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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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I made one for Draco too :)

  • Taking months for Lucius to ‘accept’ you
  • S e x
  • You being the big spoon because even though Draco acts with a lot of pride, he still loves to be held
  • You refusing to get house elves
  • Draco understanding completely
  • Ruffling his hair
  • “Y/N, stop that!”
  • “But you look so cuuute!”
  • Draco soon loving it when you ruffle his hair
  • Having a pet cat that sometimes makes Draco jealous
  • “Sorry, babe.  No cuddles right now.  The cat got here first.”
  • *puppy eyes* “But Y/NNN!”
  • *smirks* “Maybe later.”
  • Then jealous sex (Don’t worry the cat has left the room)
  • You being able to turn him on in .5 seconds
  • Making fun of him for it
  • “You just get hard so easily it’s am–”
  • “SHUT UP!”
  • “Hehe.”
  • You giving Draco little kisses 24/7 which brighten up his mood anyday
  • Him being extremely protective
  • You being extremely protective
  • Lots of sarcasm
  • You being the one to come up from behind him and wrap your arms tightly around him
  • You being the only one Draco will show his shy vulnerable side to
  • Narcissa loving seeing you make her son so happy
  • Neck kisses
  • The professors at Hogwarts secretly talking about how cute of a couple you two are
  • Once in the Slytherin common room late at night you found Draco sleeping on the couch holding a small raggedy teddy bear
  • Never telling him you saw it
  • You being there for Draco after he gets his dark mark
  • He tries to distance himself from you during that year but you will not let it happen
  • Draco reminding you how much he loves you and cares for you every single day
  • Draco’s wedding vows lasting literally ten minutes
  • PDA
  • Him making sure no other man comes within ten feet of you unless he deems it okay
  • Stolen kisses
  • He smiles at you nonstop
  • You can make him blush
  • Like really red
  • That beautiful pale skin tinted pink
  • Deep talks in the middle of the night with two cups of tea
  • He loves making you laugh
  • You both love art
  • His behavior changes a lot depending on the people around him, but you always being there for him

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

two: first time

previous chapter

word count: 2,367

note:  here you are my lovely friends, chapter two of dream your life away. I really did want to write something smutty for this, but honestly, it came out so forced so you’ll have to forgive me. I promise to try again in the future. I hope that you enjoy this chapter and please feel free to leave me some feedback if you have the time. Now i’m off to do more homework but this was a fun break. lots of love my angels. xx

“There was something sweet in the air, babe, that summer night”

She pressed her hip against the heavy wooden door and it swung open. He placed a hand on the small of her back as she led him into the tiny entrance of her apartment building. His eyes wandered across the dark paneled walls decorated with old photographs. It was dim inside, lit only by a few hanging, green lights dangling precariously from the ceiling. A small elderly woman sat at the front desk reading something that looked dangerously like Fifty Shades of Grey, Shawn avoided looking too closely for the title.

“Hi, Mrs. Fisher,” Y/N called softly to her.

The elderly woman looked up and pressed her glasses up the bridge of her nose, squinting into the dark.

“Oh, Y/N, dear,” She said happily, “How are you?”

“Good,” Y/N replied glancing at her watch, “It’s late. Is Mr. Fisher snoring again?”

Mrs. Fisher laughed and nodded before turning her eyes to look at the tall and unfamiliar boy standing in the middle of her apartment building.

“Who’s this, dear?”

“This is Shawn,” Y/N said quickly. “A new friend of mine.”

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A lot of people like to have viktor speak russian in fics so I decided to make a list of cute russian “love” words for you guys to use! ♡ 

иди нахуй - “don’t go” (Not really a love phrase, but goes along with “stammi vicino”)

пиздеч - “precious” (very common nickname used for lovers)

дебил - “dear/darling”

ёбаный урод - “sparkling gold” (a lot of parents also call their kids this, but can be used amongst lovers)

сука блять - literally “sweet babe” (not to be confused with the english sugar baby)


HOLY MOLY 4000 FOLLOWERS!?!?! I’m amazed! I’m astounded!! I’m shocked!!! I’m crying, I’m so happy right now! Thank you so much for all the continuous support! I’m going to be taking a little break from tumblr for awhile for spring break to finish a lot of project I have rn, but as soon as I’m done I’ll come back and post all the goodies I’ve been working on! Thank you so much again babes! Please enjoy some Big brother Percy

What its like dating Dick Grayson

-Him being very affectionate. He loves to give forehead kisses, neck kisses, kisses on the cheek and his favorite is kisses on the nose because he loves the way you scrunch up your nose afterwards.

