i love varrick okay

Okay but I love how Varrick respects Bolin enough to have him as the one who bonds Varrick and Zhu Li in holy matrimony.

Bolin is boss-adorbs anyway but think about it: not only did this kid practically snap Varrick out of his depression, but he also helped him escape from Kuvira & Bataar Jr.  THEN went and saved Zhu Li.  THEN brought Zhu Li BACK to Varrick.  And even before all of that he’s the one who’s always really seen the best in Varrick, and Varrick was the one who gave him the opportunity to grow and develop a bit as a character….to discover more about himself.

I love how tight they are and how Bolin is such an important person to both Varrick and Zhu Li!

It’s too perfect!

(Plus I just love Bo-Bo anyway.  He’s like a big teddy bear to me and I just wanna hug him.  That he’s Varrick & Zhu Li’s right hand guy is just the icing on the cake)!