i love when i find out one of a character's best moments was the actor just taking something and running with it

I’m Not His, I’m Yours // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Prompt: Just prepare your eyes for some very dirty filth.

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Jealous!Dylan, Dominant!Dylan, Daddy!Dylan, Fingering, Orgasm Denial, Oral (female on male), Spanking, Daddy Kink, and Swearing.

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Word Count: 4,951

Song: Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez


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“I’m gonna kill them.” Dylan complained over the phone and I laughed at his impatience.

“No, you’re not, baby.” I chuckled, coaxing him the best I could. “It’s just one more day ‘till the weekend. You can survive this, I know it.”

“I swear to God, if either one of them annoys me one more time-”

“Then, I’ll destroy them myself.” I answered and Dylan let out a deep breath.

“I have to go, but I don’t want to hang up on you.” My boyfriend groaned over the line. “Can we just stay on the phone for the rest of the day?”

“No, Dylan.” I laughed and I could tell the sound alone made him feel a little more at ease. “We have to be responsible here. But, tell you what, when it’s time for your next break we can Skype call. What do you think?”

“I think that you’re the best girlfriend a guy could ask for and I love you very much.” Dylan swooned and I could practically hear the smile in his voice.

“I love you, too.” I responded, smiling as well. “Now go, I don’t want you getting fired.”

“They can’t fire me, it’s the last season!” Dylan laughed wholeheartedly and I laughed along with him.

That’s what our relationship mostly consisted of: smiling, laughing, fun, and heart eyes. Even though Dylan has been beyond stressed lately because of everything that’s happened in the course of the past two years, we never fail to make each other happy. Things have been very intense for him ever since the accident that shall not be mentioned. Shooting The Death Cure had to be pushed back to this year, Dylan had to stay home for six months and try to avoid paparazzi harassment at all times, he needed to physically train for American Assassin and completely go against his doctor’s recommendations, deal with crazy fans that literally sent him death threats when they found out he wouldn’t be in all of season 6B for Teen Wolf, and even manage to audition for future projects to top it all off. Stress has been very imminent in Dylan’s life and I always felt like it was my job to make him feel better.

Which is why, being the amazing girlfriend I am, I wasn’t going to just Skype call him. I was going to personally go over to his work and give him a fun little surprise.

With excitement running through my veins, I jumped up from my position on our bed together and immediately ran to the bathroom for a shower. Dylan’s next break should be in about an hour, considering he doesn’t have a lot of scenes to shoot this year, so I knew I had to get ready quick.

Once I was out of the shower, I put on Dylan’s favorite red lingerie and took a good look in the mirror. The way the strong red color contradicted with my skin tone will definitely drive him crazy and I can already feel myself getting wet at the thought alone. I didn’t even bother putting on any pants because I knew I wouldn’t really need them and, instead, I picked up the t-shirt Dylan used to sleep from our messy med and slipped it on. Bringing the fabric up to my nose, I took a deep breath and glady breathed in his incredible smell. Sure, I see him everyday but I can’t help feeling addictive and always needed more of him.

Putting on makeup right now just to see Dylan would be useless considering he was going to smudge it up anyway. Therefore, with a smile om my face and exhilaration running through my veins, I put on my black stillettos and grabbed my car keys to head for the Teen Wolf lot. It didn’t take too long to get there and, in a matter of fifteen minutes, I was already greeting Phil the security guard as he let me pass the barrier and enter the studio.

The first thing I did was park my car in an area Dylan would never spot and, then, gladly entered his trailer. Since Dylan hasn’t been in the greatest mood lately, I knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to stick around on set in between scenes like he usually does. From what he told me on the phone, Cody and Sprayberry have been driving him crazy all week and he’s definitely going to want as much distance as possible. Which is where I come in and make him feel all kinds of good before returning to work for the rest of the day.

Having patiently waited for Dylan, laid on his pull-out bed, I immediately jumped up and fixed myself to look sexier the moment the door to his trailer flew open. The look of surprise and immediate lust in Dylan’s eyes when he entered, instantly, made desire crash down on my body. I already knew that I would be putty in his hands in a matter of seconds. Without even saying anything, Dylan just slowly closed the door behind him and took off his sneakers as he licked his lips in anticipation.

“Do you have any idea how good you look just wearing my shirt on?” Dylan questioned, his eyebrows raised in intrigue.

“Do you have any idea how much better I’ll look once you take it off?” I teased, smirking up at him.

My words definitely sparked something in him because Dylan instantly jumped on me, the intense sexual tension in the air an incredible influence on him. I giggled at his excitement and his lips were quickly on mine as my fingers instinctively ran through his hair. I smiled when Dylan’s tongue slid across my bottom lip, already asking for an entrance, and I didn’t think twice before opening my mouth for him. He allowed me to call the shots and would moan everytime I played with his tongue skillfully.

When we both needed to breathe again, Dylan detached his lips from mine and gently caressed my cheeks with his soft hands. His eyes gazed into mine with such emotion and care that a blush immediately made its way on my skin. Dylan never failed to make me feel special and I adored how intimate our relationship was. I always thought that intimacy was about allowing someone to touch you, but it’s so much more. Intimacy is someone who touches you beyond just the physical contact because they find a way to your soul. Intimacy is who you text at four in the morning to share your biggest fears and dreams. Intimacy is the person always in the back of your mind, no matter how distracted you are.

“I love you.” Dylan whispered before pulling off his shirt I was wearing and placing a gentle kiss on my mouth.

The moment he realized I had put on his favorite lingerie set, Dylan couldn’t hold back the immediate moan that fell from his pink lips. His eyes raked my entire body and I felt his cock slightly twitch against my thigh, through his red crimson pants he wore for Stiles’ character. Standing up from the the pull-out bed, Dylan began unbuckling his belt.

Suddenly, the door to his trailer immediately flew open and the both of us froze in absolute shock. I didn’t even have the thought in me to cover myself up with something, anything, before the intruders invaded Dylan’s safe space.

“Hey, Dyl, are you trying to hide from us?” Sprayberry immediately hollered when he and Cody were inside, both instantly stopping in their tracks once they noticed their co-worker wasn’t alone. “Oh, my God!”

“What the hell are you guys doing here?!” Dylan shouted angrily, the veins on his neck bulging against his skin.

Well, looks like someone’s stress is officially back.

“W-We, uh, W-We,” Sprayberry stuttered trying to answer, but was too astonished to form an actual sentence.

Much like Dylan did just moments ago, Cody’s eyes raked my entire body and, by the way he was biting down on his bottom lip, he definitely seemed to like what he saw. Before I could even do anything, Dylan jumped back on the bed and instinctively covered my body with his. Embarrassment and uncomfort took over my emotions as my boyfriend protected me, shielding my body from unwelcome eyes.

“Get! Out!” Dylan yelled, his Alpha male side appearing now that someone glanced at his female without his permission. “NOW!”

Sprayberry was the first to immediately sprint into action, forcefully pulling Cody out the door with him and literally having to tear his gaze off of my body. I let out a nervous breath I didn’t even know I was holding in the second the door sounded shut and the two actors were finally out of the trailer.

“Damn, it’s a good thing I wasn’t naked yet, right?” I chuckled nervously, trying to make the best out of this situation. However, it was no use. Dylan was furious and no longer in the light-hearted mood like before.

“He was totally eye-fucking you and that’s what concerns you the most?” Dylan scolded and even though he was angry, my entire body filled with desire.

Dylan’s usually very sweet, but every now and then he goes completely dominant and it’s the sexiest fucking thing ever. The way he pulls my hair as he forcefully pounds into me or roughly spanks me just because I went against one of his many commands always had me on the edge.

“You’re right.” I smiled innocently, looking up at him as he noticed the tension change in the room. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

The flicker in his eyes immediately went from rage to complete and utter lust the second I let the kinky title he loves so damn much come out of my mouth. The warm and golden-brown color once in his eyes was replaced with a dark black, his pupils now dilated to the maximum. Dylan’s bulge pressed against his pants and  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, knowing exactly what stood beneath the fabric. Although he wasn’t the only one turned on beyond comprehension as arousal pooled uncomfortably in my panties and I desperately wanted them off of me.

Reaching my hand down to my panties to get rid of it, Dylan’s hand suddenly gripped my wrist and stopped me from moving any further.

“Did I say you could do anything yet?” Dylan questioned.

I gulped and slowly shook my head, his eyes focusing on my lip when I bit down on it. He let go of me without another word, but it didn’t even feel like he did because of his addictive touch still lingering on my skin. Dylan stood up and walked over to the door, locking it as he licked his lips with his eyes trailing over my body.

“Take off your bra.” He commanded, walking back over but not sitting down.

“What?” I asked as I watched him take off his shirt, the sight of his impressive form stunning me.

“Ah, ah, ah, babygirl. You know the rules.” Dylan tsked, shaking his head as he unbuckled his belt like before and opened his pants. “Only speak when I give you the permission to.”

Heat rushed throughout my entire body until it landed with full force in my core. Dylan and I had this little game whenever he was dominant and it was one of my favorite fucking things. The game was simple, but absolutely drove me crazy: Dylan would give me three chances and if I strike out every single one of them, he had no other choice than to punish me.

“Strike one.” Dylan stated, a smirk playing on my lips with what he said next. “And I know you just heard what I demanded.”

At the same time that I reached behind my own back to unclasp my bra, Dylan dropped his pants. His erection pressed hard against his boxers, the gray fabric slightly wet from his arousal. When both of us finished taking off our pieces of clothing, Dylan’s eyes were already glued onto my now exposed perky breasts.

“Now your panties.”

My boyfriend and I pulled both of our underwear off our bodies, watching the other intently. As soon as we were free of clothing and completely exposed to each other, Dylan grabbed himself in his hand and stroked his shaft slowly. The sight of Dylan pumping himself as his eyes gazed on my body turned me on in ways that I can’t even explain.

“Touch yourself, babygirl.” He commanded, my mind melting at his husky voice.

Following his orders, I sat up straight on the bed and spread apart by legs for him to have a full view which made him moan in response. I brought my hand down to my already soaking core and gently slid my finger through my folds, separating them. Slowly rubbing small circles against my clitoris, I couldn’t help but let out a moan. I watched as Dylan used his thumb to caress his tip and I desperately wanted it in my mouth, but I knew that I had to follow his order or else I’d be punished. However, being punished by him does sound very inviting.

Using my other hand to pinch my nipples and tease not only myself but also Dylan, I noticed his grip tighten around his member. Dylan let out an unsatisfied groan when I took my hand away from my breast, but then immediately moaned when I used it to push a finger inside my heat. My back instantly arched and I let out a whimper at the feeling, provoking him to pick up his pace around himself.

“You look so beautiful pleasuring yourself, princess.” Dylan grunted as I moved faster along with him.

Of course I knew how to work myself and make my body feel good, but there’s no denying that Dylan is so much better at it. The way his long and skillfull fingers knowingly curl up inside of me in such a perfect way that not even I knew how to do or the way his sinful tongue flicks expertly against my nub has me wishing that he would just jump on top of me already. But, if there’s one thing Dylan O'Brien certainly loves being is a fucking tease.

“Fuck, baby. Even though this feels good, nothing compares to your beautiful lips and warm mouth wrapped around my cock.” He moaned as my body craved for his touch. “Stop what your doing and come kneel in front of me.”

An exciting idea roared to life in me when I decided to ignore Dylan’s command and willingly get my next strike. I tuned out whatever he had to say and focused on the incredible feeling of my finger pumping inside of me purely to spite him. Which definitely worked because in a matter of seconds I could hear Dylan growling and approaching me. I, suddenly, felt his hands rip mine away from my body and forcefully pull me into him, our naked bodies against each other as we stood.

“Strike two.” He warned through gritted teeth, his jaw clenching and looking sexy as ever.

Before I even knew it, Dylan pushed me down to kneel in front of him and harshly grabbed onto my hair with his hands. Bringing my own hands up, I held onto his thigh with one hand and wrapped around his base with the other. I smirked at Dylan as I licked my lips and gawked at the delicious sight in front of me. I gladly took Dylan’s tip inside of my mouth and he immediately moaned when I did. The first thing my tongue came into contact with was his precum and I can’t deny that I love the salty taste. As I gently sucked his head, my hand began to slowly pump his dick.

One of the many things I love about Dylan is that he’s very responsive and isn’t ashamed in letting me know exactly what he liked. Which is why I already knew that one of his favorite things I do when I give him a blowjob is lick his prominent vein on the underside of his cock at the same time that I very lightly and very carefully graze my teeth against his topside. Dylan let out a throaty groan the second I did exactly that and it seemed to light a fire in him because he immediately took control.

My boyfriend pushed himself fully into my mouth until he was hitting the back of my throat and I was gagging around him, only for him to pull away and do the exact same thing again. Dylan was happily fucking my mouth and, to be honest, I didn’t even mind it. The lust was so far deep in my blood that all I could focus on was how sexy he looked as he practically used me as a fuck toy and how damn good he tasted.

I hollowed my mouth around him to create a much tighter environment for him and the filthy sounds of his shameless moans erupting from his chest made my core ache more than it already had. Due to the fast pace and my wet mouth, it didn’t take long for Dylan to reach his much needed release. I hummed when he unloaded and his hot cum shot straight down my throat, his hips bucking in response.

Once Dylan came down from his high, I pulled him out of my mouth and he shuddered at the contact due to how sensitive he’d become. Wiping away the spit on my mouth and any cum spilling down my chin, I stood up with a smirk on my lips and Dylan immediately kissed me. His dominance faltering for the slightest second so he could show me how much he cared for me through the gentle action. However, the moment we parted, dominant Dylan was back.

“Can you sit on the chair for me, babygirl?” He pointed to the chair under his desk he uses to study his lines as he headed over to the small closet.

“Yes, Daddy.” I obeyed because both of us knew that even though he asked, it wasn’t actually a question.

My eyes widened immediately when I noticed just what he grabbed from the closet and Dylan approached me with an intense grin on his lips. I wanted to desperately ask him why the hell he had that in his trailer or what he thinks he’s about to do to me with it, but I knew that that wouldn’t be the greatest idea.

“It’s not mine.” Dylan defended himself when he obviously saw my shocked facial expression at the metal handcuffs in his hands. “It’s Stiles’, but I don’t see why we can’t have our own little fun with it. What do you think?”

“Well, I know for a fact Stiles and Lydia have a lot of kinky sex with handcuffs.” I smirked, reaching my arms behind the back of the chair for him to lock them there. “So, I say we should also give it a shot, Daddy.”

“That’s my girl.” Dylan smiled, placing the cold metal around my wrists to lock them behind me.

The next thing my boyfriend did was push my legs apart so I was completely opened for him in a way that felt so dirty and exposing but I loved nonetheless. Dylan’s lips instantly wrapped around one of my breasts, already biting down on my nipple, and I whimpered when I couldn’t grip his hair with my fingers. As he teasingly worked on my breast, Dylan brought a hand up to my core and my hips instinctively bucked the second his middle finger rubbed against my sensitive nub. He started slow at first but as soon as he knew I was ready for more, Dylan picked up his middle finger’s pace and, using his other hand, he slid one of his long fingers inside of me.

I couldn’t hold back my moan at the incredible feeling, considering my body had been craving it for the longest time now, and the first finger was immediately followed by a second. I absolutely loved how much Dylan understood my body and exactly what it needed which is why I was already getting close to my release in a matter of minutes. His skillful fingers curled inside of me and pumped with such fervor that I didn’t have any ounce of self control in me anymore. I knew I was about to reach my edge and, much to my dismay, so did Dylan.

“Not yet, princess.” He teased and I whined when he removed his fingers from my soaking wet heat. “You only get to cum when I say so. And I want it to happen around my cock.”

After seeing me completely opened for him and a moaning mess just because of his fingers, Dylan’s erection was already back up and ready for more action. Precum glistened on his tip and even though I did give him head only a few moments ago, I already wanted to do it all over again. What can I say? The man has a delicious dick.

