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Sound the Alarms: 07

Sound the Alarms: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader ~ Jungkook | Seulgi
Description: You were in love with Jeon Jungkook since you were 14, but made the mistake of introducing him to your best friend at 16. Now you’ve slept with him at 19, and it appears that fate isn’t done screwing you over when it comes to your two best friends.
Warning: Hella Angst, EXTREME Toxicness (don’t read if you can’t handle the abusive side, it gets bad), Sexual Assault, Self-Harm, Mentions of Suicide, Handjob, Blowjob, Violence
Word Count: 4,549

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boyfriend! yuta

Originally posted by suhyngho

waddup kids im back and im ready to write (i shouldnt be i have exams ahahaha :( anyway yup imma write some boyfriend yuta shit bc yuta is a little shit and hes boyfriend af so here)

  • first. of. all. yuta nakamoto is f u c k i n g precious and you better feel blessed that you’re dating him bc (well u are whilst you’re reading this) he doesn’t just date anyone no, no, no!
  • this boi LOVES you, honey. you are his damn everything and he will show you every single second of the day in the most adorable but subtle way.
  • when u wake up he might be at practice or whatever he doing w nct but he will have bought u some breakfast (can yuta cook? idk i cant remeber from that thing whatever it was called i think he thought he could cook but he flopped. anyway) he bought u some breakfast before he went bc u gotta eat good bbe 
  • HE’S A LITTLE SHIÎÏÍĪĮÌT he will prank u all the damn time. get ready. u hear him scream bc of a spider, ur getting a plastic spider thrown at ur face (this girl in my science class had a plastic rat and a plastic spider and she used to throw them at people lmao lol can i sTOP GOING OFF TOPIC) u know just like couple pranks that annoy u but u put up w it bc u love hiiiiiiiim bc hes cuuuuute
  • texts u cute things when hes bored bc he knows u blush so hard like “hey ily, have a good day, u slay bby” 
  • makes u feel like the most important person in the world. like u know how theres like 1743847921847 couple holidays in south korea well hes not gonna be there for all of them like hes in nct so he makes sure he leaves u some flowers or ur fav snacks bc hes a cutie like that
  • subtly leaves his tshirts and hoodies at ur house bc he knows u love to wear them and he secretly loves seeing u wear them
  • chill dates like getting ice cream together at weird times like 4am but neither of u care bc ur chilling with each other and thats all that matter
  • doesnt really like matching couple items but will probably wear them if u want. maybe like matching rings or some shoes or something
  • making fun of him (in a loving way) and him giving u the silent treatment so u’ll cuddle him
  • secretly LOVES cuddling with u even tho hes bad af lmaooo
  • ur basically winwin’s legal guardians. he loves winwin guys its so cute he’ll probably always be at ur house its socuuuute

 anyway imma wrap this up and say that yuta is a little angel cutie who needs to be my boyfriend asap now :-) his personality suits me well lol anyway gooooodbye i hope whoever bothered to read this enjoyed it aha

when they call yennefer selfish

so fam, now that this is a topic again, here are my thoughts.

she might act cold and can come off to some as arrogant (personally i never felt like this) but she isn’t, never at any point in the story selfish. not in the books and also not in the games. so even if you only played the games you can’t be so deep in triss as to call yennefer selfish. she does act difficult for some who don’t know the backstory but it even gets explained that she and geralt were in love, now both she and he come back and she finds out, hundreds of miles away in the hands of the enemy that her beloved has fucked her friend, again. and she even accepts that he had amnesia but she brushes it off easily with “please, grealt, i don’t want to hear that”. now at least at this point you, as a human being should have noticed that she is hurt but still she doesn’t make a scene, doesn’t blame geralt for it. she even shows her feelings at the end of the conversation and kisses him, tells him to not die which literally mean translated from yenneferish “please don’t die, don’t leave me again

then in skellige her main focus is on ciri. she realizes that it’s a run against time, that they have to rush, that already horrible things happened at skellige and that they might find ciri’s dead body. a magical explosion destroyed a whole forest. ciri might be powerful but she does not know how to put her magic to good use. and ultimately moussack tries to forbid her to enter this part of the forest. a strange man tries to forbid a mother from searching her lost daughter who is definitely in danger. now you might not be a mother but let me tell you, knowing that you daughter might be dying or already dead are horrors i wish no one. ask you mother what she’d do to protect you, you’d be surprised how powerful and determined even the calmest and loveliest woman can get.

in kaer morhen she is constantly reminded by both the infamous bed and lambert that the love of her life shagged her friend here. it hurts. can’t you emphasize with that? imagine your wife/husband, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your cursh spending a lot intimate moments with another person, worse, your friend and colleague. and then your loved one even keeps picking on you. you might not like a person but you can always treat them with respect and they will do the same. she will not be nice to you while you play the everlasting asshole.

even if you don’t romance her, ciri is yennefer’s daughter by choice and ciri loves her as they both risked their life for the other. even if you don’t want to play the family with her because you want to romance triss, that doesn’t give you the right to make yennefer seem less worth because it makes triss ridiculous that her fans can only choose her by compromising another women.

you can choose yennefer or you can choose triss, you can also choose shani or syanna. nobody, neither yennefer fans nor triss fans can tell you what you have to do.

it’s not their right.

there are such people but why encounter stupidity with even more stupidity?

but it’s also not your right to insult fans or make up lies about yennefer, to twist and turn both canon and characters to your likings.

and ultimately i don’t think you can call yourself a triss fan if you have to talk down yen to justify your choice.

