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If y’all are not reading the wonderful Prompto’s Adventures with Celebrity Dating featuring @destatree​ amazing writing, then y’all are not living! Best. Promptis fic. ever. 

It started out as a joke idea between us, with a bunch of messages and texts back and forth on how ridiculous it can get, to something the that’s grown into one of my prides and joys! I’m going to be going back on he chapters to illustrate small parts of it once more to fit the aesthetic that I’ve draw as shown above! 

I’m serious when I saw you guys NEED to read this fic! She’s put so much time and effort into it, not just for me, but for her small community too! 

       So show her some love and enjoy the ridiculous story along side me!

Panels illustrate part one that can be read here and on AO3 here! 

  • Ali Plumb: I wannna just say this straight - Harry Styles is good in Dunkirk. Full stop.
  • Nick: He is good in it. Because you do worry when someone is making that transition, but I genuinely think he was good in it. I think you would've still noticed him even if you didn't know who he was.
  • Ali: Yes! Also, cause he's a handsome young man.
  • Nick: Yeeaaahhh.

Okay y’all, time for a serious sticky minute. 

One of the things I’ve always loved about Dylan is his ability to be completely atypical.  He’s got the framework to be a douchey, hollywood “actor” but he’s got the home training, talent and personality to break the mold and be so much more. 

Except when it comes to Teen Wolf. 

I was talking to a friend today and she said that “He’s gone forever and does nothing, and when he does do something it’s this.  He behaves like he’s a nobody.”  and that’s when it really sunk in what’s been bothering about his involvement with Teen Wolf. 

Dylan feels like he owes Teen Wolf.  I feel like he even blames himself for the time he missed for the accident and if he just works hard he can make it up to them because he owes them so much.

How did that happen?  It really didn’t hit me until today that that’s what it was.  Everything in his stature, his words, his tone, his expressions belied his words to the point where I wondered “who is he trying to convince?”.  I wrote to @colethewolf that it seems like he wants to love this show because he wants this time to have been worth it.  And I think he knows that letting go means he’s going to have to grow up and figure out what he really wants from his career and maybe that terrifies him.  This show seems like it’s become a security blanket and if that isn’t years of Jeff Davis “I made you, I found you, stay humble and remember me your roots” Propoganda than I don’t know what is. 

He kept saying Teen Wolf was his first job ever and I’m like.. it clearly was not.  So why does he think that?  Why does he need to press that home so badly?  Teen Wolf was a big break and got him exposure, but does he really think he would be nothing without it and if that’s the case… YIKES.

I’m not making any declarations, this is just me talking and I know some of you are feeling some type of way.  I’ve had nonnies in tears and I’m so close myself, lol.  When I found out Hoechlin was in Africa and after ALL of this we couldn’t even get fake Hobrien, I literally burst out laughing and was about to lie on the floor until i remembered I was at work.  I take this ish way too srsly and will gladly concede I’m crazy, lol.  I just want it to end.  And I’m just now realizing that we’re not going to get the full Dylan Package until it does and that’s… distressing.  

To see the way the show has decimated its fandom is disappointing.  To see the way they disrespect and misuse Dylan at every turn is frustrating.  But to watch him sit there and take it, and try to gladly, like it’s a penance?  Infuriating.  I just… I got nothing.  I’m numb.  Tomorrow is another day and hopefully it will go by quickly and then this stupid show and the three eps we watch will be over.  I just hope that Dylan can see that he needs to step up and step out and that we’ll support him.  Sigh, until then.

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I LOVE the chancellor Obi-Wan series! I reread it all the time because tortured Obi-Wan is great, but his personal hell of becoming a politician while preventing everything is even better. But that last line, wow. Why do I get the feeling the assassination is going to happen while Skyguy and Snips are away? But would that mean that Obi Wan gets to show off all his amazing jedi moves in front of the Senate? And remind them he's The Negotiator but also a superb fighter???

Anonymous said:
Im suddenly thinking of imprompto skydiving when the next assasionation attempt goes off in Bail’s office. Unless it is poision or toxic chemicals.

Anonymous said:
So, SC Obi has had two attempts on his life so far? Only two? No others getting caught before they get to Obi? One of Palps assassin plans interrupted by some other opportunist who fails miserably (and then more Palp-is-suffering?) Or frustration on the investegators parts at these unrelated to the first two attempts?

