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Would You Be So Kind

I want to dedicate this fic to @nerdyadventures , who also beta this fic. You were with me for almost the beginning of the story and there is no way this would be the story it is today without your support, I don’t have words to tell you how thankful I am for you and I’m sorry this story haunted you even in your dreams. For @ltrumbley@bananannabeth @keekal and @artemisrae too, you guys helped me so much even if you didn’t realize it. Y por ultimo para @vithcytries eres una campeona y te agradezco tanto por cuidar mi espalda.

For the PJO/HOO Big Bang 2017.

I’m pathetic’ Annabeth thought while she clicked on the next picture, ‘very, very pathetic.’ It was a Saturday night, her roommates were out in some club having the time of their lives and what was she doing? Sitting on her bed stalking her crush on Instagram. To make things worse her crush was also her best friend for over ten years, her brain yelled at her to leave her phone but she clicked on another picture, it was of her and Percy on Montauk, his arm was around her waist and she was wearing his snapback, they both were grinning at each other and they looked so…couply. Her heart squeezed in pain. She looked at the date and tried not to groan, the picture had been posted 145 weeks ago. When did she go so deep into his page? Well, being fair, he didn’t post that often and most of the time it was random pictures and barely pictures of him unless he was with his friends (her heart did a whole routine when she realized he had more pictures with her than with anyone else)

Annabeth threw the phone on her bed. She should have gone out with Piper and Hazel but she wasn’t really feeling it, she wasn’t feeling like doing anything. Work had been brutal that week, her bosses had overworked her, leaving Annabeth laying on her bed wondering if it was worth it walking to the kitchen for a glass of wine or going back to stalk Percy’s pictures? She was sure he had a few of shirtless ones…The sound of the doorbell made her jump, she wasn’t expecting anyone and Piper and Hazel had their own keys. She did a quick check of her clothes, an oversized gray sweater, and some old constellation pj’s pants, she looked as presentable as she could be.

With one last groan, she left the room, putting her hair up in a bun. “Who is it?”

“The love of your life.” Annabeth recognized the voice, a smile forming on her lips.

“Is it you pizza? Have you finally come to elope with me?” A familiar laughter came from the door just as Annabeth was reaching to open it, revealing the man whose pictures she was obsessing over a few minutes ago.

“Unfortunately it’s Chinese not pizza,” Percy said with a smile that melted her, he looked good, too good for someone who just came out of work and was stuck on a long train ride to Brooklyn, it should be illegal to look effortlessly good. “But I hope you can still take me.”

Annabeth sighed dramatically. “I guess I can make an exception for tonight,” She took the bags from his hands and walked back inside, Percy following her. “And what do I have the honor of your lovely visit tonight?”

“I missed my best friend, isn’t that enough of a reason to come here unannounced?” He walked to the kitchen and started pulling plates from the cabinets. “Piper and Hazel aren’t home?”

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Slipped my mind

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Anonymous asked: #37??? (’Welcome to fatherhood’)

Anonymous asked: Please could you do 99 and make it angsty if possible? Thank you! X (How could you forget your son’s birthday?)

Anonymous asked: “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.” !!

I combined all three of these and it turned into a full blown one shot.

Also special shoutout to @harryimaginedstories. She knows. 

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MSR prompt: M&S get caught being intimate at Maggie's house by Bill Jr.

You wanted it (as did half my inbox), you got it! I hope you like it, this turned out waaaaay longer than I anticipated. I apologize, I’m not that great at writing smut, but here we go. 

Caught in the Act (NSFW)

Scully glanced over at her partner, smirking to herself as she took in his comatose state, snoring lightly on her mom’s patterned sofa. The events of the past week, the two FBI agents traipsing across the country on yet another case, had clearly taken their toll on Mulder, and he’d drifted off once they’d settled on the couch, not long after enjoying Maggie’s renowned Sunday lunch. Usually he had no qualms with visiting Scully’s mother on the weekend, but this time it was different, it was an entire family gathering. Bill, Tara and Matthew were in town to celebrate the Easter weekend, and for once Charlie, his wife Claire and their two sons Jason and Mark had joined them. And not only was it the first time that Mulder had met Charlie, it was the first time he was coming face to face with Bill since he and Scully had become a couple. It was no secret that Bill hated Mulder; that had been particularly evident at Christmas, when Scully had invited her partner to her mom’s for the day, and the two of them had later experienced their first kiss beneath the mistletoe. But despite the fact that Mulder and Scully were now officially a couple, Bill’s attitude still hadn’t softened towards his sister’s partner. So far he’d been civil, but was lacking any warmth, however the opposite could be said for Tara and Charlie and his family. Though Mulder had only met Tara a handful of times, mostly under sad circumstances, she was always polite and friendly towards him, sensing how important he was to Scully. She seemed pleased that their relationship had developed and was happy that her sister-in-law was happy. And Charlie, well he was the complete opposite to his brother – laid back and friendly with a great – and sometimes sick – sense of humor. Mulder immediately took a liking to him, and the feeling was mutual.

Considering he’d been reluctant to attend a Scully family gathering, Mulder had soon stopped sulking once lunch was served, and even Bill managed to chill out as they all ate. Once dessert had been served, the family retreated to the living room while Bill and Charlie – nominated by the Scully women – started work on the dishes and Maggie observed, taking time to catch up with her sons. Meanwhile Mulder had promptly fallen asleep while the adults talked and the children played with Matty’s new trainset.

“I’m taking it as a compliment that Fox has fallen asleep on us,” said Maggie as she entered the living room, giving Mulder a fond look. It appeared the dishes were now done.

“Please do mom,” said Scully, sitting next to her partner. “You know how much he loves your cooking.”

Bill scoffed from the doorway, a towel in his hands. “It’s a convenient time to take a nap, just as we’re doing the dishes.”

“Fox does the dishes every Sunday,” Maggie argued. “It’s about time he got some rest.”

“You been keeping him up all night Danes?” Charlie asked with a smug smile, coming to a stop just behind his older brother. Bill turned and glared, flicking his brother with the towel. “Don’t be so crass Charlie.”

“What? I didn’t say anything. Mulder and Dana work long hours, that’s what I mean.”

“Yeah, of course you did.”

“Lighten up Big Brother. Anyone would think you didn’t get any.”


“Get any what dad?” Asked Jason from his position on the floor. That shut Charlie up.


Maggie smiled, bemused at the conversation. “Dana, if Fox wants to sleep he can go upstairs.”

“I thought today was supposed to be a family day,” Bill protested. In response Tara glared at her husband.

“You’ve changed your tune considering you spend all your time stating that Mulder isn’t part of the family,” Scully shot back, unable to stop herself.

“Now now,” Maggie interrupted, well aware of how easily disagreements between her children could escalate. “Please be nice to one another. It’s been a lovely day so far.”

“Sorry mom,” Bill and Scully said in unison. “I’ll send Mulder upstairs,” Scully continued. “We didn’t get back from Alabama until late last night.

“You’re not sleeping,” Bill said pointedly.

“Mulder has difficulty sleeping at the best of times,” she argued, before sighing heavily and shaking her head. She wasn’t going to get into this.

Taking the hint, Bill returned to the remaining dishes, leaving Scully to wake her partner and point him in the direction of the spare room upstairs.


Mulder stirred as he felt the mattress dip, and a hot body curl up against him. “Mmm?”

“Hi.” Scully snaked an arm over his torso, burying her head in Mulder’s neck, pressing light kisses against his skin. Suddenly he was becoming more awake. “How did you sleep?”

“Good,” he murmured, shifting in the bed. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.”

“I know. At first I thought you were pretending to get out of talking to Bill, but you didn’t stir when Mom mentioned leftovers so I knew you were really out for the count.”

“I was tired.”

“I noticed,” she replied, leaving his neck momentarily to kiss his mouth.

“Bill won’t like this,” said Mulder when their lips parted, moving his right hand down to the small of her back, holding her in place.

“Bill’s not here.”

“He’s gone already?”

Scully smiled at the hope in her partner’s voice. “He’s gone for a walk.”

“Off a short pier?”

“Now now.”

“Sorry.” He didn’t sound particularly sorry.

“They’ve all gone out to walk off lunch. The kids had cabin fever and were driving everyone mad.”

“Everyone’s gone out?”


“You didn’t want to go?”

“No, I had a headache.”

“You do?” Mulder propped himself up on his elbow, studying his partner. “Are you ok?” He moved his hand up to Scully’s forehead, trying to feel whether she had a fever. She batted him away.

“I’m fine.”

“Your headache has gone?”

“I never had a headache.”

Sleepy Mulder looked adorably confused. “You’re losing me here.”

“I never had a headache,” Scully repeated slowly, her lips reattaching themselves to Mulder’s neck. “I thought we could have some alone time.”

Suddenly he caught on, his body beginning to respond. “Oh really.”

“It’s been a long week. I missed you in my bed. The house is empty Mulder. There’s no one here except you and I…”

“Here all alone in your teenage bed.”

“Not my teenage bed.”

“Sssh…don’t ruin the picture I have in my mind.”

“You’re a dirty old man.”

“And you love it.”

In response Scully trailed her hand down Mulder’s torso and down to his pants, slowly loosening his belt. His jeans suddenly felt a little tighter as his cock began to harden in anticipation. “So, we’re all alone in this big old bed of yours.”

“We are.” The belt now unbuckled, Scully began work on unbuttoning Mulder’s shirt.

“What shall we do?”

“Well, I guess we could nap.” She flicked her tongue at his nipple, smiling as he shivered.

