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Zendaya and (future brother-in-law) Maks Chmerkovskiy 😝😝😝😍😍

Let Me Say Something

And hopefully I’m going to say it loud enough so all the people in the back can hear me:

Y'all know I love Valdaya to death. To me, together they are magical. Living art, soulmates, better halves, whatever you want to say… everyone knows that. Love them together, will always ship them forever and ever.

–HOWEVER– and this may be an unpopular opinion, SOME men, and by that I mean historically, MOST men, do not do well nor thrive in a relationship where the female is wealthier, brings in more money, is a bit higher on the career totem pole.

I have seen some really dumb ass members of my family let go of and let get away some women who were literal perfection because of this. Be it she had a better job, was more educated, had higher goals, etc.

Zendaya is a whole lot of woman. Intelligent beyond her years, keeps her head down and hustles. Her star has been steadily rising. She makes smart choices, keeps herself out of drama unless it is necessary to address. She is plastered everywhere right now and she has goals and wants to meet them.

I can see that being way too much/too intimidating for Val. I’m prepared to potentially get hate on this one. But I see how where he is at now makes sense for him. HE calls the shots. HE says jump someone else says how high. HE runs the show. We know his personality; his swagger, his ego is there. It’s part of what most women who find him attractive like about him.

Valdaya together would be explosive because they can both be fiery AS HELL. So yeah, that relationship would be end goal for me cause damn, can you imagine what they would accomplish together?

But Z isn’t slowing the train down for anyone, and I have a feeling Val has an insanely hard time with not being completely in control.

Will I still write and continue to ship? Hell yes. Like I said- till the ends of the earth. Do I think I understand how and why all this is playing out why it is? Yep.

anonymous asked:

This is gonna be a long post so feel free to post it together. But I saw this post on YouTube and just wanted to submit it for you guys. "Aw he really is like a dad/big bro to her and it's so sweet. To all those saying valdaya was like a big bro relationship (and i know they kept trying to say that's what it was), THIS is what a family-type connection looks like. He treats her like a like a little sister, and watches after her like one. Valdaya on the other hand, no matter what they kept..." /1

“Valdaya on the other hand, no matter what they kept insisting, was different. He looked at her like a beautiful young lady he couldn’t wait to grow up so they could expand on their relationship. And she definitely added hints in some of her glances, which are 100% not there when you look at Laurie and Val. With them, it’s purely platonic and borderline familial. He was always taking care of her, directing her, proud of her– like a dad would be. With Valdaya though, it was reciprocated…” /2

“She 100% ignited something real in him that I don’t think he ever knew was there. Which is why he’d often say, “God with her, age is the last thing on my mind.” And man, their chemistry and some of those stares… And just, their connection. It was so sweet but also romantic. Not to mention how much you could tell he was attracted to her and found her stunning, right down to the very first time they met and he couldn’t keep his mouth shut…“ x/3

from the way their looks would linger, his hand would linger, or his kiss would linger. It was really beautiful and inspiring to witness Val find something so real and tender for once, and see how he cherished it. Here’s to hoping one day they take the relationship further… After all, she’s 20 and he’s 30– ten year difference with her maturity and his kindred spirit shouldn’t seem like much now. (But i do realise its 2k17 and they haven’t hung out in a while.. But never give up, eh?)…” 4/4

That was on a post of a video of Laurie and Val and I thought it was interesting and I know you guys love valdaya (as do I) and wanted to know your opinion on this.

- Dannnnng all this was under a post on YouTube!!! I give whoever posted this comment an A+ but nah seriously you could always see the difference between the relationship with Val and Laurie and Val and Zendaya(people can be blind to it all they want but it was different) from when Z was like “I’m walking away with a big brother” and Val turns to Claire and is like “See Claire big brother that’s it” during her season…I was side-eyeing this whole thing. You could tell that their relationship wasn’t Big Brother and Little Sister like and as time moved on you could really really tell. I won’t agree and say that he was waiting on her to get older to explore a deeper relationship but he was happy that they could cut out that whole Brother/Sister thing and just be seen as friends(or whatever they are)

Thank you for sharing this anon it made my tear up a bit 😢❤️😂

Dirty 30. Drabble.

Summary: This is almost smut. But, you know, like fluffy smut. A.K.A. not technically smut but the notion that there was smut is definitely implied. Also, in this fic, Val actually stays in LA for his b-day. 

A/N: Happy Birthday, Val. Enjoy, fam.

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Two Pieces

A/N: Okay, so I wrote a thing. I know I said I’d never write again but I missed Valdaya and I missed other people loving valdaya, so I got in my feels and wrote a thing. Please feel free to fill in the holes with your own head canon. I wrote it purposely vague. I hope the tone isn’t off putting. I’m still as much of a believer as I ever was, this is just what came out when I put fingers to keyboard. Inspired by THIS, Z’s visit to the ATL show, and how Val purportedly did not sign autographs, like he usually does, because he was with Zendaya probably. (these kids)

Title inspired by demi lovato’s two pieces.


Val hops out of the shower, adrenaline still buzzing through his veins and anticipation tingling across his skin. He dries himself off, absently tucking his towel around his waist before walking back into the room to root through his bag for a clean white t.

“He just- fucks around too much, you know what I’m saying?” Z picks up, like the thirty minute shower Val took in the middle of their conversation was just a minor interruption.

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