i love when they do this lol

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I just love when Fersali are doing Starz job by revealing new cast members lol So we had Charlie (don't remember his name) and now Nigel Betts and someone called Keith Fleming (scottish actor apparently). Hmmm i wonder what roles they'll play. It's exciting to guess. Thank you Lauren and Cesar. They should get pay more for the PR work.

Thank you so much Fersali 

Charlie Heitt (white T) plays Captain of the plagued ship Thomas Leonard. 

Keith Fleming and Nigel Betts as Dr Stern and Captain of Artemis?

So today was THE DAY!!! Went to CollectiveCon and met the absolutely AMAZING Graham McTavish!!! He is the nicest, sweetest, and sexiest man EVER!!!! These are just a few of the pics from today! May be more when I come down from the Graham McHotty high that I am on right now!!!! I am just…..AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH OMG DO YOU SEE WHO I AM STANDING NEXT AND TOUCHING?!?!?!?!?!? LOL! But, seriously, he really is just an awesome, warm, funny, kind, talented human being and I cannot wait to see him again!!!

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I usually agree with you but WA is definitely more popular than snowbarry. The media loves them now, they are always nominated for things, and They are LOUD on twitter. And every ship have fake accounts lol Do you see how much ol*city shippers have? I think we need to be stronger like them but WA stans are scary. I don't know what we can do

It seems to be more popular then SB because that’s all they’re giving us right now. Media love them cause they are told to love them. They nominate them for stuff because they are probably told too and it’s the only ship that IS canon. 

But, that doesn’t mean media forget about us. When the KF episode happen. Media was being all in with us with the SB and flashfrost because it was appropriate. 

They’re not loud on twitter, they are MEAN. They bully even the writers. Grant blocked so many of them! That’s why he was never really vocal about the ship and did minimal stuff to promote it. Because they are MEAN. 

It might seems we’re less because there’s not a lot of account dedicate to snowbarry but when there’s a cute snowbarry scene, the tag on twitter is flooding with love and people I never thought would ship them freaking out about them. 

I know that Danielle retweet the flashfrost art from bosslogic and that’s why there’s so much retweet and like. But still, people arent ashamed to like it and retweet it. 

On IG, there’s a picture of a random confession account that say that WA won’t get married anytime soon and there’s over 12k people liking it. With 250 comments of people either fighting over that or people saying that they are happy, they dont have chemistry and stuff like that. 

Under Candice last live chat on the official account there’s man who litteraly said they wanted Iris to die with more then 300 likes. 

When Iris stans act so means it’s because they keep seeing a lot of hate toward her and they are mad that not everyone love Iris. 

Plus, believe me, we are still in the writers mind. They wouldn’t have give us that kiss. There’s other way for Cait to take out Barry then a kiss and they already show the iconic death kiss with earth 2 KF. They didn’t have to show it again. They are still giving us wink moment and they still see us. 

For example, We were upset when we learn that flashpoint erase some moments from the other timeline, a lot ask on twitter if he had erase the karaoke night. They answer us by giving us that wink moment in the last episode. They didn’t have to do that. But they did. 

There’s nothing we can do more, just keep tweeting them, keep being nice to them and they will reward us. 

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Name: Ari

Nicknames: That is my nickname

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′8″ (~173cm)

Ethnicity: Half Taiwanese, quarter Serbian, quarter Norwegian

Favorite Fruit: White peaches/nectarines, tangerines, watermelon

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Book: Maggie Stiefvater owns my soul (The Scorpio Races)

Favorite Flower: Roses? I don’t know much about flowers

Favorite Scent: Citrus scents

Favorite Animal: Foxes and wolves

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate and coffee

Cat or Dog person: D O G S

Dream Trip:  Oh man, I don’t know… I’d love to go back to see more of France and Japan (hopefully with less of a language barrier lol)

Blog Created: Late 2014 I think

Number of Followers: Almost 500 (trying to think up another milestone special to do when I hit it \o/)

What Do I Post About: Miraculous Ladybug primarily ;v; I’m into a lot of anime and manga, and a handful of cartoons too, most of which I plan to list in the About Page that I’m still working on

