i love writing 10 page papers on

grantaire as a fake as fuck fortune teller (because it turns out that the whole starving part of being a starving artist kind of sucks, and at least this way he makes people happy telling them that their loved ones are in a better place etc.) and enjolras as the 100% real ghost who somehow ends up trapped in grantaire’s crystal ball and ends up spending his afterlife arguing with grantaire about morals at first (‘you can’t just lie to people’) and then about literally everything else because he’s infuriating and wrong about everything and- ‘yeah yeah yeah ghosty, i get it, i’m terrible- but hey, have you seen this persons pet dog on the other side?’ and enjolras is like ‘…’ for half a second before he disappears, but he’s back ten seconds after that with news about the dog and that’s how they become accidental fortune telling partners?

Im in love with the theory that muggleborn students find the room of requirement and its filled with technology. Like i know stuff like cellphones dont work at hogwarts, but it’s the room of requirement so it does just in that room for some reason?
Like imagine: students dont want to write a 10 page essay with a fucking quill and parchment paper? Type that shit out on a macbook in the room of requirement and hand it in. The teachers marvel at how neat the students writing is.
Muggleborns get bored? Go to the room of requirement and have a mario kart party
Muggleborns staying up to date with their favourite shows and binge watch netflix together
Just muggleborns being completely fed up with hogwarts staying in the 1700’s and practically living in the room of requirement


I kinda wanted to start a journal and since I still have one laying next to me, I wanted to make one right now!
The book was only 80 cents and it’s 200 pages, though the paper is reaaallly thin.

I have some ideas to fill it with, such as:
1. Things I’m a fan of
2. Tags you guys tag me in
3. Random lists
4. Goals
5. Favorite clothes
6. Places I still want to visit
7. Putting my iPod on shuffle and writing down the first 10 songs
8. Horoscope of the day
9. 8tracks playlists I love
10. Currently….
11. Week in whatsapps
12. Cool pictures from all over the internet
13. 50 facts about me

But well, that’s only 13 pages so I still have more than 180 to go.
Any suggestions?