i love winnie the pooh so much ;=;

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oookay! just a little bit of fun because i love both Disney/Dreamworks/… etc movies AND all Origins companions so much <33

p.s. gifs not mine but thanks to the almighty Internet for them 

Shale and Dog

Dragon Age 2 companions

Dragon Age Inquisition companions

Winnie the Pooh is everything I want to be.

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he may not be the smartest,

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or the most agile or graceful,

but he loves his friends,

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and most of all, he loves to eat!

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hello!! im sorry you had a nightmare, i know how that feels;;; but, deh hcs!! i have this dumb hc that jared harbours a top secret love for sweet mushy kids shows like winnie the pooh and sesame street and watches them when hes in a bad mood and one day Connor or one of the other kids finds out and then that one meme like "go ahead and tell,, no one will believe you" happens and its jus t cute and funny gdshkefqebf idk,,

omg i love this so much <3


But guys…you don’t understand….Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu carries a Winnie the Pooh tissue box cozy around at every competition as a good luck charm.


In an interview, his coach Brian Orser said that he would see Hanyu at competitions before Hanyu made the switch to train with Orser in Toronto.  Orser knew he was immensely talented but always thought it was odd how he carried a Winnie the pooh tissue box around.

“I always thought he was that weird kid with the Winnie the pooh doll. Now I’m that kid’s coach…and I have to carry it,” said Orser.

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Week 12! Het fun fact, 12 is my lucky number, so maybe this’ll be a lucky week. As always, I still don’t include gif drabbles or celebration drabbles, and fics without warnings will not be included either. If you don’t see a series here, don’t fret! I’m behind but will catch up and add it once I’m fully caught up. My tags are wonky so if you’ve tagged me in something and I’ve missed it, if you want to you can send it to me so I can read it and add it to next weeks. Okay, onto the fics!

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Idk if someone already asked you this, but how do you think the gang would react to Prince Of Egypt? Ohhhh what about Disney movies? Do you think they'd each have a favorite movie and favorite Disney princess? Jasmine is one of my faves, lol

*rubs hands together* Alright let’s do this. 

I think everyone in the crew likes The Prince of Egypt. Hiccup, Heather, and Astrid will be calm about saying they liked it; Fishlegs will be ebullient like a fanboy; Tuffnut and Ruffnut will go off on nerdy critiques of its music and animation quality; Snotlout will scoff at everyone, but he’ll be the person who cries when “When You Believe” comes on and is found singing it quietly to himself when he’s alone.

Now, about Disney princesses and movies… 

Astrid: Mulan, The Incredibles

Astrid’s favorite princess is likely Mulan. Mulan is a woman with a lot of bravery, initiative, and strength. Astrid would admire a woman who goes off to fight for her country… after all, Astrid is very determined to fight for her people even before she enters dragon training. Even the fact that Mulan feels a little uncomfortable or restricted at home is something to which Astrid can relate, being as she is out trying to restore the honor of her family name after Fearless Finn Hofferson’s fright.

Merida is also cool for Astrid. She loves seeing a young woman running around taking control of her own life and wielding a bow like a boss. Her other preferred Disney princesses also tend to be the bolder personalities… individuals like Jasmine, Kida, and Moana.

Astrid’s favorite non-princess Disney animated movie is potentially The Incredibles. The family messages are nice, and of course there’s the awesome action.

Fishlegs: Belle, Wreck-It Ralph

Belle is the optimal Disney princess for Fishlegs. She’s sweet, polite, intelligent, and an avid reader.

Fishlegs’ favorite non-princess Disney animated movie is Wreck-It Ralph because he gets all the video game gags. He also likes Winnie the Pooh because of the story’s lighthearted charm.

Tuffnut: Snow White, The Emperor’s New Groove

Tuffnut is a huuuuuuge Disney princess person. So it’s hard for him to pick a favorite. They’re all so great. He has a liking for the old classic Disney princesses, so if you ask him to pick a favorite, he’ll probably pick Disney’s first princess ever.

Now… non-princess movies… oh dear.

Tuffnut loves The Emperor’s New Groove a little too much. And by “a little too much” I mean that he might have put Chicken on his head as though it were a crown and pretended to be Kuzco for a solid three days. He called Fishlegs “Pacha” and Ruffnut… much to her annoyance… “Yzma.” There was nothing anyone could do to get Tuffnut to break character. He was Kuzco for those three days. And even when he’s not that into character… you’ll still hear him doing a whole lot of The Emperor’s New Groove quotes.

Ruffnut: Ariel, Alice in Wonderland

Ruffnut appreciates Ariel’s youthful curiosity and willingness to pave her own path. Ariel is unique for her kind and takes great steps to get what she wants. The combination of Ariel’s passion and vulnerability, spunk and sweetness, impulsiveness and curiosity… Ruffnut likes it. She likes Ariel’s femininity, too. She wouldn’t be able to explain why, but she does like it.

Alice in Wonderland is a bit of a zany adventure. Sometimes it feels nonsensical, sometimes clever, but it’s always helterskelter. It’s exactly the sort of thing Ruffnut could appreciate. 

