i love when people text me this stuff

I have no idea why people don’t like listening to infodumps. 

Like? Can’t you feel the sheer fucking happiness that is a person telling you about a special interest? Can’t you see the way people’s entire faces light up when they tell you about their favorite things? 

Come tell me about your stuff! Tell me about rocks or Minecraft or your OCs!! 

I love hearing it. No one should ever have told you that people wouldn’t.

it’s weird when exclusionists say “you’re lgbt because of your transness and bisexuality, not because of your asexuality,” like being ace is something that can be removed from the rest of my identity. i’m demisexual, which has had deep and lasting effects on my relationships. it’s intertwined with my being trans – for a long time i was afraid i’d never find romantic love because of (a) the shitty way cis gay men treat trans mlm, and (b) the fact that attraction is so unreliable and strenuous for me to even develop, takes so much time and energy just to happen. 

for me being ace AND trans means i grew up thinking “no one will love me because my body is undesirable, and my sexuality is undesirable too.” i can’t separate that from the rest of me. i just can’t. 

and then when i mention stuff like this to those in the Discourse, i get called a “cishet” like … good job! you just called a real live queer trans man a cishet! and it’s usually cis people calling me a “cishet ace” which just … what the fuck? 

You know, Soule has actually done some really wonderful work in terms of portraying Matt’s blindness in his extremely depressing and frustratingly disjointed Daredevil run. So when people ask if he has a disability, and sort of insinuate that his limitations don’t really exist or are voided out by his super senses, you can actually just respond with these two pages:

 Yep. He’s totally got the advantage there. It’s not like this small setback is that serious, lol, it’s just a bomb, a blind man could— 

 Oh. Wait.

One of my least favorite things is when a younger person is interested in something or just like, talks about some general subject and an older person is like ????? what??? you weren’t even alive/you were so young when X!! like imagine if you started talking about how much you love Shakespeare and some rando time traveled just to tell you “But you weren’t even alive when he was writing!” like did you know that it’s a lot more fun if you expand your interests to things that haven’t existed exclusively in your lifespan & that the past will inevitably affect the present so it’s good to be aware of it

BTS as shit I say

Seokjin: Everything you feed me is a lie.

Yoongi: When I’m alone, I try and communicate with the devil. I heard he’s a great conversationalist.

Hoseok: I’m feeling bruised, abused and confused

Namjoon: I didn’t even touch it and it broke.

Jimin: I love you…I love you…I love you….I SAID I LOVE YOU GIVE ME ATTENTION

Taehyung: Meth fucks my brain. MATH. I MEANT MATH!

Jungkook: Apparently there are hot singles near me.

Prompt List

These are a bunch of prompts from different lists and books.

Leave the number(s) and the person/character

1.“You can’t solve your problems by hiding in bed all day”

2.“Okay, but first, kiss me.”

3.“This is gonna sound cheesy but… I love when you’re half asleep and talking nonsense.”

4. “Can I hold your hand?”

5. “Is that my hoodie?”

6. “Bite me.”

7. “I forgot to mention that i’m… i’m completely in love with you.”

8. “What are you doing here?”

9. “I’m sorry. I can’t help but stare.”

10. “I can’t sleep when you’re not beside me.”

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maybe it’s only because it’s sunday night and i’m feeling slightly mushy, but i’m thinking about the sheer amount of creation that goes on in every fandom i have ever been part of, and just???

we have as fangirls created an entire dialect (anyone who’s spent any time on tumblr can speak it/recognize it, and it’s very distinctive and expressive and the way it compensates for being a text-based medium without inflections/facial expressions and the other things that usually go into a language are endlessly fascinating for me). we come up with off the cuff headcanons. we write vast volumes of insightful and sophisticated media critiques/meta pieces/theories and speculations (and sometimes put more thought and care into it than the actual writers, alas). we get so much meaning out of every look/line/scene. it’s astonishing. we liveblog, we flail, we cry, we enjoy (and bewail) the experience without holding back, and spend so much genuine energy on the Very Real Need for Those Idiots to Just Kiss, and i love it.

we spontaneously and easily create full-length stories that are often better than many published books, or just a snippet to support or flesh out a single piece of narrative/spoilers. we interact and encourage and inspire each other in constantly flexible and fun ways in doing it. we eagerly and happily consume these stories and create more from them in turn.

