i love when they do this lol

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What would you say each of the twins personality is?

hmm this is a good question

sosi is like, a little flower child. she loves bugs and plants and all living things and that makes being a vampire really sad for her. shes also very intelligent. very emotional too, like she definitely wears her heart on her sleeve, but still really strong when it comes down to it. laid back. optimist. happy and peppy and bubbly nerdy baby sosi. friend to pretty much everyone (for real in game she’s felix’s best friend forever and has max relationship with everyone and i didnt even do that… except fallon now obv LOL) i think of sosi and i think of that casually ethereal meme

sabrina is actually the more vulnerable of the two, which is why she’s always out to prove she’s tough, because really that’s how she wishes she was. headstrong af. a huge mushy very breakable heart under a million layers of stone. grumpy. resting bitch face queen. expert emotional wall builder. artist. and also like, the mom friend lmao she likes to look out for everyone else but makes dumb decisions in her own life. kind of person who refuses help even when they need it or like won’t ask for directions if they’re lost cause they “GOT IT, TRUST ME”

so ya!  lol i hope that answered your question

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Hello!! Didn't know you did this until you posted an answer so? IDK if it's a one-time thing or not so I'm just going to ask? I'm working on Oisuga week fics and was wondering if you could figure out your favorite Tooru and Koushi gifs to motivate me? Sorry if I'm overstepping or anything!! <3


\( ̄▽ ̄)/

OOOOoooo Oisuga! Sure! WHY ARE THEY SO PRETTY???

Good luck with your writing!!


NipahDUBS is a sweetheart. Funny story, when he was at anime matsuri I didn’t realize it was him until I seen his Zenyatta post. Then it came to me, I got to take a photo with one of my favorite cosplayers and complimented his cosplay! He sounded a lot like Zenyatta too which was so amazing and the Mei was also very sweet and super cute and I hope to find her again one day and find her on instagram or whatever she has and support her too! He complimented my Hinata which made me so happy, the fact my cosplays especially my Hinata get so much love makes me happy because she is one of my favorites and someone I can actually relate to as a fictional character. The platforms on the boots make me a lot taller than what I am lol I am only 5′7 but I do have long legs so when I wear those I am at least 5′8 ½ 8′D

obvsly ive always loved the “you’d be m’lady” scene even though it had a fanfic-y tone because i do feel like its at least honest about the nature of arya’s feelings when gendry joins the brotherhood - she wanted him to be her pack and is heartbroken - and im a shipper fangirl ofc but the execution is all wrong because like book!arya would rather die than display that kind of vulnerability lol she’d never let gendry see how much she cared after he hurt her like this. show!arya tearfully offers to be his family but book!arya looked down on gendry and told him he could hang for all she cares. its not a change i hate tho. the way both characters react is very different but its born from the same place 


Fire Emblem Heroes – 5-star Camilla’s Level 40 Dialogue

I love my big sister I love my big sister I love my big sister I lovE MY BIG SISTER

Lots of us love Camilla for her doting ways, and I am no different. Though Xander and Ryoma are my beloved husbands in Fates, I often find myself wishing to run to Camilla for comfort when I feel particularly childish or small.

I think it helps that sometimes I just wanna be squeezed a little. Just not to death, tho. I need my life to do stuff. lol

plz hold me Camilla

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Go for gymnastics, honestly. I started when I was 16 (because of my love for Harley lol), it was a little weird at first because all the gymnasts my age are like elite level. Over time you don't worry about it and nobody I've encountered judges me for starting at an older age. Gymnastics is hella fun girl go for it.

Ahhh honestly this is so inspiring??? Maybe I should do it….

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Hi Astrid! I can't help but ask if you can (pretty, pretty please) write a short crack-fic story involving the suitors? I saw that you had a HC about the boys finding out that they are getting shipped off with each other. Gosh, I'd love to see the Princess struggling from fangirling when the suitors interact with each other and giving her fellow shoppers (maids, castle staff, etc.) a thumbs up or a knowing wink...lol.

*Princess listening through Giles’ office door while he and Leo are inside*
“Giles, can you give me a hand with this?”

“Oh, I suppose… I can’t just watch you anyway; you never were good at doing these things yourself.”

“Just stop talking and come help me.”

“This is very hard, I think you need to get it wet.”

“Just keep pulling Giles.”