“We could, although I’ve napped already and I’m not particularly tired.”

“That’s a shame. I guess we’ll have to think of something else to do.” Her hand moved down once more towards his zipper. She looked down, licking her lips subconsciously as she saw the bulge in his pants, all for her.

Mulder’s eyes darted over towards the closed door. “Are you sure this is safe? What if they come back?”

“They won’t come back for a while. Matty is into everything right now, it’ll take them an hour to even get around the block.”

“What if they change their minds and come back?”

“They won’t come back until the kids have worked off some of their energy.” Scully kissed her partner, moaning as Mulder’s tongue entered her mouth, his hand moving to palm her ass. “I think it’s about time we worked off some of our own energy.”

She shifted, taking the opportunity to remove her sweater, slowly evening the score, while Mulder’s eyes darted over towards the bedroom door. “Should we lock it?”

His partner kept her gaze on him as she unhooked her bra, her breasts spilling free. Next she reached into Mulder’s pants, wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly began to stroke him. “We’re fine,” she stressed. “It’s locked.”

“It is?”

Scully said nothing, instead scooting down the bed to carefully divest Mulder of his pants and boxer shorts. “Normally you don’t have any reservations about getting naked.”

“Normally your brother is safely on the other side of the…fuuuuck.” Mulder’s head fell back onto the pillow as Scully licked his cock from root to tip.

“Don’t you want to fuck me in my teenage bed?” she asked, batting her eyelashes at him.  

Groaning, Mulder nodded. “I do,” he hissed as she took him into her mouth, working him in earnest. “I really really do.” Scully’s free hand moved up to caress his balls as her lips moved up and down his shaft. “Oh god, I’m not going to last if you keep this up.” She quickened her pace in response. “Scully please?”

“What?” Her voice vibrated around his cock.


“Why?” She was smirking now, playing with him in more ways than one.


“I can’t hear you,” she taunted, swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock. He was about to explode in her mouth.


Finally pulling away, just in time, Scully crawled back up Mulder’s body, looking pretty fucking smug with herself.

“You’re such a tease,” he said, flipping them both over so that Scully was now on her back. “Bad girl.”

“You love it when I’m a bad girl.”

“You’re overdressed too,” he added, making quick work of her jeans and panties. He paused momentarily, debating whether to go down on her, but he was already pretty worked up and so quickly tested the waters by slipping a finger into her pussy, finding her warm, wet and ready. Seconds later he was slipping his cock into her heat, groaning at the sensation. “Fuck Scully.”

“Move!” she ordered, slapping his ass cheek.

“I’m not going to last long.”

“Me either. But I need you to move!”

Not one to disobey her, Mulder began moving his cock in and out of her, then quickened the pace. They were both so absorbed in the moment, in the ecstasy, that neither of them heard footsteps ascending the stairs, or the door handle turning. They didn’t realize anyone was there until –

“What the fuck?”


Mulder quickly withdrew from his partner, hurriedly attempting to cover their modesty with the comforter as Bill stood in the doorway, his face flushed and his eyes boring into them. This was bad. Really bad.

“Bill! Can’t you knock?”

“I thought you had a headache?” Closing his eyes, Bill spun round, facing the wall as Scully scrambled for her clothes. “I can’t believe you two. This is supposed to be a family day Dana, and instead you guys are doing this? That’s low Dana, even for you.”

“Hey!” Mulder snapped, pulling on his jeans and standing up, searching for his shirt. “That’s out of line.”

“I’m out of line?” Bill turned to face them once again, his expression still furious. “I’m not the one sneaking off with him and doing this!” He sighed. “I came back because I forgot Matty’s raincoat and thought I’d check you were ok while I was here. I wish I hadn’t bothered. I’m going now, but I swear to god if we come back and the kids see you –”

“They won’t,” Scully, now fully dressed, promised, Mulder murmuring in agreement. “But you’re not going to tell Mom?”

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t?”


“She thinks the sun shines out of his ass,” he yelled, pointing at Mulder. “It’s about time she found out what he’s really like.”

“What?” Scully shook her head, placing her hands on her hips. She meant business now. “This isn’t Mulder’s fault. It was my idea.”

“Oh come off it.”

“What? You think I don’t like sex?”


“No, I’m telling you Bill, I initiated it. I lied to you, came upstairs, woke Mulder up and initiated sex. If you want to tell Mom that, go ahead, but leave Mulder out of it. And just remember the time that Mom AND Dad found you and Tara together in the living room. You weren’t quite so high and mighty back then.”

She had him there. His face flushing, Bill immediately scowled in Mulder’s direction, as though daring him to say something. He didn’t.

“You’re just angry because you’ve got a problem with Mulder, but he’s family,” she continued, her tone of voice signalling that she didn’t want any arguments. “So get over it. Now Mulder and I will meet you downstairs and join you on your walk. And I’d suggest you don’t say anything to Mom, unless you want me to tell her what Missy found in your bedroom that time.” Bill’s eyes widened, and Mulder made a mental note to question his partner further when they were alone.

“Fine,” he spat. “But you two are doing the dishes for the rest of the weekend.”

Scully looked as though she was about to protest, but Mulder interrupted. “Deal.”

“Fine.” Throwing one final disgusted look at the pair of them, Bill moved to head back out of the door. “Two minutes.”

“Five,” Scully countered.

He sneered in Mulder’s direction. “I wouldn’t think he needs five.”

“Bill!” But he was gone.

“Wait, did your brother just make a sex dig at me?” Mulder asked, sitting back down on the bed. “I feel like I’m in the weirdest dream ever.”

“I wish this was a dream.” Walking over towards her partner, Scully perched on his knee. “I can’t believe that just happened.”

“I know. I’m traumatised Scully. Your brother’s face is the last thing anyone wants to see when they’re having sex. No offence to Tara.”

“I’m sure she agrees sometimes,” Scully said, chuckling to herself, before the memory of her brother walking in and catching them in the act came flooding back. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault.”

“I’m equally to blame. I am irresistible.”

“He’s never going to let us live it down.”

“Dana!” Bill’s voice sounded out from downstairs.

“C’mon,” said Mulder, pecking his partner on the lips. “We’d better go before he comes back up.” They both stood to head downstairs. “Oh and Scully? If we stay here again, we’re getting that damn lock fixed.”

*BTS REACTION: They Tease You for Being Scared of Spiders*

S E O K J I N:

You’ve been scared of spiders ever since middle school, when you woke up to a spider dangling straight above your face. That experience started this habit of yours to broom the edges of your walls once a week. He doesn’t have such a habit and you don’t think much of it since you are used to your apartment being spider free.

You’re sitting on the corner section of the couch in his dorm, waiting for him to come back with the movies snacks. He comes with bowls of popcorn, candy, and a large cup of soda in his hand. “You might want to move,” he says while taking a sip of Coke.


He points above you and you see a spider sitting calmly in its web. In one powerful leap, you jump to the side of the couch farthest from the spider.

He starts choking on the soda in laughter, “That was…Wow, Y/N, you should have been a vaulter.”

He tells this story every chance he gets. To the other boys, during interviews, even to the fans on a Vlive.

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Y O O N G I:

Spiders weren’t something you were afraid of. Until one day, a large one crawled up your leg. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal if somebody didn’t point out that the spider was dangerous. They told you not move or else you’d scare it, which would cause it to attack. That wasn’t the best thing to tell a six year old, as you immediately started having a panic attack. If it wasn’t for your father’s quick hands the spider would have bit you.

You don’t cry and scream at the sight of a harmless Daddy Long Leg anymore, but you definitely don’t want one anywhere near you.

“Do you want to go look?” He asks you, as you two come across the bug exhibit at the zoo.

“…Are there spiders?”

He looks at you with a raised eyebrow, “I mean, it’s an exhibit of creepy crawlies. So yeah, I’d assume there’d be spiders.”

You grimace and try to walk away, “No thanks.”

He grabs you by the arm, when you turn to look at him he’s grinning, and it isn’t a nice one. “Are you that scared of spiders? Y/N, they are trapped behind glass. The most they can do is jump at you and rebound off the glass.”

He doesn’t shut up for the rest of the trip and you’re tempted to lock him in an empty exhibit.

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H O S E O K:

“HOOOOOSEEEEEOOOOOK” You scream from the bathroom.

He runs to you, the fear in your voice causing him to worry. He practically crashes into the doorway before catching himself and sees you standing on the toilet.

Once you see him, you point to a harmless Daddy Long Leg that is just chilling in the bathroom sink. There’s tears in your eyes when you yell, “Kill it!”

“Y/N, really? I thought it was something serious,” he tries to scold you but can’t help the chuckles bubbling in his chest. Nevertheless, he grabs a small bundle of toilet paper and crushes it. He’s still laughing at you when he brings you into his chest. “I didn’t know you were scared of spider…So, why?”

“I saw a video on Facebook of someone hitting a big spider with a broom and then a lot of tiny spiders came out of the big spider,” you say in between sniffles.

He looks at you in confusion, so you drag him into the bedroom where your phone is to show him the video. From then on, you have arguments over who has to kill the spider while sitting and hanging onto odd places.

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N A M J O O N:

When you were younger, your mom would often have you do small chores around the house. Like dusting the photos or vacuuming the floors. One day, you were dusting the photos on the wall and a spider ran behind one. You grabbed a rag to kill the spider and took off the photo from the wall. Instead of there being one, there was four of them. Each one varying in sizes and crawling from the photo frame onto your hand. You screamed while shaking off your hand and scrambled to get as far from the scene as you could. The sensation of being crawled on by four spiders has never been forgotten by you.

