i love what he does in this scene

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THAT WAS AMAZING! I LOVED IT ❤ ok so the bit when Aaron got out of the boot, and chas, cain & Adam were stood there I thought that was really touching, they've been with Aaron through everything!!!! Oh and poor Aaron in prison & robs sad face!!! We will need gin! 🍸🍸🍸🙏

Aww sorry I missed this last night. I LOVE their faces during that scene and ESPECIALLY that Cain and Adam played such a big part.

Adam being his best mate, just planning to drive about or play Xbox. It was really touching.

Then Uncle Cain doing what he does best but, in a way, it was a really WEIRD lovely little nod to their nightmare past and the fact Rob could stand there and make a joke about their past with car boots when Cain is metres away and had him bundled in one… it’s so THEM. Cain and Rob’s weirdo relationship continuing to ruin me.

The best!! Tonight is going to be proper overwhelming. I mean, it’s MAXINE!

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Mmm, but this does raise the question: is Boogie the sort who just can't resist making a scene or partaking in a challenge? Like, if someone challenged them to a dance-contest or they started hearing some oh-so-danceable music playing, would they drop what they're doing and just throw themselves into it?

oh absolutely.

I will go ahead and give you that one: Boogie loves a challenge and will accept practically any given to him. And, if he wins/loses he has to follow suit with anything he agreed with.

However, this guy knows a million ways around any rule and he’s absurdly unpredictable. attempt at your own risk.

Costuming F*#kery

Guys guys guys guys guys!!! (Tinfoil Hattery below!)

I just picked up the Blu Ray for Season 4 and I was watching some of the extras at the end of disk 2. Specifically, I was watching Mark’s video diary, Final Scenes.

Look at what he is wearing in this video diary!! 

(Sorry for the poor quality, my good TV is in the shop.)

That is a grey suit. White stripe. PURPLE TIE. I know it’s hard to tell in these photos, but it’s the purple tie from TAB!! And the same exact suit.

The tie.

The striped pants.

He’s wearing it again here, a few minutes later in the video diary, when he shows us Eurus’s cell.

 He also does a lovely Hannibal Lecter impression here. Can you believe this guy?? 

The thing is, this exact suit and tie combo does not appear anywhere in TFP, or anywhere else in the season. (I looked. Maybe I missed it, if anyone cares to look.)

He’s wearing the suit in the TFP scene in his home, but the tie is different. It’s maroon. (hard to tell by the photo, but check it out yourself if you like.)

So why is he wearing the TAB suit/tie on set for Season 4??

  • Reasonable explanation or conspiracy?
  • Did they merely change ties or did they re-shoot some previous scenes where he was wearing that suit and tie?

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Leo de la Iglesia ❤️

Okay so maybe it’s just common sense that I’m most likely to relate to Leo because I am also a nineteen year old American, but he is seriously my new fave and here’s why:

It’s great to find power in love like half the other skaters in the competition. I absolutely love how Yuri’s theme embodies his love of Viktor, but Leo- he finds power in what he skates to… the music itself!

He’s so young, yet he choreographs his own routines to his own favorite music. I didn’t include this specific picture, but he also says that he just wants to fill the world with what he loves. He loves music, and he wants to fill the world with music because it gives him strength and does the same for others, including me.

I relate to Leo so much because without music, I would also have no courage in myself.

The scene where he falls while practicing a jump is just so beautiful because he doesn’t get depressed when he falls, he just looks to his music for guidance and reflects on the fact that he wouldn’t be there without music.

Not only do I love Leo, but I also love the music he chose. It’s catchy, and has an undeniable, positive American feel to it. And god knows we need positive American vibes after yesterday’s disaster of an election.

I can’t wait to see Leo come back for more. And I know he will, because it was stated that he’s the closest person to qualifying for the Grand Prix out of everyone in the competition. Undoubtedly, Yuri has real competition in Leo.

