i love when tv shows do this

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Nickname(s) Nikki, N,

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5′5

Time right now: 2:57pm

Favorite music artist: dont think i have one rn…

Song stuck in your head: fake love by drake

Last movie watched: devil wears prada on tv! one of my fave movies actually

Last TV show watched: I haven’t watched too many but I started watching Voltron:LD recently (i stopped halfway through the first ep when i saw it was an hr long hahaha)

What are you wearing right now: pjs! which is just an old shirt and ripped up shorts aslkdjs

When did you create your blog: i think July 2016

What kind of stuff do you post: this blog is pretty much 100% pokemon! i do post some personal stuff from time to time.

Do you have any other blogs: yep! this one anime blog i made in 2012 that im probably gonna delete soon since im not into anime anymore LOL

Why did you choose your URL: I didnt really choose this hahah more like i just got it! and im so happy i did tbh!!

Hogwarts house: umm i think i’ll be slytherin/hufflepuff? 

Pokémon team: my most recent team is from Moon: decidueye, mimikyu, salazzle, raichu, mareanie and bewear! 

i am thinking of resetting to try the other starters and maybe do some kind of locke!

Favorite color: purple

Average hours of sleep: 5-7 (weird since snorlax sleeps the whole day lol)

Lucky number: 8? but thinking about it im not lucky at all 😂

Favorite character(s): None rn

How many blankets do you sleep with: one, but i got a sooo many pillows. 

Dream Job(s): i have no idea rn, but im working hard at my current career choice.

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Sign: Libra
Height: 4'11"
Last thing googled: What is the best hot dog topping
Favorite music artist: Maybe Fleetwood Mac or David Bowie 
Last TV show watched: Misfits What am I wearing right now: Pyjamas
When did I create my blog: Like a year ago but I never used it until recently
What do I post about: BDSM, masochism, humiliation, cute stuff random shit that I like
Do I have any other blogs: I used to have a Gravity Falls blog 
Do I get asks regularly: I don’t get asks
Why did I choose my URL: I love sailor moon and Star Wars so it seemed natural
Pokémon team: Cyrrently its Mega Lopunny, Gliscor, Helioptile, Dugtrio, Weaville and Serperior
Favorite color(s): Lilac
Average hours of sleep: Between 2-6 
Favorite characters: Mabel Pines, Lesley Knope, Jon Snow Turk and JD, the cast of Archer, Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy 
Dream job: Sex educator, or a lecturer 
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Ten random facts about me.

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1. I’m an only child.

2. I just graduated from college.

3. I have a dog. His name is Master, and he is totally spoiled.

4. I don’t like potato chips.

5. I used to watch all the latest movies, but now I barely watch movies made after 1970s.

6. Before The Man From UNCLE, I thought I’d never fall so madly in love with a TV show.

7. I used to prefer tea over coffee, but now it’s equal.

8. I think I have no talent in musical instruments, even though I practiced playing piano and violin when I was younger. 

9. I love chocolate.   

10. I love my online friends! (You know who you are ❤️) 

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Sign: Virgo-Libra cusp
Height: 5'6
Last thing googled:  why does ice float? 
Favorite music artist: Childish Gambino, The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, Beyonce
Last TV show watched: Probably Cutthroat Kitchen lol 
What am I wearing right now: a jean jacket, a beige crop top long sleeve, black leggings, and white socks. peep at the photos i be posting today 👀👅
When did I create my blog: like 2011 or some shit, i’ve been here forever 
What kind of stuff do I post about: body positivity, animals, food sometimes, really anything that makes me feel aesthetically pleased and is overall about self love 💕
Do I have any other blogs: no i’ve tried before but for some reason i can’t tolerate having more than one 
Do I get asks regularly: kind of. depends on people’s moods i guess (send me asks as long as they’re respectful)
Why did I choose my url: so originally i was singwithme2397 cause that’s something 12 year old me liked. i changed it a few years ago to clearmind-healthybeing cause i wanted to make a positive change in my life. this blog is where a lot of my thoughts go. i like seeing my growth and i felt like i could gain a lot of positivity and centeredness from the things i’ve posted. originally was gonna be like vegan food and yoga type shit but that lasted for like 2 months and now it’s taken this route which i’m happier with overall. it’s more me and i’ve learned about myself a lot.  
Gender: Female
Pokémon team: idk i don’t play pokemon lol 
Favorite color(s): reds, blues, and golds 
Average hours of sleep: like 8-9
Favorite characters: jon snow and dany cus that’s all i can think of 
Dream job: midwife 

