i love when people text me this stuff

One of my least favorite things is when a younger person is interested in something or just like, talks about some general subject and an older person is like ????? what??? you weren’t even alive/you were so young when X!! like imagine if you started talking about how much you love Shakespeare and some rando time traveled just to tell you “But you weren’t even alive when he was writing!” like did you know that it’s a lot more fun if you expand your interests to things that haven’t existed exclusively in your lifespan & that the past will inevitably affect the present so it’s good to be aware of it

BTS as shit I say

Seokjin: Everything you feed me is a lie.

Yoongi: When I’m alone, I try and communicate with the devil. I heard he’s a great conversationalist.

Hoseok: I’m feeling bruised, abused and confused

Namjoon: I didn’t even touch it and it broke.

Jimin: I love you…I love you…I love you….I SAID I LOVE YOU GIVE ME ATTENTION

Taehyung: Meth fucks my brain. MATH. I MEANT MATH!

Jungkook: Apparently there are hot singles near me.

The big flaw with Compatibility!!

I decided since I came back from my break, I would work on my content for my website and stop posting here. I am going to stop with the expectation of this because I feel like it’s specific to Tumblr. The reason I needed to take a break is that I have a lot going on in my personal life and at the same time I need a break. I love astrology passionately and intensely but sometimes its frustrating when you see people being misled. I don’t mean to sound like I’m attacking and I don’t want to explain in great detail through text as to why I think it’s so important for me to correct this stuff. 

First of all please remember that if you’re going to someone for synastry or advice on who’s “best for you”, be very very particular on who you go to if you’re going to take it seriously. And if you’re giving advice as a blogger, be accurate. It doesn’t matter how common a pairing is based off information or people on tumblr because leaving people who believe in astrology, there’s over 7 billion people in the world. It doesn’t make sense to go from a small amount of less than 20,000. In statistics thats called a small sampling size, and in my opinion it is small because we’re generalizing a point. It’s also densely biased when we talk about pairings, find someone who isn’t biased. You can’t take what you’ve experienced and make that set in stone for people who share a sign with you. 

For instance sextile pairings are not the best pairings. They aren’t dynamic or erotic in an emotional or physical sense. A lot of people ask about zodiac sign pairings leaving the whole charts alone and just focusing on the Sun. They aren’t the worst but they aren’t the best, in fact the sextile in general isn’t a major aspect on its own. They’re just extremely glamorized. Soo…. Taurus x Cancer, Capricorn x Scorpio, Leo x Libra, Aries x Gemini isn’t the best or the most breathtaking. It’s heavily glamorized, even between the signs but it isn’t true. If planets could rule relationships between aspects, I’d make Neptune rule this. I have nothing against sextile pairings but I hate seeing people misinformed. You can’t take a couple relationships or your own and label the whole thing, don’t be biased. 

You can’t tell someone who makes a great pair for them just because of an experience(s) you have. For instance if we theoretically could equally divide the world population by all 12 zodiac sign, you can’t be the spokesperson for all of them. Every chart is so specific and individualized, even your Sun, Moon, and Venus don’t tell you all you need in a relationship or who you should be with.I can’t go up to another Taurus and start praising that all Cancers are such and such for us (good or bad). If I met 5 Cancers, they’d all be different. All the relationships would be different. 

I decided to make this as a little guide that if you’re refining your understanding of astrology or learning you can use this. This isn’t everything but its major components I want to focus on. 

The Most Compatible while being Blissful, Sweet, and Fulfilling

Trine relationships (same element pairings). You can see capability of Dyanamic and erotic emotional/physical/mental dynamic growth when looking at the individual charts. Not just placements******

The Most Compatible while being Dynamic, Binding, and  Erotic 

The sister/opposite signs. You can see the rest of the “story” with the two individual charts. Keep in mind sister signs are a lot more similar than you think, they have small differences in them which BETWEEN THEM seem significant because its something they lack.

The Least Compatible but Attracting and Dynamic. 

Square relationships. Remember to look at the individual charts to get the whole picture. Doesn’t mean it’s the least it cant work. 

