i love worms so

pjo/hoo characters as things my friends and i have said (redux)
  • percy : *starts pouring outside while we're on the bus* "welp guess i'm swimming home guys !!!"
  • annabeth : "i'm pretty sure i passed that final with a solid f."
  • grover : "who the fuck let us go outside."
  • thalia : "fUCK yEAH DUDE iTS rAiNiNG !!!"
  • clarrise : *in response to a fuckboi* "kill him ??!"
  • drew : "people are so lucky i don't dress nice bc if I did all their mans would be sNATCHED."
  • jason : "hey, just because I've had 5 concussions doesn't mean I can't live and prosper like the rest of y'all."
  • piper : "hey-hey-" *starts singing* "sHut tHE fUCK uP !!!"
  • leo : *in response to being asked why they don't watch movies* "bro idk but ya know what i'm looking forward to ??? cARS THREE BOIII!"
  • hazel : "cinnamon bun or sinnamon bun." "shut the fuck up." *finger guns* "alrighttttt."
  • frank : "omg narwhals r real ???"
  • reyna : "just say ur gay and he'll prob leave you alone." "omg u right."
  • nico : *drops bag in the locker room* *in a sing song voice* "i'm ready to fuCKn enD iT."
  • will : *in response to a cut* "just patch that shit up with like tape or some shit and u be alright boi."
  • connor : "u know what, we're gonna steal a fukin polar bear."
  • travis : "do y'all wanna help us steal a polar bear ??? we gon take selfie with it."
  • rachel : *me drawing* "is my emo trash playlist playing bc if not i'm not gonna get shit done."
  • tyson : "excuse you i'm a child of fucking god don't touch me."
  • luke : "imagine like, if i were like, ya know dead." "do you want to be i can help with that."
  • bianca : "you all are shitty friends i deserve better." "fUCK U WE THE BEST U GOT HOE."
  • ethan : "emotionally numb ? cHECKMATE."
  • beckendorf : *me fixing a car in auto collision, and getting something right* "fuckING YAHTZEE."
  • silena : "i'm too pretty for this mo'fuckin buffoonery."
  • apollo : "i can't believe i'm trapped with all you assholes for the next four years. i'm literally better than all of you."
  • meg : "gimme ur apple i wanna find a worm."
  • calypso : "i fall in love so easily like ew what the fuck is wrong with me."

Butterfly Wings


As Lance stood in front of the mirror he looked down at the container of makeup in his hand and then to the pale marks stretched across his skin.
It had been a long time since he had felt the need to actually hide behind makeup.
It had been even longer since he felt like he had no choice but to keep his vitiligo secret.
Slowly he put the makeup away and instead picked up a razor running a hand across the stubble on his chin.
Today was a big day after all. He had to look his best.

Keith stood nervously next to Shiro.
He had never been more sure of anything in all his twenty five years of being alive then he was of his decision.
But that didn’t stop his stomach doing back flips every time he looked at the ticker.
Maybe this was a mistake?
However soon as the doors opened and Lance walked towards him dressed in a low cut light blue shirt and black pants, a large smile on his face as he handed over his bouquet over to Hunk.
Keith knew this was the best decision he had ever made.

Allura cleared her throated “I welcome you all here today for the most joyous of occasions. For today two shall become one.”
Keith smiled as he took Lance’s hand “Lance… I never really had a family until I met all of you. I didn’t even know I could feel so much love for another person until you wormed your way into my heart. I’m thankful every single day that I got to meet you and that now I get to spend the rest of my life with you.”
Lance sniffed as he wiped a tear away “your rude and impulsive, you have the worst hair that I’ve ever seen. Most people would never think a relationship made from a rivalry could ever work. But we’re not most people. I love you, I love the fact you will pick a gift with anything that moves, I love that you follow your gut even when your head knows better, I love your stupid mullet because it’s all what makes you the man I love. I love you Keith flaws and all… and I know you feel the same.”
Keith was somehow not crying, however soon as the two exchanged rings Shiro was sobbing right along with Hunk and Pidge.
“I now pronounce you husband and husband, you may now kiss.”

Cheers erupted from the crowds filling the castle as Lance and Keith kissed sealing their marriage.
The room was filled with aliens from all the planets they saved. But most importantly Lance’s family was there.
She couldn’t be happier then the moment her beautiful son married the man of his dreams without hiding who he was.
That now the whole universe could finally let Lance show his wings and fly.