i love when tv shows do this

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“You can’t just enjoy people when it suits you, use them up and toss them aside.”

“People serve a purpose. For business and for pleasure.”

No. We don’t all exist for your benefit.”

You exist because [—-] was paid to rebuild you. By me. The fact that I’ve developed feelings for you does not make you any less my property.”

“Oh, so the only way you can love something is to own it?”

“How else do you know it’s yours?”

“…How can you think that way?”

“It’s true. I can prove it.”

“Then prove it.”

“You’re free. I release my hold on you. Will you leave me like everyone else?”

I want you to hold my hand while we grocery shop. I want you to play with my hair while we watch our favorite tv shows. I want you to kiss me in the middle of my sentence because you wanted to taste my words. I want you to rub my back as we fall asleep. I want you to play my favorite song when I look sad. I want you to do these things without having to think about them. Do them because you love me.
why bobs burgers is possibly the purest show in the universe

- a good, loving family that does not despise each other, that sticks together, that bands together in the face of adversity 

- in cliche tv shows families only tell each other they love each other in the face of danger/at the climax. not here. they regularly tell each other that they care even if it’s not an outright “i love you” it’s just acts of compassion and love and its not made a huge deal. It’s a regular occurrence for them.

- however when they do show their love in climactic moving parts its so great its so so great

- honestly? no matter how much they act dont like it they’d drop everything for another family member. all of the belchers are ride or die. not just linda. all of them. 

- sometimes, things don’t work out how you want it to. Bob doesn’t get a good review, Gene doesn’t win the contest, Tina doesn’t get on the team, but it’s all okay. Bad things happen but there are good people around you and you’ll get through this it’s ok

- no matter what, they try their best. They’ll keep trying until the end even if the outcome isn’t what the want. And they accept their fate, but that’s not the same thing as giving up. 

- I think im crying? this family is so good and pure and they deserve everything? i cant

- im going to quit life and become a bobs burgers account

- anyway im not in a great place in life rn and this show has saved me a lot i think and i just want to give them the world

I get so emotional when I think about the mayhem twins because they’re such an important m/f relationship that stayed platonic from beginning to end and that’s just so big???? And it shouldn’t be but it is. That’s just how rare m/f platonic relationships are on tv, it’s to the point where majority of the time a male and female will start off as friends and you’re thinking ‘good I hope the writers keep them this way’ but of course the writers pull a 'I don’t think so’ and end up having them eventually fall for each other. I’ve seen it happen too many times at this point so the poi writers keeping Shaw and Reese as just friends the entire series is admirable to me. Reese was literally a big brother to Shaw and was always there for her even when she didn’t think he would be. That’s just how much he loved her in a supporting way; Any other show’s writers would’ve definitely made them romantic, meanwhile we got blessed with the amazingness that is Root and Shaw and their entire dynamic and it wasn’t even supposed to happen. That’s another thing I’ll never get over…

Shoot weren’t planned!!1 Every little thing we got involving their relationship was just the writers going with the flow after their first scene together. How crazy is that? The writers had no idea they’d eventually give us this amazingly iconic slowburn with these two heavily complex characters. And because Root and Shaw weren’t planned, we got to see so much of them outside of their dynamic first which was what the writers originally planned for them and then along the way they just kept adding to their relationship making them develop feelings for each other, etc. For something that was never intended, it sure as hell felt natural and organic. Part of that is credited to the writers but the other is in part to Amy and Sarah’s incredible chemistry. I mean they really DID that relationship jesus.

Add to the fact that the whole team (3 older white men and a dog lol) knew about them and never cared that they were two women that fell in love, they always respected their relationship. And when Root was without Shaw and vice versa, the guys always supported them through the situation and helped them grieve like I cry???? So good.

I’ll shut up now but kudos to Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman for this. They might not have gotten everything right but the mayhem twins and Shoot’s dynamic? They truly created magic with both of those.

Trending 27th !

