i love when you make this face

make every effort to bring a smile on your face and bask in happiness all day when I manage to do so even if it’s just for one moment. But then I see the way your eyes sparkle when you see her and that’s when I know- in the movie of my life, I am that side heroine who is doomed to have her heartbroken just so the hero can realise his love for the heroine. I am that girl who everyone knows is bound to be dumped at the end without any closure just so the hero can meet the love of his life. But I can’t - won’t do it anymore. I can’t be anyone’s consolation prize. I deserve so much more. So I turn away ‘cause I am the writer of my own f*cking movie. I won’t tolerate this sh*t for anyone. I owe this to myself.
—  oxymoronicsoul 

Aw mark…. This got me… I was on the verge of tears, and hearing you say that….. got them to stream down my face. We love you Mark…. I’m still crying.. when I get home today… expect a bunch of fan art from me… that I’ve been working on for a while….. we love you…. mark… we always will. And if we’ve saved you, we will continue to… continue to make you happy, continue to support you, make you smile, make you laugh. Whatever it takes. We’ll try and help you. @markiplier If I could hug you right now…. I would.

“babe.” you look up into the eyes of your boyfriend. “yes?” “what do you love about me?” you smiled before positioning yourself so that you were sitting on your knees. “do you really wanna get me started?” you asked rhetorically arching a eyebrow. “okay, i love your strong arms and how they feel when they wrap around me and always make me feel secure…” you slowly trailed your fingertips down his bronze arms. “i love how that you’re not just a open book and like to keep yourself reserved not wanting the whole world to know every single thing about you.” he sat up and pulled you down on top him so that you two were face-to-face. “i love- God, i love your naturally curly hair. how it just forms these lovely swirls after you work out, come from band practice or even shower. i love imagining that our children’s hair will have super curly hair thanks to you and me.” you winked at him causing him to let out a deep chuckle. “i know that some people think that brown eyes are boring and i won’t lie because i was one of them… until i saw yours. i don’t know what it is about those dark chocolate swirls but Jesus they make me want to stare at them forever.” you could see a faint pink paint over his cheek before you continue on. “most importantly, i love your smile. the way your eyes crinkle tells me that you’re actually and genuinely happy and it warms up my heart every time and i love being the reason why you smile or laugh.” not even a second after your lips were pressed against his. “just needed another reason as to why i’m in love with you.”

It makes me cry, you see. Realising that only in the lonely moments, when I’m solely by myself, I’m truly happy. I feel alive. But I also feel alone. Abandoned. Thrown at the edge of the universe. I try to find comfort in my solitude and enjoy the things I love in quietness. And I face a world that would never accept me, that would never understand me. So I sin, craving this world to be my friend.

i imagine when jikook fuck, jungkook’s the type that can’t shut up, not just moaning-wise. he’s constantly showering jimin with praises (let’s face it jimin’s got a praise kink 110%) and wont stop peppering kisses all over his face, down his neck, on his shoulders, won’t stop with “ Just- yes, just like that, baby, god, you’re an angel” “i’m so fucking in love with you, hyung, yes right there”  “you’re so fucking gorgeous, fucking beautiful, mineminemine” probably wont stop saying jimin’s name over and over like a mantra as he fucks into him 

and jimin drinks all the kisses and compliments all up, all the while clutching to him. jjk just makes him feel so loved n it’s exactly what he needs


I remember when we first started talking last year, she was just about to hit 1K bc I made her a banner for it & NOW SHE HIT 6K 🙌🏻

If you haven’t already, you should follow her bc she’s the best & she’s really nice & she makes great art & she has a really cute face

My favourite scene of this last episode is legit that scene in the rover. There are plenty of good moments there, and I do love the I AM PROUD OF YOU BELLAMY …. but there is one before that. Namely, when Kane talks him out of doing something even more stupid (than making a suit out of duct tape). Because his damn son would go out to the storm to save those two lives, without an acid-proof protective gear. 

And Bellamy is in pain because he is stuck in the mud and he knows Dad is right but he cannot just sit there and wait and do nothing. Just look at his face

It might be an unpopular opinion but I love this scene, and Bob’s acting so much more here than that one when he learns about Octavia’s “death”.

Loving the colours and the play with the lights there, too. 

He sits there in the rover with Dad!Kane on the radio and he’s surrounded by this ethereal glow like some kind of actual guardian angel sent from the heavens. [ GIF here. ]

Give Bob Morley an award! Give him a hundred, or more! 