Dylan was pumping himself a little bit as he watched my chest rise and fall from my rapid breathing before grabbing my feet and hitching them up on the chair. He pulled my waist towards the edge of the seat, making me lay down since I still was locked to the back of the chair, and Dylan positioned himself in front of my entrance. Without even giving me a warning, he instantly slammed inside of me and my entire body arched at the invasive act. He waited a few seconds for me to adjust and when I sort of did, Dylan began roughly thrusting into me.

“Fuck, babygirl, you’re always so tight.” Dylan moaned, his face snuggled into my slightly sweaty neck.

The pleasurable feeling of his thick width stretching my tight walls as he pounded in me, quite deeply considering how the position we were in favored his ability to be completely buried inside of me, sparked the orgasm I was so close to reach that Dylan denied up to the surface again. I clenched around him once and he growled against my skin, my entire body vibrating with the sound.

“Don’t cum yet.” He demanded and I whimpered.

Even though I tried to hold it back, I clenched around him once more and this time Dylan immediately brought his face up to glare at me. We were so close that I could feel his breath brushing across my skin and, yet, all I could focus on was the bound knot in my stomach ready to break free any minute now. The thought of going against Dylan’s commands was both terrifying and exciting and, to be honest, I didn’t know which one attracted me more.

“Don’t you dare.” Dylan threatened, bringing one of his hands up to forcefully pull my hair and make me look him straight in the eyes. “I’m serious. Promise Daddy you won’t cum until I allow it.”

“I-I promise, Daddy.” I managed to say through moans. However the second his cock twitched inside of me when I said his favorite nickname, I was long gone and there was no way going back.

My entire body shook, my toes curled against the chair and uncontrollable shouts erupted from my chest as one of the greatest orgasms I’ve ever experienced bolted through my veins. I could feel my core clenching around Dylan’s shaft at the same time that it released all of my pent-up arousal and gushed onto him. I screamed so loudly that I was certain everyone on the Teen Wolf lot heard me and I was also sure that despite not following his orders, Dylan was loving the way I was a mess. Everyone including Sprayberry and Cody knew that the person who just made this young woman scream so much in pleasure was Dylan and that it didn’t even matter how badly they might have wanted her, she was his.

My own release triggered Dylan’s and as I was coming down from my intense high, my boyfriend was reaching his. Dylan’s cock twitched before cumming for the second time today and shooting his liquid inside of me, the incredible feeling of his hot cum running against my walls making me moan. The sound of Dylan’s own moans echoed through the trailer and I watched in awe as his face contorted in pure pleasure. He held onto the edges of the chair tightly, his muscles straining against his arms as he shook.

“Strike three.” Dylan managed to say through his husky and breathless voice once he came down from his high.

The sweet taste of adrenaline rushed though all of my veins and my heartbeat pounded so hard it pulsed inside of my ears the second Dylan said those two simple words. A mixture of concern and lust flooded inside of me and I didn’t quite know which one was stronger.

Dylan slowly slid out of my body, his eyes staring into mine the entire time, and I winced at how sensitive I’ve become. Going back over to the closet, Dylan pulled out a small key and walked over to me again. He hovered over my body, his incredible smell filling my nose, and unlocked the metal cuffs on my hands. They immediately dropped to the floor with a clang and Dylan didn’t even seem to care. Putting the key down on his desk, Dylan stood up straight in front of me.

“Let me ask you a question, princess.” He husked. “Do you think you’re a good girl?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I answered, bringing my hands over to settle on my lap. “I do.”

“Hmm, well, I happen to think you’re very very naughty.” Dylan murmured. “And do you know what happens to naughty girls, baby? They get spanked.”

Before I could even put together what was about to happen, Dylan harshly grabbed me and made me stand. My boyfriend pushed me down onto the desk, my ass sticking out for him, and he stuck his leg between mine to keep them apart. He slowly began to caress one of my cheeks with the palm of his hand and goosebumps covered my entire body.

“How many should I give you, babygirl?” Dylan teased. “Does ten sound good?”

“N-No, that’s too much.” I stuttered.

“Okay, then, ten it is.” He chuckled darkly and I mentally prepared myself for what was about to come. “Count for me, princess.”

Suddenly, Dylan lifted his hand and roughly slammed it back down on my ass cheek. The intense pain immediately making my hips bucker in response. The ache and pleasure shooting through me and landed straight in the bottom of my stomach, sparking the creation of a familiar knot.

“O-One.” I whimpered and, as soon as I finished speaking, Dylan spanked my same cheek again. “T-Two.”

He repeatedly smacked my right cheek five times in a row, my skin aching intensely with every hit. Everytime he would slap me, the knot inside of my stomach would become tighter and tighter. I knew that by the time he finished spanking me all ten times, that knot would break and I would be orgasming for the second time in this trailer. I was already a shaking, moaning and whimpering mess in his hands and, as embarrassing as it was to be so vulnerable to someone, I couldn’t care less.

Dylan rubbed my right cheek for a few seconds to ease the stinging pain on my skin before moving to my left and striking my ass again without any warning. My knees were wobbling and weak and if it wasn’t for his leg holding me up, I would’ve definitely fallen down my now.

“S-Six.” I mewled, my voice only able to come out as a whisper whilst he continued his punishment on me. “Seven, Eight, Nine.”

By the tenth strike, the extremely tight knot had snapped and spread an insane amount of pleasure inside of me. My vision blurred and went white as my orgasm dissolved in my blood and bones. My body jerked against the desk, my skin digging into the wood, and arousal immediately spilled out of me and ran down Dylan’s thigh. It didn’t matter that my ass was burning in excruciating agony, the pleasure was so much more powerful.

Dylan held onto my hips as I finished reaching my edge and came back down to Earth. His fingers creating tender circles on my skin.

“You okay, baby?” He asked me and I managed to bring myself back up, with his assistance of course.

“Yes, Dylan, I am.” I turned around with a smile on my face, wrapping my arms around his neck for stability.

“I wasn’t too harsh, was I?”

“No, you were perfect.” I shook my head happily, leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“Good.” Dylan smiled, his eyes no longer dark and now back to its gentle color. “It’s just, the way Cody looked at you drove me insane and-”

“I know, baby.” I interrupted him before he could finish, caressing the back of his neck with my fingers. “But, I’m not his, I’m yours.”

Dylan smiled at me with everything he had in him and I swooned at how beautiful he was. However, not just in the way he looked or in the way that he always manages to say things that makes me fall in love with him more and more everyday. But, just in the pure way that he is.

Rest of Our Lives

Characters: Y/N (reader), Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: stressed reader, douche ex, crappy friend, bad boss, “kidnapping” - the cute kind though. Mainly just fluff though.  

Word Count: 1400ish

A/N: This is is my entry for the lovely @splendidcas’ birthday challenge. Shannon thank you for giving me an always welcome excuse to write more Misha.

My prompt for this challenge was: “I don’t kidnap, I just temporarily borrow a person” - And I love this prompt so so much, so thank you for this opportunity Shan :D

Thanks to the brilliant and sweet @chaos-and-the-calm67 for betaing this for me.

Opening a coffee shop was stressful, especially when the person opening it was you. You wanted everything to be perfect. This had been you dream for at long as you could remember and taking the leap and finally realizing it had not been one you had taken lightly.

It had taken years working as a waitress in a restaurant for a horrible boss and finding your cheating boyfriend in bed with your best friend. It had taken days spend in bed crying your eyes out, before you had forced yourself to get back on your feet. You were not going to let screaming bosses, bad friends or cheating exes knock you down. You were going to take this as a sign that you needed at change. You had remembered your dream then and realized it was time to realize it.

That had been almost a year ago. You had started creating a business plan and you had worked hard on getting approved for the loans you had needed. Six months ago today you had gotten them approved and the same day you had bought this building. It was also six month ago today, you had met him.

Keep reading

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Hey!!! 😇 I have read like all fics on your coming out tag page, when you have time can you update them? Today It's my one year anniversary of coming out!!! ☺️☺️☺️ -B

Happy Belated Anniversary! Sorry it’s a little late but we’re so happy we could celebrate with you! Here’s the tag for everyone else. - Anastasia

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Taking Bets by S_Horne

(1/1 I 406 I General I Sterek)

“Dad, Mel” Stiles started. “I’m gay.”

With a sudden boost of confidence, Stiles reached a hand out to take a hold of one of Derek’s.

“And this is my Derek” he continued, turning his face to meet the other’s gaze.


Stiles has a confession for his parents, and they have one for him!

Dream a Little Dream of Me by 42hrb

(1/1 I 830 I Teen I Stanny)

Coach pairs Stiles and Danny in a hotel for a lacrosse trip, it turns out they have some stuff to talk about.

About Damn Time by fancyachatup

(1/1 I 903 I General I Sterek)

It’s essentially Teen Wolf, except that there are such things as soulmates.

Deal? by fancyachatup

(1/1 I 921 I General I Sterek)

Only Peter is evil and it’s for like 1 sentence.
Basically Sheriff answers a domestic violence call and Stiles hits on Derek while simultaneously coming out.

The Person He Loved In So Many Different Ways by QueenofCrazy

(1/1 I 1,136 I Not Rated I Sciles)

“Bro.” He whispered, hands gripping his knees and fingers tapping. “Bro you uh, you left your porn up on your laptop that I borrowed for my presentation.”
Scott felt his face heat up. He knew what porn Stiles was talking about, how could he be so stupid not to check it before giving it to Stiles.

Sourwolves Do it Better by siao

(1/? I 1,406 I Explicit I Sterek)

In another time, in another place, but not exactly as the story still occurs in the much beloved town of Beacon Hills, Stiles Stilinski is a quirky (kind way of saying a walking disaster) teenager just trying to figure out his life in the wake of his parents uncommunicated separation, and being the perpetual third-wheel to his power couple friends Lydia and Jackson that makes him question if their friends because they happened to have playdates in the e-old age or because their parents gave them no choice but to be friends.

And yeah, maybe having sex with a complete stranger in the supply closet at school wasn’t his brightest idea - sue him, but how was he supposed to know that his one time fling that he wanks since forth was his English teacher?

Throw in teenage werewolves, alphas, hunters and some kind of demon tree that may or may not be trying to seduce him into being evil and what you got is a whirlwind romance that’s not quite legal but profound all the same.

Two Hearts in One Home by TheMipstaz

(1/1 I 1,851 I Explicit I Malia/Kira)

In which Kira bakes 11 pies.

Silver and Cold by inatshej

(1/1 I 2,044 I Mature I Steter)

Stiles admits to himself finally that it is cold, quiet and lonely. It didn’t change when he met Peter, but at least he could forget about it. Somehow the thing with Peter ends up hurting him even more.

And The Oscar Goes To by 42hrb

(1/1 I 2,241 I Teen I Sterek)

Being publicly in the closet means Stiles can’t go to the Academy Awards with who he really wants, but it’s not like he’s going to win so he doesn’t have to worry about slipping up and thanking Derek in his speech… right?

Outed by smokesforsterek

(1/1 I 2,419 I General I Sterek)

Nancy O’Dell was standing on her chic set but in the background on one of the set pieces was a obviously zoomed in and blurry picture of Derek and Stiles kissing on the beach.

or the one where Derek and Stiles are famous and secretly dating, and are caught. So naturally the only thing to do is pretend they’re making a movie.

Heavy Is The Head by tragicama

(1/? I 2,574 I Explicit I Sterek)

Heir Prince of France, Derek Hale is tired of his royal life.

When he meets a palace servant named Stiles, everything changes.

Or, the one where Derek falls in love with his own Prince Charming.

Awake by reillyblack

(1/1 I 3,441 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles was too goddamn old for a sexual awakening.

Never Been Subtle by totallyrandom

(2/2 I 3,886 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles has something important to tell Scott, but Scott’s not making it easy.

Green Beer and the Howling Wolf by TVTime

(1/1 I 4,152 I Teen I Stisaac)

Stiles, Isaac, and Scott go out drinking for St. Patrick’s Day and Stiles discovers that his hopeless crush on Isaac may not be as hopeless as he thought.

Stiles-centric/Stiles POV, dialogue-heavy college AU story with no powers. Primarily humor with some fluff and Stisaac romance. Alternate character histories. Isaac is Scott’s adopted brother.
Stiles held his arms out and turned around in a circle. “I look okay right?”

Scott’s face lit with understanding. “Ah, someone wants to get lucky on St. Paddy’s Day.”

Stiles didn’t deny it, just changed the subject – well, technically he didn’t change the subject, but Scott would think it was a change of subject. “So when’s Isaac getting here?”

Trust by live_laugh_murder

(1/1 I 4,436 I Teen I Steo)

Stiles always knew Theo Raeken couldn’t be trusted. But he seems to forget that when the werewolf gets under his skin.

Out in the Open by inmydreams

(1/1 I 5,188 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek Hale, successful actor and Oscar winner, is ready to come out and where better to do it than on his boyfriend’s chat show?

Indecent Proposal by lavieboheme0919

(1/1 I 5,432 I Explicit I Stetoper)

Peter and Chris have been married since they were in their twenties. Stiles is introduced to the mix after Peter meets him in the showers at the on-campus gym. All of them love the relationship they’re in. Unfortunately none of them know how to explain said relationship to Stiles’ dad.

This is the first of a series I’ll be working on as I work on my other story, “Gods and Monsters.” This one will be heavily focused on sex. If I missed any tags, please let me know. As always, comments welcome and encouraged!

Aparecium by GameCake

(1/1 I 5,446 I Teen I Sterek)

“Hey, Derek, look! Aquamenti!” Stiles yelled laughing.

His laugh though was short-lived as his hand tickled the same time as water shot out of the tip of his fake wand?


“Whatever you did, wherever you found it, put it back!” Derek ordered flashing his alpha crimson eyes.

“Do you really think it is a good idea to leave it here unattended? What if a kid takes it? What if someone said ‘Avada Kedavra’” Stiles defended as he flayed his arms around.

That proved to be another bad choice. His hand buzzed again and lightning escaped the wand and stuck an innocent tree. Which immediately cracked and started decaying to the point that it looked sick and… well… dead.

There were a few bits of silence after that until Derek spoke up. “That’s it! Put it back now.”


Or the one where Stiles finds a wand that responds to Harry Potter spells, is apparently a mage and gets a boyfriend out of it.

Don’t hate me for who I am by AnnSnape

(2/6 I 5,649 I Mature I Sterek)

It was Christmas when Stiles pack rejected him for being different and Stiles, who turned for the first time, had to run away from his own pack to survive.

Closeted by stilinski_wolf

(2/2 I 7,483 I Teen I Sterek)

Derek is part of a very rich, very conservative - and very homophobic - family, and so he has to hide who he truly is from them.

And then, Derek takes a liking to the new bartender working at the gay bar he frequents, and contemplates coming out to his family.

But his choice is taken out of his hands when his sister Cora follows him one night to the gay bar, changing Derek’s life irrevocably.

wolf in the headlights by thedeathlyalpha

(1/1 I 7,581 I Teen I Scisaac)

When Scott finds out that Derek has added a member to the pack, he can’t believe it.

When he discovers who it is, even worse.

As Scott becomes closer to Isaac, feelings develop and the lines blur, making everything just seem so confused.

Getting To Know Me Getting To Know You by alternativename

(3/? I 9,477 I Mature I Steter)

In an Omega verse where Stiles has never really felt comfortable in his own skin, he seeks out the company of other Omegas to help him make sense of the world they live in.

Meeting Peter Hale however was totally unplanned, and so was everything that happened from the moment they met.

And…Action! by defenselesswriter

(5/? I 9,632 I Explicit I Sterek)

“Not looking for casual hookups. Sorry, bro. Most codependent independent person you will ever meet. Part-time actor, full-time asshole who coincidentally preaches positivity. Worst bowler in the world after my best friend. Looking for a guy whose first thought isn’t ‘Can I put my dick in one of his orifices?’ Also super hella bi and might be down for a threesome.”

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes by huffleluff

(1/1 I 21,866 I Teen I Allydia)

If you had asked Allison Argent if she was straight two months ago, she would have said yes. Now, she isn’t so sure.

