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i don’t know what’s funnier about this, the fact that he’s probably referring to the data for Mii Fighter, the idea of this probably 10 year old kid hacking into a cartridge and finding a ‘hidden character’, the sheer amount of exclamation points this dude uses, or the actual concept of playing as the announcer and the fact that he would just yell “ME”

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Under the night sky we sat. He looks as beautiful as ever, the dim moonlight lighting up his features in the most ethereal way. He is smiling, I am transfixed on the way his eyes crinkle, so delicate and childlike. I can’t stop staring at the beauty before me, and he notices.

“why are you staring at me?”

“because you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on”

He turns away shyly, a faint blush creeping up his neck. He turns away from me, not wanting me to see the effect my words have on him.

“you clearly haven’t seen yourself then”

I smile shyly and look down to where our hands are entwined. I never want to let him go.

A sudden gust of wind freezes us to the core, he huddles closer to me, head nuzzling into the crook of my neck. His breath is warm on my exposed skin. I rest my head atop his, we fit together perfectly.

I whisper sweet nothings into his ear, whilst holding him close to me, wanting this moment to last forever.

“it’s getting colder, we should go back” he shivers and tries to pull away from me, but I hold him still, pulling him closer, making him stay.

“I don’t want to let go of this moment, let’s stay a little longer”

He sighs loudly, but nods his head in agreement anyway. Minutes pass, and I can feel his gaze. Looking down at him, I smile softly and capture his soft lips in a kiss. Its slow, and loving. Each of us put all our unspoken words and feelings into it.

“I love you so much” I whisper after pulling away, albeit reluctantly. I once again see the faint pink dusting on his cheeks, he was clearly not expecting to hear those words.

Looking into my eyes, with a dazzling smile he say’s “I love you too”

Under the night sky we sat. Somehow, he is even more beautiful.

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Sam: *holding up hanger with shirt on it* "you'd look great in this" Gabriel: *holding up hanger with nothing on it* "you'd look great in this😏"


this is literally the funnies shit I’ve seen all year. I love you anon, whoever you are. you are a genius omg

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realmattletscher When an Eoboy gets all he ever wanted for Christmas… Tonight’s episode of LoT (“Doomworld”) was the most fun I had all season, for reasons that will become apparent. How will Thawne rewrite reality? How would you?



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i made a playlist.

  • it sounds like slow kisses against soft skin.
  • it makes you feel like the person you dream about fingertips is lingering on the very tip of your own.
  • it sounds like peace you find right in between the heaven and hell of your own thoughts.
  • it feels like warm water against a cold and stressed body.
  • it has its own aura. it’s blue, with tones of clear red and it fades into a beautiful indigo with gold flakes.
  • it’s the soundtrack to the interludes between each time you fell in love
  • each song has a heartbeat and bass thats immutable into your soul.
  • have you ever heard someone who loves you cry for you?
  • do you know how it sounds when you hurt that person but you make love to them afterwards?
  • this compilation sounds like makeup sex.
  • it feels like the person you thought was gone…returned.
  • when the playlist is over…know that it was just a feeling, not a reality. that person is gone.
  • but revisit this queue when you need to feel them hold you again or tell you the promises they broke all over again.

I made a playlist. When i love again; i’ll burn it to a disc and sit in the silence of it with whoever i love next.

   ❛  And there are never really endings, happy or otherwise. Things keep going on, they overlap and blur, your story is part of your sister’s story is part of many other stories, and there is no telling where any of them may lead.  ❜


In the year 2026 the world as we knew it ended. There were many stories spoken about it, and yet one thing remained a constant element of each of them  ——  nature reclaimed what was hers. It started with weather acting out on a grand scale, reshaping the industrialized world. Then the power died down, and with it many resources had gone short ; all of which when lost, created an open way to pick through people one by one. Great numbers were lost to pandemics, cataclysms, finally leaving very few survivors fending for their lives, and searching through wrecks of the Old World. One of them was the legendary Merlin, who began bringing survivors from the entire world to the old lands of British Isles. On top of the ruins a community was formed, that through mutual effort began to pick humanity back onto its feet. With it, magic was reborn, thus new Albion was created!

Now it’s the year 2158. For over one hundred years the community expanded, learning its ways in the new world. As generations kept growing, the occupied lands became larger, and a civilization was hatched from its ashes  ——  creating a world where people were equal, as was love, profession and beliefs. A lot of old crafts and lore made its return to a world where magic is once again roaming free through the lands, creating a balanced mix of scrapped technology and fantasy. A reality where the greatest gift is to give back to others with skill and knowledge, with books being a vital resource of it, and where the people of the lands choose their leaders, who all meet every now and then to discuss the well-being of Albion. And as for Merlin…  he lives by the Crystal Cave quietly overlooking it all.

If you want to join this world, now is your chance! See for yourself where your character lands, and if the peace that’s been kept for the past one hundred and thirty two years will last.

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favourite mika videos? or interviews?

@i-live-for-glitter-not-you has already included some of my favourite videos in their list, but i will try to extend the already exhaustive list…. 

1) Dying with the stars with Mika and Paul de Leeuw, iconic, the dog at the beginning, the little kiss, the comment about dying in the closet…. pure gold

2) Boum Boum  Boum in Amsterdam (I WAS THERE!!!!!) for the butt shake and also @probably-pride-related‘s cameo 

3) this q&a session feat. Melachi 

4) the entire 40 minutes live@home show from like 2009

5) everything about Casa Mika but I wont’t link those… especially the taxi driver bits!! And everything with Virginia Raffaele 

6) Le Divan (french talk show where the host psychoanalyses the guest???) love all of it because it’s a little insight into his life and he looks happy to share it so I’m happy that he’s happy // with english subtitles thanks to MFC subtitling team 

7) Rock the Games q&a

8) all of the track by track videos for the Origin album, especially the one about the origin of love 

9) Mika’s write christmas vlog back in the old days when he used to vlog 


I’m forgetting so may other fav videos and it would be impossible to put in concert recordings as well cause then this list would be a mile long. I really like anything that came out of the 2012 US tour for origin and the latest tour for NPIH though 

When you spend months making stupid headcanons post and then the game actually has stuff like that and you just… you just need to sit down because you feel so spoiled, and you start to doubt you are even awake because no fucking way is this game doing everything you have ever wanted like how fucking dare them do this to you at 3 am when you should be sleeping and not having to supress your screaming and laughing because holy fucking shit!!!