i love when the cast tweets about this

Okay hear me out: the critical role cast has some issues when it comes to lgbt+ representation & interacting with fans.

I know it’s easy to look at fans being upset over Marisha’s comments about Keyleth’s sexuality & think fans are “demanding”, “asking too much”, “intruding on a private game”. These are all accusations I’ve seen in the last 24 hours. It’s important to remember that this has all come up because Marisha was joking about f/f attraction on the stream. She has Keyleth say she wanted to see Vex’s breasts and it spiraled from there. 

Fans are reacting to this because Keyleth being bi/questioning/etc will remove the sting of this conversation. 

Confirming a character as exploring something other than heterosexuality (however badly it’s done) is still better than using other sexualities as a punchline. 

And the critical role cast does this. It does this a lot. Here are a few from the top of my head:

  • the purposeful misgendering of raishan (mainly by sam)
  • grog’s ‘boyfriend’  Kerrek
  •  scanlan’s many, many jokes about sex with men*
  • laura’s whole ‘haha maybe vex will get a gf ;) jk she’s been in love with percy this whole time’
  •  hell, vax’s romance with gilmore started off as liam trying to flirt the price of goods down. to his credit he committed to it for a while, but then he followed the bisexual trope of finding the ‘right’ person of a different sex and choosing them instead.

*sam had been joking about scanlan and men for months before finally discussing the topic seriously on twitter. even then he just said “not 100% heterosexual”. it’s progress, but there’s still a way to go

“but emma, they have good intentions! you have to be patient and respectful of the cast!” my dudes i dont have to respect someone who treats the representation of my community like a novelty shirt they can wear for a day and take off later. i know they’re trying, i know they’re learning, but they still need to apologize when they make a mistake. no one is asking for blood, folks. 

This could have been avoided (or certainly at least reduced) if Marisha hadn’t initially been so evasive on twitter. the unwillingness to confirm anything read as Marisha wanting to continue the trend of joking about lgbt+ representation. it was a dismissal. 

i love Marisha, god knows i defend her until i’m red in the face, but no one gets a universal pass. she’s an adult and she knew she upset people. it wouldn’t have cost her anything to tweet something like “hey i didn’t think about keyleth’s speech last night and i’m sorry that it came across as a cheap joke. i’d like to explore keyleth’s sexuality more & this will take time bc she’s inexperienced. please bear with me as both she and i figure this out”

that’s literally all she needed to do.

the cast struggles when it comes to apologizing to the lgbt+ community. we just need to look at how they handled the situation with j’mon’s misgendering. matt actually used the “dont get mad at your allies” speech, something i know a lot of us (myself included) have heard before. again, mistakes are going to happen. people slip up, we know this, but you still apologize for mistakes. you dont get to say “hm i dont think what i did caused you any harm”. you have to step back and say “oh i upset you? that wasnt my intention and i’m very sorry for that. this is new to me and i hope i will do better in the future”

final thoughts:

-this isn’t a private game anymore. this is a show that many of us pay money to access. that doesn’t give us the right to make demands, but it does give us the right to ask that our sexuality and gender aren’t treated as a joke. it gives us the right to ask a cast member if they were serious when they flirted with the idea of their character not being straight. 

-the problem isn’t that keyleth is questioning. the problem is that the cast has a tendency to joke about these things and then never return to it, as if lgbt+ representation is a tap you can turn on or off. (sam is the only exception i can think of, but again that wasn’t confirmed on screen.) minority groups shouldn’t be treated like this.

-it’s not entitlement to ask that your sexuality isn’t a punchline. it’s not demanding to ask for clarification. it’s not asking too much for an apology. 

if straight actors dont want to seriously consider non-heterosexual orientations, then they dont get to make jokes about sexuality. 

reasons why stephen langton is literally davey jacobs

- when he found out he got the role her almost passed out then proceeded to call his mother
- so tol, so lanky
- also nervous about everything but rly laid back once he’s comfortable
- really cool glasses (my personal favorite davey au)
- turns to his mother for advice for literally everything
- tweets terrible jokes
- fiercely proud of his friends
- his mom was his date to the newsies closing cast party
- he just really loves his mom
- momma’s boy

I don’t want to hope that Mick will come back in some capacity but Adam Fergus’ Twitter page is giving me hope.

When a character dies on a show, most actors tweet about what a pleasure it was working with the cast and crew, how much they love the fans, etc. Adam did nothing like that.

