i love when they tweet each other

So I met this guy today, I look like hell, haha, but he is gorgeous and amazing. Had an M&G with Adam Croasdell, so articulate and interesting to talk to. He was born in Zimbabwe then moved to England and now lives in L.A. He had some really great tips about acting and preparation, he has a theater background which makes sense, such great diction and voice control. Was genuinely interested in each of us. For example I mentioned I was from Detroit (suburbs of really but) he asked me how are things there, has the economy improved?? We chatted just the two of us almost and he did the same with the other 3 women in the room.

I’d tweeted my Papa Hook art to him a while back, when he found out who I was he gave me a huge lovely squeezy hug, he wants to donate to Colin’s charity as a thank you so i gave my info to his rep. He asked about my illustration, if I’d done other things and I said oh yes lots of things, mostly Colin related but that he himself has a beautiful face and it’s a real pleasure to draw it. He blushed at this and I was like ‘no really, you do’ blush, blush, haha! Super nice, awesome guy.

Said when he auditioned for his role in OUAT he was only told it was a ‘dad’ so he did his bit. People on Twitter started freaking out when he got the part, followers increased exponentially, he still didn’t know who he was playing, the fandom let him in on it. :D We have chatted a little on Twitter about his VO work for Ignis in the latest Final Fantasy game which I have yet to play. So I asked him about the game, he said he worked on it over the course of 18 months. Square Enix sure takes a long time developing, I heard about this one like 10 years ago. Anyway, the character’s mouths are synched with the Japanese dialogue of course. In the English localized version, the dialogue is not only translated but tweaked to best match the the mouth movements… I’d never really thought about that, that it’s not just a straight translation and might be why the translation can sometimes be a little odd.

He signed my print and I’m kinda in love with him now tbh. I’ll have to watch Reign. He also worked with Alan Rickman and Helen Mirren in something Shakespearean early in his career… I want to say it was Hamlet but will have to investigate further. Anyway, my brush with Papa Hook.

So, there is a post going around calling out 5sos for covering Green Day but not taking a political stand on anything, specifically calling them out for not participating in or talking about the Women’s March the other day. And I agree with some of the points made in it. This is absolutely not a post that is calling out the person who made that post, because I completely agree with them. I agree that 5sos has a fairly large platform of mostly teenage fans and it would be really amazing if they would get involved in politics and take stands and things of that nature. I would be over the moon if they would do these things.

But I’d also like to remind you of things like:

  • the constant stream of positivity that comes from Ashton’s social media accounts (tweets about how things will get better, and everyone is beautiful, and loving each other is the most important thing)
  • how seriously they take it when fans say they’ve saved their life 
  • the video for Jet Black Heart, that included extremely diverse fans, with all sorts of ethnicities and backgrounds and one who is disabled 
  • Michael’s willingness to be open about his own struggles with mental illness, in the hopes that doing so might help anyone out there who struggles with it too 
  • the song Broken Home, about a kid growing up in a place where they don’t feel safe and loved and protected. I personally don’t know what this feels like, but I can only imagine how understood people who do must have felt when they first heard this song
  • the song Invisible, about a person who feels hopeless and alone and ignored. Again, giving people who have felt this way something to relate to - something to say, hey, you are not alone
  • Ashton’s speech at one of the SLFL shows where he talked about no matter what everyone in the room was going through, for that one moment they were all together and safe 
  • the song Carry On, written solely for the purpose of reiterating one last time as their album comes to a close, that things will be okay. Ending their album with the lyric It won’t be long … you know it’s gonna get better

It is a fantastic thing when celebrities use their influence to spread awareness on political issues, and I know that what’s going on right now in the United States is horrifying and important on a global scale. But what 5sos actively do, is try to make the world a better place for single, individual people. It is true that they do not engage in the attempted dismantling of power structures. I will not try to say that they do, because we all know they don’t. But they do use their platform to talk about things like mental illness, being unhappy, being lonely. They write songs to make people feel less alone in the world. They write lyrics about what it feels like to be young and sad and hopeful for a brighter future that you aren’t sure is coming. About feeling powerless, about how it’s okay to not be okay, about how things will get better. And I think that is important too. In the larger, grander scheme of things, no, they aren’t changing the whole entire world. But they are making things better for individuals. They give people who feel like outcasts something to feel passionate about and connected to, they make their fans feel like, yeah, things suck right now, but we will be okay.

