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Scenario where Mukkun's s/o mess with his hair (ponytails and whatever you want) at pratice and his mates tease him about it? Awwnn so cute *-* thank you 💙💙💙

You had a bag of clips and ties. You came prepared. You were sitting with Murasakibara in the locker room before he had to start practice.

“Do you usually wear your hair up for basketball?” You asked while brushing his hair.

“Not usually, but sometimes.” He mumbled.

“What do you want me to style it like?”

“Something cool like yours. What would you wear?” He asked.

“I’ll surprise you.” You ended up sectioning off his hair and putting it into a topknot with some left on the sides and back. You cautiously handed him the mirror.

“It looks silly. I like it.” He smiled and kissed your cheek. Himuro came in and began to giggle.

“What’s all the-HA” Okamura saw his hair and started laughing.

“Your girlfriend did this?” Wei touched the hair on Murasakibara’s head.

“You don’t like it?” He asked, a hint of sadness in his tone.

“I love it. It just took me by surprise.” Himuro laughed. Okamura nodded in agreement.

“If anyone else wants theirs done, I have clips and ties.” You said quietly.


when Liu goes back to China [headcanons]

- the team help him pack his luggage

- the entire team comes to the airport with him to tell him goodbye

- even coach Araki

- murasakibara gives him a ton of maiubo so he won’t miss it when he’s away

- murasakibara asks him to send him chinese sweets

- okamura gets emotional and keeps crying and saying he will miss him calling him a sideburn chin gorilla or whatever that is XD

- Himuro tries to make okamura calm down and tells him he should be happy for Liu because he’s fainlly going to reunite with his family again

- fukui will miss trolling him

- coach Araki is sad too put she pulls herself together 

- emotional Okamura begs Himuro not to go to America and Himuro is like “it’s okay I’m here! I’m not going anywhere please calm down!”

When I first read this request I read as tea house party……. I didn’t have my glasses on and it was right when I woke up so…actually till now I still thought it was tea house party and even started writing in that way, but…did change it, so no worries..

This is the last one for today (though it is already 2.30am, I still consider it Saturday…gosh cleaning the whole apartment really tires you out. I will continue tomorrow - once I wake up…

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