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Yuuri and Victor got too drunk in Sochi and decided they really hit it off, so they got married. Right there. Victor cries because his new son vicchan passed away before he even met him...

Victor Nikiforov tries to make it a point in life to not have any regrets.

So marrying Katsuki Yuuri is definitely not going to be one, if he can help it.

“Victor,” the man giggles now, poking his cheek. “Your turn.”

He’s so, so beautiful. A drizzle of champagne drying on his chin, that god-awful tie wrapped around his hair. His shirt wrinkled, half of its buttons gone. His trousers, entirely disappeared.

(Victor likes that. He likes that he’s marrying a man who’s not wearing any pants. He’s so trendy. Always doing things no one’s done before, surely. He can’t wait to tell Yakov, already eagerly anticipating the strangled sigh-groan-combination that’s become sweet music to Victor’s ears.)

“Your vows, Vic-Victor,” Yuuri prompts him, his laughing mouth relaxing into a small smile on his perfect, perfect face.

Victor blinks. “Right.”

He glances at the minister, who is smiling very politely at them. He’s a bit red-faced from having a wad of rubles thrown at him to “marry us right now, пожалуйста, right now, right here, onegai.“ The man had pointed them towards some preliminary paperwork, asking them several times, “Listen, you have to sign here but are you absolutely sure—”

The looks that they gave him shut him up right away.

“I’m marrying this man,” Yuuri had announced. “So hard. I’m marrying him so, so hard, and then afterwards…” He hiccupped. “Afterwards, I get to take him back to the hotel and-and…”

Yuuri went on to describe in full detail—or in as full a detail as a man pumped full of two bottles of champagne can go—several lovely, intimate, exhaustive courses of action that he also swore he would do so hard. It was perfect (everything he does is so perfect), the minister said he appreciated it, and Victor found himself nodding along tearfully and crashing hard, the impact greater than any fall he ever made on the ice but softer than the thousand-thread-count Egyptian cotton comforter he falls into every night that he’s back home in St. Petersburg.

Which reminds him.

“St. Petersburg, Yuuri,” he says excitedly, grabbing both of his hands and pulling him close. “Can’t wait to take you home, show you around, you’ll get to see Makkachin and—you have a dog, right? You’ll bring your dog, and we’ll…”

Yuuri’s eyes fill with tears. “Vicchan is dead.”

“Vicchan? Oh, that’s so cute, that’s like my name, maybe we can  make Makkachin’s middle name Yura, then, except—” Victor stops. “Did you say dead?”

Yuuri nods, clutching fistfuls of Victor’s shirt, tears streaming steadily down his face now. “He… there was…”

Perhaps the only regret he’ll have of tonight, then, is learning the news that he’ll never get to see his son and namesake, but he includes in his vows several animals that they’ll raise together, along with the names of four children that he’d decided on since thirty-eight minutes ago. Yuuri sloppily wipes his face with his wrist, pushing his glasses up adorably before adjusting them back on his perfect, perfect nose and saying with a cracked voice and a perfect, perfect smile—

“I do.”

“rebecca was here. I slept with her” he straight up told him. no fuss. and he told him EVERYTHING!!!! he even went straight in there with the pregnancy, he held nothing back and that is SO important for the conversation they were having and everything they needed to have some way of getting back from this

it’s different with aaron. it’s SO different. anyone else, chrissie, anyone, he would’ve carried on lying. but he couldn’t because it’s aaron. it’s his “beautiful husband that I love”

honestly I’m just SO FUCKING GLAD HE EXPLAINED WHY HE DID IT. EVERY DETAIL. it was an actual decent conversation. where they both got to say what they needed to. and the fact that robert said he knows it’s not excuse. HE 👏🏻 KNOWS 👏🏻

“I love ya. it wasn’t an option”

“I couldn’t take care of ya, you were in there and I couldn’t do anything. I thought I’d lost ya, it hurt”

and then “I only blame myself”

HE FULLY TAKES RESPONSIBILITY. and he’s not just saying that. he really fucking truly does and that’s so important for robert and shows just far he’s actually come with himself and aaron


and oh god robert was so panicked looking for aaron? you could actually tell that he’d completely given up on aaron forgiving him but he refused to give up on him

and aaron ringing his counsellor!!!! like holy FUCK that’s so important, he’s getting through this, he’s STRONG and he’s doing it for robert and for liv and for himself

"people don’t stay with me” “people don’t forgive me” MESSED UP TOGETHER & FOREVER. and that snuggle. cos aaron STILL loves him. oh god robert fully nuzzled himself into aaron fucjgkg THEY’RE SUCH ADORABLE FUCKS

and aaron forgave him. aaron is the only person who understands robert. robert is the only person that understands aaron. it’s messy and ridiculous but it just makes their love so powerful and real and ever fucking lasting ❤️

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riolumon01: Me and and some friends I pulled together help make this. I do hope you enjoy and have fun watching this. We are doing our best to do more. We hope you enjoy.