In all his replies to tweets about how sad someone is that Mick is gone, he’d basically just respond with silly emoticons (a winky one has me very suspicious).

And he replied to someone who asked him to tell them if Mick was going to be resurrected with a ghost emoticon.

Of course he could be toying with everyone but it’s his lack of a message of thanks to everyone on the show that has me hopeful we’ll see him again, even if it might only be as a ghost.   

So I was bored and this happened...

Jeca fans:
“Bechloe will never happen. Beca loves Jesse. Chloe is her friend.”

“I’m sorry. Which film are you referring to? If you’re referring to PP1, it was mostly filled with moments where Beca was ignoring Jesse’s advances because she wasn’t interested, and he kept pushing her to see him the way he wanted to be seen. Not to mention there was a shower scene between the two girls whereby there was more chemistry in that one scene than there is between Jeca in two whole films.

Or were you talking about PP2? Whereby Jesse was in it for a total of 5 minutes and Beca didn’t really spare him much of a glance or thought as she was distracted by the German Aca-hottie? Maybe it was the part where Beca and Chloe spend more time together on screen and giving each other those weighted lingering glances? Or perhaps the part where Chloe whispers to Beca how much she regretted not experimenting more in college (WITH HER)!

OR maybe you’re referring to PP3, where- OH WAIT. JESSE ISN’T IN PITCH PERFECT 3!

Perhaps I should give you a recap on what precisely makes me think bechloe will happen?

1) Jason Moore and Elizabeth Banks Shower Scene commentary.

2) All the interviews where bechloe was mentioned by the interviewer. Notice how absolutely no one asked about Jesse.

3 The Brittany Snow interviews, either on her own or with Anna Camp.

4) The Anna Kendrick interview where she is a total fangirl.

5) Rebel’s improv’d BHLOE scene

6) Elizabeth Bank’s commentary and reasoning behind the bechloe tent scene. “They are in love”

7) Beca and Chloe winning the choice movie chemistry. Beca’s “boyfriend” wasn’t even mentioned.

8) Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow tweeting #BechloeIsReal.

9) Kay Cannon talking about bechloe and how much it means to her that LGBT people are interested in them.

10) Each of the cast members tweeting about bechloe when asked about it.

11) Anna Camp mentioning how she is all for bechloe, and “Aubrey would be there ‘it’s beautiful’ ”

12) Kay Cannon and Trish Sie liking the bechloe tweets, including one that I tweeted using only the #BechloeIsReal, not addressed to Kay.

13) Anna’s recent magazine interviews mentioning how she and Brittany know Beca and Chloe are “total lesbians” for each other and asking whether they can just have sex. And lamenting that it must remain PG.

14) A video of Anna answering a question about bechloe. BEST ANSWER EVER

15) The official Pitch Perfect twitter site and Instagram site posting about BHLOE.

16) Universal reposting the instagram post about BHLOE.

17) Brittany tweeting about her new hair colour and whether “Beca” would like it. (Also instagram)

18) Anna responding on both.

19) Elizabeth Banks tweeting about which “ships” we want to sail in 2017.


21) Even Anna eluded to the fact that she and Jesse broke up in this video; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2_K4oRWn5LE as well as it being in the original script.

So Jeca fan. Do you still think there’s nothing between Beca and Chloe?

It’s only a matter of time before Kay and Universal say something. I’ll keep you updated :)


y'all,,,, dead.
Sam came but couldn’t stop for photos because he had a train to catch (he signed really quickly tho :’))(also caught it- tweeted me lmao).
gave anto his badge and he was in love, he stopped for about a minute to just look at it and was like “wow this is amazing thank you so much”. he also seemed impressed that I’d remembered he’d said it was his favourite line on Twitter.
tom loved my shirt, poppy had the cutest hair clips on and paul was an overall darling again who smelt like a dream (lols).
Love this cast more than I love myself - love this play more than I love myself. Gnna be heartbroken when they all leave butttt excited to see the new cast and see where these angels head off too. will hopefully talk more later but I need to come down from a high :’)

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[sarc]I'm sooooo glad that Riverdale's ship wars have gone nuclear so quickly that the show's crew have to talk about it before the first season has even finished.[/sarc] But really, what do you think about the dodging they did when asked about Bet-Ver (particularly the "never say never" response)? We already know their goal was a ABJ love triangle but are they really going to make things even more complicated?

