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Based on this tweet from some time ago. I’ve wanted to draw this comic for Dorianmance week, but I couldn’t finish it in time :’D But now it’s done, finally! It’s kinda silly, I know, but I love that quote so, so much, and I just had to draw some fluff for it :D Thanks again to everyone who came to the streams when I worked on this, and also thanks again to @latefortevinter for Dorianmance week! :D

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Put It Down - Analysis

Holy shit Cartman was insufferable this episode. Even Kyle saw past his fake suicidal shit. Heidi, why are you entertaining this? Your ex calls you begging you to take him back or he’ll kill himself? Clearly a cry for attention and evidence that he’s having so many emotional problems right now that he should be totally ignored and monitored by professionals in a hospital. Heidi, come on.

Cartman was going to his principal threatening to kill himself. He’s a child. Why was he not placed in a hospital under suicide watch? God. I hate South Park’s adults.

However, that being said, I love how the KIDS were ignoring Cartman’s cry for attention because they’re used to his shit. Only at the very end did they let him do his thing in his song letting him be Eminem and get his attention so he’d finally shut the fuck up. I really hope Cartman doesn’t make threatening to kill himself to get what he wants out of people a thing. Because in a way, people still enabled him to get what he wanted in the end.

Also, those poor fucking kids. God. That was graphic. Also I’m concerned about Cartmans lack of reaction to death right in front of him. That’s some disassociation shit. Concerning.

Cartman… Has some serious mental issues. I’ve said it before and said it again. He shouldn’t be in a relationship with anyone he should be figuring himself out and getting serious therapy.

I love the message to the president. That was funny. The depiction of his tweets was a bit exaggerated but I loved it. It made me snort at one point.

I was initially mad that the boys were making fun of Cartmans suicide. Initially Stan looked concerned and I think he was when Heidi told him Cartman was suicidal. But when they heard how over the top and pathetic and desperate he sounded they knew he was faking. Kyle calling him a dying pig had me rollin. I love that Kyman.

CREEEEKKKKK ahhhh I LOVED that. Craig and Tweek have a great dynamic. They compliment each other and I don’t think there’s any doubt that they’re a genuine couple now. It’s obvious that they really care about each other and let’s be real , it’s fucking adorable. Congrats Creek shippers. I’m with you on this boat. <3

Also nice voice Craig. Tweek too. Kyle and Stan are so cute in their choir robes. I was kind of disappointed in them not killing Kenny.

Anyway, that’s all I got this episode. Das it.

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Do you think that you could do a top 10 or snippets of publicity events/photos that Viktor and Yuuri do together? Like Buzzfeed's get drunk and play with puppies? Or that couple's version of truth or drink? Or photoshoot in their apartment? Or even interviews when everyone realizes they are #relationshipgoals? I live for fans falling even more in love with this ridiculous couple!

Top Ten Publicity Events:

10) They went on ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ once. Viktor just laughed at all the mean stuff people had to say about him because he didn’t give a shit and Yuuri tore the people who said rude things about him apart because he might say it in his own head but other people don’t get to. They only ever got really offended on each other’s behalf though when they heard what people were saying about the other one and that’s when they went on super long rants that got really heated

9) They had to go to a charity gala for publicity and because there were a lot of sponsors there but it was deathly boring and official. There was dancing involved and because they were both the best dancers in the room by a long shot they decided to have a little fun with it. Soon they became the main attraction in the room and went through pretty much every dance style they knew (except pole because Yuuri has learned to only save that for special occasions) while everyone watched on in awe.

