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I loved you with everything I ever told you I did. I loved you to the moon and back and beyond. To infinity. More than anything I had ever loved before. Yet you still deserved more. Because I loved almost every part of you but not all of you. You had flaws that made me stressed. That made me sad. You had flaws that I found myself hating. Resenting. Wishing I could change. You have to understand that I loved you so much that I knew that you deserved someone who could love every single one of your flaws, not just most of them. I loved you so much that I understood that I couldn’t love you enough. I loved you so much that I understood that you deserve a girl who can cherish and adore even your worst weaknesses. I really hope she is that girl for you. And I hope I find a boy one of these days who can love me even more than I loved you.

A big Happy Birthday and a couple of doodles directed at the lovely @kellyfhaycock who is one of the nicest, kindest people I have ever had the fortune to know. I think Firefighter Phoe (Kelly’s RP OC) and Scout Scotty (from her fic Merit) speak for themselves, but I hope you have a super great day with lots of cake and nice birthday things <33 xx

Panic Logic

I think he’s the favorite of my own AU together with Nerdy Prince but like… Idk.

So I made more headcanons because who the fuck cares anyways.

- smol;

- he’s smaller than all the other 15 traits and the four Thomas’s;

- he is allergic to nothing at all and yet knows all the others allergies and takes care not to have them eat or smell or touch what gives the allergic attack;

- never, ever sleeps;

- has nightmares every single night;

- cannot handle loud music, bright lights and too much information of any kind;

- his room is marine blue;

- he is completely in love with the ocean even though he never said it to anyone;

- has tried several drugs before to try and stop his panic attacks;

- has a teddy bear named Blue;

- his dream was to teach children but because of his constant panic attacks he can’t teach at all;

- he loves the night sky;

- he has self harmed before (once. It was not pretty).

American Gods Alphabet: Cluracans

I really love American Gods and mythology so I made an alphabetic list of every reference made in the novel.

Read the whole encyclopedia here

Cluracans (123)

Cluracans (Irish) Fairies who function in contrast to leprechauns (See: Mad Sweeney) They inhabit wine cellars, and will protect your goods if you respect them, but will bring misfortune on your life should they feel mistreated. Cluracans are characterized as being drunk and unruly, wearing red suits and silver buckled shoes. Once they have found a home, they stay there forever, should the homeowner ever try to move, the cluracan would follow.

All names/terms are depicted with the page in which they first appear in the American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition of the author’s preferred text.

Read the whole encyclopedia here

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i had to crack my knuckles before starting this one. okay so i’ve been watching drag race for years, but i got very involved in it once i saw that alaska was on as2. alaska is literally the reason this blog was made, she was the first queen i ever got insanely invested in. Alaska is so amazing, so funny and talented in so many ways. she deserves the world and anyone who hates her is evil. i’m so glad she won as2 because she was such a huge drag race fan, she tried so hard, and she really wanted it! and my bitch got it. she’s so beautiful and i love her with my whole heart. 

7hjackpot  asked:

Your art is incredibly beautiful, detailed and whimsical. I'm curious- Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Thank you so much!

I was always inspired by Beatrix Potter, ever since I was a child. Her attention to detail, love of anatomically correct animals, and sometimes quite dark humor, has influenced my art since forever.

She’s what made me want to learn art in the first place

Then there’s Mr. Bill Waterson.

My parents owned the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes; I used to get a piece of paper and trace over Hobbes to learn how to draw him!

His sense of motion and very natural style of inking are still a big influence to me. Oh to be as loose with my ink as he is!

And of course, like all young modern day artists, Studio Ghibli.

My Neighbor Totoro was the first thing I ever saw by them; my brothers rented it for me on a VHS when I was 6. Its vivid colors and love of nature permanently impacted me and my art.

As I got older, I noticed most of my favorite artists had something in common: Watercolors with ink lines, and every painting told a story. 

I wasn’t content to draw a pretty girl sitting in front of a window; I had to know why she was sitting in front of a window, what type of window was it? Where did she live? Was she pretty because she was born that way or did she steal it from her sister who’s trapped beneath a lake?

What changed the direction of my art (For a while I thought I wanted to be a cartoonist like Bill Waterson) was when I discovered Edmund Dulac. I loved his fine inking, composition, and the faded brown antique look. I’m still trying to find a balance between that sepia tone, and my love of vivid colors.

Also, for sheer strangeness, Peter Sis. His fishes with faces have permeated my art forever.

As for WHAT inspires me…I would have to say my environment and my family.