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Snippet from my Fantasy novel Amidst The Stars

Progress today has been writing one of Jack’s chapters! Here’s some evidence that sometimes I do write and procrastinate studying for Chemistry…

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“please don’t leave me alone.” :)))))))

also for the @theredandwhitequeen as well :)


They’re on opposite sides of the room, Robert’s knees pulled up to his chest, Aaron’s spread out before him. It feels like an insurmountable chasm, one Robert has no way of crossing. 

“Please don’t leave me alone,” Robert says.

“That’s not fair.” Aaron’s staring at a point over Robert’s shoulder, brow furrowed. 

I know. The words stick in Robert’s throat. It feels like they’ve been talking for days, weeks, months. He just wants it to end, wants Aaron to tell him he’s leaving, that there’s nothing between them and Robert’s ruined everything. 

But that’s not what he wants at all. 

The silence drags on, insufferable, Robert’s pulse beating in his ears. Can you die from loving someone so much? It feels like that sometimes, Robert’s breath, his heart, everything in time with Aaron’s thoughts and feelings and emotions, and as soon as something derails Aaron, stops him, hurts him, Robert’s whole life seems to end. 

“Aren’t you going to try and get out of it?”

Robert shrugs, brushes a hand over his cheek. It comes away wet. “I did it,” he gets out, throat thick with emotion. “You’re going to leave me anyway. What would be the point?”

A ripple of surprise crosses Aaron’s face. “Always so sure you know what I’m going to do.”

“No,” Robert says slowly. He picks his words, doesn’t want to make Aaron mad. Or maybe he does, maybe this will end quicker, like ripping of a plaster. Losing Aaron is incomprehensible but it’s happening and Robert wants it done so that he can - so that he can fail to move on at all. “Why would you stick around?”

“Because I love ya,” Aaron says, like it’s not in question. 

“I keep hurting you.” Robert rolls his head against the wall, lets out a self-deprecating snort. “What kind of husband does that make me?”

Aaron’s silent for so long that Robert’s sure he’s not going to answer. Aaron draws his legs up, rocks onto his feet. In one fluid motion he stands, crossing the room. Robert tenses, refusing to flinch as Aaron bears down on him. Robert’s not afraid of him, never has been, but he knows what he expects;

the punch, the punsihment, the end

Instead, like he always does, like he always will, Aaron surprises him. He crouches down, resting his hands on Robert’s knees. “I’m so mad at ya right now, you understand that?”

Robert nods, hardly dares breathe. 

“When I beat up Kasim, did ya blame me?”

“That has nothing-” Aaron squeezes his knee, cuts him off, and Robert swallows, fingers twitching against Aaron’s. “No. You were mad at me and I-”

That same expression as before. “You keep thinking you deserve stuff, Robert. Being hurt, being left, like you’re not worth it.”

I’m not

The words hang between them even though Robert’s mouth doesn’t move. 

There’s something sad about Aaron’s expression and Robert’s heart skips a beat. 

“I’m mad at ya, but I love ya and up here,” Aaron says, brushing his fingers against Robert’s temple. “You need to sort that out.”

Robert blinks, doesn’t really know what’s happening. “You’re not leaving me?”

He sounds small, wounded, and he hates it, wishes he could find the old him, the him that would -

“No,” Aaron says, dropping his forehead to Robert’s, breath shaky. “We both made vows, both broke ‘em. I think we should work on that, right?”

- the him that would never have fought for this, or fought in the wrong ways. He doesn’t want that him, wants this new version, the version that can stand up and claim to be the person Aaron Dingle loves, wants. 

“I love you.” 

“I know,” Aaron says, still looking sad, but there’s hope there too. “I love you too.”

“I’ll,” Robert starts, swallows and tries again. “I’ll sort my head out.”

Aaron nods, a small quirk of his lips. His eyes are red, wet, and Robert brushes tears from his cheeks. Aaron catches his hands, holds on tightly. 

Tethering Robert to the here and now.

To the closest thing to permanent he’s ever allowed himself to have, to fight for. 

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for the fashion au requests,, could you draw Maria in a before and after type thing?? Like, waking up with messy hair and smudged makeup, then the after is like when she's in a photo shoot? I love seeing contrasts like that and your art is fabulous as it is. Have an amazing day hun!! I love ya!!

i’m not taking requests rn but i’m 1000% for this?? maria would be the person who wakes up 30 minutes late but arrives at the studio in perfect condition like DQMN GIRL HOW