Heather: Jasmine, The Fox and the Hound

I’m going to vote Heather’s favorite Disney princess as Jasmine. She likes other princesses, too, including Aurora and Cinderella. Jasmine’s sweet but sometimes bold personality interests Heather, though. Jasmine has enough traits for Heather to relate to her, but enough different traits for Heather to like her.

Heather likes a lot of Disney movies, including stories like Oliver & Company, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Peter Pan, and Robin Hood. But her number one favorite is The Fox and the Hound. The emotions sing sweetly to her. The movie shows two unlikely, brother-like characters stand up for each other through time and trials despite the odds. For someone who has had family struggles and wishes for a friend and companion so close, it’s quite a ride to watch Todd and Copper. 

Eret: Rapunzel, The Rescuers Down Under

I would be surprised if, in a modern AU, Eret didn’t dress up as Eugene. He likes Tangled a lot. He says it’s because of Eugene, but everyone can tell he loves Rapunzel. Rapunzel is his favorite Disney princess. No contest.

For Eret’s favorite non-princess movie, I’ve got this strange sense that it’s The Rescuers or The Rescuers Down Under, though I’m having problems explaining why I have that intuition.

Hiccup: Jasmine, Zootopia

Hiccup likes Aladdin a lot. The story of an unwanted underdog who gets the girl is something that his teen self could relate to, as much as he doesn’t want to admit it. It’s only natural that Jasmine sneaked into his number one favorite Disney princess spot.

It’s hard for Hiccup to pick his favorite non-princess Disney movie. There are three that are close contenders for “favorite”. Zootopia is one he loves a lot because of its message of acceptance; he can relate to that, given as he also wants to build a world of peace between various species. The other two stories he loves so much are The Lion King and Big Hero 6. He doesn’t seem to consciously realize that these stories are so similar to his own, but subconsciously that is the reason why they sing with him.

Snotlout: Elsa, Hercules

Snotlout’s a Frozen boy. Hardcore Frozen boy. Favorite Disney movie by far. He knows the lyrics to every one of the songs. You can hear him singing “Let it Go” when he’s bathing. Because he loves the movie so much, he loves both Elsa and Anna, but Elsa is a bit more of his type. And by “type” I mean both looks and personality. Because Snotlout’s going to notice if a Disney princess is good looking. He’s… Snotlout.

Snotlout’s favorite non-princess movie is Hercules. The music, the vibe, the sass. Oh yeah.

P.S. Jasmine’s my favorite. XD Yay for a fellow Jasmine fan!

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It's so great to find another fan blog of BatB and Le Duo and Luke Evans! :) And I love Le Duo so much! Do you have some headcanons about these two and you would share them with us?

Hello Anon! Well, it’s impossible to not love them! Just look at them! :D

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I absolutely have some headcanons!

- before the first time they met, both were REALLY nervous!, because they need a good chemistry - because Gaston and LeFou

- and Luke was already in the table read room and Josh walked into it, with Emma, and Luke saw him, but was too nervous to go to him so he watched him from the distance

- and Josh made everyone laugh!? Literally everyone!?

- and they started talking and after 10 minutes they just KNEW it - best friends forever

- they both have a great sense of humor, so during filming (sometimes) they try to make the other one laugh

- and josh has a hard time not to laugh when Luke is in character - because he plays Gaston so very well

- the mirror scene?! yeah, they had to shoot it SO MANY TIMES, because everytime LeFou has to talk to Gaston, Josh has to laugh

- and Luke has a hard time to keep a straight face everytime Josh is on a horse

- to put it in a nutshell: most of the bloppers are about these two laughing


- when Josh is arriving at set, early in the morning he’s singing “good morning” to Luke and Luke does the same

- which leads to a conversation, completly sung

- and they sing disney songs and musical numbers - ALL THE TIME

- “is there one song you two DON’T know?!” - they know all the songs

- and they talk for HOURS about disney

- “cinderella is such an amazing movie!” - “yes, but NO WAY is it better than snow white” - “are you crazy?! of course it is! bibidi babedi boo!” - “hei ho song!”

- Luke visited Josh and Ida numerours times (and vice versa) and at one point Josh and Luke had a Disney weekend

- which is basically 48 hours, these two infront of the TV, watching every disney movie…and singing

- Ida was away with the girls, but at some point she returned to check how her husband was and she found him with Luke on the living room floor, singing “Let it go”, together

- and Ida absolutely understands why Josh has a bromance-crush on Luke - because Luke is the nicest and sweetest human being ever!?!

- “i honestly think about making him a godfather or something, because if something happens to us, i want him to take care of our children” - “Ida, i was thinking the SAME THING!” - “…actually I was a bit joking…” - “oh…but can we discuss this?!”

- and Ida knows her husband (who is a cuddler) and so she’s very happy when she finds out, Luke is one too

- her whatsapp with Josh is at least 50% pictures of Josh and Luke cuddling somewhere

- and during night filming, Luke had a break, so he took a much needed nap somewhere

- and Josh saw it and saw, that Luke was freezing and he also needed a nap

- “Josh, you can’t cuddle with Luke when he’s aslee…” - “MY BOY IS FREEZING SO YES I CAN!”