-Him carrying you to bed from the couch when you fall asleep after binge watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

-You love his long hair very much and can’t help running your hand through it. Whenever you do, he seizes your hand and kisses it very gently.

-Him calling you ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’.

-A lot of hot make out sessions.

-Him waking up before you and watching you sleep.

- “Were you watching me sleep?”

- “Yeah, you look so peaceful. I like watching you sleep.”

- “Okay that is very creepy. No idea why Bella didn’t find it so when Edward said it to her. Remind me to build up a wall between us so that you stop doing that.”

-Him constantly using cheesy pickup lines on you.

- “Your eyes are blue like the ocean. And baby I’m lost at sea.”

- “Dick?”

- “Yes?”

- “My eyes are brown.”

-Him talking shit and yelling at the screen whenever you two play video games.

-Dancing at 3am in the living room to old romantic songs when both of you are in your pjs.

-Him whispering very inappropriate things in your ear at inappropriate times.

-He’s the one who hogs the blanket during the night.

-Whenever he goes out on patrol at night, you stay up all night worrying on the couch even though he insists that you should go to sleep.

-He calls you during patrol at the worst times.

-“Hey babe, what’s up? What are you doing?”

-“Just grabbing a snack. Why are you calling during the patrol?”

-“Oh it’s very quiet. As quiet as a- *something crashes in the background*”

-“Dick?? What the hell was that?”

-“*grunts* Construction, babe.”

-“Want me to prepare the first aid kit?”

-“Yes that would be preferable.” 


Cisco’s strength is so underrated. He just found out one of his closest friends, someone he sees as family, is responsible for his brother’s death and his reaction is so strong and so Cisco. He let’s himself show emotion over it. He cries. He even allows himself to rage a bit, pushing Barry, telling him a simple sorry cant fix this mistake. He admits he doesn’t really know what to feel over something so complicated and painful. Then he pushes through all that to focus on saving his best friend. He prioritizes his love for the family he still has and tries to help Caitlin. I love and admire and am so proud of Cisco Ramon.

Lydia can actually feel/sense Stiles now. How far does this ‘true love’s radar’ extend? What does it cover exactly? 

Is Stiles gonna get a lot of calls in D.C. like:

Lydia: Babe, stop it.

Stiles: But I didn’t-

Lydia: Stop. It.

Stiles: How even-

Lydia: Stop.

Stiles: You don’t even know what-

Lydia: It. 

Stiles: ….

Lydia: ….

Stiles: Fine! 

Every single time he starts doing something reckless? 

EXO when you have sexy moans {REQUEST}


Would live for this. He would get off to hearing your moans

“Come on baby, moan for me some more,”

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Boy would also love the FUCK outta your moans, he’s the type to quiet himself down just so he can hear every sound that escapes your lips

“Louder baby…”

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He’d tease the hell outta you. That’s all I gotta say,

“You sound so dirty kitten…”

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He’d enjoy them quite a lot. He’d do everything he could to make you moan, simply because of how much the sound turns him on

“More babe…I know you can moan louder,”

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He’d be super turnt. Boy would do what he could to have you screaming, and won’t stop UNTIL your screaming and begging for release

“Come on baby girl, scream for me…”

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I can see him being loud in bed, but I also see him having a bit of a moan kink as well. So the louder you moan the louder he moans, and vice versa. 

