i love villain megamind so much

Megamind Soulmate AU

When you write something on your arms, the marks appear on the arms of your soulmate as well. This is known: the soul-bond does not begin at birth; it is only possible with both souls have reached a certain level of maturity. No one knows what triggers the bond; it is not restrained by distance, by language, by contact… but everyone knows that a soulmate is true love, however improbable it may seem. 

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yamiyoukaipao replied to your post ““I have names,” she tells Megamind.“Names?” he asks.(There are shadows…”

Huh. Just discovered this I actually now feel Roxanne would make a much more ruthless villain than Megamind himself. She may not build a several story robot or beat the guards to throw a pimp out the window, but threaten her mate and she will find all dirt she can, and she WILL make you pay


Tighten tells Roxanne that she’s “so naive” for trying to see the good in people, implying that she’s too soft, that she’s too kind. 

But I think Roxanne’s kindness is a conscious choice–it’s something that she’s taught herself, because it really seems to me, in canon, that her automatic behavior, when she’s caught off guard, is cruel. She tells Megamind-as-Bernard “I didn’t know you had feelings”. She yells and violently throws things at Metro Man when she finds out he faked his death. She tells him he’s horrible at music. She’s shocked by the revelation that Bernard is Megamind, so she says the most hurtful thing she can think of. When Megamind asks her if she ever looked back, she immediately lies and shouts “no!” and slams on the brakes and doesn’t apologize when this slams him into the windshield.

But after she thinks about it, she ends up looking like she feels guilty (watch her face as Megamind steps out of the van and looks at the schoolhouse)–and then she decides to give him an opening to apologize, hints that she’s willing to try to forgive him.

Roxanne has taught herself to be kind; it’s something that she works at.

Her automatic reaction, though, when afraid or shocked, is to fight. (grab some ray guns, throw the dynamite, pick up a street sign and hit the murderous superpowered villain with it) When Roxanne is frightened, she attacks.

This stands in contrast to Megamind, whose automatic response, when caught off-guard and frightened, is to freeze. 

In the museum, when he’s just put on the Bernard disguise for the first time and Roxanne comes around the corner, he jerks upright and goes still, freezing up. When she hugs him outside the Lair, he freezes before responding. When his disguise watch malfunctions, he doesn’t run, he freezes in his chair with h is hands blocking his face. When the invisibility on the car door fails and Tighten sees him, Megamind doesn’t attack and he doesn’t run–he stays still, except to uselessly press the lock button–he freezes up.

So yes, I think Roxanne probably would make a much more ruthless villain than Megamind.

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Could you please do a list of some ENTPs in animes, videogames or series? (Or even films)

Finally someone asking for a type not only in Anime.

Let me begin.

Joker - Batman - pretty fine but a sociopath

He’s my favourite villain. No one is as cool as him and no one can be as smart as him (in my opinion - although Hannibal (from “The silence of the lambs”) would be a great enemy *smiles*). Overly philosophical, manipulating and weird at the same time. His view of the society is dark. He hates the society, hates everything and just wants to destroy everything. 

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Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - pretty fine

Some people assume he’s an ENFP, INFP or even INTJ but I see clearly Ti and Fe in  him :). He often thinks how he could solve problems and difficult situation by finding a tactics in his mind. His Fe is also pretty high as we know that he feels responsible to help people. His words “People should work together to get closer to each other” has a pretty Fe-vibe. 
He’s often irritated by people’s behaviour and he often has his own thoughts on the matter (Ti).
I like this guy :). He’s friendly and polite, a nice ENTP *haha*. But people often underestimate his intelligence. 

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Lisa Simpson - The Simpsons - pretty fine, soooooometimes Ne/Fe-loop

*lol* I never imagined her as being an ENTP but when I think deeper about it it seems like she’s really an ENTP (with pretty HIGH Fe). Her Ti is really high, too. As we know that she comments on everything someone does (especially the *rolls eyes* and “How stupid” from her are typical traits).

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Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother - mostly in Ne/Fe-Loop

Why would people assume he’s an ENTJ?! I mean look at his crazy ideas with the many possibilities he creates. And seriously… even if he would use Ni because of targets then he would at least use Ni+Fe (manipulating as fuck). So at least he would be an ENFJ but ENFJ doesn’t fit because as we know, he really comes up with many solutions for problems. Also Ne: His (mostly) retarded theories which change day by day. His Ne/Fe-Loop sometimes appear. Sometimes he’s also in a Si-grip.
I at first disliked him. For being such a jackass. But then I found out the actor is gay so I started to like him.

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Garfield - Garfield - pretty fine, just in Si-Grip sometimes

I forgot Garfield! My gawd, that little philosophical cutie *lol*. Although I would think he’s either INTP or ENTP I just consider that he has inferior Si rather than inferior Fe. He’s good at manipulating but can’t stand the Monday (although he doesn’t  work…). 
I loved reading the Garfield-comics in my past. He’s so endearing! And fat *lol*

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Megamind - Megamind - was in a Ne/Fe-Loop, discovered Ti and got a villain 

Seriously… I doubted his type for being an ENFP but actually he really fits the ENTP. He CRAVES for love, he wants to be loved, in the childhood he cameup with many ideas just to get attention and love from his classmates. But he often failed and felt so misunderstood. He tried to fit in but it didn’t work… so he found something out: When nobody likes him and he destroys everything anyways so why not becoming a villain? In the end it didn’t work. He really needs love.
I love this guy. I love his personality, his overly friendly behaviour. He knows he can manipulate people but he doesn’t do.

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This is all… I don’t know many ENTP anime characters… there are few… *sighs*
I was almost putting in Jack Sparrow and Sherlock Holmes (from the film) but I’m not sure if ENTP or ESTP so nope… and Hiro from Baymax I don’t know much. I didn’t watch the film.

BUT you can add more if you want :).

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When did you start shipping Pucca and Tobe and why? (P.s your art rocks)

Actually, when I started the comic, I was a huge Pucca and Garu girl~ Big fan of the show and ship haha
It was during the production of WYIM that made me love Tobe and Pucca.

At first it was a bit of cheeky fun, because of course Tobe was the villain and Garu’s enemy~ But then it started making me think about the plot more in depth and what I could do with the possibility of those two actually being a thing.
There were a ton of stories I could do, so I went on from there! x-D

I know there are a lot of people that don’t like what I’m doing with the IP, and if 15 year old me could see me now, she’d probably hate me too; but it’s all for the greater good of this story, I assure you! :-)
Plus, Tobe. Need I say more?

There’s always been a part of me that likes the villain getting love or some kind of happiness, since they always put themselves in these horrid situations where they’re always doing bad and are never actually happy.
(Within reason of course. There are some villains out there that are just plain assholes.)

If they have a solid backstory and a good motive for being evil, then I’m more inclined to back them~ 
So in the future I’ll be going into Tobe’s backstory more! Then hopefully you guys can like the character as much as I do~

(Megamind is actually one of my favourite movies of all time, funnily enough! hahaha)

Also, thank you! <3 ; v ;
(Sorry for the super long reply!!)