Chapter 90 was a big disappointment, wasn’t it? All we wanted was to see a memorial or funeral of Erwin. I espacially wanted to see his family, his mother and the woman he once loved. I wonder what Marie did when she heard the death of an old friend, a lover. What about Nile? His sorrow and regret? 

I wanted to see tears, screams, mourning… Above all else I wanted to see Levi’s reaction to Erwin’s death. I hoped Levi would keep Erwin mentioned. None of them happened. But let me point out something now.

  • Let’s remember the scene that Hange declared Erwin as deceased. What was Levi’s reaction?

“I see.” 

A silent goodbye. 

Did he tell something else? Did he scream? Did he cry? No. He didn’t. He never does. But look at his face and say that he is not in pain. Say that he is not devastated. Can you?

  • Now remember the scene that Hange noted she believed Erwin should have lived. What did he say?

He said nothing. But we can easily say that he is depressed and desperate just by looking at his face. He shows the severity of his pain with body language. With his facial expression and miserable pose…

  • And now, look at this panel:

What did he do when Flocke blamed him for catching up in personal emotions and choosing Armin?

Nothing, the same as before. But, guys, I can swear that I heard his screams and felt his loneliness. Yes, he didn’t even say a single word but… isn’t Levi like this? Is this not our dark, complex, quiet Levi?

Some great pains can’t be spoken. And Erwin’s death gave him such a pain. He probably won’t mention about this, he will suffer silently like he suffered silently after Farlan and Isabel. And it doesn’t mean that he will forget about their friendship, their bond, their love

Levi can never get over Erwin. How can he?

The fact that we got John’s tears. In fact, that whole final conversation, my GOD

John’s subconscious urges him to talk to Sherlock

Sherlock repeatedly stops John from leaving by continuing to talk to him, finally asking him if he’s okay (hello, asip callback I see you there! But we are no longer cool and flippant, we are TALKING about FEELINGS what????)

John forgives Sherlock for Mary

Sherlock admits his life has value but he doesn’t know what to do with that

Irene, who ships johnlock almost as hard as Hudders does, deus ex machinas into the scene–this stops John from leaving

John’s subconscious immediately suggests the idea that Sherlock loves Irene, an idea that we know John has wondered about since asib

John uses the occasion of the text to deduce that it’s Sherlock’s birthday–which quickly turns into yelling about how lucky Sherlock is that someone likes him, over Sherlock’s protests that he doesn’t text her back

Over Sherlock’s protests that romantic entanglement is not for him, John yells that it “would complete you as a human being.”

“That chance doesn’t last forever, trust me, Sherlock, it’s gone before you know it,” well well WELL Johnny boy that’s hitting rather close to the point for both of you isn’t it?


Sherlock’s right next door to a love confession cut off by John’s cheatig confession oh my GODDDD

“who you thought I was is the man who I want to be” Mary knew, we knew she knew, neither of us were first you know

Also John wants to be steadfast and true and love deeply like wowowow his heart has been torn in two for a million years and now he can finally be free

“Well then, John Watson, get the hell on with it. ” YOU CAN BE A GRUMPY BISEXUAL JOHN YOU HAVE THE POWER

Immediately followed by tears and the most tender hug

Fade to black????? But then it’s an exterior shot as if time has passed and???? Sherlock has changed clothes? But it’s still the same day, it’s still Sherlock’s birthday? If there was not some goddamn tender cuddling and more tears and possibly some smooch it is on its way my friends

It was just texting John we all know your interests lie in a different area wheeeee

We all fully ascend next week my friends

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I know everyone says this but I really love the Jonathan wearing all black in this scene. It truly emphasises how Jonathan doesn’t belong in her world. Her room being light pink, he sticks out very evidently. Just as he sort of does in her life. Besides what everyone hopes, Nancy and Jonathan don’t seem to be friends after finding Will. They’re kind and acquaintanced but there’s not strong friendship, and I think the reason behind that is their two different worlds they just can’t combine.  