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Someone tells Reader that she isn't good enough for one of them let alone both Bucky and Ivar and to leave them alone. So they tell her all the reasons why they love her to convince her to stay

The ride back home is stifled.

Your boys are goofing off back and forth; Bucky in the front passenger seat, Ivar in the back. You drive silently, grim expression set with no vacancy in sight. 

The Lothbrok’s loved Bucky. Every single one of them. Bucky had put on his brave, outgoing face and quickly became center stage at the family barbecue. He even got caught roughhousing with Ubbe, Ivar’s oldest brother, as they started up a small rugby match in the expansive backyard. 

Sure, Bucky came along for Ivar long before you did… But now you worried if you’d ever fit in. At first the worry had merely been in the back of your head, but after what Ivar’s mother said - it was a struggle not to cry in front of the boys.

Like on autopilot, you arrived at the house without realizing it. Marched ahead of your boyfriends as a means of quick escape, wanting nothing more than to climb onto bed. Bucky’s bed, preferably. 

You snuggled under his sheets with a shaky sigh, willing the tears to stay back. You cringed once you heard the boys making their approach, still fucking giggling as they carried on about their successful afternoon. They fell quiet when they found your form completely buried in Bucky’s bed.

“What is wrong?” Ivar asked. 

“Leave it,” you mutter, not sure if you can even bear to tell them without crying in front of them. And you didn’t want that.

You heard Ivar set his crutches down and there was a shift on the bed as the two large men joined you on the bed. 

“Babydoll,” Bucky whispered, tugging at the sheet.

Ivar was less gentle. Took a handful of the sheets and tore them from you, making you roll onto your back with the motion. You stared at the ceiling, unwilling to meet their eyes.

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Dad’s Videos

Summary: Dan and Phil’s daughter of nine years begs to watch some of her Dad’s videos. She just doesn’t understand why she can’t watch Daddy Dan’s.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Swearing, Talk of sex

Word Count: 1.8k


 Meg stared up at her dad with the biggest puppy eyes she could muster. She always turned to this strategy as a last resort.

 "No. Now go wash up for dinner. We’re having fajitas tonight,” Dan insisted, quickly changing the topic. 

 Meg let out a sigh and trudged over to her bedroom while Dan silently celebrated. He had dodged it yet again.  

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do u have any ace characters in your writing?

Of course I do, what kind of amateur do you take me for!?

(I’m kidding, thank you for asking)!

I’m gonna try and go off the top of my head, so I might forget a few, b/c I have a lot. Like, these are prob just the ones I’ve been working on/with the most recently.

Ginger O’Malley from Boneshaker Investigations is asexual! She and her girlfriend/business partner/later wife Nadia are very happy together.

Finch Cho from Midnight Mystery Theatre is also ace!

Harvey Belasco in my and @subsequentibis‘ comic Madge & Harvey is a bi ace as well (actually…so are the last two…huh). His daughter, Maisie, is aroace and her one true love is cinema.

(Off-topic, but Madge & Harvey’s son, Marcello, and Ginger and Nadia’s, Alcor, end up getting together when they’re grown up, b/c shared universe).

Here’s a cute pic of Harvey Ibis drew to close out this ask:

Another “Dark” Scene

I understand the complaints about the darkness of the Richonne love scene. I know that I was about to raise Cain but then I remembered another “dark” love scene from 30 years ago.

I was 11 when “Top Gun” came out. I ADORED this movie. It is just everything. I’m going to be honest. It’s a bit of a war propaganda film mixed with Americana and spread over Wonder Bread. This film was way before Tom Cruise went nuts and bounced all over Oprah’s sofa.

Kelly McGillis played his love interest. Smack in the middle of this film is one of the best love scenes. But imagine me sitting there having to watch it in the theaters along with my mother! I never got the sex talk. My mother was born during the 40s so you know how that went. When she gave me the sex talk it was: “You know what your period is, right?” That was it! I could see how painfully uncomfortable it was for her. Ugh! I wanted the ground to swallow me up!

Anyway I got off topic.

I couldn’t help but to think of this scene when the Richonne snippets came out. Yes, we want to see everything. I get it. But look at how beautiful the scene with Cruise and McGillis is! I wonder if this was the inspiration for 7.12. I’m thinking that Gimple is Gen X like me so I wouldn’t be surprised.

There’s a lot of tongue action here. You folks in Richonneville called our attention to the tongue action in Rick and Michonne’s scene. Thank you and God Bless.

The power ballad “Take My Breath Away” by 80′s group Berlin is blasting in the background. I think that it may have won an Academy Award for “Best Song” or something. Richonne is one big 80s power ballad to me. I play them when I write. This scene ruined me. I thought that’s how sex would always be. My expectations were HIGH. My first time came pretty close actually. After that it went a bit downhill.

I guess we get enough realism in our lives.

But it looks like a new generation is going to develop high expectations as well.

