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Chapter 860
  • just when i thought Croco didn’t haunt me enough on tumblr xD
  • well thank you Jinbe, now i finally understand what the numbers were about xD
  • Reiju is so fucking precious 
  • It’s starting! ♪  It’s starting! ♪ It’s time for Mama’s Tea Party! ♪
  • Stussy is so fucking beautiful
  • and i guess BM really has relations everywhere and with everyone
  • Prospero is back! :D now i just need Cracker and i’m good
  • What the heck happened to Jigra? Oh wait i see a skull on a jacket…
  • huh, whoever did that can see the future, neet 
  • Comander Dogtooth? What the heck kinda name is that? xD
  • Well well well, this Dogtoothy (Katakuri who we had been waiting for so long) just won some major points from me~ ♡(ŐωŐ人)
  • Who has fallen in love with another one piece character and has two big thumbs? This girl (`ω´) *shakes thumbs at myself* 
  • Ok but holy shit he has a really high bounty and awesome powers (☉∀☉)
  • Smoothie torturing poor animals xD How would that even taste like tho
  • I have a feeling Sanji will be very handsome as a groom
  • NO BREAK AGAIN?!?!?! (゜Д゜;) 
  • Oda thank you really but please take care of yourself (◕︿◕✿)
When You Prank Sam About Breaking Up With Him On Text

You: Hey Sam… I need to talk to you

Sam: Yeah, what is it?

You:  I gotta say what’s on my mind

Sam: Um, go ahead?

You:  Something about us
doesn’t seem right these days

Sam: What the fuck?

Sam: Are you breaking up with me??

You: Life keeps getting in the way

Sam: I-I mean yeah like sometimes work can be a bit overbearing but that doesn’t mean we can’t work it out, right?

You:  Whenever we try somehow the plan
is always rearranged

Sam: What do you mean??? I always put you first and if it’s an emergency we always get our plans right!

You: It’s so hard to say

Sam: Are you seriously breaking up with me through text??

You:  But I’ve gotta do what’s best for me

Sam: But I love you, you’re my whole life, couldn’t you have at least broken up with me in real life?

You: You’ll be ok…


You:  I’ve got to move on and be who I am

Sam: But you help me make me who I am

You:  I just don’t belong here
I hope you understand

Sam: But… You own the house, we can’t just take your house

You:  We might find our place
in this world someday

Sam: If you want to break up we can’t just go back together! That’s not how it works!

You:  But at least for now
I gotta go my own way

Sam: If you wanted to take a break from us, I wished you would’ve at least told me in real life, not through fucking text. You are literally breaking my heart in the most unimaginable way and even though I want to understand I don’t want to lose you… But I love you, and if you want to go, ok, but you shouldn’t say that we could go back together because you could end up with another guy. Or girl. Whoever you end up with. I love you so fucking much, but if you want to break up, fine

You: Jeez Sam XD

Sam: What?

You: You actually wrote a paragraph XD

Sam: HEY


You: It was just a prank bro

Sam: What the fuck do you mean, doofus??

You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nbtKYXvA3s

Sam: … You are so gonna pay for this

You: With what?

Sam: Wait for me, I’m going rough on you

You: Aren’t you always rough?



“It’s possible, though,” Sam said suddenly from behind you.

You turn around and see him mad.

“Hehe… You’re gonna throw me in bed, aren’t you,”

“You know it,” He said, swiftly carrying you over his shoulders and walking to your bedroom.

chungle-nugget  asked:

These high-quality kazoo covers are ruining me. They've got VIBRATO. HOW. *SINGLE VIKTOR CLAP* ALSO YOU INCLUDED THE NEW CLIP LOL @ OTABEK'S FINGER GUN! Also also I loved reading your tags on this one. "hey there my little Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion" oh what fresh brilliance is this

Omg ok there are so many things i need to address here:

I. LOVE. KAZOO. COVERS. You’d be surprised at a number of kazoo covers on youtube, whether it be professionally mixed or just two drunk friends filming their cover on an iphone 4 camera. It’s beautiful in every way. The Pokémon one created by Tsuko G. was suggested to me by an anon so THANKS WHOEVER YOU ARE.

The single clap which i got from this one second video was used before when Yuuri clapped for Yurio after his hot springs performance (barbie girl). When it’s one person clapping i just put it on repeat like what i did in the last episode where i had a nameless extra standing to Yuuri’s left (our right) after his FS score got announced. Viktor’s clap was suppposed to be longer but when i was condensing the video down to 500 MB i made it to one clap which i think is funnier.