**********       Remember each pair has potential to grow       ***********

Please always make sure that the people you go to for advice, or if you’re a blogger, that what your learning from is credible. It doesn’t mean that it’s on the internet it’s right. If you’re serious about astrology, go to the right people and even do your own research. I love people who take astrology seriously and passionately so you can always connect with me. The reason why I find so much importance in making it accurate is that we’re the next generation to hold astrology, and we don’t want to teach it wrong to the next generations. 

I am a complicated human being to be friends with

I’m complex, as they say, but I’m also complicated. I am like a walking paradox, and that’s not a good thing. 

I’m complex, as they say, but I’m also complicated.
I am like a walking paradox, and that’s not a good thing. That makes me a a terrible friend sometimes, because sometimes I just ignore other people when they text me, no matter how many texts they send, when doing something - or just procrastinating -, and if I’m not into talking to someone at school and stuff I’m just gonna get a book and start to read or maybe put my earphones on and leave they talking to themselves, and at the moment I just don’t realize that it’ll make they upset or sad - I’ll probably realize that later, and because I over-think pretty much everything I’ll feel anxious about that, but they will never know because I won’t tell them. Besides that, I am really talkative at times and if I am comfortable with you I’ll talk your ears off if I’m in a good mood.

It’s hard to be a friend of mine. I can be a weirdo, I can be a smartass, I can be funny or moody, I can be introvert and extrovert, all at the same time. You’ll never know me or understand me entirely. And probably I’ll ignore you for days, thinking that maybe I should text you or something but being to lazy for doing so. That’s probably why I only have 3 or 4 friends that I talk regularly to, and that’s because they didn’t give up on me.

If you didn’t give up on me, I love you so much.

It might seem that I don’t, it might seem that I don’t care about you or your feelings but I do. I just don’t know how to make that clear; and, sometimes, I just need a time for myself.

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I love all of your tags that you put on your art! They always make me smile!


That’s really nice to hear. I am never sure if people actually read the tags. It’s kind of my way of communicating without spamming a lot of text right underneath the picture… I am happy you read and like them. (˶◕‿◕˶✿)


You don’t need people who:

• manipulate you

• intentionally do/say stuff to hurt you

• take advantage of you

• belittle you and your problems

• make fun of you

• make you feel like you don’t matter


• these people are not your friends

• they don’t deserve you

• you are not overreacting

• you’re better off without them


Woop woop!!! My dudes this is awesome!! 900 noodle lovers!

Ani will be celebrating with her cute new sneater made by @the-mighty-python, be sure to look out for pics of it soon~

I’m so happy!! I’m really proud of us!! Sometimes I don’t even realize how many of you there are until I look, and it always makes me smile when I see such a big number! I’m glad you enjoy my content and *continues to blabber on about mushy stuff*

I already have some plans for my 1000 [quad digits!! 0o0!] follower giveaway so stay tuned for that as well!

Heck guys I’m all teary eyed I didn’t expect this haha!

Thank you again!!! Really!!! You’re all flippin fantasic!!! I love you!!! Stay safe!!! <3


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A - AGE: 27

B - BIGGEST FEAR: i am an emotional blackhole, i fear nothing



E - EVERY DAY STARTS WITH: turning over an pretending i’m not awake for a while

F - FAVOURITE SONG: eh, let’s go with Craig David - Spanish

G - GHOSTS, ARE THEY REAL?: they won’t tell me

I - IN LOVE WITH: space, high places

K - KILLED SOMEONE: i’d tell you but

L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED: a couple of weeks ago

M - MIDDLE NAME: my dad’s


O - ONE WISH: i am an emotional blackhole, i don’t have wishes

P - PERSON YOU LAST CALLED/TEXTED: a terrible friend who is making me read a terrible book (Silvia i’m looking at you)

Q - QUESTIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED: no one asks me questions any more, i’m not sure this is an improvement

R - RELIGION: raised Muslim, mostly agnostic

S - SONG LAST SANG: I actually can’t remember the last song I listened to with lyrics, it might have been The Roots - You Got Me ?????

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 5:30ish

U - UNDERWEAR COLOUR: white (with little pink flowers)

V - VACATION DESTINATION: Cornwall, Canada, New Zealand

W - WORST HABIT: …..how dare you insinuate that i have bad habits….