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Star sign: Capricorn
Height: 5′1/5'2
                                                                                                  Time right now: 3:20 PM 
Last thing I Googled: Blushing gif (literally for my last ask response lol)
Favorite music artist(s): Too many to name
Last TV show watched: Lockup
What am I wearing right now: Star Wars (original trilogy) T-shirt, grey leggings, and mismatched socks as usual lol
When did I create my blog: May 2015
What kind of stuff do I post: Joker and Harley (+ sometimes The Bat)
Do I have any other blogs: Star Wars blog: @the-force-is-calling-to-you
Do I get asks regularly: I do when there’s frequent updates/news :)
Why did I choose this URL: I felt the quote it’s based on from the BTAS Mad Love episode was a good way to sum of their relationship
Gender: Female
Pokemon team: No clue lol
Favorite color: Black
Hours of sleep: 4/5 hours if I’m lucky cuz insomnia :(
Lucky number: 13 I guess?
Favorite characters: Joker, Harley Quinn, Batman, Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Will Graham, Daryl Dixon (season 1-4), Sherlock, Thranduil and many more :)
How many blankets I sleep with: 2 usually
Dream jobs: Singer/music video director 

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zostars  asked:

4, 6, 10, 18,20, 26, 30, 36, 63, 95, 96, 99 <3

Why would you do this to me I’m on mobile and too lazy to get up weeps sorry guys long post I’ll tag it in a minute @v@

4. Do you like your name? why?

I love my name!! it’s very unique just like my sisters , and my first and middle name make for a great pen name so i always go by Naomi Skye heheh

6. Describe your personally in three words or less.

Mischievous, funny, (surprisingly?) introverted

10. Already done!
18. Favorite tv show?
I used to love Billy and Mandy but invader zim and inuyasha are the only two tv shows I can every say I went out of my way to watch when I was little… that and mf yu yu hakusho or dbz love those shows but idk if anime counts so >u>;

20. How tall are you?
Why does no one believe me I swear I’m like 6 feet tall maybe 5 11 if I’m really tired and slouching but I’ve got more leg than a CLAMP character.

26. How many pillows do you sleep with?

I have like 20 pillows but I end up just flinging them all away in the middle of the night like they’re trying to smother me in my sleep.

30. What’s your favorite candle scent?

I love anything that smells like pumpkins or roses I keep an unlit rose yankee candle at my desk just to shove my nose into it every 5 seconds.

36. Favorite movie?

Either sleeping beauty (1959) or ponyo

63. Do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonald’s?

95. Summer or winter?

Hhhhhh summer I like warmth I am a lizard I blame my years in Florida

96. Day or night?
99. Zodiac sign?
Scorpio 🦂

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Nickname(s) Jules, Jl, and im accepting any new ones tbh hmu lol

Star sign: Scorpio 

Height: 5′7!! 

Time right now: 21:44

Favorite music artist: ugh this is so hard omg I like all kinds of stuff really

Song stuck in your head: I’m a Believer - Smash Mouth 

Last movie watched: The Martian I think? 

Last TV show watched: Futurama lol 

What are you wearing right now: cute pj pants and a super oversized soft and comfy sweater

When did you create your blog: October 2014 or something embarrassing like that

What kind of stuff do you post: Mostly pokemon but a few other things like other video games, pixels, and animals

Do you have any other blogs: nah just hoarded lapras urls lol 

Why did you choose your URL: um I love lapras and they make me happy and feel lucky!!

Hogwarts house: ravenclaw!

Pokémon team: I have a slightly different one in each game but my Moon team is: Lapras (ofc and her name is Reyna), Arcanine (named Pupper), Snorlax (named Hungry Jack after the pancake mix), Mimikyu (named Mia), Tsareena (named Isabelle), and a Salamence (named Millie) 

Favorite color: Blue!!!

