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When You Rant About Height (GOT7)

“Hi! Could you do got7 (as your best friend) reacting to you going on a rant about how you’re too short for any guy to like you? Sorry if it’s weird but I’m kinda insecure about how short I am 😬”

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He’s a good listener. He’ll listen carefully to every finite detail of your rant. You’d express how you were insecure and that you’d never find love. He’d be a little annoyed inside that you would ever dream of feeling such a way about yourself. It’d make him abruptly speak up. After all that time listening, he’d quickly cut in saying that he liked your height and that he was sure there must be one guy who likes you. i wonder who hmmm?

“Yah, I know there’s one guy who’d snatch you up in a heartbeat…”

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Like Bummie, he’d be an intent listener. He’d definitely want to listen to your problems and your rambles - no matter how insignificant it would seem to some. The truth is, he genuinely cares for you. It would wound him a little to see you obsessed about  something he actually loves about you. He’d be gentle, reassuring you sweetly that no person would ever judge you for your height when you are just as amazing as you. He’d then blush and giggle over his own greasy comment.

“(Y/N) you’re perfect.”

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(ik it’s an old gif, but srsly what have they been feeding mark recently, hm???)

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Tonight was by far the hardest night of my life. I had to put my 10 year old cat, Trigger, to sleep due to cancer. Nobody understands the emotional connection you have with your pet except you. I was definitely one of those people who never understood how someone could be so heartbroken after the loss of a pet until I had one. They are more than just a pet, they become a family member. Love you always, Trig. You were the best cat I could’ve ever asked for. Enjoy your vacation in paradise. <3

Have you ever been disappointed in love? Have you ever tried to start something with someone and had some hardship so you thought it wasn’t worth it? Have you ever had an entire family saying you two couldn’t be together? Friends who thought maybe you two were better off separated? Have you ever given up on a relationship because it wasn’t 100% perfect and easy?

Sometimes, you’ll think the fight is not worth it, that ending things will make you feel better. That it will make everything easier.

Maybe after the end, you’ll feel unburdened, feel like you have time for yourself and that things will get easier. Maybe dating someone new, fun and uncomplicated or just randomly picking up girls at bars is your choice. Or hanging out with friends and having fun is the way to go.

But what happens at night, when you’re the most vulnerable?

What happens when most of your friends have someone to go back to and to warm their beds and the random girl from the bar doesn’t bring the depth you need?

What happens when you wake up in the morning and there are no more “Good morning” texts? What happens when your friends are out having fun with their girlfriends and boyfriends and you’re home alone and have no one to talk to? Of course you have friends and family, but what about those special conversations you can only have with that one special person? The deep conversations, the silly dreams, the crazy plans, the sweet daydreams about what the future holds for the two of you, together.

Do you feel alone? Do you feel lonely? Do you remember good moments? Do you wish you could talk to the person you finally got rid of? Do you think about the plans for the future you never allowed to happen?

There are moments when things get rough, when you need to take time for yourself, or you need to breathe. Take that time, explain that you need a breather, ask for a day off from work and for some time away from your relationship, put things in perspective. But don’t give up on a good thing, don’t give up on someone who can make you happy.

Have you found the one who loves you? The one who promised you she’d be here no matter what? The one who doesn’t just want to be with you but wants to fight tooth and nail for the two of you to stay together? Has anyone ever promised you that you were their home? Their forever? Have you pushed them out? Let them go? Have they left you?

Do you think you can find true love in that person? Do you think it’s worth fighting for happiness? To be with the one who truly loves you? With the one you were once so sure you loved too? Can you be strong enough to let go of your pride, fears and past mistakes and failures and be with that person? Are you built strong enough to give love a real chance?

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idk who J was really or if u ever think of him now but wow baby u were deep in those feelings 2 years ago (idk when u left but), can u even imagine where u'll be in 2 more? so strong, independent, by then everyone who hurt u will have realized their mistakes but I promise, u will be too happy with urself to care @ all.

This is such a fucking wonderful message idk who u are but ur truly an angel and i really appreciate ur love. Thank you for being thoughtful and for sending this message ❤️

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""dangankinthings inspired me to make the blog. Specifically Mod Ibuki!"" me, man who is crying, - all memes aside oh my gsoh dfdhfhdfhhdfhdfhdfh im no!!! inspiration!! and ic nannot believe my blog helped inspire my #1 fave kinblog i am sobbing and honestylly ists all the other mods on dangankinthings that are super duper inspirations!!!! not me ehehehe!! - emotional buki

To think that we are your favorite kinblog is enough to bring tears to my eyes-

Ibuki, your hard work, effort, and love for all who go to your blog is inspirational to say the least. We would not be here, doing what we do, if it were not for you.

