i love when they do this lol


Let the Choice Tumblr Meetup begin!!

To participate, post your selca and self-intro, then tag it #choicetumblrmeetup and #a.c.e! Make sure to also check out the tags and like/reblog all your fellow Choices to spread the love 💕 (click here for more details)

I’ll start things off! Hi guys, I’m Lulu!! I’m 20 from Canada, and I’m abroad in Paris right now :)

I got into our lovely boys by accident when I randomly clicked on their Playing With Fire cover (bless) and I was so impressed that all 5 of them could sing amazingly. And then I watched their exo and bts dance covers and I was GONE, i HAD to stan this amazing group :’) My bias is p obviously seyoon from my url lol but i just love all of them so much, my sons <3


edit: feel free to tag me in your meetup posts!!!! i would be SO honoured&happy if you do <3 

UPDATE: This event will continue for 24hrs until November 23, 3pm EST

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Can you please give me any fic recs highlighting the height difference between Tiny and Steve?

Of course!  Who doesn’t love a bit of size difference?  Ummm…*squints at list*…these are mostly porn, lol. If anyone has other suggestions, please add them!


If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are by @blossomsinthemist: Steve sighed. “See?” he said, and his thumb rubbed gently against Tony’s belly and Tony had to struggle not to just melt all over again. “I should’ve known you’d be touchy about it. When I was a little guy I probably would have socked myself in my own mouth by now.”Written for Day Six of Kinktober: Size Difference.

Tiny by ashinan:  Steve has always looked Tony almost in the eye. Or, well, at least that’s what he originally thought…

Sleepy by MysticKayla:  Poor Tony is short, wants coffee, Steve, and is passing out. Whatever is Steve to do?

The Four Times Tony Was Carried by MystikSpiral:  In which Tony has a thing for being carried, and Steve so happens to love carrying him too.

Walking Pretty by Annehiggins:  Tony decides lifts are for wimps and goes for a more unorthodox solution for looking the tall-set in the eye.

I Thought You Were Taller by orphan_account:  Steve realizes that the Iron Man suit is not as reflective of Tony’s height as he’d thought.

Climbing a Very Small Mountain by DC_Chan:  In which Tony Stark is short, and he doesn’t like it, and he has reasons for not liking it. Steve thinks this is fine, as long as he goes out on a date with him.

Loving in the War Years by lotesse:  For maybe the first time he doesn’t feel oversized – or he does, but suddenly something’s clicked over and it turns him on, seeing and feeling the mass and strength of his body as he pounds Tony Stark against a wall in a basement.

Five Times People Gave Tony Shit For Being Short and One Time He Didn’t Mind by lovelyauras:  “If the next word that comes out of your mouth has anything to do with a fantasy creature that is shorter than four feet tall, I swear I’m leaving you.”

I’ve Been Laying With the Devil by doctorzeigler: Steve Rogers likes to wax poetic about his lover at all times— Hell, sometimes even in the middle of screwing the man senseless.(Avengers Kink Meme fill for the prompt: Steve/Tony, size-kink, riding, control“Steve totally gets off on how much smaller than him Tony is and loves to make Tony ride his dick, controlling his movements throughout.”)

  • me, reading about snarky characters: wow I love them so much, I would die for them they're my children now and I will fight everyone about it
  • me, writing about snarky characters: honestly, how do you expect me to keep finding ways to keep you alive when you're always telling off the antagonists???

i lose 10103002 years of my life when i see someone saying people cant ship kastle because frank is still grieving the loss of the woman he loves (maria) and his kids

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Hiii I have a prompt if you want it: Ed!andrew with him and Allison bonding and her trying to help him? Like she had bulimia and he has some kind of bulimia and anorexia combo so she'd understand him better than anyone and I really just want them to be friends lol :) I loved your previous ed!andrew fics btw

Sorry, I know you wanted them to bond but I just couldn’t do it. Their parking lot interaction just is making it really hard for me to write them together. I need to work up to them bonding. I also ended this in a weird spot.

The others did a double take when they walked into the lounge and saw Andrew sitting with his group. No one said anything, though Renee did level a stare at him, forcing him to meet her eyes.

“Seriously, he’s back?” Jack grumbled.

“Hey.” Wymack stepped out of his office.

“We’ve lost more games than we should’ve because he had to be thin.”