I live in the countryside, on the Jacobson Family Farm, and it is beautiful here; chickens, turkeys, cows, sheep, a still young orchard, and a lake a mile up. Hundreds of tiny black toads seem to rise from the ground when it rains, and a cougar who lives in an old dug-out by the lake.

My family really is my biggest blessing. My parents and siblings love my art and support me 100%. When I was young, I would tell me little sister Alice stories as we fell asleep at night; now that I’m older, I can tell me nieces and nephews stories as we camp five feet from the house in pop-up tents. These stories always end up becoming illustrations later!

There are other things that inspire me; documentaries about history, cultures, nature, sea life, or anything really. My uncle makes prosthetic limbs for a living, so I’ve always been fascinated by that, and include them in my art and stories quite frequently.

I’m highly susceptible to inspiration; I’ve been inspired by the pattern on curtains and the shape of my blanket.

Thank you for such an interesting question! I had a blast thinking about what and who inspires me, so this answer probably ran a little too long. I don’t know how to end this so bye.

Get To Know Me

I was tagged by @ererifanatic who is the sweetest person ever like how the fuck do you balance all of that sweetness and kinky shit? (answer: she’s a goddess and can do whatever)

Name: Hannah

Nicknames: I didn’t really have any since when I was a kid but?? last semester I made a friend that started calling me “baby gay” and now everyone calls me baby gay and I love it

zodiac sign: virgo

orientation: panromantic homosexual 

ethnicity: yoo I’m fourth generation Cherokee Indian and you can pry my adoration for my big-eared great grandparents from my cold-dead-white-and most-definitely-not-just-Native American-I’m-definitely-just-four-generatins-of-American hands

favorite fruit: I have yet to eat a fruit that I’m not prepared to die for

favorite season: fall!!

favorite book: Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

favorite scent: you know that breeze that comes off the ocean? that

favorite color: greeeeeeen

favorite animal: c r o w s 

coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea! My mother is living my dream of being a barista (like I’m an english major it is practically REQUIRED for me to be a barista) and I stop by to get tea from her on my way to class

favorite fictional character: Murtagh from the Inheritance Cycle

number of blankets I sleep with: one

ideal trip: one I can actually afford?? That would be nice

when was your blog created: a year and a half ago, I belive

I’d like to tag @kagekii, @justapansexualfanficwriter, @sluttttysurveycorps, and @simplistically-arid

Tag Game

These are awesome. I love these. Thankyou so much Belle (@only-freakin-sunflowers) for tagging me in this :D

r u l e s : answer the questions - not restricted to one fandom. tag as many people as you’d like afterwards.

first ever fandom? The Glee fandom. Yep, that was where it all started. I didn’t know what a fandom even was xD

first ever ship? #FinchelForever

first death that made you cry/upset? Alexandra Caroline Grey. Now this is awful right, but I didn’t cry. I didn’t cry because at that point I had only just started watching Grey’s and I didn’t even know her, but she was my favourite and I couldn’t believe she got crushed with that plane. If I haaaad watched the rest of Grey’s first, for sure would have cried. I’d cry now, I make it a rule to not watch Flight so that doesn’t happen ahahah xD Lexie Grey Deserved Better.

OTP? Omelia, Sanvers, WestAllen (Because there’s simply too many things I ship, so these are the ones I ship most right now xD)

NOTP? Karamel Karamel Karamel Karamel.

least favourite fictional character? So many douchebags. All of the douchebags. Damien Darhk, Mon-El, Preston Burke, Lauren Boswell, Eobard Thawne, the list goes on. Damien Darhk is right at the top of my hit list, and there he’s gonna stay forever for killing Laurel.

5 favourite female fictional characters?

  • Amelia Shepherd
  • Lexie Grey
  • Sara Lance
  • Alex Danvers
  • Laurel Lance

5 favourite male fictional characters?

  • Ray Palmer
  • Owen Hunt
  • Cooper Freedman
  • Charles Boyle
  • Curtis Holt

5 favourite actors/actresses?

  • Chyler Leigh
  • Caterina Scorsone
  • Camilla Luddington
  • Caity Lotz
  • Katie Cassidy

4 favourite characters who died/left the show?

  • Lexie Grey
  • Laurel Lance
  • George O’Malley
  • Teddy Altman
  • Izzie Stevens

3 favourite characters from shows you stopped watching

I don’t stop watching shows, I don’t think I ever have once xD

3 favourite characters from shows that have ended?

  • Charlotte King (Private Practice)
  • Lorelai Gilmore (both of them xD Gilmore Girls)
  • Alex Panttiere (Heartbeat)

3 favourite shows you started in the last year?