X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: i’m fairly certain i had to have a chest x-ray as a kid

Y - YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD: pizza? idk man there’s not a lot of food i don’t like


When people actually reblog and like art of your characters that you post

When people ask if they’re allowed to draw fanart of them / tell you they’ve drawn fanart of them for you

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A. Age: 18 (19 soon)
B. Biggest fear: that I’ll get so sick people just give up on trying to cure it
C. Current time: 7:13 am
D. Drink you last had: Farmer Bob’s home-brewed cider
E. Every day starts with: me yelling ‘bullshit’ as I sit up
F. Favorites song: nothing really with titles, binaural stuff
G. Ghosts, are they real: I believe that they could exist, but I don’t know why
H. Hometown: Stockton-on-Tees
I. In love with: the most wonderful person in the known universe, @chance-of-chaos
J. Jealous of: Anime characters with impossible body shapes
K. Killed someone: I don’t think so
L. Last time you cried: it’s a very, very private matter.
M. Middle name: Johnson Hunter Appleby David
N. Number of siblings: one brother, one sister
O. One wish: More wishes
P. Person you last called/texted: my mum
Q. Question you are always being asked: “can I ship X with Gooberry?”
R. Reasons to smile: too many to list
S. Song last sung: filth Bridge
T. Time you woke up: 6:43
U. Underwear colour: N/A
X. X rays you’ve had: my head and my arm
Z. Zodiac sign: Aries

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A - Age: 17 (soon to be 18)

B - Biggest fear: The future, being alone and… SPIDERS

C - Current time: 3:07 PM

D - Drink you last had: Strawberry water

E - Every day starts with: I just wanna die

F - Favorite song: Shatter me- Lindsey Striling

G - Ghosts are they real: Most def yes. Creepy stuff man

I - In love with: Tacos, anime, video games&my OTP’s

K - Killed someone: Yeah, my dignity. Long gone

L - Last time you cried: yesterday because my one shot got deleted

M - Middle name: Irene

N - Number of siblings: 2 step-sisters

O - One wish: Love all animals pls

P - Person you last called/texted: A friend

Q - Questions you are always asked:

  • ”Why is your name Stephanie? Were you born in America?”  YES I WAS 
  •  “How do you pronounce your name?” Fucking romanians 
  • “You look like your dad” Pls don’t compare me to that ass-hole

R - Reasons to smile: Friends, fanfiction, Kakasaku, anime, video games (lol Steph you weirdo) and DOGS

S - Song last sang: Queen- We will rock you

T - Time you woke up: 7 AM. Every fucking day

U - Underwear colour: Grey

V - Vacation destination: Japan and Fiji

W - Worst habit: Biting my nails and the skin off my lips

X - X-Rays you’ve have: Never had one

Y - Your favourite food: TACOS aND PopcorN

Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo

I tag: @moonfox22 @britishviolinist @swabin10 @kissmenaru @kageyama-tobiyo and anyone else who wants to do it c:

Missing Letters Tag

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a / age: That’s for me to know and for you to find out 😆 but I will tell you that my bday is on March 24th (whooo!)

b / biggest fear: disappointing or hurting the people I love most. Also snakes, sorta heights, and other little trivial things like that. Basically I’m scared of everything 🙃

c / current time: 10:50 am

d / drink you had last: apple juice (I freaking love that stuff)

e / everyday starts with: me hating how early school starts like seriously? 7 am? Couldn’t they have thought of a better time like Idk 10 am or something? See I’m not even asking for much 😪

f / favourite song: I REALLY love one and only by exo, but also black pearl and el dorado and winter heat and miracles in December and lightsaber and … basically every exo song is a jam ok?

g / ghosts are real? You bet

h / hometown: a fairly small and calm state in the good old U.S. of A.

i / in love with: the idea of love itself (and yixing and also all of exo fjjdjsh)

j / jealous of: anyone who’s met exo irl (or will meet them soon) and anyone who can travel freely, but those are both things I hope to achieve in the future too so 🤷🏻‍♀️ technically nothing lol I’m happy with all that I have

k / killed someone: I’m kinda concerned that this is the best question for the letter k that the op could’ve come up with, but ok 🤷🏻‍♀️ and no I haven’t, don’t plan on doing so either lol

l / last time you cried: last night, I was at an engagement party and it was so beautiful hdjshaj

n / number of siblings: 3

o / one wish: to achieve all my goals in life to the best of my ability so I’m happy 😊

p / person you last called/texted: my pal @islamt9

q / questions you’re always asked: how old are you? What do you plan to do when you grow up? What’re you doing?!?!? Jdkksgah I’m kidding about the last one, sorta….