I wouldn’t think that two assassination attempts warrants an “only”, considering what a short time Obi-Wan has been in power. It is, in fact, a huge amount of attempts. After all, a lot of political leaders have gone their entire careers without a single assassination attempt. ;)

So here we are! An update! Finally! Assassination attempt #3!

I’ve had the text finished-ish for some time, but I’ve been editing and editing and editing until I now. Shout-out to my girl @dendral for looking it over so I could stop banging my head against it! 

This ficlet ended at a whooping 5.7k, so hopefully it will feel worth the wait.

WARNING: this story contains the aftermath of an explosion, as such there will be some descriptions of injuries caused by it, mentions of death, as well as the contemplation of death and dying

If there’s anything you think i missed in my warning, I’m sorry, just let me know and I’ll fix it.

Here we go!

Obi-Wan thinks back to the previous night. He slept well, knowing that Master Yoda was watching over him, though he cannot help the feeling of shame that washes over him. He shouldn’t need Master Yoda’s help like this. He’s dealt with his prescience since he was a child, he should be used to it by now.

He tries to accept the feeling and let it go. He knows that Master Yoda would likely smack his shin with the gimer stick and say something about there being no shame in needing help, and how asking for it shows greater wisdom than breaking your back trying to carry all burdens on your own.

The thought almost makes him feel a phantom ache in his shin, and he smiles. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Obi-Wan turns back to the matter at hand.

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whatever you do, don’t rewatch the kalagang scenes in Sense8 and think about how absolutely, head-over-heels IN LOVE Wolfie’s been the entire time he’s known Kala… how his palms get a bit sweaty with nerves whenever she shows up next to him unexpectedly… how there’s a flutter in his stomach whenever she smiles at him, like the feeling you get when you skip a step on the stairs, except it’s a completely different type of terrifying… how his heart is pounding when she shows up in snowy Berlin, talking about how there’s something good and beautiful inside him, a confident conviction in her eyes that almost, almost makes him believe her… how his chest feels full to bursting; rushing, unstoppable with his love for Kala, a feeling so intense it would almost register as pain if it weren’t for the the fact that it makes him feel lighter and freer than he ever has in his life

Wolf children

Ok honestly this movie is so amazing and I’ve watched it like 10 times already and each time I tell myself not to cuz I know I’m gonna be dead on the floor in a pile of tears. And you know what. I watched it this time. Same thing But this movie is so powerful and It tells such an amazing story about a single mom who didn’t know what she was doing but she got through it all with a smile on her face ((SPOILER DONT READ ON for anyone who hasn’t seen it)) She was a highschool dropout who fell in love with a man and decided “I can do this, because I have him” she showed her wolf man something he had never felt before and made him feel so loved. She didn’t care what he was she loved him for him. He was always there for her even when he was gone. She was distraught but she had to push through. She promised she would care for their kids and she did So now she has to rowdy kids who are half human half wolf. And she’s so lost but that doesn’t discourage her. She pushes through with a smile and even when it was getting tough she fought on and didn’t stop. She moved to the country to help them get more comfortable with themselves. She was living on her husbands savings, whose job was a mover. She farmed and she cleaned that entire godamn huge house all by herself, and still managed to be kind and smile even when she was on the brink of collapsing. She worked so hard for her kids to make sure they grew up well even though she didn’t know what to do. She let them decide what they wanted. Even after that one scene (if you’ve watched it you know it T-T) she knew something was coming but you know she pushed it aside and said “when it comes I’ll deal with it then” and when that day came she hiked through a forest she didn’t know, almost fell to her death, and saw her late husband who told her everything would be fine and that she could rest now because her kids knew what to do, she smiled and said “ok” She watched her little boy find his true identity, and leave her. Her daughter chose to be a human and she moved to the city to continue school. And she stayed in the country by herself content with what she’s seen and learned and after all that hardship, she still smiled. Most amazing anime women in my book is Hannah from wolf children:

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Matthew Daddario Sunday meet and greet - Italian institute

“Why did you want to be a part of the franchise. Cause you auditioned for the movie and successfully for the tv show. Was it just one in a million? Or ” - fan

“It’s a combination of things first of all. This is a honest reality that you try to book work. So when someone comes to you with a show for a series that’s loved by people internationally and it’s an interesting part to play. That’s an opportunity. That’s a great opportunity. A great thing. That’s why I wanted to do it. Then after…. once you book something… cause you can’t get your hopes up. I mean if you got your hopes up about everything, every audition you went on. You would die inside. You just assume no one is going to hide me. You hope they do. Once you get hired, you fall in love with the role.” - matt

“Did you regret that your not jace?” - fan

“Yea but I auditioned for both. Well jace then Alec. I didn’t really feel right for jace to be honest. There were other people that did jace better.”- matt

“Your a good Alec” - fan

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At the anon, when I saw the show, Lucas Steele sat next to me. So I promptly flirted with him, with a wink and a nod. That was okay-- he loved it, lol. But I've seen people sitting in the Banquetes and Mezz who all raise their glasses and clank with ensemble members. Generally, do things that are "quiet" that won't break character and make sure it's scene approprate.