Do I Get Asks On Regular Basis: No ;~; plz ask me things I love talking

Aesthetic: Cool pastels, art, the occasional meme; a lot of things, really

Favorite Band/Artist: Ingrid Michaelson and Priscilla Ahn right now

Fictional Characters I’d Date: None bc that’s fuckin’ weird lmao

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

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// Ahhhhh so I made it over 300 followers??? Idk how but okay?? So I was thinking on some day this week I could do a stream and just draw whatever for you guys?? Just swing by and ask for smth?? Could be a sketch or not Idk but maybe on Tuesday? Lol

Thank you so much everyone I don’t know what I did to deserve such an army of wonderful followers ٩(๑ᵒ̴̶̷͈᷄ᗨᵒ̴̶̷͈᷅)I


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Hey!!! 💕💕 Just wondering...How do you meet other girls? I know I'm young and all, (sophomore in highschool) but I feel like I'll never meet a girl romantically you know? I don't want to have to use dating apps all the time, I just want to meet a girl like straight people do, lol just wondering. Thanks, I love you!!

Okay, so this is hard, especially when you’re young. I was lucky to grow up in a place with a (relatively) high LGBT population, and had many gay friends and friends’ parents and teachers etc. That said, I didn’t start dating girls until junior year–mostly because they terrified me so much! Now I live in one of the gayer cities of America and meet people through college and Her, though that doesn’t seem like what you’re looking for. (Although, I see 16yr olds on Her all the time, and I used lesbian dating apps at that age to meet people. Most LGBT adults I know use it too! My roommate met her gf of over 1yr on Her, and they’re still together.)

*If you’re out*, I’d recommend getting involved with the GSA (or equivalent), or seeing if there are LGBT activities for young people that are sponsored in your town. I went to gay prom senior year, for example, and it wasn’t affiliated with my high school, it was just held downtown. There are also communities, I’ve found, that tend to ‘be gayer’ than others. I was heavily involved in the spoken word/poetry scene for a few years, and honestly, I can’t think of many straight people who participated.

But you really do have to find your place, and that just takes time. The internet, in the meantime, is a beautiful place to meet LGBT people, and even though it’s not the same as connections irl, it’s still reminded me I’m not alone! I’m here if you ever want to talk.

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Do u ever have the those dreams that r so real where u can feel it when u wake up? well the other night i had a dream that i was dancing with my crush and when i woke up i felt like i was actually dancing with someone and it was weird lol

y es omg!!!! having a lovely dream is sometimes awful bc u gotta wake up and know that it isnt real :/

  • teacher: *mentions chromosomes*
  • me: nice filthy frank reference
floriana’s livestream 01/07/17
  • “Sanvers is good, I worked with Chyler this week”
  • “I will definitely do one of these (a livestream) with Chyler”
  • “Hi, I’m Detective Dimples.”
  • “I will definitely get a picture with Chyler-” (she got cut off cause the pup did something lol)
  • fav thing about working on supergirl: “The people I work with, I love them.”
  • fav thing about maggie: “She’s def an inspiration”
  • how was the audition process?: “I auditioned with Chyler.”
  • who do you love most on set?: “I spend the most time with Chyler but I love everybody.”
  • “Something about sanvers? Its really fun to play, I love how much everyone loves [them], all the great fans of sanvers.”
  • Will we see maggies daughter?: “I don’t know”
  • okay im sorry i kinda died when katie was mentioned so it was something along the lines of: “katie mcgrath is awesome, i love her, shes super interesting and smart”
  • “have i heard chyler sing? she is so good, yes i have”
  • “katies birthday? i dont know when her birthday is”
  • best thing about melissa?: “her laugh is the best, she really belly laughs, its the best”
  • “What are crack videos?”
  • “I love Kate McKinnon, I met her recently”
  • “theres a sanvers rap song? oh i should look that up”
  • THEY LOOKED UP SANVERS CRACKVIDS — she couldn’t watch it cause she can’t watch herself
  • “Hi, Floriana’s Dimples groupchat.”
  • “i dont like leaving when they say ‘dont leave’ “
  • I flove you guys back
  • “Hi supergays, I flove you too”  (i think this was a shoutout??? but i too am a supergay)
  • “this is bad i feel bad” (when ending the livestream)

update this also happened: “I’m kissing little grey, that’s cute”

also this: explained what sanvers is.. idk how to explain just watch this video