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I'm curious to know what you think about Zuko's character arc, like did you like him betraying Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 or did you find it OOC? Did you like how he wanted throughout Book 3, cause to me he looked like a douchebag yelling at Iroh, hiring an assassin etc, really looked like Bryke was trying to make him as bad as possible and pair him up with Mai, to cancel him as a love interest for Katara.

I believe his betrayal of Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 was entirely necessary for his character arc. Zuko always showed himself as one who needed to make his own decisions and mistakes before he learned from them. His uncle could preach at him all he wanted, but Zuko only ever recognized Iroh’s truth after he’d pursued a goal to no avail. 

For example, the greatest turning point in Zuko’s story during Book 2 was when he let Appa go. Now, he wasn’t planning to do so. He only released Appa after much urging from Iroh, and Iroh’s explanation of Zuko’s past failings: 

Iroh: So, the Blue Spirit. I wonder who could be behind that mask …
Zuko: [Sighs and takes off the mask.] What are you doing here?
Iroh: I was just about to ask you the same thing. What do you plan to do now that you’ve found the Avatar’s bison? Keep him locked in our new apartment? Should I go put on a pot of tea for him?
Zuko: First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh: And then what!? You never think these things through! [Points at him.] This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had nowhere to go!
Zuko: I would have figured something out!
Iroh: [Starts yelling.] No! If his friends hadn’t found you, you would have frozen to death!

Iroh is quick to tell Zuko that his lack of planning will ultimately lead to his downfall. He was never successful in the past because he never thought his schemes through. What did he really hope to accomplish by capturing Appa? What was his end goal? How exactly did he think revealing his identity in the Earth Kingdom’s only stronghold was going to play out? And this was after he went on a date with Jin, after his uncle had found some success in Ba Sing Se, and after Zuko had a taste of what a normal, peaceful life could be if he’d just let his destiny go. 

Zuko: I know my own destiny, Uncle!
Iroh: Is it your own destiny, or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?

He was happy in Ba Sing Se, but largely so, because he had no other choice. His life no longer followed the trajectory he had planned— he couldn’t hunt the Avatar because doing so would mean revealing his location in Ba Sing Se and he couldn’t return home because he couldn’t hunt the Avatar.

Jump back up to Iroh’s last line listed above: Is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you? That can easily be applied to his hunt for the Avatar, but look how easily can that also be applied to Zuko’s newfound life in Ba Sing Se! His actions — pursuing Appa the second he knew the bison was in the city, even after experiencing peace and success — prove that his life in Ba Sing Se was another destiny being forced on him. 

Now, I know you may be arguing in your head that Zuko’s metamorphosis proves that he had changed— but I don’t think so. I think Zuko’s metamorphosis proved he hadn’t, foreshadowed by this exchange: 

Zuko: Stop it, Uncle! I have to do this!
Iroh: I’m begging you, Prince Zuko! It’s time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions. Who are you, and what do you want?

His transformation in Book 2 was his wrestling with this question: What do I want? Zuko didn’t know. He had no idea. Everything was conflicting in his head. Did he want the Avatar? Did he want peace? Did he want to go home? Did he want this new life? This is particularly evident in the warring dragons in his dreams: 

Blue dragon: It’s getting late. Are you planning to retire soon, my lord?
Zuko: I’m not tired.
Blue dragon: Relax, Fire Lord Zuko. Just let go. Give in to it. Shut your eyes for a while.
Zuko slowly starts to shut his eyes but widely opens them upon hearing the other dragon.
Red dragon: No, Fire Lord Zuko! Do not listen to the blue dragon. You should get out of here right now. Go! Before it’s too late!
Blue dragon: Sleep now, Fire Lord Zuko.
The dragons disappear, and the room they’re in, as well as the guards watching Zuko, crumble to nothing. The blue dragon reappears in front of him. Two golden eyes appear, followed by the face of the blue dragon, which closes rapidly.
Blue dragon: Sleep. Just like mother!
Charges at Zuko and opens its mouth. Inside the dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother, Ursa. Within that darkness, the camera draws closer to Ursa, who drops her hood.
Ursa: Zuko! Help me! 
Zuko disappears through the floor.