Thank you Craig McCracken for these awesome shows and the ones that will come in the future ! 

The first time I heard and watched WOY, I had no idea Mr McCracken was behind it, if I knew that it was his new show I wouldn’t have underestimated it so much because

boi do I love PPG and Foster’s Home !

It was on TV when I was a kid and I loved them so much (actually Foster’s Home was on tv when I got back from school so I used to watch it every day but PPG aired only in the week-end so couldn’t watch it that much) 

I’m a huge fan, seriously these shows are my absolute perfect ispirations, the simple YET SO APPEALING designs and good writing of these are what proves cartoons are for everyone as long as they are smart and

made with passion

As a kid I loved them and my love only grows over time, because when I rewatch these shows I’m able get so many more jokes and lessons that I just did not get as a kid (plus, now I’m able to watch them in their original language and appreciate all the backgrounds, animation and design work behing it) 

I’m so glad I get to live in a world where Mr McCracken exists and even though I would love to see the rest of Wander’s story, I’m still excited to see what wonderful new shows he’s going to amaze us with ! 

Thank you 


for being so passionate about your job, you truly are a game changer in the animated world and I wish you the best of luck for your upcoming projects, I’ll be there to watch and support them ! 


(I wish I could have done a better picture but sadly I have no time for that :/)


“When I say I love you, it’s not because I want you, or because I can’t have you. It has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try… I’ve seen your kindness and your strength. I’ve seen the best and the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You’re a hell of a woman. You’re the one, Buffy.”


#ThankYouBones week: Day 8 - 5 B&B Moments that made you fall in love with them

Just as everyone else has said - How do you show the core 5 moments that made you fall in love with Booth and Brennan? It’s literally impossible to choose just 5 scenes. For me, being a fan of the show for 12 years (I was 13 when I started the show) I literally watched as it unfolded on TV, I watched B&B fall in love on screen as it happened. For me it was the early seasons that demonstrated their love, which made me fall in love with them. When they finally got together, that was just a bonus. Because, we all knew they loved each other before they knew (those idiots in denial.) These, are just some of the scenes that made me love them.

I don't normally fall in love, but when I do, they're AT LEAST ONE of these 3 things:

1. Twice my age
2. Halfway across the world
3. Fictional

masterpost of matthew gray gubler being fucking weird

look at my beautiful son

he is literally a child stuck in an adult’s body

i’ve just stopped questioning why

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ok yeah i’m in love. kthxbye.

Ok this isn’t me saying anything bad about Henrik (who I think is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.) But something I really loved about Skam and their use of Even. When we first see Even he’s the gorgeous, mysterious, magical teenage boy that you see in all the movies and tv shows of the perfect, hot, dreamy guy. 

But as we spend time with Even, he becomes more and more human and a different kind of beauty is shown. His hair is dirty and oily and becomes a big mess, he has spots on his forehead, his skin would be blotchy, his body was allowed to be lanky and awkward. He would sing along to pop songs and do other normal dorky things. He got to be down and depressed, and to despair and to be miserable and that was all ok. He wasn’t up on this pedestal anymore, he didn’t have to be this unattainable ideal, he was human and real.

It reminds me of that quote by Angelita Lim. “I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you.  Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.” Even is perfect, but he’s not at the same time, but he’s still amazing, beautiful, and wonderful all at the same time.

I should really stop getting so personally offended when tv shows/films feature the Overly-Posh-English-Villain™ 

Dammit I am starting to like Mr. Ketch though, if only for the fact that he’s not pretending to be anything other than what he is - a killer, a grunt who follows orders and gets the job done. There’s something tragic about villains who truly believe they’re doing the right thing, but I do also love the twisted nature of villains who fully accept themselves as who they are, and Ketch doesn’t seem the type to adhere to a cause.

There was another post I’ve just read talking about taking on guilt, Mary’s role in Wally’s death, her and Dean feeling guilt over cas nearly dying etc and Ketch makes a really nice opposition to Dean in this regard. He’s even almost like demon!Dean - any remorse or guilt at causing pain to others or killing others just slips away. 