s / song last sang: it was in Arabic and idk the name lol

u / underwear colour: that’s a secret ;)

v / vacation destination: somewhere I’ve never been to before, with lots of rich historical sites, tourists spots, and fun things to do

w / worst habit: when I’m overly excited or nervous I tend to talk too fast and maybe even get a little bit loud or come close to hyperventilating cuz I forget to breath yikes (yeah I’m that one annoying person everyone has as a friend but I hype others up so it’s cool)

x / xrays you have had: none

y / your favourite food: traditional Arabic food (especially dolma) and spaghetti 😋

z / zodiac sign: Aries (like sehun and xiumin ayyyeee)

Ummm lol I never know who to tag in these things kshsksj so maybe I’ll tag @minseok-is-my-sock @dem-exo-feels @chanyeolsabs @losecontrolenthusiast and anyone else who wants to do it (of course none of you have to actually do it lol)

Long rant on creativity/projects/art

I have a lot of random thoughts on some stuff that might help anyone who’s creative/makes things/does projects/art. These are just some of my own thoughts but they’re realizations I’ve had over a long period of time that have helped me.

When it comes to setting out on making something, don’t try to be what you love. It sounds awful, but I think it’s legitimate advice- hear me out:

A lot of people when they start creating things aim to be just like whoever or whatever it is that inspired them. There are tons of people who loved Half Life 2 so they started game design and they aspired to make a game just like Half Life 2. There are tons of guys out there in bands who love Green Day or Nirvana and so they try hard to sound just like them. The problem with this is that when people try to do this, they end up with nothing more than a watered down copy of what it is they loved. It isn’t that they are bad, but it’s that the band or game or art they’re trying to be like has already done it better than they can. That’s not an insult, it’s just that their original idea was created by them and was executed well and therefore everything that follows it pales in comparison. The hardest part about being creative and making something that really reflects you is figuring out what you are. Yah I know that sounds corny and cliche, but for real. A lot of people define themselves by their interests or their inspirations instead of realizing that instead they are a product that is in constant construction by those things. You are individual, stop trying to be like someone else. The hardest hump I had to get over in 6 years of writing music is pushing the “how do I sound like them” out of my head and coming to the realization that “okay, I don’t sound like them, but I sound different, I sound like me and I kinda like it. ”. This is gonna sound so corny but figuring out what you are and forcing yourself to stop trying to sound like other people or create projects like other people is, I believe, the single most important thing to being more creative and original and better in your work.

There’s a band that came from my town and I see then on Facebook all the time advertising and putting out songs and all, and they’re good. But the problem is they’re trying so hard to sound just like the band The Strokes. And yeah they sound good, but not good enough to want to have on your playlist when you could just have The Strokes on your playlist. Instead of figuring out what years of influence have made them and producing from that, they’re trying to mold their influences back into something they love, and it’s cool and all if you just wanna stay at that level, but if you really want to be individual and original in the things you create, you already are. You just need to actually show it stop trying to be somebody or something else just because you love it.