8) A little while after they got together they went to a few televised interviews/talk shows to clear up any misinformation about what happened and clarify they were actually together. Viktor usually loves interviews and publicity but Yuuri usually hates them and was pretty nervous about it. During the first interview Viktor knew he was feeling worried about the whole thing so he started by holding Yuuri’s hand as they did the show as some physical reassurance. Gradually over the course of the interview, Yuuri ended up subconsciously shifting closer and closer towards him because the contact was helping him focus and so while they started side by side with Viktor holding Yuuri’s hand, they ended with Yuuri pretty much sitting in Viktor’s lap with Viktor’s head tucked over his shoulder and arms around him

7) They did a ‘day in the life’ interview with a magazine to show what a typical day of training was like for them where a photographer and journalist followed them for a day. The two reporters ended up catching far too many adorable and heartwarming moments between them during their normal domestic routine/banter to fit it all in the article. When it was published all their fans freaked out over A) how cute they both were together B) how crazily hard both of their training regimes were and C) All the really attractive photos of them that got published

6) They once went on a show where celebrities had to run an advanced obstacle course and they were competing against each other. They both got super competitive over it and had a ton of fun and in the end Yuuri won by a few seconds because of his better stamina. Viktor called foul play and claimed that the sight of Yuuri’s ass above him on the climbing wall was too distracting for him to do his best. Yuuri gave him a kiss to shut him up and Viktor agreed it was an acceptable loser’s prize

5) They went on a celebrity special of a cooking show as a couple. Yuuri was in it to win it and he wasn’t going to let anything get in their way, not even Viktor’s abysmal cooking skills. Viktor was far more concerned about flirting heavily with Yuuri and trying to get him to lick buttercream off his fingers than to actually concentrate much on the competition. They won, but barely. The entire highlights reel was made up of clips of them flirting and being adorable though so Viktor still considers it a resounding success

4) They played the couple’s truth or drink game where someone asked a question and they either had to answer completely honestly or both drink. One of the questions was 'how often do you two have sex’ and they both took one look at each other and then simultaneously knocked back their drinks

3) They went on the buzz feed drunk with puppies thing where they both had to get drunk and then were surrounded by puppies while someone filmed their reaction. Yuuri was the one crying like 'I shouldn’t be drunk, I can’t protect them’ while trying to hug them all at once while Viktor was cuddling a massive puppy pile like 'these are all mine now’

2) They ran a day where little kids could come for free skating sessions with the world champions to try and encourage more people to start skating. It was all filmed and the two of them guiding tiny little skaters around and being really nice and encouraging to all the wide-eyed kids was too adorable to handle

1) They played the 'how well do you know each other’ game where a question is asked and they needed to write the answer on a board and then flip it around to see if they both said the same thing. They got every single question right


OMG hahaahahhaa this is hilarious!!! Cole and KJ  compete in complimenting each other using fans tweets and it’s cracking funny hahahaha… expecially when they tried to say I love you to each other xDDDD As always, It’s Riverdale Day and again, there’s a whole bunch of new videos released with the riverdale cast!  

Cole really gives off that Leo vibe here….and is this recent tho? Cos KJ’s hair looks clean and sharp!

And then we have Lili and Cami in Mexico and playing charades….Lili’s pretty good hehe

And the one with Cole and KJ….

I just love Yuuri and Viktor being hype men for each other. Not just in skating but in everyday tasks

like Yuuri getting a high five from Viktor whenever he finishes an important phone call he’s been putting off

Yuuri writing “I’m so proud of you” in the shower condensation every morning when Viktor is having a hard week at work

(Viktor tweeting pictures of it with the caption “world’s best husband”)

(Yuuri logging into his rarely used twitter account just to retweet him and say, “no, you are”)

Viktor pulling Yuuri into a victorious hug when he finally musters up the courage to get his license 

Yuuri covering Viktor’s forehead, cheeks, nose with kisses when he lets go of his pride (but mostly his fear) and makes an appointment with a therapist

Viktor telling everyone in the immediate vicinity, “that brilliant and talented man is my husband,” when Yuuri gets drunk at a karaoke bar and performs an awe-inspiring rendition of Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans

Yuuri out-cheering the stage moms when Viktor skates his first routine after temporary retirement

Viktor using his height on the silver podium to lift Yuuri even higher up on the gold