“Fuck baby, you feel so good…”

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I feel like he’s pretty silent, so he’d bask in the sound of your moans and encourage you to moan louder

“Come on, I know you can be louder. Scream for me babe,”

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Baby would initially blush upon hearing you moan for the first time. Not expecting such a lewd noise to come from your mouth, but after time goes on your moans would be his favourite sound

“Moan baby, come on. Let me hear your beautiful sounds,”

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He’d be so turned on. Like…I have no words to explain it. 10/10 would listen to them if he could only listen to one noise for the rest of his life. But like…real talk, he’d indulge in most of your kinks/fantasies just so he could hear you moan

“You sound so sexy…let me hear more,”

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Like Chanyeol, I can see him being shocked upon hearing your moans for the first time. But after some time, he’d love to make you draw out your moans because of how erotic it sounded

“That’s it baby…I need to hear more…Louder baby girl…”

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Kai seems like the kinda guy to enjoy someone who is loud in bed. So he’d tease you for hours on end just to hear you moan loudly for him, calling his name and begging him to do something

“Uh oh…That wasn’t my name baby…You must really enjoy being punished don’t you?”

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(I apologize for the low quality gif, but like…Yes please? Sign me the fuck uP SEHUN! WHOO!)

Anyways, Sehun seems like a dirty talker. That being said, he’d love to have you moan into his ear as he whispers all the lewd things he wanted to do to you.

“I wanna fuck you so bad baby…I want you cuffed…completely submissive to me,”

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Dating Chris Evans

- He wikes it
- He would randomly throw you over his shoulder just because
- “It’s to show you how strong I am.”
- Ass slaps from both sides
- “We should adopt a puppy.. Or 67.”
- Singing old disco songs together in the mornings
- Sometimes when he’s too tired he just sleeps on you
- “Chris get off me!”
- Helping him shave
- Showers together
- Very passionate love making
- He loves to kiss your cheeks
- “Babe your cheeks are so adorable.”
- Being good friends with Scarlett, along with the cast of marvel.
- He whines a lot
- “Babyyyyy..”
- He grabs your left boob all the time while laughing
- Also while he’s not laughing
- Helping him get ready for his roles.
- Hilding hands a l l t h e t i m e
- Kinks
- K I N K S
- He uses 40’s slang quite often
-“my best girl/boy…”
- Watching his movies that he thinks are bad to piss him off
- “Movie is bad but you look good.”
- Date night every week even if its on skype


Video game fangirl challenge
[7/7] video games➙Fire Emblem: Fates

“I see… You have to be willing to risk a lot to accomplish something major… I suppose you’re right. …My own mother lost her life protecting Nohr. But I don’t think she regretted her choice. She died to protect the ones she loved. I’ve made up my mind as well. I will follow you down the path you’ve chosen.”

If Winona Ryder asked me to i would leave my boyfriend and change my name to boochie flagrante and run away into the sunset with her

Two For One

Pairing: StevexOC, StevexBuckyxOc

Warnings: lot of smut. threesome, oral sex (giving and receiving kinda), little bit of voyeurism (kinda), steve being a shit, dirty talk

Words: 2.6K

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All the bachelors pet names dialogues!

My obsession with this game knows no limit, so I went and married all of the boys at least seven times each just to see all of their dialogues–this was a lot more work than I imagined… I didn’t see their regular name option because that’d be too work for such a boring outcome.

You can click on their name to see all of the nicknames, or just click on them individually.

♥ Dylas:

BabyBig DBro DylasDallyDarlingHorsieMr. DylasSweetie

Dylas calling you:

BabeDear FreyHoneyMasterMy WomanPrincess FreyQueenSisYoung Lady

♥ Leon:

DarlingLeoLeo-LeoLoveMasterMr. LeonSir Leon

Leon calling you:

BabyLi’l FreyLoveMasterMy LadyPrincess FreySweetieYou

♥ Doug:

BabyDarlingDouggieFreshLoveMasterMr. DougSir Doug

Doug calling you:

Dear FreyHoneyLi’l FreyLoveWittle FreyPrincessPrincess FreyQueen

♥ Vishnal:

BabyDarlingLoveMr. VishnalSir VishnalSweetieVinVinny

Vishnal calling you:

BabyHoneyLi’l FreyMadamMasterMaster FreyPrincess

♥ Kiel:

DarlingHoneyKi-KiLi’l KielLoveMr. KielPuppy

Kiel calling you:

BabyHoneyMasterMy LadyPrincessSweetieSugar

♥ Arthur:

ArtDarlingHoneyLoveMr. ArthurPrinceSir Arthur

Arthur calling you:

BabyHoney/SweetieMasterMy LadyPrincess FreyYou

And there you have it! 

