i love you ♥

hi today was the most wonderful day i’ve had in ages + you don’t realize how much hugs can mean/how much you miss stuff like that until you’re actually hugging someone and the same goes for having someone to just. talk to. abt things and also getting to listen to someone talk + hearing yr name just like. said. aloud. is so nice + just feeling comfortable around someone is so unreal and not s/t i’m used to and i could go on and on rn but to summarize it i’m a fool who probably made a Big Fool of myself but today was just. Nice ✌

Don’t forget about me. Don’t forget the smiles we shared, the laughs we had, the tears we shed, the jokes we made, the love we had, don’t forget. Don’t forget me. I could never forget you.
—  Leohearts

IT’S  THE  MOST  UGLIEST  GRAPHIC,        i  know.        but  i  didn’t  have  this  planned        &        it  literally  just  hit  me.        I  HAVE  REACHED  1,000+  FOLLOWERS.        you  guys  have  no  idea  how  bizarre  that  is  for  me.        i’ve  been  roleplaying  jennifer  for  three  years  but  for  my  first  year,        my  account  was  pretty  small  seeing  as  there  was  already  another  jennifer.        the  other  jennifer  was  so  much  better,        &        had  a  lot  more  followers  than  me        &        so,        i  gave  up  roleplaying  jennifer  because  i  was  just  so  upset  all  the  time  with  how  she  hardly  got  any  attention.        BUT  I’M  SO  GLAD  I  RETURNED.        roleplaying  jennifer  is  such  a  rollercoaster  of  emotions  because  she’s  just,        such  a  complex  character        &        the  love        &        support  you  guys  give  me  makes  it  so  much  easier        &        i  want  to  thank  you  guys  so  much  for  that.        anyway,        because  this  intro  is  too  long,        i’m  just  going  to  get  on  with  it.        THANK  YOU        &        I  LOVE  YOU.        but  i  don’t  love  aiden  bye.

devil’s  kettle.        people  i  love        &        cannot  live  without.

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out  of  the  city.        people  i  admire  from  afar        &        wish  i  was.

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Modern Les Mis: Jehan & Montparnasse aesthetics (Hogwarts!AU)

While we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one.

Look at you go, I just adore you I wish that I new ,, what makes you think I’m so special ….


a sunny group holiday with sprolden and narlie (from solitaire) (aka doodles from my holiday this week in menorca <3)


I’ll be rather not here for a bit and also very very slow on art

I’m moving!!! To Glasgow!!! to start Uni!!! In like a Weeek!!!

going to Münchien first for a few days with my loverly friend but then right away to school 

so I’ll be, yanno, trying to not die of fear from being alone in a new city and also starting school again after a years’ break but!!!