Good advice! Thank you for your input, kind anon!

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It is so upsetting that fandom trashed Steven Universe for you. Because it only got better, and I think you would have really appreciated certain episodes. I know that even if you picked it up again, any enjoyment you got from it would be tarnished and not sincere. And that is viscerally hurtful to me, I would have loved to watch you engage with it.

Back when I was watching it, I actually enjoyed it, and wrote a lot about it, especially the show’s approach to Amethyst, to the way we talk about the dead, etc, I had some crossovers, most of that stuff’s deleted from my blog now because in no way do I want to attract that element to my blog. 

One time one of them yelled at Jet for saying she’d be back in an hour and taking 67 minutes. 

A friend of mine replied yesterday that she was talking about it to someone she knows irl about liking a character and her friend’s response was “that character is toxic” 

I see nothing but ass-discourse about the damn show coupled with the assertion that it’s the most important children’s show ever made and if I gave my Utena-esque look at it it would nothing but ruin, of this I am sure. 

madegeeky said:For the record, regarding SU, I would actually really enjoy a salty, snarky liveblog sprinkled with bits of actual meta if you wanted to try it out. (So, you know, basically how you do Utena.)

I would actually but for the fact that people take it SO SERIOUSLLLYYYYYY and I don’t need to be ground zero for that. 

You know, whenever I really want to get into a fight about Sailor Moon, I force myself to go into the bathroom, look in the mirror and say:

“This is a children’s cartoon about magical space princesses. I want to fight with another human being, about magical space princesses.” 


I recommend: “THis is a children’s cartoon about sentient rocks. I want to fight with another human being about sentient rocks.” 

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My job had extra Spiderman posters and were letting employees take them today. I was able to get one, and since my neighbors' 3 year old son loves Spiderman I decides to give it to him. He was so happy and screaming it was adorable. He gave me a hug and told me to tell Spidey he loves him. Kid thinks I legit know Spiderman. So now I gotta become a famous author, befriend Tom Holland, and show up with him to meet this kid. I'm obligated now. Just thought the story would make you smile.

This did put a smile on my face, that is so cute! You’re so sweet thinking about him like that, a lot of people would be greedy and keep things like that to themselves you know? Now you don’t have a choice but to become famous and meet Tom fam 😂Seriously though, you’re wonderful for making that little boy smile~<3 Thank you for taking some of your time to tell me this love~

Things people say while playing Dream Daddy, but appear as almost nonsensical out of context

“Show us your daddy when you’re done!!”

“Mary shows up and the music stops.”

“I love Amanda already.”

“I flirted with Brian and eggplants went everywhere.”

“Holy shit the Pokémon dad battle.”


“What shall I name this beautiful dad.”


“Do Not fuck Robert at the first chance.”

“Wait a minute. Mat is a rock fan. Oh. I’m weak.”

“Oh god Hugo my heart.”

“Joseph has satan children.”

“She’s like Damien. But bitchy-er.”

“Can I date both.”


“I just got three eggplants in a row from Joseph.”

“Omg.. Mat’s daughter… Fluffy……”

“I want to poke Brian’s belly.”

“I want to save Joseph……”

“Craig looks like he needs a nap.”

“Guys… Damien’s adorable and i’m crying.”

“Man my mom wants a turn lmao.”


feel free to add more! i’ll probably put some more in later.

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bc shawn posted that boomerang on his insta story today.. can u imagine him having a western accent?? and then like strolling along the streets with his cowboy boots and he has some charm to him but he also is dirty and makes all the girls swoon?? wow

LOL i’m sorry, but the first thing my brain conjured when i imagined this is the character teddy from westworld… do you watch that show? if not, you should. it’s excellent.

but anyway, thats an… interesting aesthetic… cowboy! shawn who’s skin is a bit tanner, who’s hair is a bit fluffier, and who of course would have that signature cowboy stroll – slow and purposeful and bow legged and sexy as shit… weathered and rough around the edges… spending his days shirtless, tending cattle on a family farm and his evenings drinking moonshine in a town saloon… sometimes stumbling over to the piano where he plays angsty love songs inspired by that gorgeous native girl he can’t seem to get off his mind…

too much?

