i love you a lot!!!!!!!


         I suppose I owe you a ‘thank you’ for getting me out of the lab every now and then.
                                       Well now, we have husbands and kids.
                  But that doesn’t make our relationship any less important.


aclane  asked:

Hey Mama, this is my first ask but when I saw your box was open I couldn't restrain the urge to share some love. I can't believe how kind you always are to all your seedlings, it's actually rare to see such a caring and patient person nowadays especially knowing how busy you are. Please take care of yourself, I hope you're having a good day. I can't wait to see where the story is going to go, I'm sure I won't be disappointed, love you!

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me! I always try to be some kind of rolemodel, because I know many young folks follow me and I want them to have a place where they know they won’t be judged or put down. Also the fandom can be a very hateful place and I want to provide a bit of peace there. Of course I’m still biased, because I’m only human, but I just want everyone to have a nice time actually. I know I sometimes come off as rude, with the sassy replies, but I never mean them in a mean way, always in a fun way and I want everyone to know that they can always call me out on stuff and tell me if I made them feel uncomfortable. 

I love you too! 



Alternate dialogue in culmination of Jaal’s romance in MEA (near the end of the main game). Funny remark from Jaal about hair.

I love you all, but most of all I love Jaal. LIKE A LOT. It seems, no FPS loss this time.

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Tell us 10 things about you!!!

pbtbtb uhhh

1. My name… Is Jenna and im 20
2. I love pasta a lot… Ravioli… pasta shells… hungry
3. I would die for Jonas Wagner and Mitch Mueller
4. ??? I’m genderfluid, all pronouns
5. And musicals (heathers and hamilton to be specific)
6. I’m hispanic?? (brown skin, mexican)
7. I’m autistic and my special interest is (you’ll never guess it) long exposure
8. I love dogs a lot
9. I regrettably like anime (yuri on ice……)
10. I look 12 and i’m 5 feet which is the worst combination


myfriendstellmeimweird  asked:

Hey, so al lot of people ask you about pure bred dogs, and like your poster says all doge tend to have issues. But what about mixed breed dogs? Are they usually healthier, or do you still see a lot of them? I love your blog by the way, it's really cool!

I have a second poster.

I see more mixed breeds than purebreeds overall because that’s the local pet population, but the purebreeds are more predictable in what I see. Some in particular.

-shows up at 7 a.m. and does a hero pose-  morning glitter bombs  !!!!

immapiggeh  asked:

I just wanted to say that I love your art a lot!!! And I was wondering, are you self-taught? And how long have you been drawing for?

Ah!!! OuO
Thanks, I’m so happy you live my art so much ;w;
And yes, I am self-taught actually! :D
I think I started drawing, anime at least, about 12 years ago o3o
It’s been a long time, and I’ve finally gotten to a place where I can feel like my stuff is presentable >w<
Thanks for your interest! :D
I hope you enjoy all things to come~~~~

GOT7 Reaction | When their S/O tells them they can’t swim

| GOT7 reaction to their crush admitting they don’t know how to swim… or ride a bike? PLEASE thank you I love your work 💕💕💕💕 | aww thanks honey pie it means a lot to hear thattttt ~also i adjusted this request a lil bit to fit with what i had in mind sorry about that!! ~Admin H

Mark: he’s grown up along the coast and he also has a pool so like the idea that someone can’t swim so so strange to him but he understands it, and he’ll ask you if you want him to teach you how to swim and you guys have a cute date together at his parents house and he rewards u w lil kisses when u swim towards him send help 

JB/Jaebum: okay well what do u want him to do with this info?? are you afraid of the water or did you just never have the chance to learn how to swim?? like, he’ll offer to teach you if you really want to learn but tbh he doesn’t always like,,,have the best patience out of the group so maybe he’ll ask Mark or jackson to help you learn to

Jackson: he’s such an athletic person wtf but he’s a beautiful ray of positive energy so he might tease u a little bit but he will seriously ask you sometime if you want him to teach u how to swim and he’ll start out in the shallow end where u can touch and he’ll hold ur hands and slowly swim further and further out until you finally let go of his hands and ur swimming on ur own honestly he’s gonna be so hyped for you he’ll probs buy a cake or some shit 

Jinyoung: he’s such a sweet person underneath all that Savagery™ so around u he’s gonna be mr gentleman and offer you any help you might need with swimming but tbh if you just want to chill in the shallow end of the pool he’s so totally fine with that 

Youngjae: honestly he’s the type to take you to the pool on a date and then find out you can’t swim later on and he’ll panic and call JB who’s like. fucking. teach them to swim ur already right there. jackson’s in the bg like !! KIS THEM WHEN TH EY SWIM CORRECTL- so youngjae teaches u to swim in a v cute and flustered manner and it s so cu te and maybe,,,just maybe he gives u a lil giggly kiss when u swim to him on ur own ahhhhhHH

