i love yew guys

I got tagged by imactuallyyours and we-found-wonderlanddd to post 6 random facts about myself!!! So here it goes:

1. I just ate a blueberry bagel.
2. I’m taking a road trip with my boyfriend from Colorado to California in July and I’m SO excited.
3. I’m from Florida and I’m a mermaid.
4. The first song I learned to play on the ukulele was you and I by Ingrid
5. I’m 23 but I tell everyone I’m 22 cause the song 22, OBVI.
6. I’ve been to bonnaroo the past 3 years.

I’m tagging some people to do the same! Post some random facts about yourself😊 dreamingincastles ashlynnlovestaylor becky-loves-cats jtmaster13 bae-tay redheadswift taylorswift iwishyouwoulds alltoowhale areweintheclearyets eyesopen simplysfans