That’s all.

~Addison B

What I say: I’m Good.

What I really mean: Why is Penetrator Chris always dissed? Can we see his family? Are him and Eva a couple? If William and Chris are best friends where are the scenes? Chris pops up only for hooking up with Eva (totally fine with) and just to get hurt!? I want more Chris scenes, where are they? Can he have season 4? Does Chris actually care about Eva? Can we get some scenes between Noora and Chris and Noora tells him if he hurts Eva she’ll break him? CAN CHRIS JUST BE FUCKING APPRECIATED?

My Favorite Stydia Scenes

Because @argyledpenguin asked and also they were making me emotional. This isn’t remotely all of them, just the ones that make me the most emotional. Enjoy!

Bonus: Lydia remembering that she loves Stiles/the kiss

Part one Part two Part three

and for a more comprehensive experience, here is a link to Lydia’s romantic journey. 

@zedwordjen used to tell me that this episode would be like a love letter from Daryl to Carol. And I couldn’t agree more with this conception. But it’s like seeing him writing it down but not delivering to her yet. Because is not the time.

Listen y'all. He recognizes her strength, knows what she is capable of, and at the same time is extremely protective of her. His scenes with Morgan and Richard are all about that.

And it was perfect to show the contrast to when he finally does meet Carol. To me it was soooo clear he was holding back a lot of his feelings for her, because in a way, he is very aware of his feelings for her. More than she is right now (although I think this episode also served to show how much she loves him and that there isn’t any kind of competition when it comes to Carol’s heart: it’s Daryl’s all the way).

But Daryl had a lot of time to think about it. About his family and specially about her. He probably had some very deep thoughts about everything he never did, all the regrets he has.
And then he goes to the kingdom, figures it out she is gone, and that it’s over.

Still, to others, to Morgan and Richard, he praises carol and he protects her, and only allows himself to show how truly hurt he is by her leaving him, when he meets her face to face. The way he was crying (his eyes were wet, fight me) and how his voice breaks when he asks her shows how much it pained him the distance she put between them and finding out that she left.

And finally, that hurt lasts only a moment, because he just can’t really hold anything against her when he loves her so much and when he understands her so well.

But still, he holds back. I read someone who said that their goodbye hug looked like a husband leaving his wife to go to war, and it was such a perfect description.

It seemed like he was holding back because he knew he couldn’t leave himself just be. Because he would stay. The way he looks back and comes back to hug her shows he indulges that longing in being next to her only for a moment, but he can’t allow himself, not now. And that’s where the analogy with him writing a love letter to her and never deliver got me so much, because it killed me that he showed his love for her during the whole episode, with Richard, with Morgan telling him she is his reason to holding onto this world, but the only person he can’t allow himself to show it all is her. The only person he can’t yet.

And I think Daryl is more aware of his feelings because Carol is only facing this now. The moment she opened that door and saw him, was the moment everything came back to her. She is running away for so long, avoiding her feelings for so so long, that it’s a different kind of realization. It was amazing to me to see their roles reversed and Daryl being the one comforting her and putting her first in a way he never did before. Amazing to see all the vulnerability she exposed to him.

I finished this episode with the certainty that it doesn’t exist anyone else for them. They are truly truly in love, and it hurts soooooo bad that they just can’t be together right now. Im looking forward to see their next interaction, and I hope Gimple didn’t build up all of this to not give me a follow up. Carol is not aware of how big Daryl’s gestures were towards her, the way the audience is, and I need to see her having this realization. I need to see Daryl finally showing her what he truly feels with nothing holding them back anymore.

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I don't understand how Sakura healed Sasuke's loneliness?? Like wasnt it establish it was Naruto. From what I remember Naruto took him out of the darkness.

