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'Once Upon a Time' First Look: Hook's Wedding Suit - Plus, Colin O'Donoghue on Why Fans will Be 'Very Happy!'

Killian Jones has never looked so dashing!

We know that many Once Upon a Time fans are currently counting down the seconds until Hook and Emma tie the knot in the upcoming musical extravaganza. (FYI, it’s only 1,209,600 seconds away.) So we’ve got something that is going to curb your Captain Swan cravings!

ET has your first look photo of Hook looking oh-so dashing in his wedding tux, plus exclusive details from set about how this velvet suit was selected, and why fans are going to be “very happy” with Emma and Killian’s journey down the aisle.

“I think I can probably credit [Once Upon a Time showrunner] Eddy [Kitsis] for this look,” star Colin O'Donoghue dished of his suit to ET during a joint interview with Jennifer Morrison on Once’s Vancouver set last month. “We were going to go in a different direction and Eddy was like, ‘It has to be black velvet!’ So that’s it – it’s black velvet.”

“It’s really soft though,” the 36-year-old actor added with a laugh.

Kitsis further explained to ET that he and co-executive producer Adam Horowitz had a very specific vision in mind when it came to Hook’s look.

“Adam and I both thought that Hook needed to have a tux that reflects his personality, so you can’t go from leather to just a basic tux,” he revealed. “We felt like he had to have a little edge to it so the velvet felt like the Hook-version of fancy.”

When asked if he feels “suave” in his wedding attire, O'Donoghue was bashful with his response. “I guess so,” he chuckled. “I hope it looks OK.”

“You look amazing!” co-star Jennifer Morrison chimed in while looking dazzling herself in her intricately laced wedding gown. “He’s been getting a little jealous about all of the attention the dress has been getting, so I’m trying to butter him up a little bit about his velvet jacket.”

While Morrison hopes that “brains explode” when Captain Swan fans finally witness Emma and Killian’s vows to one another, O'Donoghue was a bit more sentimental with his predictions.

“I think that they’ll be very happy,” he said. “Because even to get to this point in this season, they’ve had such ups and downs. So to get to this place, within the realm of what’s about to happen to them and all that kind of stuff, is pretty impressive.”

O'Donoghue continued, “They’ve just decided that, 'You know what? We love each other, we want to be together and now is the time to do it.’”


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Have you heard any news about infinity train being accepted yet? I'm so excited for it.

Nope. It could be greenlit or passed on today, tomorrow, next week, or several months from now and I would still have no idea whether it’s about to happen or not. I’m in the dark as much as everyone else is.

The other issue is that, even if it was greenlit, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. You’ll probably end up having to read about it on Deadline or something. However, whether it’s greenlit or dropped, I will absolutely be on top of making sure everyone knows as soon as I’m able to. I mean if it was greenlit, that would mean I had to start staffing up. If I’m staffing up, I would want everyone who is already following me because of Infinity Train who might be interested in working on it to realize there were job openings and send me their stuff.

One thing I do know, however, that the executives are aware of Infinity Train’s popularity online. If you watch Infinity Train, watch it from official sources like CN’s youtube channel or their facebook page. Those are the only sources they have where they can see the statistics of how many people are watching it, liking it, and sharing it. They have no ability to take pirated or re-uploaded versions into account because only the uploader can see their own statistics. Even if they did, they wouldn’t, because they’re a corporation and they only want to target people who will pay for their product through watching an ad where the money goes to them and not to kiss cartoon or something.

I also wanna say again, I really appreciate the amount of love Infinity Train has gotten. When you work on stuff like that, you’re kind of working in a void and you have no idea how people will react when they see it. So when something like this happens it’s very gratifying and I can’t tell you all how much it means to me.