You are now hyper aware when things touch your skin, always in fear of it being a spider. He notices that you seem to slap yourself a lot, like if there is something crawling on you. He finds it hilarious in that “why are you hitting yourself” way, and is usually the one responsible for you’re goosebumps.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” He says, successfully hiding his grin.

“Nothing,” you sigh in relief.

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J I M I N:

When you were younger, you climbed trees a lot. As you were climbing onto another branch you squished a spider with your foot. The spider was carrying their children on its back and several of them ran all over you as they tried to escape. You ended up falling off the tree, your parents found you on the ground crying in pain and fear.

So when you see the same species of spider, crawling on a tree nearby where you and him are having a picnic, you understandably refuse to sit back down.

“Y/N, sit down. The spider won’t do anything if we don’t bother it,” he tries to reason with you, but the smile on his face just tells you he isn’t taking you seriously.

“Nope! I’m not going anywhere near that thing! And if you’re not going to take me seriously, then I’m not going anywhere near you!” You walk away with a pout.

He’s still laughing at you and when he looks up, you’re gone. “Y/N? Y/N?! Hey, don’t leave me here alone!” He looks around but you are nowhere in sight. He notices that the spider has moved closer to where he was sitting and drags the blanket with the food on it in the opposite direction.

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T A E H Y U N G:

Going out doors was never really your thing, even as a child. But for some reason your parents just loved going camping and you’d get stuck going along. One time, you were actually enjoying yourself. You parents had let you invite one of you friends along. In the middle of the night, you felt something run across your face and started flailing to get it off. You ended up killing it and had its dead body on your palm. Just thinking about spiders now gives you the chills.

Tarantulas especially, they are just so big and fuzzy. It’s impossible for you to not imagine one of those crawling across your face in the middle of the night when you see one. So when you and him go to the pet store to potentially adopt a dog together and you see that the store also sells tarantulas you tell him that there’s no way you are going in there.

“But, Y/N, the puppies! You’re going to give up the chance to adopt a puppy because of a harmless, fuzzy spider?” You shake your head in refusal. He sighs in exasperation but the smile on his face says he actually really amused, “If you don’t come in with me, I’m going to adopt a tarantula instead.”

“I will end you,” you tell him with a straight face.

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J U N G K O O K:

You have always been wary of spiders. Their unnecessary amount of legs and weirdly shaped bodies just freaked you out. When you were twelve your mom threw a giant fake spider on your back at a Halloween store, and ever since you became deathly afraid of them. You screeched horribly and fell to your knees in a panic attack, it took your mom and sister ages to calm you down.

The whole thing is ironic because your favorite Marvel superhero is actually Spider-man.

Which you and him are actually watching together, cuddling on the couch. So he notices the goosebumps you get during the scene when the spider is crawling on Peter Parker immediately. He smiles evilly when an idea pops in his mind. You don’t think much of him adjusting his arm. He places his fingertips on the back of your neck and imitates the motion of a spider crawling up your neck. You jump off the coach quickly with scream

“Oh my god, I’ve never seen you move so fast in my life,” he says while clapping his hands in laughter. If he had taken a good look at your expression, he would have noticed that you definitely did not find his prank funny at all.

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Riverdale AU: Betty Cooper got all she wanted; she married Archie, has two beautiful redheads, does regular lunch dates with Veronica and works with her doting husband at Andrews’ Construction. Yet, the memory of her loner turned Southside Serpent boyfriend from high school lingered in her deepest, darkest memories… until he returns.

Pairing: Bughead, hints of Archie/Betty

Rated: M

Word Count: 2236

This is my first fanfic (posted on tumblr) so feedback is welcome! Also, if you would like to make any request, prefeably bughead related, I would be happy to oblige :)


Betty Andrews dropped off little AJ and Andrea at Riverdale Elementary School before driving her silver mom van down to the construction site. Archie had landed a big deal with Lodge Industries, it didn’t hurt Betty’s best friend was the CEO, on the land that the poisonous Thorn Hill once stood on. The land had been untouched since the fire almost twenty years ago. Lodge Industries and Andrews’ Construction was going turn the property into luxury condominiums and exercise the old demons planted in the soil. Not like Riverdale needed more rich snobs, Betty had thought.

But before any of that could happen, Betty needed to drive up the paved road that led to her work trailer and the bare bones of her husband’s project. The trailer was empty when she entered and Archie’s father’s old construction hat was no longer on the wall. Her red headed husband must have wanted to get the crew started early. It was late September in Riverdale, and the crew would need to work triple time to get the project where it needed to be before the ground froze.

The blonde unpacked her posh briefcase, a present from Veronica, before sitting down and beginning to go through payroll. She remembers around this time twenty years ago when Jason Blossom’s body was found on the chilled shores of Sweet Water River. It had sent her and her friends on an adventure that brought people together and tore them apart. Betty and her first real boyfriend, Jughead Jones III, were among the people torn apart. It was a perfect cocktail of darkness that had turn Jughead into his father, a Southside Serpent. She had not seen him nineteen years, two months, and twenty-one days. No one had seen him since then. He permanently rooted himself on the Southside and dared not cross. It was like he was a dog with a shock collar.

That’s why Betty Andrews almost pissed her designer skirt when Jughead Jones III swung open the trailer door. He had on heavy combat boots, his weathered old beanie and chains on his tattered Southside Serpent jacket that tinkled when he walked to her desk. She wondered idly if that was the same jacket he got that night the Serpents came to his house and interrupted them having sex. They didn’t completely cock block the two lovers— she believed him when he said he was a Serpent for protection and let him take her virginity. When he started making shady deals in back alleys and kept his lips tight about everything, she knew he really became a snake. He became his father.

He certainly filled out the jacket much better than he did when he was sixteen. His face was hardened, his shoulders broad and face scruffy. She knew he would grow up handsome like his father. But his beauty didn’t distract from the fact he dropped an old black duffle bag full of cash on her desk.

“Jughead?” Was all she could manage. This moment had played this moment so many times in her head, seeing him again. Betty would hug him and punch him and thank God he was safe. Instead she sat like a scarecrow. Her lips were numb and her arms were tingling. It’s like all of life’s answers were in front of her, she just had to ask the right questions, but couldn’t speak. As a matter of fact, Betty had several questions, like what the hell was he doing at Thorn Hill, why was he dropping money in front of her, and… was he seeing someone?

He nodded with that old lopsided grin that used to make Betty swoon. His face showed that he had expected her to act this way. Speechless and in awe. The way she used to act in the privacy of her pale pink bedroom, with his black hair and signature beanie between her white thighs.

“Every great villain makes a reappearance,” he smiled, his voice surprising Betty with how low and careful his words sounded. “The snake slithers back to Riverdale.”

He still spoke like a writer.

“You were never the villain, Jughead,” Betty shook her head, already done with the conversation. Her mind was already spinning with reasons for Jughead’s return and his money. Trying to buy out Archie? Bribe for shutting down the project on Thorn Hill?

“You made me feel like one,” Jughead’s straight face didn’t falter, but his voice sounded small like when they had their fights back in high school towards the end of it all.

Betty didn’t have a response for what he said. Because back then, she had believed he was a villain. He was running drugs she later found out. But with time comes understanding. The Serpents were his family. The only semi-functional family he had and he would do anything to help them. Just like she would do anything to protect AJ and Andrea. But this was no longer about her, or about her and Jughead.

“Is Archie available? I want to talk to him about a deal,” Jughead said.

“No, he’s not available. He’s on site. I’m part of the company, you can speak with me about the deal,” Betty smiled with a hint of the old warmth Jughead felt back in high school. When she touched him, that was he could say to describe how he felt. Warm. And Jughead was hardly speechless.

“Alright then. I gathered enough money to buy the old drive in. I already had a discussion with Veronica and she is accepting my offer. Now, I’ve come to Archie to hire him for the construction.”

Betty scoffed and stood on her nude heels. None of this seemed plausible. Veronica, her bestie, would have told her if her first love was back on this side of town and had enough money to buy such a valuable piece of land.

“Veronica would have told me,” Betty accused.

“I swore her to secrecy.”

“What do you plan to put there?”

“Rebuild the Twilight.”

Jughead was still the hopeless romantic, the nostalgic loser who just want to find a home. Betty sympathized with him. There were moments when she sits in the fancy restaurant where Pop’s once stood and craved the smell of grease wafting from the kitchen and the taste of classic vanilla slurping down her throat. She often revels in those memories of high school… the memories of Jughead. He understood on a level Archie was never able to. He had unwavering belief in her and accepted her emerging darkness. Betty reminded herself that it was unfair that she didn’t accept his.

“It took you twenty years to get the money?”

“I’m not The fucking Penguin from Batman, Betty. You think I’m some kingpin. I’m still Jug,” he shrugged. “I’ve always been him. The one you grew up with. The one you once loved.”

Betty finally came out from behind her desk. It was her layer of protection that she used to hopefully keep her from what she wanted to do since his rugged frame entered the trailer. But the doe eyed pleading of twenty years ago, the same eyes that begged her not to leave him, now begged her for something else. He wanted to rebuild the Twilight to make things go back to the way they were before.

And in that moment, with the chill outside of impending winter, with her husband outside those doors, with a Southside degenerate in front of her, she too wanted things to go back to the way they were before.

Jughead read it in her eyes. He read her like a book he wrote himself. He knew every word, but he was impressed how they took on a shape of their own.

“I’m sorry, Juggy,” Betty said, stepping ever so closer to him. He smelled like pine.