Does this quote ring any bells:

“The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura…”

It wasn’t only relevant for chapter 181, because it ties in rather nicely with another telling justification…

Because this scene:

Which depicts an empty home for Sasuke to come back to:

Changed into this scene:

Which depicts a home that Sasuke can return to where he has two people who love him dearly:

That’s how Sakura healed Sasuke’s loneliness. Because his “lonely existence” isn’t so lonely anymore; it’s filled with the love of his wife and daughter, along with his other friends and comrades that he made along the way.

honestly tho this is one of my favorite random little scenes

like. we have no context for why Bakugou is good at using a kitchen knife. he just. is

it’s such a random, completely normal, domestic household skill and it’s Bakugou (aka Mr. Baron von Blasty MsSplodokills) who’s presented, by the narrative and the characters themselves, as being really good at it, and i love it

I JUST LOVE HOW RANDOMLY TALENTED HE IS OK and honestly this scene begs the question of, like, did he help make meals at his house??? did his mom make him help out with making dinner?? does he just enjoy cooking?? why is he so good at using a kitchen knife????

what other random domestic skills do you have, Bakugou 

tell me your secrets my angry child

Bakugou is such a Mom Friend ok

You're good enough for me
  • You're good enough for me
  • Final Fantasy 15

This does contain spoilers

I just wanted to say that I love this scene so much, Noctis comforting his best friend was a nice touch after Brotherhood ep 2 (go watch it if you haven’t already) As everyone knows Noctis isn’t very openly expressive like our dear Prompto who wears his heart on his sleeve, Noctis just usually says what he means since it’s much easier. (he seems to joke about with his bros mainly Prompto)

In this scene Prompto states that they have been friends for 5 years (literally they became instant best friends) only for Noctis to remind Prompto that they did indeed meet back in elementary. (Which does shock him since he didn’t expect Noctis to remember him) Even though Prompto tried to change himself he still is insecure about how other view him, since his only three close friends are all above him (now for the bit I like) Noctis tells him that he’s good enough for him and he was doing okay. Even though Ignis and Gladiolus are friends with Noctis they were already with him for so long and were under the kings orders to look after him (while he was younger and now) of course they didn’t decline since they are friends but with Prompto it’s a little different (yes luna asked Prompto to be friends with Noctis but he could have declined and nobody told Noctis that he must accept him) seeing how Prompto talks with Noctis so casually and how he acts around him (yes ass slaps and sultry picture of luna for him XD) it’s only fair to assume that they are really close (to me, more so than iggy or gladio)

If you ever just hear their dialogue you can just tell how much Noctis actually cares for prompto and likes messing with him, remember the train incident, yeah Noctis went full blown hysteria something he didn’t do with luna’s death (he just became really depressed, like I said before he doesn’t express himself but apparently that’s ignored since Prompto is his bestie.) Without Prompto it was evident that the boys felt out of place without him since he was always making jokes and light of nearly every situation and was evidently pissed off when he was being taunted by Ardyn. 

(also I just read a post that Noctis gets shipped more with Prompto than Luna, now that’s funny and understandable. Luna better get a Dlc after the way she was pushed aside)


“He’s completely divided. As I recall, in the first scene of Season 5 when they bury Sigurd, Ivar is weeping and saying it wasn’t his fault, that Sigurd had pushed him, that he loved him, he was his brother. He didn’t know why he did it. He had just made him angry. And I think you’ll find that all the way through the history of Ivar is that he does terrible things and then he feels awful afterwards. He regrets doing these things. He can’t help himself. It makes him an astonishingly interesting character to write. He doesn’t think about the consequences. He does what he does and then he thinks about the consequences.”

––Michael Hirst on Ivar killing Sigurd.

“It’s a major, major scene… he would be the absolute weapon if he could control his anger, and that’s something he will struggle with, even in season five. He hates it, because he lost control .. Despite all the experience he has gained, he has become more of a man, definitely, but still struggles with that little kid inside of him that is just so angry, so hurt.”