You are a joy as a person, and seeing you in our inbox is always euphoria-inducing. And, if I am honest, you have always been somebody I very much wanted to befriend.

You, and everybody on dangankinthings are all beautiful, and I am ever grateful to you.

-Mod Shinguji

a softer world sentence starters.
  • ❛ some people are so good at disappearing that you start to doubt your memories that they were ever there. ❜ 
  • ❛ how do you say goodbye to someone who was never there? ❜
  • ❛ i don’t want a world without pain, or loss. i just want them to mean something. ❜
  • ❛ there are some people who believe a photo captures their soul. ❜
  • ❛ if you love something let it go. ❜
  • ❛ you were not the first, you will not be the last. ❜
  • ❛ there are some secrets i will take to my grave, but i don’t want loving you to be one of them. ❜
  • ❛ you can still back out before anyone gets hurt. ❜
  • ❛ i said i’d love you forever, and really meant it at the time. i guess that’s my problem. ❜
  • ❛ kindness won’t save anyone. ❜
  • ❛ for a long time i thought i deserved better. but the truth is we both deserve better than this. ❜
  • ❛ i wish there was a word that meant “goodbye” for someone who was already gone. ❜
  • ❛ i never meant to hurt you. you have to believe me. ❜
  • ❛ we’ll always have yesterday. ❜
  • ❛ hope softens the rough edge of every promise. ❜
  • ❛ love is stupid. happiness is admitting we aren’t better than stupid. ❜
  • ❛ you can’t always want what you get. ❜
  • ❛ i wish i had a dollar for every dollar’s worth of work i did. ❜
  • ❛ we are empty inside and hollow. hoping something sweet will make its nest in us. ❜
  • ❛ we’re too far from help. ❜
  • ❛ monsters are even more scary when you see them afraid. ❜
  • ❛ we carry our own loneliness with us. ❜ 
  • ❛ fake happiness beats genuine misery. ❜
  • ❛ they always trust me to be someone who i don’t even want to be. ❜
  • ❛ i cannot see where i want to go, only that i want the going.❜
  • ❛ you are never here. you are always almost there. ❜
  • ❛ you and me will die the way we lived, telling ourselves stories to make it mean something. ❜

 O toiyan kuttari: Thou who art laid out on the ground. All is good and I pray. I grow old, and I lament. I am white, already gleaming. To the man that killed me, the man who named me, I fade, ever so soon… the man who gave me hope, Arima. You were my teacher and my father. I… was oh so happy.

1. Let’s take a shower together with the lights off. Let’s leave our insecurities in the brightness.

2. I like the way you look at me when you’re laughing. I like the way you know it’s my favorite sound.

3. Let me wear your sweater. Let me sit in your bed and listen to you tell me about how you were as a kid.

4. I like the way you talk about all the people before me like they didn’t come close. I like the way you make me feel like the only one who has ever had a chance.

5. I know forever is a shot in the dark, and love is fleeting and people are cynical and sometimes shit happens, but listen. I want to be that one shot in the dark. I want it to be us in the end. I want to be the story people tell in thirty years because no one fucking believed that we’d make it.

—  Let’s Make It. // Love Thoughts, Pt. 1
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Forget me (Part 2 of Did you actually think you were enough?)

Peter Parker


Don’t Ever Come Back

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

You deserved it (Drabble)

All that matters (Part 2 of You deserved it)

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One Piece ワンピース [Alabasta Saga] : Shichibukai Sir Crocodile “Mr. 0″ vs Captain “Straw Hat” Luffy

“This world is full of peace-loving fools like Vivi. Easy for someone who’s never been in a real battle. Don’t you agree? You’re an incorrigible fool, boy! You’d give your life to help some stranger you’ve just befriended. I’ve deserted dozens of fools like you!!”