She wants to stagraze to see
If she can reach up and sit
With the moon one day

She wants to eat ice cream in the rain
She’s not afraid of the way
It melts

She loves the way rain
Kisses her face
When she’s sad

She never works on making sure
Her smile is ever present
And forever real

She’d do anything for the people she loves
And forgets to love herself
And forgets she’s loved too

—  Darling, you’re loved too
//The shattered flower
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You tried to turn away from Kagami as he attempted to hold your face. Even when you shook your head and dodged him, his hands still cupped your face, making you look into his eyes. Kagami tried for the words. He tried for any. I love you. Please don’t leave me. Let me explain.

“I swear it was an accident,” Kagami managed to say. His throat was thinning, barely any air could get through. If you two weren’t close, you couldn’t really hear him.

But that wasn’t enough. That answer wasn’t enough. How dare Kagami cry. Why is he crying when he betrayed you?

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It's only after seeing those BTS gifsthat I can fully appreciate how beautifully Chirrut moves, because his clothes have that faux-cape thing and normally those would impede on the movements of trained martial artists (because lbr those things could hit you in the face if you move too fast) but Donnie Yen makes it looks like an extension of his body and moves so gracefully that I could just stare at gifs of him beating up stormtroopers forever and not be bored

I know, right? I’ve been watching the behind the scenes footage of Baze and Chirrut all evening. It’s mesmerizing.

I love my therapist..yesterday I was just talking about being a lonely fuck with no friends and told her about my roommate spending an hour caking shit on her face and afterwords was like “don’t you love when you actually put your makeup on well and look like a real person?” And how it made me want to kill myself and my therapist was like “was that just strong language or did it actually make you suicidal” and I was like..it actually made me suicidal. And she was like ok noted..maybe unprofessional but. Ideal patient/doctor dynamic for me

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We got to see the return of petty Barry. I was so happy. Ha! After seeing how in love Millie and Tommy were, I laughed at all of his faces. I was like "That's what you get for making my girl cry in the real world!"

You know I’ve saved those reactions for a rainy day. LOL, Barry made quite a few funny faces in this ep. I’m sad I haven’t seen a gif of his face when that guitar started playing after he took Millie back to her dads. 

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I just wanna let you know that I LOVE you and your blog. Your gifsets breathe air into my lungs, your tags make me laugh like a mute seal, and your overall presence leaves a wide smile on my face. From the bottom of my heart I say thank you for being such an amazing part of the aos fandom and I hope you have a great day :)

buddy, thank you so much for this message. I swear, you anons always seem to know when I’m in the fandom grumps/thinking abt stopping, with messages like this bringing me much cheer. :-) 

imagine Lexa whispering “I love you” in her own tongue during sex without really realizing and Clarke doesn’t know what it means because she’s never heard it in trigedasleng and so Lexa takes advantage of that and keeps saying it sneakily because she thinks Clarke isn’t ready for the “I love you” so she says it in a way that makes Clarke think it’s some cute nickname but then one day Clarke hears Octavia say it to Lincoln and asks abt it and Octavia tells her and Clarke just….can’t really believe it

and then the next night when Lexa says it she replies with “I love you too” and the look on Lexa’s face is of pure shock and surprise and she’s like “have you known this entire time” and Clarke just smiles and says “no, but now I do, and I love you too”


“I’m proud of him. And he’s one of those people that doesn’t… He’s not going to be proud of himself so I’m extra proud of him, you know what I mean? Doesn’t brag about things. He just works really hard and believes himself, which is really cool. It’s a good dad for your kids.” -Kaitlin Olson about her husband Rob McElhenney

A list of things I love about girls:

• when they put their hair up in ponytails or messy buns
• when they look all strong and stubborn but they blush so much if they receive a compliment bc they’re not used to it
• when they hold your hand while crossing the street with no apparent reason (and u die inside because you know they’re probably straight but u love every second of it anyway because WHY NOT)
• the face they make when they’re daydreaming
• kindness
• when they play with little kids / animals
• little details (like freckles, dimples, scars, birthmarks, stretch marks etc)

Bonus if:
• it’s girls doing sports, which leads to: •girls in workout clothes and •muscular girls
• they’re artists / readers / musicians / actresses


Honestly I’m proud that we as a community could ever grow this large. Haiiii to everyone new here, welcome to the family! :3
And thank you Jack, for being there when people need you the most. You always bring a smile to our faces, and make us laugh when we’re having a rough day. You get us through it all. WE LOVE YOU!!! <3

I want to love you, more than I’ve ever wanted anything before. You just won’t let me. You think that when you’re sad and your eyes turn to storm clouds that a little rain is going to scare me away. As long as we face that storm together nothing can scare me off, nothing can make me leave you. Please, let me love you. Let me show you how strong our love can be.