Doug’s the only one who won’t call you Master and I think that’s insulting.

New Man

Anonymous asked: you still do song requests right?? can you do one on New Man by Ed Sheeran?

A/N: I love that song tbh one of my faves from divide. Coming right up babe!

Warnings: a bit of angst and a bit of fluff and cuss words 

“I don’t want to know about your new man…” 

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Bucky lips wrapped around a cigarette, sucking in the smoke as he watched you and your new man from across the party. His jaw clenched as he saw you take the champagne that he held out to you. Bucky didn’t like him. 

The two of you never dated. After you joined the Avengers, you and Bucky casually hooked up one night after a lot of drinking and it carried on for a while before you started seeing the new guy.

We can’t keep doing this,” you said to him, “I’m seeing someone.” 

God, the thought of you touching another guy made Bucky almost spit with anger. 

He threw the cigarette over the balcony and chugged half of the glass of wine he had gotten from Tony not to long before. 

“Jesus, Buck. You need another glass?” Steve teased, causing Bucky to glare at him. 

His attention turned back to you, whom started talking to Natasha and Wanda while the new guy’s fingertips softly grazed your lower back. 

Bucky liked you a lot. He tried so hard to make it more than what it was but he could tell you were resistant, that you thought of him as just a friend with benefits and that feelings weren’t a thing you thought about. 

After a couple weeks of hooking up, he noticed that you would stay in his room with him, rather than sneak back to yours. He noticed that you’d allow him to cuddle you, snuggling back into his chest. 

This was what started that small glimmer of hope that maybe you had fallen for him too. Unfortunately, he didn’t think that was the case. 

Bucky’s hand gripped the glass so hard that it shattered in his hands, causing you to look over at the noise. “Fuck!” Bucky said, shaking the liquid off of his hands and locking eyes with you momentarily. 

His legs carried him out of the room and the party goers went back to their conversations. You looked up to your date, giving him a soft smile, “I’m going off to the girls room. I’ll be back in a bit.” 

“Okay,” he seemed distracted, talking to the other woman beside him, “have fun.” 

You walked away, giving a last glance to your date and rolling your eyes as you saw him shamelessly flirting with yet another woman.

You hadn’t been seeing him long. You really only started seeing him because you were terrified of falling for Bucky. You couldn’t believe how close the two of you had gotten and you knew that you had to move on. You didn’t really like your date all that much, though. 

It seems as though the feelings are mutual. 

Something was wrong with Bucky. You held your dress and rushed up the stairs and towards Bucky’s room. The music downstairs faded the further away you got, turning the corner and knocking on Bucky’s door. 

“Fuck off, Steve.” Bucky groaned from the other side, picking glass out of his flesh and growing more and more irritated as time passed. 

“Uhm,” you cleared your throat, “it’s (Y/N).” 

Bucky’s eyes went wide as he rushed and opened the door, “Yes?” 

Your eyes were immediately drawn to his bloodied hand that dripped down his forearm and onto the wooden floors. “Jesus Christ, Bucky!” 

You pushed him aside and pulled an old T-shirt from his drawer, wrapping it around his hand as he stared down at you. “I’m fine, darlin’. It’s no big deal.” 

“Why’d you break the glass?” You asked him, applying pressure to his hand to stop the bleeding. 

“I just… grabbed it too hard.” 

You rolled your eyes at him, hearing him suck air through his teeth while you tied the shirt tightly around him. 

“What’s been up with you? You’ve been acting weird.” You muttered, crossing your arm across your chest while Bucky sat down on his bed. 

“Weird? How so?” 

“You don’t talk to me, it seems like you hate me. I mean, I thought we were friends,” you grew frustrated, “you know that you can talk to me.” 

“You’ve got someone else now. You don’t need to talk to me and vice versa.” Bucky said simply clenching his fist and feeling a small sting in his palm. 

