i love vinyl records


“There’s a song on every record that allows us to push ourselves further. On Bullets it was ‘Headfirst for Halos’. It actually started out as a joke. Then we realized that, if we could pull it off, it would allow us to do so much more because it would prevent us from getting pigeonholed.” GW 2004

“Ah…Headfirst For Halos… the song that changed everything,opened a lot of creative doors for us. Wanted it to sound like ‘Thrash Beatles’” GW 4/2/13

Illustrated Science 136: World Record - Earlier this week John Boswell’s “A Glorious Dawn” became the first record to be played in space. In a craft conceived and created by Jack White and his label Third Man Records the album was lifted into orbit using a high altitude balloon. The record was gold plated to prevent it from expanding and contracting.

Dating Remus Lupin...pt 1 (Ship Request)

Requested by: @theremustohersirius

What it’s like to date Remus Lupin version 1

Note: I’ll make different versions cause Y/N is an individual. Individuals are unique so someone might not really feel that they can relate. So, I’m gonna make as much as I can so that everyone feels included.

This is base on the requester’s ship request:

I’m shy but my close friends know I’m a sarcastic twat with loads of self deprecating humor. I’m a huge book worm, I kinda hoard books. I collect vinyl records and I love my friends to death. My wardrobe consists of big cozy grandpa sweaters and I love everything vintage. I drink LOADS of tea and my friends and family describe me as an old soul 

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  • Lazy days would be so peaceful and quiet. You two would be sitting close to each or laying beside each other, almost cuddling as you read books on your own or even sharing the book you are reading.
  • He allows you to borrow his books. He loves sharing the things he cherishes with you. 
  • You low-key hoard them… not returning at all. Forgetting to return it at all.

Remus: “Whatcha reading?“

Y/N: “This book. I’m rereading it again.“

Remus: “That book looks familiar.“

….observes the book….

Remus: “Hey that’s mine!“

  • Hogsmeade dates includes: buying loads of sweets and chocolates, checking out the vinyl store for muggle and wizard music, book shopping, oversized sweater shopping and even antiquing!!! BUYING TEA!!!!

  • HUGS!!!!


  • Not too much PDA, PG rated

  • You two are more private, reserving the most intimate moments alone.

  • You ‘borrow’ his sweaters. “BORROW”. Basically it started out as you being too cold one day and he took of his sweater, leaving him to wear just a shirt. He handed you his sweater and he makes you wear it so you won’t be cold. Now you almost have half of his clothes in your wardrobe.

  • He lets you borrow them. What is the point of saying no to you?

  • Rainy days consist of blankets, books, warm cups of tea, sitting by the fire, and movies.