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@lilized: The long-promised, two-pages action scene!

In which we follow the proud Blizzard’s tradition of throwing Gabriel around, our beloved Sarge tries not to show how much Jack’s daring display made him fall a little bit more, and “Gabe” is born.

We’re going to take a little break from updating during the weekend, but we’ll be back on Monday. We’re sorry we couldn’t respect the daily schedule, but Irene is a hopeless perfectionist who lied to my face when she said: “Of course I’m not going to color it.”

This totally counts, Irene, you cheated. You do not get a pass just because it’s greyscale.

(Though seriously, give her some love, she deserves it.)

@ufficiosulretro: My brain has like… 0% battery right now so I’m just telling you this: I love to challenge myself a lot while having fun with these fan comics, you know, and I’ve probably already said that once, but this time I wanted to create something unusual and deep and cool and great because I feel like working with @lilized really brings out the best from me. I hope you’re enjoying reading this comic as much I’m having fun drawing it. Thanks, everyone. :)

in rough times like these…your music will be released to help me. you know that right? you know that you’re still helping everyone even when you’re up there. it’s a blessing to know someone like you, and even though i may not have personally known you, you showed me enough to keep me here…and that is something not many can do.

i will definitely shed tears when the album and music video are released but…it has to be done…the tears always win…i cannot fight them..

thank you jonghyun…i love and miss you my beautiful boy..

Tonight’s episode



And now I’m thinking Jemma might get pregnant. So not only will we have a WEDDING to look forward to but ALSO possibly a baby?

That’s my train of thought….YET I come to tumblr and I see depressing/pessimistic thoughts of one of them dying yet again.

Come on folks, this is OUR PAYOFF. We deserve the happiness after 5 YEARS of turmoil and painful storylines. The writers are giving us PAYOFF.

I know it’s hard to trust. But let fans enjoy all these precious moments and think POSITIVELY for a change.

Iain and Elizabeth LOVE being on this show. They both have a 7 year contract. I do NOT see either of them wanting to leave. Writers have accommodated their other filming schedules like Iain was able to film a movie. So why the heck would either of them leave ESPECIALLY when S6 (if it happens) will most likely be last season? 

And as for writers, they want ratings and for fans to watch the show. Storyline wise, it would make no sense for either to die AFTER all the obstacles they went through to be happy. That would just be cruel and horrid writing…and fans/critics would be angry beyond belief….as well as cast members. 

Enjoy the show. Be happy. Don’t let “depressing” theories from fans effect your viewing pleasure. I’m trying not to let it….but it’s tough when you want to GUSH in the tag…but instead see constant “oh my god Jemma is dying…” posts….each time something good happens….

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Regarding your post about the person who committed suicide by jumping in front of the train; sucks you had to wait two hours... when the family of that person had just lost someone they love. show some respect and maybe learn to drive so poor little you doesn’t have to take train :( and be inconvenienced :( by someone’s death :(

Ive i known how to drive for years so there’s nothing for me to learn. kill yourself at home and not on the train ppl have shit to do.

headcanons / thomas shelby & reader


thomas shelby and reader relationship headcanons.


“Can you do headcanons abt how Tommy shelby is in bed, in public around his girlfriend and when she is away ? Thanks !”

authors note:

i’ve never actually posted headcanons before but i love writing them so be sure to request them if you want to !! i also take song request / imagines based on songs so feel free to send them in too !!

[in public]

  • in the beginning of your relationship with tommy, he was extremely wary of showing his affection towards you around others.
  • he was scared of people perceiving him as vulnerable, weak just because he was capable of love.
  • but you were adamant that it just took baby steps.
  • and sure enough you were right.
  • tommy eventually began to allow himself to hold your hand around the office or rest his arm around your shoulders in the garrison.
  • soon, tommy would be full-on kissing you in the middle of the streets of small heath.
  • he no longer saw his love for you as a sign of vulnerability, but just something that made him stronger – another thing to fight for.