BTW-If you want to see the actual love scene from Top Gun, here’s the link:


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heyyy! i'm that anon with the verbally abusive parents hc. i guess you can label me sugar anon^^ anywayyy i have this other hc with rfa+v+saeran with an mc who sucks at singing regular songs but theyvdiscover that mc has a lovely and melodic voice when they speak a foreign language (e.g arabic) and it soundd much like a song too :))

sugar anon! I finally got to this! thank you for being so patient with me( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I hope you like this!💛


  • as much as zen loved mc, he had to admit they could not sing
  • he still liked hearing them sing, though. because it made him laugh
  • they were just so cute
  • mc accompanied him to rehearsal one day and he had a foreign costar
  • she was from America! which is really cool, but language barriers;;
  • how were they gonna talk?
  • mc is like “I got this.” and they start talking to her in fluent English
  • zen is so surprised omg
  • and he doesn’t really know what they’re saying but is sounds..so good
  • he hears his name and that’s really all he knows, but something about his name surrounded by english words is really appealing
  • it sounds like music, to him at least
  • later, he asks mc to speak in english more
  • they offer to just sing in english
  • he gets so excited
  • and when mc starts singing, he swears he almost starts crying
  • “babeeeee you sound incredible! why didn’t i know you could speak english before?”
  • mc has to do this more often now


  • yoosung thinks he can’t sing so he relates to mc’s singing
  • he can sing tho
  • so they’re the type to only sing around the house
  • however, mc got a call from their mom one day
  • and when they answered, they started speaking their native language
  • which yoosung knew, but never heard
  • and let me tell you, the simple spanish that comes from mc leaves him Shook
  • he knew mc spoke spanish, but he never heard them speak it??
  • and now that he has, he loves it??
  • when mc gets off the phone, he excitedly asks
  • “mc! why don’t you speak spanish more often?” 
  • they’re surprised, but say it’s because he doesn’t understand spanish
  • “if I learn, will you speak it more?”
  • “yes..but why?” “because it literally sounds like a song!”
  • he takes spanish for his language credit lmao


  • they were having one of their deep conversations 
  • where they talk about anything and everything 
  • and the topic of singing came up
  • mc thought jaehee was a really good singer, but that they weren’t
  • jaehee loved mc’s singing because they have fun with it
  • but she agrees, mc can’t sing 
  • then the topic shifted to hidden talents 
  • jaehee can beatbox (!!!!!) 
  • mc is so surprised, but they have something up their sleeves too
  • they speak greek! 
  • jaehee stares at them, in shock
  • there are practically sparkles in her eyes
  • “you speak greek?!” 
  • mc answers her in greek
  • jaehee can feel herself melting on the inside with joy
  • it’s music to her ears 


  • mc showed him that they could speak french in the chatroom, but he never heard them speak it
  • and the topic unfortunately never came up again
  • until it did
  • that morning, he saw mc with earphones in, singing a song
  • he smiled, just watching
  • were they good? not really. were they cute? heck yes
  • jumin walked up to them, wrapping his arms around their waist
  • “hm, my love..we have a meeting today.” they turned around, “are you sure im not interrupting?” “of course not”
  • it was this french representative from one of C&R’s test international companies
  • the meeting went well. but mc didn’t say much because it was all business
  • however, they spoke when it shifted to just talk
  • they spoke in french to communicate to the rep easier
  • and jumin found himself staring, practically hypnotized
  • mc are you sure you’re not singing?
  • please do that more often

707 / luciel  / saeyoung

  • its a well known fact that neither saeyoung or mc could sing
  • not that it stopped them, they still belted out songs 
  • anywhere, anytime 
  • however, the gate to the house still asked questions in arabic
  • so mc was brushing up on their skills
  • saeyoung caught them practicing by just talking to themselves, saying random sentences
  • and it was amazing
  • he couldn’t put his finger on why, but it was
  • like, to the point where saeyoung wanted to speak solely arabic for a week
  • he did too
  • mc carried that dictionary everywhere
  • “whyyyy” they asked him once, when the week of arabic started
  • “because it sounds nice! especially from you!!” 
  • what a dork 

v / jihyun

  • “i can’t sing,” mc whined. V just laughed. “yes you can.”
  • “not like you! you sing really well” they pouted
  • “do I?” he asks and mc nods
  • “well, you’re good at things that im not, angel” he smiles
  • “like?” mc asks. “hm..being adorable” mc just answers with a scoff
  • and the conversation is dropped
  • or, at least, v thought
  • it took awhile, but mc perked up
  • “i can speak russian! can you?” they ask. V, surprised, shakes his head
  • mc smiles and breaks out in fluent russian and V is,,,Oh Boy
  • it was a simple sentence, but he’s grinning
  • “I think that was a song in itself” jihyun says with a chuckle
  • now mc is blushing
  • now jihyun wants to learn russian, just so he can talk to mc and hear them use it more 


  • mc was studying japanese for college classes
  • saeran helped them, occasionally, but it was always writing and never speaking 
  • however, he caught mc practicing for an oral test 
  • they spoke it so fluently and he was rendered speechless 
  • mc just??? sounded so good? and it was different than when they spoke korean 
  • it sounded almost like a song
  • which reminded saeran of something
  • mc did not sound the best when they sang 
  • it wasn’t…horrible..but it wasn’t that good either
  • not that he told them that
  • but mc speaking in japanese was something else 
  • mc caught him staring and he tried to hide it
  • it didn’t work, but they let it slide

Anonymous said:Dating Two-Bit would include?

A/N: I actually made this one before, but some people complained about it so I took it down and re-wrote it. So I hope that you enjoy it, anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Two-bit Matthews would include:

- Two-bit constantly teasing you and driving you insane.

- Two-bit constantly telling you jokes to make you smile and laugh, because, he thinks you’re incredibly beautiful when you do both of those things.

- You being terrible at telling jokes, so you stick to horrible and cheesy puns.

- “That was cheesier than the cheese on my pizza!” Two-bit would laugh.

- “Oh my gosh, Two-bit! You’re terrible.” you’d shake your head at him.

- “You love it really, baby.” he’d grin.

- Learning how to cock your eyebrow.

- Examining and taking his switch blade.

- “You be careful with that, alright? It’s sharp.” Two-bit would warn you.

- Two-bit being very protective of you.

