hit the stage epidose 5 . i’ve been hearing hateful comments about bora since the start of ‘ alone ‘ era and i can’t even tell how many times i prayed for her shining days to come. finally, she’s showing her passionate side as a dancer and - most o all - she’s proving to everyone the talent she’s been hiding because of her company’s cheapness. i can’t help but being proud of her way of affording this show. she performed only two times but the fact that really matters is that so far she didn’t go on stage with a whole crew. she danced with a partner only. that’s something i need to emphasize. showing off what she can do on her own is what really matters, to her. also, she’s bringing out a unique style.  i think tap dance requires a really good tecnique and a lot of practice since being perfectly in sync with your partnner is hard. she really did her best and i’m sure receiving a 10 out of 10 score from the judges filled her heart with happiness, even if the audience didn’t make her win, it doesn’t matter at all. she seems to have enjoyed this stage! we can see it in her eyes. we can tell from her smiling face that she’s proud of herself. and i am, too.

i wish i could rewrite our story because i hate the way things turned out. i want to write in the margins and rip out all of the sad pages. but more than anything i want to change our ending. so maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t have ended up like this.
—  you will always be my favorite book to re read
your name bleeds from my pen and these pages are screaming your name. i want to call out for you, but instead im stuck with this never ending pain. my ribs are cracking, while my hearts slowly shattering and these pages know all about you. how much i loved you and how hard it is to try and let go of something that once begged you to hold on, to keep fighting. you see, even my journal is consumed by you and i keep finding ways to try and rewrite you so i don’t have to let go.
—  this can’t be the ending.
Jung Hoseok

A lovely, funny, loyal, caring, hardworking, loud, handsome, talented precious little sunshine. This list can go on and on and on.

Give him the love he deserves. Give him the praise he deserves. Give him the attention he deserves. Give him the respect he deserves. 

Jung Hoseok deserves the best. Don’t ignore him. 

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