––Alex Høgh Andersen.

alright FUCKOS, sit your asses down, cause’ i’m about to tell you all about the two most IMPORTANT scenes in CA:CW and why they were so good and great and significant.

the first one is when tony is talking to peter in his bedroom, and peter begins to tell tony about his powers and why he does what he does. he says to tony, “when you can do what i can, but don’t, when the bad things happen - they happen cause’ of you.

peter is saying that if he were to do nothing with his powers, he’d be responsible for the things he didn’t stop, but could’ve. this is SO FUCKING IMPORTANT because that ideology is a huge part of cap’s stance on the accords. steve stands firmly by the idea that if he’s able to help someone, he has to - or else he has failed in doing what he’s meant to do. tony knows that peter has a point, and at the same time, thinks that peter would agree with cap much more than himself. 

you can SEE IT on his face.

the second scene is when steve and bucky are flying out to siberia, and they begin to talk about bucky’s actions as the winter soldier. bucky is adamant that he’s a murderer, even though he knows it was out of his power to do anything when he was being controlled by hydra. steve tries to tell bucky that he’s not a murderer, because he had no control over any of the things he did. bucky agrees - but in the end, he realizes that he still killed people. even if it wasn’t intentional, even if he wasn’t able to stop himself, he was ultimately the one who murdered innocents. 

‘ you didn’t have a choice. ‘
i know, but i still did it.”


he’s quiet after bucky tells him as much because what bucky said is familiar - earlier, tony had tried to make it clear that, even though the avengers want nothing more than to protect people, their battles still cause casualties, and they still are responsible for the damage they caused in the process. steve tried to tell tony that they saved so many people, and THAT’S what’s important, and that the avengers in no way meant to kill those people. but tony’s point remains: regardless of how or why, they were responsible for innocent civilians being killed. and there was no way back from that.


 even if they seem arbitrary and small compared to the rest of the film, they do so much for both tony and steve. they allow a moment for each character to come face-to-face with what they’re battling, and force them to understand what each side is fighting for. even though it doesn’t change their minds, they both gain insight on the others stance, and it makes the process of fighting one another all the more difficult.


The scene that always intrigues me: WHY IS ZORO THE ONLY ONE OUT OF THE CREW MUNCHING ON SANJI’S BREADSTICKS??? Does he love breadsticks so much that he sneaked into the kitchen to get his hands on them before anyone else (even before Luffy and that’s saying something!), or could it be that Sanji chose no one other than the shitty marimo as the first person to taste his special snack? It’s really interesting to imagine either way… what’s for certain is that Zoro sure is enjoying his breadsticks XD

Another scene I adore: even after arguing with Sanji a moment ago, Zoro is munching on his special recipe like nothing ever happened between them XD Sanji didn’t leave the marimo out when handing out snacks (okay maybe he did swear a little like the tsun-tsun he is XD), and Zoro must’ve shamelessly accepted the cook’s favor? Where did your pride go Zoro! Well I guess you like Sanji’s cooking that much even if you never say a word about it :DDDDD


The Tenth Doctor (and David Tennant) tossing things & catching them

(…often while not even looking at what he’s tossing)

Edited to add a bonus: Teenager-Tennant started this habit quite young:


And I see war on the screen
And it is cruel and unclean


   [25 Days of Outlander]
   [Favorite Jamie Scene]
   [2x09 | Je Suis Prest]
   [JAMMF The Leader]

After all the talk of war and politics, we finally get to see why the Fraser men would follow their Laird Red Jamie into war in Je Suis Prest. He scares them with the truth about what a battle is really like, but he also does so much more than that. He inspires his men. He instills confidence in them. And proves that he’s not just their leader. He’s also one of them. And that’s what makes him a fantastic leader.

I realized that it takes more than courage to beat an army like that. It takes discipline. It takes a well-trained soldier. An army of soldiers. Now, if we have the discipline to stand together, to march together, and to fight together, then by God I ken we will win  t o g e t h e r.