- “Listen, buddy, pick up your own kind, and get the hell away from my girlfriend before I show you what this blade can do to you.” he’d threaten.

- Two-bit rarely getting jealous but when he does things get real serious.

- You getting jealous whenever girls flirt or try pulling moves on Two-bit.

- Two-bit constantly flirting with you and flattering you.

- Having the kindest, funniest boyfriend in existence.

- Not agreeing with the fact that your boyfriend drinks way too much.

- You and Two-bit prank calling people.

- Two-bit always offering you a chew.

- “You want one? You’ll grow lot’s of hair on your chest.” he’d tease.

- Two-bit opening up to you.

- “I only drink this crap to help me feel less afraid. It makes me forget most things for awhile.” he’d admit about why he drinks so heavily.

- Two-bit allowing you to open up to him, and vice versa.

- “Shoot! I don’t know much about these types of things, baby, but; life get’s tough and I know the chips may always seem to be down on our side, but, you’ve got to make the best of what you’ve got. So make the best of it, I guess. Either you like it or you lump it: And that’s law.” he’d say.

- When you cry or get upset, it breaks Two-bit’s heart so he always does his best to know what to say to make you happy again.

- Lot’s of banter.

- Cuddles.

- Learning how to do phenomenal voice impressions because Two-bit teaches you how to.

- Sex at the lake in the back of his Thunderbird.

- Getting mad at Two-bit for going too far with his jokes.

- You punching him for banter or hitting him on the chest when he says or does something way out of line.

- “It was a joke!” he’d utter, exclaim.

- “Yeah, whatever! You’re lucky that you’re you, or I would have hit you so hard your head would have spun right off!” you’d retort sharply.

- “You’re like honey! You wouldn’t hurt a fly!” he’d grin at you.

- Both of you being madly in love with each other.

- Two-bit taking you to the Drive-in’s every week or two.

- Being a happy couple; - a genuinely happy couple.

- Watching Mickey Mouse together.

- Pigging out on chocolate cake together.

- Baking chocolate cake together and have it turn out into a disaster so the two of you head to the Curtis house and steal their chocolate cake.

- Dancing to Elvis together.

- When you get jumped or hurt, Two-bit get’s real serious.

- “You drive this hood crazy, baby!

- Two-bit being sweet to you.

- Him stealing stuff and giving it to you.

- “This is stolen, isn’t it?” you’d inquire.

- “It’s only a candy bar! And besides, you had nothin’ to eat.

- Two-bit picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder.

- “Put me down, Matthews!

- “Nope!

- “Oh my god! I’m gonna barf!

- Two-bit never listening and you end up throwing up.

- Getting worried whenever he’s in a fight or participating in a rumble.

- “Baby, don’t sweat it! I can handle myself.” he’d reassure you.

- Being close to the gang/ the gang becoming incredibly protective over you.

- “I love you, (Y/N).

- “I love you too, Two-bit.

- You getting Two-bit.

-  Two-bit getting you.

- “You dig okay, baby.

- You and Two-bit getting overly lovey dovey in front of the gang to annoy them.

- “Get a room! You two make me sick.” Dallas would growl.

- “You can join in, Dally. She doesn’t bite, but I do.” Two-bit would waggle his eyebrows.

- “Get outta here!” Dallas would try not to laugh.

- Being the only person to call him by his real name, Keith. (And usually only when he does something stupid, wrong or terrible).


- “What’d I do now?

- Being the only one that Two-bit opens up to over serious topics.

- Both of you pranking each other and everyone else.

- Loving each other unconditionally.

- When driving with Two-bit, he makes you sit on his lap.

- Two-bit always showing you off to people because he thinks you’re the most beautiful girl ever.

- “Two-bit, stop! This is embarrassing.” you’d whine.

- “How so, baby? You’re beautiful, and I want every guy to know how lucky I am.” he’d beam at you.

- Two-bit teasing you over anything and everything.

- Helping him with his homework.

- “Boy howdy! You sure are smart, doll.

- Laying in bed together on a Sunday morning before watching Mickey.

- Getting along well with his kid sister.

- Reminding him to take certain things more seriously.

- Him reminding you to live a little and not take everything so seriously.

- Two-bit walking you home every night.

- Loving Two-bit’s laugh just as much as he loves yours.

- “I don’t know what I’d do without you, (Y/N).

- “Same, baby. You mean the world to me.”

- Two-bit loving you more than he loves Mickey.

- “You love me more than Mickey, right?

- “Hell yeah I do! What kind of question is that?

- Treating each other right.

- Being each others everything.

- “You know I’d do anything for you right, baby?” Two-bit would ask.

- “Yeah. And I’d do anything for you.” you’d reply.

- Both calling each other cheesy pet names.

- Being goofy together.

- You not liking Kathy, Marcia or any of Two-bit’s past many blondes.

- “You jealous, baby?” Two-bit would inquire.

- “No!

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Being each others best friends as well as each others partners.

- Being partners in crime.

- Both having Minnie and Mickey shirts.

- Constantly stealing and borrowing his shirts.

- “Soon enough I’ll be walking out naked if you keep taking my clothes!

- “I’d like that sight.

- “I bet you would, doll. But you’ve got a jealousy issue and girls would be staring.

- “Don’t flatter yourself so much, Matthews.

- “That’s cold!” he’d laugh.

- “I was kiddin’!

- “I know baby, don’t sweat it.

- Making each others lives a heck of a lot better.