Fighting against Donald Trump or dismantling the patriarchy isn’t the only way to make a difference in this world. If you’ve made one person feel better about themselves, then you have made a difference. 5sos are probably never going to be leaders of the revolution, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care, and it doesn’t mean they aren’t making the world better. Is it the most important thing they could be doing? No. But it’s still important.


genre: chaptered (completed), slow burn, friends to lovers, au

warnings: mentions of alcohol

word count: 86k

summary: dan and phil are both contestants on ‘the bachelorette’, but fall in love with each other instead of the girl.

a/n: thank you to every single person who’s ever clicked on this story. it was a wild ride to write, and i’m sosososo happy to see people liking it. it means the world. 

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Friendship Headcanons: Lin-Manuel Miranda

This is the first collab writing project I’ve ever done. It started when @hamiltrashtothemax and I were messaging each other, and the conversation strayed. Before we knew it, we had multiple headcanons and snapshots to go with them. Enjoy!

  • Nerding out with you over all of the things.
  • Good morning and good night tweets in person.
    • “Good morning. Hang on to that waffle.”
    • “Lin, I swear to God.”
    • ALSO
    • “Good night. Laying down–”
    • “Lin.”
    • “–grateful for the air in my lungs–”
    • “Please stop.”
    • “–the sleep in my eyes–”
    • *sigh*
    • “–the ache in my bones–”
    • “Lin please–”
    • “–the chance to see you tomorrow.”
  • Recording the tweets for you to listen to.
  • Setting the tweets to music, just for you.

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Richonne Positivity

With the wondrous Richonne-heavy episodes we will be getting in 7B comes the inevitability of antis spreading hate. I had a few thoughts about what we as a fandom could do to combat some of it. Here are a couple of things that came to mind:

1. Are we going to have a Richonne Twitter Party when/before the MSP airs? I’ll be tweeting either way, but thought we could have some fun with it. We could spread the love for our OTP (and remind TPTB that we want that Richonne photo shoot!).

I will be using:




If you’re interested, add your Twitter handle here so we can follow each other (I am @Siancore1).

2. Are we posting selfies/pics here with/of chili mac and cheese when/before 7x12 airs? Is there something else we could do with selfies if we don’t trust the chili mac and cheese part of the spoiler?

If anyone has any ideas, please share them.



One of my favorite moments was, I think, was being on set with Grant when the Pilot was airing. We couldn’t really watch and live-tweet with everyone at home, but I just remember Twitter just kind of blowing up and we’d been living with the show for a while at that point, I think we were shooting Episode 9, we were falling in love with the show and falling in love with each other and we didn’t know how it was going to be received, so  when we got on line and saw that everybody was tweeting about the show, it was one of the moments where you’re like ‘I am a part of something really special and it’s going to kind of last for forever’. That’s amazing. I mean, in terms of history, I’ll always be known as a version of Iris West and that’s amazing, I don’t know how I got here.

Candice Patton on her most memorable moment from S1 [x]

I’m just gonna leave this here. 

Few thoughts from JTS — 13x16

I honestly set my expectations low for the episode. I know it’s a Japril-centric episode but I didn’t wanna get my hopes up. Then suddenly, bam! They kissed and went from there! IT FEELS SO GOOD WHEN YOU GET SURPRISED, you know? Although I know it’s inevitable to happen since they’re obviously so in love with each other. I’m just so happy right now and I can’t contain my feels. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the next episodes! Sometimes Shonda likes breaking our hearts, but this episode was an exception. When April said that Jackson never stopped taking care of her and Harriet, that hit me right in the feels. And before they kissed when Jackson was giving her the “I love you so much” look, I knew from that moment something was about to happen. I even tweeted, “WHY IS JACKSON GETTING CLOSER!?” Then it all happened very sudden! I didn’t even have time to collect my thoughts ‘cause I was already screaming and squealing and jumping around. My favorite part was when they’re cuddling and April had her head on his chest. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever. Just thinking about that makes me sob. Right now, all I know is I’m very happy! It could’ve been better if it was the series finale (I’m still a bit scared about the future but for now I’m going to embrace all these happy moments). JAPRIL ROSE AND THEY’RE RISING AGAIN!