  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • Legends of Tomorrow

favourite tv show: Grey’s Anatomy, Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

tv show you want to watch: None right now xD I watch sooooooooo many already xD

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Another smile to keep Anon’s Happy and to all my friend’s on here who have support me and comforted me when I’m anxious as always :) So Thankyou and I’m always here for you.

Sending out replies when I can, so in the meantime feel free to keep sending asks (Even in messages which you are doing)

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That’s a lot :’D

Thank you for being good Role-players and just lovely people that are great to get to know, You’ve put a smile on my face.  I definitely recommend these guys! Keep up being amazing. <3 

I hate to know that the only way for me to see you smile is to pretend that we’re just lovely friends who don’t feel anymore than our friendship. That I wasn’t someone who could give you and make you feel everything you ever wanted. It’s the fact that I was a single star hoping for you to notice—among the brightest ones in your galaxy. That we wouldn’t be able to create one single spark once we collide. It’s not sad knowing—that the only way for me to love you—is to let you go—to stay away from you. And for me to feel this thing freely I need to be out of your sight. It’s not sad. It is something that was more than that. It was something that made me search for words that weren’t enough.
—  ma.c.a // Why “away” also means “stay”?

Imagine if time all happened at once. Every moment of your life laid out around you, like a city. Streets full of buildings made of days. The day you were born, the day you die. The day you fall in love, the day that love ends. A whole city built from triumph and heartbreak and boredom and laughter and cutting your toenails. It’s the best place you will ever be. Time is a structure relative to ourselves. Time is the space made by our lives, where we stand together forever. Time and Relative Dimension in Space - it means life.    t h e  p i l o t

i think this is obvious, maybe not to disney, but leia deserves better than kyle ron. she deserves better than a son who has blatantly disregarded everything she’s ever stood for, disregarded the fact that she’s a genocide survivor, and that the man he idolizes tortured her and made her watch the extermination of her people. why would you expect her to love him when he very clearly doesn’t give a shit about her? leia deserves better than an arc that uses her as a plot device catch-all (because if leia ‘thinks’ there’s still ‘good’ in him we can just completely ignore everything he does in the mean time, right? until his very unlikely and undeserved redemption?) and is disrespectful to her entire character & history. leia deserves better than a patricidal, fascist, white supremacist murderer of a child who abducts women, tortures them, and says nasty things like ‘i can take anything i want.’ leia doesn’t owe kyle a single thing and she isn’t a bad person for washing her hands of him.

So here’s an email I just sent to Marvel, in case you’re interested

To the editors of Marvel Comics:

Many of the letters in your letters pages begin with the writer’s long history of reading comics as evidence that you should care about their opinion and want to keep them as a customer. While I may be relatively new to comics, I think I’m a pretty desirable customer. Not only do I have disposable income and a willingness to spend money on physical books in a brick-and-mortar comic shop, but I’m also a teacher and librarian with the power to get your books in the hands of the next generation.

Until recently, I was thrilled to do just that. I teach at a school that serves a very diverse population and I wanted to expose my students to heroes who look like them. I bought them Miles Morales, Sam Wilson, Ms. Marvel, Silk, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, various team books, and more. I did this not with the school’s budget, but with my own money (and I of course took the opportunity to read them myself first).

For myself (although I also share most of them with students), I have every issue of Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!, The Mighty Thor, Mockingbird, Storm, and most of the recent Black Widow and Captain Marvel runs. I’ve been eagerly awaiting Nick Fury and America, and was not disappointed by their #1s. I’ve loved so much of what Marvel has given me over the past few years; I got to see parts of myself and the people I love in these books, parts that I don’t always get to see in popular media.

But none of the above were the characters that got me into comics; that honor belongs to Steve Rogers. I fell in love with him in the movies, with his steadfastness and his sense of justice and his belief in doing the right thing and protecting individuals. I went back and read Brubaker’s Winter Soldier arc, but was too intimidated by the vastness of the Marvel universe to read many of the books he was currently appearing in when I first started reading comics.

And then I found out he was being restored to his young self and getting a new series. I was ECSTATIC. I couldn’t wait to get it and see what new adventures this amazing character would go on. When I found out about the twist at the end of #1, I was upset, but everyone assured me that this is comics - it’ll be mind control or a decoy or some other trick. Soon everything would be back to normal. But as I realized how committed everyone at Marvel was to the reality of Steve-the-Hydra-Agent, I also realized that this was a book that didn’t want me as a reader. This version of Steve Rogers seemed to have nothing in common with the Steve Rogers I had fallen in love with. As a queer woman with Jewish ancestry, I felt like my concerns were dismissed and that I was unwelcome. 