FINGER GUNS. OF COURSE I INCLUDED THE NEW CLIP. I already had a few set songs for that one, but for the rest i just searched bang in my itunes playlist and used whatever came up. There were a whole bunch more but, again, i had to cut it due to file size.

YO so my toaster broke on me, so like, as i writing out the script i realized i never had Yuuri return Viktor’s pet names so the FIRST THING i thought of was him calling Viktor “my little toaster oven” and i went… WAIT. what if that’s like their Thing. Like they just call each other random objects as a form of affection. “Hi there my little Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion, how was practice?” “Oh not much, my wonderful 24 hour Sweat Protection Speed Stick, just worked on cheorography today” and like they dont find it weird becuase they do it so often it comes naturally until Mila is like why do you have Viktor’s contact name as “Dyson V6 cordless Vacuum 💕 🕶  😘 “ and Yuuri is just as confused like, “because I do??”. i dunno, just stuff i come up with.


Again Oh Hae Young: Five things you know and one thing you don’t. (x)

ohnopluto  asked:

​ok so i'm trying to write a story where the main guy character makes a bet with his group of friends, he has to get close to this girl, but she also made the same bet with her friends. whoever falls in love first looses. THIS PROBABLY DOESN'T MAKE SENSE, but i was wondering if you could help me with some sentence starters, etc? ​

•These are a mixture of lust and love•

-“I’m willing to lose everything for you. I don’t care about the game anymore, I swear I’m through. That never mattered in the first place, I lose my world if I lose you.”

-“We weren’t supposed to fall in love…we lose, don’t we?”

“There’s no way they can find out about what’s inside our minds. We can both win the game, and we can both win the prize. For me, that’s you.”

-“I confess,” she said, “you have me. There’s really something I should tell you, though–”

-“It’s not true love, who even believes in that crap?”

“I do. And I think I’ve found it with you.”

“That’s the worst thing you could have told me!”

I hope this helped, good luck on your story.

Wrong Number


Author Ladyoftheteaandblood

Fluffy oneshot Tom and OC

I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have to change your bloody mobile phone number. All the texting people with 

“Hi it’s Megan, this is my new number” and the texts back

 “Who?” All the explaining and shit, as to the why, you did it.
Anyway it’s done now and the reason I had to do it, may just have fallen off a cliff!
What I wasn’t prepared for was weird texts from unknown person, which started the day after I got it.
“Hi so bloody bored can I come home now?”
I ignored the first one and let it pass; some poor sod texting away had hit a wrong number. Two hours later the next one came in,
“Shit, if I’m asked one more time how a guy from England can play a guy from  America, I will have to kill someone, somebody please ask me something new”
Again I ignored it, strange person would work it out when they had no reply. Five hours later and late at night
“Hey you ignoring me, have I upset you?”
This time I felt I should answer it seemed mean not to,
“Hi you are texting the wrong number, I have no idea who you are” send
“OK what did I do this time” came the reply

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How they react to you having a stutter.

Most Characters

  • When you first met Vision he didn’t realise you had a stutter but thought you was scared of him. He distance himself from you a little but when he found out it was only a stutter he felt mean and spent a lot of time with you.
  • Once you were in a really important meeting with Tony. You were giving a little presentation and other S.H.I.E.L.D members were being rude and Tony full on hulked out. Seriously, he roasted them.
  • Bruce thinks you’re straight up adorable, he resists the urge to hug you all the time. He even invented a pill that can temporarily disable your stutter which you can take if you ever get annoyed by it. Bruce made it clear he thinks it’s sweet.
  • It does not bother Clint in the slightest. However, your stutter and Clints hearing don’t go well together. So sometimes you both sign to each other.
  • Bucky and Steve are most supportive; they always hold your hand or wrap an arm around you when you stutter really bad. In a weird way your stutter relaxes Bucky. It always makes Steve smile - not because he’s laughing at you but because it’s what makes you, you. He couldn’t ask for a better friend.
  • Peter Parker was a big fan of you. When he met you he was all like:
  • “You have a stutter? That’s cool, like, you’re cool too. How did you get your stutter? It suits you. Am I being weird? I’m a big fan”
  • Thor thought it was some kind of different language and you couldn’t stop laughing. He loves it now, he even took you to Asgard and Odin already knows you. Thor refers to you as ‘the girl with the beautiful tongue’
  • Natasha had a soft spot for you. She knew a girl in the red room with a stutter and you resembled her. Natasha always smiles when she sees you and makes an effort to talk to you.
  • Fury always uses you for missions, you come off as a cute troubled girl but in reality you’re one badass agent.
Dog-tags and Microphones(Former Marine/Current Bodyguard!Jensen AU)(Part 2)

Requested by @dancingalone21 by PM and @incarcenatedangel(whom I can’t tag for some reason) “Please continue this!”