the ship wars in this fandom are intense, and that’s scary seeing as we’re so early on. i’m sure it’s only going to get worse. honestly, it’s sad. the cast and creative team are proud of their work and the only responses they get on their tweets are whiny brats demanding their ship be canon on the show. i have shows where i want certain ships to happen, that the show isn’t currently exploring, but i don’t spam the actors’ and creators’ every tweet with “where’s my *insert ship name here*”

i don’t think they have any plans to explore betty and veronica as more than friends, but they also don’t want to shut down the idea completely and say it’s not ever going to happen. even if it is never going to happen, the back lash of coming out and saying that would be scary 


This was honestly the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!! So I won a contest to meet and have dinner with Melanie Scrofano and Emily Andras, and tbh it was a dream come true. They are literally the most down to earth, REAL, genuine, kindhearted people in the world, and you don’t get that when you’re in the industry, BUT THEY ARE ALL OF THAT AND MORE. Melanie is truly such a cool person, she is Wynonna Earp LOL she’s so funny.

We’re both indecisive has hell, so I told her that she could order for me, and she was like okay, but he pressure was on LOL it was so cute. And she was so nice about it, she was like “if you don’t like what I ordered you, we can trade and you can have mine!!” 😭😭😭 but I wanted HER to have what she wanted, so I told her if she liked what I had more, we could trade. So we basically ended up SHARING 😭😍 she cut me pieces of hers for me and everything, like YES I SHARED DINNER WITH MELANIE SCROFANO HOW AM I EVEN ALIVE?!?! And we were in conversation that led to Shirley Temples (my name is Shirley) and I was like “I love Shirley Temples” and Mel said “Of course you do ;) why don’t we get some?!” And she proceeded to call the waitress over and order us Shirley Temples, which she was very excited about LOL ISNT SHE THE CUTEST?!

The conversation flowed SO easily. Emily is hilarious LOL we talked about Wynonna Earp, and I mentioned how amazing WayHaught was after the shit we went through with Lexa dying, and Emily was genuinely upset over the tropes and thought it was ridiculous; I can assure you that we are in safe hands, my WayHaught friends.

We honestly talked about everything and it was amazing. There was talks about behind the scenes stuff on Wynonna Earp and now I have to rewatch the entire season with all the info I know now LOL (which I will gladly do). And things they told me that I don’t think I can reveal LOL but damn. We also talked about Wynonna in the red dress, and I died LOL she said it was impossible to get into, but I told her she looked good af 😳😂 and also, that Mel got to keep the red dress, and she has it in her closet at home right now!!!

It was just such an amazing experience, and it felt like just a group of friends hanging out getting dinner. We were there for like 3+ hours, and with Melanie sitting right in front of me the whole time I couldn’t help but stare LOL she’s more beautiful in person omg 😍 Emily was so sad that she won’t be attending San Diego Comic Con this year because she has a wedding to go to and Mel was being so cute trying to pursue Emily to choose SDCC over the wedding (and Emily wish she could)

It was such an amazing, once in a lifetime experience that I can’t even put everything into words or in this text post. They’re such good people, and UGH I can’t even explain it. And they’re both hilarious LOL like Melanie is SOOOO funny, we spent most of our night laughing and it was incredible.

They’re such a tight knit cast and they all genuinely love each other. They’re practically all best friends. We talked about Kat and Dom as well, and it’s just love all around. Also, Melanie refers to Dom as her sis, so kill me now. She also did a British accent and I died again LOL.

I am grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity, and I will remember it and cherish it for the rest of my life. ❤️

Ps. Melanie “took” a plate for me. 😂😂😂😂😂 hence Emily’s tweet saying “casual thievery” LOL


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Isn't it lovely that when the cast is doing tweet guesses Camila reads lilis tweet and at first she says Cole and then she got it wrong and she says Lili. and I read a comment about Lili's last tweet that Cole liked and someone says first time I read it I thought it was Cole's tweet..............................i won't say no more you got this

GOT IT and I’ve been thinking the exact same thing! They just have similar brains AND I FIND THAT SO HOT

PaleyFest ReCap: Scandal

Hi Gladiators!

It was amazing to see so many of you in the same auditorium,I have talked to many, although I have not introduced myself to anyone and didn’t ask for your names either. Now I really regret it… I didn’t want to ignore my friend (who is not a Scandal fan –shockingly!- and came to the panel just to keep my company. I was also so overwhelmed and sooooo excited, I didn’t know my own name. Now, as I sit on the plane heading home, I wanted to share my thoughts and experience in case anyone (especially those who could not make it) is interested.