“You know when you use to call me Juggy it made me weak,” his voice was barely above a whisper.

Betty was even lower, “I know.”

Jughead’s callused hands gripped Betty’s face and pulled her pouty lips to his. As soon as they made contact, it was like they were in FP’s trailer again, that rainy night, full of love, lust, and teenage hormones. Betty stopped the kiss only for a moment to swipe credit card statements and timecards and Jughead’s money, all for her husband’s business; onto the floor so she could back up onto the cheap desk and pull the dark-haired man’s hips closer to her’s by hooking her hips around him.

The old lovers wasted no time in shedding Jughead’s jacket, ripping off his ripe beanie and shedding Betty’s beige blazer as their lips kissed each other swollen. With the blazer gone, Jughead had open access to Betty’s neck, which he fully took advantage of. His suctioned kisses left saliva along her neck and down her chest. She knew she would be purple and have some explaining to do, but at this moment, it was her and Jughead, trapped in the time machine of the trailer; back in high school with high stamina and insatiable desire for one another’s bodies.

Betty did the honors in raising Jughead’s arms and taking off his plain white tee. She paused to take in his chest. This was not the body of a boy—but the body of a man who has seen the darkness. Despite almost being forty, his chest was tight and black hairs splintered down his stomach and into his black jeans. She raked her fingers over his chest and he smiled like a Colgate commercial because he knew that she was impressed. Archie may have been hot in high school, but that was high school. Archie may have married the only woman Jughead had ever loved, but right now, the sight of his body alone was leaving his former best friend’s wife breathless.

He picked up where they left off and unbuttoned her slick polka dotted blouse to reveal a white lace bra. Her nipples were hard and begging for Jughead to release them. He noted how quickly he took her bra off compared to when they were teens, but her eyes went blurry when he took a pink nipple in between is lips and tugged on the other with his fingers. He looked up at her as he sucked on her breast, and that look of innocence he had in his eyes as he had a mouthful of her tit made Mrs. Andrews groan and slide off her skirt without warning. Her underwear went too; there wasn’t any more time for foreplay. It seemed like her life depended on Jug’s cock being inside her. Jughead wanted to savor this moment, he doubted there would ever be another in the history of Riverdale, but Betty’s dragged Jughead’s pants and boxers down without asking permission. She found herself on her knees in front of his member. It was longer than she remembered, thicker too, but she was ready for it. She gave a few appreciative licks to his bulbous head, making Jughead’s moans rumble throughout his body and down to his groin. Betty smiled at the effect she still had on him.

Betty resumed her position on her desk and laid there in only a pair of heels, lips swollen and parted, begging for Jughead. The little hairs around her scalp fell loose from her ponytail and curled, framing her face like a pair of hands. Jughead put his hands there instead and held her face as he entered her. It had been twenty years since he had found himself here, nestled inside the white-hot heat of Betty’s vagina, but it felt like he never left. They just stayed like that for a few minutes.

This is where she was supposed to be. This is where she imagined herself twenty years ago on a September day much like this. Jughead’s place is in between Betty’s legs, looking at her adoringly like he is now. He still loved her, and although she didn’t want to, she never loved Archie like she does Jughead. They couple could no longer take the heat of one another Jughead started to send lazy thrusts into Betty. It wasn’t lazy in the way of not caring, but lazy in how it was slow, how his entire length pulled out and dove back in at an excruciating pace so she felt every pulse and vein throughout his loving cock. Betty was seeing stars, those yellow cartoon ones, when he fucked her so expertly. She sat up so their bodies could be as close as possible. She pulled him closer and squeezed like she was trying to squish them together until they became one. Jughead gradually sped up until he was a piston firing into her twenty years of built of love, hate and loneliness. His right hand found her clit and rubbed forceful circle around the bundle of nerves as their mouths engaged in wet kiss and licks.

Betty let loose first, crying out Jughead’s name certainly and lovingly. Knowing that she needed this just as much as he did made his cock pour all of its love into her. Their bodies were sweaty and heaving, but the two didn’t move. Jughead pulled out from her but Betty wouldn’t let him go. She kissed the shell of his ear before she whispered, “I’m not making the same mistake twice, Jughead. I’m not letting you go again.”

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Shoulder kiss would be so cute!!

7. Shoulder Kiss 

Takes place in the Sugar Shack ‘verse 

Sid wakes up to a blaring alarm and an empty bed.

He grumbles into his pillow as he turns the alarm off then throws his arm over the indentation that Geno’s body has made in the mattress.

They’ve only been sharing a bed for a little over a month but Sid loves how everything is already beginning to mold and shape around him. 

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Moving In | Harry Styles Imagine

{A/N: Hello babes. I’ve been really wanting to write lately and I thought, better now than never. On my old account narrydarling & with my old computer there was a ton of one-shot requests I did but lost unfortunately. If you enjoy this, please give it some love & if you’d like to request a One-Shot, I’d be more than happy to try and recreate it! Thank you!}

Originally posted by harrysimpact

You never thought this moment would come.

This was a big girl step. A step that you and Harry have been waiting for but not ever said out in the air.

One that would establish both of your futures and make some things more permanent. We’ve been going out three years and we’ve only really stumbled upon talking about our relationship a couple times. We weren’t worried about it. Taking things slow and enjoying the time you two had together, even when Harry had been out for tours or in the studios.

Buying a house and living together, you thought. That’s a whole new set of responsibilities that you and Harry had to handle. He had done this before but you on the other hand, this was new territory. But deep down in your heart, you weren’t worried one bit. Harry understood you and we knew each other quite well. Everything from each other’s favorite ice-cream to how we organized the medicine cabinet.

Snapping out of my thought bubble quickly, Harry pushed the car into park and our faces near toward the incredible home before us, the moving trucks behind us with all our possessions.

“As beautiful as I remembered.”

You muster out in the silence that filled between you and Harry.

 "You should look in a mirror, I can point out a few things more beautiful that I always remember.“ He says capturing your attention and you roll my eyes playfully.

He gestures toward the small passcode entry box which helped open the fence for us to see our home. You walk into the new home you and Harry picked out.

The home was inviting when you walked in, even in its empty state. Open floor plan, windows everywhere, even outside was very secluded with a fence put in and a view in the back that was jaw-dropping. We felt the most comfortable here, two stories and not too fancy where we didn’t feel at home.

The movers finish unloading boxes and boxes of our stuff as you can’t help but get a noticeable smile on your face for Harry to catch onto.

"Is that eh thinking smile or is that a happy smile you got on?” Harry says as you stand in front of the clean slated glass door looking out to the perfect green yard.

  “I think a little of both.” You have a giggle go off your lips as he comes behind you slowly wrapping his large hands around your waist, hugging your body from behind.

This was the state you could get used to, being able to wake up to that face and go to sleep with him by your side or comforting you when you needed it most.

Which Harry, of course, was always a pro at.

“I feel like being rebellious tonight, don’t you?” He says in that accent that gives you chills down the spine, not his normal tone of voice but that way when he always got close to your ear and neck, whispering softly.

“I’m up for anything.” You admit and the close your eyes, closing your ability to see the beautiful blue skies from the closed glass door. He looks back up to the window smiling, twisting me around but never letting you leave his touch.

“I’ll head out for food, you try'n find the box of our bedding and make a bed down here on the ground.” He says with a huge smirk on his face as I knew this time would be our time to breath.

We were in our house. We were with each other. No stress of planning. No worrying if the movers were getting the right address’. Just you and Harry, food and some nice conversation, knowing Harry, a little more of teasing and joking around.

But otherwise having the perfect first night in our new home.

Just you and the man of your dreams. Here, waiting to begin your lives together.

“Don’t forget some Rocky Road.” You say as he grabs his jingling keys and you playfully kick his bum on the way out. He gives you that smirk on his beautiful face and shakes his head playfully.

“Now that we are the only ones here.. You’ll pay for that.” He says in a cheeky tone and then points his finger, trailing out to his car and quickly going to the market.

This was the start of an incredible adventure.

Soulmates... I think (Scott McCall) Part 2

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PART 1   PART 2   PART 3

@lotte142​ // @minnie-boss17

alright, part 1 of “Soulmates… I think” has gotten such a good response and i’m really proud of it, but honestly, i’m nervous to write a part 2 that’s gonna ruin that (i literally have no plan for this, so we’ll see what happens lol)

again, this ending needs another part, so let me know if you want it!

warning(s): bad words, but what else is new?

Dear Diary,

It’s been a depressing few weeks to say the least.  I’ve had my head down, trying to ignore any and all distractions that would keep me from doing what I need to do to get the hell out of this school and move on to college.  Besides having a huge work load and a part-time job after school, I’ve been heading to the local library and using the modern miracle of Google to see if there are stories of someone finding a soulmate who doesn’t reciprocate.

So far?  No luck.  I am literally the only one.  On the face of the earth.  Great.  Fucking wonderful.

The only good thing to come out of this is the fact that I now can confirm that the sky is blue and the grass is green.  Since I’ve made no friends and haven’t really tried, I use my small window of free time to lay a blanket out at the park a block from my house and watch the vibrant world go by.  Depressing, I know.  But what else can I do?  The person I am supposed to spend the rest of my life with, the person who my soul is attached to, is a dud.

It is official, I am changing my name and moving to Alaska.  This might be the last time we get to talk, Diary.  It’s been real.


