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@_._super.natural_._: I met this beautiful lady last night at work. It’s so funny because I was literally JUST watching one of her movies on Netflix the day before. I was like ohh heyyy! I was just watching you in Netflix Lol. She agreed to a picture despite her not feeling up to it, but only if I got “her good side” lol😊 I love her work. Apartment 4E is one of my favs.


they say that when two people kiss, they can feel sparks flying. I’d always wondered what that would feel like. would I feel like a whole new being? would I feel completely different? some things I always wondered.

it was always a feeling I wanted to experience. it seemed so extravagant and special. everyone gets their first kiss at a point in time, and I was just waiting my turn. what if it never came?

I didn’t mean for things to turn out the way they did but then you kissed me and it felt like a firework show on the fourth of july

i got the instant need to draw @oddlydelirious‘s detective alice from their 50s au bc i fell in love right when i saw her in their new post

for nikky, take these doodles as an early b-day gift!


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

CC Halloween Episode Thoughts



HES SO CHILL NOW HES JUST LIKE “man fuck that lighting”



tho i would like to know how he grew so nonchalont about everything, especially since se1 ep5 He’s just like “aaAAA!!” all the time. 

Plus now we also know he died somewhat violently, with his whole “stuck here until the end of time until my physical body finds piece in the living world.” spiel. Maybe we can rule out that he died falling off that cliff in David’s story, since you’re usually stuck in the place you died in until the end of time. 

Does that mean i have to change how i run the blog tho? :///

idc i just love my boy so much!!))


Who is excited for Scorpion s4 Sly storyline? And the return of Patty?

Please tell me Im not the only one/one of the few who is so happy to see Sly get some focus, and his alderman storyline explored some more (I love what he’s doing as the alderman, I also love what Patty brings to the storyline. And I love her other team-related scenes/storylines, too)

I love the Sly Megan storyline in the S4 premiere (oh, yeah, of course there is more coming next week…when the story continues). That Sly/Happy talk was the most emotional moment of the episode. Yes, I said that. as a huge Quintis fan… that moment beats even the Quintis hug. (And the Happy/Sly end scene talk & hug beats every Quintis scene also in the second part of the premiere!)


Scotty Doesn’t Know

So, @tallgirl14 wrote this thing a little while ago while she was listening to Scotty doesn’t know, and I was so invested that I was asking a bunch of questions about the situation and then she said I could write it and I was so happy and honored, so thank you beautiful angel for giving me this to write, it was so much fun to write. Hope you enjoy!

“It’s doesn’t matter, so why don’t you go back to your boyfriend.” Max turns away from Nikki a scowl on his face.

“I love you.” It’s abrupt, he turns towards her slowly with shock on his face.

“What did you say?” He asks quietly turning towards her fully, she looks small, like she’s trying to curl in on herself, Max walks towards her.

“I love you.” It’s quieter this time, Nikki looks up when she feels a hand on her face, Max is looking between her eyes with furrowed eyebrows. “Max?-” Her eyes widen when he surged forward and kisses her.

It’s sweet and slow, everything he has going into it just to say, I love you, back to her, she kisses him back and when they pull apart they look at each other with soft looks,they stay close.

“You have to break up with Harrison.” Max says simply, Nikki nods in understanding and swallows.

“I know.” She reaches forward for him. “I know.” She says again and then they’re back to kissing.

That was two months ago, and Max has been patiently waiting for two months, and nothing, whenever they’d hang out, she’d always say soon and he’d believe her. It was infuriating, having to watch them be together and kiss and hug, knowing what Max knew was the worst part. Well Neil knew too, he had heard them talking one day and had said.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but you guys better get this shit under control, cause I’m not getting into that fucking mess.”

They of course, were more careful where they talked from then on, now it was the Sadies dance and guess who was still together, and guess who was pissed as hell, and guess who wasn’t going to take this shit anymore.

“I’m fucking sick of it.” Max growls as he paces on the stage, his bass in hand, the curtains closed, hiding them away from the rest of their classmates.

Max and Neil had started a band the year before with some fellow classmates and had become quite popular since starting, so the school asks them to perform every once in awhile. They had been playing on and off and now it was the end of the night, they were going to be playing the last song of the night.

“Yeah well that’s what you get when you get involved with a taken woman.” Neil responds uncaring as he plays with his keyboard. “Now can we please focus, which song to play, we still need to decide.” Max taps his foot, looking at the curtains as he hears their principal saying this is their last song of the night and such.