The others looked between Jack and Andrew, waiting for a reaction, but Andrew pretended not to notice. Before Wymack could figure out what to say, Allison spoke.

“Shut. Up.”

“He nearly killed himself and any hopes of us taking number one again!”

The upperclassmen and Neil all started talking at once but once again Allison’s voice cut through. “One, you’re not included in the us. You haven’t been number one, yet. Two, you are the one killing any hopes of us -” she gestured between her group and the monsters - “taking number one again. So fuck off, Jack.”

He opened his mouth again and Allison raised her voice. “Stop. Talking.”

Keep reading

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Thank you so much for answering my last request. I loved it and it IS still my wallpaper!!! But anyway! This is probably a really silly question.. How do we know when to ask you for request? Sorry I just don't wanna become a bother in the future :) (And if you feel like it Mermaid Harry and Nathan) Thanks again!!

Thank you for loving my art!!

But umm… sorry, I don’t know what your question means…
Do you wanna know how to know good timing to request?

Although ofc ordering me an art with commission is the best, the case you ask me a request, asking in the request event period is better.
And I usually announce about the event a few days ago.

But I don’t know when I’ll open the event for now.

btw, merman AU is my fav. so I drew… lol

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I think the reason I love Tokyo Ghoul is because there are no morally good or bad characters, just heavily flawed people who hurt themselves and others because they think that's what they have to do.

That’s part of why I love it too! Everyone is flawed and very, very human (human as in person not as in human vs ghoul lol). We can understand everyone’s actions and where they come from, and basically Amon’s not entirely wrong when he says that the world is at fault: V has orchestrated the world and its exploitation of everyone in it. (There’s also personal responsibility though.)

TG’s characters are the main reason I love it. They’re very complex and realistic emotionally, imo. The fandom can kind of sort characters into categories (like Touka or Saiko = good and Mutsuki = bad but the reality is they are all bad and good). I can’t relate to flawless characters, so I prefer the messy, flawed ones. They give me hope.

Thank you for the ask!

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Hi! How would reiji, ruki, Carla, laito, kou, ayato, Yuma, Shu and Subaru react to their lover loves K-Pop and she wants to go to Korea to meet one of her favorite K-Pop idol when they said no she starts to cry (sorry for my English and I love your blog 😍😘😂)

Admin Sam : ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ

Shuu Sakamaki

”Lewd women. Fantasizing and crying over other men. 

…Shut up or expect a punishment.

Reiji Sakamaki

“Such a women of loose morals! You must need a punishment to remind you who you to belong too. “

Ayato Sakamaki

“ Oi! Focus on me! The great Ore-sama is the only one you focus on not that damned idol! “

Laito Sakamaki

“Fufu…If you’re so focused on meeting other men. Maybe I should find one and distract you with him.”

Subaru Sakamaki

“If you like him so much, why don’t you go be with him instead of a monster me?!? “

Ruki Mukami

“Sooo bold, livestock. I hope you know what kind of punishment your in for…Crying over other men like that. “

Kou Mukami

“Hey M-neko-chan! So just any old idol is good with you. 


What a naughty kitty you are! How about we put on a little show and send it to him? How does that sound?

Yuma Mukami

Oi! Come over hear and let me remind you who you belong to! 

Crying over another guy like that. I hope you’re prepared for the consequences!

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do you and bix have a process when you write how do you start and end a scene do you discuss each line before you write it im sorry its just fascinating how smoothly ur fics flows i love reading every week <33

Omg hey and thank you nonnie and what exactly do you mean when you say process? Lol

No we don’t discuss every LINE, we do however discuss the scene, what it covers and how it ends. Then one of us (literally always me, @bixgirl1 always fucking calls ‘not it’ fucking sneaking Slytherin cheat) sets up scene, ie. establishes where they are/what they’re doing, and the first line. And…I think that’s about it? We write the scene going back and forth, interspersed with doubts/random thoughts between parentheses lol that’s about it that’s our process.