Dean sees it in Ketch and is appalled, despite on multiple occasions having committed such acts himself. When he goes out with Ketch, I wonder if it crosses Dean’s mind at any point that they are in fact similar, and seeing Ketch’s capabilities is reminding Dean how he too has been to such lengths. And what Dean is capable of has always horrified him - the guilt in this case has kept him human, even if it has driven him mad. (Suddenly reminded of that convo I was having about Michael and why he would create a weapon designed to torture, though we probably won’t hear another word about Michael in the show). When Ketch plans to torture the vampire in front of him, Dean stops Ketch, but when Ketch carries Pierce away at the end of the episode he simply swallows and remains silent. He does not feel that this is good.

The shot at the end of the episode with the Impala standing opposite to Mr. Ketch’s bike also reminds me of Jensen’s idea about Dean riding away on a bike by himself at the end of the series. Not that I think this is necessarily going to happen, it just offers a really nice visual metaphor of Dean standing with his family next to the car that represents his family, his soul, whilst opposite is the lone bike. The prospect of freedom, no ties, no guilt. *Note the Impala is also half in and half out of the warehouse, another visual tie to the Winchester’s current relationship with the BMoL. Maybe it’s gonna be more a case of which Winchester will take the bike…

Side note: What does Mr. Ketch plan on doing when all the monsters are wiped out and there’s no one left to kill? Since this seems to be his one motive at the moment…?

a lot days i don’t notice or maybe i just try not to notice but jesus fuck, i am so alone. jesus fuck, it used to be you i spent all of my time on. now i just binge watch tv shows and do my homework early and try to forget that you were the only person i loved deeply. all of the relationships in my life are empty compared to our fire that used to burn through me. now i coop myself up on weekends and nobody tries to break down my walls. i sleep a lot more and eat a lot more and sometimes it feels freeing, but mostly it feels lonely. it feels lonely i feel lonely i am lonely and i am yearning not to be. when you don’t know how to get close, everything feels empty.

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Hi! What was your honestly opinion about the proposal? Do you think that it should have gone differently or are you just happy it happened? A lot of mixed signals from the fandom about this and I'm curious about your opinion :)

Obviously I would have preferred it if there wasn’t this ominous secret looming over the whole thing. But this is TV and, although we’d all like things to go smoothly for our ships, TV shows love to have drama for the sake of drama. I think I just need to remind myself of that sometimes when things get frustratingly angsty.  

In this scenario I was glad they had Emma initiate it so at least it wasn’t Killian deliberately deceiving her (not that i ever think he would). I think they portrayed it in a way that, while frustrating, was understandable from Killian’s pov. He really couldn’t bring himself to hurt her in this moment.

It’s gonna suck next week though.

Dear Blacklist Writers

This is several days late,  but I wanted to say, on behalf of all of Louise McLellan’s fandom friends: THANK YOU so much for your beautiful #Tribute4LouLou! It was PERFECT and we all loved it! It’s a rare thing to see a TV show honor a fan. The only other show I know of that had done this before was The X Files. So the fact that you guys did it too meant so much to all of us, her family, but most of all to Lou!

I know that wherever Lou Lou is, she was doing back flips when she heard James Spader say her name! You’ve not only given her family & friends a wonderful way to celebrate her memory, you’ve immortalized her on the show she loved so much, forever <3 There are no words to express how awesome you guys are for doing that. Simply…

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Today’s the day...

I was just about to turn 17 when The Vampire Diaries premiered and now I’m 24. I remember seeing the promo’s for it and how I couldn’t wait to watch it, I knew I would love it but I had no idea how special it would become to me and how sentimental I would feel when it ended. TV shows are just TV shows we know that, but certain stories have the ability to leave a mark on us and that’s what happened here. This show gave me an escape when I needed it, it connected me with lifelong friends, its a connection to my youth and I’ve cherished every laugh or cry it’s ever given me and now its ending and there is no good way to say goodbye, but I’ll do my best….