we spend hours on edits, or gifsets, or drawings or sketches or digital paintings, or other beautiful pieces of art, and the talent is just amazing. simply because we love something and want to make something pretty. after all, all this creation is happening for free, in ordinary people’s off-hours. nobody’s an expert, nobody’s getting paid for it. everyone can participate. yes, there’s the whole question of fandom culture and its problems/issues, but that’s beside the point in terms of what fandom itself is.

see, this is why i am suspicious of any author/creator who proclaims to hate and/or dislike/not encourage fanworks. yes, some of it is creepy and strange and that goes with the territory. but honestly i think that ignoring or discounting the sheer amount of passion with which people love stories, and want to be part of their creation in imaginative mediums, is a mistake.

and because of all this creation, we talk to each other. we become friends. i have people i met here who i text all day every day about my life, regular things, non-fandom stuff (although there is certainly lots of that as well). i count on those people to be there and to support me and to turn to when i need someone to talk to (and try in return to be the same for them).

the world is stupid, the world is dumb, the world is scary. we need more creation. we need more connection. we need more of whatever this energy is that drives us to question and explore and care and make shit and enjoy it together and to tell a new and better story as a result. we need to move it beyond tumblr, sure – but i also think it’s a hell of a start.

so yes. this isn’t anything that hasn’t been said before, obviously, but it struck me tonight for some reason, and i wanted to say something.

i love you guys. keep being awesome.

sapphic-suchoripterus  asked:

So got fluffy or goofy headcanons for Cole? I need my son to be happy

OH MOOD? bless I sure as heck do my friend!! I need him to be happy too he’s a good boy