“Ahh! It’s going to explode all over the place if you’re not careful.”

(Trying to open a bottle of wine)


There’s also watching all the sexual tension between Sid and Louis, and Nico and Albert taunt each other, and Albert worshipping King Byron … like this one time the Princess got stuck in a closet (I dunno) for four hours with Albert and all he did was talk about how splendid Byron looks in his formal attire, and how one time he gave Byron a bath when he was sick.

Sometimes it’s funny when Sid comes to the palace, because Alyn and Louis are friends, but Alyn and Sid are friends too and Louis gets jealous. Sid and Alyn are bros and they shower together in the knights bathrooms (yes, they have showers) …. so yes, they’ve seen each other’s sword.

There was this one time when Leo was eating a cookie and Giles gave him a pouty face and Leo fed him a piece by hand and everyone in the room about lost their sh*t.

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HI! Hello! So I'm not really into emotions display, especially when I'm alone they are in my head and that's enough, right? Well when I saw there's a part two of TSAoaIPDtRPWL (lol I'm not gonna remember this, sorry hahaha!) I screamed YES and punched the air with my fist. Luckily I've been alone on my room. Still feel like an idiot. What are you two doing to me? I'm still giggling. You are ruining my reputation. And I love you for that!!! It's everything I've ever wanted and needed!!! Ahhhhh

You sound like the kind of weirdo @bixgirl1 and I would get along grandly with. We’re really grateful you found it worthy of punching the air lololol 

Thank you, love! ❤️

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It's also something when in 2x16, Barry asked Iris "I wonder what our....(Leans in. This boy. I swear!) MARRIED dopplegangers are doing tonight". Iris pretty much answered that they were fucking. So if we were to ask what WA are doing when Barry does have to save CC, he's either at work or making love to Iris. Or both. LOL!

Lol. Pretty much, yes.

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Happy Birth i love your blog! request: Kakashi seeing Iruka in an onsen on a mission and immediately falls in love with the long haired tanned beauty lol

Kakashi didn’t frequent hot spring resorts. Onsens weren’t really his thing.

Mostly it was because of his mask, but he also just had no desire to sit in hot water for awhile doing nothing.

But his body was beaten and sore from his mission and he knew the healing properties along with the heat were what his muscles needed.

There were a few men in the large outside bath when he walked out into the tall fenced area. He would of preferred to be alone but company wasn’t always as disappointing as it could be.

They seemed to be spread out around the edges, none of them exchanging more than a few words, probably because he’d interrupted.

He found a space among them and slid into the water, keeping to himself.

They were Leaf shinobi. He had noticed their flak jackets in the changing room.

It wasn’t that odd. They weren’t far from the village. They had probably just finished a mission of their own.

He heard the noise of the door but didn’t open his eyes or turn his head until some one was talking.

“Iruka! What took you so long? We were about to leave.”

“Ah, s-sorry. I was bandaging my arm.” Something about his voice made Kakashi interested.

He indeed had wrappings on the upper part of his arm, careful as he slid into the water. But it wasn’t his arm that was the most interesting thing about him.

Actually there wasn’t one thing more interesting than the rest. It was all of him, in the way he just was.

Kakashi felt like the water was suddenly too warm.

“Well, we’re heading in,” one of the other shinobi said. “Don’t stay so long you prune.”

They shared a few laughs and frendly jibes as they went back inside.

Kakashi felt awkward. More than he ever had before. Wanting to say something but not knowing what. What did you even say to someone that handsome without sounding like a creep?

He tried to look over discreetly, watching him try to avoid getting his bandages wet.

Perfect. He closed his eyes again, trying to seem uninterested. “You know these hot springs have healing properties. If your wound is shallow enough it will help.”

The man took a second to respond. “I don’t want to get blood in the water. It’s not polite.”

Kakashi smiled at that. “I’m the only one you could offend right now, and a little blood is hardly insulting to a shinobi.”

“You’re a shinobi?” He sounded a little too excited. He must be pretty green still.

Kakashi liked him just a little less but was in the mood to humor himself. “I am. Of the Leaf. As are you and your comrades.”

“How did you-”

“Their chunin vests in the other room.” Kakashi knew he shouldn’t stick around to chat much longer. He couldn’t risk being asked too many questions, even by a ninja from his own village. “Go ahead and soak your arm. I won’t tell.” He twitched his eye lid, suggesting a wink.