I lay my head back and it bangs against the wall.  I’ve heard it’s better to write things down, but all it’s doing is showing me how utterly pathetic my life has turned out to be.  At the ripe age of eighteen, no less.  I sigh and rip the page out, rolling it into a ball and tossing it at my wastebasket.  I glance at my clock and see it’s 6:55.  Another day of Beacon Hills hell begins.

As I open the double doors to start another uneventful day, my eyes meet those baby brown ones I will never be able to forget.  My heart begins to race and I look away, ducking into my Bio class, which, in hindsight, will only delay Scott and my interaction until the bell rings.

“Good morning, Mrs. Finch.”  Since my first day, I have been able to work my way to becoming a favorite of hers.  Without using names, I have told her what my current situation is.  Being a smart lady, she has no doubt been able to put the pieces together that this mysterious soulmate is Scott.  Because of this, she has rotated everyone’s seats, so now I am partnered with the smartest person in the room, Lydia Martin.  She and Scott seem to be friends.  I manage to overlook this because one, she hasn’t mentioned him (yet) and two, every partner test and lab report has a huge 100% written across the top.  Again, I’m just keeping my head down and trying to get out of here and never look back.

I know I’m expected to mope and fall into sadness, but I can’t afford to do that.  I am going to stay strong and accept that I am going to make the story of my life one that doesn’t include a love interest.  It’s just me, myself, and I.

Scott’s POV

“You know, just because you don’t want to deal with this, doesn’t mean it’s going to magically go away.  You might as well accept it and move on.  Talk to her or ask her out.  Something.”  Another day, another stern talking-to.

“Lydia, please, it’s way too early for this.  I get that this girl is my soulmate and we belong together or whatever, but like I’ve explained a million times, she’ll forever be in danger if I tell her that I saw color the moment our eyes met.  It isn’t fair to bring her into our world.”  She turns her head to look at me, lips slightly parted and eyebrows drawn together.  “I’m sorry, but you don’t know the struggle I’m having with this.  Stiles saw color since the first moment he saw you and by the time you really saw him and how he was yours, you were both already aware of the fact that monsters exist.  This girl hasn’t had to deal with any of that.  She can be spared.  She can live an exciting and normal life.”  I conjure up a pleading look that lets Lydia know to drop the subject.

“Scott, I love you, but there is nothing exciting about being normal.  You of all people should know that.”  With this, she shrugs and enters Mrs. Finch’s room, leaving me in the hallway to think about what she has just said.

After a few minutes of silent anger over the fact that no one in my life is proud of the selfless decision I have made regarding this soulmate business, I realize the bell has rung and I am alone, signaling another day in hell that starts with talk of phenotypes and alleles.  Great.

Right when I walk in, my eyes find the curve of her cheekbones and the elegant stroke of her cursive as she copies down the words on the blackboard.  There is a slight crease between her brows and she nibbles on her pink lips as she concentrates on the topic at hand.  The way her body moves is like a dance, so smooth and choreographed.  I am pulled out of the trance by my hip hitting the corner of a lab table.

“Mr. McCall, is my teaching interrupting something?  If you need some time, please take it to the hall.”

“No, Mrs. Finch, I’m good.  Sorry.”  Satisfied with my answer, she turns back to her lesson and I find my seat.  After I have done so, I turn back to the girl who was the source of my interest in the first place and find she is already scowling at me.  She mouths “stop” and turns back around.  It is going to be harder to resist her than I had originally thought.

end of Scott’s POV

“Alright, guys, the lab is getting passed back right now.  When you get it, put your names at the top and gather your materials.  Don’t forget to answer the questions on the back when you have finished.”  I sigh and grab a petri dish from the top drawer of our lab table.

I see Lydia flick her hair from her shoulder as I set everything up.  She licks her lips and clears her throat.  “So, rumor has it, you found your soulmate.”  Shit, she finally brought up what I wish would remain untouched.

With my heart beating strong in my chest, I reply.  “I did, but I don’t think we’re gonna work out.”  Trying my best to keep things nonchalant, I shrug and suggest we start working, hoping she takes a hint and drops the subject.  “Okay, so I put the clear solution in this flask and we just have to…”  I speak to fill the empty air between Lydia and me, hoping she doesn’t report my dismissive answer back to the man himself.

What I don’t know is that she doesn’t need to tell him because he has heard everything… and it breaks his heart, more than he would ever admit.

After another day and another headache, I head home to get ready for my job, which is a few hours a day working at a frozen yogurt shop.  I know, it’s boring as hell, but it pays the bills (or it would, if I didn’t live with my parents).  It’s only a ten minute walk from my house, which I use to take in more of the colors this world has to offer and think about how this whole soulmate thing will play out.  It’s crazy to me that only a little while ago, I had wished to find my person more than anything and now, I wish I could ask the metaphorical manager of this soulmate business if I could get a refund or trade Scott in for someone who wants to love me back.

To distract myself from spiraling into a hole of frustration, I chuck on my ugly uniform shirt, some basic shoes and pants, and head out, calling a goodbye to my mom.  I take the time alone to once again remind myself that although Scott has hurt me, it doesn’t mean everyone else in this town will.  And just because he is some popular, kind, cute, funny, wildly fit-


Just because a lot of people know him, doesn’t mean they know he’s my soulmate.  I can still make friends without interacting with Scott McCall.  I just need to try a little harder.  Do you hear that, self?  Try harder.  Make an effort.  Okay?  Okay.

Before I know it, I am pulling the door open to take over for the person finishing their shift before me.  I get set up, plug my phone into the speaker system, and put on some chill music.  Since this place doesn’t get much traffic in terms of customers, I am basically alone here, free to steal some candy from the toppings bar and relax.

Right as I am loosening my shoulders and leaning back against the stool in front of the register, the bell rings and none other than Lydia Martin enters.  Followed by some other people I’ve seen around Beacon Hills High and…


Oh, shit.  He’s here.  We make eye contact and I look down, cheeks blazing.  I can’t believe he is here.  Oh lord, is this what drowning feels like?  He is here, in this tiny shop, walking towards me.  Oh my-

“Hi, lab partner!! I didn’t know you worked here!”  I am caught off guard by Lydia’s chipper nature as she greets me like I’m an old friend.

“Hi, Lydia.  Nice to see you.”  Come on, man up and make friends.  “What brings you here?”

“Oh, we just came for something sweet,” she finished this and grins, grabbing a cup and heading for the chocolate yogurt.  Looking over her shoulder, she continues.  “Guys, this is my lab partner in Mrs. Finch’s Bio class.”  I give a slight smile and wave at all of them.  The brunette boy with the big brown eyes and moles jumps slightly and basically yells.

“You’re the one.  You saw color when you looked at Scott and he-”

He is interrupted by a whack on the back of the head.  Lydia follows up.  “I’m sorry, Stiles here doesn’t really have a filter, but he means no harm.”

“It’s fine, really.  And to address the elephant in the room, I do see color now.  Thanks to your friend Scott.  Things just didn’t really hold up on his end, which is no one’s fault.”  I look at Scott and he is trying to busy himself by adding toppings and doesn’t say anything.  “Okay, I’ll ring up whoever’s ready.”

Gosh, acting as if this doesn’t bother me is proving extremely hard.  On my walk home, I admittedly let a few tears out, heartbroken that this is how the rest of my life will be.  I will fade into history as the only girl who died without ever having their person.  I guess whoever pairs everyone was tired when it came time for me.  He or she gave Scott two soulmates and I drew the short straw.

I am so pre-occupied that I don’t notice the bushes shaking and the glowing eyes until it is too late.  There is a sharp pain in my temple and everything goes dark.

thanks for all the feedback and interest you guys have shown for this series // i really love it and I’m so happy you do, too!


Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader (beta!werewolf) x Scott McCall
Words: 1,844
Warnings: none really, i mean does feels count? 
Request? yes or no
Imagine: having a five year old daughter with Scott around the time line of season 6b. when the hunters are killing every supernatural creature. after the death of many supernatural in the area and the hospitalization of Melissa and Mason, you and Scott both agree that Beacon Hills is no longer a safe place for her and call an old friend to take her someplace safe.
Inspired by:
A/N: here is another installment of the baby daddy/ baby fever series. this time the Alpha himself Scott McCall. i’m not sure who will be next but i will make a masterlist including all baby/kid stories. :)

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Closure (Sam x reader)

anonymous asked: Could I request a drabble/one shot? Maybe one where… Sam is in love with the reader, and she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, until they have to pose as a couple in public and she sees what’s so fantastic about him?

Originally posted by lauraboline

Word Count: 6,075 (longest one I think but idk)

A/N: Set in late 2014. Yes I know how long this took. I started this at the beginning of May. Yes, I am sorry.

Warnings: Little bits of language, brief mentions of smut, some awkward fake-marital fluff

   “Just…” Sam breathed out as he leaned on the archway at the end of the bunker.

   “Tell Y/N how you feel. That’s it; not a big deal just man up, go over there and tell Y/N-”

   “Are you having an inner-monologue again?” Dean came up beside Sam suddenly with a mug of coffee. He sipped and Sam clenched his jaw, letting out a short scoff.

   “Course not. I- don’t- what are you talking about?”

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reachann  asked:


FOR YOU I WILL. So previously we have The Shirogane House, so now let’s take a tour at Grandpa Zarkon’s Residence. Zarkon is the CEO of The Galra Enterprise. Rich man and all that. What exactly is his business? Hmmmm, it will all be revealed in time, but today is not that day.