DolbyTheater is one old theater!! It looks so much better on TV when we watch the Oscars. Right at the entrance to the orchestra, there is a round balcony over the ground floor where the entrance to the stage as well as press rooms are. I arrived to hang out on the balcony, look below and see the Scandal folks arriving. At first I was afraid I will drop my phone onto somebody’s head, but then Kerry came in and I really wanted to start taking the pictures. Here is a tiny picture of tiny Kerry. 😄

I missed Tony arriving,  which was sad, but I saw plenty of him inside the auditorium. 😄 Everyone stopped and waved and it was hilarious to watch Kerry’s, Katie’s and Darby’s reaction when they would walk out into that open area above which we were perched, we would start screaming, and for a second a two, they would have no clue where the shouting was coming from and would start uneasily looking around before raising their heads, catching a glimpse of us and waving back. It was so cute!

Jeff stopped and tried to give us a small speech. I have no idea what he said. It was pretty loud even though he tried to shout over, his voice was lost 😔

We went to the auditorium at around 7, and took our seats. Here is a view from behind me ☺️

The marketing lady from Paley started the event and we watched «The Lawn Chair” which I loved ( both the episode and that they showed it). I missed it on Thursday because I was flying to LA and then Friday and Saturday were the whirlwind of activities.

After the episode, Jimmy Kimmel came on and started to introduce the panel. Now, I will keep in short about Jimmy, but he sucked at moderating. He was unprepared, not funny, and his rhythm was off, this whole conversation/panel could have been so much better with better prep.

I really enjoyed Tony’s joke about “Fitz expected more sugar” and Kerry telling about the #BlackLivesMatter and #BringBackOurGirls conversation they had with Tony. THIS IS WHY I LOVE Scandal, and this is why I started obsessing about the show. When writing is good, and those two wonderful, thoughtful and smart people share their thoughts and start great/intelligent discussions, this is a type of TV everyone should be watching…

I laughed but felt bad for Tony when Jimmy Kimmel went on and on about dirty tweets. You could tell that Tony was not enjoying it, that should have been a clue for Jimmy to stop… 

Honestly, I was watching for Tony and Kerry only, they are by far and large the only reason I am still with this show, and why I made the trip. Though I did take a picture of the whole cast too, here it is.

T&K though are just the cutest, most adorable, beautiful and funny couple (did I just say couple??) I loved that they were more open about this whole “we knew each other before Scandal” thing. All the touching and laughing and looking at each other was a much needed and a very welcome bonus. I really could not believe when Kerry brought Isabelle into conversation. A girl next to me (total strange) and I, we started at each other and said: I can’t believe she just said that at the same time! 

The questions from the audience were not the best. What the hell was the kid doing in the audience? The lady who asked about the last episode of Scandal had the best question, hands down. Kerry handling the obnoxious guy’s question about Columbus Short was so on point. What annoyed me the most is that I felt the guy was just trying to show off as a smart ass and grab everyone’s attention, he didn’t really care about CS or what the cast would answer. 

After the panel was over, it was like a crazy commotion as security filed on the stage and all fans stepped forward (or I should say rushed forward) and I was double-happy that I had a seat close to the stage so that I could snap some pictures. Here is the autograph signing session :)

I love it that I have a picture of Kerry and Tony in one frame. I wish I was braver and asked Tony to step closer to Kerry so that we could all take a picture of them. But I didn’t have the balls :O

At the very end, right before Tony left, there was a cute/funny incident with someone’s phone. First, Tony is a pro at taking selfies, props to him! He took some girl’s phone and while trying to flip the camera view, he noticed the incoming call. He turns to the girl, tells her that someone is calling her and then picks it up and says: “Hi, this is Tony Goldwyn”. We (all these people around who heard him) almost died laughing. I really wonder what the person on the other end of the line said/thought. :)

And last but not least, Tony’s selfie (I am in there too!) Dear @MichelleF0918 on Twitter, thank you SO MUCH for sharing a picture!

Spot the difference

Queerbaiting in Sherlock vs. Stormpilot

So why would i be okay with non-canon Stormpilot, and why wouldn’t i sending them complains about queerbaiting?

Because there is a huge difference how they treat their fans.