Night Moves (Part 2)

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Summary: The reader hooks up with a guy she meets at a bar one night after she gets to the town where her childhood friend Jess is getting married in a few days time, leading to some unintended consequences…

Part 1

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,300ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Part 2, enjoy!…

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sebastian stan is appreciated yet underappreciated at the same time. he’s pretty but he’s also this really good, interesting person. 

this panel has so many good moments [x] such as:

  • had to stop speaking because he couldn’t stop staring at this dog.
  • remembers taking a picture with someone 
  • “when you’re given a platform you have to do something about it..you have to expand beyond your own personal goals.”
  • “i never really thought in a million years that this character or these stories or something, you know, to have someone, who, just reached out to me and said you know, ‘thank you for recognizing something or i’m related to this’ is probably the most gratifying experience out of this whole process.”
  • “the task for me would be to be more involved and see where I can help…even if it’s just, I don’t know, putting a smile on someone’s face, or answering some questions or you know, making someone feel better.”
  • “i’m awkward, I get nervous nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, you know, whatever, depression.”
  • “my job is always to remain as honest as I can and to just, i don’t know, help in some way.”
  • goes on this whole thing about trying to focus on what he can control v what he can’t control, how that helps him to be a happier, better person.
  • “one of my goals in life is to really embrace struggle.”
  • “it’s important to kinda take in and be really grateful about sort of what’s happening, which i always remind myself, no matter what, and i really, really am.”

this video is in romanian w/ english subtitles, so all info is from there [x]

  • “i was very lucky, i tend to forget this. when i was 22 or 23 years old i wasn’t thinking about what it meant to her after the revolution came, to decide to go elsewhere for a better life.” on his mother, the sacrifices she made, and better understanding now that he’s older.
  • “after my grandma died, to be honest, it was difficult for me to go back there cause i had to go to the cemetery, to live that moment again, and face what happened with her. it was a very delicate situation for me.”
  • “when i saw that car driving fast with that flag with the hole in the middle, I felt like… i always remember something major, important was happening.” on the revolution when he was a kid.
  • “when i was watching it (a video of Ceausescu) i felt something so…i mean, i remember like the memories were there in my muscles. i felt like a knife went through me when i heard that voice it felt to me like it was yesterday.” 
  • “the thing that i feel changed most was a deeper sense of responsibility.” on being asked if fame changed him.
  • his parents are what keep his interest in romania alive, and are the reasons he can still speak the language.

here’s another panel [x]

  • remembers more fans. 
  • “the rough patches that you may going through are sort of, also, these great gifts that you can kind of rise from.”
  • paraphrasing but: we’re all capable of rising from difficult moments in our lives to get somewhere. 
  • “it’s the company you keep. people you surround yourself are extensions of you, that’s how i always feel..and i was lucky to have good influences.”
  • gives a fan a hug.
  • space nerd who exposes his knowledge and would live on the moon.

Bonus things: 

  • i think it’s important to remind the people we love why we love them or how they’ve touched us. i mean, i guess if it wasn’t for my mom i could probably be, not even in america right now. [x]
  • "embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think are weird. eventually they’re going to be the only things separating you from everyone else.” [x]

Day #123: All of Me

“When I first came here, I didn’t think I would stay. I was ambitious, power-hungry, and mean, and I did a lot of things I’m not proud of. A few good friends showed me the error of my ways, but it was you, Twilight, who taught me the most important lesson of all. I don’t need to be any of those things, ever again, because with you by my side I can do absolutely anything. You keep me grounded, you keep me safe, and you make me happier than I have been in my entire life. I vow to love and care for you, Twilight, and I will follow you to the ends of the earth, and far, far beyond.

But I vow to do it, even when it isn’t easy. I vow to be with you through the tough times and the rough patches. And even though things might not always be smooth sailing, I vow to work through all our problems together. I also promise to pour the milk for your cereal for you and try to help you when you’re doing one of your nightly planning sessions, even if you say you don’t want me, because I vow to understand you, even if we might be worlds apart. And while I can vow and promise a lot of things, there’s one thing I swear I’ll always be.

Twilight Sparkle, even if we’re married, I vow to always be your friend.”