On her eighteen birthday, she receives the name of her soul mate via a mark on her wrist: seventeen year old Lydia Martin. Her sense of identity suddenly gone, Allison must deal with her feelings for her best friend, her preacher father’s homophobia, and learning to love herself for who she truly is–preferably before Lydia’s eighteenth birthday in just one year’s time.

There’s Nothing That I Wouldn’t Do (I Found My Way Back To You) by SuperMARVELous

(5/5 I 51,051 I Mature I Sterek)

Four times Derek and Stiles pass each other by and the one time they find their way back to each other.

The Payoff Pitch by Leslie_Knope

(12/12 I 83,974 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek is on the cusp of his second season with the LA Dodgers, and as the reigning runner-up Rookie of the Year, the pressure’s on him to become the team’s star pitcher and lead them to the playoffs for the first time in five years. He’s trying to deal with the burden of expectations and really has zero desire to spend any extra time or energy on anything that isn’t baseball.

But then he meets Stiles.

Building a Better Chimera: Part Two by Uthizaar

(21/21 I 200,638 I Explicit I Steo I MCD)

Theo returns to Beacon Hills with the task of guiding and protecting Stiles as he becomes one of the most powerful chimeras alive…Well that was the Dread Doctor’s plan. Theo has a different idea, and Stiles fits nicely into it, not merely as a fellow chimera, but as something more. Of course, Stiles not being aware of his abilities is but one small obstacle… 

Closed Set

Request:  Hiii so I know you write mostly Sam and you claim you don’t write Jared, but would you be willing to write a Jared story? I want to request: Imagine filming a sex scene with Jared. And maybe he gets really into it, which isn’t in the script, but you can obviously take it wherever your heart desires. -@impalaimagining

Jared x Female Reader

Summary: Filming a love scene with Jared is a little more than you bargained for. 

Warnings: This is what I would consider smut adjacent, nothing too graphic.

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: Beta’d by the always amazing @elliewinchesterr

Possibly part one of two, I’m always skittish when I write Jared. 

“How do those feel?” Tabitha, your wardrobe assistant, gestures to the round flesh colored stickers covering your nipples.

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anonymous asked:

Yay requests are open!! Could you do the RFA + Searan (sorry if you have a character limit) reacting to an MC who has super puffy and soft curly hair? What would their first reaction be? Would they play with her hair? Would they help her get hair products? Thank you!! (I love your blog btw you're amazing!!)

I don’t have a character limit so worries anonny! You’re the amazing one here anonny for sending in such a cute and fluffy request but thank you so much for the kind words, I sincerely appreciate them and your patience! I hope that you enjoy!!~


  • The moment Yoosung saw your hair for the first time, he immediately started playing with it
  • He’s so obsessed with your hair that you’ll usually wake up every morning to Yoosung lazily playing with your hair
  • The softness of your hair makes Yoosung want to pet you all of the time, he’ll usually twirl your hair whenever he’s trying to relax
  • Yoosung doesn’t really use that many hair care products, just hair dyes and some cheap shampoo, so he’s not the best at giving hair advice
  • But he starts to care more about his own hair since he wants his to be as smooth and pretty as yours someday!
  • He also loves alternating between you playing with his hair then him playing with your hair
  • Yoosung loves everything about your hair plus you’ve helped him maintain his own wild locks, the two of you are often seen always having your hands in each other’s hair


  • Zen knows a thing or two about hair so when he first saw yours, he knew that your hair was amazing
  • He’s always running his fingers through your hair, constantly complimenting on how soft and silky it is
  • While he does like it when you play with his long silver locks, Zen is always willing to switch roles and play with your hair
  • He’ll sometimes make you sit down next to him and just randomly play with your hair, it especially calms him down when he’s on the phone with his director and he runs his fingers through your hair
  • This boy is the king of hair care products so Zen’s got you covered
  • Any type of product you can imagine, dry shampoos, hair gels, de-frizzy hair sprays, hair strengthening creams, and so on to just name a few products that Zen owns and is more then willing to share with you
  • Basically if you ever need any hair care advice, turn to Zen for help since if he wasn’t an actor he’d probably be a hair stylist
  • Zen likes having you near him all of the time because he enjoys your presence plus your hair is amazing to play with


  • Even though appearance doesn’t typically matter to Jaehee, the first time she sees your hair she’s instantly in love
  • This woman is stressed all of the time so she loves absentmindedly running her fingers or playing with your hair
  • Jaehee’s become so accustomed to playing with your hair that sometimes when you know she’s had a tough day you’ll set up some coffee, Zen’s dvds, and lean into her so she can play with your hair
  • She has fairly soft hair herself so she’ll definitely give you some hair advice if you need it
  • Products like shampoos, hair de-tangler sprays, and hair sprays would be some hair care products that Jaehee uses
  • After she quits working for Jumin, you beg her to grow her hair out, which she does, and it ends up being the best decision
  • Now her hair is almost as smooth and puffy as yours and the two of you will play with each other’s hair for hours
  • You and Jaehee use each other’s hair to play with when either of you are tired from a long day, becoming the best stress reliever


  • Jumin’s met plenty of people in his life but he’s never seen anyone who has hair as pretty as yours
  • He never thought something so simply as hair would make him so happy, but it sure did
  • Your hair looked so soft and pleasing but he was too embarrassed to ask if he could play with it
  • But you could tell that Jumin was nervous so you gently placed his hand on your hair and he naturally started playing with it
  • Jumin asks if you want to be a hair model because he thinks that everyone needs to know the beauty that it your hair
  • He owns just about any kind of hair care product you can imagine from foreign hair sprays to shampoos rich with health benefits
  • And if Jumin doesn’t own a hair product you like, he’d find it right away because your hair deserves nice products
  • Jumin never would have thought that just playing with your hair could make him so happy so he’ll make sure you never go a day without any products


  • The minute Seven sees how pretty and soft your hair is his fingers are already running through your scalp
  • This boy cannot get over how puffy and soft your hair is and asks you what your secret is, it if you’re a hair wizard
  • His hair isn’t really the neatest so he’s much rather play with your hair then you play with his
  • Seven likes styling your hair in weird ways, he’ll say that it’s super cute and take lots of pictures of you
  • His hair care product supply is pretty much limited to shampoo so he’s more then willing to help you pick out some nicer products
  • The two of you will spend so much time looking through all of the products since Seven had no idea that the world of hair care was so expansive
  • But Seven’s really grateful since now thanks to you his hair is becoming more manageable and softer like yours
  • His favorite thing to do when stressed is call you into his room and have you sit on his lap while he plays with your hair which turns out to be a great way for him to relax plus spend more time with you
  • Seven is in love with your hair, claiming that he won’t rest until his hair is as pretty as yours but until then, he’ll just continue to play with and admire it


  • One of Saeran’s favorite pastimes is to lay lazily on the couch with you and play with your hair
  • He finds it therapeutic to just causally run his long fingers through your soft hair, adoring how well you take care of it
  • Saeran loves helping you wash your hair, massaging the shampoo into your hair is somewhat mesmerizing to him
  • He’ll also put in tons of conditioner to make your hair even softer then it already is
  • Saeran doesn’t really like his hair since it’s typically unkept but you promise to make his hair as soft as yours
  • He owns barely any hair care products but you notice that Saeran starts buying the same products as you to help his own hair
  • Once he thinks that his hair is as soft and puffy as yours, Saeran will shyly ask you to play with his hair and ask how to improve it to be more like yours
  • You’ve basically become Saeran’s hair role model plus playing with your hair has become one of his absolute favorite things to do with you
Writers Creed Interviews: @mikefrawley

For our fourth interview, we have had the privilege of getting to know Mike from Florida, USA. Please take a moment to find out all his great stories from work from when he started writing as well as what inspires him and much more. Thank you for participating, Mike! ❤

Writers Creed: Thank you for joining us! We’d like to start off with a brief introduction. Tell us your name and any nicknames and / or cool story involving them (if any) :)

Mike: First of all I cannot begin answering questions before thanking you for this completely unexpected honor and pleasure. As for nicknames, the number one perk of being named Mike is no matter how old I am or ever get, I shall always be a Mikey, and yes I do like that. Michael is actually my middle name, and I’ll spare you the gory details, but that is confusing. I have a much stranger nickname at work, Frank, as in Frank Frawley. For the past fourteen years I’ve worked for the same family owned business, and for reasons yet unknown, one of them has and will probably always call me Frank. It’s now a running joke, and everyone including me when I’m in a good mood finds this hilarious.

WC: Haha that is a great story Mike. We’ll make sure to stick to Mike and not Frank haha. So onto the real writing questions, what got you into writing?

M: I actually started writing at one of the lowest points in my life, and never had much if any desire to write prior to 1999. Fighting a losing battle with addiction, I had chased away love, most if not all of my friends, and totally destroyed a 21-year career. I wrote about 4 poems to pass the time and hopefully keep some of whatever was left of my sanity. Several years later I was able to share one, “Hush” with a severely depressed friend. She loved it and passed it around to everyone else, who also said they loved it, and I was hooked. Thankfully, she’s now an RN, a happily married mother of two, and I’m doing much better as well.

WC: Wow that is a great answer. It is incredible how people are able to turn tragedy into something positive
and in turn also inspire others through their writing

M: People are actually pretty amazing, and when I don’t have my head buried deeply up my behind, I realize, or remember that the true gift of writing is found in the hearts you touch.

WC: Well said, “the true gift of writing is found in the hearts you touch.” 😊 Love that. So what usually motivates you to write? What are the subjects you most touch upon?

M: The motivation like everything else has changed over time. After my first few poems, I started writing to share with my friends at work. Along with enjoying their positive feedback, I totally unexpectedly discovered that I actually loved to write. There are so many thoughts and feelings that I feel I can adequately express only via written words. In our words, we can be actors, saints, sinners, lovers, dreamers, and anything else we can imagine. In its own way, I’ve found writing to be a very liberating experience. Early on, the mostly spiritual books I was reading often inspired me, and of course music, always music. By far my favorite topic has always been love in its many hues, from romantic to tragic to altruistic. A few of my favorite themes are of course pirates, The Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, God, self-love, and most definitely dreamers.

WC: Lovely answer, just spot on. You have a wonderful point here about how easily it is for us writers to take the role of any character we choose and really go with it. The power to be able to create is fascinating. How long have you been writing?

M: As I mentioned, I wrote about 4 poems in 1999, and for reason I saved them while going through some shall we say pretty interesting times. Several years later when I began sharing them with friends at work, I probably wrote one or two per week at most. You may find this moderately humorous, after a while I started sharing prose on Fridays, and having never heard of prose along with only knowing that a blog had something to do with the internet, I referred to them as Fake Blog Fridays. Since joining Tumblr in December of 2010, and counting whatever I wrote prior to that, I’m “guesstimating” that I’ve written somewhere around 4,000 poems and other types of creative writing.

WC: Haha that is amazing! You know, I think we (all writers on Tumblr who have been blessed with your work) can agree that it was the best thing you did to start writing when you did! ❤
Any strange, interesting, cool stories or experiences happen to you because of the fact that you write?

M: I can’t think of too much other than in my early days of writing at work. I had a readership of about 50 people, and I used to go around each morning whenever I had written a new poem passing them out on company paper, and time. My boss heard about it a few years later, and while shaking his head in disbelief, smiled and said, don’t do that anymore. Also, I’m not generally very comfortable meeting new people, and it certainly was an ice breaker. New employees would often come up to me and ask, “Hey aren’t that poet guy?” Minor though it was, I’m sure I enjoyed the notoriety as the only fish in a small pond.

WC: Cute :) Well now for the last question, tell us a fun fact about you :)

M: Why did they get tough at the end? LOL. For some reason you just reminded me of one of my father’s favorite stories that he loved to share even into old age. His passion was traveling, and as a Marine Corps Officer was allowed 30 days of vacation each year. In a little pale blue Tempest hauling a camper trailer we literally traveled around the country for 3 or 4 weeks once every year. I’ve been in 40 plus states as well as both Canada and Mexico. Yellowstone with its geysers and bears was one of my favorites. Anyway, back to his story. Apparently at least one of my school teachers had called the house expressing her concern over my apparent chronic lying, and when he inquired as to why, she replied, every time we have a geography class and discuss a new location, he says I’ve been there. My father smiled and answered, he has. I can only imagine her expression.

WC: No way! Haha that was epic!

M: I heard that story many times and smiled with each retelling. :)

WC: I can see why. It sure brightened my day.

M: This has been very enjoyable!

WC: Thanks! Well thank you so much for doing this and sharing your soul with us today!

Imagine joining forces on set with Alex

In honor of the Friday Prompts my fellow Army girls.
Oh my god you are awesome thank you! Well I was wanting one Alex x reader where they work together at Vikings of course and they are really into each other but haven’t admitted it until they can’t help it anymore and end up secretly fucking on set and confessing their feelings for each other, what do you think?
Note: I think that writting this was so much fun! I hope you like it to. ;-) Let me know if so. Other way of writing but so damn fun to do!
Words: 2338

The weather was terrible, you walked with a winterjacket and a scarf only to resist the sharp cold wind. It wasn’t freezing, in fact the sun shined but the wind maked it almost unbearable to walk around without those two things. As a horsetrainer you came everywhere around the world and if you had to choose you loved a little warmth over some freezing cold. But it was part of the job and for now you needed to ready the horses for the filmday at hand. What meant you needed to warm them up, clean them and maked the propper arrangements to their gear. You took a rope and walked to one of the paddocks that were build aside the set, to give the horses a change to strecht their legs. Arian was watching you from in the farest corner, his ears pointed foward, his intelligent eyes following your every move.
‘I know what you are thinking.’ You said to him. He wasn’t the easiest, but he did his job excellent. From the moment you walked closer the wind caught him and he started to gallop around, shaking his white head like he was amused by the thought that you were going to catch him. ‘Arian.’ With the wind all the horses were a little hotheated. Knowing Arian would be on set today meant that you would need some extra time to calm him done before he joked around when he actually needed to be focust. But that horse got you good, standing still on a distant and cantering again when you came closer.
‘She is trying to catch my horse.’ You turned around to the voice. Alex stood against the fense, back towards you while he was filming himself and you on the background trying to catch Arian.
‘If you put that on instagram I’ll do you something.’ You shouted. He turned around, curious.
‘What will you do to me?’
‘You don’t want to find out.’
‘To late.’ He reacted on that. You shook your head, smiling and looked back to Arian.
‘You better help me.’ You said to him. He leaned over the fense, arms crossed over it while he looked amused towards Arian walking away from you.
‘Why should I do that? I have the time of my life seeing you struggle.’ He laughed. It was what the both of you did, joking around with each other. The second best thing about your job in training horses for series and films was that you had to privileged to work with some pretty amazing actors. Alex Hogh Andersen was one of them, his role as Ivar was the other thing that caused you to fall for him. But how dangerous and manipulative that character could be,Alex was the oppisit.
‘Because you need him today. The less time I can prep him the more difficult it will be for you to handle him.’ You answered his question.
‘The more I need you, with other words, isn’t a bad thing.’ He joked, jumping over the fence into the paddock. Arian looked at the both of you before he walked over to Alex, he started laughing, petting Arian over the head.
‘What did you gave him?’ You asked. The horses were on a strict diet, Arian being so willing for Alex meant that he gave that horse something.
‘My unconditional love.’ He answered, smiling aside to you. You walked closer to him and took Arian from him over.
‘I don’t believe thing from what you say.’ You reacted. He looked at you, your face half hidden in your scarf and started laughing again. ‘What? Never seem somebody have cold before.’
‘It’s cute!’ He squeezed your cheeks and you kicked his hands away. ‘Do you need me to warm you up.’
‘Not funny Alex.’
‘I wouldn’t dare to laugh.’ He reacted, with a more tender smile. He was serious? He helped you and Arian out of the paddock until he looked on his watch. ‘Need to go, see you on set. Don’t get me killed.’ He pointed to Arian while running off.
‘I wouldn’t dare to loose my favorit person around here.’ You shouted after him. So saw him trow you a smile before he left you with that kind of feeling again, and it wasn’t the first time you felt that way.