He heard a small hiss across from him and looked to see him doing as Kakashi had suggested.

He was tempted to open his sharingan eye and save all the visual information about him. Wanting to meet him under different circumstances one day. But he knew he’d never forget a face like that.

“It already feels better,” he sighed with a smile.

Kakashi was afraid his heartbeat was audible. He definitely had to be going. If he stayed any longer he might fall in love.

“Well, you enjoy your bath,” he slid through the water towards the door.

“Oh, you’re leaving?” The sound of his disappointment pulled at his heart.

“Well, yeah, someone’s got blood in the water.” That didn’t come out as sarcastic as he had intended for it to be. So he looked back with a cheeky grin but the chunin wasn’t looking. He was checking his bandages.

Kakashi let it go, leaving, calling himself an idiot.


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Connie from su for the character thing!

  • Sexuality Headcanon: Pansexual
  • Gender Headcanon: Nonbinary 
  • A ship I have with said character: (WHEN SHE’S OLDER) Steven 
  • A friendship I have with said character: PEARL
  • A NOTP I have with said character: Technically everyone because she’s a child lol
  • A random headcanon: She’s a practicing Muslim. She takes fencing and becomes a pro
  • General Opinion over said character: She’s wonderful, I love her. LORD DO I LOVE CONNIEEEEE

Ask me Character things

First Lines

so i was tagged by @cherrystreet to do this. thanks mom your lil asian angel loves you 😘

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favourite authors!

i already know i sort of have a pattern when it comes to first lines in fic lol because it’s so hard for me to start fics most of the time, and for someone who can only write chronologically, the starting is crucial. so i usually just start them the same way. i think. idk, maybe i’ll surprise myself.

i don’t have 20 fics so some of them are from wips 

1. tangled up in you: When Harry was seventeen and new to London, with nothing but his guitar and a dream, he’d scribbled down a list of five-year goals on the back of a dirty napkin.

2. day 3: tossed salad: Harry woke the next day pleasantly sore in places he hardly remembered he could be sore in.

3. to kill the mess we’ve made : The first time Harry sees Louis, Louis throws a shoe at him.

4. blind from this sweet, sweet craving:  Harry has always considered Louis his best friend.

5. somethin’ bout you: The thing about casinos, Louis thinks, is that they’re so lavish.

6. that lace shirt:  It’s incredible, Harry thinks, how much he’s learned about Louis in the course of five, almost six years.

7. if i had the chance, the things i would do to you: It’s actually not a very good idea.

8. that polka dotted shirt:  Louis’ running around and wreaking havoc today.

9. that geometric suit: In Harry’s humble opinion, the club should be renamed.

10. led by your beating heart:  Harry met Louis Tomlinson in the toilets in the X-Factor.

11. that ugly ass yellow shirt:  It starts with a box of free stuff given to them by their concert organizers in Manila.

12. let me make a thing of cream and stars:  Louis doesn’t know how his life came to be like this.

13. you drive me wild (you know you do):  Louis Tomlinson likes to believe that he is a simple man with simple pleasures.

and from random wips

14. beach au: Everything begins, like all dumb, cliché, coming-of-age Hollywood films, on a graduation.

15. lazy baby au: Of all the things Louis expects to see outside his door at eleven pm on a Thursday night, a wet Harry Styles with a baby carrier in one hand, and a duffle bag in the other is decidedly not one of that.

16. some fucking shitty thing that was supposed to be a solo harry drabble or something: There’s always a period of time after the concerts where Harry feels like he’s floating–the adrenaline rushing through his veins, his heart pounding in his chest. His hands shake, his fingertips ache from playing the guitar for an extended period of time, but right now he can’t seem to pay any mind to it, too busy basking in his post-concert high.

17. a jamaica au i abandoned: They fly out to Jamaica covertly, keeping their heads down at the airport. 

18. i don’t even remember what this was for: If anyone asked, Harry would say that living off-campus with friends was one of the best decisions he’s ever made in his uni life. 

19. an angel x demon au i entertained for like 5 seconds: Demons, Louis finds, are underrated.