“I knew there was something magic about you the first time we met, Sunset, but it took me a while to figure out exactly what it was. You took a shy, nervous girl who talked to her dog and made me who I am today: the happiest girl in this or any world. Without you around I don’t think I would even recognise myself anymore. You’ve saved me, Sunset, from the walls I built around myself, from a cruel and malevolent, world, and from my own demons. I sleep soundly, now, knowing that you’re right next to me and that I’m going to wake up next to you for the rest of my life. You’re beautiful, strong, and I love you more than words can ever express.

I vow to give my heart to you, because I’m certain you’ll keep it safe. I vow to let you handle some of my spreadsheets when needed and give you the cold side of the pillow. Well, sometimes. No matter what might happen, what crazy things we might argue with, I vow to be by your side and stand with you, not against you. I vow to give you the kindness you’ve shown me for so long. And while all those might just be words for now, I vow to make them true with my actions. I vow to love you, and I vow to be your friend till the end.”

[Vows written by the glorious @bestshipisfriendship & @deathscar. I’m not good at the sappy stuff, thanks guys!]

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*Requested* Can u do an imagine where klaus’ teenage daughter and (half) sister Hope reunite with the family after the 5 years of being apart (reader was about 10 when all the stuff with marcel happened and he took klaus)

(I focused this more on the reader reuniting with the family (especially Klaus), but maybe I will write a continuation to this which will be more focused on Hope. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this kind of bittersweet one. Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Teen Daughter! Reader, Klaus, Hope, Hayley and the rest of the family

Story Title: “5 long years”

Word count: 908

Your name: submit What is this?

The sun has barely risen on the horizon as the sound of rustling sheets and the presence of a body stirs you awake. You blink a few times and rub the sleep out of your eyes before you look next to you. As it seems your half-sister Hope has had another nightmare and crawled into your bed like she has a numerous of times before.

After a few minutes of almost dozing off to sleep, you decide to seize the day and get some morning air and collect a few of the flowers that grow in the area. Your auntie Beks always like them, and since today might be the day they all return, you thought it would be a nice gesture to have a few of them around. Also, Hope likes to draw flowers as well so you could kill two birds with one stone with them.

You quickly change and open the window leading out into the backyard with a roof below. You always sneak out like this, because Mary does not like if you wander off too far, which of course, never stops you.

.[Time skip]

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Ok my curiosity got the better of me, I have to ask! Why u're called "The Cockles Prophet"? ^^

Aww I haven’t been asked this for a while, so I’ll refer to an old answer when this all first started,  and then I’ll add on to what has occurred since then.

I believe the most notable was in my final chapter of “The Plot”. Jensen and Misha were standing at the edge of a lake at sunset, snuggling close and basically reveling in the moment they had all to themselves. Then, five days after I wrote and posted that chapter, they came out with this manly moment:

Less notably, in the same fic I wrote about Jensen and Misha getting into a rather erotic game of Twister. Perhaps a week or two later, Misha tweeted this:

On a related note, that moment in the story led to @winjennster creating this lovely photo … which also led to Cockles’s butt touching, so … I’m counting it.

Another moment was confirmed much more recently when Jensen was speaking at VanCon. When I wrote “The Plot” I added in a very silly scene that involved JJ, Jared and a petting zoo trip that ended in a bit of chaos. As it turns out, JJ does in fact love petting zoos and she does somehow bring a bit of mayhem with her when she visits them.


More recently, at the start of last year– someone asked me to make some predictions about what kind of Cocklesy things would happen in 2016. So, I made a list of mostly crazy stuff but one of the things I mentioned was that Misha would give a heartfelt congratulations to Jensen for winning a People’s Choice Award (x). I honestly had no idea that Jensen was even nominated or when the awards were actually happening, but the very next day– Jensen won for favorite sci-fi actor,  and Misha made the lovely video of him giving Jensen the tea kettle.

Finally,  during JIBCon last year,  Misha mentioned that Jensen and himself often used their time together in the car, driving to and from set locations,  to have deep conversations and long talks. Well,  for the three months prior, I had been writing my Cockles Big Bang fic, “The Drive” which was specifically centered around the idea that they did this very thing quite often,  so when he said that during the Cockles panel in Rome,  I nearly died. 