Average hours of sleep: like 5 :/ I need more 

Lucky number: 6 maybe idk

Favorite character(s): Misty, Leo from the Heroes of Olympus series, Wanderer from The Host, and more I jsut can’t think of them all rn 

How many blankets do you sleep with: four lol I just like being super cozy

Dream Job(s): A red panda zookeeper tbh…

Following: 139 lol

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Star Sign: Virgo
Height: 160cm, I guess it’s 5'3?
Time right now: 10:22
Last thing googled: draconian love lyrics
Favorite music artist(s): Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Stratovarius, Edguy, Nightwish, Judas Priest, Anthrax, Hammerfall, Helloween, Guns n'Roses, Motörhead
Last tv show watched: does Inuyasha counts? lol
What am I wearing right now: old jeans and aces high shirt
When did I create my blog: 2013
What kind of stuff do I post: mostly stuff about bands that I like, sometimes the x files and other shit that I find interesting or funny
Do I have any other blogs: yes
Do I get asks regularly: no :(
Why did I choose my url: because I wanted something w iron maiden plus I love iron maiden then boom!
Gender: Female
Pokemon team: dunno
Favorite color: navi, black and earth colours
Average hours of sleep: i really don’t know, but it’s around 10hs
Lucky number: 5 or 7
Favorite characters: AHWHYYY I have lots but currently Lord Sesshomaru <3
How many blankets I sleep with: 1
Dream Job(s): Medical research(er) or pathologist
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virussina  asked:

First name: Amethist (Sierra) Nickname: Amy Age: 21 Gender: genderfluid Sexual orientation: Ace (?) Nationality: American Realitionship status: None Likes: When she is in a calm place Dislikes: Hate, violence and more Random fact: Amy is adorable :3

1. Amethyst!

2. Got that right

3. Yup that’s my age

4. I’m gray-ace 

5. Yeh

6. I’m a single pringle….meh….

7. I do love calm places…but have none here at home

8. I don’t like violence in rl no but I do love epic fictional fights in tv shows or comics/books

9. I am not adorable but thanks? 

I want you to hold my hand while we grocery shop. I want you to play with my hair while we watch our favorite tv shows. I want you to kiss me in the middle of my sentence because you wanted to taste my words. I want you to rub my back as we fall asleep. I want you to play my favorite song when I look sad. I want you to do these things without having to think about them. Do them because you love me.
TV Acting Theory: The Road to Johnlock

So I recently took a TV Acting course and I realized when looking at Sherlock you can apply the theory to the show, and it perfectly supports a Johnlock reading. So much so that any other reading doesn’t make sense.

I have seen a lot of meta referring to John or Sherlock’s “facial expression” during a certain scene, which is what I want to elaborate on since there is so much more to it than that.

Basically, acting on camera is thinking thoughts on camera. So if you are doing a scene where you love someone and your line is something like “You told me that yesterday” and you want it to be loving, all you have to think before you say that line is “I love you” and the line wont sound condescending. You could think something like “I hate you” before you say the words and the line will sound completely hateful.

I mean the whole theory is created to make camera acting realistic, since you can literally see every detail when the camera is in close-up or even medium shot. There is no room for mistakes in a take. And so camera acting theory all boils down to the specific and the miniscule; we think thoughts all the time, and therefore actors must think thoughts all the time, in character, that supports the story that the creators are trying to tell.

The fun part is then seeing how one thought can totally transform a persons face when they think that thought. Try it yourself; go in front of a mirror and think “I love you” and see what happens. Now think “I hate you” and see how your face changes.

This is where memes come from, you can take a picture of someone thinking a really clear thought and add any text that matches that thought.

For example:

This is a clear thought of sarcasm. You can see he is thinking something like “Oh really?” There is no way he is thinking “I love you,” maybe a bit of “I hate you.” But regardless the person that he is speaking to is not someone he likes. His thoughts are clear and concise, which makes it a perfect meme.

So now lets apply this theory to Sherlock. We know that the actors were told the end game from the very beginning of filming, and so they will naturally use thoughts that support that end game from the beginning of the show. This will add continuity and make sure that their character doesn’t later act “out of character” because they will already have been thinking those thoughts from the beginning.

Let’s take a classic example:

What thoughts does it look like he is thinking?

“I hate you”/ “Leave me alone”/ “This sucks”?Not even a little bit!!! When you look at him, those thoughts don’t make any sense.