20. a hogwarts au i entertained for like 10 seconds: There’s something to be said about the feeling Louis gets when the train approaches Hogwarts’ every year, the slight clenching of his stomach as it gets closer and closer. 

i tag @latitta @alivingfire @loveloveolivia @turtlekz @backonefish @juliusschmidt @gloriaandrews yeah if you’ve done this please ignore me

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whenever i read ur story or see any of the characters,, i get this lonely, raining vibe. mainly because i discovered your blog sitting on the back steps of a middle school while it was raining in like, February. lol i'm weird bye mom 🖤🖤💞

omg ;___; i love that, i love that you associate my stuff with a memory that evokes a certain vibe because i do that too lol. i associate a storm of swords with august heat because i spent my entire summer reading it in the sun on my back deck heheh

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What are your thoughts about Hulk/Nat pairing in mcu? ScarNO confirmed their relationship devolpment in Infinity War.

OF LOVE / OF DEATH.   hate it.     words can’t describe how much i hate it.    oh my lord.    i hated it when i was an mcu blog,     & i still despise it now.     my main issue,    really,    is how much of a plummet nat’s characterization took in aou for the sake of the pairing   ——-  & not in the romance sense bc lbr,     natasha is & should be a very romantic character when appropriate,      but rather in the sense that she was stripped of development & independence & dignity just for the sake of one pivotal scene : nat pushing bruce into the huge pit so he could turn into the hulk.      literally,     if you trace back all of their interactions throughout the film,     they ALL lead up to that one moment,     & it’s really pathetic.     she’s literally used as a catalyst for getting one of the Big Four back into the battle & nothing else.     oh,     also,     let’s not forget the infamous scenes such as the boob trampoline,      ‘ hide the zucchini, ‘      nat making unwanted advances in the bedroom scene,    &    ‘ you think you’re the only monster on the team ‘    because of course a woman would have to feel less human if she couldn’t procreate lol.    n e wayz,    all in all it was terribly placed,    terribly timed,    & had no purpose.      i think nat SHOULD be able to have a romantic relationship to show how compassionate & loving of a person she is,     but not in these circumstances,     & not with a character who,    in the last movie they were in,     tried to fucking kill her. (:

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Do you think Zayn and Liam had a thing during 1D ? I was always skeptical because when you compare to Larry, I mean you can't even compare lol, but there was some looks, some touches... I don't know, what do you think ?

I think they had something at some point, but whether it was a full on love affair, some casual, experimental stuff, or something in between, I have no idea.

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You have such a talent with your writing! I write, and I too also maybe make my chapters a little long to read in one sit down, and I LOVE when other authors do it too lmao, the more the merrier, I say! I wanted to ask you though, since you write such long chapters, do you have anything you like to do for writers block? That is my weakness lol, I take forever to get anything out.

Thank you so, so much!!! That’s so sweet of you! 

Oh boy, I sure do get writers block. Especially for parts of the story I haven’t written out, or just barely laid out. 

The best thing I’ve found for writers block is to do that first. Write out a plan. Beginning, middle and end. Just write, write and write. Even if it’s just the smallest plan. Make yourself write the smallest thing, every day if you can. Writing is like anything- practice, practice, practice. 

Then what I do is, I write the parts of the story I’m least looking forward to first. It doesn’t even have to be fully fleshed out, or developed. Could just be the bare bones. But in my experience, your story will flow and the characters’ motivations will be more organic if you can keep your narrative chronological. Sometimes I give in and write whatever I like, but my usual plan is that.

Then the parts you’re most looking forward to, that’s your reward. Once you get to that point, it’s a relief because Ahh, yes. I know this part. I like this part. I also think finding the right writing soundtrack helps. Or at least in my experience. I love listening to music while I write.

But I think more than anything, it’s about getting back into the habit. Any little idea you have, just write it out. Even if it’s just one random scene, a little bit of a conversation. 

The scene in TBE where Yuuri tells Victor his real name was actually the first scene I wrote for the story. I just had the image and conversation in my head. So I wrote it. And then it just blossomed from there.  I don’t think it matters how long something takes, or even if you’re entirely happy with it. Just write as much as you can and write what you enjoy. Soon, practice will become habit.

Sorry if this doesn’t make as much sense as it could, but these are the things that I go back to when I’m struck with writers block! Let me know if there’s anything else I can try and do to help! And good luck with your writing, I’m sure you’ll do amazing.

