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Merlin Femslash Fic Rec (Part 1)

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In which there is so much great femslash in the Merlin fandom that I couldn’t fit it all in one post! To be continued… until then please enjoy these lovely fics from these amazing writers <3

The Secession of Cornwall (soon to be officialised) by Allothi

“I’m really not sure this is a good idea.” (Morgana/Gwen)

One of my favourite ever Morgwen fics, it’s so funny, sweet, and emotional <3

Liminal Rites (A Deep Dive Remix) by nomical 

They say there’s a woman in the water. (Freya/Vivian)

Do you like mythical sea creatures and historical feminism and endings that make you want to punch the air in delight and also cry a little? Of course you do, go read :)

Centre of Gravity by Woldy

No summary (Morgana/Gwen)

Swordplay and sex, what more do you need? Morgana is so cheeky and fun in this one! Lovely remix by emei available too.

Be Wary of Powerful Magic and Strong Drink by Netgirl_y2k

The AU of Sweet Dreams where the love spell makes Vivian fall for Morgana. (Morgana/Vivian)

Absolutely hilarious fic, Morgana’s POV is laugh out loud funny and it’s packed with great one liners.

Overtake by emei

Sometimes you don’t know what’s missing. (Morgana/Gwen)

A teeny tiny wonderful fic that somehow perfectly captures the excitement that comes with the first flush of love.

Doorsteps by kathkin

Vaguely Victorian AU in which Vivian is a wealthy lady and Freya is a werecat who sleeps on doorsteps. (Freya/Vivian)

Short and sweet historical au with cursed Freya and deliberately oblivious Viv.

Bird of Passage by emei

“I don’t believe in ownership. And I’m going home. Have fun now,” Morgana says and leaves Gwen hot and breathless, staring after her. (Morgana/Gwen, Gwen/Others)

A lovely, sexy, complex polyamorous Morgwen fic.

The Last Human Word by lady_ragnell

Princesses are supposed to have feelings, after all, but only good ones. (Mithian/Elena/Vivian)

A sad yet hopeful little fic where ‘Princesses’ are AI prostitutes who risk being reprogrammed when they displease. But Mithian has a plan…

The Super Part I Can Handle by sophinisba

Freya’s secret identity is less mysterious to Gwen than she thinks. (Freya/Gwen)

Sexy little superhero au in which Gwen is badass and knows what’s up.

Before We Get Much Older by Zee

Gwen and Morgana grow up. (Morgana/Gwen)

A long, emotional look at Gwen and Morgana through their childhood and into the first series. Beware of feeeeels.

Plans for You and Me by lady_ragnell

Elena wakes up in Gretna Green, hung over and married to her best friend. This is not how their post-grad road trip was supposed to go. (Elena/Morgana)

Elena and Morgana accidentally get married and neither of them are exactly unhappy about it, even if Elena always thought she was straight before…