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A Cold Awakening: Ch 20/25

Summary: Modern crime AU. Twenty years have gone by since Storybrooke was shaken to the core by a gruesome crime that went unsolved. Sheriff David Nolan and his partner, daughter Emma are forced to revisit the crime. At the same time, Killian Jones and his older brother Liam have been drawn back to the town they had longed to never see again, struggling to find their own answers.
As taunting notes and clues show up they are taken on a journey to finally bring justice for the Jones family. And Emma Nolan finds herself caught in a situation more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

Notes: Hello all! First, once again thank you to @shady-swan-jones for the lovely banner for my story!!!!! Still hype about it. Time for anotha chapter! Took me a while (again). This update in particular is brought to you by: your continued support as readers, an entire box of cheez its, and my 90s hits playlist on REPEAT.Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Read the whole thang on AO3 or FFnet 

Disclaimer: I own nothing, all rights to OUAT

Rating: M

Word Count: ~9100

Emma’s limbs were like spaghetti noodles. Loose and limp from spending the night with Killian. One would assume that meant waking up the next morning she wouldn’t still have the urge to go another round but… that assumption was wrong. There was something very intimate to her about spending a morning laying naked in a bed with him. An indulgence she hadn’t allowed herself with nearly anyone else. In fact, if he were anyone else she would be scurrying to dress and leave before the other person woke. Not wanting to deal, at all, with the messiness of a morning after. But Killian wasn’t anyone else, he was him. And that was enough for her to stay. Especially after the events of the past few days. Killian’s ex-girlfriend having turned out to not be who she said she was, Emma was feeling particularly defensive of the man sleeping behind her. She had actively done almost all she could to protect him and his heart that he had so trustingly given to Emma, but there were was only so much she could do.

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[ENG TRANS] Soy Sauce Crab Nayeon - Nayeon loves Jungyeon always

1) Nayeon gets cutely excited when Jungyeon comes back into the video, “Oh, Jungyeonnie!”, “You come when we’re talking about food”.

2) Then, Nayeon talks about the recent story whereby an ostrich escaped from Everland, which Sana kept thinking was a Flamingo:
Nayeon: *reading comments* “Looks like Jungyeon (ostrich) escaped”
Jungyeon: Who looks like a flamingo?
Nayeon: You
Jungyeon: Aren’t flamingos pretty?
Nayeon: Yes, you’re pretty 

Jungyeon: *continues eating*
Nayeon: *reading comments, can’t keep topic off Jungyeon* Jungyeonie eats well…

3) Nayeon: Oh you kind of look like me :)
Chaeyoung: Lol I think she doesn’t like the sound of that (T/N: mischievous kid!)
Nayeon: Why do you feel bad about that? 
Jungyeon: No I don’t….

Trans: only2yeon

Just my two cents..

This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion but here’s my two cents on the AH comments… Obviously it’s frustrating to watch your team not come away with the results they should. It’s frustrating to be one of the biggest leaders on your team and literally not be able to do anything to help your team win a game. That’s not saying her making saves doesn’t help the team out, it obviously does, but AH is a goalkeeper and please someone, ANYONE tell me the last time a GOALKEEPER scored a goal in a game?  A common thing I am seeing said is “defense wins games”, and to an extent it does win games, but you know what really wins games? SCORING. GOALS. AH could save every single shot hit at her in a game, or the defense can be on fire and clear the ball out before it ever makes it back to her to save; but if a forward (other positions can score too obviously but IT’S A FORWARDS LITERAL JOB TO SCORE GOALS) never makes it into the back of the net, they can’t win. The most the team could get it a draw, which is better than a loss but it’s still not a win. Anyway, I’m getting off topic (shocker, I know). As for AH comments after the game here’s where I stand: NOTHING. SHE. SAID. IS. WRONG. As many have pointed out (like any one of us could possibly forget) AH is Orlando Pride’s Captain. You know what I love about her being Captain? That not only is she the first to point out when another player or the team as a whole is doing something well, she also calls them out when something isn’t working. That ’s her job as Captain to point out their strengths AND THEIR WEAKNESSES. As an athlete, I sure as hell wouldn’t want someone who just tells me when I’m doing something right, I want that person who isn’t afraid to call me out on my mistakes and make me want to get better. Anyway, those are some of my thoughts on this, not all because we’d be here awhile if I let all of them out. Feel free to come talk to me about yours whether you agree or disagree I’m always up for a good discussion.

A Little TLC

After a rough work week, Sherlock comes to Molly’s rescue after a long couple of weeks of his own.

The last bit of dialogue was inspired by this post on @sherlollythoughtoftheday 

               Molly collapsed on her sofa after walking through the door. She had been having a stressful time at work, and in addition, Sherlock had been out of the city for the past couple of weeks on a case assigned by Mycroft and she was missing him. They would text whenever he had a free moment but she missed having his arms around her as she slept. She missed the sound of his rich baritone voice that would always calm her after a long day. Sitting up slowly, Molly decided a nice, warm bubble bath was just what she needed.

               After she gathered her things for her bath, a key turning in her door’s lock alerted her. Sherlock appeared looking just as exhausted as she felt.

               “You’re back early!” Molly exclaimed with the first real smile she had all week.

               “Solved it quickly,” Sherlock smirked proudly. She noticed the dark circles under his eyes indicating that he had hardly slept at all the past two weeks.

               “You look like you need to unwind,” she remarked, moving closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace and kissed the top of her head.

               “Mm, as do you,” he added.

               “Together then?” she suggested.

               “Together,” he agreed.

               Only moments later was Molly lying back against his chest, her hair up in a messy bun, as they both soaked in a warm bubble bath. She had a glass of wine in her right hand and Sherlock had interlaced their left hands together. He pressed a tender kiss against the spot just below her ear that she loved so much.