What matters the most in your writing is that you write what feels right for you. You’ll find your groove, it’s just about creating a path to it. 

i am actually doing one of these b/c i’m  uncharacteristically both home AND awake!!

tagged by @batmarg

Where is your phone? beside me on the bed 
Your hair? medium brown, long-ish and the only straight thing about me 
Your dad? is….. a complicated guy lol good sailing ahab
Your other half? hmm, what about her? you gotta be specific or i’ll just start rattling off a listicle like “97 Things I Love About My Girlfriend (Part 1 of 6)”. did you guys know she bought a teapot and tea kettle for when i came to visit her? she doesn’t even drink tea??? i love her. 
Your favourite food? french fries, which are allegedly going to put me in an early grave or something but whatever
Your dream last night? I honestly don’t remember? i often have really trippy ones lately but i can’t remember any of them now aah. 
Your favourite drink? tea
Fear? needles and any kind of public embarrassment
Favourite shoes? my black gladiators that i basically live in all summer, which replaced my brown and purple gladiators that i basically lived in until they fell apart
Favourite way to relax? naps with my cats (especially Gibson, he’s very large and warm and snuggly i love him). alternatively going to the beach. 
Your mood? sleepy but very content
Your love? hey have you guys heard i’m very gay and disgustingly in love idk i know i’ve been super subtle about it 
Where were you last night? i was at home MOM god 
Something that you aren’t? living up to my full potential lol womp womp
Muffins? man, i just want to say that Safeway has the best chocolate chip muffins and i crave them all the time 
Wishlist item? trip for two to South Africa please sappho i’ll never ask for anything else as long as i live
Where you grew up? northern ontario
Last thing you did? made myself some lunch + more tea
What are you wearing? grey capri-length leggings and a bright pink tshirt
Something you hate? slow drivers, people who are rude to service industry workers, the sheer size of the province of ontario
Your pets? two little monsters you may have heard of them
Life? aside from having no money it’s really good right now wtf
Regrets? None honestly because even though things were really bad at times, it all led to my life being the way iy is now and i’m very grateful for that and very confident that i’m ~on the right path, y’know?  

get to know meme 2

I was tagged by @coffeegrace for another survey! She clearly knows my love of surveys and quizzes well. <3

rules: answer the questions and tag 10 blogs you’d like to know better

★  Sign: Taurus

★  Height: 5′4

★  Last thing googled: "fallen london trade surface silk rare success"

★  Favorite music artist: Quite a few, but I’d still say The Tragically Hip is my default fave. <3

★  Last tv show watched: The Arrow

★  When did I create my blog: 5000 years ago

What kind of stuff do i post about: Posts I actually make and not reblogs? Mostly thoughts on video games and pictures of my cat lol. Reblogs? Games, nature, funny stuff, feminism stuff, cats, art, memes, movies, etc.

★  Do I have any other blogs: So many. My recipe sideblog, craft sideblog, witchy sideblog (wip), secret self-indulgent fangirling sideblog, and some neglected rping blogs. My poor ocs.

★  Do i get asks regularly: Nah.

★  Why did i choose my url: I used to draw a comic/journal (because i was miserable in college and needed an escape) for fun and it took place in a peninsula town called Bulundu. I had a lot of fun developing the place, so picking it as a url was out of fondness.

★  Gender: Female

★  Pokémon Go team: I don’t play because I don’t have a phone, but I always figured I’d pick Valor.

Favorite colors: Green, yellow, pink, etc. I like all colors.

★  Average hours of sleep: Probably 8-10? Sometimes more, sometimes less. Let me rest.

★  Favorite characters: Codsworth, Maccready, Garth (fable 2), Emily Kaldwin, Billie Lurk, Quint (Jaws), uhhhhhhh, drunk skeleton from The Last Unicorn, uhhhh, Roland The Bard (Fable 2). Love that guy. Every rubbery man in Fallen London. Just all of them. I got you, dudes.

★  Dream job: Just selling plants, herbs, or crafts or something would be cool. Running a small restaurant, maybe. The breakfast special would be this great oatmeal I make (very rich), the same three old people would come in and drink coffee every day. Or treasure hunting hero and adventurer, that’s still top tier dream job.

I don’t think I’ll tag people since I so recently did one and tagged people, so here’s this: if you read this, I’ve tagged you. You’ve been tagged. Do it (if you like)!