Zarkon’s house is IN FRONT of Shiro and Keith’s house. But his is bigger than theirs. I mean, just look at that, THEY HAVE A FRIGGIN FISH TANK! Most likely filled with Koi fishes because only expensive fishes can swim in his most likely also expensive fish tank. Zarkon wakes up every morning drinking his morning coffee, throwing some fish food like he has nothing better to do, no papers to sign, no proposals of sending weapons to some country to approve of. No, he takes his time in the morning to appreciate the fishes because he paid for them and god dammit he will look at them.

More under the cut of course as we tour this house. Buckle up.

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In An Instant: Part Four

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: Let me know what you think, guys!


Originally posted by cassiehoward

“No, he didn’t.” Ash couldn’t hide the shock in her voice as she poured some orange juice into a glass, topping it off with champagne before offering it toward you.

You shake your head, “Yes, he did. I told him we could be friends.”

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incandescence; preview

Genre: werewolf!au, angst

Pairings: reader x taehyung (feat. all members)

Word count: 2k

Summary:  You had never been afraid of storms and neither did you believe in superstitions, but something about the swaying willows and withered oaks, flimsy and unstable caught up in the torrents of rain and sharp gusts of winds screamed bad omen.

The thundering clouds, hung low in the gloomy sky, growling and roaring loudly, as if upon the clouds sat a hungry lion, vexed at its inability to find food and shelter. You watched the downpour in silence, you had barely spoken a word during the entire 6 hour drive. Licking your lips for the umpteenth time, you found it impossible to push down the uneasiness building up in your chest. You had never been afraid of storms and neither did you believe in superstitions, but something about the swaying willows and withered oaks, flimsy and unstable caught up in the torrents of rain and sharp gusts of winds screamed bad omen.

 By the time, your  mother rounded up the driveway in front of your soon to be home for the coming few months, the raging winds seemed to have calmed down a little. You sighed taking in the dilapidated old house. It was not too big yet much too huge for it’s two lonely tenants. You couldn’t help but wonder what the house looked like, back in it’s days of glory. When the lush green creepers had not grown on it’s once pristine white walls. When the windows had not been sealed shut with years of rust and dirt plaguing it’s hinges. When the house looked like a home, not an abandoned haunted misery.

 You rolled down the windows making no move to step out of the car yet. The air was damp and cold, but when it caressed your cheeks, it felt eerie and uncomfortable, just like everything else about this place. You longed for the sunny skies and the sweltering heat of your hometown, but no amount of wishful thinking could turn things around and take you back.

 "So-“ your mother spoke up softly, testing the waters with her tone and choice of words. She knew you were upset about this whole move and somewhere or the else she held herself responsible. You hated seeing her guilt ridden eyes, for all you knew none of this was her fault. It was no one’s fault really, just a twist of fate that left you in quicksand. You had no way out and the only thing you were allowed to settle for was acceptance.

 "Don’t worry about it, Mom. I’ll be fine.” You reassured her, flashing her a small smile. “It does not look that bad. And it’s only for a few months right?” You tried to sound optimistic, and the thought of missing a semester at your local college and all the tedious routines that came along with it did make you feel slightly better.

 "If you say so Y/N.“ She trailed off sounding unsure and a good minute passed before she spoke up again. “After your father left, I no longer wanted to depend on him or his money but sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I should have put my pride aside, atleast for your sake when he said he wanted to help us. Guess it’s too late to regret now.” You felt terrible. You wanted to see your mother happy. You really really did. After all she had been through and all she had done to provide for you she deserved every happiness in the world and you wished you could give it to her.

 "Mom, I love you so much, and even though I’m such a brat sometimes you have to know how much I admire you. You’re beautiful inside out. I mean it.“ You squeezed her hand "You don’t have to worry about me, I know this job is important to you. To us. You can’t commute this far everyday and renting two houses will be too much of a burden. I get it. So please don’t blame any of it on yourself. We’re just doing our best to survive.” By the time you finished you felt embarassed over your emotional outburst already. You were never the one to show your emotions or speak your mind and this felt unbelievably awkward. However, you did mean every single word that made out of your mouth without doubt.

 "Wow my little ice princess has quite the heart of gold eh?“ Your mother let out a chuckle but her eyes glistened and a loving smile played on her lips. "And no you’re never a brat.” She winked at you. “you’re just the opposite.”


It took roughly an hour as the two of you went back and forth taking in the boxes and suitcases from the rear of the SUV. It was drizzling slightly but that faint raindrops were not a bother as you kept up your paces. By the time you were finished you collapsed on top of one of the boxes panting heavily as you took in the insides of the house in detail for the first time.

 You were pleasantly surprised, the shabby outward appearance of the house was incredibly deceptive in comparison to its well lit and neat interiors. The walls had been freshly painted a snowy white, and there were large windows framed with wood on each of the four walls of the living room. A comfortable looking leather couch sat in the middle looking a bit lonely by itself. But you were only going to be here for a short period so neither of you wanted to bother much with the decorations or the furniture. The less the better.

 Your mother’s voice echoed, bouncing off the emptiness of the house, as she called your name. You found her in the kitchen leaning forward on the black marble kitchen counter as she typed away on her phone. “Y/N? The gas supplies won’t work yet so maybe I’ll have to go pick up something from the diner we saw on our way here. Do you want to come along?” You shook your head in denial  immediately. “Alright then, you can freshen up until then, we can unpack tomorrow. You’re room’s the one on the left by the way.” You eyed the winding staircase in the living room which lead upstairs. It honestly did not look very stable. “My knees hurt just looking at those” You thought out loud and your mother’s booming laugh was the last thing you heard before she left leaving you all alone in this silent old house.

 You hugged your arms around yourself a little more tightly as you entered the room which was to be yours. It took you a while to figure out the heating, and you were shivering by the time you did. Somehow you had managed to drag your huge suitcase upstairs, your knees were indeed hurting but thankfully despite their shaky appearance the stairs did not give in under your weight. It was a strange feeling really but the moment you clambered your way upstairs a strange chill went down your spine and for some reason for a second you felt as if you were not alone. You dismissed it as paranoia, unsure if the exhaustion from a day so hectic was finally getting to you. 

 The bathroom was massive and maybe even bigger than your house back home. You took your time stacking up your toiletteries neatly on the shelves, all the while keeping an eye out for any roaches or spiders that might still be lingering. You turned on the faucet letting the bathtub fill up with warm water before stripping out of your jeans and flannel shirt  which felt itchy and damp, clinging uncomfortably to your body. 


 You froze mid activity as you heard the floorboards creak on the other side of the door. “Mom?” you stood still, only in your shirt as you tried strain your ears trying to tell reality and hallucinations apart. did you just imagine the whole thing. “Mom. Are you back already?” With a heart beat loud and frantic you sneaked upto the door before pushing it open with shaky hands. “Mom. oh my God, stop playing around I’m scared.” Your bedroom door stood open just as you had left it and  there was nothing but silence which met your desperate calls.

 The hallway was just as silent. The narrow space lit up by nothing but the faint light filtering in through the large window at the end of it. You furrowed your eyebrows, were you just imagining things? You had to be.


 Your heart dropped to you stomach and you nearly jumped out of your skin when you felt something cold and squishy brush past you ankle.

 You body almost shook with relief, when you saw a furry ball of white near your feet, a timid mewl came from the tiny little kitten and your legs gave in as you collapsed on the ground clutching your chest. “You scared me to death little one. Oh my god-” it was no more than a few weeks old, its fur white and fluffy. It looked well bred and too tame to be a stray. “Come here” you got up on your knees and leaned forward trying to capture the little creature in your hands but it escaped quickly and you almost fell flat on your face. But all of a sudden you heard the kitten screech out an ugly sound and your blood ran cold. When you looked up a dark figure stood in front of you.

 Fear had never felt so overbearing and death had never felt like such an imminent threat before. All you were met with when you looked up was a cold hard stare and blood crazy eyes that looked too wild, too feral to be human.

 And just like that, all too soon the world went black.

‘Someday, Someday’ :: Tumblr Edition, #16

The first time I called Nina from America I was expecting a certain level of discomfort from her.

I was ready for the awkward pauses, for struggling to read what she was thinking when there wasn’t her face in front of me to take cues from. I thought I would have to pull words from her, prompt her to share her life with me even if it had only been a few days since I saw her.

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Drunk - Taehyung BTS SMUT

 “You wanna come tonight?”

“Where are you going?”

“Parties, the usual..”

“Nah.. I guess I’ll stay at home..”

“What? doing your homework.. again?” he asked you with one of his eyebrows raised. Look at him, idiot. He parties all weekend its irritating. you thought.

“Well, I have a lot of work to do.. unlike you!” you said, hitting his shoulder lightly. His face turned a little disappointed. 

“Oh come on… it’ll be fun..” he said with his best assuring smile.

“I don’t want to meet your drunk friends. Plus, i know you’re gonna get drunk and guess what’ll happens next? You’re gonna leave me, sleeping with some random girls, and-” “Jealous?” he said while he stretch his lips into a smirk. “I wasn’t quite done.. and how am i going to go home while you have sex with those sluts?” you clearly see the disappointment on his face, but don’t know why he looks disappointed. 

“Fine.. just do your homework to death! oh and please do mine too! love you~” he said kissing your forehead, but you push him away. “Ugh.. do it yourself!” you said as you go back to your laptop and focusing on what you were doing.