(It happens at 10:25)

Anyway,  that’s why I’ve been dubbed “The Cockles Prophet” by a select few.  I think there are some things I’m forgetting, but that’s the big stuff anyway. 

Thank you for the curiosity! I had fun remembering all this craziness!


i’ve just realised. at this point, steven universe has less active plot than my immortal.

i’m totally serious. my immortal might have been totally nonsensical, but it did technically have a plot and there were ongoing problems to deal with:

  • fighting voldemort, which involved ebony going back in time to stop tom riddle from becoming voldemort.
  • the goths vs preps thing, up to the ministry trying to take over hogwarts and dumbledore becoming a poser.
  • all of the shit going on with snape and lupin.
  • the vampire/ebony/draco love triangle which kind of got resolved when they all started banging each other but it was definitely a conflict early on.

even the “filler” had this stuff crop up, like the times ebony and draco went to a concert and it turned out that the death dealers were pretending to be the band. (i still can’t believe that happened multiple times…)

in contrast, steven universe is barely touching its overarching plots. the diamonds are doing basically nothing, the cluster and malachite have long since been dealt with, bismuth and jasper have been bubbled, and the rubies are lovely but they’re not exactly threatening endgame villains. 

steven universe has less active conflict than my immortal.


Kissing Booth | Rucas

Each year, Abigail Adams High has a carnival at the end of the very last semester to welcome summer and celebrate the passing of another successful school year. Students and staff tend to go all out. There are booths scattered around the outskirts of the lot, like the very popular pie throwing contest where you can pay to throw a pie in the face of your favorite, or not so favorite teacher, the dunk tank if ever you’re in the mood to fall into freezing cold water, and the kissing booth.

Normally Riley would partake in all of the activities, aside from the kissing booth of course. She hated the idea of people paying to kiss someone, sure it was for a good cause and all the proceeds helped fund the extracurricular activities for school but still, she couldn’t get on board with puckering up to some stranger who has already kissed dozens and dozens of people.

That is until her crush since freshman year, Chris Cardellini, was the one on the other side. This year, the baseball team is in charge of the kissing booth, since there are so many of them they get to switch off every 10 people or so. Chris, along with two of her best friends Lucas and Zay, is on the baseball team and that meant she finally had a chance to get him to feel what she’s felt for him since the first day of school, almost 4 years ago.

Did he even know she existed? No. Did that stop her from fantasizing about him every chance she got? Absolutely not. To be fair it’s not that she was some unknown loner who had no friends, she had a great group of friends and over all she was well liked, it had more so to do with the fact that she decided to crush on the most popular guy in school. The one who could have any girl he wanted and because that was the harsh reality of the situation she knew deep down she didn’t stand a chance. However, she convinced herself that maybe, just maybe, if she got to kiss him at the kissing booth this year, he’d feel a spark and that would obviously lead to their beautiful love story.

As she sat at her usual lunch table she found herself getting lost in the hypothetical-ness of it all. It isn’t until her best friend Maya slams her lunch tray on the table that she’s forced back to reality.
“Daydreaming about Chris Cardellini again?” The blonde muses as she aggressively opens her bag of chips.

“No.” The brunette pouts, taking a big gulp of her juice. “I was just wondering what I should wear to the carnival.”

“The carnival where you’re going to kiss Chris Cardellini?” Maya smirks, raising her eyebrows at Riley.

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hate me now | shin hoseok drabble

shin hoseok | love is a fleeting feeling. it’d be nice if that thought was mutual.| 2,924 words. | just pure angst. | based off “how can I say?” by day6 and “honestly” by monsta x.

Originally posted by wonhontology

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Fic: Nobody Else (Philip/Lukas)

Summary: Five Times Philip and Lukas are total besties and one time Lukas sort of has an epiphany. (Or: there are no murders, Lukas and Philip become best friends, and stuff happens.)

A/N: Okay, I have such a friendship kink. Like, if you can’t be BFFs with your s/o then why bother, right? And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way these two connect and also, well, they are kind of dumb when it comes to feelings, which is something I can relate to. So that’s my excuse for writing this. It was meant to be a short 1k ficlet but I don’t know why I even still pretend I can be succinct.