“I know what song we should do.” He turns to face the rest of the band, the crowd clapping in the background. “Scotty doesn’t know.” They all nod, except for Neil, he looks at him with furrowed eyebrows, his tone suspicious as he begins to speak.

“Max?” But it’s too late the curtains open and Max is already walking over to the microphone.

Max puts the strap of his bass around his shoulder. “Are you guys fucking ready to party?” The crowd cheers Max scans the crowd and spots Nikki and Harrison and he has his arm around her waist. Max grins as he pulls the mic closer.“This song goes to Harrison & Nikki”  Neil basically runs around his keyboard to reach Max.

Neil rips the microphone out of his hand. “Do you really want to do this Max, think of what-” Max cuts off Neil by ripping the mic out of his hand.

“Harrison doesn’t know that Nikki
, And me do it in my van every Sunday, 
She tells him she’s in church but, 
She doesn’t go, 
Still she’s on her knees and
, Harrison doesn’t know
Oh Harrison doesn’t know-oh
, So don’t tell Harrison
, Harrison doesn’t know
, Harrison doesn’t know
(So don’t tell Harrison!)”

Harrison remove his arm from around Nikki’s waist and looks at her with hurt and anger in his eyes.

“I-we-never… Nothing happened! Max is just pissed.” Harrison walks away from Nikki, she runs after him and grabs his arm. “Harrison!”

“No, just,” he jerks his arm out of her grip as people begin to laugh and stare, “no.” Harrison heads out the exit, Nikki looks back to glare at Max, he winks at her, she runs out the door.

Max can’t help but smirk at the chaos he had created.

“Did her on his birthday
Harrison doesn’t know
Harrison doesn’t know, 
Harrison doesn’t know, 
Harrison doesn’t know, 
Don’t tell Harrison
Harrison doesn’t know-oh
Harrison will know
Harrison doesn’t know
Harrison’s gotta know, 
I’m gonna tell Harrison
, I’ll tell him myself
, Harrison has to know, 
Harrison has to go.” Max hits the last note on his bass hard, he’s out of breath.

Harrison is already halfway to the parking lot when Nikki comes running out after him.

“Harrison wait!” She calls after him, he stops, but doesn’t turn around.

“What Nikki?” His voice is angry and hard, she nearly flinches.

“I,” it’s quiet for a moment, “I’m sorry Max did that.” She doesn’t know what else to say, she watches as Harrison turns around slowly, he looks at her with furrowed eyebrows.

“Did you sleep with him?” She can see the genuine concern on his face, Nikki shakes her head vigorously.

“No, I wouldn’t do that to you.” Her voice is insulted, but she lets the accusation slide due to previous events.

“Do you have feelings for him?” This question comes through softer, more hurt.

“I-I just,” she begins to stutter, Harrison squeezes his eyes tight in frustration.

“DO YOU?” He yells, she feels a lump form in her throat.

“I …. yes I wanted to tell you for a while, but I was scared… That you would hate me.”  Her fear of losing him was too great, that their friendship would be lost forever, the way he cared for and treated her, would be lost.

“So having your boy toy sing a song in front of OUR THE WHOLE CLASS was a better idea?!”  Tears prick at the back of her eyes, she squeezes them away, angry.

“I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS GOING TO DO THAT!” She yells back frustrated.

At that moment the two are aware of the audience of students that had started after they had left the building, Max exits with his hands in his pockets Neil next to him, it looks like they’re arguing, but that stops when they see Nikki and Harrison. Neil tries to pull Max away, but he walks towards the middle of the chaos coming up behind Nikki.

“Hey there.” The couple look at him, both have glares on their faces, he smirks letting a small chuckle pass his lips. “Such a warm welcoming.”

“Go away Max.” Nikki growls out, but her actions cancel out her voice as she curls in on herself, arms crossed.

“What’s a matter babe? Suddenly self conscious now that the cats out of the bag.” Harrison watches Max with tight fists.

“Get away from her.” He growls out.

“Oh what’s wrong Harrison?” Max tilts his head slightly at Harrison. “Mad I was banging your girlfriend.”

“I know you didn’t.” Harrisons moving forward getting close to the two, Max confidently takes steps closer.

“You’re right.” He shrugs. “But around two months ago she told me she loved me and then we kissed, just the once though.” Their face to face now, Max’s eyes filled with an angry fire and his mouth holds a smirk. Harrisons eyes are hurt, his mouth in a snarl and fists still clenched tight at his sides. “So, how does it feel to know that she,” Max moves to point fully at Nikki, who now stands with a scowling Neil at her side, “has been nothing but emotionally unloyal to you for little over a month.” When Max turns back to face Harrison he’s met with a right hook.