(Viktor kneeling at the side of the bed to pray to an unknown deity after his and Yuuri’s first night sleeping together) 

they are the most supportive husbands and I live for it

I think Taylor’s greatest friendship story is how people thought Lorde was insulting her like 4/5 years ago so Taylor sent her flowers and Lorde was like “No, I wasn’t insulting her, I love her! I was just commenting on society’s beauty standards and the shitty music industry pressuing girls” and then they had a picnic together and started hanging out and Taylor started painting her nails black and they started going to cooking workshops together and posted pics of them drinking orange juice together to reference Lorde’s lyrics and Taylor wrote some of Lorde’s lyrics in her cute little quote notebook and tweeted about them on Facetime laughing at rumors that they were fighting and they went to Hawaii together and Lorde would randomly tweet amazing compliments about Taylor like wanting to live in a galaxy ruled by her and Taylor would post polaroids she took of Lorde with cute captions and they always post about when the other wins a big award and they colaborate with the same people and have the same mutual friends and now they’re in it to the grave and I think it’s beautiful how they seem like really different people and how the industry that Lorde was originally critiquing keeps trying to pit them against each other and neither of them tolerate it and just love each other and that’s the kind of quality female friendships I’m here to see honestly

How Syfy's 'Wynonna Earp' Is Paying Homage to 'Buffy'
"The one thing that I strive to emulate from Buffy above everything else is that despite its camp factor and its low budget, it really was about something — about being a woman in the modern world and carving your path and making your own family," showrunner Emily Andras tells THR.

Much like Buffy, there’s some apologizing that goes along with admitting to watching Wynonna Earp. But if online fandom reveals anything, it’s that there’s an audience, and that audience is starved for strong, well written female characters. What do you hope viewers takeaway from the show?

Look, it’s a big concept, and it’s almost a hard sell. The title is slightly ridiculous, and the budget is like, $10. It’s a lot like Buffy in that way. I always say, you can see the zipper up the back of the werewolf’s costume. The one thing that I strive to emulate from Buffy above everything else is that despite its camp factor and its low budget, it really was about something — about being a woman in the modern world and carving your path and making your own family. You can enjoy Wynonna for both things. I don’t apologize for anything. Especially in today’s political landscape. I think about people who come home after a long day working, and there’s no shame in turning on a show that is pure escapism, that makes you feel joy and laugh out loud, and cry. And maybe make you feel a little empowered for 42 minutes. I want to show that there is more than one type of woman in the world, and there is more than one type of a way for a woman to be a hero. I really relate to people that have struggled to define themselves and to become who they want to be versus what society thinks they should be. It’s something I’ve fought against my whole life, and I think that’s why I feel so passionately about representing good LGBTQ on TV, as well. Obviously, the LGBTQ community is one that never sees themselves represented in a way that feels real and fresh and diverse. It’s time that our entertainment delivered real characters to us wherever possible. I just want people to feel inspired. I don’t care which character on Wynonna Earp inspires you because I think they’re all flawed and heroic in a different way. The way that people have embraced Wayhaught is huge to me, the sister relationship is huge to me, the bromance is huge to me. I tricked everybody and wrote a sci-fi show and then added a billion female characters in the traditional male roles, and it seems to be working.

You need to get to at least season 6 for your Buffy-inspired musical episode. Do you think Wynonna Earp could ever possibly go there?

Tim was on a show called Instant Star where he played a boy band manager. Obviously Dom [Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp] can sing as we’ve seen on an episode, Mel has a beautiful voice, Shamier is an incredibly talented singer and I believe dancer. I think Kat Barrell can sing, and if not, we can help her like they helped Amber Benson who was so shy on Buffy. And if not, she can rap. Full Haught gangster rap. With Nedley.

The online fandom, lovingly referred to as Earpers, are dissecting scenes, analyzing hand placement and making gifs four minutes after every “Wayhaught” scene.

They’re zooming in and looking at backgrounds, graffiti, outfits…

And there are Twitter handles for pieces of furniture and body parts.

