i love when they tweet each other

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It's so frustrating going on Twitter and literally anything the writers of Riverdale tweet about that has to do with Bughead the annoying Barchie shippers instantly have to attack it and hate on it, calling them 'boring'. Since when was a relationship between two people who love each other, support each other and are immensely passionate 'boring'? Like I just don't understand why they can't keep their damn opinions to themselves! I'm sorry for this I just had to say something 😭

Tbh I rarely check twitter, always waiting for the screenshots here, and I never read the replies because I just don’t want to give that the time of day - it’s immature and senseless and I don’t need to know about it. We’ve already heard what Cole had to say about ridiculous fans thinking they’re somehow gonna change what happens in the show by screaming over the internet; it isn’t gonna happen. Just ignore them, and hopefully one day they might come to their senses and realise they’re shouting into a void.



Based on this tweet from some time ago. I’ve wanted to draw this comic for Dorianmance week, but I couldn’t finish it in time :’D But now it’s done, finally! It’s kinda silly, I know, but I love that quote so, so much, and I just had to draw some fluff for it :D Thanks again to everyone who came to the streams when I worked on this, and also thanks again to @latefortevinter for Dorianmance week! :D

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OMG hahaahahhaa this is hilarious!!! Cole and KJ  compete in complimenting each other using fans tweets and it’s cracking funny hahahaha… expecially when they tried to say I love you to each other xDDDD As always, It’s Riverdale Day and again, there’s a whole bunch of new videos released with the riverdale cast!  

Cole really gives off that Leo vibe here….and is this recent tho? Cos KJ’s hair looks clean and sharp!

And then we have Lili and Cami in Mexico and playing charades….Lili’s pretty good hehe

And the one with Cole and KJ….

I think Taylor’s greatest friendship story is how people thought Lorde was insulting her like 4/5 years ago so Taylor sent her flowers and Lorde was like “No, I wasn’t insulting her, I love her! I was just commenting on society’s beauty standards and the shitty music industry pressuing girls” and then they had a picnic together and started hanging out and Taylor started painting her nails black and they started going to cooking workshops together and posted pics of them drinking orange juice together to reference Lorde’s lyrics and Taylor wrote some of Lorde’s lyrics in her cute little quote notebook and tweeted about them on Facetime laughing at rumors that they were fighting and they went to Hawaii together and Lorde would randomly tweet amazing compliments about Taylor like wanting to live in a galaxy ruled by her and Taylor would post polaroids she took of Lorde with cute captions and they always post about when the other wins a big award and they colaborate with the same people and have the same mutual friends and now they’re in it to the grave and I think it’s beautiful how they seem like really different people and how the industry that Lorde was originally critiquing keeps trying to pit them against each other and neither of them tolerate it and just love each other and that’s the kind of quality female friendships I’m here to see honestly

If you want to unstan...

I’ve seen many of you losing interest or more like beginning to change your stanning experience. When I first began to read things about the industry & stuff, I sort of got this discourage as well. It hurt me to know that my idols’ lives weren’t as real as I had in mind. But now, more woke than I could ever imagine, I realise… After all they’ve gone through, I admire them even more & how lucky, how truly lucky I got when these five ladies entered into my life.

They’re not robots. Yes, they’ve gone through things we would consider extremist & unrealistic but let me tell you something: We fell in love with 5 beautiful humans who grant us access to a little piece of their hearts in every interview, in every performance, in every snap story.

Just because their lives happen to be quite frenetic at times or happen to be quite hard to understand for us fans, doesn’t mean they feel any less, that they are any less normal. Well, in this latter, maybe I’m wrong… You know what? Forgot what I just said, they’re not normal, they’re exceptional.

“Not all heroes wear capes” As cliché as it may sound, it’s nothing else but the truth. The five of them have saved more lives than we could picture. They’ve helped so many souls out there (including mine) to heal whatever wounds we had, wounds crying out desperately for attention. To mend whatever broken piece we had inside, that kept on thickening the cut. They’ve been there every step of that unsteady path. Even if it’s them doing the dumbest video, while watching it you can’t fight that grin. You can’t even try, cause you know damn well won’t resist to those five goofy smiles . Camila was right, some people don’t understand one of the many meanings behind idolisation.

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Cole basically exposed Lili’s feelings for him on Twitter, and what does she do:

1. Defensive - Calls him “pal” to quickly deflect what he said ;)

2. Revenge - Says she has dirt on him (because he obviously just revealed her dirt)

3. Defensive again - Covers the truth by saying she was trying to sit next to Cami, even though we all know Camila wasn’t on Cole’s flight 😏
*(Also, this can’t be about the con seating because Lili & Cami are still sitting right near each other.)

4. Flustered - Then continues with a another tweet because she’s obviously affected by him and wants to keep the flirty banter going for as long as possible.

I behave the exact same way when I’m in love with a boy, too, Lili. 🤗

ok so all i need in my life rn are compilations of

  • every time jungkook stood behind jimin when they received awards;
  • all backhugs (especially those in which they rested their chin on the other’s shoulder);
  • every time jungkook followed jimin like a lost puppy;
  • every time they sat on each other’s lap in group photos;
  • all the times that they harmonized in the songs;
  • every time jungkook looked at jimin when he wasn’t speaking at all;
  • every time jungkook did the tongue-on-cheek jeonlous thing when jimin interacted with another member;
  • every time jungkook praised jimin;
  • every time they posted video/photos together on twitter;
  • every time jungkook posted something on twitter after jimin’s tweets with/about another member;
  • every time they took pictures/filmed each other sleeping;
  • every time jungkook did something stupid to make jimin laugh;
  • every time they touched each other for no reason;
  • all the jikook parts during no more dream, blood sweat and tears and 21st century girl performances.
A love letter to the J’s