‘Is he ready? They need you and him on set.’ The setcoordinator said to you. You jumped on the chariot and took the reins.
‘Let’s go Arian.’ You loosened the reins a little and he walked of, pulling the chariot behind him. For a second you felt quite the viking yourself, all proud and tough while you leaded that horse to set on some of the most epic attributed they had, Ivar his chariot. The wind laid down a little, making Arian more focust and eager to work. When you arrived on the set a large viking force stood ready to film the epic scene where the Heathen Army for the first time got showed of to Aella. ‘Boys.’ You greeted, Alexander, Jordan, David and Marco. Alex jumped on the chariot and took his place on the seat. ‘You know the drill, if he gets axcious just play a little with the reins, give him something to focus on.’ You advised him.
‘I would love to see that horse to take off with you.’ Marco joked, leaning on the egde of the chariot. They started talking their own language and you looked between the two in.
‘That’s my cue to leave.’ You jumped from the chariot, Alexander laughed, giving you a shoulderpet while you walked over to Arian. ‘Be good.’ You warned him.
‘You come safe me right?’ Alex asked. You turned around and looked up to him.
‘I didn’t thought Ivar the Boneless needed saving.’ You joked, he tilted his head and you walked smiling away. Arian was never alone, one of the stablehands was dressed as a viking and would be around on all times. ‘Good luck.’ You said to them before you left set. You waited with the crew behind the scenes. You loved to how a simple play turned out to be a whole series. You were part of it, not in it but aside it. Arian behaved, Alex was extrodionary in his role as Ivar. He had a thousand fangirls behind him only for that role and you had the change to work with him, to be his friend. You didn’t only respect him, you admirered him, were draw to him, who wouldn’t.

It was dark when you trained the last horse for tomorrow. The setgrounds were silent, everybody was doing his own thing. Most turned back to the nearby village, others stayed in the trailers on set. Rowen walked under you to the stables, you petted him on his neck from out of the saddle. ‘What are you still doing here?’ You asked Alex when you saw him standing before the stall of Arian, giving him a treat. You lashed him carefull with the wip while passing. ‘Don’t.’
‘He deserves some treat for his good work today.’ Alex turned towards you, his messy hair up in a little knot on the back of his head, hands hidden in his pockets.
‘They would better give me a treat for my good work.’ You laughed, jumping from Rowen before you started to untack him. Alex didn’t react on that and your turned around to him, he just leaned against Rowen his stable and looked at you. ‘What?’ You asked while leading Rowen in his stable, closing the door while you kept your eyes on Alex.
‘You seriously want a treat?’ He asked.
 ‘Why not. It’s a job like another, you get all the fangirls and I just see an amount of money on my account.’
‘You have the privilege to work with those awesome and handsome actors.’
‘Are you talking about yourself because yes,’ You didn’t got the change to finish that sentence, Alex pulled you towards him, placing his lips on yours. You pulled back in an instant and looked at him, confussed. ‘What are we doing?’
‘Giving you a treat.’ He reacted, looking down to your lips in that way again. You felt a whole lot of Ivar in that look and to be honest, you hardly could resist. ‘Maybe I like you more than I let out.’ He followed. Okay, easy decision. You placed your lips back on his, wrapping an arm around his neck while he pulled you closer by your waist. The cold rushed out with this kind of a kiss. His hand rested on the small of your back, you felt his fingertips on your naked skin underneath your jacket. Offcourse, Rowen took it as his business to put his nose against your hair. You started laughing, duking away from him.
‘Go to sleep Rowen!’ You lectured the horse. Alex pulled you around the corner where the hay was stocked and you felt his devilish plan coming from miles away. ‘We are not,’
‘A horsegirl like you, don’t say you never thought about it.’ He smiled his boyish smile. You bited your lip, closing your eyes when he kissed you again. You had to admit, this kind of luxery didn’t had his fangirls, they could only dream about it. He zipped open your jacket, you felt his cold hands through you shirt, letting you shiver. But it didn’t take him long to warm you up. You pulled your jacket out while he unwrapped your scarf from around your neck, in all that time you never lost touth of each other. He kissed you neck, you stroke your hands over his chest. Alex wasn’t the rough kind, not like his character in this series was. He laid you down on a hay bale and hovered over you. Making out in the stables, you could scrap that from your bucketlist, just like the fact you were doing it with Alex Hogh Andersen, scrape that to. You pulled his sweater and shirt over his head laid your hands against his bare chest while he pulled out your shirt, leaving you in only your bra and pants. The rest went on his own, ending with the fact that you had to hold your moans for yourself not wanting to have someone looking around in the stables. Feeling him inside you, you clenshed your teeth with every movement you maked.
‘Alex.’ You moaned out in a final breath, getting to your higest point and explode in all kind of wonderfull things. And he did just the same.
‘Stay.’ He panted against your neck, the both of you laying half naked on the hay bale.
‘Give me a warmer location and I consider it.’ You reacted heavily out of breath.

Your alarm sounded like a killer in your head. You groaned angry, turning your head in the bed and looking to Alex. That little morning temper you sometimes had vanished like snow before the sun. You did … you had sex with him in the stables and came here afterwards, making out … again and falling asleep on his bed. It never felt better, your career never got this kind of turn before.
‘Put it out Y/n.’ He murmured. You noticed you still didn’t turned of your alarm and whent looking for your mobile in the pile of clothes.
‘Come on, where are you.’ You whispered still half asleep. It took you a minute but you got it out, throwing yourself back aside him. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer, you murmered something and he chuckled about it. ‘Am I dreaming?’ You asked after laying still against his chest for a while. ‘If so it was a verry vivid dream.’ You continued. He stroke his fingers through you hair and you looked up to him.
‘Not dreaming.’ He promised you. You stayed still, looking to his calm face expressions.
‘What we did, I think,’
‘I like you Y/n, seriously.’ He announched. You opened your mouth to react on that but there wasn’t any protest left in your body.
‘Same.’ You only said with a soft smile. He pulled you closer, kissing you tender and you felt like the most happy girl in the world. ’I can never stay on your side, you know that right?’
‘Because you work with horses around the world and I’m an actor?’
‘Yes.’ You reacted a little unsure, resting your head slowly back on his chest.
‘Give it a change, I like you, even better, I want to be with you. Besiced, when you are on others sets I can come visit and meet those famous actors all around the world.’ He joked. You slapped him on his bare chest and he chuckled.
‘I’m worked on the set of Game of Thrones, maybe you will be lucky enough next year to visit me there.’
‘Did you fuck Jamie Lannister there to?’
‘No, Jon Snow.’ You answered neutral. His eyes grew a little bigger before he noticed that you were joking about it. You laughed, hiding your head against his body.
‘What I’m saying is that you are here for season five to so we have each others company for a long time.’ He went further, all serious again. You looked up to him, studying his face.
‘You really like me? A horsegirl?’ You asked a little in disbelief. There was nothing special about you, you where very good with horses, social a little less with persons but when they started to know you, you grew fast into a friendship.
‘You would be surpriced how amazing you are.’
‘Maybe.’ You murmured.
‘I know your weaknesses to.’ He began.
‘Oh really?’ You smiled. His smile grew a little darker, his eyes stronger and in just that couple of seconds it was like you looked at the fearless Ivar the Boneless. ‘You win.’ You reacted in a small voice.
 ‘Good, now let me kiss you.’ He demanded all viking alike, not giving you a choose …. Not that you where in protest about it to begin with.


Gala Croisette French Magazine May 26 and May 28 issues with Robert Pattinson at Cannes 2017

Robert Pattinson is shedding his movie star looks for Cannes drama Good Time. /“I do every movie to try to get into Cannes”/

Gala: In Good Time, you are playing a bank robber and it’s hard to find anything sympathtic about him. Are you the kind of actor that brings your character home?

RP: With this one, kind of, but mainly because I was just shooting for like 16,17 hours and it’s almost impossible to not bring it home, because you are just constantly in it. And the whole point was to put everything on the screen and it kind of helps with the character when you are sort of living in isolation.

Gala: With that movie, you have taken a lot of risks as an actor. Its it important to you when you choose a film?

RP: Yeah, I don’t know. I just want to find projects I am really obssessed with. I like finding. I am not from the film industry, I didn’t really grow up in it, so I would go off to directors who I think people don’t really know how good they are yet. I love the discovery, more than trying to be in the big movie that is coming out or going off and trying to be with the most famous director in the world.

Gala: Can you talk how special it is for you to be in Cannes?

RP: I have always loved Cannes. As I started acting, I went in 2009 and I just had the best trip ever. I went to se Inglorious Bastards here and you have a premiere on a speedboat and stuff, it’s crazy! It’s a very proud festival and it take itself really seriously and to get in competition, it’s very special. So I do every movie to try to get into Cannes.

Gala: Do you still feel uncomfortable with your heart throb image?

RP: I am always way more surprised than everybody that I am considered a heart throb. That kind of reaction really blows my mind. I mean, it’s only because of Twilight. Before Twilight, I never got the good looking parts, ever. I was gangly and whatever, but then you do one movie and people are like “you are so beautiful”… So stupid, I can’t believe I just talked about that.” (laughs)

Le Club By Albane: Robert Pattinson makes himself at Home

It’s become something of a ritual. Whenever he comes to the Corisette, Robert Pattinson always spends at least one evening at the club by Albane. In 2012, the first time he visited Albane, the former Twilight star was in a relationship with Kristen Stewart. Their appearance there made the news worldwide. The day before yesterday. the British actor was on the rooftop of the JW Mariott Cannes for the evening hosted for Good Time (in which he plays the part of a fearsome gangster) organized by Dior on the Terrasse By Albane. Tonight, Albane receives Roman Polanski for the after party of his new film, Based on a True Story, adapted from the novel by Delphine de Vigan.

Blood Brothers You know the Coen Brother? The Wachoskis? Here are the Safdies- Joshua and Ben. They are also American. Revealed at Cannes in 2008, this is their first participation in the official competition after ten years spent building a world- in the independent film mode - of nice guys, bad guy and anti-heroes on the edges of society, revolving around Queens, where they grew up. This approach positions them as the natural heirs to the Scorsese of Mean Streets or James Gray from his Little Odessa period, without for the moment reaching the level of their predecessors who are unrivalled presenters of fatality. Good Time relates the daily life of a bank robber who, when not running away from the cops, needs to look after his mentally disabled little brother. Ben Safdie plays this role alongside a badass, electric although very engaging Robert Pattinson. Yet Good Time does seem rather fragile for the big competition. It would probably be more at home at the next Deauville festival.  

And That’s All She Wrote- Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Requested by my Love, @cute-mirei 

I imagine the reader always wanted to be an author, but isn’t good enough. So she starts to write/learning how to write screenplay and after years she got to be one of the authors for a screenplay where Tom Hiddleston is the main actor. And the reader has a crush on him, of course ^^“ Yeah and they met a set and maybe she helps him learning his lines etc. Well I’d like you to make a cameo appearance. The last time I really liked that! :) Yeah and maybe … Tom is bad on purpose so he’s getting to see the reader more often XD

I hope i gave what you expected Jo! Enjoy~


As a kid growing up, writing had always been Y/n’s passion. When times got tough, she found her safe haven in pen and paper. Too bad she was never good at it, she adored the idea of being able to bring her imagination to life. But, of course to any writer, it’s easy to feel insecure about what you write. It’s easy to feel as if people will see it and go, ”Ugh. Another pile of cliché crap.
Thank God she had the support of her family, else she wouldn’t be here now. She has a lot to thank them for, if it wasn’t for the guiding hands of her parents, she’d probably be stuck in some underpaid job that she’s over qualified for. But her Dad once said, ” ‘Aim for the stars, do what you love. 'Cause in the end, it’ll all be worth it.’
So, when she was in high school, she made it her duty to top her English classes, she got into script writing. When she got out of highschool, she went to collage and worked hard to make her parents proud and make a name for herself. She got out with her bachelor’s degree and a shit ton of confidence. She was hired by Hollywood to write scrips for up coming movies, but it wasn’t just her there, there’s other people who were fine with competing against her for the spot. Basically, the director just gathered a few newbie screen writers and told them what to write on, and they’d pick the best from it. It has Y/n on the end of her nerves for the past five weeks.
And after all that, here she is, nervously biting her fingernails as she tapped her feet. They were getting their results today, she was called and she had been slowly counting down the hours.

"Oh would you calm down?” Danielle, who had become a very close friend of hers since she was hired by Hollywood says.
She was an actress, and a very good one at that. She had worked in the movie industry since she was nine, she had acted in really big movies, having minor rolls in the Harry Potter franchise, and then working with Marvel studios and BBC’s Doctor Who.
They were both in her apartment, a place where Y/n had spent most of her time. Danielle was doing her best to calm her nerves, seeing that every minute she’d check her email or pace around.

“What if they don’t like it?” Y/n wonders aloud, plopping down on the red couch behind her, sitting on the edge, rocking a bit out of nervous habit. “They would love it, they’d be crazy and stupid if they didn’t take yours. I swear, if I lose that bet to Ben, I’ll die.” Danielle mutters the last part, but Y/n catches it, turning her head so fast she could’ve gotten whiplash. “You and Ben made a bet on me?” she asks incredulously, her eyes widening as she stares at the mocha skinned girl.
Who just gives an apologetic smile, taking a sip from her smoothie. Y/n sighs, rubbing her temples, an old, familiar feeling of doubt settling in her stomach. The girl almost jumps out of her skin when her phone lets out a ping, her eyes trails down to her phone on the coffee table. “Well, go on. I’m right here with you Y/n,” Danielle smiles kindly, the hand she puts on Y/n’s shoulder was reassuring.

Deep breath now, Y/n.

The girl cautiously picks up the device, unlocking it, she sees the little G-mail notification at the top of her screen. She clicks on it, and was surprised to see that it was the director himself.
“Shit… Dani. It’s from Gabe.” Y/n says, and Danielle squeals, clapping her hands together, nudging her arm with her shoulder. “Go onn.”
With her heart pounding a mile a minute, she reads the email aloud for Danielle to hear as well.

'Hey, Y/n. Before I begin, I want to let you know that I am so impressed with your work. The first draft alone was just fantastic and exactly what I was looking for–’

“Well that’s good news,” Danielle mumbles, smiling like an idiot.

'I have to let you know that my screenwriters would get absolutely nowhere without you. So how about you come in on Saturday morning so I could introduce you to the crew?’

Oh.. my GOD! Holy Flaming fish sticks!

Through her shock of finding out that she actually got to where she wanted, Danielle scrambles for her phone. And she quickly calls her boyfriend, “Hey Ben. Yeah, you owe me fifty bucks.”

“The the rest of the cast would be there, I think you should meet them.” Danielle smirks knowingly at Y/n who sat across from her in the back seat of a cab. It was month into filming, and Gabe had called her in because he wanted to see her for something or another.
Y/n was nervous, only because the one celebrity she was crushing on is going to be there. Danielle told her when the auditions came around, that a certain British actor would be working with her as the main character and she knew the girl had a crush on her now co-star Tom Hiddleston.
When the girls got to the set; a large green field, it was more country side than anything. There was a barn far off to the right edge of the field, and a horse stable not far from it. White tents were set up already, the makeup area and the food tents.
People were moving around busily, clearly putting things into order. It was a fairly sunny day, so they were doing a few of the outdoor shoots today.
“I’m gonna go get changed and head off to make up, you find Greg yeah?” Danielle says, turning Y/n in the direction that Greg would likely be before strutting away. She found Greg standing under a tent where the technical equipment was set up under, he was very easy to find, since he was in a black tee with DIRECTOR splayed on the back. As Y/n made her way over, a few of the crew members acknowledging her as she passed them.
“Y/n, Love, c'mere,” Greg says once she sees her, waving her over. Greg, was a really big director, he was a very flamboyant man with red hair and eyes like the night sky. He more acted like a kid high on caffeine than an adult, which made him very fun and easy to work with.
She didn’t see the other person standing there with him though, who he was chatting comically with. Greg wraps an arm around her shoulders when she steps up next to him, “Tom here, wanted to say a few things to you,” he smiles, motioning to a very calm looking Tom Hiddleston.