               “I missed you,” he spoke softly.

               “I missed you too,” she replied, turning her head to kiss his cheek but could only reach his neck. He chuckled lightly at her attempt.

               “Having trouble?” he asked.

               “Hush,” she scolded playfully. “Are you laughing at me?”

               “Mm, maybe just a bit,” Sherlock smirked, placing a kiss on the tip of her nose. She scrunched it up in that way he adored. Molly unlaced their fingers to reach her arm up around his neck and pulled herself up to snog him properly. He felt as if he could drown in her; ironic considering the bathtub setting. These little moments with his Molly were his favourite. She made him feel happy and loved. He knew he did the same for her.

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What if?

Okay. Random thought. What if Bill Cipher had actually fallen in love with Mabel Pines?

In the show, Mabel ends up having several love interests. Mermando. Gideon. The Gnomes. Gabe. Just to name a few off the top of my head.

Then there is the logic of Bill putting Mabel in a bubble when he KNOWS she is apart of his zodiac. Here is where some may argue that it’s to keep the show alive until the end. That would be logical for the producers, but would it be with Bill’s ultimate plan? No. It wouldn’t unless he really just likes her and kept her in a bubble that GAVE HER EVERYTHING SHE WANTED AND ANYTHING THAT WOULD MAKE HER HAPPY!!!! Seriously! What enemy would do that? All he needed to do was basically replicate her summer over and over, not make her a paradise!

Then there is the fact that Bill never went into Mabel’s head at all. Sure she’s mostly sugar and glitter but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be smart too! Mabel and Dipper are basically younger versions of Stan and Ford. Stan couldn’t have rebuilt the portal if he wasn’t at least a little bit smart! Mabel could be the same way. In fact, I wouldn’t mind reading a fan fiction where Mabel and Stan have some power that neither told their twin. Like, Stan could have super strength and Mabel could have powers envolving emotions! It would make sense since Stan is always the more gruff and physically beating things (*cough cough* Punching Bill at the end*cough cough*) while Mabel is the more emotional one. She wanted a summer love and so she searched for romance. She wanted to help Mermando get home even though she knew she’d probably never see him again. She was so devistated when he got married. She got so mad when she found out the unicorns were lying to her. MABEL IS DRIVEN BY EMOTIONS!!! That’s what makes her such a great match maker!! And I am totally getting off of my original topic!!

What was it again?

Oh yeah!

BILL IS TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH MABEL!! Why would he bother making her happy when he could just destroy her? He knows she is apart of his wheel! He calls her shooting star the entire time!

Well, I think I’m done with my rambling.

Fantasies- Ch.1 - Preparation

AUTHOR: loveCorrah
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: The man, himself!
GENRE: romance, smut, angst
FIC SUMMARY: Ava Blaire makes her money by fulfilling men’s fantasies, and she’s damn good at it. One morning, she gets a suspicious call from a mystery woman, that asks for help in making her boyfriend’s ultimate fantasy come true. When she meets the couple, she is more than a little surprised to see who it actually is, and gets swept up into a world that she wasn’t quite prepared for.
RATING: Mature/Explicit
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Highly explicit story, that will include all types of sex. It revolves around a call-girl, so be prepared for that!
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Please, please understand something, you guys, this fic is just for fun! I have nothing against Taylor Swift, it’s just the subject I wanted to write about… I thought it would be a neat base for a story. I don’t really give a shit about who Tom’s with, so don’t get offended by what you may read about their relationship in this story! I have a feeling she won’t be a part of it for very long…  ;-) Also, if you like it, please share!


                           Chapter One

Most romantic stories don’t start out with a call-girl. I mean, other than Pretty Woman, can you name one? A real life one? Me either. This story, however, does start out with a call-girl— me… and it is romantic. I would have never thought that my world would be turned upside down like it was just a few short months ago… and it’s all due to a gentleman. A gentleman and a call-girl… who would have believed it? What… you don’t believe it, either? I’ll tell you my story, our story, up until now… and I truly hope that it will end with a ‘happily ever after.’ I guess we’ll see together, won’t we? 

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Connection Chap Eight

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Chap Two. Chap Three. Chap Four. Chap Five. Chap Six. Chap Seven.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word count: 2193

Chapter Eight

Lines borrowed from The empty hearse in BOLD

(22 months later)

Your name: submit What is this?

A knock at the door stirred you from the reports covering your work side of the kitchen table. You glanced over to the mess on other side and smiled. Will, your fifteen-month-old son, was giggling as Mrs. Hudson tried to feed him breakfast. Another knock echoed through the flat and Mrs. Hudson stood up. You stopped her with a pointed finger. “Sit. You’ve done enough.”

She smiled as she sat back down and leaned toward the toddler throwing more of his breakfast than eating it. “As if playing with you is a chore.”

You shook your head as you stood and called out, “hang on!”

With a big smile toward the other side of the table, you asked the giggling, bright-eyed mess, “who do you think it is?” You were met with wet raspberries and messy claps. You chuckled as you walked backward through the kitchen door. “Don’t make any more of a mess on nana. I’m raising a gentleman.” He blew more raspberries and Mrs. Hudson’s laughter followed you into the sitting room.

You opened the door and frowned, “John? Why the hell didn’t you just come in?”

John smiled as he walked in glancing around as if he might see someone else. “Never know when you might be entertaining someone.”