You threw your hands in the air, “I’m seeing someone, therefore I can’t be friends with you?!” 

“You fucked me and left me!” Bucky gave in, screaming at the top of his lungs and towering over you. 

Immediately your face grew red as you tried to piece together everything. “It was casual.” 

“It wasn’t casual when you were in my room at three in the morning with a bottle of wine, snuggled against my chest while we watched movies! It wasn’t casual when I braided your hair after we showered together! It wasn’t casual when you made me breakfast every morning and greeted me with a kiss! People who only fuck don’t do shit like that!” Bucky defended, his throat cracking at the end of his rant. 

Your eyebrows furrowed. You wanted to be angry but you couldn’t find yourself to yell. Bucky’s veins popped in his forehead, his eyes watering slightly. So slightly that you didn’t think you saw it right. 

“You can’t get pissed off that I fell in love with you when you did everything right.” Bucky said quietly, a small tear slipping over his reddened face. 

Before you could think about what you were doing, you grabbed his neck and pulled him down to your level and smashed your lips against his. 

In no time, Bucky responded to your kiss by wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you backward onto the bed. 

All thoughts of the man you entered the party with left, and your body was consumed by Bucky. 

Your lips tingled against his, his finger tips toying with the hem of your dress with you straddled his thick thighs. 

“Fucking hell, doll.” He muttered when you started to grind your hips against yours. 

You grinned into the kiss and ran your thumb over his jawline, feeling him take your bottom lip in between his teeth. 

Your lips pressed kisses across his jaw, down his neck and onto his chest, feeling him pull you back up to his level and making eye contact with you. “I just have to know- do you love me too?” 

Bucky’s sentence was quiet, almost as if he didn’t want to say those words yet. He looked expectantly into your eyes, almost making you melt. You had never seen such a vulnerable side to Bucky and it almost broke your heart. 

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” 

The sentence was simple and short, but it made Bucky the happiest man alive as he kissed you hard once again. He held you close to him as you cuddled on his bed, not really making any moves and just enjoying each other’s company. 

“What’re you gonna tell your date downstairs?” Bucky asked, humor lacing his voice. 

You thought back to the brunette he was speaking to when you left, “Something tells me he’ll be fine.” 

You rolled over and kissed him again, feeling his lips turn up into a smile. 

light-of-eyllwe  asked:

So last night when you asked me for a girl's name, I had no idea you had me name their daughter when I said Amelia. I just woke up from a dream where Amelia, Lance AND KEITH WERE ALL GOING DOWN A ROLLERCOASTER AND THE CAMERA SNAPPED A PHOTO OF THE BOYS BOTH KISSING AMELIA ON THE CHEEK BECAUSE SHE SAT IN THE MIDDLE. MOGI IM SCREAMING. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME

hehehehehe you love me~

Here’s a prologue to this.

Really, when Lance said he wanted to start a family with Keith, he meant it. It could have been surrogate or adoption. It didn’t matter. He just wanted something, someone, to be theirs. He and Keith have been together for years. Him running a mechanic shop, and Lance giving all his time as a trauma nurse. 

Lance knew Keith had grown out of the foster system, so he knew what it would mean to Keith to adopt a child. But he was leaving it up to Keith to bring it up. He was always touchy about this subject, either running away, or changing the subject entirely. Frustrating to no end, but after a few months of trying, Lance finally let it drop.

So when Keith came to him about it, he’s never said yes so fast. Ok, maybe when Keith proposed to him but this was a close second.

They booked an appointment with a social worker, passed ll the qualifications with flying colors and soon they were matched with a little girl.


She was adorable, and Lance fell in love instantly with her. Cooing over her and holding her close. Keith had merely been starstruck, blown away by how well Lance took to this, how good he looked as a father. When he met Keith’s eyes, he knew. It was an easy choice.

They had a grace period to get through, but Amelia took to them like a fish to water. She laughed, she smiled, she loved them with all her heart. And they loved her just as much. Surprisingly, it was Keith who doted on her the most, not in the most practical way. (Lance swore up and down that there was no reason for a three, almost four, year old to have a knife, but that didn’t stop Keith.) Even if Lance was the loud on of the two of them, he showed his love for Amelia in the small gestures; letting her sit with him as he caught up on some of the new techniques and procedures in the medical field, asking him questions every once and awhile and listening intently while he explained.

