running my sentimental take on it” 
  • “can I use you as a pillow, mm? thanks”

in the kitchen

  • “love, i don’t know what i’m doing but i’m pretty sure it’s wrong”
    • “tom, i thought you were just making toast???”
  • “i’d rather be eating you for breakfast” 
  • “can we just hire sam to come cook here full time?”
    • “psht, we don’t need that div, i’m the master chef” 
    • “you literally just burned the scrambled eggs to all hell” 
  • “i can think of other uses for this chocolate syrup” 
    • “yeah, like on these pancakes” 
    • “was that your way of rejecting me???”

in the bedroom

  • “fuck, angel do that again” 
  • “god, darling you feel fucking incredible” 
  • “i’m still convinced about those dinosaurs-”
  • “does that feel good, princess?”
  • “you did so well, baby girl. c’mere and let me hold you now” 
  • “shower, now?”

when he’s drunk

  • “hey, angel, y’know i love youuu right?”
  • “do you like me or like-like me?”
    • “tom we’ve been together for two years” 
  • “darliiiiing, you’re vERY PRETTY DID YOU KNOW THAT?”
  • “you looK A Lot liKE M’giRL..she’s grEAT”
    • “it’s a good thing i’m your girl”
    • “wHAT REALLY?”
  • “come dance with me, or on me, either or” 

on the phone 

  • “as much as i do miss you…can you please put tessa on?”
    • “wow, love you too, babe” 
  • “harrison definitely isn’t as good of a cuddling partner as you are, for the record” 
  • “god, i miss you so fucking much” 
  • “can i just fly you out here? even if it’s for a day i don’t care” 
  • “i’m coming home soon, i promise” 

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beccadrawsstuff  asked:

what kinda headcanons? I'll chuck some out see if you like any of them: klance as parents, first paladins, victuuri as an old married couple, hunk and pidge friendship, lotor's generals


All of these are rad… I think I’ll definitely have to do Hunk and Pidge as friends eventually… but for now have some Klance as parents headcanons. 


  • Fun dad. King of bedtime stories and surprise tickle fights when his kids come around the corner. 
  • Performing arts dad - buys all the tutus, bedazzles the tulle, helps his daughters with their makeup back stage. 
  • Lets his daughters practice their makeup skills on him
  • *sneaking up on Keith after the girls have gone to bed* “Oh my god, you’ve been attacked” “Am I a pretty boy?” “Do not kiss me with thatLANCE NO! NO NO NO!”
  • Makes sunday brunch every weekend.
  • Fashion dad - “Keith don’t let them dress themselves!” “What, they look fine.” “They’re wearing plaid with polka…! Oh my god! Jeanie come here!”
  • Cries a lot. “I’m just so proud!” “Babe… they’re just graduating to middle school.”
  • Hilarious. So fantastic with kids. All of his daughter’s friends adore him. They get excited every year when career day rolls around and they know Lance is going to come in and tell some awesome stories about space.
  • “Did you meet any aliens?!” “Sure did, and I married the prettiest one.” All the kids laugh. They have no idea. 
  • Rubs his scruffy cheek on his daughter’s faces.


  • Discipline dad. Genuinely terrifying. No one crosses him. 
  • Soft and quiet generally. Pulls his daughters on to his lap frequently to talk about their day or lecture them about safety.
  • Lance may help his daughters with their makeup, but Keith always does their hair. Their friends are jealous of their perfect ballerina buns.
  • “Needs more glitter” - Keith, pulling out a can of glitter hairspray.
  • While the other kids might adore lance, they are in awe of Keith. He’s an urban legend. So cool! Did you know Keith rides a motorcycle and wears a leather jacket? That’s nothing, I heard he wrestled a bear with a plastic butter knife and a pencil!
  • No one plays the “My dad could beat up your dad” game with Keith’s daughters. 
  • Protective dad - “Macy better watch herself, Mark! If I see her check my kid again…!” “Babe… it’s peewee hockey.”
  • When his daughters are of dating age, Keith gives the boyfriend’s THE TALK.
  • His daughters are armed and dangerous. They’ll kill you in a parking lot with just their car keys. Don’t touch them. 

As a pair

  • Really gross. So in love. Will frequently kiss in front of their daughters to gross them out.
  • “Aren’t you glad that your dads love each other?” “Yes but can’t you just… do that in private??” “We do other things in private.” “DAD!!”
  • Birthday parties are a BIG FUCKING DEAL. Lance and Keith throw the most banging parties. Giant birthday cake by Hunk? Check. Petting zoo? Check. Water balloon fights? Check. Bonfires and smores? Check check. Funny ghost stories where the ghosts spook children with farting? … check. 
  • Attend every single piano recital, ballet performance, hockey game, and school play.
  • Argue with PTA moms. 
  • Whenever their daughters have a particularly awful tantrum. “You know they get this from you. This is your Galra side coming out.” “They’re adopted, lance.” “I stay by what I said”.
  • Halloween family. Lance is really into it and goes out of his way to plan and make everything, but Keith’s quietly competitive nature always gets the best of him.
  • “We’re the best looking family out tonight.” Keith whispers. Lance beams. “DAMN RIGHT!”
  • Always support each other’s decisions. They are a pair united. Their daughters tried to pull the “But papa said…!” On them once. once. It did not go well. “Lance did you agree to this?” “What?! No!”. Cue Keith’s disapproving face. 
  • Build treehouses and swing sets together.
  • Fall asleep on the couch every Christmas eve after staying up til 3am wrapping presents. 
  • Buy each other #1 Dad mugs.
  • Introduce themselves to their daughter’s teachers every year. 
  • Keith takes Lance’s  last name. 