  • If his friends are sad then he is sad and he will do anything he can to cheer them up
    • Cole: Lloyd, I got $3 and a lunch coupon so get in loser we’re going to the mall to turn that frown upside down!!
      Lloyd: thank you but… you can’t get a lot with $3 dollars and… I don’t want you to use your money on me…
      Cole: … Lloyd, I’m gonna steal Wu’s wallet, I got $3 and a lunch coupon so get in loser we’re going to the mall to turn that frown upside down!!
      Lloyd: ok you got me I’m in- hey maybe if I cry to my mom she’ll give me money too??
  • Loves dogs so much, he would die for all dogs
    • if you ask him if he prefers big or small dogs he’ll be like “I do not discriminate all dogs are QUEENS”
    • they went to go visit a shelter to do an advert to encourage adoption and they were like “ok time to go now" and Cole was on the floor spooning 3 dogs
  • Kai is naturally warm because fire, but so is cole strangely enough?? he just radiates heat, and he’s a hugger so he’ll just latch on to you and hug you for like 15 minutes and it’s the toastiest 15 minutes you’ll ever experience
  • Stroke his hair and he will go from >:/ to :D !!!!!!
  • He definitely flexes in front of the mirror in the morning because he makes himself laugh and he tries to start the day out with a smile
  • Mother hen, sometimes worries about the team so if he can’t sleep he will sneak around and peek in their rooms to make sure they’re all ok and asleep and that none of them are having bad dreams
  • He loves his friends and even though he makes fun of them sometimes he would give them the shirt off his back, but whenever they do something nice for him he will cry
    • Zane: cole! I found a flower and it reminded me of you!! Here!! :D
      Cole: *bursts into tears* it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen Zane I love you this is so sweet I’m going to keep it forever and then frame it and when I die I want it buried with me how do I get this moment tattooed onto myself
      Zane: :D !!!!!!!!!!
  • When Lloyd first aged up cole was like *bolts up at 3am* “LLOYD NEVER FINISHED SCHOOL??” and neither did he but he’s like no this green bean is too important he needs to have all the good things and opportunities in life, so he makes a schedule to teach Lloyd all the life lessons he’s going to need but makes sure to not force him to do anything and to make it fun, cause he understands that he’s still just a kid and he needs to relax and enjoy himself
  • Will absolutely slow dance with everyone in the team while singing to them and make them swoon
  • Can singlehandedly lift the everyone’s morale just by bursting into song, it is impossible to not join in
  • I know I write a lot of these but he is crazy talented when it comes to performing arts, there isn’t an instrument he’s not been able to play.
    • Plays left handed guitar and bass because right handed was too easy.
    • Hand cole a new instrument and he’ll be like “yeah I’ll give it a go not sure how it’ll go” and in a few hours he’ll be playing like he’s been doing it his whole life?
    • One time they were walking back after a mission and saw this piano for sale on the side of the road and they’re like “hey cole play!!!” And he’s like “um ok but I only had a few lessons and I haven’t played in years so I’m not that good haha” and then whips out this freaking concerto piece from memory and everyone’s like ??!?!?!!!!? And he’s like “guys pls it’s not a big deal” and gets all red
    • he’s a humble boy with some confidence issues ok just give him a pat on the head
  • Cole: I canNOT do this ok I can’t do it no way I’m doing it
    Zane: you can do it cole!!
    Cole: … I can DO IT I’m gonna do it heck yeah let’s do it!!!!!!!!
  • Takes “I would take a bullet for you” too far, has literally taken a bullet for all of them.
    • “look I gotta be fair I can’t not take a bullet for one of you”
    • “don’t worry I’m so good at it now I know how to jump in front of the bullet in a way that it won’t rupture any of my vital organs”
  • Will be like “I’m going food shopping I love you all text me if you want anything” and then smooch everyone on the head
  • *Sees two people kissing* *points* “SMORCH”
  • Cole: I just wanna kiss a cute guy is that too much to ask
    Zane: I would definitely kiss you if you wanted Cole
    Cole: *chokes on his drink*
    Zane: because we are bros. A bro kiss.
    Cole: I CANT BREATH E,,
  • He’s been trying to teach Zane puns and stuff but it backfires when Zane makes really heartfelt ones all the time and Cole is weak
    Zane: cole, I cannot die but if I could, I would die for you.
    *finger guns*
    Cole: *clutches heart* I can’t look at you right now
  • He has the most contagious laugh?
    • One time he remembered that vine of the cat that runs into the door of a bakery on tv and he kept giggling to himself and when Kai asked him what he was laughing about he couldn’t tell him??
    • He just kept laughing and before he knew it he was laughing so hard he was snorting and had fallen on the floor and was crying
    • Kai was like ‘what’ but Cole is just so loud that he starts laughing and then he’s was crying too about goodness even knows what, this went on for like 10 minutes
    • just when cole thought he was calm enough to tell him jay walked past and went “what is going on you sound like a pair of dying cats” and cole just SHRIEKS and starts hysterically laughing again and Kai and cole are gone
    • jay loves when cole does the most sincere laughs cause he just sounds so happy and the fact that him and Kai are just on the floor laughing about some unspoken thing makes him laugh so jay ends up laughing and they’re all dying someone help them please
    • there was so much laughing that jay had an asthma attack and they were all in pain the next day
    • they still don’t know to this day what cole found so funny
    • he has no idea why he even thought it was that hilarious? Like it just gave him a good chuckle it’s just a cat running into a door, but for some reason he was unable to speak of it.
  • He’s the team hairdresser, Zane gets all :( that he can’t join in the fun and get his hair cut so Nya installs a thing that means he can make his hair grow if he wants and the next day he bursts through Cole’s door with Rapunzel hair and is like “I am ready for a haircut cole!!!!!! :D” Cole is like “bless what did we do to deserve this boy god if you’re out there thank u”
  • please smooch his face he loves being smooched
  • when cole says he will help you with something he means it, he will make sure all your questions are answered and that you have everything you need before leaving you too it, even if it means he has to stay up until the early hours of the morning
  • once ran through into Jay’s room at 4am wrapped in a blanket burrito, tears streaming down his face, and screamed “I’M A SAUSAGE-COLE
  • cause cole is the tallest they will always do that thing where one of them is on one end of an inflatable and cole will jump on the other and see how high he can fling them in the air
    • all 5 of them jumped on one it while cole was on the end and they almost flung him into the void
  • “step aside and let the ninja with super strength open up this jar” *almost passes out straining to get the lid off*
  • “isn’t it crazy how there are so many galaxies out there, like there could be people just like us in an earth just like ours. Or a parallel universe, have you ever thought about that? and there’s probably someone somewhere doing the exact same thing that you are doing right now……….. anyway so who wants to see how much of my scythe I can fit in my mouth”

((These got a bit shippy I’m sorry I couldn’t help it I saw “fluffy” and went “Zane" ajdnwje I hope you don’t mind!!!))