“Harrison!” Nikki yells out in surprise.

Max stumbles back a bit from impact, he stands a little shocked for a moment, when he reaches up to touch his face, he feels something wet, pulling back from his nose he see’s blood, everyone holds their breath, Neil holding Nikki back, as they watch Max look between the blood and Harrison. No one’s surprised when Max goes surging forward with his own punch bringing him and Harrison to the ground as they begin to wrestle around on the asphalt, no one interrupts. Nikki tries though, but Neil holds her by the shoulder simply stating, “Give it a minute.”, and so they watch, and after they get a few swings in that’s when Neil and Nikki get involved, pulling the two boys apart, Nikki helping Harrison up off the ground, he jerks himself out of her grip.


“Don’t,” he interrupts abruptly, he glares at her with a black eye, “just don’t.” And he walks away.

Nikki turns around to see Neil helping Max up, she storms towards them, when they see her Neil backs up, but Max puts his hands up as if to say I’m okay, but she reacts her face and punches him in the face, he falls back on his ass.

“Nikki What The Fuck?!” Max yells holding his jaw, he looks up at her with narrowed eyes.

“What’s wrong with you!! You fucking embarrassed him in front of our entire class!” She yells as she  looks down at him with angry eyes.

“This would have fucking Happened if YOU would have broken up with him TWO MONTHS AGO LIKE WE PLANNED!” He yells back at her, their both silent until Max decides to get up, his voice angry and frustrated. “You Know what, I’m tired of jumping through hoops for you Nikki ….call me when you made up your mind.” He walks off in the opposite direction his hands in his pockets and his shoulders hunched.

The crowd disperses after Max leaves, Nikki still looking in the direction he left, then she looks over at Neil who looks at her with concern, she doesn’t understand why until she feels tears streaming down her face, then she lets out full sobs. Neil comes forward and  like the good older brother he is, he holds her in that empty parking lot and let’s her cry into his shoulder.

Video Game Review: Love Nikki Dress-up Queen

Man, I love dress-up games. I don’t care about fashion, but there’s something very satisfying about putting outfits together that look cool or cute. Even when I was a kid, I used to spend more time dressing our Barbie dolls up than actually playing with them, and as a grown up I enjoy cosmetic items in games and put a lot more time, effort, and in-game money than I probably should into collecting them. There was a time when I considered it a guilty pleasure because I’m a grown adult man and they’re games for little girls, but that was when I was young and stupid, before I learned to accept that fun things are fun and it’s dumb to feel guilty about liking anything.

Originally posted by everythingstarstuff

So it’s no surprise that when I discovered Love Nikki, a dress-up game with a plot, I was immediately hooked.

It was one of those games I saw advertised on tumblr and Instagram all the time, but ignored because I always ignore those ads. Then one day I was bored and decided to check it out, and now 90% of my gaming blog is Love Nikki (even though 90% of my gaming time right now is LOTRO).

All app games are addictive (they’re supposed to be. Gets you to spend money), but even beyond that Love Nikki is genuinely good and genuinely fun. Unlike many mobile games, I’ve never gotten the sense the creators just tossed a bunch of stolen code together in hopes of making money, and they give you so many diamonds for free that you never feel pressured to spend actual money on it unless you want to. If I had a job, I would love to spend actual money on it, because some of the stuff you can do by doing so seem tempting (mainly the “finish x number of times” feature) and the game is good enough that I want to support it financially. 

It has the common dressup game problem where clothing doesn’t always fit together, and there are some items that seem like they should sit higher or lower on the Nikki body, but the characters are fun (even though Momo’s constant whining about grilled fish got real old, real fast) and the art style is gorgeous. I’m really following the plot of each chapter (mainly because it sometimes takes me a while to get all the stuff together from Momo’s hints and by the time I get back to it I’ve forgotten what’s going on) but what little I tend to gather tends to be pretty cute and I really like that Nikki doesn’t have a love interest (unless you count Kimi, which, not gonna lie, I kinda do) .

The only thing I’d really like is if they made it so Nikki wore whatever outfit you had set as your avatar and went by your username in the story sections, but that’s just a small little personal thing. It’d also be cool if there was a PC version, but it’s probably best that there isn’t, because if there was I’d never get any work done ever again.

Love Nikki is a good, solid, fun mobile game. If you like dress-up games, you’ll love it. Even if you don’t, you might get a kick out of it (I don’t really know, because I’m in the former group). You should check it out. You have nothing to lose except time, and time enjoyed is never time wasted.