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gavin not realizing how much they call each other "babe" or "dear" or "love" in videos until one of the editors send them a compilation of every time they've said that or "i love you"

It is nigh on an hour long.  And that’s just part one.

Just one day they get a tweet and the description is just ‘Every time Gavin and Ryan have been a cute couple from XXXX to XXXX’

It also includes little moments in the background of videos when they look at each other lovingly, or they are wrapped around each other, because they can’t help it.

Gavin tries to cut down on it, but it makes Ryan sad, so he continues with it as much as he did before.

Amber Bourgeois Theory

Alright now I know there has been a lot of confusion and theories arise in this whole Queen Bee mess but I thought I’d throw my theories out there as well because why not?

Okay so to start when we first started figuring out Chloe was most likely the bee miraculous holder I was a little mad. Now to be fair this is a little controversial, you either love the idea or you hate it. Me and my friend would rant for hours about it, going through the entire first season clip by clip trying to pick out each little detail that foreshadowed her becoming Queen Bee. When we saw that the Bee Miraculous holder picture released to us the other night on Instagram I was for sure it was Chloe but the recent tweet by Kenya Danino had me confused.

Does Chloe Bourgeois actually have a twin sister named Amber?

My personal opinion is she doesn’t.

First of all the twin trope had been mentioned before in this series (I hear the occasional ‘Evil twin’ mentioned in reference to Hawkmoth) so it isn’t exactly a new idea around here but I doubt they would actually use this. The whole twin mess would make sense in the case of the Bourgeois family since we never actually see Mama Bourgeois (but for real real were is she?) and she could obviously be with this other daughter.

It all just seems kind of random to suddenly throw this new character into the mix. Especially when she looks exactly the same as her sister.

Now what really made me come up with this theory is what Thomas Astruc poster on his Twitter when question about the new Queen Bee as  well as the artwork by Kenya.

He mentions Felix when asked about it which I only assumed what just kind of to disregard the idea but it had me thinking. 

When later this tweet came out:

I was a bit thrown off. This ‘Amber’ character looks much nicer than Chloe and seems to be the bee. It was never confirmed whether she is a true character or not but it was retweeted by storyboard artist Wilfried Pain and Kenya has always seemed to know pretty official stuff (I believe she was the one who released what the fox kwami looked like).

When they completely remake the character Felix, changing both his looks as well as personality, he received a new name. What is this was also the case with original concept art Chloe?

In the picture below it seems to us that originally Chloe was friends with Marinette and Alya. She’s clinging onto Marinette’s arm in an excited way and the fact that she’s even sitting somewhere near them is a big difference from canon Chloe.

So if her character under went such a big change did she receive a name change as well? Could her original name have been Amber?

My guess is that the original, friendly Chloe was called Amber and she was eventually going to get the bee miraculous. I think somewhere down the line she was eventually changed into Marinette’s rival giving her the new name of Chloe. The picture above also fits with the Amber drawing by Kenya since the character isn’t wearing the glasses Chloe always wears (Alya seems to be wearing them here).

Also the show doesn’t follow a lot of cliché character tropes which are usually depicted in shows. So why do we still have the ‘spoiled, bratty, rich, mean girl, daughter of a powerful figure, blonde hair, white-ass’ deal going down with Chloe? As much as I hate her, I really do hope she gets some sort of character redemption throughout the second season (I’m praying it doesn’t all happen in one episode, Rome wasn’t build in a day after all.) Character redemption would steer us away from that rich blonde girl cliché.

So overall I believe that there really isn’t an Amber Bourgeois out there and that she was just made up to throw us off. Amber is to Chloe what Felix is to Adrien, just the original concept for their character. Although I think it would be a really cool twist to have a set of secret twins, ’m betting it won’t happen but I’ll be happy to watch the show no matter what path it goes down with Queen Bee. But please, let me know y’all’s theories and if y’all agree with mine.