[when you’re away]

  • tommy would always be in a worse mood when you were away.
  • he would spend a lot of his time worrying about your safety when ever you left small heath, whether it be for business or to visit friends or family.
  • sometimes he would wake on a morning and turn to your side of the bed, initially waking with a shock before remembering where you were.
  • to ensure he knew you were safe, tommy would call so that he could hear your voice and know.
  • to try and distract himself from your absence, he throws himself into work.
  • when you return tommy’s mood would instantly improve, just because he’s finally with you again.

[in bed]

  • tommy likes to be in control in all areas of his life, this included in bed.
  • he’d appointed himself as a ‘giver, not a taker’.
  • he adored the sight of you with your back arched against the satin sheets, hands bunched into fists and toes curling, all because of him.
  • but, tommy’s preferences did not stop you from giving him what he wanted either.
  • you were more than happy to relieve him of stress when he returned from the office with some certain techniques of yours he loves.

A very late Christmas fic for @shoegazerx that I know she’ll secretly love and pretend to hate. *blows kiss* 

Royale Instinct AU: Last Christmas

Adam Towers was a fool no longer.

He still remembered the last words he heard Prince Jean Duran speak to him.

“Love does not factor into this and we both know it. My duty is to my kingdom not to you.”

Adam was shattered when the arrogant bloody prick left for his duty and sought comfort from anyone who would show him the time of day for nearly a month before he decided to do the next best thing:

Ignore it.

He went after every story, danced at every party, and even dated someone famous for a few months before he thought better of it.

Love was someone who had a heart and that no longer applied to him.

Jean Duran is in trouble.

The Prince fled his country after a coup de tete where they rebels kill his new wife and take over the castle because he’s “unfit” in their eyes. He thought he’d been so very careful but his dalliances had been found out and the blowback was immense.

The Future King was not supposed to be inviting men into his bed when his wife with her perfectly good womb waited for an heir.

Jean took solace at the embassy, made contact with the President himself, and was sure things would be cleared up before the Christmas holiday. Then he was invited to celebrate at a gala and ran into the one person he never expected to see again.

Adam looked radiant in his anger, justified of course as Jean had tossed him aside for fears he no longer had. His kingdom didn’t want an heir who had no qualms about who he took to bed? It was none of their business.

They avoided each other the entire evening though he felt Adam’s eyes on him more than once throughout. There was talk of him, the investigative reporter who would gladly sell his own mother for a story. Jean found himself intrigued by the change in him.

The dance floor was filled with couples by the end of the evening in various colors of red, green, and black. He spotted Adam with a man twice his age and the jealousy that overtook him was unwarranted.

That did not stop him from walking towards them.

“Excuse me, may I cut in?”

Adam’s partner chuckled and backed off, which made it simple for him to guide them together while surprise still seemed to have taken hold on his partner.

“What are you doing?”

“Dancing with you,” he murmured, turning them expertly, “Has it been so long since you’ve had a proper partner?”

Adam fought his hold and Jean held on. “No, I’ve had plenty. How’s your wife, Highness?”

“Dead,” Jean answered as he dipped Adam low.

For a split second there was sadness in Adam’s eyes but then indifference again. “I’m sorry.” 

“It’s no matter,” he continued, “She was barely a wife.”

“Are you that much of a bloody monster now that you…?”

Jean kissed him before Adam could finish and the taste of his tongue burned through right down to his toes. Adam pushed him back and stomped off, though there was interest now from the crowd. He followed and his guards as well from their hidden places.

There was a small courtyard that overlooked the skyline and he could feel the bite of cold against his face as he walked. Adam was as far as he could be and still quite alone on a bench with no coat of his own either. 

“You’ll catch cold.” 

“I don’t give a bloody fuck.” 


He sat down and Adam moved to stand, though Jean held him still. 

“She’s really dead?” 

“Yes, there was an uprising. I’m surprised you’re not aware, working in the paper.”