You can’t kill off your sole black character and expect people to keep watching. Still love my widow but my relationship with into the badlands died with Veil.
Same will happen with Wynonna Earp, I’m done with the show if Dolls dies. If Shamier is choosing to focus on his music career, then write him off, or leave him with a cliffhanger and the possibility of returning in the future. If he dies I’m gone, gonna get my wayhaught fix from YouTube clips.
I’m not usually vocal about representation, let my viewership do the talking but I felt the need to say this one.

And you know it’s messed up when I’m the one saying this. I will settle for minimal representation, even willing to ignore how messed up a plot will treat a black character because I live by the, “At least they didn’t die” creed.

Update: he just posted on twitter that he’s in NYC promoting his movie and will most likely be at the panel tomorrow. Good Good, I’d hate to have to walk away from this show. Guess he got tired of us asking where’s Shamier?

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Did u watch the chicon main panel? Jared let it show how fed up he is with Cortese or it could be about Danneel too. At around minute 45 Jensen was asked what advice he would give Beyonce about twins, and he said it would be for Jay Z, like your first words should be what can I do for you, and then Jared went and HER first words should be as long as you keep paying my telephone bills and my automoviles the baby and I are chill. Look at Jensen's face he couldn't believe the shade

Hahaha! I love when Jared has no fucks to give! 

I really do think that was Jared getting a dig in at Cortese because when they went to the Winchester Mystery House she had made a crack how Jared’s face pays her bills (x). I know many just brushed that comment off as a joke, but I thought it was done in poor taste and it’s apparent that Jared found it a little fucked up as well.

Thank you for dropping in, nonnie!

Dreams Become Reality pt. 3

Here you go, lovelies! Part 3! I do not own ANY Supernatural characters. They belong to the creators of the show. Thank you @sea040561 for the idea for this part!

Part 1, Part 2

Warnings: Mentions of pregnancy, fluff

Pairings: Crowley x fem!Winchester reader, Mary Winchester, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

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“Are you serious?” you asked your mom. Amara had returned her to you a few months before. At first, she had fought tooth and nail against you marrying Crowley, but when you told her that her opinion didn’t mean anything since she hadn’t been around, she stopped arguing. Then you started getting closer. “Sorry, sweetie. It won’t zip.” You felt your bottom lip beginning to quiver. Here you were, not even a month from the wedding and now your dress wasn’t fitting properly.

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Hi! So um I visited my aunt recently and it wasn't fun. I went to get my hair trimmed by her and when I showed her the way the last person cut my hair she wouldn't do it and gave me a really girly haircut that has made me cry three times in a day. My mom took my phone and found my trans stuff on it and they spent an hour telling me how I'm not trans. Telling me how when I was little I "played with girly toys and never said I wanted to be a boy." I did do these things. (Part 1)

But I also hated dresses. And I loved pretending I was a pirate and dinosaurs. Idk. It just feels awful them telling me that. Are they right? Despite how much better I feel presenting as a man, am I just fooling myself? It’s really upsetting me. (Part 2/final part)

Okay first off, no they’re not right. Just think about it, why would it matter what things you like? If you’re a boy, you’re a boy. I’m sorry your haircut went badly, I hope it gets better.

-Mod Sawyer

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Hi Inky - I've been thinking. GA once had very publicly told a magazine(?) about a married man chasing her which she (claimed) she had no interest. In married men. Now that we have all seen David's heartbreakingly sad demeanour lately - it's very likely that English a$$hole did the vagina-exposure stunt to piss David off. To the point where he'd quit loving and giving up hope of a reconciliation altogether. Surely that despicable shitty a$$hole would have known about their history. Thoughts?

I have previously written that it seems too much like a statement, all this publicly showing her pussy. When PM does what he does at a public hotel pool when the pictures look as staged as they do and finally when it takes place a place like Portofino, then it is to send a signal in my eyes. So yes, I think it makes sense and interesting about the married man ….!
In any case, PM sends a public signal to the whole world that GA is HIS property -that’s what pisses me off. Not a particularly equal relationship that you exhibit in this way.