Read Part 1 HERE

Words: 1005
Warnings: None(?)
Pairing: AU!Jensen x Reader
Tags: @growningupgeek @one-shots-supernatural
A/N: I took the chance to do the Spn Hiatus Writing Challenge along, the prompt was “Oh my god, you’re in love” :D I might still continue this, let me know if I should or shouldn’t.

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Thanks for coming to the stream <3

It was real fun! And I drew for too long, I’m tired XD

Anyways, here you go, I drew all of these things!

First of all, my buddy Spooks, mun of @zombie-frisk! Their UF version to be precise xD I told them I’d do it! Hope they like it >u<

Next! Snowdin bunnies! I have to add these to the character list~ My fave will always be Bonnie, the Snowdin shopkeeper, but you guys can choose whoever you like the most! (Madeleine was oddly popular on stream chat :0)

I also did Horrortale fanart!! I’m kinda obsessed with this AU, it’s so creepy and I love it <3 Too bad I can’t draw scary things :C I tried anyway… hope it’s ok c’:

This is part of the new AU that is now in my mind, and I hope no one did a legit AU with this kind of thing before… MagicalTale? I dunno, it’s about magical girls xD I even have the plot made, someone please stop me.

This would be Chara’s Magical Girl design!! And yes, even though Chara is nonbinary, I still call them Magical Girl and I still give them the dress. Sorry, it comes with the job. But who cares, when you’re cute as hell?

Oh, my lovely Frisky bits, you too have a Magical Girl dress <3 Same thing, it comes with the job! But no one cared :P You and your mighty stick look wonderful!!
(And yes I know this is almost literally Madoka’s dress but don’t you get it that’s the point of it all, that’s the joke)

And I think that was all! Thank you for coming, I had lots of fun <3 Hope I can make another one soon!! ^^

Klaus Mikaelson - Always and Forever


You have been dating Klaus Mikaelson for two years now and you love him more like anything else. You and Klaus met when he was in Mystic Falls because you were Elena’s best friend so you were kind of pulled into this. But in the end you were glad that they pulled you in it because otherwise you may not have met your true love, Niklaus.

But lately you were just worried. He doesn’t come home before midnight and when he does, he barely speaks to you and he not even looks at you. What if he is cheating on you? What if he has another girlfriend behind your back. What if- God! Brain, stop. You’re just paranoid. Klaus wouldn’t dare to hurt you in any kind of way, right?

You look in the mirror, analyzing every part of you. Your face was chubby and your teeth weren’t perfect and your nose doesn’t have the perfect shape.

Next you look at your body. You weren’t as thin and skinny as your friends. In fact you were fat, your brain tells you.

You try to tell your self that you weren’t fat but somehow you couldn’t. This voice in your brain didn’t shut up and it drove you mad. Tears started rolling down your cheek.

Suddenly you hear a sigh next to you and recognize Klaus. “My dearest Y/N. What happened? I will kill whoever even tries to hurt you”, he said through gritted teeth. Now even more tears were making their way down your face. “It’s me. My body. And goddamnit, Klaus, it’s your fault”, you screamed. His mouth opened, in shock, not getting what you meant. You can tell by the look on his face that he’s hurt. “Y/N, my love. What did I do?”, “I don’t know, Klaus. Tell me! For months you have been coming home late at night and when you do you don’t talk to me, for god’s sake, you don’t even look at me!”, you shouted. You weren’t angry. You were hurt.

He chuckled. “Seriously, Klaus. That’s not funny. Look at me! I’m fat. You could have anyone so go find yourself a prettier girl. I bet there are a lot of them”, you whispered while crying.

Klaus was speechless. Never in a million years he would have thought that you think so low of yourself.