Oh God.

Y/n completely freezes up, this man is her idol, and to actually be meeting him now…a few are that privileged. Danielle comes skipping over, pulling to a halt next to the stunned Y/n and Tom who was beginning to look a lot more awkward.
“So Tommy, I see you’ve met my partner in crime,” She smiles, she had changed out of her dark jeans and white tee for horse riding gear. A white long sleeved blouse and high waisted  brown pants accompanied with black riding boots.
Tom smiles at them, running a hand through his hair that was dyed blond for his character. “Ah, yes. I just wanted to say that your work with the script was just….beautiful–perfect. It was amazing.” Tom stutters to find the right word to use, so he just goes with the ones that pop to mind. He didn’t expect the girl to be so pretty, dressed in a simple dark blue sun dress with high top converse sneakers, her hair tossed up into a mess of a bun.
When he read the script, he immediately knew why Gabe took hers at first glance. It was absolutely perfect, the way she wrote her characters – Wow.
Danielle, noticing the girl hasn’t said a word back to Tom yet, she nudges her with an elbow.
“Oh–yes. Uh, thank you. It was my pleasure,” Y/n says professionally, taking his hand in hers when he puts it out for her to shake.
“Tom, you’re up,” Greg calls, standing near the barn, his hands cupped around his mouth. Tom looks back the girls, smiling again, his eyes lingering on Y/n. “We’ll catch up later yeah?”
When Tom jogs over to where Gabe was standing, Danielle whistles lowly. Her brown eyes glued to Tom’s backside, “Girl, you are so damn lucky. If a guy that hot was hitting on me, I’d die.”

“I’m telling,” Y/n quickly replies, and Danielle snorts a laugh, “You’re hitting on Ben’s best friend,”
Y/n smiles when Danielle playfully pushes her shoulder, wiggling her eyebrows at her, “Scared I’ll take your man?”
With flushed cheeks, Y/n grumbles, “No. He’s not mine… Shut up.”


For the past three weeks, Y/n was  on set more often. She and Tom had gotten a lot closer, only of course with Danielle’s prompting and she and Greg playing matchmaker for the past week. The three of them had been up to nothing but trouble. Currently the Y/n was in the bathroom on the set site, trying to get a coffee stain out of her white blouse. Tom had spilled it on her when they were talking and Greg had accidentally bumped unto the man.
Which just flared up a stream of swears from Greg, a lifetime worth in apologies from Tom and Y/n telling them it was alright. When she goes back outside, Tom was sitting against the wall. A script book with all his lines highlighted in his hand. He gets up and they both walk back down the hall, it was lunch time, so they could do whatever.
“Hey love birds,” Danielle shouts, getting both Tom’s and Y/n’s attention. She was standing at the snacks table, munching on a pretzel. Tom shakes his head and chuckles while Y/n’s cheeks flush pink, Dani had make it her duty to call them that since the sock incident.
They were sock sliding this one time and Tom sort of fell on Y/n, but before he could get up, they got lost in each other’s eyes. And Danielle never let that ’chick flick’ moment go.
Tom’s eyes were still stuck in in the book when they walked over, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. In honesty, he was trying to distract himself, because he noticed that for the past few days he had been feeling something that was more than just friendship to the young screenwriter. But, he was afraid to say anything, he didn’t want their friendship to be ruined and she hate him forever.
Later that day, they were once again getting ready to do more outdoor shots, Danielle was busy with that, and Y/n took that time to go see the horses in the barn. She’s been in there a few times to just pet the animals, there were only three horses, a stallion with a sleek black coat, a mare whose coat is very deep shade of brown with white socks. And a young one which is only five months old that’s brown as well.
Y/n walks quietly into the barn, she was a bit startled to see Tom there, petting the stallion. “Hey,” She says, announcing her presence to the British man. He looks over his shoulder briefly, smiling at her, “Hey.”
“I guess we had the same idea,” Tom chuckles, nodding at her. She smiles, walking over to pet the horse’s neck.
As Tom watches her he feels his heart skip a beat, how could someone be so beautiful just doing nothing at all? He must admit, he’s never felt this way about anyone in such a long time, and it scares him. All his past relations ended badly one way or another, and then to put his heart out again…..
“Y/n?” Tom calls softly, watching as she took her e/c eyes off the stallion to look at him. “hmm?”
“There’s something I need to tell you. And, I may regret this in the long run…” Tom swallows uncomfortably, chuckling nervously. Y/n gives him a confused smiles, wondering why he was suddenly acting nervous.
“This may seem forward. But the past few weeks I’ve known you has been nothing short of amazing. You are beautiful in every aspect of the word, a-and you make me feel so happy, just being yourself. An–”
Tom’s words were cut short when Y/n wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. “I–I didn’t finish… ”
Y/n giggles, “Shut up,”
Tom wraps his arms around her waist, letting himself get lost in her embrace. She pulls away, smiling up at him, “I thought I would’ve said it first.” She laughs softly, she could just stand there forever and drown in the blue of his irises.
“C-can I kiss you?” Tom asks, his voice barely a whisper. Y/n smiles, “I’d like that,”
The kiss was soft, and sweet, as one of Tom’s hand cups her cheek and her fingers tangle in his soft blond locks.
A loud shout of, “YES!” breaks the kiss, at the entrance of the barn was Danielle, dressed in a red flannel shirt and white jeans. She had a shit-eating grin on her face. Embarrassed,  Y/n hides her face in Tom’s shirt while he chuckles and Dani does a victory dance.
“Greg! You so owe me. Pay Up!”


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Rebelcaptain Celebrity Pretend Relationship AU || Poultry Edition, Part 2: Ralph the Duck

Jyn reeks of mud and algae and she can’t wait to just get in the shower, put on the fluffy terry cloth robe hanging on her bathroom door, and fall face first into her bed. She’s bone tired, covered in dirt, and she’s still cold from shooting all day, alone, and she swears, if Cassian or anyone else bothers her or keeps her from getting her beauty rest…

“What happened to you?” Cassian looks up from his spot on the porch at their cottage at the woodsy B&B in Wisconsin. He’s wrapped in a blanket, mug of tea in one hand and a script in the other. His feet are bare, toes pressed up against the wicker table between himself and the railing.

She trudges up the stairs and frowns.

“Long day?” he asks.

She rolls her eyes and rubs her sore shoulders. “It’s Draven. He of the ‘five hundred takes and settling in the first one he shot five months later.’ He had me climbing this rock outcropping and jumping from it over and over again. Then I had to fall into the lake for no reason except to ‘try it.’ I smell like a fish kill. And make-up is going to have a hell of a time covering up my bruises tomorrow. Here, look at this.” She walks over so that she’s a foot away and pulls up the hem of her shirt to show him the already purpling bruise rising just above her hip bone.

He reaches out his hand, as though to touch it, then seems thinks better of it and says, “Maybe put some ice on that?”

Embarrassment roils through her. She hadn’t meant it that way, but she realizes too late how it is a gesture that is just too familiar, and at the obvious rejection she lets the fabric drop, turning her head away to head inside.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Show Recap – Sunday May 21st

Note: This recap was written over several days, so please forgive the bizarre and inconsistent references to time.

What a bizarre, indescribable day. I think this is going to be more a recap of emotions (as I try to figure them out), but of course the cast gave us some beautiful and incredible moments too. I’ll do my best to talk about everything I can, but as I say, it was a little indescribable, and I’m still not sure how I feel.

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Jaime & Brienne Appreciation Week
❤️ Day 5 - Favorite Quote Day ● A collection of quotes from Game of Thrones cast and crew confirming J/B’s love

❤️“George R.R. Martin said what he wanted to do was to take the traditional format of Beauty and the Beast and change the roles — and also the genders. That really excited me.“  - Gwendoline Christie

❤️ Brienne fulfilled her oath and the job was done, and she hands it to Jaime and he says, “It’s yours—it will always be yours,” and it’s his way of saying, “You’ll have my heart—you’ll always have it.” - Nikolaj Coster Waldau

❤️“It’s one of the greatest love stories on television for me. I just absolutely love it.” - Mark Mylod [Director]

❤️ I don’t think he’s been closer to anyone before who never wanted anything from him. I think when humans are confronted by someone like that, it’s impossible not to fall in love with them.

Objectively, I don’t think anyone knows the moment that they fall in love. I’m not sure either Jaime or Brienne know themselves well enough for that.”  - Gwendoline Christie

❤️Jaime and Brienne or Jaime or Cersei… As an actor I think they’re both amazing relationships. As myself? I don’t think the Cersei thing is very healthy. I just hope for the guy, I hope he will move on, to be honest. The relationship he has with Brienne is one which has evolved into this beautiful mutual respect, which is a great way to kick off a relationship.” - Nikolaj Coster Waldau

❤️ “[The bath scene] That was an act of love, I think, and it is an act of love when you open up to someone and for the other one to then literally embrace you is beautiful.”   - Nikolaj Coster Waldau

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An Analysis of Realistic Characters and How They’ve Changed Modern Media

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. After viewing The OA, Stranger Things and One Punch Man it’s become apparent that the strongest suits of these shows are the characters and the way they react to their situations.
AHH! I love these shows so much and the impact that they’ve had on my storytelling abilities. I thought I’d do a bit of an analysis on the ideas I’ve come to find super helpful and very enlightening! Especially for people who want to write stories or get better at writing stories!
[For each of these points I’m going to illustrate examples from each show individually just for organization’s sake. Beware there are spoilers.]


All of these characters are extremely complex, and it’s hardly ever represented through words. The show guides you through these lives using visual cues and soft interactions. It illustrates the purest forms of human connection. 
I think my favorite is Steve. Because I have had so many Steves in my lifetime. Someone who seems angry and disgruntled. Someone who finds that violence is the only solution to his problems. The very definition of a bully, and in shows that flatten their characters, this would be the only traits you see.
Yet… OA picks him first. Out of anyone. He’s first. She brings magic in his life and he becomes gentle. The other side of him emerges, and you can understand why he acts the way he does. 
The OA strongly illustrates what we are as humans, rather than how we are defined by stereotype. 

I’d also like to take a moment and illustrate Hap. To be completely honest, he is probably one of the scariest antagonists I have ever been introduced to. The reason why he is so effective as a villain is because he is realistic. His evils are justified to him, “It’s for very important research.” He even expresses remorse at times, but you can see him struggle to ignore it and push forward. People like this really exist. Hap was just a passerby who got off a train among millions of other people. He found OA by complete accident, he pretended to be her friend by showing her things and giving her extravagant foods and to him, it was all so easy. 

The most pivotal moment, is when OA realizes she was betrayed… He took advantage of her so easily and it’s something that really happens to people all around the world. Every. Single. Day.

Stranger Things

My favorite thing about this show are the actors. They did such a brilliant job at portraying emotions. ST has so many common features with The OA when it comes to exposition, it’s why it’s a close second on my list of favorite shows. The whole world is tangible and each character’s personalities give insight to the reasons why they operate.
Again, I’m going to take a character that was originally irritating and personally, someone I hated when first experiencing the series.
God! THEY WERE SO GOOD AT TRICKING YOU INTO HATING HIM! He was such an asshole at first! For goodness sake, his character introduction paints him as this drunkard who won’t give two shits about who you are or what your problems are. Yet, we’ve all met someone like him before, perhaps some guy at a bar or some horrid customer you’ve come into contact with. 
But, Jim isn’t that guy… and the writers so elegantly transitioned into that. He essentially becomes the guy you’re rooting for. His actions and his indignant personality are a key to his success and it becomes clear that even if he’s an asshole, he’s an asshole in all the right ways.

One last example I’d like to bring up is when Joyce answers the phone for the first time. You could just hear the gargling and fuzziness of the phone, It sent chills through my whole body. The way the actress reacted was perfect. A gasp of disbelief and shuddering. It was one of those scenes that brought tears to my eyes in an instant and not because I was sad or moved but because I was literally terrified. If I were in Joyce’s position, my son was missing and I happened to heard this horrible noise with the small faint breathing of my son on the phone, I’d probably experience true terror in that instant. Where your body just washes over in a cold sweat. 

One Punch Man

Okay, time to tone down the seriousness for a second, because not all shows have to carry heavy undertones. One Punch Man is like, the coolest anime I’ve ever watched, and not just for the action or the aesthetics. It’s Saitama. Before, he was this crestfallen businessman. The world threw him out and in turn, he’d gained a cynical attitude. It was until he realized that he could be better than he was and even when he had worked at it and became the best of the best. No one appreciates him or even knows his name. I believe this is a strong allegory to those who have put a tremendous amount of effort into things but are thrown out just because they don’t have as much experience as a few other people which leads to a pretty fucked up system. 
Yet, Saitama kind of doesn’t give a fuck. I mean sometimes he does. But the majority of the time he really doesn’t. Yet, my favorite thing about him is that he’s got this nice contrast of God-like power yet, he still lives in an apartment eating ramen noodles and reading manga like everyone else. 
He’s relatable because he makes you feel powerful as a normal person. Saitama doesn’t need special gadgets, he wasn’t born a super hero and hell, he didn’t even know about the Hero Association until later in the show. 
Just by doing 100 Sit-Ups, 100 Squats, & 10KM Running (6.2 miles) every single day, he’s more powerful than the heroes who were born with special abilities. He’s just a normal, average guy. Being a hero for fun. 

As the final push, I’d like to illustrate that shows like these cater so strongly to the individual. It’s a nice chance to get away from the stereotypical “bad guy, good guy, action, romance” formula. Obviously, there are plenty of other shows that do a good job of illustrating this and there are probably so many other examples I could use. However, I felt these were the strongest models for storytelling. The media world is moving in such a good direction,I believe if we keep up the trend of utilizing visual exposition and complex characters as well as a universal mindset of “It’s exhausting to exist, yet there are so many beautiful things that happen every day,” we’ll find a much more empathic society. 
(This is just a rant of mine. Perhaps it was useful. Perhaps not, but I really enjoyed writing it. I think it’d be fun to write more about interesting concepts of different media, so… thanks a lot for reading!)

Watching Knock Knock for the first time

Oh boy… *End of Time flashbacks* yes I am having a lot of flashbacks recently, but let’s hope this episode isn’t related to the infamous four knocks in any way

(Also I kept getting typos and writing “Kock kock” and that sounds so wrong in my opinion)

(The German title is “Klopf Klopf” and that sounds pretty funny too)


-Tbh I’d love to live at any of those places


-Ah yes, thunderstorms around an old building, totally not a scary movei cliche

-People still listen to LP records?

-That turned into a dubstep remix for a short moment

-Yay, it’s Bill’s theme.

-I love Bill’s theme. It’s relaxing but not slow, and merry, and adventurous…


-”Unless we’ve regenerated, or had a big lunch…”
 Rose: “Doctor, Doctor, wake up, please, we need you!”
 Ten: “mmmmfrrghf I ate too much”

 Twelve: *Vietnam flashbacks*

-The subtitles said ‘draughty’ when I heard ‘drafty’; I looked it up and apparently the latter’s usually the American way of spelling.

I remember him doing that before in another reincarnation, just not sure when.

-”He’s… my… granddad…”
 omfg Bill’s embarrased, I feel like Twelve would be offended but why do I find this so funny

-”I don’t look old enough to–”
 Well maybe you’re not that old by Time Lord standards but tbh you’re over 2000, you said so yourself

1. That face.
2. That moment when someone doesn’t high-five you back.
3. Apparently Bill’s told everyone about the Doctor, or maybe they’re just all in his class.

-”Oh, come on, father, at least, please.”
 “Oh alright, grandfather.”

-He is so gonna come back here later

-”Mine went greypacking on the Great Wall of China with his boyfriend, but they got arrested for trying to steal a bit.”
 That sentence sure is a wild ride.

-”Says it gETs HIM in the zOOOne.”

-”Yeah, I wish. Can’t find a way in.”
 Climb up the wall lol

-What kind of accent is this? Scottish? Northern?



-”You proud?”


-”There’s no living puddles or weird robots, big fish… It’s just a new house. And people you don’t know. Not scary at all.”


-I have a bad feeling about what will happen to Bill’s mother’s picture

That makes a lot of sense though.