Later when Zuko awakens:

Zuko: What’s happening?
Iroh: Your critical decision. What you did beneath that lake. It was in such conflict with your image of yourself that you are now at war within your own mind and body.
Zuko: What’s that mean? 
Iroh: You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience, but when you come out of it, you will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be.

I think a lot of viewers take Iroh’s final comment as the end all and be all sign that Zuko was supposed to fully transform here and join the Avatar’s side, however, I do not believe this is the case. I believe Iroh’s comment wasn’t exactly wrong… it’s just interpreted incorrectly. Zuko did change when he woke from his coma: He didn’t change sides or soften or discern all of Azula’s lies, but as became evident in Book 3, Zuko woke from his coma and was able to finally recognize the truth in Iroh’s words

Let’s delve into the imagery of the metamorphosis… not only is he plagued by weird visions such as taking on Aang’s body, the dragons in Zuko’s dreams symbolize the two dueling sides of him. One part of him wants to enjoy the life he’s found in Ba Sing Se, evidenced by the red dragon warning him to get away from the influence of the blue dragon— 

[SIDE NOTE: Zuko may know that Azula always lies… but he always seems to fall for it i.e. that time she said father wanted him home. that time she said he’d be welcomed home. that time she gave him credit for killing Aang as a favor. that time she said the Agni Kai would be one-on-one]

—while the blue dragon represents his desires lying in the Fire Nation. He nearly succumbs to the blue dragon’s suggestion that he sleep, until the red dragon appears and warns him off. However, in the end, Zuko is charged by the blue dragon: He is swallowed by the blue dragon, and in the blue dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother (representing his long-lost childhood desires— to protect those in need and be gentle/kind/innocent) calling for help, before sinking into the floor. 

What does this mean? Well, I believe it means that Zuko gave in to the blue dragon, and it was meant to foreshadow him giving in to Azula’s seduction in the Crystal Catacombs, rather than foreshadowing him saving sides. It also foreshadowed his recognition of his mistake and his distraught emotional state following his choice to betray the red dragon (Iroh (and Katara)). 

Again, to break it down even more so: 

Zuko wants to give in to the Blue Dragon’s request to sleep. 
In the real world, Zuko falls prey to Azula’s bait, challenging her to an Agni Kai and being imprisoned. 

Zuko is warned by the Red Dragon of his choices. 
In the real world, Iroh pleads with Zuko not to listen to Azula. Twice, actually. Once when Iroh flees the palace and Zuko says he’s done running, and again, below the city, when Iroh pleads with Zuko to make the decision he knows is right.

Zuko is swallowed whole by the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko falls into Azula’s scheme. Unbeknownst to him, Azula is using him— she knows she cannot defeat Aang and Katara alone, so she entices him with the promise of being welcomed home a hero. 

Zuko panics over the vision of his mother (innocence), but is ultimately lost to the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko is completely absorbed in the version of himself he thinks he needs to be. He is angry. He is violent. He is a betrayer. He has lost all connection to the innocence of his childhood and the image of himself that he nearly reconnected with during his metamorphosis. 

Furthermore, being lost to the Blue Dragon symbolized Zuko’s emotional and mental spiral in Book 3. He was incredibly unhappy, even after he sold his soul to come home. He’d lost it all. He had no one to blame but himself but he didn’t want to blame himself— he wanted to blame Iroh for being right all along. Zuko’s behavior towards Iroh was unacceptable, yes, but it was in character when you consider Zuko’s complete and utter implosion and the destruction of his soul in his decision to betray everyone. 

I fully believe the betrayal was Aaron Ehasz’s idea. In my opinion, it was fundamental to Zuko’s character. As long as he had the support and guidance of his uncle, Zuko would never transform on his own. He needed to hit rockbottom. He needed to realign himself with what he wanted, and the only way to do so, was to have everything he wanted and nothing at all at the same time. 

I do not believe it was a ploy by Bryke to destroy Zutara, as the pair came back together in Book 3 and were closer/stronger than ever. 