- and a bit later Emma and Dan found them cuddled up, sleeping and Dan was like “Are we sure, they aren’t married?!”

- also: Josh is such a great masseur

- and yes, they shared a hotel room, everytime they traveled together

- and the PR-Disney team had a hard time because “Guys, you can’t share a room! We’ve booked seperate rooms. Would you please…”

- in the end one of them always ended up in the other ones room so at some point the PR team was like “Okay! Have a room together!”

- and if you were looking for one of them, there was a 99,99999999% chance the other one was there too

- besides Disney, the could and would talk about everything - no matter where and when

- and sharing a hotel room was maybe also a bad decision, because they would stay up really long and watch movies together or just talk for hours (because who needs sleep?!)

- and during production breaks they would talk with each other nearly every day

- and when Josh’s birthday came up, Luke got all excited

- and he planned that BIG suprise birthday party and orded the cake and made sure everyone is there and OF COURSE he would bring the cake inside the room and would start singing

- “hey guys, we thought you two should go together on the press tour. is that a problem?!” - “WE GO TOGETHER ON THE PRESS TOUR!”

- Josh is also an awesome wingman

- because there is this cute assisstent guy and Luke thinks he looks nice and he told Josh (Josh already saw Luke’s glances)

- and “You should talk to him.” - “Why should I?” - “Because you think, he’s cute.” - “I’m…not…” - “Oh come on! Talk to him!” - “I don’t even know if he’s gay.” - “He is.” - “How do you know?!” - “I just know! Talk to him!”

- but Luke is too shy so Josh makes sure he always needs something so the assisstent guy has to help him and “Hey, have you met my friend Luke?”

- unfortunately the guy already has a boyfriend, but he was flirting with Luke and went on one or two dates with him, so when Luke finds out he’s a bit heart-broken

- that’s the night he sends Josh so many text messages, because he really needs his best friend right now and when Josh sees all the messages, he rushes to Luke and “He doesn’t deserve you. He’s an asshole.”

- and at one Valentin’s Day, Josh sends Luke the biggest bouquet of roses he could find (because he’s such a cutie) with a very sweet message: “You’re the Lady to my Tramp, the Ariel to my Sebastian, the Peter to my Wendy, the Tigger to my Winnie Pooh, … . But most of all, you’re the Gaston to my LeFou, and I love you!”

- and Luke had to laugh so much and that’s one of the sweetest things ever

- these two also got drunk, at least once

- and the night ended with these two telling each other how much they love each other

- “Luke, I just love you.” - “No man. I love you more.” - “That’s not possible, because I love you the most.” - “No, no, no. I love you to the moon and back.” - “Maybe, but I love you to the sun and…”

- and the sentecne “You two are like an old married couple.” is one of the sentences they here the most and “yes, we are.”

- and “Luke, why the hell are you perfect?!” - “I’m not?!?” - “Yes, you are!” - because Josh is seriously amazed by the fact that everything about Luke Evans is perfect - EVERYTHING

- and he just can do anything?! LITERALLY ANYTHING?!?


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All taken at the Fantasia Film festival, 29 July, 2017

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do you have tumblr friends? can you tell me a little about some of them !

im overly friendly and consider everyone a friend tbh jkshF but here are my fav ppl on here!!! ill write about them under read more (thank u for sending this!<3)

@lovfx @1attes @tyrande @iluwonho @chrysoda @bipjm @giribouy @zhangyixking @goldpoc @10jimin @yiixingsgf @goddessofbaekhyun @1ovelettres @chenlezhong @fourminute @parkjoys @jisookim @movebybts @rapgodjin

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It deeply saddens me that most other Winnie The Pooh characters get so much exposure and marketing (Tigger especially) while poor Rabbit is left in the dust. The New Adventures episode “How Much Is That Rabbit In The Window” where Rabbit thinks he is unwanted is much more heartbreaking when you take in that fact. To be honest, Rabbit is my favorite Winnie The Pooh character and I think he deserves just as much love and attention as the others. Poor guy. Oh yeah, and that Kessie episode…


I just wanna wish Tarjei Sandvik Moe a very happy birthday! We can legally get married now that he’s 18 wow!!!!!!!!! Nah, I’m joking. I don’t believe in marriage.

But seriously, I hope he has a great day and smile a lot and be the happiest boy in the world and I also hope he continues his acting career and do it for a really long time if that’s what makes him happy! I can’t wait to see him do wonders and playing characters that make me cry, laugh and also think deeply than I’m used to as he is doing by playing Isak. I’m not saying this only because I’m so emotionally attached to Isak and Skam in general but because GOD, LOOK AT HIS ACTING!!!!!! He’s so talented for such a young age and for not having so much experience. It seems like he was born for this so I hope he is very happy and proud of himself when it comes to acting.
I hope he has an amazing day surrounded by the people he loves and cares about and also by people that really loves and cares about him. He deserves everything he’s achieved!

So yeah, I’m not really good at expressing my feelings and my thoughts but I hope you all get the idea and meaning behind this.


I hope he never reads this because I’m so shy and it’d be so awkward and embarrassed.