Every body part of Nicole Haught has a Twitter handle
It’s hard for me to explain to people. As an artist and as a goof, how gratifying is that? That people are so in love with it that they appreciate the time and care we put into it. The online community has probably been my favorite part of this experience. When everybody’s live-tweeting together on Friday night … People love this show, but they’re also making fun of the campiness and joke about it, and it’s a safe place for us to do that. We can still be critical and tease each other about this thing we absolutely love. They’re so passionate and dedicated, and I think that’s what helped our show stand out in such a crowded landscape. Again, this is an underdog show, and it’s a hard concept to spout on Fridays at 10 p.m. I’m just really happy that it’s being judged on what it is as opposed to what it should be. I could spend the rest of my life with the Earpers. I’m so proud of them, and so lucky to be a part of it.


If you want to unstan...

I’ve seen many of you losing interest or more like beginning to change your stanning experience. When I first began to read things about the industry & stuff, I sort of got this discourage as well. It hurt me to know that my idols’ lives weren’t as real as I had in mind. But now, more woke than I could ever imagine, I realise… After all they’ve gone through, I admire them even more & how lucky, how truly lucky I got when these five ladies entered into my life.

They’re not robots. Yes, they’ve gone through things we would consider extremist & unrealistic but let me tell you something: We fell in love with 5 beautiful humans who grant us access to a little piece of their hearts in every interview, in every performance, in every snap story.

Just because their lives happen to be quite frenetic at times or happen to be quite hard to understand for us fans, doesn’t mean they feel any less, that they are any less normal. Well, in this latter, maybe I’m wrong… You know what? Forgot what I just said, they’re not normal, they’re exceptional.

“Not all heroes wear capes” As cliché as it may sound, it’s nothing else but the truth. The five of them have saved more lives than we could picture. They’ve helped so many souls out there (including mine) to heal whatever wounds we had, wounds crying out desperately for attention. To mend whatever broken piece we had inside, that kept on thickening the cut. They’ve been there every step of that unsteady path. Even if it’s them doing the dumbest video, while watching it you can’t fight that grin. You can’t even try, cause you know damn well won’t resist to those five goofy smiles . Camila was right, some people don’t understand one of the many meanings behind idolisation.

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canon divergent rec list

canon divergent is my favorite genre of fanfic, hands down!!!! lemme show u my faves <3 (as usual, please look at the warnings per fic) leave comments and kudos even if some of these r old af, they deserve all the love.

1. Bear Your Soul on the Ice by @diedraechin. Mature, WIP, 143k.

childhood!!! friends to lovers!!! coming of age!!! i love love love this fic. the portrayal of the friendship between yuuri and viktor (and chris) and the way they grow up and change together is So Good. i’m so invested in this fic 😩

2. Just Hold On (We’re Going Home) by @kiaronna. Mature, Complete, 23k.

VIKTOR FORGETS THE BANQUET BUT YUURI REMEMBERS. i swear, god, this gave me so much feels, and i’ve been dreaming of a fic like this and kiaronna just shows up and exceeds all my expectations and ajldjalskdjas. (sometimes i reread this and i cry)

3. Impossible Year by lainadraws. Teen, Complete, 6.7k.

short and sweet AU where they meet when they’re younger <3 their personalities are still on point. i love their story and the beautiful simplicity of it.

4. i know my madness by @astoryaboutwar. Explicit, Complete, 14k.

pretty sure i read this once a month lmao, this is the kind of story u don’t mind reading over and over bcos it’s So Good. I feel like almost everyone’s read this, but it still deserves to be here. i love Viktor here ❤️ friends w benefits ish that turns into more.

5. You can have everything….. by @shysweetthing. Teen, Complete, 12.6k

AHH THIS IS SO ADORABLE??? i love their flirting, and this is so sweet, it’s honestly such a great pick me up if you wanna read something feel good. yuuri finds vik’s phone before Sochi and !!!

6. les chemins by shakeskp (translated into English by Edgedancer). Teen, Complete, 12k.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. misunderstanding at the beginning by media that yuuri and viktor hate each other, but obvs the angst doesnt last long because they’re them and they love each other and so so sweet <3 (original fic is in french, linked in the english translation i gave!)

