i love vamps


Edit: now with PART TWO 

This is the most shamelessly **aesthetic** thing I’ve ever produced and I’m not sorry. Harry’s dramatic ass deserves it. 

Anyway did you know I occasionally write fics? This is based on an old one from ages ago that I’m actually still kind of proud of. This mess was like 99.99999% inspired by the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. Vamp Harry is like as if VCLouis and Lestat actually managed to biologically produce a child. Also that .000001% is all Kaname Kuran haaaaaa.


The Vamps cover ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran


some of pickles colleagues took him out because our boy got PROMOTEDDD

VAMP COP: hear hear for the rookie! good job on busting that thief, kid, it’s about time you got a promotion. you’ll be climbing the ranks in no time!

PICKLE: oh jeez, i don’t know about that… i’m just, y’know, trying my best!

VAMP COP: bah, you’re just modest! DRINKS ARE ON ME!

All Night (Live) - Brad Simpson & Matoma