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magical mystery tour explained
  • magical mystery tour: roll up (a joint this is an experience)
  • fool on the hill: the harmonies have moved from voices to recorders? i guess that's where the beatles are going now
  • flying: :/
  • blue jay way:
  • your mother should know: paul writes another song about moms
  • i am the walrus: incoherent lyrics sung beautifully to amazing orchestration. thank you john and george martin
  • hello goodbye: paul says goodbye, faul says hello
  • strawberry fields: incoherent lyrics sung beautifully to amazing orchestration. thank you john and george martin
  • penny lane: a four of bach trumpet and vaginas
  • baby you're a rich man: someone pressed record when john was looking in a mirror
  • all you need is love: the beatles sing a song and then they get bored at the end so they sing other songs

Marcus Auerlius, Medidtations;  Book Six

The pain of labour for hand or foot is not contrary to nature, as long as the foot is doing the work of a foot and the hand the work of a hand. So likewise for a man, qua man, there is nothing contrary to nature in pain, as long as he is doing the work of a man: and if not contrary to nature for him, n o t  a n  e v i l  e i t h e r .

As for pleasure, pirates, catamites, parricides and tyrants have enjoyed it to the full.


anonymous asked:

Rank the Walrus crew guys from favorite to least favorite! Joji, Joshua, De Groot, Randal, Dooley, Logan, Muldoon, Dr. Howell.

omf ok 

joji (my dearest most badass samurai pirate whose hair was silkier than that of legolas, whose silence spoke volumes, who fought more bravely than any other besides flint, who could honestly kick my ass and id thank him but he wouldn’t bc he’s also an angel personified), dooley (ADORABLE LOYAL CURL POODLE WHO I’D LEARNED TO LOVE AND ADORE), joshua (the walrus’ no.1 Cutest Cutie and gates’ favourite idiot son next to billy and his other 40 idiot sons), muldoon (my smollest and fiercest son who held nothing but love and protectiveness for his brothers im ugly sobbing fUCK), dr. howell [sobbing intensifies and turns to screaming], degroot (exasperated pirate Dad who was once a dick and then he was ok. grade A tattoos. surprised he lived this long next to flint’s crazy ass. u did good, sir), logan (every time i remember logan i think of this scene and die laughing. funny and cute), randall (rip u were one of a kind. betsy the cat and i are still mourning)



I am he
As you are he
As you are me
And we are all together

See how they run like pigs from a gun
See how they fly
I’m crying

Sitting on a cornflake
Waiting for the van to come
Corporation t-shirt
Stupid bloody Tuesday
Man, you’ve been a naughty boy
You let your face grow long

I am the eggman
They are the eggman
I am the walrus
Goo goo g'joob

The Beatles-I am the walrus


ive doodling more in the margins of my notes instead of digitally this past week. ive got 3 weeks til the end of the semester and school’s got me BALL AND CHAINED! enjoy these mindless beatles doodles :’^)

one of em is reffed from this, i looked at it and couldnt stop laughing, paul and ringo usually roomed together and once they put a timer on a camera and tried to take a selfie together but it just ended up really awkward haahah adorable…