“My god, Y/N. I would never cheat on you. I couldn’t. I couldn’t cheat on you with a prettier girl because you, my love, are the prettiest. When I first saw you, I was breathless because you are so gorgeous Y/N. Whoever made you feel unloved or fat, is more than wrong because I love you and I think you’re perfect!”, Klaus said, tears forming in his eyes.

You were moved by his speech but still asked, “Then why are you always coming home so late in the evening” Klaus smiled and sighed. “Well I didn’t think this would happen this fast but ehmm ok” He was nervous. But why?

You didn’t have time to ask because he interrupted you, “My dearest Y/N. For two years now we have had our ups and our downs. But there wasn’t a moment where I didn’t love you or didn’t need you. You are my life, now, love. And I can’t and I don’t want to imagine a life without you. So what I should have asked you months ago; Will you be my wife?” You had tears in your eyes and you ran to him and hugged him.

He holds you close. “Yes, Klaus! Of course I will!!” He smiled and kissed you.

After two years his kisses still made your knees go weak. Agh how you loved this man. You smiled at him and put your lips on his again. “Always and Forever, my love.” , he whispered.

Always and forever.

Demi…Girl…Come on…Seriously? This is ridiculous. 

Tearing down one body type does not promote another. ALL bodies are good and acceptable bodies! Yes, some people work very hard to achieve their physique, but other people are just naturally skinny! Don’t shame someone for the choices they make with their bodies, and certainly don’t shame people for their natural body type! 

The entertainment industry mostly includes women with smaller frames (which is its own separate issue, there needs to be more diversity). When the majority of people that Taylor would encounter are models, other singers, and actors, who do you expect her to be friends with?? What was she supposed to do, look at Karlie Kloss or Gigi Hadid or whoever and go “hmm, no, I can’t be friends with you because you’re slim and therefore our friendship wouldn’t promote body positivity, sorry.” WHAT PART OF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE?? NONE OF IT! 

Also, is Demi purposely choosing to overlook the fact that Taylor does in fact have friends that don’t have a “model body” and chose to leave it out to help her case, or did she really just do no research what so ever before speaking? 

Another thought; belittling another woman is not going to help young, impressionable girls have more self-love. It’s only going to teach them that it’s ok to tear down and insult other women who are seen as “too perfect.” 

Here’s an idea, how about you critique the entertainment industry itself for pushing these ideals onto society, instead of attacking the women who happen to fit these beauty standards. 


 plots i want bc i’m crazy and these need to be listed

  • SUBWAY PLOT!!!!! seriously y’all i need it. whether it be they missed their train so they’re banding together to get home or they’ve seen each other for a long time and finally got the courage to talk to each other, I WANT IT
  • ok ok ok stay with me on this ok a bartender and someone who comes to the bar monthly or weekly or whatever for karaoke night and the bartender teases them like ‘really you’re singing cher/??????’ but they love it and they wait for them to come back so they can keep flirting and stuff and GUH
  • listen i dig that slow burning flame bullshit ok so like they’re in the same friend group, they have mutual friends blah blah blah but they don’t really dig each other so they’re kinda dick ish to each other but that dickishness turns into fun sarcasm and they realize they do dig each other and YA there can be npcs and stuff it’ll be cool right
  • any sort of neighbor plot. i’m such trash for that shit
  • museum nerd ( tbh they don’t have to be all that nerdy all i imagine is glasses like clark kent wears or zooey deschanel in new girl because i’m lame ) who is crushing on the teacher/nanny/WHOEVER that brings students to the museum every week
  • DISNEY CAST MEMBERS OK like idk someone working as like idk ariel and eric but PLOT TWIST they don’t get along but they have to cheese it and be ‘oh jasmine i love u *pose!*’ omg or alternatively two princesses who are crushing on each other and their other coworkers are like “MULAN, BELLE KNOCK IT OFF!!!!”
  • pretty woman thats it not even the entire plot just like ok prostitute and business person
  • omg i literally just saw this commercial for a dating site and it said something like “first come like” and talks about first dates and awkward kisses and all that jazz and i LOVE THAT WTF first comes zoosk guys
  • sun/moon or day/night or dark/light  you know what i’m saying and we can even give them those stereotypical personalities or not idc
  • awkward roommates who were strangers before and they don’t really know each other but maybe they drunkenly kiss or accidentally walk in on the other in shower but they try and date other people but its weird and there’s chemistry gUH
  • one person is studying to get a follow up degree ( like law school or med school you know??? ) and their significant other is an artist or something that doesn’t require a degree so they don’t understand the studying and there’s tension but a lot of fluff too
  • spooky ghosts ( I’M STILL INTO HALLOWEEN OK ) 
  • neighbors who talk on their fire escapes or roofs OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT OK

Dear Scarlet, 
I wanted to take a second to reiterate some of the things I’ve said regarding body image on instagram. I think this is a really important issue for little and grown females alike. 