So I didn’t buy the book. I kept my other subscriptions and continued to enjoy them, all the while waiting for the trick-behind-the-trick that everyone else seemed sure would come. And then Secret Empire began.
I don’t know if I can put into words how it felt to find out that according to this new story, Steve Rogers has never been a hero at all. The closest I can get is that it was a punch in the gut, although I feel the cliche fails to accurately convey the strength of my response.

Stories matter. Heroes matter. And in a world that feels full of pain and fear and darkness, stories and heroes matter even more. The people I love are living with a lot of fear right now - fear of deportation, fear of losing access to health care, fear of being attacked for who they love or the color of their skin - and so am I. We need heroes who can remind us of why we fight, why we resist, why we rise above, why we plant ourselves like a tree and say “no, you move.”

Steve Rogers used to be that hero for me and for many others. To take a hero like Steve Rogers and destroy everything that made him who he was, everything that he was created to be…I don’t know why that is a story that Marvel wants to tell right now. Or ever. It is incomprehensible to me.

And it leaves me torn. I have asked my shop to not pull any books related to Secret Empire for me, and a part of me wants to firmly declare that Marvel will never see another cent of my money at all. The other part of me remembers how much I have loved and appreciated my other experiences as a Marvel fan, the encouragement that your characters and stories have given me, the ways they’ve made me laugh and given me something to look forward to, a bright spot in the middle of the week.

I don’t know if I will keep buying Marvel comics. I want to, but I’m not sure you want me to. Right now, it seems like I’m the type of customer that you don’t want at all - the customer who values the diversity you’ve blamed for the sales slump and who wants her good guys to be good, even when it’s hard.

Hoping to remain a fan,
Rachel A. 

Last day of @starcoweek3: Au of choice and as always I love to participate in this prompt ( ^ w ^ ) 

I have no idea what au pick for this one, so I made a “movie au”: Kimi no na wa AU I don’t know if you ever see this movie from “Makoto Shinkai” it does not matter if you don’t like anime, bacuse this movie worth it, is beautiful and have a really good story. 

I you alredy see the movie, you know how this AU works, and if not let me explain you: Star is a girl who leaves in another dimension, Marco is a boy who leaves in the earth. One day Marco wakes up in the body of star and Star wakes up in the body of Marco, this event star to repeat some days and unable to stop it they decide to live the lives of each in a “normal” way during these body changes WITH a simple rule not interfere in the other’s life. 

You can know what happends afters so yeah. Like always I have troubles with backgrounds, I made my best uwu. I have fun drawing this and also I have fun in all the week (´。• ω •。`) I’ll be waiting for the next starco week   d(°∀° )  


I moved here from Bergen in the 7th grade. No one wanted to hang out with me because I talk so weird. You were the only one who took care of me. I couldn’t believe the most popular girls in our class wanted to be friends with me. I always really looked up to you. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. Just the thought of me destroying that makes me feel sick. More than sick. It made me stop liking myself as a person. But I can’t continue having regrets for the rest of my life. It wasn’t going well between you and Jonas. You talked about breaking up with him every day. I know that’s not an excuse, but… I loved him. I wish I could do it all over again, completely different. But I can’t. I’m just going to have to accept it and move on. I’m saying this for the last time. Okay?

The idea that kids don’t notice representation and lack thereof in media is fucking bullshit. As a little kid I was a skinny, blond haired, blue eyed white girl (I’m currently a skinny brown haired blue eyed white girl) and I fucking loved how I looked. Wanna know why?

I looked like a princess. At least half the princesses I ever saw looked like me. And not only that, most of the heroines I saw looked like me. That made me feel great! I doubt it made the girls who didn’t look like me feel very good. Those girls looked like the best friends and he enemies of heroes. They looked like second best or straight up villains. That’s pretty fucked up.

And in a way later on it stopped doing me good. I freaked out when I started growing up, when I started getting just slightly less skinny, when my hair and my eyes got darker, when my facial proportions changed and my nose wasn’t as princess-brand minuscule. Obviously this isn’t as serious as what girls who aren’t skinny, cis, able-bodied, white gentiles have gone through, but it was and is wholly unpleasant.

Like kids, they notice his shit. I got bored of all my Barbies looking exactly the same when I was five. I knew why Obama was important when I was eight and why Tiana was important when I was nine. If me, the one being included, could pick up on these things, then you should believe the people who were and are excluded when they say they noticed too.

Killian Jones, Emma Swan and the nuances of deeply emotional love-making.