When you watch the interview of the Star Wars cast and read their tweets you will notice that they all love the idea of canon Stormpiolt. That they respect the fans who ship them and block people who are unfriendly to them. (Rian Johnson and John Boyega actually did that when people complan about gay stuff in Star Wars)

They also treating kissing-finnxpoe-fanart with respect.

But on the other hand they never tell people that the thing between Poe and Finn is a lovestory and then call poeple insane who actually believe in it.

They just say: Everything could happen. 

Spot the differnce:

#teampoe vs. #sherlockholmeslives means #johnwatsonlives

There is no lovestory between Finn and Rey. They are just friend vs. “So do you have a boyfriend?”

Kylo Ren and Poe are playing table tennis. I am rooting for Poe. vs. he is like a drug

What Finn and Poe have is a bromance that could develop to a romance if disney have the courage to do it. But if it will not happen i could blame the sexy Oscar Isaac for flirting with every hot dude, because that lip bite was NOT in the script. BUt i will blame nobody for queerbaiting.

But giving us hints and hints that there is actually a romance is something different,

And Star Wars are treating their woman in a better way, then BBC Sherlock does.

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james (and the rest of the psych crew tbh) have always been really good about not baiting fans. whenever reunions have come up, they've always been like "we'd love to, but things haven't worked out" or whatever. they're not teasing or assholes about it. it's really nice.

thats good!! i dont read/watch cast stuff so its really good that theyre respectful….so that would also mean that james’ tweets mean something…..👀👀👀

Love and Sex in Literature

A guest post by Cait Spivey

I learned sexual desire from books and film.

At least, what it looked like. What it sounded like. How it is discussed. With that accumulated evidence, I got very good at acting out “desire,” even though it was at best boring and at worst, deeply uncomfortable.

When I came out, there was a lot of, “But you seemed interested in sex before!” As always, it’s difficult to explain, to those who don’t feel displaced by it, the pressure of constant messaging that seems to declare this is how normal people are, you are messed up, something is wrong with you. I learned and demonstrated sexual desire because I thought I had to, because it was expected, because it was bad enough that I kept falling in love with girls but at least I knew what that was.

I learned desire from books; I never learned that desire isn’t mandatory.

This is something I want to rectify in my books. In From Under the Mountain, it must be said, there’s not explicit representation—I was limited by both the setting (in which our modern terminology feels jarring) and by the pace and focus of the story. Only Eva and Guerline have time for a romantic relationship, and not much of it at that. But you can take me at my word when I say that canonically, Theodor Warren is panromantic asexual, and Aradia Kavanagh is aromantic asexual, and Guerline herself is a demisexual lesbian (something that gets explored more in the sequel).

[As an aside: last week, I tweeted a bit about how I love writing large casts, and I encourage readers to explore for themselves and fill in things I don’t put on the page. Some secondary and tertiary characters have canon attached to them that I may never get to share—for many, I haven’t had a chance yet to fully explore their lives. So many stories live in this world, and if you know them, by all means tell them.]

In most of the media I’ve consumed, sex scenes just seem like set dressing. Perhaps this is the point where my ability to empathize with allosexual people ends, but I’ve never seen a sex scene that feels powerful or necessary to the story, because sweaty bodies getting fluids on each other isn’t meaningful to me. It seems to me that what’s meaningful is all the emotions leading up to and following that—affection, vulnerability, passion—and one doesn’t need to bump uglies to get the most out of that cocktail. And even if that’s something one wants in real life, it’s not going to aid the storytelling (unless, as in certain genres, that’s the kind of story being told).

“But Cait,” you say, “You included a sex scene in From Under the Mountain!” Yes I did. But I’m the first to say it’s not necessary. I wrote it in because there was some hang time in the narrative, and I wanted to give Eva and Guerline their moment. And, as an asexual woman married to a sexual spouse, it was more than a little vicarious—what must it feel like from the other side? Surely it’s transcendent—surely it’s not just a sometimes pleasant sensation, akin to curling up in front of a fireplace? I’ll have to rely on others to confirm the level of my success.

It’s honestly funny to me how resistant some can be to writing asexual characters or, in fandom, theorizing that a character could be asexual. I get that desire must be powerful to those who experience it; I can understand that many view sex as some kind of Important Rite without which love is just really intense friendship, or something. I mean, they’re wrong about that last part, but I understand how they came to that conclusion.

But in these stories, the sex isn’t what makes us love these characters—right? It’s the characters themselves, and the relationships between characters that draw us in. Romantic relationships, friendships, family bonds. Sexual desire, contrary to popular belief, is not inherent to romantic love, and romantic love is not the only compelling kind of relationship.

