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My personal objection to being called (as an individual) “queer” isn’t even the “queer is a slur” thing; I’ll call myself a dyke all day long. The difference is that “queer” erases the fact that I am a Lesbian. “Queer womyn” does not name what I am. It obfuscates that I am not only a womyn who loves womyn: I am Lesbian. Our sisters in the past fought to be named separately from gay men because this individual naming is vital. It is vital for our organizing, our ability to recognize ourselves and our sisters and for avoiding the taking the labor of Lesbians in the name of non-Lesbians. “Lesbian” is powerful and refusing to name me with that word is lesbophobia.


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I will stand up and fight every single time I hear Butch womyn being referred to as “masculine” or perpetuating “male-like behaviors.”

Some Butch womyn internalize misogyny and then externalize it at their partners or other womyn, but that’s not what Butch means and that’s not different from any other womyn of any other identity. All womyn internalize misogyny, and we all spit it out to some degree at each other until we learn better. Just because you can easily recognize Butch misogyny as what it is, doesn’t mean that Butch womyn have the market cornered on female misogyny. All womyn do it, and just because it looks different sometimes doesn’t mean it doesn’t come from the same socialization. Let’s try to heal each other and ourselves rather than perpetuating this disgusting and hurtful idea that Butch womyn are any more misogynistic than any other womyn that haven’t fully dissected and crawled out of the patriarchy. 

tl,dr; Young Butch womyn, you are not “masculine” or “misogynistic” just for living and existing the way you do. You own female as much as any other womon. Take care in analyzing the way you carry yourself and relate to others, make changes if you can see yourself thinking or acting in misogynist ways, but don’t let anyone tell you that you’re being “like a man” because you never are.

takeoffyourheavyboots  asked:

Hi! Can you tell me what exactly "womyn" means? I know it's kind of associated with TERFs or radfems but I don't really know very much about it. Thanks and I love your blog.

“Womyn” is a word created to further separate women from men, and is meant to take out the “men” part of the word “women”.

It’s often used by TWERFs to distinguish “real women” from trans women.


This post also talks about it.

Talking about the word itself, the “grammatical nonsense” of it that’s being referred to is that it erases the part of the word that actually refers to humanity, not to male persons. That is, “man” derives from “human” and originally was gender neutral. As Wikipedia explains:

In Old English sources, the word “man” was gender-neutral, with a meaning similar to the modern English usage of “one” as an indefinite pronoun. The words wer and wyf were used to specify a man or woman where necessary, respectively. Combining them into wer-man or wyf-man expressed the concept of “any man” or “any woman”.

The argument is that by doing this, radical feminists insisting on this are actually pushing women further away from personhood. Again, that’s aside from the transmisogyny.

- damegreywulf