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

tbh people need to understand that i literally cannot empathise with them so?? sometimes giving advice or whatever is fucking exhausting because i can’t summon the effort to pretend to give a shit 

but at the same time i love being the person people come to with problems because it makes me feel like people look up to me?? so i have to force myself to fake caring and churn out all these boring phrases that i’ve stolen from movies and books and stuff so when the time comes they help me out if i need it 

honestly its so bizarre to know that other people dont work like this?? is empathy a myth?? im starting to think it might be a myth.

Thank you

My friends, i have something to share with you.

Through out of the year 2016 i came here to tumblr, in not knowing what to expect, in this place of art, opinions, but most importanly people. It was like jumping into a sea without really knowing how to swim.

Over the months i spended here i was able to trully be myself and speak out, do things, and being allowed by many magnificent artist to learn from them, to study under theyre wing in order too improve myself as an artist. I have been gifted with many beautifull drawings and even more warm moments that i was able to share with you all.

And believe me, this feeling that you guys gaved me, this connection that i can always relate too and i always know off, is something i never dreamed of being possible.

Two days ago, i turned 25 and i can, after all of those years tell you, that this year was the first that i could honestly call a birthday i enjoyed. It maybe doesnt really make sense, and i am sorry if i dont explain properly.

My birthday was for most of my life a day of depression or nervous discomfort. I always had problems with joining my family during these times, for i never felt as if the people that surrounded me trully made me feel like i wished to spend my birthday with them. Always filled the house with many members of my family, only to spend around fifty minutes at the table, before hidding back in my room. Starting as a kid, and saldy continuing till adulthood, when all i have left at this moment is my dear mother, and my older, beloved sister, who sadly is always busy and away on travelling around the world.

What i am trying to say, is that you guys allowed me throughout the year to be happy with myself, and because of that you got me into a position where i can stand and honestly say that i loved the day of my birthday.

I never ask for gifts, for a hug is more then enough for me. I dont ask for money, for a message and a simple wish from someone i call friend is more precious then that.

Today after i returned from the con, where i broke my record in playing DnD for two groups of people around 8 players for one group, for 32 hours straight, i tasted the cake my mother made for me. 

It was the first cake i really felt the taste off. Even if my mother said she didnt add any sugar, it was the best cake i ever ate. 

And you guys made such a cake as well. For you allowed me to enjoy the taste of my life, and true happiness.

Many of you sended me amazing gifts, and some of you even sended me a dear wish to my birthday. I thank you all.

And i thank especially @xxmileikaivanaxx for not only being the love of my life, not only being the person on whom i wont give up no matter what fate tries to throw in my way, but most importanly for being the person that touched my heart and healed me where i hurt the most. You are my beloved snuggle-bun, honey bun and many, many more wonderfull names that belong only to you ! 

Thank you.

@keru-the-green - Dude, i never thought i would get to know a badass buddy manga-comic-artist from Malaysia, but you are the best buddy a guy can wish in this land of madness and chaos :D

@azy-arty - Azy, you have been my friend for only a short time, but in that time i grew a deep respect for you as a person and a artist. You are a dear and lovely friend to me and i thank you for everything you did for me.

@neofox67 - Pepper lady, lovely friend, outstanding artist, outstanding nerd and a incredibly supporting monna-mi !. :) You are the greatest Neo :) Thank you as well for being in my life. Really hope i can meet ya one day, and get you that bottle of Dr.Pepper i promised :D

@ravnicawatchwolf - My bestest mate from Greece, Wolf has been with me from the beggining i showed my butt here on Tumblr, and he has always been an undefeated bookworm and theory-maker i ever met. Thank you as well dude :)

@chronictale - Ali i often dont know what to say, when i see your art, but i can proudly say that to me, you are a dear friend and i am filled with joy, whenever i think i can call you a close friend of mine. Thank you for being here :)

@kiacii - Havent really talked in a while Kiacii, but you are still my lovely chicken-baby and i will always call you that :D I think in 2016, back in september you were the person that really got me into art and tumblr as much as i did till this day. Thank you so much for also being part of my life.

@moonphyr + @firereddragon - Guys thank you both, incredibly for being my friends that have always had my back, when i had a hard time and i had to deal with a lot of my depressions and stuff, back in 2016. I quess you were the first really lovely and nice people i met here on tumblr, and i wont ever forget what you did for me :) Thanks a lot guys. Love ya both !