The lovely @greerinez tagged me for the #20beautifulwomen challenge. I feel most beautiful when: I see myself in Scarlet. When I read over something I’ve written that still resonates with me and I feel like I’m getting something right. When Bobby looks at me like he’s never seen a dang woman before. When girls email me and tell me I inspired them to leave their crappy boyfriends. When women who I respect compliment me. There’s no better way to be lifted up than by a fellow lady friend that knows the struggle. When I have early 2000s r&b dance parties alone in my room. When I accept my body as a vessel for my words and as the machine that built my daughter. I feel beautiful when I wear clothes that don’t hide my body, even if I don’t pull them off by other people’s standards. Because no matter what you can’t please everyone, so if I decided to wait around for approval I’d be waiting around forever. I’m too busy and life is too fleeting. And anyway, anybody who is vocal about being “offended” by a soft belly or thick thighs is saying a lot more about themselves than they are about me. One day I woke up and realized this: I don’t exist for you to look at. It changed me. My body isn’t here for your comfort. My purpose on this earth is not to arouse you. I spent years of my life feeling imprisoned by something that I now celebrate. I’ve tracked my calories so closely that I’d cut a carrot stick in half to stay under. That’s sickness. I feel beautiful when I remember that the circumference of my arms does. not. matter. The most important thing about me has nothing to do with the amount of space I take up in a room. I nominate all of the babes I tagged and whoever else wants to join, because feeling good about yourself is a message I love hearing. 

I’m posting this because most of my followers are young girls and they need to hear it more than anyone. Turns out you can gain weight and still be ok. Turns out I’m ok. The world isn’t crashing in. My husband still loves me. People don’t hate me (well, not for that reason 😏) Most importantly, I don’t hate me. So that’s actually fine if you want to order mozzarella sticks. You will be okay. I don’t want any of you babies feeling ashamed because you’re freaking hungry. It’s all going to be ok. I promise.

Kristen Stewart's mom outs her as "loving women and men," now dating a woman
“I’ve met Kristen’s new girlfriend, I like her. What’s not to accept? She’s a lovely girl.”
By Sharon Feinstein

Let the “gal pal” rhetoric die once and for all: Kristen Stewart’s mother, Jules Stewart, confirmed in an interview that her daughter “loves women and men.”

Granted, the interview was in a London tabloid, but here’s a selection of quotes from Jules about Kristen’s relationship with her assistant, Alicia Cargile:

“I’ve met Kristen’s new girlfriend, I like her. What’s not to accept? She’s a lovely girl.”

“I feel like people need to be free to love whoever they want.”

“What’s not to be accepting about her now having a girlfriend? She’s happy.”

“She’s my daughter, I’m just her mom so she knows I would accept her choices.”

“It’s OK to be who you are in my world. We all choose our friends so we should be free to choose our lovers.”

“People are good to do whatever they like as long as they’re not hurting people or breaking the law.”

“I have gay friends, family members, I’m accepting of people, we are all free to choose who we want to love.”

Welp, there it is. Looking forward to hearing Kristen speak out about this; it’s most important to hear it from her. We have no idea whether she gave her mom permission to say these things, either. Lots to think about here. 

Let’s also remember that the word “bisexual” was never used here; we have no idea what word (if any) Kristen uses to describe herself, so let’s make sure we don’t decide on one for her. 

Why I prefer bands over people

Family: you have to get good grades. We love you for whoever you want to be but you can’t get any tattoos or piercings and stop listening to the bands you like.

People in school: you retarded cunt you’re so weird stay away from me.

Friends: why do you listen to screamo songs? All you talk about is girls and bands.

Pierce the veil: darling you’ll be ok

All time low: maybe it’s not my weekend but it’s gonna be my year

Sleeping with sirens: wrists are for bracelets not cutting

Pierce the veil: I kissed the scars on her skin, I still think you’re beautiful

You me at six: don’t change, just be who you are

Bring me the horizon: don’t go, I can’t do this on my own