“I like to pretend you don’t exist, so it was fairly simple not to know.”

Jean smiled and eased his hold, the touch soft as he refused to take his hand off Adam’s knee. “I’ve missed you.” 

Adam looked at him, his eyes narrow and hard. “I haven’t missed you.” 

“Liar. I can see it in your eyes.” 

It began to snow but neither of them moved as they stared. 

“What else do you see?” 

“Anger,” Jean whispered, “Hurt,” he reached up to touch Adam’s cheek, “Love.” 

There were tears in Adam’s eyes. “I hate you, so that one is definitely…” 

He kissed him quiet, the touch a soft burn now that he never wanted to stop. Adam pushed him back and then grabbed hold of his tie to pull them closer. Jean pulled back to press their cheeks together as he whispered. 


“I can’t do this again,” Adam whispered, “I can’t.” 

“I’m not going anywhere,” he promised and pulled back to look him in the eye, “I promise you. Spend Christmas with me.” 

“At the embassy.” 


Adam laughed. “As your…?” 

“Love, Shejtan,” Jean whispered, taking his hand up to kiss, “As my love.” 

Adam smiled. “How could I say no to that?” 

all the members in day6 are always on dowoon’s ass saying how he’s actually a bully in the dorms but they love him so much…….. n its very obvious. they always pick on him but encourage him and praise him on his work on the drums, his improvement in singing, and his overall nonsense humor. wonpil especially always hold his hand and  even sungjin who’s the classic tough busan man has admitted that dowoon is quite cute lmao !!!! they really do treat him like the youngest even when the age gap isn’t that large. anytime he acts up SLIGHTLY all the members are like “OOOOOOOH THE TRUE YOON DOWOON IS SHOWING !!!!” and its so damn dramatic but they love him…….. I love him….. I love day6

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i've a question- is being a "neat freak" and feeling like Everything Must Be Perfectly Organized And Consistent Or I Will Die a symptom of/related to adhd (or does anyone experience this as well)? it's been bugging me for a while, and advice would really be appreciated!

Hello darling!

Yes, this is a symptom of ADHD. Being excessively clean and needing everything to be exact is a part of ADHD, for several people, but of course not all. - B

The reason this happens is that, while the ADHD brain is pretty chaotic a lot of the time, we actually do really well when things are structured and organized. This can show up in different ways. For example, I’m really bad at keeping things organized and tidy (though I love organizing things) but I have set routines that I structure my day around, and if those routines get disrupted it can throw me right off and I won’t be able to deal with my day properly afterwards.

Of course, not all ADHDers experience this kind of problem. Some of us are pretty content living with chaos and a lack of structure, and others would like it but can’t figure out how to make it happen so don’t become neat freaks or schedule slaves. Everyone’s different!


Happy birthday Aoi. You are a inspiration and role model for so many of us. Your smile lights up the stage and the world like a real star. You know. I always looked up to you when I was 12 and now as a 23 year old I still do. You have opened up to us and showed us your feelings and all we want to do is just cheer and you will always here us cheer. I know we call you the super star but you will also always be our beautiful hollyhock standing proud. Happy birthday Aoi. We love you.

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May we see your stuffed animals?? :D

ah yes you may!!! thanks for asking, i love showing them off :D

above are Arthur and Abejatriz. i got Arthur at a CVS or Wallgreens, i forget which, and they’re squishy in the most interesting way!! Abejatriz is from this website and she is huge and she is soft and i love her. when i’m sad i squeeze her tight and feel a little better.

and then there are my other lil plushies: Horace, Vergil, Chewie, and Crinkle Peep. they’re all soft and Crinkle Peep, as the name would suggest, is crinkly!!

okay to reblog UNLESS you are doing so for se.xual reasons of any kind!! k.ink blogs or l.g. blogs do not interact