-I’m not saying bad reception will guarantee a mishap, but when it does happen you won’t be able to contact emergency numbers and call for help. That sounds bad.

-”Landline? What is this, Scotland?”
 You sure are lucky the Doctor ain’t here


-”Or maybe a massive, freaky spider.”
 I’d prefer that much, much more to a cursed doll.

-And of course they HAVE to mess with the Asian just kidding JUST KIDDING I made fun of my math class friends with a paper cockroach once

-Even my teacher jumped

-But back to the episode.

-WHOP definitely not a mouse

-Why don’t you ALL go and check

-Yay, at least they’re sticking together.

HA  told you he’d come back to investigate

-”Very interesting, lots of wood.”
 And the Sonic Screwdriver doesn’t work on wood.

-”For a man such as myself, discretion is second nature.”
 If by discretion you mean sneaking up on people and scaring the shit out of everyone

-I’m getting some Dracula vibes here

-Funny, I just looked up the actor and he played Van Helsing in a 2006 BBC adaptation of Dracula.

Thing is, he actually did that, in the past he WAS (and maybe still is) someone’s grandfather. He had to let Susan go.

The subtitles make everything better, 10/10

-I’m wearing headphones and that ASMR certainly was uncalled for

-”How do you get into the tower?”
 “You don’t.”
 (what he meant: if i ever catch one of your sorry little asses running into that fucking tower i will catch you and i will burn you fucking shitless you little shit nugget)

HARRIET JONES *flashbacking intensifies*


-”I take it back. you’re fine. He’s weird.”
Of course the Doctor’s fine
I mean he saves people, nothing else, haha



-I’m about as happy as that girl there right now


look at the pouting owl

-”You’re not leaving, are you?”

-”We need to have a talk about your taste in music.”


Boy who cried wolf and all, but I still think you should be concerned


-*the Master is triggered from a whole another dimension*

You’ve had quite the crazy life, Doctor…

-I wonder if any of his students are making conspiracy theories, or just theories in general, about all the weird stuff he says, or does everyone pass it off as a joke?

-So did Felicity make it out or


-”I’m scared.”
 “Don’t be.”
 “Why not?”
 “It doesn’t help.”


-Kinda reminds me of the ancient pirates stuck inside Davy Jone’s ship in PotC

-Also reminds me of that Steven Universe episode ‘Horror Club’. Although in that case it was a Gem Monster embedded in the building or something similar…

-Lemme guess, the house is alive?

-So was the music sort of Pavel’s connection to life

-”He’s released”



That was… unexpectedly cute.

Okay, slightly less cute, no offense but from afar you lot do look like cockroaches.

-”It’s not a cupboard!”
 When did he figure that out?

-”You’ve gone crazy.”
 ”Well I can’t just call them lice, can I?”

Now I’m getting Crimson Horror (Doctor Who series 7) vibes as well

-Y’know, with the crazy woman that blinded and locked up her daughter…

-Nice. Photo evidence.


 Not what I wanted but eh I trust your judgment

Showcasing one of the trick staircases of Hogwarts


I feel like some character advancement has happened in the last couple of seasons, I mean, I’m not the best at figuring out personalities but I feel (again) like, say, Twelve from Series 8 would be getting really mad by now.

-”I haven’t had visitors in such a long time. My name is-”


-Look at me, making Groot jokes when a character just died onscreen.

-”Why would he pick up insects in the garden and bring them in to see his ill daughter?”
 Well I know I would.
 “Everyone loves insects.”
 Thank you.

-Well apart from mosquitoes, I’d still rather keep my blood and not get an itch, thank  you very much.

He ended up calling them lice after all.






-I uh

-*crouches quietly in the corner* what about the bugs

Eliza the Licebender

-Why are there fireworks?


And another trauma to be added to Bill’s collection!


Take-outs! He got take-outs!




-Ah, Pop Goes The Weasel. *fnaf memories* (yeah I know Scott didn’t make the song)

-It’s not really like the Doctor to keep someone locked up, and I’m seeing parallels between the old man in this episode and him… Too early?

-Soooooooo when are we gonna get to the Doctor’s suspicious basement…
 Lemme guess… the season finale?



Top 10 The Leftovers Moments:

On Sunday night The Leftovers will conclude its three seasons and 28 episodes run and never will a show have had such a profound impact on its audience over such a short period. Over the coming I will write a lot about my absolute love for it and about where I think it ranks among TV’s best shows. For now though here are ten moments (in no particular order) that encapsulate this show’s unique brilliance and that for different reasons will stay with me for a very long time.

Kevin karaoke (I Live Here Now):
Throughout its run The Leftovers has often been divisive (as this list shall reflect) but this scene is one no one can question. When Kevin woke in a hotel two episodes before it was an incredible “wtf” moment and an all round classic episode. To return two episodes later could have been pushing it (with Kevin’s exasperation upon again waking up in the hotel reflecting the audience’s uncertainty) but then it turned into something. Kevin has to sing karaoke to leave the afterlife and everything about the scene is perfection. Homeward Bound could be too obvious a choice but no it just works. The little flashes to previous moments could also be a little on the nose, but they fit. Justin Theroux can’t sing but he acts the scene so perfectly. Even the lighting adds an extra layer to an already unforgettable moment. If David Lynch watches TV it must have been one of those very rare occasions that warranted him thinking I wish I had come up with this.

Nora walks in on Kevin with a bag over his face (Don’t Be Ridiculous):
The second episode of season 3 is full of ambitious and (if I may use that word again) unforgettable moments, from Wu Tang Clan tattoos, Perfect Strangers crossovers and trampolines but this scene stands out to me. Leftover’s naysayers will point to its almost overwhelming depression but I think this scene tells us something about how the show really feels. The Leftovers is not a show about people who are so broken that they just have to kill themselves, instead it is a show about people who are broken enough that they have to occasionally suffocate themselves to remind themselves that they want to live. Dark as that may sound it allows for just the littlest bit of light and optimism to make sure watching the show is not the unbearable experience that some people claim it is.

Nora vs Erica (Lens):
The Leftovers is one if not the single best acted show ever and in addition to this Carrie Coon’s performance might just be one of the greatest ever on TV. Regina King though is not far behind and she matches her emotional gut-punch for emotional gut-punch. More often than not every single hour of this crazy, absurd show boils down a single conversation between two damaged people trying to figure out how they can go on existing and this is the best of those sorts of scenes. The extreme closes ups of both actors emphasizes the greatness of both performances and rarely has a conversation between two neighbors been so incredibly devestating and oddly thrilling. 

Nora gets a hug (Guest):
I’ll talk more about my feelings on the divisive first season in the next entry but suffice to say when I rank the show’s best episode the first season will certainly be represented high up on the list and Guest will certainly be very near the top. The episode is The Leftover’s at its best, its a perfectly crafted hour of TV exploring the show’s most fascinating character Nora Durst. It all comes to a climax when Nora meets Holy Wayne and he hugs away her pain. Whether Holy Wayne was in any way holy remains ambiguous throughout the show but in that moment it does not matter. Never has a character’s relief felt so palpable to an audience.

Kevin shoots the dogs (Pilot):
Okay season 1 is not as good as 2 or 3 but it is still an incredible piece television and art. Season 1 is all about immersing yourself in something that is uncomfortable and ugly but real, grief. In particular the pilot is less an exploration or a town or a person but rather an emotion. The pilot becomes the perfect realization of what depression feels like and for some that was profound and for others it may have been too much. The pilot ends with Kevin succumbing and in many ways acknowledging what everyone in The Leftovers knows, that the world is truly broken in a way no one can fix. Kevin does by killing rabid dogs, whatever works. 

Matt “that’s who I’ve been talking about” ( It’s a Matt, Matt World):
Has there ever been a more perfect end to an episode of television? God gets eaten by a lion and the priest who has recently come to an realization about his relationship with faith turns around to the camera to say “that’s the guy I’ve been talking about.” Cut to black. Need I say anymore. Its absurdist perfection, delivered by brilliantly by another incredible performer and the perfect cap to a great episode.

Laurie’s end (Certified):
Lots of the writing around season 3 has emphasized how funny it has been and Certified has a couple of hilarious moments of slapstick comedy but is ultimately nothing short of devestating. In the episode’s final moments we are let in on what the episode has been doing all this time. Laurie has been going round to counseling everyone for the last time. She talks to her husband, to her ex-husband, to Nora and Matt and then finally to her daughter and son, for the last time. The Leftover’s has TV’s best soundtrack but no music need accompany what are presumably Laurie’s final moments alive. 

Where is my mind-conclusion of S2 (I Live Here Now) :
As I just said The Leftovers has TV’s best soundtrack and throughout season two it uses various iterations of (one of my personal favorite songs) Where is my Mind by the Pixies. Its a song that has been used a lot in pop culture since it closed the final moments of Fight Club but rarely has it been as well used as in The Leftovers. The end of season 2 sees John walk in on Kevin bleeding out from a shot that should have killed him. Their interaction is so perfectly bro-ish even after John shot Kevin and that exchange where John says “I don’t know what’s going on” and Kevin responds “me to” is just perfect, particularly when Maxence Cyrin’s piano cover of Where is My Mind is playing. Kevin then walks home to find everyone that he loves sitting there. Life still poses its difficulties but for that moment all is okay for Kevin and co.

Erica on the bridge (I Live Here Now):
Another moment from the season 2 finale (i could have picked all ten from that single episode) and this moment strikes me as a bit of an acid-test one for viewers of The Leftovers. Erica runs to Evie and tries to drag her away and when she screams at Evie asking her why she is doing this Evie just responds with you know why. For some that could be a slight piss take but for me I felt like I just got that moment, if not logically, emotionally and I’ve definitely had tears both times I’ve watched that scene.

Jeopardy (International Assassin):
The episode The Leftover’s is likely to be most remembered for (depending on how this finale goes) is International Assassin. I had to pick a moment from it and the one I’ve gone for comes very near the end of the episode as Patti delivers a long monologue that in the beginning is about the game-show Jeopardy but ends all about an abused women’s struggle for anything good and meaningful in life. This is what The Leftovers does time and time again, it takes something silly and absurd and makes it truly profound. That’s The Leftovers for you.

'Awards Chatter' Podcast — Alexander Skarsgard ('Big Little Lies')

“I don’t know if this is a pivotal moment in my career,” says Alexander Skarsgard, the dashing 40-year-old Swedish actor who has garnered new measures of respect this spring for his haunting work as an abusive husband in the provocative HBO limited series Big Little Lies, as we sit down at the offices of The Hollywood Reporter to record an episode of THR’s ‘Awards Chatter’ podcast. “It’s always the same, isn’t it? You’re always looking for the next one and just trying to find something you’re excited about. That could be a $200 million [2016’s The Legend of] Tarzan movie or it could be a $1 million [2015’s The] Diary of a Teenage Girl movie.”

(Click above to listen to this episode or here to access all of our nearly 150 episodes via iTunes. Past guests include Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Eddie Murphy, Lady Gaga, Robert De Niro, Amy Schumer, Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Louis C.K., Emma Stone, Harvey Weinstein, Natalie Portman, Jerry Seinfeld, Jane Fonda, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Nicole Kidman, Warren Beatty, Taraji P. Henson, J.J. Abrams, Helen Mirren, Justin Timberlake, Brie Larson, Ryan Reynolds, Alicia Vikander, Aziz Ansari, Jessica Chastain, Samuel L. Jackson, Kate Winslet, Sting, Isabelle Huppert, Tyler Perry, Sally Field, Michael Moore, Lily Collins, Denzel Washington, Mandy Moore, Ricky Gervais and Claire Foy.)

Skarsgard was born in Stockholm, the son of one of Sweden’s most venerated actors, Stellan Skarsgard. Though he says he never was pressured to follow in his father’s footsteps - “He just wanted us to be happy and find our own path in life” - he wound up in his first film at the age of 7, and worked sporadically thereafter until the age of 13, at which point one of his films hit it big and he became famous throughout Scandinavia. “It made me very - I don’t want to say paranoid, but a bit uncomfortable,” he reflects. “It was a shift overnight. Suddenly I got attention from girls that wouldn’t look at me the day before. Suddenly they found me interesting, and it just felt disingenuous.” So, just as his career was taking off, he quit the business.

Seven years later, following a stint in the Swedish Marines and some studies at Leeds University in England, he reconsidered his decision. “I felt like, 'I don’t want to wake up when I’m 65 and then regret not having tried it as an adult,’” Skarsgard explains, so he applied to Marymount Manhattan College theater school in New York, was accepted and spent a semester there before electing to return to Sweden to try to find work. “It took a while” to rekindle his career, he says, and it was only a freak circumstance that led to him breaking into the movies: During a visit to Los Angeles to see his father, he was offered the chance to audition for the part of one of the moron model friends of Ben Stiller’s title character in 2001’s Zoolander, and he bagged it.

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But rather than blowing open the door to many other films, that project sparked years more of auditions and rejections in L.A. “Reality hit me really hard in the face,” he says. “I hit a kind of low point in the beginning of '07, where I was like, 'Why am I out here? Is this any better? At least in Sweden I get to work.’” He continues, “I’d already sold my car in L.A. I was kind of ready to go back to Sweden. I had a ticket to Sweden. I was gonna fly back two days later.” Then he got a call for the first of what became a series of auditions for The Wire creators David Simon and Ed Burns for the leading role in their next project, a seven-part HBO limited series about an extraordinary U.S. Marine during the early days of the war in Iraq, Generation Kill.

Between Generation Kill, which Skarsgard calls “a transformative experience in many ways,” and another HBO project that he landed shortly thereafter, Alan Ball’s drama series True Blood, on which he played thousand-year-old vampire Eric Northman opposite Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, Skarsgard became one of the breakout stars of 2008. Generation Kill won extensive acclaim and received 11 Emmy nominations (although he personally was snubbed), while True Blood became HBO’s biggest hit since The Sopranos, running for seven seasons, until 2014. “I owe it all to True Blood,” he says. “Generation Kill was very critically acclaimed, but it didn’t hit the zeitgeist the way True Blood did. It definitely changed my life.” (And it ushered in a new wave of Swedish actors becoming stars in Hollywood - hot on his heels were Joel Kinnaman, Noomi Rapace, Alicia Vikander and Rebecca Ferguson, among others.)

Over the intervening years, Skarsgard has popped up in a wide array of projects, from Lady Gaga’s 2009 music video for the song “Paparazzi” to acclaimed indies like Lars von Trier’s Melancholia in 2011 and Marielle Heller’s The Diary of a Teenage Girl to big studio action films like 2012’s Battleship and David Yates’ The Legend of Tarzan. All the while, far more attention has been paid to his looks than his talents - but that changed with Big Little Lies, which is based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Liane Moriarty, which in turn was adapted for the screen by David E. Kelley and directed by Jean-Marc Vallee, and in which Skarsgard plays Perry, the successful husband of Nicole Kidman’s Celeste and father of their two children in present-day Monterey. He is a man who, on the flick of a dime, can alternate between loving family man and explosively abusive spouse.

For Skarsgard, the appeal of Big Little Lies was that Perry is far more multidimensional than most other characters of his ilk. “That’s what makes it interesting to me,” he says. “The fact that it’s not a stereotypical abusive husband, wife-beater. He’s troubled. It’s obviously not about condoning what he does, but you want to feel his pain and his struggle and that friction. I thought it was a fascinating character.” The actor has previously played characters who are immoral (Diary of a Teenage Girl) and violent (Rod Lurie’s 2011 Straw Dogs remake), and Skarsgard has existed in a character’s dark mindset for a long stretch of time (during a six-month run in a Swedish theatrical production of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?). But he says that nothing quite prepared him for the intense scenes of sex and violence that he shared with Kidman on Big Little Lies.

“It was horrible,” Skarsgard says. “Those days were very tough.” He elaborates, “We didn’t rehearse at all. We didn’t want to. Especially with the physical stuff, we wanted to kind of find out and explore that on the day. It was more about getting to know each other better and understanding the relationship and their past a little bit. And it was also very important to spend time with the boys, our twins, and it was important that they are attached to Perry, that he’s a great dad and they love him and that when Celeste is watching her husband with the kids you want her to feel like, 'Well, look at him, he’s great. How could I leave him?’”

