i love when xena cradles her head

Gabs moves to sit beside Xena who has tears rolling off her cheeks, by now.

G: You have to tell me what’s going on.
X: Caesar changed our fate…giving us this god-forsaken world.
G: There must be something I can do.
X: No, what you can do is get out of her alive. I have to go through this alone.
G: I can’t let you die.
X: Some things are worth dying for. (Xena gets that little girl sweet expression)
X: Isn’t that what your play was about? Being prepared to sacrifice all for love?

Gabrielle is crying with her now, and nods slightly.

G: For love.
X: In that other world my destiny was linked to Caesar…that cross…I hated them both. But now I realize…everything happens precisely as it should.

They stare into each other’s teary eyes.

X: Precisely…

Gabrielle has a comforting hand on Xena’s back as guards move down the stairs. Gabrielle stands and turns to lean toward Xena. Xena moans from the pain, and lifts hazy eyes toward Gabs, telling her to go now…get out. Gabs tells her no and puts her hands to either side of Xena’s face. The expression on Xena’s face is identical to the shot of her in Ides of March when she is being cradled in Gabrielle’s lap. Gabs whispers “no”, but Xena is insistent. Joxer tells the empress it’s time, but Gabs doesn’t want to let go. She continues to stroke Xena’s head. Xena smiles sweetly, and tells Gabs confidently, “I’ll love you forever.” The guards grab Gabrielle, pulling her away even as the bard is telling them not to take Xena. the scene fades. And I have to wipe my eyes there is no way I could ever do the depth and emotion of this scene justice. Obviously, it hearkens to mind the prison cell scene from Ides of March, but this is a different Xena and Gabrielle in the sense that they have been together so much longer. One will have to see it to understand what I mean…but this scene will go down as one of the more beautifully haunting scenes in the entire series.