There are many, many books, films, shows, out there that present love without sex, but the sex is always assumed—by fans, by creators, by a society that presupposes the universal importance of desire. My question is, why? Kisses, sex, they’re actions that, like all our actions, have only as much weight as our emotions give them. I’m as happy as anyone when my favorite ship finally kisses for the first time, but the kiss isn’t the only thing that can make me happy. I want Dean to kiss Cas because I know Dean is a sexual person, but I felt the same giddy rush when he said I need you.

I struggled to find a way to end this post, because one should at least try to put forth a solution when bringing up a problem. The problem is that the heavy focus on sexual desire in relationships erases a lot of people. It makes us doubt ourselves, it makes us submit ourselves to what is expected, it threatens us with these expectations.

How, then, to solve this?

I’ve decided to start a new feature on my blog called A+ Ships, to highlight ace characters and their relationships, gush over the connections and the moments that fuel them. With any luck, this will give us a space to celebrate our identities, and spread the word about how awesome we are.

Caitlin Moran on Benedict Cumberbatch

I just had the chance to interview this amazing woman, and I couldn’t NOT ask her about Benedict. I had to ask about her meeting him and drinking with the guy. Her response? Funniest thing ever …

“He is utterly, utterly lovely. When Sherlock started in our country, I’d already seen it because I was a TV critic. So when it first broadcast, I was up on Twitter going, ‘Women, believe me, you’ll want to turn your televisions on in ten minutes.’

"So I was watching Sherlock again, and I was drinking while I was watching it. The first couple tweets were like, 'As you can see, this is a very quality drama.’ Then, the third one was like, 'God, he’s beautiful.’

"Then, the fifth one was, 'I would climb him like a tree. I would do him until security pulled me off, and then, I would wank at him from behind a door.’ I was becoming increasingly hysterical, because he was so beautiful.

"What I didn’t know was that the entire cast and crew were together at Steven Moffat’s house, and Steven Moffat was on Twitter. I know him, and he was following me and reaching over to pass his iPhone to Benedict every time I tweeted and showing Benedict all my tweets.

"So as consequence, when I met him on the set a couple weeks later to do a feature about it, he looked slightly nervous. But he’s just so lovely and oddly teenaged. Apparently, I got him into Radiohead, which is really cool.

"Plus, if you get him drunk, he’ll do impressions of Sherlock and Smaug the dragon. You couldn’t find better company if you tried. He’s utterly adorable. When you get to know him, you can even call him 'Benny.’”

Thanks to Caitlin Moran for being such a great sport and an amazing author :) Please check out her new book, How to Build a Girl!

on queerbaiting in fandom

I told myself I wasn’t going to write this because I didn’t want to stir up potential drama, but I have a lot of thoughts that have been brewing that I’d really like to get out. So let me just preface this by saying these are my opinions based on my own experiences with fandom over the years. I am by no means pretending to be any kind of authority and everyone is going to enter into fandom with their own perspectives shaped by their personal experiences. Okay, moving on. 

A ship not becoming canon does not make it queerbaiting

(seriously, just last weekend a lesbian storyboard artist was driven off twitter by people accusing her of queerbaiting because she appeared to favor one fanship over another fanship) (but that’s another discussion) 

Basically, I’ve seen some comments made regarding Silver/Flint and the fact that it isn’t canon making it potential queerbaiting. I see people hesitant to begin watching the show because the ship isn’t canon, when those of us who have seen it are very up-front about whether or not the show may go there.

The thing is, even if it doesn’t happen, and unless something drastically changes in the creative team’s behavior and how they’ve portrayed relationships (romantic and otherwise) in the show so far, I wouldn’t consider it queerbaiting…

Keep reading

I think some fans forget that as an actor it’s part of Stephen’s job to promote the show. So, whatever happens to be in the spotlight/focus is what he’s going to promote. Olicity in the forefront? He’s talkin about Olicity and tweeting about them too. The other love interests in the forefront? Then he’s damn well going to talk about them. And when someone asks if they should like them he’s not going to sit there and badmouth the storyline and the love interests. I think it’s more than obvious that someone talked to him and the other cast members about promoting with the way things have been since this summer. But is that any reason to shit on him? For doing his job? No, I don’t think so. Just because he isn’t spending hours on end talking about Oliver and Felicity as a couple doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or dislikes the fandom or whatever else people have been saying. He doesn’t answer to you and he doesn’t owe you anything. 