He is clearly thinking something like “I love you”/ “I want you”/ “This is fun/ My bedroom is just a cab ride away”  You can also blatantly see that he is looking at someone who he is attracted to based on those thoughts. It looks as though he is undressing Sherlock with his eyes. Martin is a good actor, this is not coincidence. The editors also chose this shot, they know how it looks and this is the one they chose.

This can also apply to a whole string of thoughts in sequence.

He is definitely thinking something along the lines of “Oh god I love him/but he’s not mine anymore/John I’m sorry/I love you/You broke my heart”

He is not thinking “John I’m so happy for you! You did it! You found love! Maybe I should get married! That would be awesome! Just like today has been! Yipee!” Therefore the ONLY reading of this scene is Sherlock is in love with John and is not having a fun time at this wedding.

By contrast, here is John “forgiving” his wife and saying something really beautiful to her that he prepared just for her so that she will feel welcome and loved:

Does that say “I love you”? or even “I forgive you”?

NO its more like “I hate you” or “I’m watching you” or anything sinister and hateful. Martin is not dropping in any happy thoughts of love or compassion. He is not even trying to hide his distrust and anger towards her. I mean if there was no Johnlock and he is supposed to end up with Mary, you think he would have dropped in a few “I love you”s…. or even one….

I could literally do this with the entire show, but that would take all day and hopefully you can apply this whenever you watch the show yourself.

I hope this helps with any pre s4 worries or doubts, it is always Johnlock and has been in the works for YEARS, you can see it clearly on the actors faces and the work that they have put into carefully crafting every thought you see.

hoh holster

so a few days ago, I read this post except i did not read it very well bc this does not follow that plot at all. BUT it does have hoh holster!

(disclaimer i did do some research but i am not hoh so if any of these headcanons are offensive in any way, please let me know. OR just tell me to delete them and I shall no questions asked. tis not your job to educate me!)

  • holster, fucking loving when shows come on Netflix because Netflix generally has closed captions and shitty rigged it so their TV has closed captions but sometimes those are really shitty and he misses jokes
  • holster watches most shows twice; once so he can focus on the words, once so he can focus on the facial features of everyone
  • for some reason, holster is still always in charge of playlists. he just knows good music. and if he blares it too loudly, well, you cant say anything because he is just trying to hear. and if you notice he is has taken his hearing aids out and is smirking, well, oh well.
  • holster is very used to ducking to talk to people (even when wearing his hearing aids) so he can get as close to them as possible. he jokingly says this is why he is best friends with ransom. because ransom is tall enough that he can actually hear him. sometimes it is easier for him to talk to lardo but just picking her up and walking around with her on his hip. to date, he is the only person alive with express permission to pick lardo up whenever he wants.
  • losing his glasses is actually not funny for holster. it is a source of severe stress because he can’t really hear so he needs to be able to see and his eyes are so fucking bad and he tends to panic if it takes him more than a few moments even if it is his own fault because he’s always so careless with them but ransom always, always knows where they are
  • look, holster generally wears hearing aids and can sort of read people’s lips (but that is never 100% accurate at all) so really, he loves ASL. it’s easier for him and he kinda loves that he can gossip about people behind their back but in front of their face. 
  • holster hates signed english. he gets that sometimes the boys have to use it at first to communicate and he appreciate that they are sort of trying but he hates it. it is not correct and no, he does not want to see your direct translations of christmas songs. 
  • the boys all learning ASL. Ransom studies like he has never studied before for anything in his life. He won’t tell Holster what he’s working on because he wants it to be a surprise but he works himself into four “i am sitting on the floor rocking” stages. (Also, he got a B minus on his first ever bio test because he was too busy learning but Holster never found out about that)
  • shitty is fucking terrible at signing. not because he don’t know it, but because he talks too loud and fast and uses his hands to talk so he forgets. luckily ransom usually signs along so holster can follow.
  • lardo took to signing like a fish to water. she is faster than even ransom and can keep her signs small and contained and she and holster loooove signing behind people’s backs together
  • Jack takes the longest to learn and holster at first thinks that jack isn’t bothering to learn because holster is some kind of liability on the ice but then jack starts signing to him absolutely perfectly and then reveals that he’s also made a pretty elaborate system of signs that one can see while wearing hockey gloves. 
  • bitty is not very good at signing and at first was incredibly stressed because not only is his often wearing baking mitts and holster told him his accent did crazy things to his mouth so he was hard to lip read as well but luckily, holster got used to it and it turns out jacks ‘hockey glove friendly’ signs could also be used with baking mitts so its okay. bitty still gets very stressed about it though. he tried to learn ASL approximately 100% more seriously then he bothers with french. (still most of his attempts end up with flour everywhere because bitty does this thing where he waves his hands in the air as he struggles to remember the sign and then when he gets them, he does this in these huge exaggerated motions and ends up spilling things.)