7. feel like i win when i lose by @2iren. Explicit, Complete, 8k


8. turntables by Vitali. Teen, Complete, 4k.

short and sweet and so so so cute :(( their Yuuri is so good. vik tweets out a ‘date me’ tweet and yuuri replies w his pic AND OF COURSE VIKTOR WOULD WANT BANQUET BOY.

9. Viktor Effing Nikiforov by @shysweetthing. Explicit, Complete, 13k.

Yuuri goes to World’s, sees Viktor, and Viktor is obviously In Love but Yuuri doesn’t remember lmao. AHH this was such a fun read, laugh out loud funny and you really feel for Viktor.

check out my other recs. the social media rec list also includes great canon divergent fics that i left out in this one since it’s already featured there HAHA, namely stay close to me, Setting Sun, we’ll always have paris, and the Rivals series.

as always, i’m open to more recs <3

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thoughts on the video? i liked it v much they were rlly cute and giggly

omg i loved it???? for much the same reason that i loved the fireboy and watergirl livestream or games like keep talking and nobody explodes and the crash bandicoot stormy ascent level. it’s just always so fun watching them push through super stressful gaming and to watch them do so together. i love seeing how they communicate and always try to diffuse tension through humor. i loved how yet again they tried to play to each others’ strengths and phil didnt mind leaning on dan for help when he needed it and dan didnt try to make phil feel bad for dying so soon on so many of their attempts. and the bants in general were just absurd and in keeping with pretty much everything theyve been saying lately and so many of their tweets (sun daddy? butt blowing?? come in my lady door?) by being completely appalling and innuendo-laden. they were just ridiculous in general and i was laughing out loud at so many points during this. jst some noteworthy moments ..

  • ‘i’ll be on ass patrol’ 
  • ‘lemon me up’
  • ‘that is an angry yammy dingdong’
  • ‘he seeded on my face’ 
  • ‘just get him on the tip’
  • phil wondering if the yam sucked a worm up through its butt 
  • that bit where phil was speculating that the apple shoved its ‘core’ into the pig and how they somehow turned that sexual? 
  • dan saying he wants to do the pig’s voice and phil just roasting him by saying ‘it does like you’ hahahaha
  • all the commentary about being alone if the other person died
  • phil saying ‘look after me’ in that kinda fake but also kinda earnest voice and sliding in that personal detail about how dan always unintentionally leaves him behind if theyre like in the train station or wherever bc he just assumes phil is following him. cute :( 
  • whipping out the old ‘danny’ and ‘philly’ nicknames
  • that bit where phil was like ‘remember who i was remember the guy i was remember everything i did’ after he died and it was probably slightly too real so they had to layer on cheesy sad music over it hahaahhaha

…… theyre disgusting lmao. but horrible humor aside aahahaha this was just such a fun video and i dont think i even realized how much i missed watching a proper gaming viddy… it’s been 17 days since the last actual video which was a sims, and 29 days since the sonic vid which i would class as the last video with actual gameplay (even though battle cats i guess could count but even that was 3 weeks ago). given the dapg upload rate we’ve gotten used to this year of roughly 2 videos per week, thats genuinely quite a bit of time between videos (and though the livestreams have been wonderful and an easy way for them to tide us over between vids, and i love them dearly, they’re not quite the same feel as a formal video). so i think watching them fully immersed in something like this and having that top notch banter and whatnot was Extra Fun bc of how long it’s actually been since a classic dapg vid and i enjoyed it so so much

The writer of 2x18, Jamie Gorenberg, liked a tweet that said, “should i take magnus keeping the omamori and not giving it back to alec during their last scene as a sign of better things.”