What Avatar struggled with the most was the timing of Zuko’s arc. Book 3 spent too much time focusing on useless episodes that could have been utilized to showcase Zuko’s actions in the Fire Nation and his resulting decision to leave his place there. His treason could have taken place earlier and, as a result, we could’ve spent more time with the transformed Zuko and the Gaang.

I also think Avatar suffered greatly by cancelling Book 4. If we’d had a chance to see Zuko rule as Fire Lord, I believe his transformation would’ve felt complete. 

So I’m also doing some stuff with episode 89, and gosh, I am just face-meltingly happy that Ashley’s gonna be back on the show for a few months again soon. Everyone just becomes like 30% more marshmallow when Pike’s on the show and I love it so much. “I give him a cotton-candy kiss on the forehead.” Oh gosh. Oh no.

Also, the scene where she accidentally orders Doty to sketch all of her friends while they’re sleeping is quite possibly the single funniest fifteen-minute sequence of pure improv on the show.

Relationship story

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 I’ve been in a long-distance relationship with the best polysexual bigender I’ve ever met for two years now. I’m an asexual demi-homoromantic, and she understands how I am about sex and all that crud. When we actually got to be together in real life again instead of just online, we just cuddled for three straight hours while drawing and writing together.

Both of us love to write, draw, and theorize together, and that helps us to hold on to each other even as we’re kept apart by distance. It’s amazing and I love my girlfriend so much, since both of us can automatically will resort to “OH MY GOODNESS DEAR DO YOU REMEMBER THIS PART OF X SHOW” and we can just scream over everything together.

And yeah.

I love her, and she loves me, and we’re gonna travel the nation and gay it all up together in an Airstream. It’s gonna be good.

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i love when uglies are like "harry never shows enthusiasm for the boys he never talks to them or tweets excitedly" incredible please point me to where harry has congratulated or even tweeted jeff, james, cindy crawford, ben, ellen, nick, lou, alexa chung, cal, his mom, his sister, or his dad etc etc for the past 2 years. do people not see how much he wants those 1d tweets to mean?

they’re very calculated. he’s smart and knows the message they’ll send: “yes, i do indeed love my boys, and the tabloids are full of shit”. but even then it’s not enough for people.

So the show just finished and then Josh and Lucas talked a bit at the end about donating to charities before we left the theatre. It was lovely and then just when I think it’s the end, Lucas chimes in :
“I will kiss you-no discrimination men, women, dogs-on the cheek if you donate $50. If both you and your spouse want one, we can do a threesome for $75.”
And just right after he said that, at the back of the stage, a woman shot out of her seat with-Lo and behold-a $50 in her hand.

I think Lucas was the most surprised out of all of us.

  • Nick: Do you know what I do when I train with my friend, Mckenzi? I just drop him with gossip. So I'm like "Oh my god! Do you know what Sarah did???" And he's like "What?!?!" And you can waste like 12 minutes of gym time on just pure goss. And then you don't have to do as many reps.
  • Riz Ahmed: You're not really getting the idea of this gym thing, don't you?

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Hey, would you happen to have headcanons about Catherine visiting Olivier at Fort Briggs? :3


  • Olivier has a soft spot for her youngest sister, and Catherine admires her immensely in return, so she makes semi-frequent trips to visit her at the fort, where she is universally cherished, doted upon, and adored. (She’s also the only person in the world who is allowed to call Olivier “Olive” - but ONLY when nobody is listening.)
  • She loves Patricia’s short hair but is worried her parents wouldn’t stand for her cutting her own hair that short, so she’s delighted when Patricia shows her a ton of cool things to do with long hair.
  • She joins right in with all the playful tussling and sparring around the fort, and she gives everyone else a run for their money, though Buc maintains that she couldn’t have flipped him like that if she hadn’t caught him off guard.
  • Being very familiar with equestrian activities, she’s excited to see the horses and pitches in to help the stablehands with their cleaning and grooming chores. The horses love her (and the fresh produce she brings from the Armstrong gardens).
  • She rides one of the horses to visit North City, but thanks to the massive haul from the shopping rampage that ensues, she has to return with a car the next day. Among her purchases are a multitude of gifts for the fort’s residents.
  • Buc and Patricia invite her to join in on their culinary endeavors, and she shares some favorite recipes and cooking tips. She’s very skilled at making fancy desserts - meringue is her forte.
Caity Lotz’s Canary is everything