Also up on the AO3


Lukas is trailing after Philip to the edge of the Caldwell’s property, not really understanding where they’re going or why.

“Are you ever going to tell me where you’re dragging me off to?” he asks.

Philip looks back at him and shakes his head, waves Lukas on. “Nope. It’s a surprise. Calm down. It’s not that much further.”

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Could you explain the difference between Magical Realism and Urban Fantasy? Like, I always thought that Harry Potter counted as magical realism because it was magic tied into the real world, but I'm thinking I've misunderstood what Magical Realism as a genre (and a mode) is.

I would love to. Magical realism is not actually when magic stuff happens in a realistic world. This is a common misconception that frankly often happens in the publishing and reviewing world as well. Magical realism can be really confusing as it’s a sort of meta-genre, not really a genre but popping up everywhere in a bunch of different kinds of books, so if you need any clarifications or further explanation, feel free to hit up my inbox again! I can answer questions about magical realism all day.

Magical realism is more of a mode than a genre when explained outside of the specific context of Latin-American Magical Realism, so I’m going to explain the mode. It’s hard to explain, but basically it means that your sense of the reality of the book is being messed with. For example: At one point in Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude there is a scene where Remedios, a character who is otherworldly in her beauty and wisdom, is holding onto a white sheet in the yard. The wind catches it, and she flies into the sky and never comes back. There is a moment, as a reader, where you say, ‘Wait. Did that really happen in the world of this book?’ The book doesn’t tell you. It’s possible that this was a metaphor for her being carried off to heaven. It’s also possible that the text means Remedios literally flew away into the sky because she was so light that the sheet could carry her. The text doesn’t clarify, however, and the world of the novel doesn’t have a baseline of magic with which you can ground this event. You are left not knowing whether, within the world of the novel, what just happened actually happened or not. That is magical realism. 

Harry Potter is a straight-up fantasy novel—perhaps urban fantasy—because we know there’s magic in the world. Even when something unexpected happens, it is explained by the logic of the world of the series. But like I said, magical realism outside of Latin America is used as a mode rather than as a whole genre. Magical realism can appear in fantasy and sci fi and all other genres, frankly, too. It’s born from that moment in which you—or a character, if the text doesn’t confirm for the reader—go, ‘Wait, I don’t understand, did that actually happen? Or no?’ ‘Was that real? Or no?’ ‘Was that a dream? Or was it real?’ ‘Was that in my mind? Or real?’ Even if it’s resolved later in the text, that moment is a moment of magical realism. I would argue that Harry Potter has one moment of magical realism: the moment when he sees Dumbledore in the possibly-afterlife. When he leaves, he asks Dumbledore whether this was real. And Dumbledore says, “Of course it is happening in your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” We don’t know whether that was literally a train to wizard heaven or whether it was Harry’s fever-dream while passed out as the horcrux died. We literally don’t know, and we have no wizarding world logic to ground that event for us. And so, that moment is magical realism. 

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Blublu you're so cute~ o(≧∇≦o)

Oml. Thank you to think that ♥u♥

I love how cute he can be! :D

And like, I think every one can see here how much I love cute stuff. But TBH, maybe you don’t know how far I can go. Mwahaha *inhales sugar and moe stuff*

Oh well that kind of stuff happens when I’m high on cute things:

He’s always a pleasure to draw.


A while ago I wrote a post called “obedience vs control”, where I described the difference between simply following instructions and actually feeling like someone else was in control. It’s the most popular post on my blog to date and while that might just be because I was talking about masturbating in the shower, I like to think it’s because people liked reading about that unique sensation of control and the way I responded to it. 

