i love what you're doing with your face

Some advice for if you’re having trouble drawing hands proportionally, for basic pictures–

Put your own hand on your face, with the heel of your palm on your chin. Pay attention to the overall width, and where your fingertips and knuckles are.
Then draw a rough outline of the hand over the face you’re drawing, and match the proportions to yours. You can adjust up or down a bit from there if you feel the need, but that should be a good base visual.

  • Hermione: Rise and shine!!!
  • Draco: [groaning with a hangover] whyyyyyyyyyyyy...
  • Hermione: Shush you. After what I had to deal with last night, the least you can do is get your arse up.
  • Draco: [mumbling into a pillow] Do I want to know??
  • Hermione: After I cleaned the fries off your face and put you to bed, you said something to me that was pretty dark.... even for you...
  • Draco: Mm. Don't tell me.
  • Hermione: OK, I won't. [pause] I love you, too.

I love the look Hardy gets on his face when Ellie’s tearing into a suspect:

“That’s my girl she’s gonna kick your ass”

i’ve been wanting to make this post for a while but i wasn’t quite sure how to address it.

I wanted to bring to your attention the term ‘hong jisus/jesus’ and why i don’t think it’s appropriate to use in any sense. as we all know Jisoo is a christian, a seemingly pretty devout one at that and what we’re doing when we use this term is something that goes against his religion and can be very offensive towards christians. i am a christian myself and when i see it used it makes me uncomfortable.
to christians gods name is something to be revered and respected, god/jesus is above all else, comparing jisoo to jesus/god is, well its disrespectful, to the religion to the people who believe and especially jisoo.
as a religious person jisoo would not like the name, he wouldn’t think it was cute or sweet, (im sure he would understand the idea behind it )but it would make him uncomfortable and at worst upset him. and as i know you’re his fans and love him a lot i want you to know this. i want you to be informed.
im not calling anyone out as i know none of you have used it maliciously or meant any harm and it’s all meant in good fun! and i dont want anyone to feel guilty about it because its obviously something you didn’t know, i just want everyone to be aware of what it means to christians and what it would mean to jisoo if he ever saw it. i know when you use this term its only out of love for jisoo but it is actually offensive so please respect jisoo and his religion and stop using the term ‘hong jisus/jesus’.


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What kills me most: besides her smug look, is the fact that she purposely turned the jersey around. 

Others had the front showing & yeah, some had the back with their name showing. 

But this wasn’t just “hey that looks like fun, David I want to do it give me your jersey!”.

It was “hey this looks like a great opportunity to have a little fun & troll the hell out of the gillovny fandom

Because she could have shown her support with the jersey facing the other way & no one would have been the wiser. But hell, why not just give us all something to freak out about at the same time? 

Two birds: one stone.