She embodies her so well, her moves, her flirty smile, her dark blue eyes that pierce like knives. I love how she fights, with no super powers and super weapons, but she kicks major ass, and her fight is a form of art, she takes pleasure in taking down the bad guys and does not hesitate to snap her own evil twin’s neck. I love how she puts all the personal aside so everybody else is safe, but also she is able too deeply hate and is not bothered to show it. I love how she loves women and seek their company and wants to protect them, but also is a tomboy and likes to play with the boys. I love how she is true partner, but when the times are darkest she sacrifice herself to help the greater cause and is a lone wolf in the end. I love how she is part of the heroes, but she does not think for herself as one, but her actions and desire to always to do the right thing, act and not react, sometimes brings her to think that she is more of an anti-hero.

I think white or black - Sara’s Canary is what stands out in the DC TV as one of the few prominent female characters written and acted as a full developed hero and embodies the comics book Black Canary character so well.

Sometimes he’s not here
But it doesn’t mean he’s not around
He’s always in my thoughts
He completes me and keeps my feet on the ground
Holding him dear to my heart
Hate it when we’re apart
I know we can’t see each other everyday
But when we do it’s like he never went away

Love u babe

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Trying to show my sensitive side in this post. Hope y'all enjoyed the lovey dovey side of me

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“You can’t just enjoy people when it suits you, use them up and toss them aside.”

“People serve a purpose. For business and for pleasure.”

No. We don’t all exist for your benefit.”

You exist because [—-] was paid to rebuild you. By me. The fact that I’ve developed feelings for you does not make you any less my property.”

“Oh, so the only way you can love something is to own it?”

“How else do you know it’s yours?”

“…How can you think that way?”

“It’s true. I can prove it.”

“Then prove it.”

“You’re free. I release my hold on you. Will you leave me like everyone else?”

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I prefer IWTB over what CC delivered in s10. The latter was a mess. The former at least had Frank helping to rein him in. I appreciate that. And I hope that he's around to help do so when/if there is s11.

I feel this so hard, anon. The only good thing is that I have a whole new appreciation for IWTB. But the longer I’ve sat with S10, the more I’ve grown to really, really dislike it. And I’m resentful that I don’t like it. And I’m bitter that I didn’t like Scully much….who I used to LOVE with all my heart. Essentially, I will need therapy to get over what this goddamn show has done to me. Could Gillian please write a book about that? “How to Be a Zen Person After Your Favourite Show Has Been Butchered and Bastardized Beyond Recognition?” I mean, how many fucking candles and affirmations would that take?

I would be pleased if Frank returned but I would be THRILLED if Vince came back.

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what do you think of mea?? and show us ur ryder!!

I LOVE IT!! I’m bitter about some things sure but everything else is wonderful and everyone’s my best friend :..)

and here’s sara

she’s way more upbeat and goofball than my sheppy which is super nice to play as tbh

and yes the bioware faces look amazing on her

the second face is when she’s talking to vetra it’s very fitting

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"It’s little moments like that that make their relationship so interesting and sweet" - I also love two tiny moments in 4x06. When Eleanor asks about Spain, before answering her Flint looks at Madi and they exchange glances. When the redcoat is taking off the handcuffs, Flint again looks over at Madi. She is not an active participant in the conversation, so he doesn't have to do that. But they're communicating silently and showing that they're on the same page.

i love their relationship so much 

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what's your favorite: BtVS Ep, AtS Ep, Faith moment, Tara moment

btvs ep: THE GIFT

ats ep: five by five / sanctuary

faith moment: can i use a moment from the comics? in s8, faith realizes that there are other misguided slayers. other slayers who are making mistakes, just like the ones she made. and she decides that what she wants to do most of all is to help them. that’s my fave faith moment. (today, at least.)

tara moment: look, there are so many moments that show how strong tara really is, like when she stands up to her father with the support of her friends and tells him to go. but….. im goin with “maybe you should put some ice on it.” not just because it’s hilarious, although that’s a big part of why i love it. but she’s also a) standing up for buffy by showing that she doesn’t have to deal with spike on her own, and b) showcasing the confidence she’s developed? tara from hush would never have made that joke. that whole episode is A+ tara material.

ask me about my favourite ___ ?