The Alabasta Saga felt like the longest segment ever but it was not without its merits. Baroque Works was unique and the members were edgy & mysterious. Daz Bones “Mr. 01″  & Miss Goldenweek were amongst my favorites but ofc the best member was Bentham, alias “Mr. 02″ Bon Clay! Let’s not forget this was also the saga we first met our beloved Portgas D. Ace! :’-) Crocodile really set the tone for the Shichibukai and what kind of pirates we could expect the crew to meet in the New World. I’d say he was the first villain I wasn’t entirely sure Luffy would triumph against (and Luffy did lose like twice if my memory is correct). Other golden eggs this saga gave us were Zoro vs Daz Bones, Sanji as Mr. Prince, and Nico Robin joining the Straw Hat Pirates!

honestly, do you want me or not?
i can’t keep sitting around stressing about who wants me and who doesn’t want me in their life. not once have i ever been sure if someone was serious about me, since day one it’s been all talk. “i want u” “i care about u” “i love u” and then they leave, they leave every fucking time. no, i’ve never been in love, no, i’ve never had something real, it’s always me helping the other person, and then we realize we were just “meant to be friends”… but maybe it’s not that, maybe it’s that they didn’t want it as bad as i did. maybe they didn’t have the passion, the motivation, or the strength that i did. “understanding love is one of the hardest things in the world” …. but one thing i know about it, is that you have to fight for it. you can’t just expect it to come easy, because it’s not. and you can’t keep giving up when it gets hard. i like to believe you have more than one soul mate in this world, maybe you’re meant to be lovers, maybe friends and either is okay. but if you find someone you have a deep connection with and someone who understands you and wants to know more about you, you should fucking go for it. talk about it, work on it, work for it, prove every fucking word you say because i swear to the entire universe actions speak so much louder than words. for example, i don’t believe one thing someone says until they prove it, thats why i always work so hard to go out of my way and prove what i say. all i know is that, love isn’t easy. it’s something you have to work for, everyone needs to learn how to open up because it’s something you have to talk about, show how you feel, prove what you say… trust and communication are the two biggest parts. but all in all… i’m here and i’m willing to work through this, work for this, i want this. i want something real. something worth it.

My Dearest Lara,

           It is difficult to write this, knowing these may only ever be words on a page to you. I wonder if you will remember my voice. Will you remember the way we used to play and laugh? Will you remember me comforting you when you were sad? Know that I’m still with you Lara…my energy, my love, it’s within you. It always will be. Use that energy to pursue your passions in life. Never let other determine your journey. You become who you are through your choices, through the love you give and promises you keep. I hope you are happy. That you are loved and successful in whatever it is you choose to do. I’m proud of you, my darling. Remember me.

With all my love, 

                 your mother

You were never really mine and I don’t think you ever wanted me to be yours but when you’re young and in love with an older boy who makes you feel special you don’t realise it until it’s too late, until your heart has been shattered and you’re the one who’s left picking up the pieces as he slams the door behind him, never once looking back.
—  you told me you loved me but you don’t destroy the people you love.

i. do you remember the night
we sat on my back porch and talked about constellations
and i counted your freckles like stars
and you told me you want to go far far away
and i told you you can’t, not without me
and i think you smiled and everything
seemed lovely, but that night was the night
i realized everything was breaking.

ii. it rained the day you left.
pools of sadness welled up on the streets
and i tried not to cry, but that was the day i realized
you were the only one who ever really got me.
or i thought you got me. maybe you were
just the best one at pretending but
everything that came out of your mouth
made me shake in a good way.

iii. or maybe it was in a bad way. maybe loving you
wasn’t everything it was supposed to be.
it was such an intense feeling, kind of like
galaxies exploding in my chest or maybe
a supernova: so beautiful but so tragic.

iv. i’m trying to forget every good thing
you ever said to me. i want it all to be red.
i want it all to be ugly. i’m trying to forget
how to love you, how to remember the bad times
instead of the good, how you carved my heart
out of my chest and left me in the wilderness,
how you left me empty.

v. but when i think of you, i just think of
how your eyelashes look in sunlight,
how your cheeks glisten in the morning air,
how you’ve gotten me through
some of the hardest times in my life.
when i think of you, i think of sitting in your bedroom
drinking wine out of the bottle
and laughing and laughing and laughing,
laying in bed with you, our legs intertwined
and talking about our dreams
in the pitch black darkness.

vi. and i still feel it, even when

i know i shouldn’t. it still eats at me

like i am a parasite and my crooked mind

is higher up on the food chain. i wish
i could turn my brain off sometimes,
the way you do. i wish everything i did
wasn’t trying to impress you.

vii. your sweatshirt’s still in my bedroom
from months ago and i won’t get rid of it
just in case you ever want to come back and get it.
will you ever come back? do you ever
think of me? are things always going
to be the same as the day you left me?
even when it’s sunny, i feel the rain clouds coming.

viii. i guess what i’m trying to say is
i’ll leave the light on on my back porch.

