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Felicity Smoak Gifs 17/?: I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what i want. If that makes me a bitch [with wifi], okay. - Madonna

“We have an exam tomorrow, but I need you to hear this new song I wrote for you”

You can’t tell me that Pre-Kerberos Shiro and Keith didn’t do sappy dumb embarrassing stuff when they go on dates. LOOK. AT. THEM. Friggin matching shirts. How gross can you guys get? Even Zarkon can see that blush of yours Shiro. Keep it together. They’re so cute I can’t stop drawing them. OTL

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Hello everyone! It’s me, Aree here with my first follow forever with this blog! I know some of you have followed me since my first blog and I’ve remade like twice now ansjdkan so I just wanted to say thank you to those who’ve stuck with me through everything! And then also thanks to the new people I’ve followed and become mutuals with! I hope I can talk to every one of you all and become friends ^-^ Anyway, I reached a goal so here’s a list of mutuals who I love! Also, sorry for the shitty gif I made it in like 10 minutes and I hate adding text to gifs anjsdka ♡

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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 38

Summary: You and Dwight are ordered to go out and find Sherry, but you get more than you bargained for.

Includes: Smut. Daddy kink. Spanking. (NOT Dwight smut)

A/N: Look at me, uploading a chapter at a reasonable time! I hope y'all enjoy this trash 😙😙💕


“A lie that is a half-truth is the darkest of all lies.” ~ Alfred Tennyworth

“Sometimes our balance has to be upset and our course reset in order to help us navigate to our final destination. This is my final destination and where I was meant to be.” ~ Ella Dominguez

“Oh, Sir, don’t you know that on the edge of fear is where trust grows?” ~ Ella Dominguez


You and Dwight stood there in silence, looking at eachother, both of you trying to process what happens next. You placed your fingers at the bridge of your nose, pinching it, trying to bring yourself back to reality. You leaned back against the wall.

“We’re you serious, or just saying something to get off the hook?” You asked.

“Like I said, I have an idea.” He said, taking a step forward, “Meet me outback near the trucks in 20 minutes.”

You nodded and headed down the hallway with him before splitting up. You walked back into the yard, looking around for any sign of Negan, mainly to avoid him. You didn’t understand why he was putting half of the blame on you, and the more you thought about it, the angrier you became. You walked inside the cafeteria, still needing to check on your workers, you spotted David talking to Brian behind the counter. David turned his head seeing you walking over to them, you motioned for Brian to leave as he turned towards you.

“How’d it go?” David asked non-chalantly.

“Don’t fucking ask. I’ve gotta leave and help Dwight look for Sherry.” You sighed, glancing into the back of the kitchen, you were thankful to see Katherine and Ben doing their work. That was one less thing to worry about.

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Don’t Deserve You

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Title: Don’t Deserve You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,255

Warnings: angst, fluff

A/N: This was not requested, but I felt the inspiration to write this fic from THIS song! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 I am EXTREMELY proud of this one.

Dean Winchester was the first face you saw when air found its way back into your lungs.  He was the one who saved you; he was the reason you were alive.  It was the day your father took his own life.  He set the garage on fire.  Dean was the one who pulled you out of the garage.  Ever since that day, your bond with Dean changed.  It was much stronger.  Sometimes you felt like you didn’t deserve Dean, even though you couldn’t imagine life without him.

There were countless times where Dean had been there for you.  When you were falling apart, Dean was always there to help you.  He was always there, without question.  Even when you tried to fight it, he never let you down.

Dean grabbed your arm as flames engulfed half of the room.  “[Y/N] come on,” Dean shouted in desperation.  “We gotta get out of here!”  

“Dean I can’t leave my mom,” you cried, your eyes glued to the fiery ceiling.  “She’s the only family I have left.”

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I was nineteen years old and competing in the Miss World Guyana pageant when someone told me my natural curls looked unkept.

“If you want to win, just straighten it, make it look nice.”
“If you want to win, wear a little more makeup”

But who were they to tell me that the hair my God blessed me with wasn’t nice? Or the shape of my features needed amending? More so, why did I believe them?

I told young girls looking up to me that they were enough, that they were beautiful just the way they were… I should’ve been telling myself that. There I was falling for society’s idea of beauty while neglecting my own.

I figured out that it doesn’t matter how hot the iron is that takes these curls out or how great my contour kit is to redefine my nose. One day I will have a beautiful little girl who will look just like me and I can’t tell her to love who she is and what she’s made of if I’m eradicating what I essentially passed on to her.

- Denicia A. Williams

Hello!! It’s your local queememe here. This time I decided to make something for everyone. Since I’m a person who likes to give away love, I made a birthday page, and you’re all welcome to join!
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