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Group/Member: BTS/Jungkook

Words: 672

Genre: fluff

Summary: Jungkook tries to impress his crush

Request: anonymous

A/N: Finally getting to all of these requests! Hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie

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Jungkook’s POV

We just finished practice and are headed to the dorm where y/n, the most beautiful person in the world, is waiting to hang out with us. “So Kookie, when are you gonna tell y/n about your feelings for her?” Jimin asked. “When are you gonna grow 3 centimeters?” I retorted. He immediately looked like he was plotting my demise, which he probably was. “Besides, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t have feelings for her.” Yoongi hyung scoffed, “Yeah, and there are rabbits on the moon.”

“Actually, there are rabbits on the moon. I believe the government is using the moon as a breeding ground-“ Yoongi cut him off. “Now is not the time for one of your crazy theories Tae.” Taehyungie hyung pouted. “It’s not crazy.” He mumbled. “I believe you, hyung.” I patted his shoulder. He smiled at me. “We’re getting off topic. We’re supposed to be discussing Jungkook’s completely obvious feelings for y/n.”

“They’re not obvious!”

“So you do have feelings.” Namjoon hyung said. “What? No! I didn’t say that.”

“Yes, but, you’re exact words were ‘They’re not obvious’. You wouldn’t have said that if they weren’t present.” I silently cursed his geniusness and walked ahead of them.

We walked in the dorm and were immediately greeted by the love of my life. She said hi to us and hugged each of us, but she seemed to hesitate when it came to me. Does she not like me? I can’t have that. “So what are we doing today?” Her angelic voice broke through my thoughts. “How about I cook dinner for everyone and we can just have a movie night in?”

“Sounds good to me.”

A few minutes into us hanging around in the living room discussing what movie to watch, I managed to sit next to y/n to have our own conversation. “So, y/n, how have you been? It’s been a while.”

“I’ve been good. I’ve missed you guys. It’s been so boring. I’ve mainly just watched Netflix.”

“That’s cool. I’ve hit the gym quite a bit.” I said as I subtly flexed my arms to show off my muscles. She looked a little nervous as she said “I’m gonna go see if Jin oppa needs any help.” She got up and tried to make it obvious she was trying not to run out of there, but I could tell. I got up to ask if she was ok. As I got to the kitchen, I heard Jin hyung say, “I’m gonna take the food out there, can you get some glasses out of the cabinet.” He walked out with the food not even noticing me there. I walked in and noticed her struggling to reach the glasses. I silently walked up behind her and reached up to grab the glasses, making sure my chest was against her back. She jumped and moved away from me. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I should go get these glasses out there. Thanks.” She moved to walk around me, but I grabbed her wrist. “Did I do something? Am I making you uncomfortable? Because I’ll stop.”

“No, Jungkook. It’s not that.”
“Then what is it? Because I don’t wanna keep making a fool out of myself trying to impress you if you don’t like-“ I was cut off by a pair of lips on mine. “Would you shut up for a second?” She kissed me again, and this time I kissed her back. We stayed like that until “Hey, y/n, what’s taking so long-OH MY GOD YOU TWO GET A ROOM!” We broke apart and started giggling. “This isn’t funny! I’m gonna walk out of here and act like I didn’t see that.” Jin said as he proceeded to do so. “So you like me back?”

“No, Jungkook. I kissed you because I hate your guts.” She gave me a flat look. “Just making sure.” I grabbed her hand and led her to the living room to join movie night, and get Jin those damned glasses.

Bobby’s Daughter - Part Eight
Part One

Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven

Summary: Bobby confronts you about your relationship after his heated discussion with Castiel.
Words: 1,088
Castiel x Reader
Warnings: None

You were pacing backwards and forwards in Bobby’s living room, Sam and Dean watching you from their seats on the couch. Castiel and Bobby were still in your room, and every now and then you could hear your father’s voice booming throughout the house as he shouted at the angel.

You nervously bit your nail and looked at the Winchesters.

“What’s happening?” you asked, stopping directly in front of them.

Dean shrugged, “Probably trying to be a good dad. Protecting his daughter from a creepy old man.”

You glared at him, “Castiel is not a creepy old man. And I thought Bobby knew him already?”

Sam look at you apologetically, “He does. But he knows the socially awkward, rusty people skilled, angel of the Lord. Not the guy he found…”

“Dry humping his daughter?” Dean oh-so-helpfully supplied.

“You’re not funny,” you told him, still glaring, “What’s he going to do to him?”

“Chemical castration?”

“I wasn’t talking to you,” you hissed.

Sam elbowed his brother and Dean apologised half heartedly.

“I don’t know,” Sam said, honestly, “I think we’ll have to wait this one out.”

“Gee, thanks guys,” you replied sarcastically, “You’re making me feel so much better.”

Sam sighed and stood up, walking towards the front door.

“Come on,” he said, turning to look back at you, “We’re going to work on Princess.”

“I don’t want to,” you complained, “I want to be here when they come down.”

“No. We’re working on your car, and you’re taking your mind off of it.”

You relented and followed him out.

Forty-five minutes later, you heard footsteps coming towards the garage.

“Y/N,” Bobby gruffed, and you slid out from under your car.

You caught him giving Sam a stern look before the younger Winchester smiled apologetically and left.

You ignored Bobby’s offer of a hand up and scrambled up on your own, folding your arms once you were stable on your feet.

“So,” he cleared his throat, “I spoke to Cas.”

You huffed an annoyed laugh, shaking your head slightly.

“He seems to think that you ‘love’ him,” he looked at you sceptically.

“That’d be because I do,” you deadpanned, “And we were in the process of getting to know each other again before you rudely interrupted.”