@psukho - Im always pretty shy to talk to you Psukho, but it doesnt change the fact, that you are absolutely lovely and an awesome person ! Thank you so much for hanging around and answering whenever i decide to send you another text-bomb.

Lastly…this is this kind of artist-to-i-look-up-to-you-no-matter-what-you-say-you-are-awesome-artist-sorry-for-tagging-you thinge.

@yoralim - Through out the few message bubbles i had the privilage to send to you and recieve from you, i learned trully very much not only about myself as artist, but also as a person. You have always been very generous with your time, even though i imagine you have quite a lot on your own mind as well. 

Thank you for your time and for your words of advice Yoralim. I wont ever forget.


@blinddetermination - Blind you and your art has been my goal since i ever came to the UT community and tumblr. Your tenacity and will  with which you deal with everything in your life has been more than a backlash and motivation to me. You are like this shining person right in front of my eyes, i always try to run behind, inspiring me to give everything my all, pushing myself to a point where i one day may trully look at my progress and say that it was worth it. 

I never really talked with you, for multiple reasons honestly, which is pretty bad, i know. But at this point, i can only promise i will try to change that, and thank you, for being who you are not only to me, but to all of your other fans and supporters out there. You are absolutely amazing, not because of your skill with art. But for “who” you are. Thank you.

And to all of you that have made it till here, thank you for reading and staying on this blog, reading my stuff and listening to my unending venting, complaining, sobbing, yelling and burping in your general direction.

You my dear reader are awesome as well, even if you might not believe it, and i thank you very much for being here.

And to those who wanted to draw something for me, but did decide to respect my wish for not drawing anything for me, i thank you guys as well.

With love and  a flaming high-five, while praising the sun and hailing the Emperor,


brian boyle is one of those players that absolutely everyone who’s come in contact with him even vaguely by just being fans of teams he’s been on has fallen in love with him. and that matched with the absolute sincerity and pure good he infuses all of his words with when he talks is what tells me he’s legitimately one of the greatest human beings alive. like this man believes his purpose in life is to better the world and acts on that every day and i love him for it and i love him for being the first nhl player i’ve ever heard explicitlys upport LGBT athletes not just say “you can play” into a camera but actually say he supported gay people and he didn’t think that changed who you were as a person at all. and like he’s such a special person. i’m a mess over him.

Falling Slowly 4

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader,

Warnings: swearing, sass, slow burn, nothing else yet

Word count : 998

A/N: well here it is, also i’m listening to kesha’s new stuff and i’m in love, praying has me weak, also I promise that steve will start showing up more often very soon like maybe part 5 or 6 

Part 3

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Things To Do During That 5 Minute Pomodoro Break

Today was my first experience with the Pomodoro method (which is studying for 25 minutes, taking a break for 5 minutes, then studying for another 25 minutes, etc.) and it went so freaking well! 25 minutes didn’t feel like a lot, and I managed to study for 4 hours, which was really good as I was reviewing math and I usually quit about 1 hour in with that subject. 😂 I like this method so much that I decided to make a post about it. Here’s some things to do during that 5 minute break!

Drink a glass of water - I’ve been trying to stay better hydrated, so drinking a glass of water almost every 25 minutes is probablyyyy going to help.

Eat a snack - They say chocolate helps stimulate your brain, and what kind of fool would I be to argue with someone who’s telling me to eat chocolate? ;)

Do jumping jacks - or some other easy exercise just to get your butt to stop feeling numb from sitting.

Answer your text messages - I was chatting with 6 different people while trying to study, so I answered them when I could. 😂

Go to the bathroom - After all, you’ve drank, like, a gallon of water by now, right? 😂

Post a picture of your study space - This could be dangerous, as your 5 minutes on Tumblr could easily turn into 5 hours, so exercise this with caution. Of course, you could always take a picture and then post it later.

Organize stuff - I’m that freak that loves organization (one reason why office jobs appeal to me), so actually it’s really calming for me to make my bed, pick up my room a bit, or even just arrange my desk in preparation for the next 25 minutes.

Check social media - Again, exercise with caution! One moment I’m going through my Instagram feed and the next I’m watching glow up videos. 😬

WeHeartIt - My all time favorite app is WeHeartIt. I am so addicted. I love scrolling through it and salivating over all the pictures of cute clothes and bedrooms. (I’m a simple girl.)