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a - age: old enough that I can’t keep track anymore
b - biggest fear: Losing a child
c - current time: 8:41 p.m.
d - drink you last had: Drinking a Coke right now. Nectar of the gods.
e - every day starts with: Weekdays - alarm playing music. Weekends - my children or husband 
f - favorite song: Of all time? Probably “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles.
g - ghosts, are they real: Undecided. I don’t really believe in them, but then there are things that I can’t explain any other way, so I am still on the fence.
h - hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
i - in love with: My husband, Jack Zimmermann and Oscar Isaac
j - jealous of: I don’t know exactly how to explain it but … people who aren’t as talented as you who get chosen over you for some inexplicable reason? Like you are a better singer, but they get the solo. Or your fic was better, but they have a bajillion notes on their mediocre attempt. Or you are more qualified for the job, but they get it instead. (Not thinking of a specific time here, just throwing out random illustrations.) Anyway, I hate that and I always get very jealous when something like that happens to me.
k - killed someone: I once hit a rabbit while driving, I still feel horrible about it. 
l - last time you cried: Last Thursday at a performance of the play “Mary Poppins” during the song “Feed The Birds.” It was BRILLIANT. 
n - number of siblings: 1
o - one wish: If I only get one I’m gonna have to go with World Peace.
p - person you last called/texted: My friend Megan about the next show we are auditioning for together! 
q - questions you’re always asked: Did you know you look like that Kate McKinnon girl on SNL? (I’m sure there are others, but I’ve been getting that one a lot lately.)
r - reasons to smile: My darling daughters, my cute husband, texts from friends, music, my tumblr pals in the group chat, good fic, sunshine, baked goods, cute new clothes … So many things.
s - song last sang: “Come To My Garden” from The Secret Garden
t - time you woke up: Today? I have no idea. Normal weekday is about 6:30
u - underwear color: black today (and with a matching bra even, whoa)
v - vacation destination: Currently in planning for Waterton Lakes, Rome/Venice, Disney World and a Caribbean cruise. Hoping I can toss in Disneyland and Edmonton, too.
w - worst habit: Letting myself get annoyed with my family and turning into yelling mom
x - x-rays you’ve had: Whole bunch on my hand for a broken thumb, broken foot, chest once with a bad case of pertussis … I think that’s it.
z - zodiac sign: libra

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“Your vines are on some cringe compilations”
Yeah that’s what happens when white cis str8 guys throw tantrums at the sight of content not specifically relatable to them. While it’s lovely to see people concerned and giving me a heads up about this stuff REST ASSURED I’m really, TRULY so far from being bothered I sleep like a damn angel my ego is through the roof and no blue eyes white dragon can even remotely knock that half a peg esp when his girlfriend be w me when he’s out with the boyz cause he can’t eat her out right Ok? Ok. I’m fine I promise 👌


This is important okay? I know yall are here for the texts and shit but listen up and listen closely! Min yoongi: my mans, my bias, my baby boy (even tho hes older than me wtf) Is releasing his mixtape soon. AND IF I SEE ONE MORE FUCKING PERSON CALL HIM LAZY AND LETHARGIC OR WHATEVER IMMA FIGHT SOMEBODY. I honestly love yoongi so much and would like for him to see that international armys aren’t all dumbasses for once

Yoongi has worked on this mixtape for years. When he releases it, i dont want to see people saying stuff like “wheres jungkook” or “why didnt you include jhope in this” because it is HIS mixtape that HE worked on. Dont comment sexual things or tweet sexual things. just sit back and enjoy the piece of art he is about to bless us with.


-now back to your regular program, thai

When I see posts about how important it is to cut people off when they do something that offends you or aren’t putting enough effort into a relationship or don’t let you know they love you every day I get sad. Cause I’m that person. I’m the one who says stuff without meaning to and I’m the person who doesn’t reach out to other people and I’m often too distracted or too scared to let people know I care about them. And it could all be fixed if someone just told me what I was doing wrong, told me what they wanted me to do more instead of just cutting me off.

Ok listen. I love Soonyoung. I have always had immense respect for him. I still do. But I’m sorry, the few seconds of that clip that we saw is more than enough to trigger serious past experiences for certain people, including myself. I support Soonyoung, I do trust me, but can we please respect the feelings that some people had when they saw the nine seconds of that performace? You guys are right though, it isn’t at all right to shout ‘rapist!’ At him because that kind of stuff is serious and it’s not fair to Soonyoung. But please understand why some people are upset. Please don’t invalidate their feelings. We’re not, at least I’m not, trying to attack or criticize him, but nine seconds is enough to cause harm. It’s enough. Trust me.

i trust my judgment. and my ability to weed through bullshit when it came to dating was having a mom who taught me about my worth so i didn’t settle and i wasn’t easily impressed. i think that is something people struggle with. women specifically. they meet someone that calls them pretty and does little things and texts all the time and suddenly it’s love. or they see a person that gives them a little attention and suddenly this person is the one. but that stuff should be the bare minimum. like, bare minimum to get my time requires effort, honesty, and a connection. that’s the minimum to date, but that’s not enough for a relationship.

and my mommy taught me to have high standards for me and high standards for the people i date. i hope to share that with my kids.