It was a year later when Lance decided to be a stay at home father for Amelia. Between Keith working full time at his shop and the business starting to pick up, and Lance literally spending more than forty hours at the hospital, something had to give. They could afford to hire a full-time sitter for Amelia, but it was hard to keep telling her that they were tired and it was time for bed when they came home. Or when Lance had to work a night shift, leaving at 9pm and returning to sleep all day, not letting anyone bother him till he’s had at least a solid five hours of sleep before dinner. Keith was the only one with a regular schedule, and they made enough to have one of them stay home, college bill paid off, no car payment since Keith built his Mustang and Lance was running an used car he got in college. One of them staying home was doable, they could make it work.

So, Lance stayed home, taking care of Amelia, teaching her how to read and write. Of course, he was doing so with medical textbooks and car manuals, but it was what they had. Amelia didn’t care, she enjoyed staring at the diagrams and sounding out the complex words as she read. Somehow she understood it all, either she was incredibly smart or Lance should have been a teacher, not a trauma nurse.

Everything settled into a routine, soon enough they enrolled Amelia in kindergarten. On the first day of school, Lance cried at having to send her off to school, Keith’s arm around his waist as he tried to put on a brave face for their little girl.

Again, everything settled into a routine. Lance grew bored of staying home all day, but Keith convinced him to work some hours at the shop as a receptionist. Just to get him out of the house, because honestly, the house can only be cleaned so many times. Lance was still there when Amelia came home from school, and Keith coming home a few hours later.

It went on for years like this. It was the best years of their lives, everything running like clockwork. It was their new normal.

Then Amelia started having nightmares, requiring Lance or Keith to hold her close, let her sip on a warm glass of milk before putting her back to bed roughly an hour later.

She was seven and they’ve had her in their little family for four, almost five years now.

But one night, it took longer for her to calm down, more holding her. Even Keith came to take her.

It seemed normal enough, a nightmare was a nightmare, but then the door was kicked in, and the three of them were staring down the barrel of a gun.

100% Chance of Rain // Jimin

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Rating: M

Word Count: 3.3k

Request: Heyyy I can’t even begin to tell you how AMAZING you are at writing!! And choosing a bias😏😂 butttt umm i was kinda feeling a jimin smut (I’m such a hoe he’s not even my bias) where he takes you out on a date and is being all cutesy but when you get home he’s all rough and there’s a lot of dirty talk and he just does a load of nasty stuff thanks bye🙃( so embarrassed right now😳)


R E Q U E S T || M A S T E R L I S T

“Babe,” he smiled, reaching out to still my hand as I frantically smoothed my hair down. “You look fine.” He sat back in his chair, watching as I fiddled with strands of my hair. I combed through it with my fingers one more time before slouching hopelessly. It had taken forever to straighten it properly, and just a few rain droplets had pulled my waves out of hiding. I never liked my curly hair.

“Jimin,” I sulked. “It took so long.”

This date night was supposed to be perfect; it was our one year anniversary. Neither of us were a big fan of dressing up fancy and going to an expensive restaurant, so Jimin brought us to the place where we had our first date. It was a quaint ice cream shop just one block away from my apartment, jumbled in with the mess of the bustling city life. Unless you were familiar with the city, you would surely miss it.

Jimin chuckled, shaking his head as he dipped his spoon into the cup that sat between us. Motioning for me to lean forward, he placed the cold spoon in my mouth. I hummed with satisfaction, carefully licking the dribble of ice cream that trailed my upper lip. The steady drizzle of the rain outside pattered against the puddles on the ground. I puckered my lips, still scolding myself for wasting so much time on my hair without checking for the very important detail of the weather forecast.

“You know,” Jimin started, pushing around the scoops of ice cream. “I like your natural hair.” He flipped the spoon, placing it facedown on his tongue as he let the ice cream melt on his tongue. His eyes met mine with a mischievous glance, raising his eyebrows up and down.

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