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  • Me: You know, I like it when writers create a good and complicated storyline. I mean I don't mind waiting three seasons/books for my otps to become canon if doing so they create a beautiful storyline. I actually prefer it.
a lot days i don’t notice or maybe i just try not to notice but jesus fuck, i am so alone. jesus fuck, it used to be you i spent all of my time on. now i just binge watch tv shows and do my homework early and try to forget that you were the only person i loved deeply. all of the relationships in my life are empty compared to our fire that used to burn through me. now i coop myself up on weekends and nobody tries to break down my walls. i sleep a lot more and eat a lot more and sometimes it feels freeing, but mostly it feels lonely. it feels lonely i feel lonely i am lonely and i am yearning not to be. when you don’t know how to get close, everything feels empty.
little botanical asks ❀

sugarbush | do you prefer chocolate or gummy sweets?
bird of paradise | what’s your favorite stuffie’s name & why?
mums | when’s the last time you told yourself “i love you”?
bell flower | who do you think the most educational cartoon character is?
feverfew | do you get homesick easily?
iris | are you afraid of the dark? if so, why?
crimson beebalm | are you allergic to anything?
sunflower | when’s the last time you visited a park or went on a walk?
aster | what’s your favorite grown up tv show?
buttercup | did you have any cute nicknames as a child? did any stick?
jersey lily |  what’s one place you wish you could outwardly be little?
lilac | when’s the last time you were sad & how did you overcome it?
azalea | what’s the last song you listened to?
• snapdragon | do you prefer reading or watching movies?
baby’s breath | what sends you into little space?
sea lavender | what’s your favorite bubble bath or shower soap scent?
tulip | when’s the last time you got attacked with kisses & snuggles?

i encourage anyone to answer along !! i’m just as curious about you as you are about me ❀

Gentle reminder

I am acutely aware that yaoi fangirls fetishize male love, a fact that makes me uncomfortable at best and violated at worst in many fandom spaces.

From a gay man (with love): please know your place. Know that being heavily invested in a show because there is a beautifully written, canon gay relationship cannot compare to being heavily invested in a show because it’s directly relevant to your life. Know that your excitement from witnessing two men kissing is compounded tenfold when it means something deeply personal to you.

Fetishizing gay male relationships on fictional shows translates to diminishing and, by extension, disrespecting irl gay male relationships.

Gay men do not belong to you, not in fiction and not in reality. Our lives are not tv shows for prying eyes. Be aware of the difference between media and reality…AND know the effects one has on the other. We are all 110% welcome to love this show, but please keep in mind that the tears I shed over viktor and yuuri come from a very different place than yours.


Do not misunderstand what I’m gonna say.

I mean, I am really happy that for once, we do have a lesbian relationship coming on a great tv show. Also, Alex is one of the major characters of Supergirl, so this is completely cool. If we forget that we are on the CW and well… We saw what happens to Lexa. But that’s not the point here.

I love the idea to have a lesbian relationship, I like Alex and Maggie. But come on guys. Don’t you see that there is so much chemistry between Lena and Kara ? I mean, their smiles when they see each others, their pouts, their gazes… Compare to Maggie/Alex, this is something bigger. I don’t really know what the writers are doing : I mean, this is obvious that there is something between Lena and Kara, we can’t miss it. But what is the point if this is for nothing ? Are they playing with our feelings again ? Because, come on, Alex being gay is not such a surprise. But something like Kara falling for Lena, it could be a real deal. It could have a real impact on the LGBT community on tv shows. It would be so much important, so much bigger and cooler.

So yes, I am happy to see Alex coming out. But I’m much more interested in another relationship. Kara and Lena share something and this is a real alchemy, I am not inventing it.

EDIT : and please, don’t interprete my message in the wrong way. Of course Alex’s coming out will have a impact for the lgbt community. I love woman, so I’m excited by all of this. I’m just saying, having THE main character of the show coming out too… well, it will be huge.