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You can’t tell me that Pre-Kerberos Shiro and Keith didn’t do sappy dumb embarrassing stuff when they go on dates. LOOK. AT. THEM. Friggin matching shirts. How gross can you guys get? Even Zarkon can see that blush of yours Shiro. Keep it together. They’re so cute I can’t stop drawing them. OTL

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“We have an exam tomorrow, but I need you to hear this new song I wrote for you”

I’ve just reached a follower goal on this blog and I’ve decided to do a follow forever! I’m doing this follow forever as a small appreciation to all of you who bless my dash with your wonderful posts, you are all such lovely people and I cannot thank you enough for existing.

+ mutuals
+ favorites  (blogs i admire or friendly people i love)

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Hello everyone! It’s me, Aree here with my first follow forever with this blog! I know some of you have followed me since my first blog and I’ve remade like twice now ansjdkan so I just wanted to say thank you to those who’ve stuck with me through everything! And then also thanks to the new people I’ve followed and become mutuals with! I hope I can talk to every one of you all and become friends ^-^ Anyway, I reached a goal so here’s a list of mutuals who I love! Also, sorry for the shitty gif I made it in like 10 minutes and I hate adding text to gifs anjsdka ♡

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it’s been while since I hit 4K and I’m endlessly thankful who have been here with me through thick and thin. I love every single one of you. You all deserve the love and happiness. I want to especially thank people who have made my blog so fascinating with absolutely great pictures. Also you’re very lucky to have me following you because I seriously don’t follow like hundreds of people. You’re lucky, lol, because I have unfollowed TOO MANY people on this webside. okay that was rude.

And of course, I’m always available to talk. Even if I’m not online or here, on Tumblr.

Not in an alphabetic order.

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BONGBONGIES ARE BACK! To help me thank everyone on my tumblr <3

I just reached a milestone for my blog and I think it’s time for one of these follow forevers (it’s my first time omg) :D here’s an appreciation post to all who enjoy my blog as well as those who make my dashboard a BOO-tiful place <3 I’m not very sure how to do this but here goes. 

It’s been a year and two months since I started posting seventeen stuff~ I started this blog as an exo (as seen from my url) but I didn’t post much, I mainly used it to stalk ppl lol and reblog stuff. But seventeen was the group who MADE ME post stuff. There’s so much I love about them and I had to share it ^^ THANK YOU TO ANYONE WHO SEES THIS ANW!

a-i:@aceshua, @cheolshu (one of the first blogs i followed <3), @bijoujisoo@camera-seventeen, @dokyuml, @doogii-pd, @cafewoozi, @caramelgyu, @cheolsgirl, @cheonsajeonghan1004, @beautifulshuas (fellow manda~), @fyjeongcheol, @incorrect7teen, @eggyyoon, @hannie-jars, @disidem@harujeonghan, @amemericans, @fuckyeahmingyu, @hanwooz,  @fy-scoups

j-r:@pledis17, @jeonghandata, @jeonghan-1004svt (NIA!!), @jihanlife (even if you’re no longer active T.T), @jeonheart,@jeongcoups17, @jleeoutfitters, @jeongcoups1996, @jeonghanismyangel, @minghaos-tattoo, @mc-gyu, @phan-and-shipping-and-stuff (loveee your fake subs!), @minghaou, @kwontv, @jeung-han@jeongjarsofhannie, @junhoontrash,  @koraenpop, @meload@junspurplehair@officialseungcheol, @pledisseventeen, @jeongahn, @je0nghans, @jeonghney, @performanceunit, @myungho, @pabospoiler, @jungahns, @mingyay

s-z + 0-9: @7ww, @visual-17@wonnhao,  @17dad,  @12fools, @vitaminniedk@veryubejam, @17hateblog, @wonuflake, @seventeen17life, @s-lay-ing, @theliqht,  @verngyu, @wonnhuii, @saebum, @syua, @souppa, @scoup-d-etat, @seungkvvan, @svteditors, @svtgifsets, @shua, @yoonjunqhan           

i hope i got the labels corrects…<3 much love to you all!