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Klaroline FanFiction Recs

Hello everyone, so I decided to share with you my Fanfiction recommendations. Now I’m a harsh judge, on my FanFiction.net account, I rarely favourite fics, but these fics have wormed their way in, I find them so well written, they got me hooked and they do something rare - they make me want to reread it, despite knowing what will happen.

So I’m going to share my recommendations, what they are about, the pairings (because some are a no go) and share why I love them, If you know the author of any of the fics on Tumblr feel free to let me now so they can get the recognition on Tumblr as well. I’m aiming to build on it to include those drabbles and one-shots that are exclusively on Tumblr.

Always Only You by MysticManhattan FanFiction.net
AU/AH. Caroline is in a horrible car accident and goes into a coma. When she wakes up she thinks it’s 2009, every memory from then to present has vanished. Will she choose to go down the same path that she chose before, or will she choose an entirely different one? And most importantly, will she ever get her memories back? Everyone is human!
Chapters: 19
Characters: Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson
Ships: Klaroline
Last updated: 20 April 2014

I just love this FanFiction that after I read it I did what I usually did and moved on, but months later while reading other fics, this popped in my head and I remembered particular bits and how much I loved it, so I had to try and remember what it was called, reread it and still loved it. You can feel the chemistry in their relationship and it has the balance of plot and romance - although leaning more towards romance. My only complaint is that the ending to me felt slightly rushed, not awful, I just found myself wanting more, I wanted a prequel, more flashbacks and more of them rediscovering each other.

I Still Love You by AnnaTom23 FanFiction.net
AU/AH. Caroline has the perfect life. Trouble ensues when she realizes her loving Nik is a wanted crime lord along with her best friend Stefan. She loves him with all her heart but she can’t stay with him knowing he is causing people so much pain. She has to run, if not for her sake then for the little one growing inside her. Even if she does run, it’s not long before he finds her. Warning: It is a Dark Fic.
Chapters: 22
Characters: Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson, Stefan Salvatore, Kol Mikaelson
Ships: Klaroline
Last updated: 17 November 2015

Now, I must stress I’m not big on Dark fics, especially in this case when it’s an AU/AH, this is simply because there is no supernatural element and I know the safe thing is for them to not be together and AnnaTom23 is a notorious fan of Dark Fics, however this is one of the more tamer ones. I knew that I should walk away but I couldn’t their was something intoxicating about there story and I reread it recently. This kind of fic reminded me of all those couples from those classic soaps like Dallas and Gossip Girl, that are well loved that have those unhealthy dynamic. It’s not abusive, but definitely shows possessiveness, there are some cute moments as well. But this fic also suffers from a rushed ending, I won’t spoil it but something big happens and then it kind of has an Epilogue, I would of liked more of an aftermath, are the Mikaelsons still in the same lifestyle etc.

Hot (Sauce) by honestgrins FanFiction.net
Caroline Forbes had been a kick-ass surgical resident with a gorgeous fiancé when she accepted an invitation to a boat party on the Gulf. The night ended in terror as the guests started attacking each other. When she woke on the beach the next morning, the relief she felt at surviving the ordeal was quickly replaced by an intense hunger for brains. An iZombie-KC fusion fic.
Chapters: 4
Characters: Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson, Katherine Pierce, Kol Mikaelson
Ships: Klaroline
Last Updated: 14 January 2016

This is the my favourite fusion based on a show, especially when a Sci-Fi/Fantasy element is added, it loosely follows iZombie, I mean you can tell how each TVD character is in relation to the iZombie characters but they quickly go off on their own. Maybe I’m greedy, but again I wanted more. I’m aware that this was likely never intended to be anything long term but I wanted to see more of Caroline dealing with being a Zombie as well as the other characters, or even more of what they did after the fic ended. However I love their interpretation and spin on iZombie. So if you want something short but not a drabble then this is great.

The Madness Underneath by @marvelouskatie FanFiction.net
Caroline is a psych student working as a sober companion in Chicago, hired by Elijah Mikaelson to assist his brother, Klaus, who is fresh out of rehab. For the next six weeks, she’ll be with him 24/7 helping him to maintain a sober life. Caroline will soon discover Klaus is no ordinary client. AH/AU, based off Elementary/Sherlock Holmes. Do not have to be a fan of Holmes to read!
Chapters: 32
Characters: Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson
Ships: Klaroline
Last Updated: 22 April 2016

I won’t say much about this one and it is not an insult to the author, it’s because I believe that it’s a popular one with readers or many are familiar with it, but what I love about this is that it creates the right balance of romance and plot, it not overpowering that it’s just full one smut, although I’m guilty of liking that but the plot isn’t too much that the relationship is no existence. There is development, also wouldn’t a continuation of that little sequel you wrote. But again, this just worked for me.

Heroes Never Die by Angelikah @thetourguidebarbie FanFiction.net
Doctor Caroline Forbes devoted her life to protecting the innocent, but fell in love with the darkest parts of a man who was anything but. After a terrible accident, her only chance to save him was to take a risk with an experimental healing treatment, which went horribly wrong. All she can do now is look back on what they’d had and hope that someday he’d forgive her. Based off Overwatch.
Chapters: 2
Characters: Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson, Stefan Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett
Ships: Klaroline
Last Updated: 11 January 2017

I’ve never read Fanfics based on games, even when it has my OTP in their place, however I gave it a go because it’s Overwatch. Now I’m not going to go all fake gamer girl and claim that I’m a fan of it. My knowledge is based on watching people playing on Twitch, but I’m familiar with some of the voice actors from Overwatch (some of my fellow Hoomans). This game is on my to-do list. However, you do not need prior knowledge of the game to be able to read this, and god it is so good. I just love the reversal of roles because often Klaus would be made as the character that would go to the ends of the earth to save Caroline, so it’s nice to see it be Caroline and Caroline doesn’t come off as weak or some anti-feminist rubbish about how she can’t live without a man, this is a woman in love with a guy. This is a perfect two-shot, and I wouldn’t mind more, however I’m perfectly content with this. It is also a good example of a dystopian future fic that doesn’t lose it way and the world doesn’t suddenly get fixed or healed.

Picturesque by lil7miss7sarcastic Fanfiction.net
She doesn’t talk to Klaus about feelings. Ever. Or at least when she’s sober. Sure, there are times when their friends pass out and the two of them lie on the rooftop, looking at the stars, and talk. But some form of intoxication is always involved. AU/AH Klaroline (with slight Steroline) and the gang as Friends in New York City.
Chapters: 6
Characters: Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson, Stefan Salvatore
Ships: Klaroline
Last Updated: 2 August 2016

Usually I don’t share incomplete fanfics, especially when it’s been a while since the last update, but I had to share this because I reread it recently. This fanfic is kind of a HIMYM/Friends hybrid and it’s so good. None of these characters are actually directly based on the originals from the shows, it’s still the Klaroline you love. Now, when the author says slight SC, they mean it, they don’t date and they aren’t in a relationship at all. But this is great and I love the Klaroline dynamic, the main complaint of course is that they left me hanging, especially when the Author note said they only had one of two chapters left! I need to know what happens. I believe that this would be a nice short Fanfic, while also leaving someone like me more.

I Have a Bad Case of Loving You by LitLover 101 @queenofthedramediesFanFiction.net
These would be the greatest years of her life. After seven years Hayley Marshall would officially be a doctor. Unfortunately, until then she had to deal with the rigors of her internship and residency with a colorful group of fellow interns and a one night stand who turns out to be her boss. What could wrong?
Chapters: 24
Characters: Hayley Marshall, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson, Caroline Forbes, Tyler Lockwood, Joshua Rosza, Bonnie Bennett, Freya Mikaelson
Ships: Halijah, Klaroline (planning a reread, more to be added)
Last Updated: 15 April 2017

Okay, bare with me folks! I know some might not be a big fan of Klaroline not being the main ship in a fic or are not a big fan of Hayley or Halijah, but this Grey’s Anatomy style fic is a current favourite of mine. For starters, Hayley is likable in this and not in the way where TO sometimes comes off as trying to hard to do that or OP. She even has some of Meredith Grey’s qualities in the fic, but for me I love the Cayley friendship, it’s a crackship of mine. But this is a rare fic for me where they have characters from TO and TVD but none of them (so far have been portrayed negatively, or biased negative), even characters that you don’t like appear but you don’t care because they are either made likable or only appear briefly in the background, a 2D character. But the Klaroline relationship is written so well, it doesn’t suffer because the primary ship is Halijah. It is like Grey’s in which Hayley is the lead but the ensemble cast do have their own storylines. My only complaint with this - which I shared with the author was about how the storylines of the other characters has missing gaps in because the story is written from Hayley’s POV so one sec you have two characters arguing, a chapter later they made up off screen. So it jumps with the secondary characters storylines, but she has made it up to us with a tie-in fic that is currently in production/progress.

Somewhere Only We Know by LitLover 101 @queenofthedramediesFanFiction.net
Tie-in stories to I Have a Bad Case of Loving You: follow the lives, loves, losses and triumphs of the interns, residents and attendees at New Orleans Grace Hospital.
Chapters: 1
Characters: Rebekah Mikaelson, Tyler Lockwood, Joshua Rosza, Jackson Kenner, Caroline Forbes, Klaus Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson
Ships: Klaroline, TBA (A lot is being kept as a surprise, I think)
Last Updated: 1 April 2017

This is the tie-in that I mentioned in the comment of the previous fic. This is only one chapter in but this delves into the secondary characters and fills in those blanks and gaps that don’t completely make sense in the original fic or left you wanting an explanation. I won’t hype it up because we haven’t been giving enough yet but it is promising. One thing that the author is good at is making us care about these secondary characters, like Tyler is a bit of a fuckboy, not a negative portrayal but I still like him, he’s harmless. My hope is once it’s completed that someone (probably me) will re-edit the fic (for personal rereading purposes) so it can include the scenes from this fic in where they take place in the original one. This is being written co-currently with the sequel to the original fic. Again, I want to express my gratitude to the author for taking their time to write this tie-in because it probably wasn’t their intention and they are upping their workload just for us measly fans.

Rumor Has It by LitLover101 @queenofthedramedies FanFiction.net
Continuation of I Have a Bad Case of Loving You: Tales of failed boards, broken hearts, healing wounds, love, loss, friendship, family and resilience bring us back to the New Orleans Hospital. Oh, and, don’t forget the new crop of interns. Things are about to heat up in this hospital.
Chapters: 1
Characters: Hayley Marshall, Elijah Mikaelson, Klaus Mikaelson, Davina Claire, Caroline Forbes, Rebekah Mikaelson, Tyler Lockwood, Joshua Rosza, Bonnie Bennett, Freya Mikaelson, Aurora De Martel, Lucian Castle, Freya Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson
Ships: Halijah, Klaroline (more to be added as revealed, I believe some are kept as a surprise)
Last Updated: 15 April 2017

I won’t go into much because it is just chapter 1 but it is the sequel and I’m already loving it, it provides answers to the cliffhanger left at the end of the original fic - think of it as the cliffhanger to season 1 and this is season two. But this provides so many more questions, thanks to a 6 month time jump from the last fic to now. Now don’t quote me on this but if you’re worried that the secondary character and ships to Halijah might not get screentime or we will suffer from gaps due to it being from Hayley’s POV don’t worry, I think the author said that it will delve in a bit from other characters POVs and their storylines but Hayley and Halijah will still be the focus. Hayley is the Meredith of this TVD/TO Grey’s story.

Those are my current favourites, thanks for taking your time to read them. Sorry I might of gone overboard.

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Any corn maze prompts? Horror, fluffy, anything works

Horror Prompts:

  • “We were just supposed to go to the corn maze - my friends and I, that is. We were just going to chill out and smoke some pot, alright? Nothing too bad, just messing around…then Dave asked if the joints were laced with something else because he said he was hallucinating. We asked him what he was seeing and he just…keeled over and screamed into the dirt before whipping back and breaking his own neck. We ran. We got separated and now I’m lost and you’re here. But you wouldn’t hurt me…would you?” AU
  • Character A takes up a dare from their childish colleagues and spends the night in the corn maze only to hear screams of agony right beside their ears the entire time. It takes them a few hours to realize it’s their own voice.
  • A group of teenagers wanders into a corn maze during the afternoon (this is because some of them were too scared to come at night) only to take a turn and realize it was night. Confused, they all check the time which still reads “3:18.” They hear fast approaching footsteps behind them and whip around to see someone sprinting past them and yelling “RUN!” They later find out that the maze is the “Grand Maze,” and that out of all the corn fields in the world during the month of October to select from for a Pagan sacrifice…they’d been chosen to play.
  • “I live across the street from a museum downtown. It’s just a kids museum, nothing special - I’ll admit that it’s nice to walk through from time to time. However, this morning I glanced across the street only for a moment and saw stalks of corn lining the inside of the windows. It was certainly a curious thing, but I paid it no mind until I saw a wave of blood splatter across the dried leaves.” AU
  • After a their final performance of the Crucible, a Drama Group (comprised of techies, actors, stage crew, etc.) decide to make a day out of their cast party by going the whole nine yards: apple picking, hayrides, pumpkin carving, everything. It was a BLAST. That night, though, the corn maze was up. They all gather into teams of five or six and enter in different areas - the only rule is the first one out, wins. (This could honestly be a revenge story where groups are trying to get rid of each other, or it could just be a funny story where the techies make elaborate traps to spook the actors - whatever you’d like!)
  • They all knew this corn field was rigged - it was common knowledge. They just wanted to see HOW it was rigged, and how it had managed to spook even Farmer Jenkins who was definitely the toughest geezer in town. What they found, though…god…
  • A few friends decide to treat their horror movie buff friend to a night in a corn maze with their favorite horror characters (actors they had hired), but when they tried to kill them it was a different story.
  • “We were walking through this part of the corn maze when I stumbled over some sort of hump on the ground. Yeah, not surprising, but it was just this mound of dirt with a bloodied shovel next to it and a couple of fingers just sitting there. Pretty sure we should call the police, but we have to stay with the body or they’ll never be able to find it in the middle of the maze. Wait…what was that noise?” AU

Fluff Prompts:

  • Character A is a corn maze enthusiast and loves to run though the maze, trying to beat their precious time record. While running at breakneck speed, Character A accidentally runs smack into Character B, who was just minding their own business.
  • Characters A and B are in a bet to see who can get out of the corn maze the fastest….except it’s been hours and they’re still bumping into each other.
  • “Oh no. We’ve hit another dead end in the corn maze that’s far off the main path. It sure would be a shame if we took this opportunity to share some secret kisses.” AU
  • Character A’s job is to sit up in the watch tower and look out over the corn maze and make sure everything is going okay – watching for cheaters running through the corn, making sure nobody is waving their arms for help, looking for people that have passed out from the heat, etc. – and they see Character B leisurely making their way through the corn maze. Thinking that they’re lost, Character A goes to help them, but it turns out that Character B was just taking the opportunity to hatch an egg in Pokemon Go
  • “I’ve got hot cider, sandwiches, and big comfy sweaters for us. This corn maze is going to be a great date.” AU
  • “You really, REALLY didn’t need to go on Yelp to find the best corn maze in the area…but I still appreciate it.” AU
  • “NO, I don’t want to walk through this maze with you! I’ve actually been actively avoiding you!! We are arguing right now!!! GO AWAY AND TAKE YOUR HUSK WITH YOU.”
  • Several mishaps in the maze lead to Character B getting lost on their way to propose to Character A, so they repeatedly shout Character A’s name followed by “WILL YOU MARRY ME??” After a few minutes of this, a voice that is clearly not Character A’s says “HELL NO.”

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Can i ask for the RFA and saeran getting a little rough in bed with male MC?

NSFW-ish. This is a part 1 of 2 because I’m a bit tired. I’m sorry!!! T_T Tomorrows my break day so I’ll write the rest tomorrow. Thank you so much for sending in the ask anon! This is a lot of fun. Thank you! 