BamBam: dis btich is gonna know u can’t swim and jump into the (shallow) end of the pool just to freak you out and he’s not gonna offer to teach u to swim bc he’s v much enjoying the fact that ur holding on to him v tightly so that u dont like…drown also Bammie pool sex doesn’t work v well when one of u can’t swim okay calm down

Yugyeom: he’s so tall doesn’t he just touch the bottom of every pool?? lmaoooo honestly other then Jackson and Mark he’s the one you really want to teach you to swim bc as soon as you tell him that you can’t he’s gonna be planning out a pool date w u and he’ll do the cute things like give u kisses when u swim to him on ur own but also he’s gonna do races with you and give u a pair of floaties like,,,I’m not a child Gyeomie please but he’s like nope i dont care how good at it u are now wear the floaties(tbh its mostly bc he thinks u look super duper cute but he’s not gonna admit that,,,,also he’s taken like 12 pictures of u and its now his phone bg)

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*slams fist on table* OKAY BUt your art style is amazing and you are a very pure person and I love you.

aaaa thank you a lot!!! heres some silly sketches 


a/n: Hey, this is acutally my very first post - bare with me please, I’m still learning. Feedback and opinions are always welcome :) thx xx

Word count: 742


I looked at my watch. 5:34pm. Realising I still had to sit in this class for a good 30 minutes made me sigh in exhaustion. 

I took a sip of my water bottle before looking out of the window and watching a squirrel climbing up a tree in front of the school building.

The buzzing noise of my phone woke me from my daydream.

Hi sweetheart. How are you? I miss and love you lots xx Shawn

I smiled reading the text. I missed him. It actually hurt thinking about it too much.

Hi babe. I’m fine, just tired, school is getting on my nerves like always. I miss you too! Love Luna xx

After what felt like a life time I finally opened the door to my apartment. Coming home was always one of the best feelings every day. I put my bag down next to the door and walked straight into the kitchen to cook myself some dinner. 

I’m starving!

While chopping vegetables my phone buzzed. I quickly cleaned my hands before answering the phone.


“Hi darling, it’s me, Shawn”

Hearing his voice let me smile immediately. I turned off the stove preventing my food from getting burned.

“Shawn! It’s so nice to hear your voice. How are you?” I asked him excited. 

“I’m great. I just received an important e-mail” He answered back. I was a bit confused. Why was he telling me this? It’s not like I didn’t care about his e-mails, but I was more interested in him and his well-being. 

“Would you open your door for me real quick?” He asked me.

“Err… Sure?” It came out more like a question than an answer due to my confusion. I walked to the door and open it. On the floor in front of me laid a bouquet of flowers. 

“Is it there? It should be”

“Shawn… it is beautiful!” I picked it up and smelled. 

Wow. This boy is crazy. I shook my head in disbelief. 

“Babe you know you don’t need to get me stuff all the time. I don’t want you spending all your money- “

“Well I do like spending money on you.” He laughed but it died off rather quickly. “Honey, I’m sorry I’ve got to go. Meetings…” He sounded a bit disappointed.

“I love you Shawn. Thank you for everything” I told him honestly.  

“Love you too, baby.”

We hung up and I made my way back inside again. I put the flowers in a vase and smiled to myself. 

It’s crazy how much you can love someone. He is the love of my life.

A few minutes went by with me eating dinner and watching TV when suddenly my doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it.


I was shocked. He’s here. Shawn Mendes was standing right in front of me while he should have been on the other side of the world. 

How? Why? What? I was so confused I couldn’t even say anything.

He pulled me into a big hug and kissed my forehead. “Hey Luna.” I hugged him back and started to cry. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t control my emotions anymore. He held me tight. 

Oh how I missed this. He smells so good. 

“I missed you so much Shawn.” I sobbed whereupon he nodded understandingly.

“But what are you even doing here? Didn’t you say you had to leave for a meeting?” He chuckled. “That was a little white lie actually. I’m sorry.” I looked at him and smiled wide. “You’re such a dork Shawn, I swear. What am I supposed to do with you? You’ll be the death of me.”

“Oh no I hope not!” He looked at me in shock but it formed into a smile very quickly.

He took my hand in his and walked into my apartment straight to the couch and shut the TV off. “I couldn’t take it anymore. I missed you so much so I just booked a flight and made my way to you.” He looked at me and pulled me closer.

“You know what I missed the most?” He smiled cheekily and I shook my head a bit. He closed the distance between us and let his lips meet mine. His lips were soft and he tasted like mint and watermelon. 

Oh how I love this. 

We pulled apart and I smiled wide. “Thank you, Shawn, this really was a super cute surprise!”