I genuinely don’t know if this is what you meant to ask about? 😂💖

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could i have a cute fic/reaction for mercy, sombra, tracer &pharah of them comforting their gf when they’re scared of a horror film or the dark or smth like that???? u don’t have to write for all of them :))):):):)) tytytyy

i’ll do tracer and pharah bc i don’t have a lot about them here lol

also i couldnt make any cool horror film references bc im too scared to watch em rip

ALSO hey guys thanks for 100 followers, gonna cry, never expected this so quickly wow

the inbox is still closed!! please stop sending requests, i’ll make a post when it’s open again


  • Fareeha loves horror movies. She’s seen the classics tens of times and knows them practically word for word, and badly wishes for the two of you to watch one together. There’s a one time screening of The Shining at your local cinema, and you’d better believe she’s first in line to purchase tickets. Not just standard seats - the pricey leather ones tucked snugly away in the back row with the best view of the screen. The soldier wants to make sure that you’re completely engrossed in the action for your first time viewing her favourite movie.
  • You’re anxious when she shows you the tickets - but Fareeha looks so happy and you don’t wish to disappoint your girlfriend. She’s had a hard week at work and if this is her way of relaxing, you want to indulge her. You’d prefer to just take her out for dinner, but, each to their own you decide, pulling on a jacket as Pharah takes you by the hand and leads you out of the house. “You look nice, sweetheart.” she grins, tempted to swoop you into her arms and carry you bridal style to the theater. Your girlfriend loves you so much, she thinks you’re so out of her league, and is so glad that you’re going with her. She knows that horror isn’t your favourite genre, so she appreciates the effort.
  • She notices you swallow hard as the two of you take your seats, and her eyebrows furrow in concern as she hears you take a shallow breath. “The film hasn’t started yet, you know.” she chuckles, resting a strong hand on your thigh as she leans closer to your ear “The only thing to be scared of right now is the amount of money we just spent on this fucking popcorn.”
  • The soldier frowns as she sees you tremble and shield your eyes as the opening credits begin rolling. She’s not upset at you - she’s upset at herself. Pharah hates that you’ve made yourself uncomfortable for her. Promptly, she lifts you with one hand and carries you out of the screening, already planning something else the two of you could do. After much internal debate, she decides to take you out to your favourite restaurant. She’ll cuddle with you at night to make sure you sleep well and wake you up with breakfast in bed.


  • Lena isn’t the biggest fan of horror films. Sure, she can endure them - as long as there isn’t excessive gore - but the genre hasn’t really ever captured her interest. She likes thrillers, especially if they seem plausible in the real world. Ghosts, demons and poltergeists don’t really scare Tracer - the thought of being stalked by a serial killer, on the other hand, sends chills up her spine.
  • So naturally, when you approach her with shoddy looking slasher film from the 80′s, she’s a little skeptical. “C’mon babe, you can’t think that looks good. Where’d you find that tattered thing?” she smirks, taking the DVD box from you for closer examination. Gently, she opens case and takes out the DVD, staring at the disc with exaggerated amazement as she puts on her best David Attenborough impression. “Wow. Look at this relic. In the age of internet, one would’ve thought that these ancient forms of entertainment would’ve been long extinct.”
  • Still, she rises from the couch with a sigh and sets up the DVD for you. Lena will probably do some work on her laptop while the film plays, so she doesn’t mind the background noise. She also loves the way you cling to her when the tension builds, and the way you bury your head in her neck when the jump scares pop up. Even shitty 90′s flicks have there perks, she smiles to herself, setting back into the sofa and turning on her laptop. You want to protest, but Tracer’s already typing up a rather formal looking report and you decide to just snuggle into her side instead. 
  • Barely five minutes in, you gasp into your girlfriend’s shoulder and cover your eyes, disturbed by the horrible death being performed on screen. Lena cant help but giggle at your fear, finding it adorable as you wrap your limbs around her arm. “Want me to turn it off?” she smiles, seizing the opportunity to kiss your flushed cheek at she reaches for the remote. After seeing you nod, she switches it off closes her laptop. “Don’t freak out darling, it’s not real!” Tracer reassures you, running her thumbs over your cheekbones and kissing your hairline. “How about we watch something more lighthearted?” she suggests, pulling up a list of comedies for you to choose from.

Something I was looking really forward to today had to be rescheduled and now I’m totally bummed and feeling like a whiney baby pants 😭

What do you do when you’re feeling completely bummed out? I went into instant little space and I’m just lying in bed with my stuffies feeling sorry for myself, which is not helpful lol. My Sugar Bear is at work, but he is sending me lots of hearts and love through messenger. I just don’t want to mope around the whole day. But at the same time it’s all I feel like doing now 😭 uuuuuggghhh

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So, Aaron. No husband. Liv's either in school or out out doing whatever, whenever. Biz apparently being torn down to build a golf course. Nothing left to do except hang out the pub during the day and become one of the gossip girls with Vic, Charity and Chas. Couldn't stop laughing and thinking of the scene in summer 2016 when he catches himself and says "Oh God, I'm turning into my mother" Aaron could end up starting to help Rob out of shear boredom. LOL

😂. He’ll realise he’s spending way too much time with Charity, see Rob and not leave him alone just to be around someone that can talk topgear.