Time for an updated intro!
Shameless’ intro is over three years old and will be four years old when season five starts if they keep the same intro as before. I guess we can all agree that the current intro and the use of old footage is stupid especially when the cast members are much older now. Also, two very important actors, Noel and Emma, should be included.
I think that the cast also agrees (i.e Cam’s tweet) that it’s time for an updated intro.
They start shooting season five in two weeks, and I think we should tweet to the cast how we feel about the intro and that we would love an updated one. Maybe they can do something about it, and hopefully we’ll get a new intro next year! 
Here I’ve created a list of Shameless’ cast members we should tweet. I also think we should include #UpdateShamelessIntro in the tweets. (Easy to keep track/ find/ retweet the tweets.) Tweet as much as possible for the next two weeks! :)

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Hi! I think my ask didn't go through or you just ignored it but I'll try again. :) Who in the cast ship Bellarke?

Sorry,I get a lot of anons and sometimes I miss some of them.

  • Devon Bostick ships them /everybody knows that/
  • Paige Turco is for sure team Bellarke /you can see her twitter/
  • Jarod Joseph /has tweeted multipe times abt bellarke/
  • Leah Gibson/Gina/ tweeted #LongLiveBellarke 
  • Lindsey Morgan said that Belizas/Bellarkes chemistry is amazing (and nobody even asked her,she brought it up herself at survivalcon)
  • Sachin Sahel tweeted “All I need in this life of sin”and a Bellarke photo and said BC’s chemistry is undeniable
  • Eliza doesn’t necessarily “ships them”,but she has said multipe times she loves the BC chemistry and thinks it’d be cool if they happened
  • Bob doesn’t necessarily “ships them” ,but he said he gets why people ship them and talked about how Bellamy is a better person when he’s with Clarke…and that there’s deep feelings there etc.
  • Thomas McDonell actually tweeted once “ la vie c'est , stydia, pizza, series, bellarke, dormir.” lol

SO,yeah..we could say that the cast definitely likes Bellarke.

Brazil Loves MTV Scream: A Look Into Their Country’s Fandom

(MTV Scream Poster art courtesy of Scream Brasil - Artist @wolfspidey’s arts)

MTV Scream, now mid-way through its Second Season has millions of fans from all of over the world who tune in each week. Many of those fans also take part in Social Media.  It only takes a glance on MTV Scream’s Twitter Page, or on one of the actors who play in the series Twitter pages to discover one of the most Tweeted comments to them is “Brasil Loves You!”

The country of Brazil is passionate about MTV Scream. Prior to the beginning of the Second Season, they rallied and trended on Twitter #ScreamisComing much to the excitement of all the fans and even some of the actors on the series took note of it.  They have also played a large part in campaigning for MTV Scream’s Third Season, which has still not been officially announced. Scream Brasil, (which has its own website - ScreamBrasil.com and can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), is one of  the most comprehensive sites for information about MTV Scream anywhere.

I was honored to have the opportunity to interview João Lindley, the founder of Scream Brasil, along with Diaz, an artist from Rio de Janeiro, and Brazilian fans Vivian P. from Bauru São Paulo and Anna Carolina from Rio de Janeiro recently to discuss their MTV Scream Fandom.

(MTV Scream Poster art courtesy of Scream Brasil - Artist @wolfspidey’s arts)

First up, João Lindley , founder of Scream Brasil:

Q:  When did you start you Scream Brasil Twitter and Facebook Pages?

J.L..:  A few weeks before they started shooting the pilot. [It started] with just me,  but after I took the lead, my friends showed interest in the project, then their friends showed interest and became my friends, too.  [Soon], I had a team working on what would become the major source of [MTV] Scream news in Brazil.

 Q:  What do you like about the series compared to the films?

 J.L.:  A) Metalanguage and the references – [MTV] Scream brought to us a TV series that can actually carry the essence of the movies, the required metalanguage so it can be a fitting tribute. B) The Atmosphere – [MTV Scream] does a great job with a pace quite close to the movies.  In the Second Season, we actually learn the dirty secrets from the characters, cards are laid on the table and people get into conflict with their closest relatives or friends. C) The Characters – I love to feel what each one of them has to offer.  They get lost in their own plots so we can care about them. [MTV] Scream delivered real losses of characters that had an actual significance to us.