Hey guys! 

So I’m reopening commissions, but only simple bust sketches! Anything would help! Commission info is simple, so keep reading below to learn more! Thanks kids!

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Dating PrettyMuch (Headcanon)

Originally posted by austin-porter

All of The Boys

  • being loved and best friends with all of them despite who’s your favorite
  • them always showing off their dance skills and singing skills
  • you tagging along in the studio and booth all the time
  • them bringing you practically everywhere (interviews, tours, etc)
  • You spending a night or weekend at the house and having an epic sleepover
  • the fandom loving you as much as they love you back.
  • wearing their clothes (it’s a must) 

Originally posted by bestbeanz


  • him constantly wanting to cuddle, kiss, or just feel you, in general, 
  • you guys being called “goals” or the “it couple”
  • a hell of a lot of random compliments from both parties.
  • him being so embarrassed by all the fetus pictures despite you loving every one of them
  • him being a total gentleman at like all times (even if you guys are being playful or mad at each other)
  • wearing his glasses sometimes because he thinks they make you look adorable and sexy af
  • He puts you on a pedestal and is insanely protective (despite not showing it)
  • “Babe be careful.”
  • “Brandon, I’m trying to get the cereal you guys keep on putting the top shelf.”
  • “I can get it for you babe; I don’t want you to hurt yourself”
  • constantly being teased by the guys
  • just overall so cute and perfect

Originally posted by prettymuchies


  • playing in his hair ALL THE TIME (like seriously look at those luscious locks)
  • definitely cuddling and watching anime together
  • him trying to teach you how to skateboard and his hand dance thingies (I don’t know what its called)
  • Him loving to fall asleep on you
  • him making you laugh at the worst times ever or just in general
  • The whole relationship would be full of laughs and just both being childish and playful af.
  • you making him flustered or blush like all the time
  • being clueless to when girls like him and why you would get jealous at times.
  • always taking pictures of you and doing edits cause your his muse
  • getting kicked out of places because of you, him, or both
  • just an adventurous and playful relationship because he would bring out your inner child.
  • you do sometimes have to be the mom 

Originally posted by zionclub


  • yo he would be so protective
  • he would legit treat you like a baby and you would hate it but love it lowkey
  • He would also have you in his hair like all the time (like playing in it, washing it, etc)
  • spontaneous dates like all the time
  • Corny but cute nicknames
  • Excessive PDA
  • him also being a huge gentleman
  • always talking to you about his family and how he misses the city and wants to take you with him one day
  • The boys calling you “Mom” since he’s the “Father” of the group
  • Him cooking for you and helping you clean
  • lowkey gets annoyed or mad when the boys are too touchy with you.
  • You being one of the only few who gets to see his not so serious side (even though he’s not that serious, to begin with)
  • You would always feel safe and protected with him.

Originally posted by austin-porter


  • having one of those relationships where you guys are assholes to each other and everyone is confused
  • but you guys love each other through thick and thin
  • both having temper problems 
  • like one second everything is chill and you guys are yelling at each other arguing how cute the other one is
  • play fighting is like always 
  • messing with each other and making the other mad because you guys think it cute
  • always teasing each other (sexually and not sexually)
  • him slapping your behind and you being annoyed
  • him getting jealous of EVERYTHING 
  • yo my guy would be a huge jealous type 
  • hella overprotective
  • just being a relationship that only you two would understand
  • almost forgot HELLA HICKES (from both parties)

Originally posted by prettymuchs


  • my guy is a freaking beanstalk and he knows it
  • he’s always making jokes about how he’s taller than you (even if you’re pretty tall yourself)
  • him bending down to kiss you or just to piss you off
  • playing with those dreads of his.
  • the both of you just randomly breaking out into dancing (especially at the worst moments)
  • having dance battles (whether you’re good or not)
  • making him get stuff out of reach.
  • “Hey babe get that for me”
  • “It’s not even that high up”
  • calling him daddy long legs 
  • the best piggy back rides EVER
  • he likes laying his full body weight on you just to be a jerk
  • peppering your face with kisses
  • everybody thinking he’s all quiet but you and the boys know how obnoxious he can be
  • he hella sneaky and everyone thinks he’s so innocent (BUT WE ALL KNOW)
Harry Styles Blurb/Request #3

This was the last one requested by the lovely @imaginesyouwilllove. Thank you so much for your requests, babes! I had a lot of fun writing them :) I’ve also got requests to continue the “Fancy seeing you here.” blurb as well as the “Me and the boys will handle it.” blurb, so those will probably be up in the coming week. 

Enjoy :)

*Gif is not mine.*

14. “How do I even put up with you?”

Normally, Y/N was more than happy to spend an entire evening cuddled up on the couch with her boyfriend and watching a film before going to bed. And for how much Harry had expressed in the past that he liked being the little spoon, he spent a lot of time being the big spoon because he liked running his fingers through Y/N’s hair, and having her laid across his chest, and feeling her face burrow into the crook of his neck, her little breaths puffing out as she got relaxed. She always smelled so good, too, like coconut from the shampoo she used and lavender from her body wash. He especially loved when they took a bath together before settling into the couch. Y/N had originally made fun of the large collection of bath bombs Harry kept under his bathroom sink, but now she nearly begged for a bath so they could use one. They always made her skin so soft and smell like whatever was in them. 

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Twenty-Seven

Summary: You look more into the possibility of getting a dog, and your surprise baby shower brings more than one surprise.
Words: 3k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Jensen, Tom, Shep, assorted friends and family
Warnings: none
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

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