—  do you remember
Sometimes you think you won’t ever love again because they were your one great love. You spent so long thinking they were the one. And you fucked up, or life fucked you up, or you’re not really sure who fucked up but you’re not together anymore so something went so fucking wrong because you ended up being so god damn tragically in love with someone who touched your skin and kissed you in places nobody else has but probably doesn’t even remember your favourite colour.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
You are covering my body in kisses; full of desire, your tongue gets intertwined with my lust. “It’s been almost a year..”, you whisper. “Who would believe we’d make it so far..”, I smile ironically because I knew we’d be laying here covered in piles of love, ever since I saw your smile for the first time. 
The night flows peacefully, full of warm hugs and loud heartbeats. You wake up terrified telling me about your nightmare. “We were sleeping here, like we are now, and I was numb, feeling as if I was going to die, terrified at the thought of leaving you alone.” you murmur like a little child. I give you the sweetest kiss.
I give you the sweetest kiss and deep inside I wish I could tell you that I am sorry. I am sorry that I love you more than anything in this world yet I tremble at the thought of saying it out loud. I am sorry I can’t protect you from your darkest fears. I am sorry that I don’t have the guts to admit these two words to you. I am sorry if you feel the need to hear them.
They once told me the bigger your love is for someone, the more strength you need to turn it into words. Right now, I will hide carefully my “I love you’s” in between my kisses, the way I pull you closer when you are having a restless sleep, in between my “Good morning’s”, my lust, and the way I look at you when you’re asleep.
And I promise that I will teach myself how not to be afraid of the most beautiful words a human could create in all this chaos.

@ashleythejohnson: Mad love and respect to my Dungeons & Dragons crew. This campaign has been going on for two years now and my character (which was a Gnome/Cleric), died last night. BUT out of sheer determination, they were able to fight and bring me back. Tears were shed, bonds were made stronger and anyone who tells me that D & D is lame can suck my big fat Staff of Courage. It’s crazy how much I love you guys and if it ever came down to it, I’d fight ‘til the death for each of you rapscallions. 😘👊💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚@matthewmercervo, @marisha_ray, @orionacaba, @laurabaileyvo, @willingblam, @voiceofobrien (not pictured) @executivegoth @ramsiegel

Please Please Me explained
  • I Saw Her Standing There: Paul's horny for a minor and then experiences a myocardial rupture
  • Misery: the Beatles were the kind of guy who never used to cry and boy does that change
  • Anna (Go to Him): all of my life, I've been SER-CHEN
  • Chains: George doesn't see the foreshadowing in John and Paul singing with him p much the whole song hiding whose song it is except during the bridge
  • Boys: queer baiting
  • Ask Me Why: why?
  • Please Please Me: last night I said these words to my girl: blow me
  • Love Me Do: the smartest song the Beatles ever wrote, every line rhymes
  • P.S. I Love You: Paul reads a repetitive letter out loud
  • Baby It's You: John is yearning? professing? complaining? there's no apparent conflict, it's hard to say
  • Do You Want to Know a Secret: George wants to tell someone a secret but he spoiled it before even saying there was a secret
  • A Taste of Honey: that song
  • There's a Place: dissociation, the musical
  • Twist and Shout: the Beatles record in a cave with an echo

dear sherlock holmes and john watson,

you deserved the world, and i would have given anything so that you could have had it. i am so sorry that i couldn’t. i am so sorry that you were treated so carelessly. i am so sorry that you were silenced.

i know that you love each other and i know that you will be together. i know these things are real and they are certain. who you really are does matter, and who you really are is beautiful. you are untouchable. you are pure. you are light.

i want to thank you for leading me to a community of the greatest people i have ever known. thank you for teaching me. thank you for allowing me to be who i really am when you were not given that same opportunity yourselves.

we will do better. we will honor you. we will never let silence win.

i love you so dearly with all of my heart. my boys. your truths will always be perfect.

thank you.


“You always underestimated me”

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So while this new tease from the next episode is about the EQ, this sentence pretty much applies to any OUAT villain who ever messed with Hook.

They were always underestimating his intelligence, his honor, his bravery, his redemption, and above all his loyalty and love for Emma Swan. And they all lived to regret it.

*edited with the new addition from the last episode. Although we didn’t actually see him saying it, we know it was script!