So I drew the bois, I tried doing some simple coloring with little shading. Anyways, Hnng I swear, I got many feels 😂 I really liked Akira. When he turned I kinda expected him to be a jerk, which would have sucked, but he was actually still pretty nice. The whole crybaby thing, could have also easily been annoying, but it instead did a good job showing his humanity was still intact. As for Ryo,,, oh boi. He’s a pretty bad person right, but man, I love characters like his, idk why, they just emit this edgelord vibe 😂 That last episode had be weak though. Like, I wonder if that’s his punishment for defying God. In the beginning of the anime, you see Earth being destroyed, and when Ryo is “born” I suppose, he doesn’t have memories of his true identity. At the end you see the Earth being destroyed again, so maybe he has to continually discover love before losing it and continuously feel that pain over and over. Don’t defy God yo, I guess lawl, I cri. I feel bad for him though because that episode made him seem like a small child that was just beginning to understand emotions and all that 😢😪 ON A SIDE NOTE, I’M IN LOVE WITH THE OST 👌🏼♊️💚 ((APP: ArtStudio))

MFMM 30 day’s challenge: favourite male character

The second question for the Miss Fisher 30 days challenge is “Favourite Male Character”, and I view this as a bit of a trick question. There is no doubt that Jack Robinson is my favourite, and I love what they have done with him as a character and the nuanced way Nathan Page plays him (I expanded on this a bit in a tumblr post on why Jack really is worth all our love). So the question must be, bar Jack, who is my favourite male character.

But also, all the regulars in the show are wonderful, and I cannot pick out one between Hugh, Mr Butler, Cec and Bert. So the question must be, bar the regulars, who is my favourite character.

And for this, I actually do have an answer. Amid several really great characters, I choose Raymond Hirsch. He is rather sweet and fun and a little bit adorable when he whines, but above all he brings us a delightful glimpse into how Phryne has friends and how Phryne was as a child. We can still see small remnants of that boy and girl who would go nicking fruit together, and have the other’s back (Raymond saying “Tell him, Phryne” just makes me laugh). And it’s so nice to see Phryne negotiating that friendship with her new loyalty, to Jack and the detective work. I adore her taking a small double take and then saying “It’s a fair question, Raymond”. I think he even kind of deserves Clara, although she’s an even more lovely side character than he is.

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EXO Non-Idol!Dad AU: Byun Baekhyun (4/9)

  • Father to twins! His son is Byun Bo-Seon, & his daughter is Byun Bo-Ra!
  • He works as a writer for a really popular publishing company!!
  • Posts on instagram A LOT!! (Again, usually of his children!!)
  • He is such a wonderful father, and he spends literally all of his free time with the twins!!
  • So so so proud of everything they do!! And always takes them on fun day trips when they do really well in school!! 
  • so soft!!!!!! loves his kids so much!!!!

*A/N: If a picture shows a child’s face, I will cover it with an emoji. The image wouldn’t normally have an emoji covering the faces if this weren’t an AU.

Love Your Work

Rules: It’s time to love yourselves! Choose your 5 favorite works you’ve created this past year (fics, art, edits, etc!) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world in 2017. Tag as many writers/artists/etc as you want (fan or original!) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works.

I was tagged (challenged) by the talented @atwistoffate Thanks so much for inviting me to do this! Although, I’m not sure I would say I’m proud but these I guess are my top favorites. 


Summary: The reader is an actress on supernatural and she gets interrupted on stage, leading her to show off a hidden talent.

So this was my first fic ever! Well, the first fic I ever posted. I never intended to write fics for Jensen. I just wanted to be a Dean girl, but when I started typing, it just came out so naturally I went with it. And as you can tell from this and my masterlist, Jensen stuck around for future fics. It’s definitely not my most well written fic or in the slightest bit creative, but it’s my first so it will always be special to me.

Silent In The Trees

Summary:  The reader is a ghost with no memories of her past life and bound to a forest, spending her days wandering when two hikers catch her eye. Inspired by Twenty One Pilots - Trees.

So, fluffy cons are one thing… angst is a whole ‘nother monster. This story is when I truly, really started feeling like a writer. 

