i love when he goes off on a tangent

The BBFs skit prequel –

The first Link (after his Link) lasts a week. That Link kept leaving their glasses in the bathroom. Link didn’t part with his glasses for more than a minute at a time, so already Rhett had classified that particular detail as Wrong. When Rhett tried to hand Link his glasses and Link had shaken his head and said ‘I don’t think I need it’, Rhett called the dispatch team.

The second Link lasts two years. When he shakes Rhett’s hand, he makes a face and says ‘your hands are so sweaty’, and Rhett loves him immediately. This Link is a terrible driver, a terrible cook, and rolls his eyes whenever Rhett goes off on a tangent. 

Then one day he kisses Rhett and tells him he loves him. Rhett says, ‘I love you too.’ 

That night, while Link is asleep with his head on Rhett’s bare chest, Rhett calls the dispatch team.

The third Link learns to cook. Rhett enjoys a week of amazingly prepared meals before he calls the dispatch team.

Rhett takes the fourth Link to a fair and wins him a teddy bear. Link names the bear Lilly, and Rhett calls the dispatch team while Link is off buying more cotton candy.

The fifth Link sees Christy at the grocery store. Christy calls Rhett that night to talk about the man she saw who looked exactly like Link. The conversation lasts for hours, and they talk about how much they both miss him. Rhett finds that nothing he says to Christy is a lie. He still misses Link.

That night, when Link returns home, he mentions the blonde woman he’d seen at the store. “She was really pretty,” he says. Rhett calls the dispatch team.

As they wheel that Link away, a man approaches Rhett. He tells him that they don’t have enough samples of Link, and that the next few they send him could have a variety of glitches. ‘Do you still want us to send you another?’

Rhett says yes. 

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IMAGINE terushou getting into each others hobbies !! teru listens to shou infodump about hamsters even if he gets so excited he goes off on a tangent because he loves how passionate he gets, & it's listed that teru likes going to the cinema so shou going to see movies with him even if they're boring to him & listening to the music he likes!! them just trying their best to like the stuff the other likes cos they love each other SORRY I RAMBLED

this is so cute omg, don’t apologize!