i love when this cast interacts

People have approached me looking for a way to change the minds of Trump voters, but I can’t offer any magic technique. That kind of persuasion happens in person-to-person interactions and it requires a lot of honest listening on both sides. For me, the conversations that led me to change my views started because I couldn’t understand why anyone would fear me. I thought I was only doing what was right and defending those I loved.

I think the “Hamilton” cast modeled well one way to make that same connection when they appealed to Vice President-elect Mike Pence from the stage: “We, sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us.” Afterward, the actor Brandon Victor Dixon explained, “I hope he thinks of us every time he has to deal with an issue or talk about a bill or present anything.” I’m sure Mr. Pence believes his policies are just. But now he has heard from individuals who are worried about those policies. That might open him to new conversations.

I never would have begun my own conversations without first experiencing clear and passionate outrage to what I believed from those I interacted with. Now is the time for me to pass on that outrage by clearly and unremittingly denouncing the people who used a wave of white anger to take the White House.

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As much I love the relationship between Grandice, I also love the relationship between CV & CP and KL and CP. they're really cute too. What do you think?

I love Candice and Keiy’s friendship! They’re so sweet together, they give me a toothache. You can really tell they have a deep friendship and totally love and respect each other.

Candice and Carlos are cute, too. Sadly we rarely get to see them interact, but when they do, it’s usually adorable.

If Felicity Smoak Had a Female BFF

Is it just me or is there more testosterone than usual in the Arrow lair these days?  As much as I love Oliver and Dig (and tolerate the newbies), I’ve missed having Thea and Lyla around. We also have yet to see much interaction between Felicity and Evelyn.

There aren’t many people that Felicity can really turn to these days to communicate how she’s feeling, especially since Oliver and Dig are preoccupied with their own issues. Seriously, the writers have admitted that OTA is the “secret sauce.” Slather it all over this season and give us what we love already, damn it! 

Anyway, casting my fan fury aside, it would be so nice if Felicity had a female BFF. Even when Thea, Laurel, Lyla, and Sara were in the lair, we got very little interaction. Curtis has been there for Felicity, but he’s clearly distracted being Mr. Terrific. Plus, there are just some things women can only discuss with each other.  I doubt this will ever happen, but I thought it’d be fun to think up a list of questions a female BFF would ask Felicity in Season 5. We’d probably get some really truthful confessions and juicy deets!

~“Are you sleeping?  Are you eating enough?  Why do you look so upset all the time?  Talk to me!”

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~“You’re in fabulous shape. Have you been working out?  Who’s your trainer?”

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~“Your eyes still light up when talking about Oliver.  Are you two getting back together?”

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~“Girl, why are you dating that sloppy detective with the small hands?  You could do so much better. Run!”

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~“Cute shoes! Where did you get them?”

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~“I love your lipstick, but it’s smudged.  Did you make a ‘mistake’ with Oliver again?”

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~“Are you going to try and get your company back?  That Mr. Dennis was such a jerk. Totally threatened by you!”

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~“Are you starting your own company?  I think it’s a fabulous idea.”

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~“I think you should grow your hair out.  Don’t you miss your long, luxurious golden locks? I’d kill for your hair.”

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~“What new inventions have you been working on? Can you please invent a program that does automatic background checks on my dating app matches?  Too many creeps out there. Speaking of creeps, that detective…”

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~“Seriously, when are you and Mayor Handsome getting back together?  Better get your man before someone else does.”

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~“Felicity, you are awesome. Want a hug?”

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 Feel free to add on to the list, guys! Make it as fun or serious as you want.

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yo my dude whats your favorite jojo part?

I totally love Diamond is Unbreakable. The cast of characters is my favorite, which really goes a long way. I think that the setting allowed for some of the best interactions between characters of any Parts. I was already loving the series in the previous Parts, but DiU completely sold me on everything. The Tonio chapters in particular when I realized how special it was.

World Meets Girl gave me some feels tho

I have lots of feelings about this long “episode”

I loved when Cece said she wished she could’ve been in the show more

I loved seeing the cast interact with the audience

I loved Sabrina and Rowan holding hands and cuddles and just the awws

The end was sad though, like a punch to the heart

Sabrina’s tears 😭

Really sad this show is ending guys

I really hope it gets carried over onto another network or something

Because this is so not ok

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God, this is bringing back *all* of my Boyd feelings. I loved that character so much. I was a Sterek fan even back then, but I was so disappointed after the lunchroom scene when Stiles/Boyd didn't become a thing, too. Especially when their following interactions generally had Stiles trying his best to get Boyd to like him. Nothing's ever gonna convince me Stiles didn't at least have a man crush, if not a romantic crush. So much lost opportunity. *rages into the night* I shipped it so hard.

I love and write Stiles/Boyd and Derek/Boyd. We’re going to have a Boyd fic cast soon.