 Q:  Which characters [and actors] does Brazil as a whole like best in your opinion?

J.L..:  We did a survey on Twitter and our results are Brooke (Carlson Young), Noah (John Karna) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus).  On our page, we use to call them the Holy Trinity.

Q.:  Which episode has been the best in your opinion?  

J.L.:  Episode 2x01. It’s a great introductory episode. We can feel the [effects] of Season One inside each of the characters, that piece of disbelief and fear, [but] at the same time they try to handle their lives in their own way.

 Q:  Why does Brazil love MTV Scream as much as it does?

J.L.:  Brazil has the fame of being the country with the most loyal fans, and that’s true, and [it] doesn’t apply just for [MTV] Scream, but for everything. Brazilian people are warm, and we have some sparkle that no other country has.  

(MTV Scream art courtesy of @diazirwis)

Next, Diaz, an artist from Rio de Janeiro, gave me a few minutes of his time regarding his interest in the MTV Scream Fandom.  This past month, he Tweeted an amazing drawing of the MTV Scream cast to Bex Taylor-Klaus (who portrays Audrey), and she loved it so much she re-tweeted it for her fans to appreciate.

Q:  When did you first start watching MTV Scream?

Diaz:  I started watching last year when the series was made available on Netflix.  I [was suspect] a little at first [as I was first a fan] of the film franchise, but [the series] surprised me immensely.

Q:  What do you like about the series compared to the films?

Diaz:  I love the Sherlock Holmes [aspect of it], trying to find clues and [figure] out who the killer is. [You have] to suspect even the most beloved characters. [With the series] we have more time to know and like the characters.

Q:  Who are your favorite characters in the series?  

Diaz:  I usually always like protagonists, and I love Emma, but Brooke and Noah are hilarious! Just enjoying all [the characters] because everyone has their own importance, and [I am] still not over the death of Riley.

Q:  Who are your favorite actors on the series?

Diaz:  I admire all. On Twitter, I think Bex Taylor-Klaus (Audrey) is the most accessible to her fans and she even re-tweeted my art [and so did] Amelia Rose-Blaire (Piper).

Q:  On MTV Scream, who do you love drawing best?

Diaz:  I loved to draw all, but when I had the idea to include Piper Shaw, [it made me laugh to myself].

(MTV Scream Poster art courtesy of Scream Brasil - Artist @wolfspidey’s arts)

Lastly, two fans from Brazil were kind enough to answer some questions through email – Vivian P. and Anna Carolina.

Q:  What is it about MTV Scream that makes it so special to you?

Vivian P:  The way the episodes are.  They are so exciting to me.  [It’s not like] horror at all, [it’s more like] real life.  Serial killers and psychopaths exist.

Anna C:  The series is special for me because it surprises you all the time!  You never know if your favorite couple will be together and new things happen that you can’t imagine.

Q:  Who is/are your favorite characters and why?  

Vivian P:  My favorite characters are Emma, Noah and Kieran.  I like Emma because she is so dedicated to find out why she [is having] those dreams and memories.  I love Noah because he’s smart and cute, and I love his theories.  I like Kieran because he is so beautiful and is always on his own, and he tries so much to make Emma happy, but I think he could also be the killer.

Anna C:  Audrey [because I] identify with her, with her style, and the way she thinks, like when that video with her and Rachel came out, she [didn’t] give a damn what other people thought.

Q:  Who is your favorite actor on MTV Scream?

Vivian P:  Sean Grandillo (Eli) because he sent me a Selfie and answered me on Snapchat, so I love him.

Q:  Who do you ship on MTV Scream?

Anna C:  [MTV] Scream is not a good series to make an OTP for obvious reasons, [but] nowadays I ship Audrey and Brooke.

Q:  How would you like MTV Scream to end?

Vivian P:  I want Emma’s Dad or Kieran’s Aunt [to be the killer], and I want Noah to be the one to find out the truth because he deserves it.  I wish that Noah, Emma and Kieran don’t die.  I would like to see Audrey die because she has been such an egoist [this season].  

Anna C:  [I can’t really say] how I would like the season to end, but I would like them to make another season to finish it.  

As with all fans of MTV Scream, Brazil fans have differing opinions on the series and the characters, but it is Brazil’s passion and enthusiasm for MTV Scream that sets their fandom apart and makes us want to rally for the series all the more.  I truly appreciate everyone’s participation and the insight into the Brazil fandom of MTV Scream.