Sorry this was so long, but thanks for reading!!

Minicat moments

-When Craig tells Tyler he’s beautiful

-When Craig says “I like your dick.” to Tyler

-When they both say “Hi!” to each other

-When Craig calls Tyler “bb” “senpai” “baby” “cute”

-When Tyler instantly runs to Craig when he’s (Craig) scared

-When Craig screams “Touch me Tyler!”

-When Tyler says “He’s mine!”

-When Craig is proud of a moment he had with Tyler

-When Craig says “I love you.” “I love you so much Tyler.”

-When Craig and Tyler sing together

-When Tyler adores Craig

-When Tyler just wants to be around Craig even in silence (based off a tweet)

(I’m legit fangirling just from writing this! 😓)

-When Tyler and Craig’s name are the first to pop up (Emily is away) (Like even the game ships them…come on..)

-When Panda and Ohm ship minicat (I think)

-When Craig gets jealous? (He yelled “shut up” and “fuck you” when he flirts with Evan) -When Craig says he’ll fuck the shite out of Tyler, as well as Tyler -When Tyler wants to hide with Craig -When Craig says “I mean..your dick is big..” (How the fuck…do you know???) -When Tyler and Craig play together even after their done recording/streaming

Also am I the only one who actually thinks they could you know be a thing? Because they don’t always play games together but when they do, I can’t even describe it? They’re just too cute. I don’t fookin know..

boy troubles (yet again !!)

soooo all of u prolly know that i have a super duper big crush on this guy in the year above me n we’ve only talked once on the bus but he’s so lovely n he has such similar interests to me,,,i follow him on twitter n i was wondering if u guys think i should dm him ??? i’m super scared but i really really like him n can’t just ignore these feelings especially when he looks at me around school n he’s liked a few of the things i’ve retweeted on Twitter (n then liked something that said “name other forms of intimacy other than sex: liking each others’ tweets for months on end but never actually communicating” n i know that could be about anything but it seems so !!! i don’t know !!! i just know i’m falling so hard for him n i want to message him but i’m too worried about it looking weird or something ???

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Please don't give them the time of day, I love your blog and your doing nothing wrong . You popping sis ❤️

Thanks for the love! I know I didn’t do anything wrong, but it was absurd to come at someone for simply tweeting what they saw, especially when multiple people asked me to. But it’s cool :) 

Can you imagine GG and CP actually interacting with each other like NORMAL COSTARS without being weird and messy??? What a strange concept

These bitter snobby anons chose to go on your page. You don’t have to apologize or change what you do or say. And even if it was about grandice, people have the right to ship who they want to ship. As long as they aren’t going and actually bothering GG and CP about it. I don’t know why people act like it’s a crime to want them to be together. They always try to ship CP with any other guy that she even looks at or follows on instagram.

Playing video games with Dan would include...

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- Arguing over which game to play first

- Phil having to listen to both of you scream while playing Mario Kart

- Dan offering to go get you food because he looks over to notice you being too comfy to move

- Him making you the Queen of Mario Kart, seeing as he’s the king of it

- Getting to tweet off each other’s twitters when one of you loses

- “(Y/N) love…I think you’re going the wrong way..”

“No I’m not…ok yeah maybe I am..”

- Him teaching you to play some of his favorites

- Recording a video of the sims with him and Phil, you being a guest and getting to control Tabitha

- Telling/Reminding Dan not to call her t-bag

tbh i’m all for platonic dan and phil never really getting into dating or having interests in relationships and so maybe they just continue to live together for a few more years (maybe even move somewhere where they can have a dog) and just continuing their careers and furthering their success as a duo and maybe when they’re grazing the boundaries of old age they settle down somewhere quieter and tweet or post videos every now and then about how they’re doing so fans can still feel connected and included in their lives and BELIEVE ME romance isn’t even a necessity to see how much they love each other and I’m just all for phan living life to the absolute fullest alongside their best friend okay