Had a burst of inspiration to do Kurosian Kaos again ;u; there’s a bit of a reason, but I’ll save it for when it’s announced meheheheh

I don’t have a ton of freetime but this was a fun doodle. After re-watching Skylanders Academy a bit, I felt like giving him some love. That show is so great but with how much Kaos is mistreated and thrown about I always feel bad xD 

~Weird Hyenas, mod

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I have to say. I'm incredibly jealous of writers like you and Gotham for your ability to beautifully weave in lines from the book and show canon. Even if you change who actually says them, you bring those words in seamlessly. I'm really in love with this new story of yours (I know, big shocker). But that "nothing hurts when you love me" line just KILLED me. So SO very beautiful.

Owww, thank you so so so much lovely @takemeawaytocamelot!! But you shouldn’t be jealous at all, it’s not as hard to get those lines in, as it is to create a wonderful plot - and that you do so beautifully! I love that Jamie dixit and thought it was the perfect way to end this first part of the story. 

Btw, I’m saving your Vegas AU to finally catch up to this weekend, when hopefully I’ll be able to breathe a little. Can’t wait!! <3

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Whst do you think about underrated or non-used/rarely species? (Example: hedgehog, flying squirrel, cow, oppossum), i dont see those species in fursuits very much

I really love seeing less common species showing up, especially when someone can pull off adapting those to a fursuit :D 


I was tagged by @sookashira to do this! Thank you so much, lovely! <3

Share 9 Characters you identify with. Which is harder than expected, but here we go: 

  1. Eponine Thenardier. Doomed forever to pine after the people I like with no resolution. 
  2. Ann Perkins. I’ve been told I resemble her, and was cast as her when my friends were playing that “Cast yourself in different shows” game. I think it works. I tend to be the voice of reason in a group. 
  3. Eliza Hamilton. Cause I am trusting and kind, and would willingly step aside if my sister/friend told me they liked a guy I was interested in. 
  4. Newt Scamander. Kind of socially awkward, but once you get me going about things I like, I won’t stop. (Also got him on a quiz!)
  5. Wirt. Tormented soul that sometimes writes poetry in the depth of night? Also elder child problems? I just really identify with this boy. 
  6. Christa Lenz. Live to make others feel happy and important. Hiding something darker within yourself, but try to ignore it by focusing on others. 
  7. Yamaguchi Tadashi. Shy, insecure, have to work hard to prove myself. Very loyal to my friends/those I love, and tends to go along with the crowd when jokes are thrown around. Hardworking and I’d like to think that it pays off? 
  8. Belle. My princess. Looks for the best in people, focusing on what’s on the inside instead of the out. Also loves books. 
  9. Riza Hawkeye. Fiercely protective of the people I love, and also not afraid to tell them if they’re being stupid. Also, INFJ connection. 

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your art shows promise, but i've noticed a recurring issue in your work: prominent anatomy problems. in a large proportion of your works, the head is far too large, the arms are almost comically shortened, and the bodies are too small and simply not long enough. do you pull back from your work to judge these? maybe an art beta or anatomy books would help. you draw faces well and your art is otherwise quite lovely, but the anatomical issues detract quite significantly from your work.

First of all, thank you so much! I’m incredibly happy and honored that you took the time to write that message to help me to improve. This is a lovely example of constructive criticism, which I am always happy to receive.

I actually didn’t see it till you pointed it out for me (I knew something was off, but I was not sure what exactly) so that’s incredibly helpful! I’ll try to think of your words the next time I’m drawing something - there’s still so much to learn…