Magnus didn’t give back the omamori. He kept it in his pocket. This is good. It shows Magnus hasn’t given up on Alec. They still love each other. Magnus just hit the pause button on their relationship while he works out what he needs to do to help his people. Their separation is only temporary and when they get back together they’ll only be stronger.

ok so all i need in my life rn are compilations of

  • every time jungkook stood behind jimin when they received awards;
  • all backhugs (especially those in which they rested their chin on the other’s shoulder);
  • every time jungkook followed jimin like a lost puppy;
  • every time they sat on each other’s lap in group photos;
  • all the times that they harmonized in the songs;
  • every time jungkook looked at jimin when he wasn’t speaking at all;
  • every time jungkook did the tongue-on-cheek jeonlous thing when jimin interacted with another member;
  • every time jungkook praised jimin;
  • every time they posted video/photos together on twitter;
  • every time jungkook posted something on twitter after jimin’s tweets with/about another member;
  • every time they took pictures/filmed each other sleeping;
  • every time jungkook did something stupid to make jimin laugh;
  • every time they touched each other for no reason;
  • all the jikook parts during no more dream, blood sweat and tears and 21st century girl performances.

i don’t think we’ve fully appreciated Karlie’s love for Love Story so we’re gonna do that. here we have Karlie’s tweet saying it’s her fav song:

notice the lyrics she quoted? yes! they were in fact much younger when they first saw each other (they first saw each other at the 2010 Hilfiger fashion show where Taylor was 21 and Karlie was 18 and then later in 2011 at the Met Gala they formed the joke about baking):

and then years after the tweet Karlie got to jam to Love Story LIVE:

truly amazing

Imagine the fans celebrating your anniversary with Jensen with tweets and your father, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, doesn’t miss the chance to join in.

Prompt: YN is Jeffreys daughter and she plays the Winchesters sister on SPN.Her and Jensen are now married with kids,and the fans always makes fun of him becuase they know how nervous he was to talk to Jeffrey when they started to date. what do you think?

“We literally took Wincest to a whole other level.” you giggled as you showed your husband the tweets that came along with the trend, #SixYears(your shipping name).

Jensen chuckled as he read the tweet “Those guys are seriously more excited about our anniversary than we are.”

You put on a fake pout “What? Are you not happy that it’s our anniversary today?”

Jensen stopped immediately what he was doing and cupped your face, kissing you fully on the lips “Do you doubt that woman?” he asked in a low growl and you broke into a big grin.

“I don’t know, maybe? I mean, I still haven’t seen you prove me otherwise so far…” you trailed off with a shrug and he narrowed his eyes at you.

“Sweetheart, don’t challenge me.” he pressed himself closer to you, trapping you between him and the kitchen counter “We have a long night ahead of us.” he said in a gruff voice, bringing his lips closer to yours not kissing but biting them.

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Do you think that L was truly at H's shows? I was a little skeptical because how could he not been photographed? But then he just so happens to show up at Niall's tour date after H did his show and yeah, that really makes you start to wonder! Also I think L looks so much better/happier with a clean shave!

I think Louis was probably at Harry’s San Francisco show. He’s been in the United States far longer than expected, lying low and MIA— until yesterday. We know that Harry arrived in LA a week before Nova Red Room and had surgery on his hand, and none of his family came to be with him— because he had someone here. As I said before, surgery was on Harry’s dominant hand, and for a few days, he really did need some help.

Niall and Harry both had shows on September 19. Louis was MIA for both, but his tweet during the concerts, about an NBA game, to someone physically in San Francisco, was as blatant as he could go. He could have done nothing, but he wanted it known that he was in SF. He knew fans would figure the tweet out.

When I saw Niall at Harry’s concert, even though it was expected that the boys would show support for each other, I was so touched, I almost started crying. I don’t know— it just got to me, how they care about each other, and want the best for each other. How they plan their careers so they don’t compete with each other, but are all doing so amazingly well nonetheless.

And it reinforced for me that there’s love— a lot of love, which we might not witness. We see only the tip of the iceberg.

Louis coming to Niall’s concert, looking like an angel— I’m loving it. These initial concerts mean so much to them, and to have their bandmates there, the people who can best understand what it feels like to be on stage, the ones who have shared your nerves, fatigue, and exhilaration— is irreplaceable. Niall notoriously has a terrible poker face, and his face when introducing Louis says it all— the unbridled joy and the love.



Personally, I think there’s no way that Louis, being in LA, would miss going to Harry’s tour opener.