Lindsey Morgan is honestly the best example of how to interact with the fandom when it comes to ships. She knows and recognizes all of the ship names (Doctor Mechanic, Princess Mechanic, Ice Mechanic, Br/ven) and treats each one with the respect and graciousness they deserve. 

She doesn’t take it too seriously, she treats it like the fun it is, giving each ship equal attention and I honestly love her so much for that. 

That is how you interact with your fans. That is how you make sure you don’t alienate your fan base. God job, Glen CoCo.


So I met Troy Baker last Saturday.

What a lovely guy! He’s honestly one of the sweetest, funniest, most interactive, and genuine stars I’ve ever met. I saw him perform an acoustic set and his singing was beautiful. He gave a really inspirational speech which really helped me. Then in my photo shoot he was so sweet and got really into the pose and I got to hug him afterwards (he makes me look so tiny!) Later when I met him again at the autograph desk I was still holding my self-made ‘No Pun Intended : Volume Too’  from The Last of Us for my Ellie cosplay when he signed the Joel print for me. He saw it and went “There it is!” as he remembered it from my photo shoot with him and he picked it up and looked through it. I pointed out how I put the jokes in and he was like “Wait you made this? You actually made this?!” and I said “Yeah! I made it from an old quiz book thing I had as a kid. I edited all the cover together and spent last night adding the puns in.” He pointed at the cover and was like “So…” so I explained “It took me forever to line up all the spine, I printed it so many times trying to get it right.” He was so impressed, I didn’t even think it was that wow myself! He was like flipping through it an examining it and then showed it to his wife Pamela who was sat next to him and he was like “Look at this! She made this!!!” and she smiled. I pointed out all the jokes and he quotes one of Joel’s responses to the jokes, I can’t remember which one I think it was either “I don’t know, what?” or “I don’t get it” in the Joel voice and it was amazing. I pointed out the “People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow” as my favourite one and he laughed, he liked it too. AND THEN, BOYS AND GIRLS, HE SIGNED MY JOKE BOOK. I was so stunned (especially since his autograph was £20 so I was getting a second autograph FOR FREE?!?!) and also I could believe how much he liked the joke book and how impressed he was with it!!

He drew the two dots first so I thought he was just gonna draw a smiley face or something but I think he wrote “sigh”, amazing. I love Troy, he’s such a brilliant person to meet. I prepared myself to talk about The Last of Us and how it’s my favourite game and everything but all that went out thewindow and we just geeked out over my book! Best day ever!


the sweetest people in the entire cast

amir: i had met amir a few months ago and we didn’t really have much interaction other than a hello and a hug, but yesterday amidst the craziness of the meet and greet, he saw me and came over to take a picture and say hi, and when we finished he winked at me and it was so CUTE, he’s so charming i could die

sabrina: now i don’t know if most of you know, but the first time i met her was after her concert in october last year at and the first thing she ever said to me was “oh my GOD, you’re so beautiful” and ever since then, she always recognizes me (this is only the fourth time i’ve seen her) and i’m always left SHOOK because she’s so kind and the best person to have a conversation with. last night it was crazy trying to get a picture with her but i’m so happy i did because once again, she proved she’s a real life angel. she saw me in the crowd and came to me right away to tell me hi and to tell me i looked beautiful and that my outfit was “everything.” i love her so much, it’s crazy!!!!!!!!!! (you can read our conversation on my insta @/juliaedithrios)

I know nothing about Disney please be gentle.

Castiel has worked at Disney World for a number of years. He likes it well enough, likes selling knick-knacks to happy families and children enough that dealing with the not-so-pleasant customers is worth it.

He has no idea when Sam joined the cast, but he first noticed a couple of months ago. Since Sam was the new Flynn Rider and Castiel worked in a gift shop, they never really interacted, but Castiel saw him sometimes. He seemed to really love his job and worked so well with kids. Castiel wondered where Flynn ended and Sam began.

They never spoke a word to each other until Sam brought a crying child into the gift shop by the hand. He lifted up the sniffling little boy and set him on the counter, and Castiel was glad the shop was as empty as it ever got. Sam explained how the kid had gotten separated from his parents, and he wanted to bring him in from the storm before calling security.

While they waited for someone to pick up the kid, they tried to calm him down, make him laugh, and Castiel realised that Sam didn’t just love his job, he was so good at it. He managed to console both the kid and his parents when they finally showed up, and Castiel was fascinated and – he wasn’t ashamed to admit – a little smitten.

Sam stayed inside to talk with Castiel while they waited out the storm, and Castiel just fell deeper. After that, they made excuses to talk to each other, since their jobs didn’t provide them with any, and when Castiel finally gathered up the courage to ask Sam to watch the fireworks with him on a shared day off, he was surprised and more than a little pleased to see a blush rise in Sam’s cheeks.