Write in your journal - If you keep one, that is. I think it’s relaxing to journal or doodle.

Dance - I had to add this. 😜

5 minutes isn’t a lot, but it’s enough to replenish your drive, so use it well! Do something that relaxes you or something that gets you off your feet – depending on your mood. Math stresses me out, so I opt for relaxing. History can be dull, so for that I would choose something more energetic. Just make sure that when those five minutes are over, you’re back at your table and ready to learn. ^_^

Also, a YouTuber named Thomas Frank made this great video where he studies for 25 minutes. Watching it is sort of like having a study buddy, and it helps you keep track of the 25 minutes!

you know what‘s always making me happy? when i look through the tags under my edits/gifs and ppl say how much they like them and tell me i should keep doing them and im sitting here and reading those texts and im just so grateful that people take their time to appreciate the stuff i make

today at my work meeting after one of the newer managers gave his monthly update on his shop stuff I clapped for him and he was like why did you clap and I just said cause you tried your hardest and my boss looked at me was like “Iz loves it when people try their hardest”

and I was like….do y'all reach my high energy Tumblr text posts or do I actually talk about this

anonymous asked:

I know I'm gonna get a salty response, idc. I used to love your blog (I like it still, you produce amazing art!), but these rants about fandom are starting to get exhausting. I know you're just gonna say "oh then gtfo", but I just want to offer a piece of advice: maybe tone it down a little? I want to see and appreciate your art, you're not even posting it anymore. Not only it's tiring to see this ALL THE TIME, and while you're absolutely right in your rants, it's not healthy for you.

I’ve got your point, and i thank you for being worried about my health, but…

I’m really sorry too, because i need to explain some things to you - and don’t worry, i’m not gonna be rude, it seems you’re up to talk about it and i’ll never attack someone out of reason.

Well, first of all and more important: tone down to me it means i gived up, and believe me when i say: i don’t give up on something easily.

Whatever i do or whatever i “rant” about is because i really care about others - i really care about my community, mutuals and artists, i really care for those who get hate, and i care enough to draw and write on my free time instead of taking a break, prepared to get all the hate of the world to make sure people will underestand something basic like: Respecting others.

I can be rude sometimes, i can be an angy person, but with all my heart - i care about others - if a person get my message and stop sending hate, or if i can be able to make someone smile… Then my job is done. And you have no idea of how many asks i get of people thanking me for making these posts.

Everything i’m doing is my way to say - hey, don’t worry, you’re not alone - or even - Primom– no, Gabe will be around to protect you. For short, everything i do, i do for love. And i love, i honestly love being able to help and comfort people.

Now. It’s not all the time i post rants - and believe me i just checked it - i post a lot of art even when i’m busy, even when i’m working (and dear, i’m almost always working or doing stuff). Only two texts around 40 pieces of art.

Also, don’t worry about my health, really. I know my limits, and i know when i’m crossing the line. And is not that i’m always angry - it’s more like a character than myself - i just can’t see people being abused or suffering without doing something about it.

I can promise you something: I’ll do my very best to protect others, that’s why i have made @fandom-positivity with an amazing team.

If you don’t want to see my posts - you can unfollow me or block the tags #rant #prim talks.

Thank you.

I hate being the friend that...

I hate being the friend that’s always there for everyone, but is also the one that everyone forgets.

I hate being the “mom friend” even though it gives me an excuse to take extra special care of my friends.

I hate being the one left to wonder if anyone knows I’m still around.

I hate being the one that everyone calls when they need to talk but is ignored when they’re struggling.

I hate being the “background friend” even though when I’m around, I take the lead and the group follows me.

Even though I hate all of these things, I also love them on some level.

I love helping my friends and seeing their smiles, and I understand that they’re busy. They always remember me when they have time.

I love being the “mom friend” because no one else carries Advil, candy, and band-aids. No one else thinks of the little things and remembers what helps each individual friend.

Even though I wonder if people remember I’m still there, there’s always that little light when one of my friends texts me out of the blue and cheers me up.

I love that I’m always the go-to friend who has enough wisdom to help my friends because of what I’ve gone through.

I’m the leader because I’m good at the back-ground stuff and I know how things run. I love that I’m able to find things that everyone enjoys doing together, even if it’s just climbing in a car to drive an hour to a movie.

No matter what you hate about your role in your group, you can always find those golden nuggets. Keep looking.