i love video games omg


Holy shit look at Evan from the mirror.

Jesus he’s hot af.


{Captain Edward James Kenway my Life is like an Ocean}
{Pictures made by me :) }

Why did I buy this game again?

Oh, right. Fishing.

Character: Coraline (Mii Plaza - Ultimate Angler)
Drawn by me ( mimi-min ).
Please do not repost, trace, or remove caption. Thank you!

It was really fun omg even if I’m not really happy with the result but hey I had a good time ♡

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I love the idea of Hana and Lucio being a superhero duo but not knowing their secret identities which causes a lot of funny hijinks between them because they're pretty much bffs irl

omg i love it

hana song, famous video game streamer by day, superhero known as D.Va by night

and lucio correia dos santos, international musical superstar by day, vigilante rebel Ribbit by night

and they have /no idea/

genji knows, but he thinks THEY know already, so he doesn’t mention it. sombra knows and knows they dont know but it’s funny so SHE doesnt mention it either.