A psychologist’s POV on why this particular couple hinting at sex riled up an entire fandom.

So what was it?

We have all been exposed to TV sex and (I assume) most of us have been exposed to a certain degree of personal intimacy with a significant other in our lifetimes. I’ve been witness to some unbelievably explicit TV sex myself, but I can say that not once before in my life, has the notion of an OTP “getting it on” made me daydream anywhere near as hard as Hook and Emma did last night with only the hint of post-climatic morning sex taking place on a kitchen table. I was emotional. (A bit hot n’ bothered too, but mostly emotional).

But why? What is so different about these two??

When we think about how things got started for this particular couple, it’s been a struggle for both, one in which many of us can maybe relate. Maybe you’re the lonely girl who lost faith? The guy who lost everything and is terrified of ever embracing love again? Maybe you’re both. all I can say is, we as humans have ALL felt this way, some maybe on one particular situation and some others could be facing ongoing faith trials in their lives. Regardless, seeing that an orphan and a bucaneer can find home, stability, and happiness is an overwhelming slap in the face. It’s super easy to throw the towel in; staying on the road and fighting, that’s what’s hard!! So to find these two connect that way, it’s almost like finding our own answers on the pages of a book. It’s almost therapeutic (though it would be completely unprofessional of me to say CS is a replacement for therapy, should you need it, lol), and this reaches very deep for some and many.

Now about the sex… why does this particular fandom crave to see them show at least a certain degree of sexual intimacy?

Killian’s question “Have you ever been in love?”, comes into play here. Have you ever been in love? because if you have, you will know very well how sex can change and solidify a bond between two people who are already developing such a strong connection. On a chemical POV, sex is basically a survival tool, designed to make us want it to the point of it being damn near unstoppable and thus guaranteeing reproduction. But there is something more: The bonding. The magic of Oxytocin, where your brain releases such unbelievable amounts of the stuff you find yourself suddenly unable to be without that other person. You find yourself even MORE joined together after sex than you did before, even when you didn’t think it was possible.

There is a huge huge HUUUUGE difference between the gratifying satisfaction that comes from casual sex and the overwhelming sense of completeness, peace and togetherness that derives from lovemaking, both individually and as a couple. Just think about it for a second: Love-MAKING. You are MAKING love. Making it. You are enacting love with all you have: Your body, your soul, your everything. You can only say “I love you” so many times before you feel like those words alone just don’t cut it: You want to become that person, be a part of his or her body, to be as close together as you possibly can, to find a way for your souls to commingle and embrace without the limitations of physicality. Is there physical desire though? Of course there is, we are also biological beings with a libido that needs a release. But when you are in love, there is another fuel behind it, a fuel that is not necessarily derived from just the attraction of “banging a hot guy or girl”. No matter what that person has done or what he/she looks like, you desire that person. You start to overlook the flaws, physical or character-wise, and you look deeply, into that person’s very soul, the soul you want to touch and be a part of… the person you LOVE.

So have you ever been in love? Have you ever made love, or been made love to? If not, you will know it when it happens to you… and if you have, then you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Killian Jones was the first to fall in love in this situation. He suddenly found himself being rescued from a darkness he never believed could be overcome and there, at the end of a dark, dark tunnel, stood one Emma Swan. He felt intrigued and followed her into the light, only to find himself helplessly drawn to her on a much deeper, spiritual level. His way of proving himself to win the heart of the woman he now unquestionably loved was through loyalty. Unbarred, undeniable loyalty. And for a woman who was used to abandonment, finding a solid rock beside her who would be there for her regardless of the consequences was easily the biggest brownie point in her Captain Hook tally. Now they’re together, finding ways of fighting for that love and to keep it strong, burning hot and always beautiful.

Love-making is the next logical step; these two kids have desire for one another (that they’ve actually had for a long, long time) and while I am sure that they have already done the deed before the glorious little nuance from last night’s show, for us to witness that intimacy, that strength and that bond, is almost a reminder that there is a love strong enough for all of us, and that when we do find it, we have to hold on to it, tooth and nail, because regardless of it being an ever after love or a love affair that lasts less than what you hoped for, true love is solidified through unstoppable, devoted, deeply emotional and romantic sex, whether it’s slow and passionate or fast paced and fiery. It’s just that last bridge to cross to entirely become one with that other soul you love so much.

So there it is, kids. Hook and Emma love each other. And to many of us, this almost flawless, picture perfect version of what love could be (and actually really is with all it’s ups and downs and fights and blowouts and great, great sex) is what we all aspire to achieve at some point with our significant other. And what a fine example they are!!!!