A similar kind of thing happened to me today. The lovely @thegreato95 was playing with me and he gave me a freeze trigger. Pretty standard stuff, it makes me stop moving until he decides to unfreeze me, and I remain awake and aware the whole time. And the trigger works very nicely, he’s hypnotised me once or twice before and I’d just listened to a fractionation file of his so I was quite suggestible. When he uses the trigger, my entire body just stops and I feel like I wouldn’t even know how to move if I wanted to, I’m just left stuck in whatever position I was in when he triggered me and all I can really do is look at the screen and wait to be told to move again. The trigger doesn’t do anything to my concious mind, but the situation leaves me feeling naturally quite helpless. Which is delightful! And it was wonderful to be teased by him while he had me frozen.

But that’s nothing out of the ordinary, right? I’ve had freeze triggers in the past that have felt pretty much the same as that. The “OMG” moment happened when he used the trigger and then told me to move my hands. Nothing changed in my mind, I had no desire to obey him or anything - he hasn’t trained me like that. And if he’d asked me if I could move them I would have been adamant that it would be impossible, I was concrete! But the instant he told me to move my hands, they were moving, held out in front of me and circling around exactly as he had instructed. Their movement had nothing to do with me, as far as I could tell. I could see them moving, I could feel them moving, I knew why they were moving but they were moving completely independently to my brain. I wanted to laugh but it’s not easy when your face is frozen!

The very first thought I had when my body moved for him then was “oh my god, I’m his puppet”. Because that’s exactly what the sensation was - I had no control of my body, he controlled it completely. My body listened to him before it listened to me now. He was pulling my strings and all I could do about it was watch, able to think about what was happening but unable to say or do anything about it until he unfroze me. 

So again, this is one of those moments when I could quite easily differentiate between obedience - just doing as I’m told - and control - having absolutely zero say in the matter. I cannot express how much I utterly adore that feeling <3

so, when i was a kid, i absolutely loved jrpgs. and, as it tends to happen, i naturally gravitated towards the final fantasy series. i simply adored it.

the thing is, though: i never liked level grinding. ever. which is kind of ironic, considering that jrpg’s are famous for that, but, yeah. the final fantasy games were definitely more forgiving than, say, the dragon quest games, but still, i’ve always seen level grinding as repetitive and utterly boring, especially as a kid.

fortunately, i always played those games with my brother, who, in fact, actually likes level grinding and all that jazz. he always made a point in getting the most powerful secret items, defeat bonus bosses, reach the full potential of a character of his choice. so, i never had to worry much about that while playing, because i knew that my brother would back me up in the boring bits, since he liked that, and soon i would be able to return to the juicy stuff in peace.

except that when i started playing final fantasy 5, my brother had no interest in the game. at all. i still really wanted to play it, so i was left alone to do the boring stuff. but i was a lazy ass 8 year old, so i did the barest of the barest minimum, only just enough to get by the bosses. 

but more often than not, it was not enough. i would get my ass handed to me multiple times, but i still refused to grind and pulled desperate strategies out of my ass to win.

anyway, this is all to say that i reached the final boss of final fantasy 5 with a party all at level 25-30, much to my brother’s horror.

A Friend Of A Friend, These Strangers At The Party Never Paid

summary: “I left phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it’s really nice and cute but I still don’t know who you are” AU

words: 12.7k

warnings: smut, mentions of smoking, alcohol/being drunk, lack of imagination as far as fic titles are concerned


Can you believe this was meant to be 3k?? I honeslty don’t know what happened there. all I know is that I have five exams in less than three weeks that I should be revising for and instead did this. yikes I hope this was worth it. (also pray4me that I don’t fail everything) x

Also on the topic of exams the actual reason I wrote this now was bc I’m kinda not gonna be writing for a while because of Lovely responsibilities and school stuff and revision so I’m gonna leave yall with this before I’m off Working and doing fun stuff that adults do.

I hope this is ok!!


Dan’s halfway through skipping History when he does it.

He doesn’t know why he did it – he really doesn’t, he was just kind of bored one afternoon and happened to be carrying a Sharpie and hey, it’d just be a laugh, right? In a school like this, what’s the worst that could come out of leaving his phone number on a cubicle wall?