I love them when they’re:

  • looking at each other
  • spending time together
  • joking and smiling
  • telling stories about each other
  • caught together
  • tweeting each other
  • campaigning together
  • filming together
  • out on a date
  • taking care of each other
  • going to sleep together
  • radio silent
  • filming
  • taking pictures together
  • seeing bands together
  • defending one another
  • spending time with their kids
  • rebellious

But also I love them when they’re:

  • bearding
  • hurting
  • making up things
  • trying too hard
  • scared for their reputations
  • encouraged to be apart
  • hurting us
  • successfully pretending to love their wives
  • unsuccessfully pretending to love their wives
  • hiding from us
  • covering their tracks
  • succumbing to the PR pressure
  • imperfect
  • hard to understand
  • making mistakes

The road is bumpy and the ride is hard, but I love them despite all of their flaws. It’s not my choice to love them, but it is my choice to keep supporting them through the good times as well as the bad. I’m not going to pretend I understand their lives and all of their choices, but wherever they are, my thoughts and best wishes are with them - always.

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SBUK3: Saturday - Karen, Deniz and Oded Panel
  • Aladdin panel wheyyy! (x)
  • Deniz’s reaction to being cast as Aladdin : “I crapped my pants!” (x)
  • Oded does a perfect Disney Jafar/Iago conversation. Seriously perfect. (x)
  • Karen turned up to the jasmine audition in horse riding gear while everyone else was wearing gowns so she almost left the audition (x)
  • Colin thought Karen was crazy for binge watching the show after she found out she got the part (x)
  • Ask Oded about his role as Jafar! (x)
  • Oded says Hook is dreamy and when they did that scene together he would always give Oded the smoulder(x)
  • Karen said she tweeted the pic f the ham to colin because he would always ham it up in front of the camera when doing takes (x)
  • Oded: “Hook is so dreamy!” Karen: “Did Colin do ‘the smolder with you?” So much love for @colinodonoghue1 here (x)
  • Karen and colin love teasing each other on set (x)
  • Deniz would play the EQ, he likes her dresses (x)
  • #DenizAkdeniz “the evil queen” @KarenDavid “aw you took mine” #DenizAkdeniz “well I like the dresses” (x)
  • Karen’s on it today…if Oded was a biscuit he’d be a “Jaffar” cake!! (x)
  • Karen says she can’t wait to see Colin’s jig in the musical episode (x)
  • Everyone is excited to see the musical episode. Karen: “I can’t wait to see Colin’s jig!” (x)


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sorry but whats jizz jeans day?

Don’t be sorry my friend, let’s talk about this. 

On this famous day Louis tweeted that he was going to take a ‘nap’, then Harry and Louis showed up at a signing (I feel like this is how a lot of stories start off about them) looking angelic and heavenly.

And only wanting to sit next to each other.

But something mysterious must have happened during Louis’ nap because…

Love a spot of penis arts and crafts, the only way to do it really. Especially when they are most likely done in the lap of your dude pal, it makes the end result much more personal. 

And that is the tale of jizz jeans day. 

Here it is. Time of the day when I can’t keep my mouth shut.

I want to say something: Let.Harry.Speak.

He was the one who, in Sheffield, said “Please,don’t forget us!”

He has never spoken since the hiatus began cause he was away from any social/media context since that (except for the AMM).

He has yet to make a radio/tv/magazine interview about his future. Both Niall and Louis were asked about 1D in their interviews and we got the confirmations we wanted. 

But I want you to remember something. All his family was online during BRIT to tweet and tell us to keep voting and supporting 1D. He tweeted to thank us for the support, just like the others did. I don’t think he would have acted like that if he wanted to distance himself from the band.

WHY being so dramatic when he has still to even talk about his projects?


He has been put so much pressure on by being compared to huge artists, he is going to launch his project as a solo artist and that’s how his fanbase treats him? And it’s not about fanbase, it’s about knowing how much ot4 love each other, Harry included. An anon told me that we haven’t sold our soul to them, true, and I’ll be the first one to admit when and if there will be something bad happening and maybe distance myself from it, but it’s about giving him the benefit of the doubt as we did with Louis and Niall till now.

For now, it’s just a title. We don’t know the lyrics, we don’t know the meaning behind it, we don’t know if it’s a tribute, if it has some symbolism or if it’s pure coincidence. And you know why? Cause we haven’t heard the song or him talk about it yet.

So: Let.Harry.Speak.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin-Manuel Miranda Are Obsessed With Each Other Online

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin-Manuel Miranda might be obsessed with each other.

The “Hamilton” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” stars have spent much of the last two months tweeting GIFs of themselves at each other.

The saga began when Gellar tweeted a photo of herself signing the wall at the Richard Rogers Theatre in New York, where “Hamilton” is playing, on Feb. 9. “I got to sign @HamiltonMusical wall!!@JMunozActor ty for being so kind to my daughter (she wants to know when we are seeing the show again),” Gellar wrote.

Miranda responded to the tweet with the heart-eyes emoji, prompting the “Buffy” alum to write “Ok I’m done. I’ve accomplished all I need to in life. I’ve been noticed by @Lin_Manuel.”

They spent the next few days trading GIFs of themselves, expressing excitement at having been noticed by each other. On Feb. 10, Gellar tweeted “oh Lin stop it (don’t stop).”

The interaction kicked up again on Wednesday when Gellar tweeted a photo of herself on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s “Buffy” 20th anniversary issue with the caption “The Chosen One.” Miranda responded with a GIF from the WB series featuring Alyson Hannigan saying “How lovely to see you again.”

Miranda and Gellar have since spent the rest of the week trading tweets and photos, proving that the reservoir of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lin-Manuel Miranda GIFs is as bottomless as their mutual admiration.


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