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Who is your favorite character to analyze and why?

What a fantastic ask! Part of me wants to hoard it for a several days and think it over before crafting a response; another is excited and just wants to flail a bit.

For the sake of fairness and accuracy, I took a look at my tags and discovered that the character I’ve written most about is Levi. No wonder.

I once called Levi “a snack-sized bundle of powerful emotions wrapped in a paper thin layer of irritation and disdain”. It’s those emotions that get me. Levi doesn’t hide a thing. He exposes every feeling no matter how raw or painful.

He’s also interesting for what he brings out in others. He jokes with Hange, he builds up Eren, he comforts Armin, he praises Connie, he makes Erwin laugh. Each of those moments is unique in the narrative. No other character interacts so completely with the rest of the cast.

To be honest, I sometimes forget how much I love him. When I think of favorite characters, Levi is often an after thought. But then I’ll work on a post like the one where i discussed his posture of all things, and I’m overwhelmed by what a fascinating and well developed character he is. 

Can we just start a ‘thank you Jensen’ kind of thing on Twitter?

He’s the notoriously shy member of the cast and I feel like he just needs some love and encouragement and thanks for being so open and willing to interact with our batshit fanbase because our boys are underappreciated differently and while they both need to be applauded more for their acting, I feel like with how open and loud (in a good way) Jared is, our shy-guy Jensen needs some more love for dancing, and laughing, and fooling around and opening up when he gets nervous with cameras and interviews and whatnot. They’ve all overcome individual struggles but social anxiety, and trying to be open when you feel shadowed by someone so willing to speak up still needs some encouragement. I know this is poorly worded but I dunno. I feel like he needs more love, or at least needs to know how much he is loved already.


Misha Collins is a real life angel and this video made my eyes watery and love him even more. I can’t explain how seeing him communicate with these people, go out and get them what they needed, and his kind and encouraging words; his instinctive reaction to hug the lady when she started crying, and his interactions with Maison made me feel. This man is an inspiration to become a better person and I hope I can be at least half as kind as he is. This reaffirmed my love, admiration and respect for him.

His physical attractiveness is just a little glimpse at the breathtaking beauty of his soul. Let’s be kind and be Mishas 💕


You know who this fandom seriously doesn’t appreciate as much as they should? Demarius

What I really love about this whole thing is that the Shadowhunters team is actually keeping us in the loop with whatever is going on. With the movie, Cassie had to announce everything, or we found out through Google. But the SHS team is telling us when people are gonna be announced and participating in the fandom’s excitement. They tweet/interact with fans, as does the cast. We get photos of the set before they even start filming, whereas with the movie we had to wait until people could take candids of the set and Cassie was only allowed to show us HANDS (that’s still so dumb to me). They follow fan accounts and tweet TMI source when there’s news. They retweet/like fan art and compliment the artists. 

I just think it’s really cool that there’s a team behind this project that actually cares about the fandom and isn’t looking to make a quick buck with complete disregard for the existing fandom like the movie already did with us. 


40 days of positivity
• day twenty-nine: favorite cast thing → San Diego Comic Con

When I was a kid I waited for Christmas Day. Now I wait for Comic Con.
I don’t even have a chance to attend Comic Con, but I don’t care because when the Once Upon A Time cast holds a panel it’s the best day of the year. I love every member of the cast, and I love the beautiful, familiar relationship they’ve created through the years, and when Comic Con comes I’m so excited to see them interact because it brings me so much joy and makes me forget of any kind of problem.
It doesn’t even matter if it’s a proper panel or an interview or the bts pictures they post through instagram and twitter, I love seeing how our cast members and writers enjoy being with each other and how they never miss the chance to have a laugh together. I love watching them interact, talk about their characters and the relationships they have with others, both on and off screen. I like that they tease us with what’s to come in the upcoming season and I like that they seem as excited as us, if not even more sometimes. They just give the best positive vibes.
And now just look at Rebecca in that last gif and treasure that memory because I will never get over it.

Well Bob deleted his Twitter. It makes me sad but I can’t blame him. With the amount of ignorant ppl who tweet him such disrespectful things, I probably would have done the same. I’m really gonna miss seeing him interact with the cast and fans. It always made me so happy to see when he tweeted something. But this is something that can happen, in a lot of fandoms when some of the fans don’t know how to respect others. You need to realize that these ppl we look up to, these ppl we admire and love are human beings, with real emotions just like the rest of us. So please always be polite and thoughtful of others, no matter who they are, or what they look  like. Also, from his last tweet, he stated he wanted a break from social media. It could have been bc of the tweets he got or simply bc social media can be distracting from real life. Cuz surprise, social media is not the most important thing in the world. Either way he’s gone from Twitter as of right now. If and when he decides to come back, and I hope he does, please just be respectful. Always treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s honestly has simple as that.