Little Miss Adventure

Summary: Jensen and the reader have decided to literally escape their failed relationships and drown the tension with a trip to Bali Indonesia. Having connected on the flight, they decide to get to know more of the island and more of each other.

This one was written for the powerful and fabulous @dancingalone21 Lau’s summer escape challenge. Nothing is more healing to me than a warm and sunny beach, add Jensen to the picture it’s practically Nirvana. Partially inspired by parts of Dirty Dancing and finally some solid plans for a part two, I’m excited to see where it goes

Austin Nights

Summary: The reader lives in Austin and unknowingly runs into Jensen at a bonfire and sparks fly.

Austin Nights was my first real series. I was still just stepping into this world of fanfic at this point so I never really intended for it to go further than one part, maybe it shouldn’t have… but nonetheless, the ending is overly cheesy and so full of fluff it will make you sick, I still enjoy reading the last few paragraphs from time to time. 

A Girl Called Mike 

Summary: The reader disguises herself during hunting jobs as a man named Mike and has met up with the Winchesters several times. They are unaware of her true identity. Feeling they know and trust Mike, they agree to invite the reader to the bunker.

I really had a hard time deciding between this one and Hunters Academy. I went with this one though because of the reader. I feel like I know her the most out of any of my ‘readers’ and honestly can relate to some of the frustration and pain. I don’t usually write or plan that far in advance, so while I may know the immediate future, I’m still shaping where this journey will go. And I am excited/ somewhat nervous to see how the characters change and grow. 

I also just want to give a shoutout to @misguidedconqueress who reviews all my writings and with kindness and patience points out my first grader mistakes. I honestly can’t say I would have posted anything worth reading without her. So thanks so much girl! I don’t know how I will ever be able to return the favor. 

I would like to tag a few other fic writers, to do the same and post your favorite five parts or stories. Of course, no pressure if you don’t have the time or you are not interested. Also, if I forgot to tag someone, please feel free to pick this up and continue to love. @dancingalone21 @jotink78 @skymoonandstardust @coolness22 @cdg174 @atc74

the showrunner is justifying making the heathers marginalized groups because he said that theyre not the REAL villains but the people to aspire to, and how he always loved the heathers. so by retelling the story with marginalized heathers hes showing that anyone can be aspirational and TRUE fans would know JD is the real villain

but in the film dont they literally bully a fat girl to suicide and then mock her when her suicide attempt goes poorly. and then heather duke also drives heather mcnamara to suicide. those are some real role models


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You don’t even know what this is doing to me rn this is INSANE 1000 people are following my blog I love you all so sososoooo much my dudes I can’t even begin to show how grateful and appreciative I am for each and every one of guys which is why I HAVE TO do something for you guys!!! when I hit 500 I asked u guys this same question and my inbox was sOooO dRy so PLZZ GUYS tell me to do something whether it be an imagine, edit, selfie something!!!

I want to give back to you beautiful ppl!!

thank you guys soo much once again I love you all soo muchhh

hope you have a extravagant day/morning/night/evening💛💛💛


Big confession

24m,I posted anonymously recently, now I figure I can just tell y'all.
I love to have ass played with. I remember I lived with my now wife’s sister and she had a big dildo, maybe 9", when ever she would be gone from the house I would put her dildo in my ass. I would love for her to be working nights, cause them I would have hours alone with “my” new favorite toy. I would get on Kik and show off how well I could take it; and also some sins would make me do ATM. When this happened I was new to the anal thing, I didn’t know much about it all but having a women command me to pleasure her self was everything I wanted in life. To feel that again would be amazing.
Anyone wanna play over DM or Kik please let me know

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dream trip: it changes ALL the time but i’d love to go on a tour of europe or smth

favorite food: bhelpuri or ferrero rocher

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favorite song now: heaven is a place on earth by belinda carlisle bc i watched san junipero and now it gives me f e e l i n g s

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