His pen squeaks across the pale blue paint, already tainted with curse words and penis drawings and tipp-ex and “Call _____ for a good time ;)”. He supposes the caretakers have given up with trying to cover up the graffiti – there are still thin layers of paint and chipped plaster coating every inch of the stall walls, at least showing attempted coverage, but people had just written over them, scribbles of song lyrics and “never got caught” tattooing every inch of the previously blank walls. No amount of assemblies or threats of “whoever did this-“, inserts picture of something someone had written about the Maths teacher on the hall projector, “is seriously going to pay” from the head teacher had ever stopped anyone, so, really, what does Dan have to lose? Sure, they could trace the phone number, but that doesn’t prove anything – he could just as easily throw on the ‘innocent’ act and say it was his friend.

07843983276, he writes. He doesn’t sign it off with any comment, nor kisses, not even a smiley face let alone a winking one. He just leaves it there, in a kind-of conspicuous place just above eye-level on the right hand side of the door, eleven digits amidst many others.

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Make it all better.

Baron Corbin/OC- Reader and Baron get into an argument that leads to Baron showing her how much he was sorry.

Warnings: Arguing(like a little bit, does this need to be a warning,), smut, hair pulling, like a spank.

Shoutout to that anon who requested this. I just recently started to get into Baron so I hope this was everything you’ve ever wanted. Sorry that it was kind of short. Also shoutout to the people who want to get tagged in this stuff @the-geekgoddes @vebner37

I used to love when Baron came home. We would spend majority of the time together and never worry about anything. He always treated me like I was the greatest thing to ever happen to him, but recently everything has kind of changed.

Now when he comes home we spend maybe a day out of a week or two together. The guys are always around either hanging out at our place or him at theirs. If he isn’t doing that than he is working on his motorcycle. When he is home he never helps me out with anything like taking out the trash or laundry and it was starting to upset me.

1 week later—-

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Hello 😁! What kind of girls do you think jackson is attracted to and how would he approach her and be like in a relationship? Btw i really like your natal chart reading 😄😉

Hey, anon! I’ll be quite honest here: the personification of Jackson’s type is pratically Jaebum. lmao And I’ve already said I don’t do ships so this is just by comparing their charts.

He basically needs someone that acts cold and is responsible but also a deep down softie. Jackson has too many feelings so he needs someone that is like that too, but he can also be quite naive since he has such a good heart - so he needs a partner that is good at understanding people’s real intentions and is also cold/direct enough to deal with those things. Someone that will give him strength. Jackson has serious break downs now and then according to his chart and he pressures himself a lot, so he needs someone that is strong and supportive. Someone that will just understand when he’s not just joking around about needing a hug, you know? 

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‘Cause Jackson can be quite dramatic, but an observant and caring person will understand when it’s an actual silent cry for help of sorts. So yeah. He’s probably attracted to hot bodies at first since he’s a very visual guy, but these little things about one’s personality will be what really makes him really fall in love. People that will take care of little things for him, litlle meaningful things that he’ll appreciate more than anything else. I’d say that Jaebum is not the perfect candidate because he’s too awkward so maybe someone that is more comfortable with public displays of affection would be better. Just trying to define a type here. lol

A girl or boy (since I don’t know his preferences) with those characteristics would be perfect for him. Now, as to how he’d be when in a relationship… Needy but also very caring. Pisces all over his chart makes that happen. I think he’d be jealous sometimes but not in a bad way, talking would solve it. His Moon is in Libra so he’s very, very caring and protective - even motherly like. He’s clearly a guy that spoils the people he loves and while dating someone that would intensify. Would definitely be the kind to surprise you now and then and would contantly worry deeply about your well-being, asking if you had already eaten and stuff like that. And many public displays of affection, if his career allows, would insue. With his Ascendant in Aquarius, he’d be very respectful of your space and would expect the same. Despite his insecurities, I’d say he’s the perfect boyfriend. When he actually falls in love, that is, which can be kinda hard because he has many placements talking about taking some time to understand the difference between love and passion. But overall, just a really nice guy and definitely husband material.

And thanks, I’m glad you like it! :)