You hear the door opened and closed as he left. you sigh. you just hope that you can spend more time with him instead of him leaving you alone with your tons of work to go to parties and get drunk and sleep with girls. same old stuff. ugh when is he going to change? why can’t he just stay at home, its more convenient. 

after some minute that feels like hours, you get up and walk to your kitchen. you found some snacks and bring it up stairs to your room, where you do your homework. taehyung… ‘why are you even thinking about him when you’re supposed to do your homework?’ your unconscious self snapped you. tf no I’m not. ‘yea you clearly did you idiot!’. sigh. ‘its not like you’re his gf! so you have no right to control him. let him be for God sake! he’s a jerk!’ he’s clearly not a jerk! he’s my best friend! ‘yeah, best. friend.’

whatever. you thought.

It’s been hours and you’re not even done with your first homework. you look at the clock once again. its 1.30 a.m. should I just go to sleep? taehyung will probably get back here at 4. and it’s not like i care.. ‘of course you don’t..’ your unconscious self snapped back at you again in a sarcastic tone. 

by that you were so done and decided to close everything and go to bed. you checked your phone and see miscalls from taehyung. what? you thought. but you ignored it because you thought that its one of his drunk calls and you’re just so done with it because all he talks about when he’s drunk is sex. just before you’re about to lock your phone, a call from taehyung shows up.. should i pick up or not..? your thumb accidentally press the green button. fuck ughh. “Hey. you okay? why are you calling me?” 


tf..? “Taehyung, where are you now?”

“UM.. MY MOM’S HOUSE? OF COURSE IM AT THE FRONT DOOR U IDIOT!” he ended the call right at that second. 

you immediately run for him to the front door and checked the gate, only to find nothing there. ugh.. why did i even go here. he’s probably drunk talking and he's still at his friend’s house. you thought and go back inside. 

“Hey babe..” he says as he kisses you harshly. “Oh my god.. taehyung stop! what are you going?” you try to push him but its useless, he’s too strong for you. but he doesn’t give up just like that. he keeps on holding you by your arms and push you against the wall and kisses you deeply. he bites your lower lip and put his tongue in. you can taste the alcohol in his mouth, and for some reason you like it so much. you let out a moan but tried to control it. you can feel him smirking in-between the kisses. “Feeling wet, yet?” you can’t believe he could make you feel like this. 

he start to move to your neck, sucking it and leave his wet trails. “taehyungah~” without any warning he carries you to the nearest sofa and put you down. you look at him in the eye, he sure is drunk. he takes off your pyjamas and stared at your bare boobs while tracing it slowly and playing with your nipples. “Did you take off your bra because you knew I was coming?” he asked. before you could answer he starts to kiss your neck again and goes down to your boobs. every little touches that he does makes you shiver and leaves you wanting more. he stops right at your hips. “want me to go further, honey?” he asked you, looking at you in the eye but still manages to send vibrates to your skin through his mouth. “y-yes..” “yes what?” he replied as he moves his mouth down to your inner thigh. “mmmm..” he hums on your thigh making you feel the tingling feeling through his vibrations. “eat me out..” “what? i can’t hear you,” he moves his head to face your pussy. “EAT ME OUT TAEHYUNG! FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH!” you screamed, making him smirk. “Say no more,” he said while tearing your panties apart. He spreads your legs away from each other and start licking your pussy, sending chills to our whole body. After a little more teasing, he spits out his saliva to your honeypot then eat your whole thing. His tongue flicking your clitoris and moving in and out of your hole. The pleasure was unbearable, so was your moans, but suddenly you remembered that he’s just a friend and that he’s drunk. 

I really shouldn’t take advantage of this.. you thought. But your moans brought you back to reality. but why would I? I’m having fun right now anyway! those thoughts blacked out when he stopped eating you out. the feeling of emptiness fills your heat. He looked at you in the eye, then up to bottom, and back to your eyes. what is he thinking? you thought to yourself. Suddenly his face is in front of yours, “How can no one has ever fuck you?” he whispers. how tf does he know that I’m a virgin? He take off his shirt, looking as hot as possible, not breaking the eye contact with you, but your eyes shift as he reveals his defined abs. damn. is the only work you could think of. He scoffs as he realised what he’s doing to you. “Wanna take this one off?” he asked, aiming to his pants. You can see his big bulge showing underneath those fabrics. You slide down his pants and undergarment in one motion, letting out his erection out. you gasp seeing how big it is. Still in amazed state, you squeeze his dick and start putting it in your mouth, bobbing it up and down while continues to licking and sucking it up and down. “mmm ahhh~ yes (y/n)~” he moans. For some reason, he stopped your movement and flip your position and his. “Ready?” he asked. “For what?” you replied innocently and he scoffs. 

He moves you to the kitchen counter and places you on top of it. the coldness of the marble kitchen counter sends chills from your bottom through the rest of your body. “What do you need? Ice? Vibrator? Dildo?” he asked. you tilt your head a little, confused. “Oh right, you don’t even know what those are,” he said as he laughs his ass off. He take a cube of ice and place it in his mouth. After that he tracks your neck, your chest, stomach, and your thighs with his full of ice mouth. “Fuck!! urrrghh!! Taehyungg!!” you moan. He the spreads your legs out and move his cold mouth up and down right on your clit. “Goddammnittt taehyung!!” you start to go crazy because of what he’s doing to you. just when you feel heat on your lower part, he stops. a groan of disappointment escapes your mouth. “No worries, princess.. i’ll make it up to you,” he said as he winks at you. 

He carries you bridal style to your room upstairs. as you get there, he throws you on your bed and crawls up on to you. Impatiently, you pull him by his shoulder and start kissing him. “Eager much?” he said breaking the kiss. But continues to kiss you deeper after that. Without realising, he starts to push his long erect sex into your dripping wet pussy. He thrust it into you, in and out, sending you so much pleasure and making you moan in-between the kisses. One of his hands holds your hands still so you won’t move, and the other hand he uses to pleasure your clit. He goes faster and deeper each time, your moans gets louder too each time. “Ahhh~ (y/n) i think I’m close..” “Me too~” you said quietly, not able to contain the pleasure that he’s giving. “Aaahhh taehyung~~” “OHH FUCK (y/n)~”

Still panting, he rests on top of you then some seconds later he moves next to you. Heavy breathing from both of you is all that you can hear. Shocked, don’t know what to say or what to do next. where will this friendship go? fuck buddies? boyfriend/girlfriend? strangers? or will it still be the same? you thought. “thank you…” taehyung whispers to you as he put his arms around you. “I wasn’t really drunk.”

I Don’t Need To Be Looked After

Prompt:They go out to a party, and Dan’s had alcohol before but this is the first time he gets drunk, and drinking a lot makes anyone need the toilet let alone with LBS. But he’s drunk so doesn’t think about it and doesn’t notice when he starts to wet himself. Phil has been mostly sober and looking after him this whole time, so when he notices he tries to help Dan leave the party without anyone noticing. But Dan gets all angry because he’s drunk and doesn’t realise that Phil is trying to help him, so gets mad and shouts at him. Phil gets him home and clean and into bed, and Dan falls asleep. The next morning Dan wakes up with a hangover and Phil looks after him giving him painkillers and tea etc, and Dan apologies for the way he behaved and then it ends with snuggles in bed

Someone asked for this^^ Of course. Here we go! (Phan oneshot)

Summary: Dan is visiting Phil in Manchester (2010) and they both got invited to a party. It’s the first time Dan gets really drunk and that’s not a good idea with LBS.
A/N: Wrote as a part of the LBS series.
Genre: Fluff, chronic illness, comfort, party/drinking.
Warnings: Drinking, vomit.
Words: 4.092

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Band Member: Ashton

Type: Soulmate AU

Description: In a world where every baby is born with a sapling on their wrist, your soulmate can be found through the tree tattoo that grew up with you. You travel through the seasons, summer when you meet them, spring when you get married and have a family, autumn when they slowly start to die then winter hits and you’re left alone.
Basically, this is inspired by a dream I had about Kate meeting Mikey, who I dragged on a plane in order to meet her.

You hated family gatherings.

Your great aunts and uncles, all of their trees either dying or dead, ambushed you and took hold of your left wrist. Their eyes filled with such hope that your mark had blossomed into summer at last but each walked away disappointed when they saw your immature sapling sprouting a few leaves.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart,” your grandmother crooned after the group had left you alone to bother your cousins. “They’re just excited. We haven’t had a left marked in the family for generations and they’re hoping to brag to their friends about how our family’s left marked found her soulmate.”

“They’re convinced I’ll never meet him,” you said with a sigh. “I can’t blame them. Left markeds aren’t famed for their success rate.”

“Don’t spread nonsense!” she chastised you with a single pointed finger. “Those statistics and such weren’t around in my day. My best friend was a left marked, she found her soulmate before I found your grandfather. You have a fighting chance, sweetheart. Don’t give up so easily.”

You nodded for your grandmother’s benefit. Left markeds were like left handed people, they were rarer than right handed people. But left markeds were one in a million which had made finding soulmates harder in previous decades. With the internet, it was easier to find other left markeds who might be your soulmate. Left markeds were always paired with other left marked people; rights were always with right markeds. Nobody ever questioned it, it was just what happened. Left marked pairings were supposed to have deeper connections but it was surely just another legend, you told yourself.

Your grandmother picked up a crystal glass filled with wine, her sleeve slipping down her right arm to reveal her mark. The leaves were falling off of her mark with rapid succession. You knew your grandfather was ill but not that ill. Your grandmother saw you looking and glanced down at her own wrist.

Her expression was solemn as she took another sip of wine.

“I think you better drive me to the hospital,” she said in an even tone. “Your grandfather needs me.”

