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sorry for disappearing for so long, i was working on graduating and i did a week or so ago and I’m sorry for all the unanswered asks, i don’t even know how old any of them are any more that’s how far behind i am.

im always on TWITTER  if you wanna chat about overwatch and character designs <33!!!!

and one last thing im very happy for so many followers and all the love i get for the artworks I post here and all the nice asks i get, im very happy so thank you a billion times. i will update this blog with art very soon and hope to keep updating instead of posting once every other month!! 

I hold my breath under water so I can listen to the sound of my thoughts rushing by. I watch as the bath stains me red, only then do I see the stars you left me with.

I always think of sleeping there, wishing I could fill it up higher to fit both of us. I always think of mixing the water with the love that ruins through my vains. I think of how easy it would be to drain the mess I’ve made.

Then maybe when you look to the sky you’ll think of me. I know the clouds can’t hold my weight if I’m still holding on to you. So I hold my breath until only you fill my lungs.

—  I need to join those I’ve lost//kayla
Eat Jin: A Private Viewing (M) // Kim Seokjin

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Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Summary: Tonight, it’s Seokjin’s turn to cook for you. But, while you think dessert is just as simple as some cupcakes with frosting; Seokjin plans to give you an episode or two of Eat Jin like you’ve never seen one before.

Warning: This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature. Contains food play. You’ve been warned.

A/N: This scenario was written for the lovely @coppertopging as part of my 10k giveaway prizes ^^ I’m so sorry this took longer than expected my love, but I hope that you’ll enjoy this ;) Thank you for being the amazing person that you are and I love you a lot!

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hey @taylorswift i’m inviting you to my graduation party!!

i’m going to be attending the university of kentucky next year and i just want to keep you updated on my journey. i couldn’t have done this without you!! be on the lookout for my invitation :)

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Domestic cheronica?

  • Neither of them are morning people. Moreso Veronica than Cheryl, mainly because Cheryl is used to her mother berating her for staying in bed so long. It’s impossible to get Veronica out of bed without the promise of coffee, breakfast, or both.
  • Veronica usually holds Cheryl while she sleeps, which means she doesn’t get up until Veronica gets up, anyway. Not that she minds.

  • Veronica loves cooking for Cheryl. Cheryl will sit on the countertop and watch her. Veronica is especially cute when she bites her lip when she’s concentrating. And whenever Veronica tastes the food she kisses Cheryl and asks her what she thinks.

  • There’s no maple syrup in their house/apartment. Veronica won’t eat it with her breakfast anymore, claiming she never really liked the taste of it that much anyway.

  • Veronica is extremely affectionate, so they’re almost always cuddling or touching in some way. If Veronica’s working on something (with her glasses on, which Cheryl loves), she’ll be sitting next to Cheryl so their thighs touch, or only using one hand so she can hold Cheryl’s.

  • Despite the fact that Cheryl’s taller, Veronica’s the big spoon about 85% of the time. She loves the feeling that she’s protecting Cheryl and taking care of her, but sometimes Cheryl just needs to hold her close, to know that she’s there and that what they have is real. Veronica loves feeling Cheryl’s warm breaths against the back of her neck and her arm around her waist. She never complains about being Cheryl’s little spoon.

  • Veronica is a tease. A massive tease. She’ll kiss or bite Cheryl’s neck just because she feels like it and say things that make Cheryl blush just because she likes the way her cheeks turn red and how she gets flustered by her attentions.

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WHERE TO BEGIN. i admire you so, so much. first of all, your follow-through on the analysis of every episode of btvs and now ats is impressive. your meta is always so engaging and interesting. you have such a cool way of viewing the show, thinking of little plot holes and details that i’ve missed in my several rewatches. for example, i’m still kinda reeling over the idea that giles should have taken rat!amy before the council. someone knew how to turn that poor child back into a human but no! one! did!

also - your ability to articulate your opinions with precision and to stick to them when you get push back is enviable. you have a strong sense of self and that’s not always easy to come by so it’s really awesome and empowering to see, you know?

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*

It looks like Yuuri and Victor are crashing some wedding and Yuuri’s like at the point where he’s tipsy enough to tell really good stories about drunk Phichit but like, not tipsy enough to start going into stripper banquet mode