Yoosung–A little play just becos

Normally Yoosung was a submissive lover always willing to please and nearly having a heart attack when being pleasured. Though sometimes Zack would catch a glimpse of this primal side to the shy young man. It would rise up from the shadows but Yoosung would catch it before it was fully let loose. And Zack really wanted to let it loose. Just for…science reasons.

So how was he supposed to break the tight hold Yoosung had on this beast inside him? He looked around the room and suddenly his eyes landed on something. That….that could do.


“I’m hooooommeee!” Yoosung called out.

Zack held in his breath and gritted his teeth. His heart was ready to jump out of his throat as the palms of his hands felt clammy. He could hear the sound of shoes kicking off, keys clattering on the counter, and then the sound of soft footsteps walking towards the bedroom. He could run. He still had time. If he sprinted fast enough he could hide out in the bathroom.

“You in here?” The doorknob turned.

Run run run! Abort plan! Abort plan!

The sirens went off in his head.

He sprinted across the room and slammed the bathroom door behind him.

“Huh? You okay!?” Yoosung’s worried voice called out.

Zack sighed and turned off the lights unable to look at himself in this state. “Yes, I’m fine.”

“Oh good. I got worried there.”

Zack slammed his head against the door.

“You okay!?”

He chuckled. “Mmhmm.” He would either walk out without clothes on or he’d suck it up and keep to his plan. How bad did he wants this? He closed his eyes and thought about it for a minute. He sucked in air and scraped his nails against the wood of the door. He knew he wanted to see it. In one swift motion he swung the door open. Yoosung was already at his desk with his headphones on playing LOLOL. Well he certainly didn’t waste any time.

Zack cleared his throat. No response. He clicked his tongue. Nothing. He called out Yoosung’s name and received the ‘one moment’ finger.

Nope. Not today.

He sauntered over to him and stabbed the prop he was holding in his hand into Yoosung’s seat and forced him to look.

“What ar- OHMYGOSHWHATTHEHECKAREYOU HUH!?!” His voice was at least three octaves higher than normal.

Zack dug his nails into palm of his hand to find some sort of release for his anxiety. This was basically the reaction he was assuming he’d get. It was embarrassing to him to cosplay. It was even more so to cosplay as a female character. It was even worse when this characters dress, or rather somewhat long T-shirt —really the thing would’ve been exposing more than he bargained for if it wasn’t for the white thigh high stockings—, liked to rile up at the slightest of movement.

He was a sort of white mage he figured. Some beloved and important character that was very popular in the LOLOL fanbase. The outfit was white and red, a typical white mage outfit, with a red sash around the waist that dangled longer than the ‘dress’ itself. As stated before the outfit had thigh high, white, stockings, with black ankle boots. The dress had a red hood that was long enough to cover his eyes if he put it over his head. Pretty much the only thing he liked about the damn outfit.

He looked at the stunned young man as he sat there like a statue completely red in the face as if he were the one wearing it. Zack snapped his fingers and Yoosung blinked rapidly. “You look like you need healing.” Zack said without much hesitation.


“You heard me.”

The reason this character was loved was for her curt replies and tsundere character trope. In Zack’s opinion she was a jerk but whatever, to each his own.


“Hurry it up.” He demanded.

“I…you’re…her…” Yoosung shot up and grabbed Zack’s shoulders shaking him a little. “Oh my god.”

Zack didn’t have a feminine physique but he wasn’t entirely masculine either. But the way Yoosung was slowly running his hands down from his shoulders, to his elbows down his torso, to his waist. Well this must be what a woman feels like when her significant other was touching them like they were a treasure. And that feeling was complete and utter fear, and nerves so tightly wound in him he was sure he felt like a stiff mannequin.

Yoosung looked over the outfit once, twice, thrice and suddenly something flashed in his eyes. Something dark. His hands raked down roughly to the stockings. “Heh…” His fingers shook as he ran them back up to Zack’s waist pulling the ‘dress’ up slightly before letting it fall. “The fabric is nice. Where’d you buy it?”

“Amazon.” Zack slightly stepped away from him.

Yoosung pursued. Aggressively. “Leenafray is my favorite character in the Heart of Ice DLC.” He pushed Zack onto the bed. “Let me see closer.” He straddled his waist and sat there looking down at Zack taking in ever single detail of the outfit. “Oh look they added the cut where Gladion tried to assassinate Leenafray.” He ran his fingers over the exposed skin on Zack’s shoulder. “Oh? Look. They even added her necklace. At the end of the DLC you get her necklace as a gift. It gives the player the ability to go berserk.”

“I…they didn’t add that. I did.”

“You did?”

“Well I saw your figurine had a necklace on so I-“

“I think I’ve earned the right to have that necklace.”


Yoosung gripped the cold metal and yanked causing the clasp, feeble as it was, to snap right off. He wrapped the necklace around his wrist, the large white jewel, something he got off of an old ring, rested gently on his middle finger. “Ya…I think I’m about to go berserk.” He pulled the sash off wrapping one part of it around Zack’s ankles and tying the other end to the metal bed post. “I hope you didn’t spend too much on the stalkings. I’m about to tear them to shreds.”

  • Needless to say this little “science project” ended with more than Zack bargained for. 
  • He would like it though
  • It would be a rare occurrence that was always refreshing and reeeaaaallly enjoyable. 

ZEN–Off Script

You’ll release the beast. You don’t want to release the beast. Oh damn I almost released the beast last night, gotta keep a tighter hold on him. Wink~

Beast this, beast that. Zack was tired of it. For all the talk about his ‘tight hold of the beast’ he figured it was best to just release the damn thing already. It wasn’t like Hyun was bad at sex far far far from it. And it wasn’t like he was bored or anything, he just wanted to see this damn beast already. It was like Hyun hyped it up so much it didn’t exist at all. Maybe once or twice there was a little something that suddenly made him feel like choking back his voice but it never truly happened.

So how does one unlock the cage? Well Zack had an idea. There was a new play Hyun was going to be in and he had to play as a type of sex crazed friend. The leading lady was some woman who clearly had the hots for Hyun. In fact maybe she should be playing as the sex crazed nymphomaniac considering the lengths Zack had seen her go through to get his attention.

He shook his head. Focus. Focus on what you really want.

So the plan? Help Hyun with his lines of course. Zack wasn’t an actor by any means necessary but if he could help Hyun and make him only think of this night while doing his act and completely eliminate that actress and finally see this locked up beast then that’s like killing five birds with one stone.


Zack had read, reread, and reread the script all day. The scene called for Hyun’s character to come home to a line of rose petals leading to the bedroom. Then some stupid scene was supposed to happen and blah blah blah it was idiotic. Really the dumbest part of the whole thing. But it didn’t matter. The scene he was focusing on involved six lines. Hyun’s character would come in and see the leading lady in sexy lingerie. She would hold a glass of wine in her hands and a lavender incense was going to waft in the air.

Well he couldn’t find lavender at the stores and instead chose the smell Hyun loved the most. Vanilla bean. He placed the petals neatly along the floor and poured a glass of beer—Zack didn’t like wine—and sat on the bed. He wasn’t one for displaying himself like a catalog model but the script called for it. He wore deep black boxers with a light shine to it. Like the stars in the sky.

The stage was set. The actor was in his position and now…try not to get stage fright. He rehearsed the line in his head as he downed one beer. Well the script called for a full glass so he might as well refill his drink.

And refill it.

And refill it.

And refill it.

He had gone through a whole pack and was ready to start another. In fact what was he doing again? He looked at the script he was holding and read the name of the leading lady. Oh that hoochie. Right. He was getting back at her. He was going to make her pay for all the shit she did to get Hyun’s attention. Touching him. Kissing his cheek as a way to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ Leaning over so her ass was practically grinding into him. She was going to pay. Zack would release that beast and show her the damage the beast did to him.

“Hey.” Hyun walked into the house. “What the? What’s with the flowers?”

“Yer hommmmeee.” Zack slurred.

“Whoah! What the? You’re hammered!” Hyun ran towards him and took the glass from his hand. “How many did you have?”

“I…lost c-c-count after six.”

“Six?! You can barely handle two cans.”

“I was gonna surprise you.”

“With what? Me finding you passed on the floor wearing those sexy boxers?”

“No you stupid dummy. You were gonna come in and let me see that beast of yours.” He ran his hands down to Hyun’s belt and tore it off like it wasn’t even buckled.

“What? Babe you know I can-“

“I’m began- begun- beginning to think that damn beast doesn’t even exist.” He didn’t stop his ministrations. “How am I suppa- supposed to show that bimbo who you belong to. I wanted you to treat me like you prey and devour me until I can only remember your name.”

Hyun’s face, though a little hazy, suddenly became serious. “You don’t know what you’re asking.”

“I believe I do. I want to see you mark me. Whenever I look in the mirror I wanna see who I belong to. Whenever I try to move I want to be reminded of this night.”

“You’re gonna regret this.”

“Try me.”

  • Hyun was right he wasn’t prepared. 
  • Each thrust was sobering him up
  • When he went to watch Hyun’s rehearsal the leading lady was thoroughly pissed. 
  • Yeah girl, that bite mark under his ear is exactly what you think it is. 

Jumin Han-The Green Candy

When wasn’t he rough? Nope nothing came to mind. He was always rough. Hair pulling. Edging. Handcuffs. Blindfolds. It was like this straight laced, CEO man, harbored the most dominate kinks. And he did. The way he combined a loving and caring heart with ruthless nights of pleasure was more than Zack could ever ask for. How could Jumin ever top it?

Well there was one thing.

He was at school mindlessly listening to his professor talk when suddenly a kind looking girl leaned back. She had been staring at him quite often the past few days and it seemed like today was the day she got the courage to talk to him.  

“Psst.” She handed him a paper note.

It read:

‘I’m here to learn the culinary arts and was wondering if you’d like to be my taste tester.’

He wrote back:

‘I graciously accept.’

And from that day forward Zack was in culinary heaven. She was a sweet girl with a flighty laugh and sparkling eyes of wonder. Her baking was superb. Each bite was like a part of his mind was being lifted and he was on a journey to the stars. In fact whenever he left her apartment he felt oddly zen.

It wasn’t until three days later Zack’s wallet was looking a bit lighter than usual. One of his credit cards was missing and he seemed a few dollars shy. Then it hit him. That girl was putting drugs in the pastries and was stealing from him. Elaborate he’d give her that but also crafty. It was no surprise to him. Once word had gotten out that he and Jumin were an item a lot of people suddenly wanted to be his friend. People wanted to hang out more, specifically at Jumin’s place, and if he ever did go out with a group they’d always pick the most expensive bars or restaurants. It was ridiculous.

He never thought someone would go this far. Well tonight it was time to put an end to it. He found out where she lived and decided to confront her about it. Jumin was working late at his office anyways so he could spare the time to wander around town.

At her apartment, a little run down but decent nonetheless, Zack knocked on the door and moved away so she couldn’t see who it was through the peephole. The door opened and boy was she surprised.

“Uh oh.” She tried to slam the door but Zack was faster.

“Yeah. Uh oh.” He glared. “You’ve been stealing from me.”

“Tch. Like you can prove that.”

“I can’t. But I want my damn money back!”

“Like it matters. Aren’t you being screwed by that CEO guy? What’s his name? Cumin?”


“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes. “Besides, you should be thanking me. You were so tightly wound up it seemed like the weed and LSD I was giving you really relaxed you.”

Zack pretended he didn’t hear that second part about the LSD. “Shut up! Give me my damn money!”

She rolled her eyes. “Here.” She motioned for Zack to come in. He peered through the door to see a gruff looking man with a gun in his hand sleeping heavily.

“N-no thanks.”

She scoffed. “He’s knocked out cold for gods sakes. Just come in.”

Hesitantly he walked in careful to leave the door open for a quick retreat.

“Look I already spent all the cash and I tossed your card the moment you canceled it.”

“You spent all of it? Do you realize how much you stole?”

“Enough to buy myself that pretty dress right there.” She pointed at a shimmering red dress. “So look, I’ll make it up to ya.” She shuffled around her kitchen, pots and bowls, whisks and spatulas, four and sugar tossed haphazardly everywhere. “This is my top seller.” She picked up a plastic bin filled with green candy and pulled out a bag. Two green, crystal like balls, glistened against the the overhead kitchen lights.

“W-what is it?”

“Look, I can see you’re a nice guy. Real clean and sweet, but you gotta take the time to feel relaxed yourself. And this will certainly do the trick.”

“W-what is it?” He repeated.

“Try one.” She smirked.

He knew drugs were bad but he couldn’t help the urge to just see what it was. He pulled out one of the marble like candies and felt the smooth surface. It looked like a spherical Jolly Rancher. He popped it into his mouth. Well it was certainly sweet. It was, as always, really good too. “You have a real talent for cooking. Why are you lacing your products with drugs?”

“Cuz it’s a good business.” She shrugged. “Now, go. Go to your CEO and just relax.” She chuckled.

“Well listen hear. This is the last time I’m helping you. You can kiss my wallet goodbye.”

“Tch. We’ll see about that.”

Feeling perplexed and unaccomplished Zack continued to eat the candy. He didn’t feel any different. “Gipped.” He grumbled under his breath. “Geezus it’s freakin hot out here.” He pulled off his jacket as white clouds escaped his mouth. It was winter and the snow around him should’ve made him feel the chill but all he knew was that he was burning.

And he felt oddly dizzy.

He started to pant as he leaned against a tree. He rolled the candy under his tongue afraid of swallowing it whole and choking. He pressed his lips together feeling the sweet candy mix with his saliva. A sudden urge shot through him there was only one thing that could cure it.

He needed to see Jumin.


Jumin sighed as he typed into his computer. Reports on things he certainly didn’t care about were flooding his inbox. He needed to take a break. He walked over to his wine rack and opened the perfectly kept 44 degree fahrenheit refridgerator. Yes. A nice glass of wine would-


The shrill ringing of the phone only meant one thing. Jaehee was calling him for something. He would ignore it. Right now it was just him, the quiet tunes of jazz, and this deep red glass of wine. The phone kept ringing. With a low growl of irritation he picked it up. “Yes?”

“S-sir Zack is hear to see you and he looks awful.”

“What?! Send him in.” What happened? Was he sick? What if someone had mugged him? He had overheard Zack canceling a credit card. What if he was in real trouble? If only the young man would just let him be taken care of like the prince he was.

The door opened. Zack ran towards him and nearly shoved him onto his desk. The doors slammed shut as Jumin tried to get a good look at him.

“A-are you-“ He could feel something. “Why are you so aroused.”

Through heavy pants and gasps Zack replied, “I was…drugged.”

A surge of anger and confusion ran through his veins. Who did this and why? And why did they give him an aphrodisiac? Jumin felt his blood boil. Where they trying to get Zack to have sex with them?

“Who drugged you.”

“I did.” Zack rubbed against him. A moan rolled out through his throat, one Jumin had never heard before.

“You did?”

“Technically. Please… please… help me.”

“I’ve no time. I’ll take care of you once I get this work done.”

Zack glared. “That’s not what I wanted to hear.” He gripped the back of Jumin’s neck and forced him to kiss the drugged up young man.

He felt something round and sweet slip into his mouth. Candy? He tried to pull away but Zack had a tight hold on him. Suddenly the room was starting to feel hot. Too hot. And the man in front of him was starting to look rather appetizing. Ravish him. Leave nothing left.

He pushed away the intruding objects on his desk and tossed the younger man onto the desk. Now now now now. Was all he could think of. The candy melted quicker and each swallow of the sweet apple like taste was making him feel even more to the edge. He was used to reaching that edge of his desire but he never dared to jump into the chasm, slightly afraid of what was down the dark depths.

Well now…

…he was going to explore. He was diving in head first and he was bringing this man that he loved with him. He loved this man.

He truly did.

But tonight, he wasn’t going to show any mercy.

  • Zack went back afterwards to get more candy
  • But the girl was gone along with the container of the aphrodisiac
  • So much for a little rough. 
  • Zack saw the most primal face on Jumin. 
  • And he was sad to see he wasn’t going to see that ever again. 

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