I love him being a little gossip though.. warms my heart :)

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Did Cole write out that answer before he was interviewed or has he been preparing this statement long before, probably whenever family or friends ask him what Lili and him do when they're off together? LOL

IKR???? And I still love WHO he told all this to

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I’m so proud of Liam tbh. Even dealing with problems with the band and personal ones he never faltered and went on stage every night. And he didn’t do it resentfully he had a smile on his face. At my show he literally called a fans mom and read signs and he was the rock and base for so many other OTRA shows that made them so so so incredible and its admirable that he did that while he was struggling. so i love liam so much and it saddens me when people dont see how special he is

co-signed!! Did you go to OTRA San Diego??? when he called that mom? me too :) that was my fave part of the entire show lol

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No offense but I love how nice you are. It’s actually refreshing to see your replies to anons. Cy was I don’t know, pretty rude? She had a blog for Bella but it seemed like she despises her lol. So yeah. Keep it up girlie

The thing with Cy is that she followed Bella for so long and knows way more about her than I do. When you spend so much of your personal time on someone else who keeps doing something you don’t agree with it’s kind of hearbreaking because you want them to be successful and improve. I’m not trying to be like ‘I know everything about Bella and I can answer every question about her’ because I can’t, I’m just a regular person who likes her and I love posting updates and being on this blog, that’s the main reason why I’m here.
Thanks for lovely messages, it’s really nice to see that you guys like what I do❤️

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Tell me your thoughts on winter. I know you have a lot of them

Right now, everything looks like a barren wasteland of white. Everything is cold. And slippery. I have to go home and shovel my driveway because it’s slippery and I won’t be able to get into my garage if I don’t. I drifted as I turned through and intersection today and I shit you not, I started laughing because I can’t drift even if I tried so thank you intersection for the lol’s this morning. I don’t like wearing pants (I am a dresses and skirts sort of gal) so when winter comes, I can choose to lose my legs from cold or wear pants. I often try to lose my legs. Still attached so we’re still good.

I do have a veeery lovely pair of Steve Madden leather boots that I rock very well and I reserve them for winter so at least I look stylish af with my grey cowl also. I love curling up with tea or hot chocolate and reading when it’s cold like this. Winter is a very productive reading time for me. The snow looks pretty when it’s first fallen.

And that’s pretty much what I’ve got. Thanks MarciCakes 😘😘😘

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Eliot’s poetry kinda wigs me out?? There’s a difference between being in love with someone and being borderline obsessed, not to mention the photos he has and the fact he was looking up Chloe and stuff. I dunno.

Yeah its prettyyyyyyyy not a healthy thing to do LOL This is the type of shit when you see someone do it, you don’t think anything of it until you’re older. Then it hits you like “Wow, that person was a fucking weirdo creep”.

Googling someone by itself isn’t that weird, but if Chloe Price social media didn’t show up the first time, or better yet IF SHE DIDN’T GIVE IT TO YOU, stop trying LOL 

Ugh Eliot

Originally posted by etudiant-en-ph3

keep in mind that 99% of cat/food/landscape/aesthetic etc posts that I make are queued. because they are. so there’s no control when what posts goes up. all I can really do is change the settings maybe? to post less or more times a day. aside from that idk what else to say about things popping up at inopportune times.

also it’s not cool to try and lash at people and try to get it answered publicly. if you have an issue, privately reach out. it’s really not that hard lol. that’s the problem with Tumblr. people are so quick to jump on something and cause problems they forget to communicate.

please communicate. things will be a lot better and easier to deal if you just MESSAGE about something and ask about it instead of calling us out and making us feel shitty.

What I really love is how Tsuyu has surpassed the bnha fandom and like,, everyone knows and loves her. I have seen so many supportive posts that are like “I hope the frog girl from that one anime is having a good day” I really love that. It is so pure and good. Tsuyu truly deserves this.