You felt weird that you were talking to your father like that, with no sign of respect. You would never have dreamed of being that rude to your mother. But then again, she never ripped your boyfriend off of you and then proceeded to shout at him for the best part of an hour.

“I hadn’t expected to see… what you were doing… when I got back,” he said, approaching the topic carefully, “I didn’t realise you knew Cas quite so well.”

You frowned at him, unsure of where he was going with this conversation.

Bobby sighed, rubbing his forehead, “I don’t approve of this relationship, Y/N.”

“Go to hell,” you snapped, your mouth moving before you had a chance to process what you were saying.

He raised his eyebrows and you blushed, but you refused to apologise.

“I was going to say,” he continued, your blush deepening further, “I don’t approve of it. But Cas was very… insistent… that he cares about you. A lot.”

“He helped me through a tough time,” you told him, “After I lost Mom.”

“He told me,” Bobby nodded.

There was a pregnant pause, and you were ready to argue till dawn with him about your right to be in this relationship.

Bobby let out a deep sigh and shoved his hands in his pockets.

“I’m never gonna be okay with it,” he told you, “But I can see you two care about each other. So I guess, as long as I never have to see it again…”

Your face lit up into a wide grin and you unfolded your arms in favour of hugging him. You let go almost immediately, but the sentiment was there.

“Thanks Bobby,” you smiled, rushing past him towards the house.

You found Castiel in your room, sitting on the bed and looking thoroughly disgruntled.

You sat next to him, a bit too close, and hugged him tightly across his shoulders.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, kissing his cheek, his jaw, “He thought he needed to protect me.”

“I understand,” Castiel smiled slightly, shifting so that he could return the embrace, kissing the juncture between your neck and your shoulder.

You laughed and pushed him away.

“We can’t,” you told him, “Not now. Not here. Bobby doesn’t want to ‘have to see it again’.”

“I can fix that,” he grinned, “Fly us to a little hotel.”

You shrugged, “It’s kind of late. And I haven’t eaten…”

“Say no more,” he whispered, placing his hand on your shoulder and zapping you out of the room.

In the blink of an eye you were outside the diner.

You laughed and kissed his cheek, “Diner food for lunch and dinner?”

“I forgot,” he sighed, “We can go somewhere else?”

“No, no,” you smiled, “This is fine. It’ll be like out first date all over again.”


He took your hand and walked you inside, sitting down in a booth and ordering almost instantly.

You laughed through the meal, talking just like you used to, before Purgatory, before your time apart.

“I’ve missed this,” you told him, reaching across to brush some of his hair from his forehead.

“Me too,” he smiled sadly, “I’m so sorry for not being here.”

“Castiel,” you chided, “I’ve told you to stop apologising.”

“I know,” he shook his head, “Sorry.”

You laughed and took your hand away.

“Me too,” you smiled.

You managed to avoid the topic of apologies for the rest of your meal, and you left the diner with a huge smile on your face.

Your heart was filling again, slowly getting back to the way it used to be. You were happy, and your angel was back with you, where he was meant to be.

The two of you walked to the end of the road, hand in hand, before Castiel stopped you and pulled you close to him.

You smiled, leaning up to kiss him. He kissed back, brushing your hair behind your ear as he did.

He pulled away and looked at you, thoughtfully.

“Is this really going to be like our first date?” he asked.

You laughed, “I guess. I mean, I don’t have a cheap, grungy motel room for us to go back to…”

He gave you a mischievous grin, “I can fix that.”

Part Nine

Ok so I am in love with @cindersart ‘s Big brother to Piper! Percy AU (I seriously need to think of a shorter name for it) and I’ve been thinking about it non-stop so I just wanted to post some thoughts I had on it.

Percy introducing Annabeth to his family for the first time and at first Piper is really suspicious of her like ‘who the hell are you and why are you holding my brother’s hand that’s what I do’ but then Annabeth keeps pulling funny faces at her when no one is looking and handing  her cookies and Piper goes all starry eyed like Percy never let this girl go she is amazing and they bond and Annabeth does her hair and Piper does her’s and Percy is just standing in the door way smiling because ‘holy shit I have two super cute girls in my life and I love them more than anything’ but he’s also like ‘I think they love each other more than me oh’ but I just went totally off topic of Percy and Piper and threw Annabeth in there mkay let me get back to Piper and Percy.

Percy skateboarding and Piper being amazed and wanting to give it a try. Percy trying to teach her but Piper being really independent like Percy I got this let go so he does and she realises how hard it is to actually balance on one of those things and she falls off and Percy rushes to help her up but by the time he gets to her (which is like 2 seconds) she’s already stood back up with her eyes /shining/ cause that was amazing and she must try again immediately 

I don’t know what I love more the idea of Piper styling Percy’s hair or Percy styling Piper’s

Ok wait they both style each others at the same time. Cross legged.


No but can you imagine Percy’s expression when Piper brings home her first boyfriend?? HE WILL BE //SO// PROTECTIVE LIKE HE GOES UP TO THE GUY WHEN EVERYONE ELSE HAS LEFT THE TABLE AND HE DOES THE ‘Hurt my sister and I will end you’ TALK BUT THEN HER BOYFRIEND IS LIKE ‘If I hurt your sister I’m pretty sure she’ll end me first.’ 



I’ve gone so far away from little Piper and Big bro Percy I’m so sorry

(little) Piper designing a tattoo for Percy with crayons.

He gets it.

Accidental matching flannel shirts anyone?

*cough* Piper coming out and Percy being extremely supportive *cough* Percy then later realising Piper is literally gonna steal his girlfriend one day