She drained the glass and muttered something about going to speak to your parents. You looked around and saw the majority of your relatives staring at you. You were something of a legend in your family, the only left marked in a century and the last one failed to find his soulmate. What was going to make you any different? You didn’t consider yourself anything remarkable. You kept your head down and hoped that you’d just walk into your soulmate one day. You didn’t want to waste precious years of your life waiting for something to change your life. To hear your mother tell the same story, you weren’t bothered about falling in love and giving her grandchildren. You had told her countless times that some people were happy enough without their soulmate and still had children who were perfectly okay. Yet, there was still a stigma attached to being born to non-soulmates. The children were usually less favoured and often cast out of their homes if their parent found their soulmate.

“Are you ready to leave?” your grandmother questioned when she returned.

You picked up your bag and said a few goodbyes to your cousins; you caught the younger ones trying to catch a glimpse of your mark. You tugged your cardigan sleeve down to stop them and quickly caught up with your grandmother. She was already by the side of your car when you got outside. You climbed in then silently looked at her.

“I shouldn’t have left him,” she said sternly. “He told me he’d be okay for a few hours. I’ve barely been gone an hour and the leaves have increased.”

You pulled away from the outside of your aunt’s house. She fretted under her breath about your grandfather even though she knew her presence wouldn’t stop the leaves, she needed to be there to comfort him in a way only soulmates could. There were old wives’ tales about how soulmates could slow the process of death by being together, each country had their own spin on the story, but the majority agreed that somehow soulmates gave each other more time. Scientists had disputed it but in a world were soulmates existed, was anything entirely impossible?

“The nurses will be with him, Gran. He’s not alone,” you said as you turned the car into the hospital park.

“It’s not the same,” she snapped then looked at you with a sorry expression. “I’m sorry, darling. You’ll understand when you meet your soulmate.”

You bit your tongue; you hated hearing people say that to you. It was frustrating but your grandmother didn’t need a lecture about how it rubbed you up the wrong way when her husband was dying. As soon as you stopped the car, your grandmother jumped out and practically ran towards the glass front doors. You hadn’t been to visit your grandfather in the hospital, it wasn’t normal for non-soulmates to visit dying cases. Families preferred to remember the deceased as fruitful and happy. It was late and although you knew your grandmother wouldn’t be leaving the hospital, you decided it was best you at least offered to drive her home.

The walk to the front doors bit at your cheeks, the winter was bitter and cold this time. The news had warned there would be snow coming soon.  You hated driving in the snow so you prayed it wouldn’t be tonight.

The receptionist told you to head for Ward 6 when you asked where your grandfather was. The corridor towards the ward was white walled, the harsh light hitting your eyes as your heels clacked against the blue vinyl flooring. You caught sight of your grandmother in a closed off room, she was cradling your pale grandfather and, no doubt, telling him stories from their wonder years. Maybe she was telling him how when they met, your grandmother had been convinced he wasn’t her soulmate because he drove a brown Chevy or maybe she was telling him about their wedding day and how your grandfather knocked over the wedding cake. Whatever it was, you knew it was important to them. You knew they wouldn’t want you there. This was their time, their final hours together. People who had lost their soulmate described the emptiness they felt in their chest. Some filled it with drink, others with drugs or countless other addictions. Some just waited for death.

You walked towards the closest nurse, hoping to ask her how long your grandfather had left. She was stood next to a girl, about your age, who was sobbing into her mother’s arms on an empty hospital bed. The nurse saw you approaching and walked to join you halfway.

“Can I help you, dear?” she asked in a quiet voice.

You looked over at the girl again, you wondered how her soulmate had died as you saw the unmistakable dead tree on her wrist. The nurse followed your gaze and sighed, subconsciously stroking her own flourishing mark. She’d recently found her soulmate, you could see how summer had just blossomed on her mark. But there was a burst of pink amongst the lower branches, she was falling in love. You couldn’t blame her, if you had to be surrounded by sadness and death every day, you’d fall in love quickly too.

“Her soulmate died,” the nurse said, though she probably wasn’t supposed to. “The girl’s car hit some black ice and she was killed on impact. Poor kid, imagine being that age and knowing your soulmate is dead.”

The nurse turned back to you and shook her head.

“Poor girl didn’t stand a chance. The car flipped over into a ditch,” she continued before her smile resumed. “How can I help you?”

“My granddad is in that room over there,” you stated as you tried not to look at the girl. “I just wanted to know if, you know, my grandma will need me.”

She placed a hand on your shoulder. “He’ll be better now your grandmother is here.”

You nodded slowly, your eyes still unable to leave the crying girl. How was she going to live knowing she’d never find happiness again? You understood now why only soulmates were by deathbeds. The impact was too big; mourning their soulmate was enough to cope with without bringing others into it. Soulmates lost a part of themselves when their other halves died; they knew they’d never be the same again.


Your journey to work was longer than usual since you refused to drive quickly in the snow. You parked up and ducked into the nearest coffee shop to order a hot chocolate and warm up. The heater in your car was no match for the bitter chill that had hit overnight. The tall boy next to you ordered the same then smiled at you softly. He had his hands shoved into his pockets and he swayed from side to side. You bit your cheek to stop yourself from smiling manically, he was attractive. He turned to look at you again but this time, he spoke.

“The weather sucks, doesn’t it? The weather guy said we’re looking at ten inches of snow.”

You nodded, rubbing your grey gloves together. “I hate the cold.”

“Same,” he agreed then he tilted his head as if he was telling you a secret. “They say it’s going to get worse.”

You groaned which made him laugh. “If you’re going to keep giving me bad news, you need to stop talking.”

“Sorry,” he said with a smirk. “Maybe I should just quit while I’m slightly ahead.”

“I think…”

You waited for him to give his name.

“Ashton,” he said to fill in your blank space.

“I think, Ashton,” you said, you liked the way his name tasted in your mouth, “that would be a very good idea.”

He grinned at you which made your insides melt. He had an infectious happiness that made you want to run outside and start a snowball fight or swing around a lamppost and sing.

Your orders were shouted; you collected it and added two sugars at the counter. He laughed when he realised when you were both doing the same thing to your drinks.

“Sweet tooth?” he asked.

“I need to sweeten the bitterness of my soul,” you joked as you took your first sip.

He shook his head and leaned towards you. “I’m sure that isn’t true.”

You raised your eyebrows at him, the cup clutched between your frostbitten fingers. “I know it is.”

“I don’t see it,” he said plainly. “How could any evil be in somebody so small?”

He gestured to your height in comparison to his own while looking incredibly confused, you giggled. You never giggled. You covered your mouth with your hand and looked away out of embarrassment.

“What can I say?” you said in an attempt to sound flirtatious. “It’s concentrated.”

He looked at his phone and frowned when he saw the time. “I better go.”

You nodded and said you had to leave too though you didn’t want to.

“Maybe we’ll meet again,” he said hopefully.

You smiled and lifted your cup to your lips. “Maybe we will.”

You felt there was something refreshing about him. The way he looked at you set fires in your heart. Who needed a soulmate if love could feel like that?

It wasn’t until you got to work and pulled the gloves off that the girl that sat next to your desk screamed and you caught sight of your mark. It had bloomed, the leaves shaking in some imaginary breeze. Your wrist no longer looked pale and immature, the imaginary yellow sunlight made you smile. You’d started crying tears of happiness; you no longer had to pretend it didn’t matter to you. When you called your mother, almost as an “I told you so” gesture, she’d started crying too. Your colleagues gathered around you, all staring at your left wrist like it was magic, and oh it was. It felt like somebody had suddenly shone a light on the rest of your life. The light was patchy but you knew that your soulmate was going to be by your side every step of the way.

How could you have missed the feeling? Why didn’t either of you realise what was happening? You wondered how the hell you’d ever meet him again. The coffee shop was a long shot but maybe if he’d realised too, he’d be heading back there too since he didn’t know your name.

But you had his name.

You had Ashton.


He walked into the recording studio with a huge whacking smile plastered on his face. He glanced around, his friends in various positions around the room. Calum was laid over the leather sofa complaining about how late Ashton was for the session. Michael was pretending to listen while coming up with a new guitar riff. Luke was sat behind Ash’s drum kit, hitting the cymbals out of time to Mikey’s playing.

“Morning,” Ashton said in a playful voice. “How are we all feeling?”

His bandmates stared back at him suspiciously. Luke was the first to comment.

“Who woke you up this morning? A supermodel or something?”

Mikey laughed, strumming the guitar laid across his lap. “Send her over to mine tomorrow, Ash.”

“Aren’t you even going to complain about Luke messing with your kit?” Cal said as he pointed accusingly at Luke. “You nearly killed me last time.”

Ash rolled his eyes as he sat on the arm of the chair. He grinned as he pulled off his jacket to reveal his left wrist to his best friends. They all stared in amazement when they saw the change.

“Where did you meet her?” Cal asked.

“The coffee shop down the street from here,” he replied as he tapped his fingers against his thighs. “I just wanted to tell you guys before I headed back, I didn’t get her name.”

Michael clapped a hand on Ashton’s shoulder proudly. “You’re lucky, Ash. We’re stoked for you.”

Ashton picked his coat up again and looked down to admire his wrist. After all, it wasn’t every day you found the girl you’d spend forever with. But it was no longer the flourishing tree it had been, it was now losing leaves faster than he’d ever thought possible.

“Fuck,” he whispered as his mind raced.

What was happening? She’d been okay less than an hour ago, she’d been happy, even laughing at his bad attempts of humour.

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked, walking up behind him.

But Ashton just held up his wrist to reveal the orange leaved tree.

“She’s dying.”

Oh, look! Part 2 is here.