Goodbye to Mystic Falls with all its history, where our characters were born and have lived and loved for so long. 

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Goodbye to Alaric with his giant heart and brilliant mind, I’m gonna miss you buddy! Your name is awesome by the way and if i ever have a son he will probably be named in honor of you :)

Goodbye to Bonnie with her magic and her unbelievable strength and selflessness, and goodbye to Caroline with her bubbly personality and blinding light of a smile. no one could have found two better people to call their best friends. 

Goodbye to Matt and Jeremy two undeniable warriors with their friendship and brotherly presence in everyone’s lives and their ability to stay grounded and just as much a force to be reckoned with as any vampire despite their humanity

Goodbye to Tyler the hot headed, impulsive but sometimes lovable resident werewolf of mystic Fall… my least favorite of the group but he had his moments RIP <3

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goodbye to Stefan with his resilience and determination to do good, I’ll never forget his tender heart and the love he showed for his big brother. If the theories are true and you leave us tonight I’ll be a sobbing mess!

Goodbye to Damon, the hardest goodbye of all. So gorgeous inside and out! so multifaceted.  There has never been and never will be a character I love and respect as much as him. when he hurt I hurt and when he was happy so was I! He suffered physical and emotional abuse from his father, was abandoned by his mother, manipulated and played cruelly by Katherine and then forced to be told time and time again that he wasn’t good enough for the girl he loved when he had fought so hard to be. He’s a survivor and I will love him until I take my last breath on this earth! 

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And finally goodbye to Elena, with her pure soul she was the first to loose so much along this journey but remained a source of strength for everyone around her. She changed everyone she loved for the better and I hope going forward that she and the love of her life can enjoy the happy ending they have fought so hard for and deserve! Goodbye princess!!

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ENTJ Love Life
  • Person: I am patient enough to deal with your workoholism, brutal honesty, dark humour, forced empathy and the excessive need to try to solve my problems when I am just trying to vent. I also have a good job, read a lot and I know many cultural events so I can show you. Also our taste in TV shows and movies is awesomely identical, and I am willing to watch them with you in English even though I cannot comprehend the language as well as you do.
  • Me: Last Sunday you said one sentence that made me think our future compatibility is at stake. I'll pass.
DA Fandom Critical

I have been seeing a lot of posts run by my dash lately that are various shades of “don’t let the Fandom ruin what you LOVE”. And I have to say I cringe every time I see such posts, especially when the post then goes on to suggest that you isolate yourself from parts of the Fandom.

See these posts often don’t delineate between content that should be avoided because it’s homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, racist, ableist or any of the other ism that crops up within a work fiction and the fandom surrounding it. All these posts do is assert that you shouldn’t let other parts of the Fandom ruin your darlings.

The thing is, we absolutely should. 

Games, novels, movies, television shows, hell media in general (and yes this includes memes) do not exist in a vacuum. And we sure as hell should be critical of how they portray all those isms I just listed above and their corresponding intersectionality. 

We have to expose ourselves to different viewpoints on our darlings, even if it make us uncomfortable. We have to let what we love about a game or character be viewed critically and sometimes shattered so we know our biases, our blind spots, and our own internalized racism. We need to acknowledge those parts of ourselves and work on them. We have to acknowledge the flaws, the bad writing, the cultural appropriation and the isms in the work. We have to acknowledge the intersectionality of many of these issues and how both the work and Fandom responds to it. 

Do we ever need to expose ourselves to triggering content or fanworks/art that are blatant examples of all the institutionalized isms our history has indoctrinated us with?

Absolutely not.

We do however have to stand up for all that is homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, racist, ableist, culturally appropriative, etc. with a work and demand better from the writers, networks, and producers. Sometimes we have to demand better from our fellow fans.  

If we don’t not a god damn thing is going to change. And I for one have no intention of accepting that reality.